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10 Satan's Final Deception Infecting the Church

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • August 14, 2020
    7:00 AM
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The title of this series is 3 cosmic messages Earth's final conflict if you've been with us each precent Taishan we've been unfolding the prophecies of the Book of Revelation particularly Revelation Chapter 14 verse $6.00 to $12.00 let's suppose that you live quite a distance in the country and that there's a narrow road coming to your dwelling Let's suppose there's a river and a bridge that you have to go over to get to your dwelling to your home your son at 17 has just gotten his driver's license it's a dark rainy night your boy is not home you get word that the bridges out you get word that there is trouble on the road what your 1st instinct Well it's to text him to let him know right or to call him immediately on the telephone will he resent that warning if the bridge is out he certainly wants the warning in the Book of Revelation got appeals to us in love but there also are some warnings because in the future there are some bridges out that God wants us to be able to span that river of error that flows in understand his truth that he wants us to get home let's pray Father in Heaven you have that great longing to bring us each home you have that great longing to get us from earth to heaven and like a loving father who wants his son home on a dark rainy stormy night you want to take us through the storm across the river of difficulty and get us old and we thank you that you've given us messages in the Book of Revelation to do just that in Christ's name Amen. My topic during this presentation is Satan's final deceptions the Book of Revelation unmasks the plans of the evil one and it reveals the plans of God on a gorgeous September morning in Chicago a chilling story began to emerge a young woman Mary Kellerman woke up that morning with a terrible headache a brief history of what happened was recently written by Dan Fletcher this young woman's name was Mary Kellerman because she had a headache and symptoms of a cold her parents gave her Tylenol when she woke up 4 hours later 12 year old Mary Kellerman was dead the parents were absolutely devastated but that was just the beginning that September morning in 1982 in Chicago not long after that a postal worker by the name of Adam Janice also died soon after taking Tylenol before the day was over the death toll begin to grow in fact in a few days it had grown significantly the only link being that each a victim had taken extra strength Tylenol now when the police began to look into this when the experts in chemistry began to look into what they found. That these Tylenol capsules were produced in different plants they were sold in different stores their only conclusion is that somebody was tampering with these Tylenol capsules their only conclusion was somebody was lacing them with potassium cyanide poison the city and nation was in panic upon testing each of the Capitals proved to be laced with potassium cyanide at a level toxic anough to provide thousands of fatal doses some madman some maniac some insane person was tampering with those capsules there was a nationwide panic. The Tylenol capsules in Tylenol was recalled from stores costing them manufacturer millions and millions of dollars the police went through the streets of Chicago with a loudspeaker announcing to people if you have Tylenol on your shelf discard it throw it away because it's laced with poison as I read this very tragic story this thought came to me the people that took these capsules actually thought that they were taking something that would benefit their health something that would reduce the fever something that would reduce the headache they thought they were taking something beneficial but yet they were taking a poison that would lead to death could it be possible that in the generation that we live in Could it be possible that in this generation there is a spiritual type of laced Tylenol capsules his what are you talking about could it be very possible that we're taking a spiritual poison that we think brings us to life but it's actually false doctrine the wine of Babilon that Revelation speaks about that indeed is fatal The Bible says In Proverbs 16 verse 25 Don't miss this text there is a way that seems right to a man what does the way see it seems right it seems proper but its end is the way of death somebody says well isn't sincerity anough you can be very sincere but in actual fact you can be sincerely wrong if I'm driving on a foggy night and there's a bend in the road and I keep going straight off a cliff I may be very sincere but it may end up in death. So Gaunts word informs our thinking it's more than sincerity it's the sincere desire to know truth in God's Word if our hearts are honest before God Jesus in fact said to the people in his day in John 7 verse 17 he said If any man will do my will he will know what the doctrine so sincerely desiring to do God's will and opening the scripture the Holy Spirit reveals to us what God's will is but we may be ever sincere but trusting in our own opinion trusting in church leaders trusting in a religious political organization that the Bible calls Babylon the Book of Revelation reveals that God's plans and it exposes error in the last and final generation God's entire message is being pictured as being carried by 3 angels in mid-heaven the 1st angel flies in the Bible says I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel that 1st angel has the gospel of God's goodness the gospel of God's grace the gospel of God's mercy the gospel of God's life changing power that 1st danger reveals that there is nothing we can do to save ourselves that salvation is totally in Jesus Christ that message is to go to every nation kindred tongue and people but the angel emphasizes aspects of the Gospel that have been long neglected by Christianity the angel says with a loud voice so all the world can hear fear God and give glory to him. Fear respect obey God give Him glory in your life style in that which you take into your body that which you eat that which you drink in what you see what you listen to the places you go so this message of the 1st angel is a call to obey God because we're saved by grace it's a call that our lives reflect a commitment to God Why because the our vision judgment is come we're living on the knife edge of eternity we're living where the sands of time are running out of that hourglass of time living just before the coming of Christ and then the Bible calls us in an age of evolution in an age of d. human ization of human beings it calls us back to worship the creator back to the sanctity of life that's the 1st angels message it's a big message a message to all mankind a message that has the foundation of all the Biblical truth in it a message of the gospel a message of obedience a message of the judgment a message of the 2nd Coming of Christ a message of the sanctity of life a message of worshiping the creator but then the 2nd angel flies and he says Babilon is fallen is fallen as we have studied. God is calling us to live godly lives in the light of the judgement hour he's calling us have nothing between our soul and our Savior he's calling us to decision in this hour verse history but then that other angel does fly in Revelation 14 verse 8 it says another angel flight saying 2nd angels message Babylon is fall in is fall in that great city because she's made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication we introduced this 2nd angel's message in our last program our last presentation we pointed out that Babylon represents a false religious system Revelation 17 describes a woman riding on a scarlet colored beast this woman is dressed in purple in scarlet in the Bible a woman represents Bible prophecy we find that in Jeremiah 6 verse 2 and a fish in Chapter 5 the true woman is the Bride of Christ the fall and woman is one who has left Jesus you 98 with the state power is so the woman the fallen church rides upon the state she is Babylon the Great written on her forehead in our last presentation we noticed that the term Babylon represents an apostate religious system that distorts truth substitutes manmade theories for the teachings of the Gospel we understood that the word Babylon means confusion confused religious values human opinions substituted for the Word of God human opinion substituted for divine truth we continue unfolding the mystery of Babylon the Great in this presentation in Daniel Chapter 7 verse 17 and 23 The Bible talks about beasts in symbolizes the. I'm as kingdoms those great peace which are for our 4 kings that arise out of the earth the 4th beast shall be the 4th kingdom on the earth so when we read in Revelation 17 about Babilon the mother of harlots that we read about a great mother church dressed in purple and scarlet we pointed out in our last presentation that that great Mother Church sitting on the 7 hilled city was certainly the Roman church she directs state powers in the last days of verse history church in state will unite religious liberty will be undermined and religious liberty will be something that is usurped by these state powers. But there are 2 central pillars of Satan's strategy to lead to this union of church and state that we want to take a very careful look at in this presentation these 2 central pillars come directly out of Babylon and they're part of Mystery Babylon the Great Babylon of course represents religious confusion what were the 2 prime pillars of babbling what was Babylonian religion like and how will that be translated into spiritual babbling now remember revelation 18 to Babylon the Great has fallen has fallen become the habitation of demons so habitation of demons that has to do with spiritualism that has to do with the working of evil spirits a prison for every file spirit a cager every unclean and hateful bird so ancient Babylon was the center of spiritualism the spirits were feared by the people they believed in the reincarnation of the dead when the dead live they lived on and would come back. In another form Babilon was the center of immortality it was the center of the idea that there was this kind of immortal essence this immortal part of an individual we might call it the immortal soul that was indeed part of babblings philosophy and yet they believe that when a person died they actually lived on an immortality and at times they could return. Ancient Babylonians believed that it death the distant Body and Spirit descended into the netherworld So that's why they worship these images because they believe that they were images or incarnations of those who had died or the gods actually and they believe that they were worshipping those gods the idea when you die there is an immortal soul that continues eternally This may surprise you it doesn't come from Christianity you say where does this idea come from the Greeks popularized the concept of the immortal soul in the writings of Plato and Socrates and so they believed that at death there was a soul that left the body it was came from Greek philosophy but where did they get it from they have source of course got it from Babylon. When you go back to Ezekiel Chapter 8 verse 13 and 14 there are women who come to the temple of God and they've accepted these Babylonian ideas they've actually slipped into the church slipped into ancient Israel and notice what the prophet says he said to me turn again and you will see greater abomination so these are abominations that come into Israel the church their Babylonian teachings that they are doing so he brought me to the door of the north gate of the Lord's house and to my dismay you can imagine how the prophet was dismayed when he saw this women were sitting there weeping for tamest now here in Israel in the temple of the Lord's house you have is for women that are weeping for who Tamils now who was temples Tammas was one of the Babylonian gods the Babylonian god of vegetation and what did the Babylonians believe they believe that when their god died in when the winter came be that the winter would darken the sky and there would be long nights that would indicate the goddess of vegetation Tammas had died they'd then be leaved that when spring came there would be a resurrection and tamest would live again so they had this all idea of immortality that when you die you don't die the dead really live on now why would say 10 use that as one of his major pillars an ancient Babylon and how would the immortality of the soul come into Christianity as want to Satan's pillars what Satan strategy and all that Satan strategy is precisely this. If you can get people believing in immortality if they believe that the dead who have died can come back they will be captured by evil spirits and their minds will be led from the clear teachings of the Bible to the teachings of these evil spirits so that's part of Satan's strategy Ecclesiastes the chapter 9 verse 5 tells the biblical concept of death for the living know that they will die but the dead know nothing and they have no more reward for the memory of them is forgotten so in the Bible when God created the human race he created Adam out of the dust of the ground breathed into his nostrils the breath of life the life giving power of God and man became a living soul living creature living being the bible does not say God put a soul into man the soul is the product of the body God created and the breath of life when a person dies what happens the Bible says Ecclesiastes these 12 verse 7 when a person dies the body goes to the dust and the spirit that's the life giving force of God not something that thinks not something that reasons goes back to God So the soul is the project it is the result of God breathing is breath into human beings forming the body it's the result of that another word for soul is a living being sometimes a person goes to the grocery store they get their tasks done much more quickly and they come back and they say was not a soul there what they mean there is not some countries being there not at all they mean there's not a person there the living know that they shall die in the Bible death is but a sleep in the dead don't know everything they know nothing. In a sermon called is man by nature immortal by Amos Phelps a great Protestant preacher of a couple of generations ago he traces the idea of the immortal soul very powerfully He says this doctrine of the immortal soul can be traced through the muddy channels of a corrupted Christianity a perverted Judaism a pagan philosophy a superstitious idolatry to the great instigator of mischief in the Garden of Eden. The Protestants borrowed it from the Catholics the Catholics from the Pharisees the Pharisees from the pagans and the pagans from the old serpent who 1st preached the doctrine in the lowly bowels of paradise to an audience all too willing to hear and heed the new and fascinating theology you shall not surely die what did Lucifer say to Eve when he came to the garden he said to her you show not surely die you are naturally immortal there is an essence in you that seem mortal you can take of this fruit in you will not die so the idea of the immortality of the soul the idea that death is not death the idea that you know more in death than you did in life that comes not from Christianity but it's one of the Babylonian teachings let comes right from the Garden of Eden in Satan's word that you shall not surely die the devil uses that in the last days of her sister as one of the points of deception revelation 16 verse 14 says there are the spirits of demons performing signs which go out to the kings of the earth and of the whole world to gather them to the battle of the Great Day of God Almighty what is the battle the Great Day of God Almighty it's the battle of Armageddon this final conflict between good and evil this final conflict between Christ and Satan this final conflict where the church and state unite in all the forces of his are focused upon God's people to destroy them but what is it at a time of crisis what is it at a time of economic disaster what is it at a time of political disaster what is it at a time when that can tie our world seems uncertain and falling apart what is it that brings the world back to this unity. It is the spirits of demons working miracles through false religions to unite the kings of the earth in a power block to Oprah's the people of God and try to bring world unity in one great world unification approach you see why is it that this idea of the immortal soul what does this do how does it even packed practical Christianity with the pagans the Babylonians would bring offerings for the dead and they would come there to the shrine of those that died in some world religions that's true today in Buddhism this certainly is true where offerings are brought for the dead this is true in a number of world's religions today. Why is this one of Satan's central pillars we pointed out 1st because it becomes a counterfeit revelation of truth and it leads people from the objective truth the clear truth of the Word of God but also these offerings become a substitute of a heart commitment to Jesus and the spirits of the Demons become substitutes for the one re Deemer of our world Jesus Christ there is only one offering and that's the offering of Jesus he's already made that offering so we need not come with the offering of our works our righteousness we need not come in fear trying to make ourselves right with God We come to God through Christ we come with the one who says Him that cometh to me oh no wise cast out we come in deep commitment to the want to says Come unto me the gentle loving compassionate Christ whose grace flows from his heart says Come unto me so we did not come with offerings for the dead Revelation Chapter 14 verse 13 says bless it are the dead who die in the Lord from now on yes says the spirit that they may rest from their labors and their works to follow them the Book of Revelation is very very clear the dead rest from their labors as the Book of Job says they shall never return to their house again they rest 53 times the bible says death is but a sleep in the Bible death is a rest when we die we rest from the calamity of life we rest from the pain of these physical bodies we rest from the distress that occurs here in this life in all of its pain and suffering we rest you know when you go. Sleep you sleep momentarily and the next moment you know you're waking up right when you go to sleep if you are in a sound sleep you don't say well it's 10 o'clock I went to bed but now it's 11 and your mind doesn't register all of that why it's this perfect total rest so in Scripture contrary to the deceptions of Satan that flow through the stream of spiritual babble and from pagan babble and contrary to that God teaches us the truth about death in Scripture death is a rest asleep mention 53 times until the return of our Lord and look why does Satan try to perpetrate this error of the immortal soul because he hates the doctrine of the 2nd Coming of Christ see if the dead already go to heaven why would Jesus come again to somehow unite dead bodies to 2 souls that doesn't make sense but the Bible says Firth us alone eons Chapter 4 verse $16.70 the Lord Himself show descend from heaven with a shout that shout a victory with the voice of the archangel and in the trumpet of God in the dead in Christ those that have been sleeping in Jesus will rise 1st then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air thus we shall always be with the Lord imagine this seed. Your father has died you long to see him again your mother is died you long to see her again a brother a sister a child but one day lightning flashes from the east even on to the west one day the earth shakes with a mighty earthquake one day the sky is illuminated with the glory of God and Jesus to say instead on the court of the time he says John come forth Mary come forth Peter come forth Alice come forth the Lord Himself descend from heaven with a shout with the voice of the archangel with the trump of God It's the choice of victory sin and suffering and heartache will be no more the devil hates that so he perpetrates this idea upon the human race oh oh don't think much about the coming of Christ because there's kind of a soul that's kind of this is a theory a mystical thing that kind of wings its way to heaven why does so many churches lack spiritual power because the preaching of the 2nd Coming of Christ is no more and many of those churches many have lost the urgency of the 2nd Coming of Christ but down through the ages when the urgency of Christ is the 2nd coming in your heart when you long for the 2nd coming of Christ you are driven to your knees to a deeper commitment to Jesus and a deeper sense of his love and His Grace Seaton has introduced even to Christianity a false doctrine from Babylon to undermine the whole idea of the 2nd Coming of Christ and to place people's minds in a position to be deceived by Spiritualists of the hope of this world according to the Apostle Paul Titus chapter 2 verse 13 and on what he says he talks about the we are looking for the last a dope there is hope for a weary war torn planet there is hope for a confused chaotic why. There is hope for a planet of disease and disaster and death there is hope for this planet and that hope is in the 2nd coming of Christ the Book of Revelation rings with hope the book of Revelation is saturated with ope the Book of Revelation in these 3 cosmic message is beat with the urgency of the 2nd Coming of Christ and give us a new hope now there are 2 central pillars and Satan's strategy 1st is spiritualism that comes directly from Babylon 2nd is Sun worship where is spiritual ism prepares our mind for deceptions whereas spiritual ism takes us from the reality of the 2nd Coming of Christ son worship undermines our confidence in the Creator and leads men and women to disobey the clear command of God That said remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy ancient sun worship comes from Egypt where they worshiped am and Ra the sun god Babilon where they worship Bellmawr to the Sun God Persia where they worship Mithra going on to Rome and the sun god eternity vet at this and so all these piggin cultures worshiped the Sun God Now there's an amazing story. That takes you back in the book of Dr James Frazier Volume 1529 in his book The worship of nature an amazing story in which he points out that in ancient Babylonia the sun was worshiped from immemorial antiquity so the sun became that luminous object in the heavens and as the pagans look at this luminous object in the heavens they believed that when the sun shone in proper proportions that their crops grew when the sun when the sun god was angry with them had burned up the crops when darkness hid the sun and it didn't rain the crops would wither is well and die so they saw the sun as a god and they worship the Sun God in his seeking a chapter 8 verse 16 this Babylonian influence from Sun worship actually came in to Israel so he brought me into the inner court of the Lord's house now that's right at the Temple and there at the door of the temple of the ward between the porch and the altar where about 5 and 20 men with their backs toward the temple of the Lord now if your back is to the toward the temple of the Lord the temple faces toward the east so if your if your back is toward the temple of the Lord what are you facing you're facing east so the Bible says with their faces toward the east and what were they doing they worship the sun toward the east Can you imagine it in Israel or God said to Israel in the Commandments Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days shelled out worship work and do all the labor do all the work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord God. For in 6 days the Lord made heaven on earth you see the Sabbath command that God said remember was given in memorial of creation and here into Israel the very people of God to whom were given the very commandments of God for every generation and for mankind throughout its history slipped into that community this limited amount of sun worship that the devil wanted to impact the entire community with in every generation Satan has attempted to exalt the creation above the creator and that's why the issue of Sabbath worship is so significant if you turn from worship being the Create tore the logical conclusion is to worship the creation if you turn from worshiping the creator or you the logical conclusion is that you'll worship works of your own hands and the human is exalted above the divine Sabbath worship calls us back to rest in our creator to trust in our creators love and grace to trust in our creators power and to be changed by our creators strain it calls us back to rest in His grace to trust him completely Here it is real there with those that turned their backs on the law of God turn their backs on the temple of God turn their backs on the creator of that of heaven and earth and faced indeed the east and worship the sun the principles of Babylon. And putting sun worship according to the Bible would slip into the Christian church during an age of compromise you say how in the world could that happen let me go back back to the early centuries back to history when the Roman empire is falling apart the Roman Church is growing in its authority growing in its power Jane John Eddy wrote in the Bible encyclopedia page 561 Sunday was a name given by the heathen notice son day the day of the sun to the 1st day of the week because it was the day on which they worshiped the sun you see the sun god was predominate in these pagan cultures so in the weekly calendar they named sun day the 1st day because was the chief god Monday was Moon's day and so forth throughout their culture Why how did this Sunday worship ever slip into the Christian church Sunday worship came in over a period of time it took centuries for it to develop but it came to the forefront particularly in the days of Constantine Constantine had a strong affinity for Sun worship notice this statement by Edward Gibbon the author of The History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Volume 3 page 237 he says the Son was universally celebrated as the invincible guide and protect her of Constantine so constant has this affinity for the sun the Roman Empire in the days of Constantine is falling apart. By that time barbarian tribes from the north are coming down Constantine wants to do everything he can to redeem to save his empire eventually he moved his capital from Rome to Constantinople but in an attempt to save his empire Constantine does this it's logical then and this is what Given says that in 8321 in an attempt to unite his empire at a time of social up people Constantine passes the 1st Sunday law why because the pagans are already worshipping the sun God Christians have now begun too many of them to worship Sunday because Christ rose from the dead on that day now the Bible never tells us to worship Sunday because Christ rose from the dead and that day but some Christians began to drift to be in harmony with the majority of that society notice here is the 1st Sunday law a d 321 on the venerable day of the sun let the magistrates and the people residing in the cities rest and all the workshops because no notice this is not a worship law it is a law that comes in socially for what Constantine believes is the best of society but the church you 19 with the state through church councils a stablish is Sunday as the day of rest in worship contrary to the Bible state decrees Church Councils of then surely firmly established Sunday as the day of worship in contradiction to the law of God that says Remember the Sabbath day forth to Mammon to keep it holy 6 days shall the work labor into all the work of the 7th day is the Sabbath of the world like a god said remember why because he knew that in those early centuries that compromise would enter the Christian church is there historical. Evidence that this took place in that compromise took place in those early centuries to amalgamate that is to unite these 2 Thesz to voles together paganism and Christianity in the Catholic world page 8 o 9 I read the Sun was a foremost God with Heath and our Roman Catholic friends acknowledge what happened hence the church in these countries would seem to have said keep that old pagan name it shall remain consecrated and sanctified and thus the pagan Sunday dedicated to Bulger the Sun God became the Christian Sunday sacred to Jesus so what happened at a time of crisis when the Roman Empire was falling apart Constantine a stablished a social day of rest. Church leaders in church decrees and church councils to bring the Empire together and to evangelize the pagans they had already adopted the that's Mintz of the pagans with the priest wearing off in purple and scarlet they had already renamed many of the pagan images and brought them into the church and named them for the Saints Peter and so forth now in another compromise measure to unite Christianity with paganism and to make it easier for pagans to become Christians they adopted Sunday in Alexander Hislop the 2 Babylons page 105 he says this to conciliate the pagans to nominal christianity room pursuing its usual policy took measures to get the Christian and pagan festivals of Sunday amalgamated or United So what do we see we're seeing the wine of Babylon we're seeing the images of Babel in command of the Christian church we are seeing the idea of the immortality of the soul that the soul lives on commune to the Christian church we are seeing Sunday worship come into the Christian church this is contrary to the teachings of God's word that's why God sends a 3 cosmic messages that's why God since this message of the 2nd angel saying Babylon is fallen is fallen my people come from it's errors don't be intoxicated by its wine his lips says to get paganism and Christianity now far sunk in idolatry in this as in so many other things to shake hands so what happened in those early centuries pagan practices according to history flooded into the church and paganism in Christianity sure kins I call you today. Not to a fusion of paganism and Christianity but to the pure Bible truth of God's word God is developing a group of people whose hearts are subject to His word whose minds are subject to His Word Sunday became a vehicle to unite 2 religions paganism and Christianity in a compromise role to save the Empire Dr Edward Hiscox the author of the Baptist manual spoke and shocked a large group of Protestant ministers when he said What a pity that its Sunday comes branded with the mark of paganism and christened with the name of the Sun God then adopted in sanctified by the papal apostasy and bequeath as a sacred legacy to Protestantism Dr Edward his Cox author of the Baptist manual understood what happened he understood that Sunday comes branded with the mark of paganism God says it is 20 verse 12 Moreover I also gave them my Sabbath to be a sign between me and them that they might know that I am the lord of sanctifies then the Sabbath is a sign it's a sign of allegiance it's a sign of a loyalty to God it's a sign that we accept God's authority the Sabbath has been undermined by Satan who want who has wanted to destroy the authority and the Word of The Creator God but God is calling us back Babilon is fall'n is full of the teachings of ancient Babylon. Unfortunately regrettably have slipped in to the Christian church God raised up great man of faith great women of faith reformers who have be good who began in the reformation to lead his people back to the Word of God back to salvation by Jesus Christ and Christ alone back to understanding the truth of His Word and he's completing that reformation today by raising up a movement a movement that will indeed lead people back to his word at a time when according to his equal 22 verse 26 her priests have violated my law the religious leaders in Israel violated God's law and it's happening again today my friend they prefer in my holy things they've not distinguish between the holy and the unholy and there for many the Bible Sabbath the just this common ordinary day of sports and buying and selling and shopping they have not distinguish between the holy and the unholy nor have they made known the difference between the unclean in the clean and other words eat anything you want drink anything you want see that's why this message of the 3 cosmic message is the message of 3 ages so important it calls us back to the Gospel calls us back to obedience to God calls us back to treating our Bibles like that our body is like the Temple of God and not a funhouse it calls us back to the 2nd coming of Christ in the judgment Our it calls us away from the polluted doctrines of Babylon. It says they have hid their eyes from my Sabbaths so that I'm profaned among them religious leaders today hiding their eyes from the sap Where is all this headed God is saying come out of her what come out of her my people many of God's people are still in babyland Satan's pillars of his strategy spiritualism to deceive sun worship again at a time of crisis to bring the world together again one who wrote with penetrating insight Ellen White in the book great caught a verse the page 588 says this through the 2 great errors the 2 great what errors the immortality of the soul in Sunday sacredness Satan will bring people under his deceptions the wine cup of Babel and will be passed out church and state will unite men and women will be intoxicated with the false doctrines of Babilon the false doctrines of the immortality of the soul which will prepare them for the deceptions of spiritualism that will take the world captive Sunday worship which like in the early days of the Roman Empire was a vehicle to unite church and state in the world that will come again notice this statement goes on while the former lays the foundation of spiritual ism that former is the idea the immortality of the soul the latter that Sunday worship creates a bond of sympathy with room the Protestants of the United States will be the foremost in stretching their hands across the Gulf to grasp the hand of spiritualism they have no protection because they accept the immortality of the soul they will reach over the abyss to clasp hands with the Roman power and under the influence of this threefold Union what's the threefold Union Spiritualists of Protestantism Catholicism this country will follow in the steps of Rome and trampling on the rights of conscience what happened in the days of ancient Babylon. Nebuchadnezzar a stablished a counterfeit image he passed a decree compelling worship and those who did not bow down faced severe penalty of death in the last days of versus tree just before that happens God's clarion call is going out to the world his messages are going out to the ends of the earth. This gospel of the kingdom the gospel of truth must be preached to the ends of the earth so that men and women will fully understand the issues before the 2nd Coming of Christ the message will go out of the 2nd angel in Revelation 14 a Babylon is fall and is fall and come out of her my people church and state will unite false hood will prevail demons will work their miracles to deceive the world will be catapulted into its last final conflict but we are secure in Jesus we have our confidence in Jesus not in man made creeds not in human ideologies not in the ideologies or teaching or traditions of man in Christ we are secure in Christ we find our refuge as it says in some 461 God is our refuge and strain a very present help in trouble with all of this world is in chaos and confusion when the greatest time of trouble in the history of the world comes we find security in cries we find our refuge in Christ we find our hope in Christ we find our confidence in Christ we find our protection in Christ we find our strength in Jesus this message of the 3 angels is given by a god of love a God wants who wants you with him a God who does not want you to be deceived in the last days of verses St God is leading us today back to his word God is leading us today back to his truth God is leading us today to a fuller deeper more complete. Understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus you may be a Christian committed to Christ and you've never heard these things before but you hear the message of truth a message that is not being preached has not been preached in your church a message of the 3 angels a cosmic message to prepare men and women 1st last conflict your heart responds it's time to step out maybe you've heard these things before maybe you're an advocates Christian but you've been sitting in the pew you've been complacent late to see it but you sense that there is a message for your heart and God is calling you he says sanctify them through your truth your word is truth God's appeal is for a group of people who believe that you can come directly to Jesus without a lifeless image as an intermediary God's appeal is for a group of people whose hearts long for Christ and who came once but he's going to come again to take them home God's appeal is for a group of people who adore him as Creator of heaven and earth and worship him on the Bible Sabbath the world is drunk with babble ans false doctrines in Revelation Chapter 18 verse 2 and 4 we read and he cried mightily with a loud voice saying Babylon the Great is fall and is fall and and I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people with gentle Tolan's Christ appeals come out of her my people. Jesus people aren't babbling Jesus people have drunk of the wine of Babylon and he loves them and with tones of tenderest love he makes that appeal come out of her my people wish you shared her sins less you receive of her plagues what is sin it's the transgression of God's Law So God calls us from every lawbreaking church as it says in the commentary of Jamison Fawcett and brown in every apostate world conforming church there are some of God's invisible people his true church who would if they be safe must come out that's the appeal to your heart right now come out of my people come out of the false ideology of Babylon except the pure truth that comes from God's Word come from every man made teaching Come to Jesus you said follow Jesus before he has something deeper for you he is another step for you to take you are one of his people he had dental who is one of his people nearer still near or close to my heart Jesus is drawing you right now nearer God is inviting you to take a step closer to him today he's inviting you to make an eternal decision in your life right now that you are going to follow His will will you do that as we pray Lord give us the courage to help us to step out from the majority give us the courage for already Christians to help us step out from the complacency of popular church religion help us have that passion to follow you and give us the strength and courage to do that in Jesus name in Jesus invites you to have a blessed day.


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