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09 Avoid this False Church System

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • August 7, 2020
    7:00 AM
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I'm glad you're back and if this your 1st time joining us for 3 cosmic messages a series on Bible prophecy specifically focusing on the Book of Revelation thank you for joining us during this series we have been taking a journey a journey through 3 messages in the Book of Revelation that are urgent and vital for this generation we've pointed out that these messages are carried symbolically by 3 angels in the middle of heaven we've studied and explored the 1st of these angels messages and in this presentation we're going to study the 2nd Angel's mass so let's pray Father in heaven thank you so much that you have not left this world without a message to prepare it for your return and we sense that as we study these vital messages that your spirit has been with us we ask that the Holy Spirit would come illuminated our minds open our hearts and help us make eternal decisions in Christ's name Amen my title in this presentation is a city called confusion. The Book of Revelation is a book of contrasts there is the dragon and the Beast 2 leaders there are 2 signs the seal of God and the mark of the beast there are 2 harvests the harvest of golden grain the saved and the harvest of glory grapes the last there are 2 cities Jerusalem from above and Babilon from beneath there are 2 spirits the Holy Spirit inspiring God's people and spirits of demons there are 2 types of miracles genuine authentic miracles that come from God and false miracles that come from Satan there are 2 times of trouble in the Book of Revelation there is the little small time of trouble before the close of human probation when the 7 last plagues come and then there is that great time of trouble so throughout the book of Revelation there are multiple contrasts one of those major contrasts in the Book of Revelation is the description of 2 women we find that in Revelation 12 in Revelation 17 1st you have the woman in white in Revelation 12 verse one this woman in white is described. Now a great sign appeared in heaven a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and on her head a garland of 12 starts verse 2 then being with child she cried out in labor in pained to to give birth Now notice this woman in white is standing on the moon the moon reflects the light of the sun representing the Old Testament you're what Jesus said in John 5 verse 39 he's speaking about the Old Testament prophecies he said these are they that testify of me so the entire Old Testament was a lesser light like the moon shining to testify of Christ now the other thing you notice about this woman is that she has a garland of 12 stars on her head that is to say that she's going to be guided by the 12 apostles The other thing you notice is that she's pregnant she's with child Christ is to be born the Messiah of the New Testament church but one of the predominate symbols here is that she's dressed in white what does that represent and what does a woman represent in Bible prophecy when you look at the bible going back as far as to the Old Testament Jeremiah Chapter 6 verse 2 he says I've likened the daughter of Zion to who's the daughters Zion the people of God in the Old Testament to a lovely and delicate woman so God likens his church he likens his people to a beautiful woman adore and in White having pure true doctrine so do you get the picture in Revelation 121 a woman is emerging. From the Old Testament era she is with child the New Testament church is to come forth Christ the child the Messiah of that church she's guided by 12 apostles The Woman in White in Revelation 12 is described as faithful to Jesus she's undefiled with false doctrine she is clothed with the righteousness of Christ the Bible describes the faithful followers of Jesus the offspring of this woman that would appear at end time in Revelation 12 vs 17 and the dragon who's the dragon everybody Satan was enraged What does that mean angry wroth with the woman What is the woman it's the church you know in the New Testament 5 The Bible talks about the woman as the bride of Christ he Satan goes to make war with the rest of her offspring that is the offspring the children the remnant of the seed of this woman who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ so down through the generations. God has always had a faithful group who followed him committed to Christ they have obeyed Christ so in Revelation Chapter 12 you have the royal line of the lever's you have the heritage of this woman you have the offspring of this woman faithfull be leavers committed to Christ saved by grace obeying Christ because they have been in love with their Savior the scene though changes the New Testament Church is radiant with the son of righteous Jesus Christ but as time goes on that scene changes and although God has always had a people faithful to Him the devil has always been working the devil's been working to bring in deception the devil's been working to bring in false doctrine the devil has been working to distort the truth of God a contrast to woman the woman of Revelation 12 dressed in white the woman in Revelation Chapter 7 teen these 3 angels describe this conflict between these 2 women this crisis between these 2 women this has to do with the fountain of truth and the fountain of air it has to do with 2 religious streams the woman dressed in white representing the pure true church in Revelation 12 the woman in Scarlet in Revelation 17 representing the fountain of error Revelation Chapter 14 verse 8 that 2nd angel's message describes this 2nd woman dressed in scarlet as Babylon and it says in another angel followed saying Babilon is fallen is fallen that great city because she has made all nations drink of the wine of. The wrath of her fornication 3 angels fly in mid-heaven the 1st angels message I saw another angel flying in the middle of heaven having the everlasting Gospel the woman dressed in white the Procureur true church preaching the gospel to go to every nation kindred tongue and people the woman dressed in white the angels message saying with a loud voice to the entire world fear God that's obey God give glory to Him in your life style because we're living in a unique time of verse history the hour of his judgment is come and worship the creator so the 1st angels message calls us to true worship to be followers of The Woman in White in Revelation Chapter 12 and be part of those who have faith in Christ and the faith of Christ living in their arts and keep the commandments of God The message of the 2nd angel is to flee from the woman in scarlet titled as the false Babylon a religion of confusion and human ism Babilon is fall and is fall and is the 2nd angel's message and that's a warning now Revelation 17. Picks up on that 2nd angels message now when you look at this term Babilon in the Bible and when Revelation 14 verse 8 says Babylon is fallen is that possibly speaking of ancient Babylon ancient Babylon ruled the world from 605 b.c. to 539 b.c. the Babylonians were overtaken and overthrown by the means and the Persians there in 539 when John writes he writes 600 years after that at the end of the 1st century So babble and has already fallen John is speaking not about literal babble in the little literal city but he's speaking about a force that would be called spiritual babbling let's unfold that let's unpack that what is spiritual Babylon revelations prediction of the Full of Babylon cannot possibly be referring to the ruins of the ancient city of Babylon on the Euphrates River in modern day Iraq that had long been destroyed as I mentioned 600 years before in the prophecies of Revelation Babilon represents a false religious system this Babylon of Revelation 148 this false religious system would have similar characteristics in its very full loss of the end teachings to ancient Babylon we find this further developed in a woman in Scarlet in purple riding on a scarlet colored beast in Revelation the 17th chapter now this is an amazing and absolute amazing description it is an absolute amazing revelation to us in this generation of truth as it stay. Stands in contrast to false these messages called the 3 angels messages and this message of the 2nd angel is a message of vital absolute importance for this generation Let's go to Revelation 17 verse 2 then one of the 7 angels who had the 7 bowls came and talked with me saying to me now what of the 7 bowls the 7 bowls of the 7 bowls of gods judgments upon the world the 7 last plagues before those plagues and event takes place than one of the 7 angels where the 7 bowls came and talked with me saying Come let's come let's hear the message of the angel come and I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters here this woman is not the faithful bride of Christ this is certainly not the woman of Revelation Chapter 12 with the pure undefiled garments she according to Scripture is a harlot she's left her true lover Christ Who has she committed fornication with she sits on many waters What does that mean it says then with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth were made drunk with the wine of her fornication so here in this picture symbolically there is a woman scantily dressed in scarlet or ornamented with jewels riding on a scarlet colored Beast What does this woman represent not the true church certainly but a fall and church system it says then one of the 7 angels who had 7 POWs came and talked with me and she sits where we're going to see the judgment of the great art which she said on many waters in the Bible it also says the kings of the earth committed fornication with her. What does this symbolism mean what's the significance of this symbolism Well what about Waters' Revelation 17 verse 15 then he said to me the waters which you soar with the harlot sits are peoples multitudes nations and tongues so you have a false religious system that dominates over multiple peoples we do not have to guess at the meaning of Bible prophecy God who has given prophecy reveals that meaning he unfolds the symbol of prophecy so in the Bible the harlot woman the fall in religious system has left her true lover Jesus and she dominates over many peoples of the world she commits fornication who to she commit fornication with the kings of the earth and so that's why the scripture says that you have this fall and religious system this woman riding upon the beast that beast power represents a pole that tical system in the Bible according to Daniel Chapter 7 1st 17 the beast represents kings or verse 23 kingdoms and so you have the church riding on the state or church and state united now if history tells us anything it tells us that when church and state unite there is often a pressure and persecution on throws who fail to go along with that church state union there is the restriction of religious liberty what is fornication. Fornication is an illicit Union so the people of God The Church of Jesus Christ the bride of Christ issue 19 to her true lover Jesus Christ and gets her direction from him the fall and church system is you 900 to the state and looks not to Jesus for its authority or power but looks to the state for its power in the true church system the church is united to Jesus she he she finds him as her true head when the church leaves its true love for Jesus Christ and looks to the government for power it loses spiritual authority the true authority for the church comes from Jesus the true power for the church comes from Jesus the true strength of the church comes from Jesus but when the church the fall in church looks to the state for its power looks for government authorities for its power it loses its spiritual power and it becomes Babilon it becomes a fall and church system now the founders of the United States in the founders of all democratic governments have written into their constitution that important doctrine of the separation of church and state for example the 1st Amendment to the Constitution that our founders here in America recognize was so important reads this way. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof they were very very clear that there should be no government interference in the into vidual liberties to express religious belief the founders of our nation were very clear on this point in fact in the writings of George Washington in one of his speeches and messages to Congress I read Washington said this I beg you be persuaded that no one would be more zealous than myself to establish a factual barriers against the horrors of spiritual tyranny and every species of religious persecution when the founders of the United States left the old world one of the prime reasons they left Europe was because church in state united state churches dominated Europe and as they did the rights of the minority to express their religious values work her tailed and the minorities often were persecuted so the founders of America came to this nation because they longed for religious freedom they longed to be in a lab and when they could worship in harmony with the dictates of their conscience and thank God for that freedom but Revelation predicts that a time will come when religious liberty will erode again it predicts that this fall in church system riding upon the beast power of the state will withdraw religious liberty and that religious laws will be. Passed to a coup worse and force worship again Thomas Jefferson coined the expression the separation of church and state what did he mean by that expression he meant precisely this that the church should not super impose its will upon the state and legislate worship and the state should not superimpose its laws upon its Sideris citizenry to enforce religious decree that every human being whether we accept what another believes or not should have that freedom that choice that opportunity to make decisions in harmony with their conscience we see in Revelation Chapter 14 verse 8 in the 2nd angel's message of Babylon is fallen is fallen we see a description of a church state union that is you $92.00 in for us it's religious laws Now notice what Scripture says going on to describe this Babilon this woman of Revelation Chapter 17 dressed in purple and scarlet riding on the beast notice what it says. Revelation 17 to the inhabitants of the earth are made drunk with the wine of her fornication in the Bible wine is a symbol of doctrine and wine here is a symbol of false doctrine in the gospels it talks about the cup of salvation Jesus offers freely the pure juice of the grape the wine of salvation you know in the Bible Jesus says I'll not drink in the Communion service of the wine again with you that's the pure juice of the grape In other words representing his blood but here is the wine of fornication here is a religious system that challenges the very authority of Christ and puts Mahon in the very place of Christ the wine of false doctrine the intoxication of the teachings of Babylon so the teachings of ancient Babylon where human beings are exalted above the dominion of Christ where the authority of man in the opinion of man takes the place of the opinion of Christ and when the doctrines of the van are substituted for the teachings of scripture this indeed is represented in the wine of Babylon the fallen church passes around her wine cup of erroneous doctrine and the world becomes intoxicated with false religious ideas on one occasion I was speaking to a group in a large meeting outside the city of Chicago and as I was speaking I was talking about the y. in a Babylon and there as I was talking about the wine of Babel and I said wine affects the conscience it effects the forebrain when you drink excessively You can't think you become intoxicated and as I was saying that a drunk man had walked into the meeting and I was a young man at the time he sitting in the back row. And he was half asleep when I started talking about wine confuses the thinking and wine distorts your process of understanding and it defies your conscience the guy stands up to you. He begins waving that's enough young man that's enough young man well you know it is true that wind does affect deeply the brain and the wine of false doctrine distorts our thinking so no longer does the truth of God's word penetrate our hearts you know Jesus said in John 17 verse 17 sanctify them through the word the word is truth it is the Word of God The wine of the Gospel the pure juice of God's Word that sobers us up so that we don't become drunk with the false doctrines indeed of Babilon Revelation 17 verse 3 we continue in this amazing story so we carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness. And I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet colored Beast which was full of names of Plas for me having 7 heads and 10 or it's notice the woman is full of names of blasphemy doctrines contrary to the biblical doctrines of truth you see politicians the Bible talks about in the last days eager to retain their positions yield to the influence of the majority who have drunk the wine of Babel and false doctrines once again there is this union of church and state once again religious decrees are in forest too and superimposed upon the minority once again persecution comes in Jamieson faucet in brown It's an old Bible commentary that happened to read volume 4 and Revelation $173.00 it makes this amazing come it the church has gained this is the church in the days of spiritual Babylon the church in the days or its last history when churches that unite the churches gate outward recognition by leaning on the world power which in its turn uses the church for its own objects such is the picture here of Christendom ripe for judgment just before the final judgment and just before the coming of Christ there is a church ripe for judgment because the doctrines of God's word have been compromised the doctrines of the Bible have been substituted for the traditions of man human tradition has replaced the clear plain truth of Scripture and the church becomes ripe for judgment God says Babel it is full and is full and come out of her my people God is appealing in the 2nd angel for his people drunk with the wine of Babylon to make a step to come out of Babylon the woman notice is arrayed in purple in scarlet so the colors of this fall in religious system this system that is the mother church. Church that has many daughters the woman was arrayed in purple and Scarlet in adorned with gold in precious stones and pearls she is a lavish with her ornamentation she is dressed in purple and scarlet she has in her hand a golden cup full of abominations you know the golden cup the Bible talks about the cup of salvation but this cup although it appears to have salvation does not it's full of abominations of false doctrine she is united with the state her colors are purple and scarlet do you know any religious system whose colors are purple and Scarlet who is the Great Mother Church now friends it's not our intent in this lecture series to unnecessarily point fingers at or condemn any religious organization in every church there are people who are committed to Christ but it is our responsibility under God to open his word to share the truth of His word and when God gives clear a dent a fine characteristics of a fallen church system that becomes the Great Mother Church of Our World and he clearly a den to 5 is that in the Bible it becomes our responsibility whether it's popular or not whether it's the majority's opinion or not to graciously share that and so we do not condemn individuals we simply share what the Bible says now there's an amazing statement made by Eusebius on the life of Constantine Yusifiyah says one of the great historians of the early centuries. And as church in state u. 19 did in the 5th in 5th century Eusebius makes this observation in order to attach to Christianity great attraction in the eyes of the nobility the Catholic priests adopted outer garments in ornaments which were used in pagan coats in other words the pagan cults very very often very often would use the garments in very often purple and scarlet and as the result of that these were brought into Christianity brought into the Roman Church in the early centuries now Revelation 17 verse 9 says this calls for a mind with wisdom if we're going to clearly identify Babylon and understand it it calls for mind with wisdom the 7 heads are 7 hills upon which the woman sits so what if we discovered so far we have discovered that Babylon is represented by the figure of a woman a woman represents the church a pure woman represents the true church a fallen woman represents the harlot church or a church that's left Christ we've discovered that this fall in religious system known as the fall in church known as babbling. Rides upon a scarlet colored beast we've noticed that this fall in religious system is united with the state commits form of cation leaves or true lover so there's a union a church and state we've noticed as well that she has a wine cup that she passes around of fall and doctrine or false doctrine we've noticed that her colors are purple and scarlet we've noticed as well now in this prediction that she would her capital would be on a city of 7 hills there are a number of cities in the world that have 7 hills but if you look at every aspect of this description there is only one that fits this particular description in the context of Revelation Chapter 17 Professor Ernest Martin when he's talking about the prominence of Rome in the Roman Empire and he's talking about the prominence of the Roman Church makes this amazing this incredible statement the fact that Rome was designated the 7 healed city was significant enough to render it as a sacred in a holy city that was designated to have world power and authority So Professor Ernest Martin describing the history of Rome and the Roman Empire talks about the fact that there was a belief in the ancient world that when you have your capital on a 7 hilled city. That that in itself put that city into prominence he goes on he says this is one of the reasons Professor Martin says the ancient people of the world always respected the city of Rome whether they were its arch defenders and supporters or its enemies and were alien to its political and religious concepts So Professor Barton points out that he the city of Rome indeed had unusual prominence in those early years now there is something on this woman's head that gives us the entire clue to the a dedication of the woman on her forehead a name was written Mystery Babylon the Great the mother of harlots and of the abominations of the earth this great woman has a name on her forehead What is that name on her forehead do you see what that name is Mystery Babylon the Great that is leading us back to Old Testament Babyland so that we can understand New Testament Babylonian revelation so we can understand spiritual babble and we need to go back and say what was the essential philosophy of Old Testament babble and what was at its heart what was at its foundation so let's go back. You know son Tata the historian once said Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it so we need to go back and look at old testament Babylon and in appeal to remember remember what Old Testament Babylon was like so you can understand New Testament Babylon you remember in ancient Babylon one thing you notice very clearly is God gave today Annual a great vision of the history of the world and in interpretation of the vision that never can has or had never been as was the king of Babylon never can answer though wanted to rule the world so although God gave to never can as or a image with a head of gold breasts than arms of silver thighs of brass legs of iron the toes of the image of clay that was in Daniel the 2nd chapter representing the great nations that would rule the world Babilon meet of Persia Greece and Rome the break up of the Roman Empire and then the coming of Christ but never can as are contrary in opposition to that vision notice here on the screen he makes a vision a in image all of gold totally absolutely of gold and he passes aid to curry that everybody must worship that image so if we learn anything from Babylon we learn that in ancient Babylon church and state united in ancient Babylon decrees were for were in forest to lead men and women the followers of Christ contrary to the Word of God to bow down to that image in violation of the 2nd Commandment we learn that we also learn. That human beings and their opinions as leaders were exalted above God there's an appeal that God gives us disobedience to the commands of pagan religion was in forest with the death decree and as we'll see as we continue our studies here in Revelation Chapter 14 when we come to 2 studies on the mark of the beast that once again a death decree will be enforced but let's go back to ancient Babylon and try to discover what is at its very heart remember in Revelation 17 verse 5 there is something written on the forehead of this fall in church system Babylon the Great the mother of harlots of fallen church system whose doctrines would go to the world a fall in church system that would have many daughter churches as well revelation reveals the past it leads us back to ancient Babylon so we can understand something about this 2nd angel's message Babylon is falling so we can flee Babilon leave the intoxication of the wine of Babylon and come to the truth of God's word what does it mean mystery the Babylon the Great let's go back to ancient Babylon see in this presentation if we can learn a little about ancient Babylon. Literal Babylon had fallen spiritual Babylon rises but we learned some great lessons What are some of babblings false hoods in ancient Babylon that we can then understand would be super imported into the Christian Church today the central issue here is believing or disbelieving God's word that's the real central issue in ancient Babylon human opinion was exalted above God's word remember in Genesis 11 verse 19 we have the origin of Babel and it says therefore its name is called babe oh because they're the Lord confuse the language of all the earth so right after the flood. Human beings in disobedience to God human beings in disbelief of God's word human beings in defiance of God's word built a temple a temple that rose to heaven because they thought if there's another flood coming we don't want to be destroyed so this Tower of Babel was the very foundation of the city of Babylon this Tower of Babel was a monument to human ism it was a monument to human ideas it was a monument to human teachings it was a monument to human philosophy and so they turned from God's promise of protection to a human plan to protect themselves so in the last days of 1st history church and state unites they say you cannot buy or sell unless you follow the beast power babble and the woman with her false doctrine unites with the state but here there are a group of people that say we believe in the Word of Christ the Word of Christ is predominant in our lives we live by God's word and we believe in the promise of his protection we turn from human plans and ideas you know notice the 1st 4 letters of the word babble and what are they be a. B.-y. baby what do you call a baby a baby Hugo a baby a baby because it has what confused speech so babble and has confused values when you think of Babilon think of confusion when religion becomes confused truth becomes distorted and human opinions are elevated above God's word when that happens it's nothing more than babbling or babbling so in babbling there is the distortion of truth in Babilon human opinion is exalted above God's word when somebody says well I know that's what God's word teaches but that's not what I think I know what God's word teaches but that's not what my pastor says I know what God's word teaches but that's not what my church teaches when we go for human opinion and look let me take that a step further when in the name of scholarship even and I thank God for godly scholars but when in the name of scholarship we superimpose our will upon the teachings of God's Word we become confused in our understanding that creates more confusion than it does light and God speaks in his word what is Babylon when religion becomes confused when truth becomes distorted and human opinions are elevated above God's Word it is nothing more my friend then Babyland truth stands in stark contrast to error and here the wise man puts it this way Proverbs Chapter 23. And verse $23.00 and the wise man speaks to this generation and his words come echoing and react going down the centuries of. Proverbs Chapter 23 verse 23 says by the truth and sell it not also wisdom in instruction in understanding by the truth and sell it not what is the fundamental problem with Babilon Babilon has sold out truth for popularity it's sold out truth for convenience its teachings have amalgamated the teachings of the paganism and brought them into subtly into the church the books of Daniel and Revelation are complimentary books and when Daniel talks about the babbling he is providing lessons that a foundation to understand Revelation you go back to Daniel Chapter 4 verse 30 What's the heart of Babylon the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar speak saying Is not this great Babel and that I have built for a royal dwelling by my mighty power and for the honor of my Majesty so Babilon is a system of truth that unites church and state I set a system of truth. They think it is truth it's really a system of error where the true church is based on the teachings of God's Word on the authority of Jesus Christ spiritual babble and represents a religion based on human teachings a stablished on human ideas and supported by human traditions on the other hand Jesus said in Matthew 16 verse 18 I will build My Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it thank God Jesus has a church as described in Revelation Chapter 12 verse one into the woman in white pure undefiled doctrine as described in Revelation 1217 The dragon is wrought angry with the woman the true church goes to make war passes a death to curry under the fallen church system church and state unite no man can buy or sell but they're God's people stand firm the dragon Satan is angry with the true church goes to make war with the remnant overseed the rest of her offspring that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus saved by grace charmed by is love redeemed by the cross they live obedient lives and they keep the very commandments of God the church built by Jesus will triumph at the end and so the choice really is will we live in harmony with Jesus instructions his commands will we be part of the church built by Jesus a part of a man made system of religion that has confused religious values in collage in Chapter one Verse 18 the Bible says He Christ is the head of the Body the Church who is the beginning. The firstborn from the dead that in all things he may have preeminence there are some people today who have the idea well I don't want anything to do with authority sure I don't want to be part of the full system but I want nothing to do with authority I don't want to be part of any manmade system of the church the truth of the matter is Jesus doesn't want you to be part of any manmade system but the Church of Christ on earth is not a man made system because according to Matthew Chapter 16 verse 18 Jesus I'll build my church and according to cautions one Christ is the head of the church so the alternative is not leaving Babylon and being out here wandering in some kind of never another world it is rather accepting Christ appeal being part of the Body of Christ and being part of the church that he has a stablished the true church of God is the only organization so big not a man made organization but a divinely crafted organization so big that its body is 100 but its head is it a heaven the question is will I follow a human leader or human leaders Oh I accept Jesus Christ as my only leader Jesus Christ as the divine head of his church you know in Daniel chapter 3 verse 4 and 5 whenever I can answer set up that golden image I mentioned it a little bit earlier but I want to develop that thought he said to you it is commanded notice not to you it is suggested to you it is commanded there was a human command o.-p. pulls nations and languages to all humanity to fall down and worship notice the issue. That took place in Daniel Chapter 3 The issue was the union of church in state under babbling the issue that took place in Daniel Chapter 3 was a king who created an image that was a counterfeit to the image of Daniel Chapter 2 The issue in Daniel Chapter 3 very clearly in this image was one of worship a church state union under Nebuchadnezzar of Babilon passed a decree contrary to the 2nd commandment that says Thou shalt not make of the any graven image though shalt not bow down by self to them a worship them this decree was passed to command false worship so in the last days of earth history based on Revelation 14 based on Revelation 17 based on Revelation 13 they'll be something very precisely the same church in state again will unite the fall in church will pass around the wine cup of its false doctrines the world will be enamored and intoxicated with those false doctrines in a time of economic political and social chaos they'll be an attempt to bring the world together they'll be forced religious decree and decrees that forbid man to buy or sell ultimately a death decree under the auspices of this false Union known as The Anti-Christ when that indeed takes place there will be compelled worship but once again God will have a group of people that are strengthened by His Spirit that are empowered by his spirit that stand for him. They stand for the one who hung on the cross for them filled with His Grace empowered by his spirit they keep His commandments just as the 2nd commandment was a test question in the days of ancient Babylon in these last days the issue will be over worshiping the creator or worshipping the beast we're going to unpack this more in future presentations you see throughout the centuries the Roman pontiff declared that they stand in the place of God on Earth and they have the authority to pass decrees and to compel men and women to follow those decrees. Now let me give you some examples I'm going to go back to some Roman Catholic sources and look at the authority that the papal power claims that it has here is Pope Leo the 13th and in cyclical letter of June 2894 he said we hold upon this earth the place of God Almighty notice this one this is on the authority of the councils of the church book to Chapter 17 all names which in scriptures are applied to Christ by virtue of which is a stablish that he is over the church all the same names are applied to the Pope or notice this one fairer ah is a crazy ask a dictionary the pope is of so great dignity and so exalted that he is not a mere man but as it were God the vicar of God or notice this one Pope Pius the 9th 848-2878 in virtue of the promise of Jesus to Peter the pope is preserved from the possibility of error in the exercise of his office as shepherd in teacher of all Christians in virtue of his notice this word supreme Apple stock authority. He defines a doctrine concerning faith or morals to be held by the whole church notice this statement says that the Pope of Rome has the authority to command and compel Doc through the new Catholic Encyclopedia that has come out says this infallibility its defining infallibility is more than a simple de facto absence of error it's a positive perfection ruling out the possibility of error so here you have it Revelation predicts union of church and state it predicts that a church power will usurp the authority of Christ and here the church the Roman church by its own acknowledgement it claims that he had has that authority spiritual babble in the Church of Rome has taken on many many of the characteristics of ancient Babylon 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 4 says who opposes that exalts himself above all that's called God that's worship so that he sits as God in the temple of God showing himself he is God In other words any earthly power that usurps the authority of Christ claiming. That it can pronounce doctrinal truth that power becomes an anti-Christ power the Westminister confession originally published in 1647 states this Philip Schaff the creeds of Christendom great historian there is no other head of the church but the Lord Jesus Christ do you agree with that nor can the Pope of Rome in any sense be head thereof but is that Westminister confession anti-Christ that the man of sin in Son of Perdition that exalted himself in the church against Christ and all that is called God You see spiritual Babylon is a power that has an earthly head that speaks for God in the place of God The image was set up in the plains of Babylon and these 3 Hebrew word These were compelled to bow down to the image Babilon was the center of idolatry the Babylonians believed that carved in wooden stone images were representatives of their deities spiritual Babyland is a system with the human head introduces human teachings brings in idols for its worship services Babylon is a system of religion that places emphasis on worshipping Christ and Mary and the Apostles and the varied so called saints through the images exactly like took place in ancient Babylon God is calling us back to his word God is calling us back to the truth of his word he said in Exodus 20 verse 4 and 5 you shall not make to yourself a carved image of any likeness of anything that's in heaven above for that's an earth beneath or that's in the water under the earth you shall not bow down to them or serve them for I the Lord your God am a jealous God Some 150 in verse 48 says their idols are of silver of gold the work of man stay. They don't speak they don't see Jesus calls us to worship Him directly not through counterfeit images not through the idols that have hands and feet but they do not feel toward talk Edward goodwell puts it this way he spoke about religious tradition in myth from Harvard University says Page $56.00 and $7.00 the church did everything it could to stamp out the pagan rites that's the pagan rites of Babylon but had to capitulate and allow the rights to continue with only the name of the local deity changed to some Christian saints name you see what happens this great historian at Harvard says that the fall in church system brought into its system into its religious belief pagan images but they just changed the names to the names of the saints the honor which is shown them the image is good now says is referred to the prototypes which they represent so that by means of the images which we kiss and before which we uncover they had him prostrate ourselves we adore Christ and venerate the Saints whose likeness they bear Wow Oh absolutely amazing his story at Harvard says images would come into the church. And they would replace Christ the Bible says that we have one Mediator between God and man Jesus Christ that Christ is our image of the invisible God He is the one we worship Jesus invites us to be done with all the traditions of man and he invites us to step out from the majority and follow him completely to have nothing between our soul in our save here is that the decision you would like to make today nothing between my soul and my Savior not of this world's delusive dream listeners Charleson. Know we need to we honestly more than Mom See you. On all of this were. High. Or low season for. Jesus see. There's no. Between the. Beat. Monsters or monster. War that. Feeds married. Not. Preventing. Volleys of news. No more where. To. We we. Have a. Page scene. Mocked from him. Save a. He is my. War There isn't. To. Be. Mom school mom I was a. Small war that. Theories and very. Rarely into the. Movies of this. Growing. There's a. Need to we. Jesus is appealing to you right now. His appeal to you. Is to step out from all tradition. To anchor your life in His Word. His appeal to you. Is to make Christ. Number one in your life. As we pray to say Jesus I want nothing between. The desire of our hearts is deaf nothing between us and Christ although at times a challenging and other times it's difficult to step out from the majority. Deep within our hearts we ask you for that strength to follow you now and for ever in Christ's name. May Jesus enable you to follow him today and always.


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