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11 Mark of the Beast | Everything You Need to Know Part 1

Mark Finley
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Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • August 24, 2020
    7:00 AM
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Welcome back I'm glad you've joined us for this series called 3 cosmic messages we've been on full during the prophetic messages of the book of revelation especially the messages of Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6 to 12 that discuss God's last message for humanity the 3rd angel's message is a warning against the beast in the Mark of the beast you may have wondered about that we're going to explore it in this session and in the next one let's pray Father in heaven thank you so much for Jesus thank you for His grace and His mercy thank you for these messages of warning but our messages of encouragement give us hope and encouragement as we study and open our eyes so we can see marvelous things from your word in Christ's name. My topic in this person Taishan is the seal of God in Mark of the beast we've divided this into 2 parts because it's such a vitally important topic some time ago I was reading the health care section in the n.b.c. news and this title captured my attention f.d.a. approves computer chip for humans I was then interested in the 1st sentence medical milestone or privacy invasion. What was that all about the question was Is this computer chip that's planted in one's wrist to get medical information is that really an invasion of privacy there are some people who believe in certain conspiracies who believe that that chip planted beneath the skin is going to detect information for the government and that has to do with the mark of the beast this implanted bio chip is about the size of a grain of rice and it transmits a radio frequency that radio frequency is picked up by a scanner and that information is transmitted to an f.d.a. compile and storage bank for medical research it only can deal with a small amount of information today but there are companies that are working on enlarging that amount of information so if you have that bio chip implanted your medical information and really everything about you can be stored in an amazingly small amount of space in a computer database does this have something to do with the mark of the beast does this have something to do eventually with the rise of the anti-Christ in enforced worship it's fascinating when you take a look at all the different ideas about the mark of the beast some have the idea that this is information stored beyond our medical records in a computer but there are other people who believe that this idea of the mark of the beast has to do with black police helicopters from the u.n. lending in America some people have to believe it has to do with bar codes on cans that are scanned at the grocery store other people believe that hat it has to do is strange numbers on the dollar bill you know one of the most the funniest ones. It is for many years I was the speaker of it is written television and one day a lady wrote to me and she said Pastor Mark I'm sending you a new top I know I'm always thankful for a new tie but then she said the reason I am is I looked at the pattern on your old tie and it had 666 on the pattern and I didn't want you to be wearing the mark of the beast Well let me assure you that the issue of the mark of the beast is not a pattern on my tie your tie or a pattern on some lady's dress it's much more beyond that it's more than strained symbols it's more than Mystic. Ideologies it's more than weird beasts What is the central issue in this whole subject of the mark of the beast because once you understand the foundation once you understand the basic essence of what it is everything else will fall in place to state it simply the central issue is worship let's go back to the Book of Revelation and these 3 messages 3 cosmic messages that lead us to a deeper commitment to Christ in an understanding of divine truth in Earth's final conflict you'll recall that the 1st angel flies in mid-heaven he does not float he flies it's an urgent swift message carried to the ends of the earth Revelation 147 fear God give glory to him in time for the our vision judgement is come no notice worship the one that made heaven and earth the sea in the springs of waters the very essence of the 1st angels message is a call to worship the creator and in that very expression were it says worship the One who made heaven earth the sea in the springs of waters that phrase is a quote from the 4th Commandment Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy why for in 6 days the Lord created heaven and earth in the seed all that in the midst so John quotes the 4th Commandment the Sabbath commandment that is an appeal to worship the creator So this 1st angels message this message of eternal destiny about worshiping the Creator has something to do with the 7th day sabbath Now when you look at though verse 8 it says Babylon is fall'n is full of Babilon false religion great city because she's made all nations drink the wine of the wrath of her fornication in the Bible wine represents doctoring. Ferment and wine represents false doctrine so Babilon a fall in religious system passes around the wine cup of her false doctrine people are a need to do with that and they failed to understand or comprehend the 1st angel's message the message of the gospel of Christ the message of dependence on Christ the message of obedience to Christ the message of the 2nd Coming of Christ the message about worshiping the creator in the Bible Sabbath a 3rd angel flies in it says in Revelation 14 verse 9 if anyone worships the beast Now remember in verse 7 it said if anybody worships the creator in his image and receives his mark on his forehead or in his hand he himself should drink the wine of the wrath of God so that here you have. Another class in contradistinction to those that worship the beast here you have another class who obediently worship the creator how they described Revelation 14 verse 12 here is the patience that word means in durance of the saints that's the believers here are those who keep the commandments of God and they have the faith of Jesus so the message of the 3 angels comes to a focal point it comes to a climax with the body of believers who do not worship the beast but who worship the creator and this body of believers who worship the Creator God observe his commandments including the symbol of creation which is the Sabbath commandment notice the contrast Revelation 147 worship the creator Revelation 149 do not worship the beast Revelation 1412 keep the commandments of God So here we have outlined the basic issues in the great conversely between good and evil the basic issues in this cosmic conflict this inter-galactic struggle this Star Wars drama. A rebel angel rebelled against God in heaven he challenge God's authority disobeyed God's law he came to Eden temptin Adam and Eve by saying you don't have to obey and down through the ages this rebel angel this being of dazzling ball of brightness has deceived the men and women into thinking obedience was unnecessary This is a cosmic struggle over worship and God will have an in time people who are loyal to him in the face of the greatest opposition and the fiercest persecution in the history of the world this is what the mark of the beast issue is all about it's about where is our allegiance it's about where is our loyalty the mark of the beast issue is about the authority of Christ and worship being the creator and the sign of his creative authority is the commandment that says Remember the Sabbath day in spite of a decree that says according to Revelation 13 that no man can buy or sell in spite of persecution in spite of oppression God will have a group of people that through his power will be obedient in the Scripture says here they they keep the commandments of God and what they have the faith of Jesus they worship the creator and they do not worship the beast and really when you actually look at the Book of Revelation there are only one of 2 choices and in there is no middle ground there is no neutrality revelation calls us to a choice revelation calls us to a decision revelation cause us to get off the fence of mediocrity and neutrality it is either I worship the creator or worship the beast God is doing everything he can to lead men and women. From the false hood to truth from the worship of human idolatry idolatries and human ideologies to his word God is doing everything he can sending His Holy Spirit to your heart leading you to deeply since the truth of His word God is doing everything he can to lead us back to the truth of Scripture as he has sent His Holy Spirit he brings conviction to our hearts he reveals truth to our minds he alumina It's the darkness with the light of His Word in fact some 1000 verse one o 5 says the word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path the light of truth is shining upon you as you've watched these presentations it's no accident. God in the divine drama of destiny has brought you to this place to understand his words to have a deeper appreciation for Christ to have a deeper appreciation for the cross to understand what it means to be saved by grace to be delivered from the the grip of sin as well as the penalty for a broken law God's word speaks to us His grace filled word his word of love in gentleness appeals to us to make a decision to step out from the majority because if we conform to the majority today because it's easy to do that one day we will accept the mark of the beast because we want to be able to buy and we want to be able to sell and we don't want the persecution and the oppression Now notice what the Bible says it says they keep the commandments of God and they have the faith of Jesus what is the faith of Jesus with the faith of Jesus is itself a gift we received by by faith and it will carry us through the crisis ahead it is not our faith that carries us through the crisis ahead it is jesus faith it is not our strength that carries us through the crisis ahead it is the faith of Jesus that takes us through these dark periods ahead in this cosmic struggle between good and evil it is Christ living in us Christ sustaining us Christ strengthening us Christ empowering us it is this trust in Jesus that takes us through so that one day we stand on the sea of glass and we don't say I am worthy because I made it through the great crisis we seeing revelation for verse 11 that our worthy Oh lord to receive honor and glory in power because you created all things we live in his honor we live in his glory we. Live in his power and we live for the one that created haven't an earth in the sea and the fountains of waters Jesus Christ as a co-equal co-eternal member of the Godhead was the active agent in creation so when we worship on Sabbath in harmony with the creator's power and his acknowledgement of the Creator we are actually worshiping Jesus Christ who according to the features 3 verse 9 was the active agent in creation so the call to worship the creator is a call to worship Jesus and the call to remember the Sabbath is a call to remember Jesus as the creator it up is ition to the beast power the concept of Christ is Creator is at the very heart of Sabbath worship and it's at the very heart of a titanic struggle it's at the very heart of the great controversy between good and evil the Sabbath is that a way sice in the desert of this world in a world that is largely excepted. Evolutionary hypothesis in a world that believes that we evolved from lower forms of life from some primeval slime that we came together by accident in this world the Sabbath becomes in a way Sis we rest in His Love and His power and his care we come to the Creator has formed us and shaped us we sense that we're not some speck of cosmic dust we sense that we are not alone in the universe we sense that we're not random collection of atoms but he created us the fashion does he cares for us he loves us this is the essence of the great controversy between good and evil the Sabbath is an eternal reminder of our advantage we are created by God we are sons and daughters of God we are connected by a common creation to one another and by that creation we are you $98.00 to our Heavenly Father we are twice Christs where he is by creation and we are his by redemption he created us and He redeemed us the Sabbath is a sign of his creative authority therefore Satan challenges it because Satan knows if he can do away with the Sabbath he can do away with the authority of Christ as Creator and there is no basis for worship at all because if we evolved and we are products of chance why worship God at all so the Sabbath becomes that central figure in this battle between good and evil between Christ and Satan it's the issue over in the conflict over the mark of the beast these committed followers of Jesus remember here are they that do what keep the commandments of God here are they that have the faith of Jesus these committed 4 hours of Jesus will not only have faith in Jesus but they have the faith what of g.. What is the faith of Jesus when Jesus is hanging on the cross with a crown of thorns upon his head with blood running down his face with nails it is a ends in Peter has denied him in Judas has betrayed him and his own people have turned their backs and forsaken him and the disciples has for him in fled darkness in shrouds that cross the thunder crashes the lightning flashes in Jesus hangs there. But he reaches out and says Father into the hands I commend my spirit what is the faith of Jesus the Savior trusted even when he could not discern the future and in the days ahead when every earthly support is cut off in the days ahead when there is oppression and persecution when we cannot buy or sell based on Revelation 13 prophecy in the days ahead we to trust we hang on in the darkness we hang on in the persecution we hang on in the prison we hang on in the face of death because we believe that Jesus one day will come in to live for us what is the faith of Jesus it is the quality of Christ faith living in us in which we trust him and do not betray him in that time in the book Christ triumphant on page 277. The author Ellen White makes this amazing statement about the faith of Jesus amid the awful darkness apparently forsaking of God Christ had drained the last dregs in the cup of human Whoa in those dreadful hours he had relied upon the evidence of his father's acceptance here to forgiven him he was acquainted with the character of his father he understood his justice His mercy and His great love but I think if he rested in Him whom it had ever been his joy to obey so what is the faith of Jesus it is that rest it is that trust it is that confidence it is that security in the Father Christ by faith. Trusted the father he gives us that faith to take us through the call the trying times ahead in as in submission he committed himself to God the sense of the loss of his father's favor with withdrawn by faith Christ was the victor how will we be victors when every earthly support is cut off how will we survive justice by faith Christ was Victor we hang on by fate when our eyes cannot see our heart still can believe when all around us there is darkness by think if we can pierce that darkness and know that although we cannot see him he can see us and he is still there to strengthen to guide to encourage us the faith of Jesus is absolute his complete his total trust and dependence upon his father it is his quality of faith living in us through the Holy Spirit that will get us through the Final Crisis and that my friend is incredibly good news the prophecy regarding the mark of the beast is about religious intolerance it's about persecution but it's also a message of encouragement because it says to us that God will have a group of people who have the quality of faith that gift given by God to them that enables them to hang on in the crisis in obediently they keep His commandments we learn from this prophecy in Revelation 14 here are they that keep the commandments of God and of the faith of Jesus that even in the worst of times even with everything Satan can throw at us that God will have a people who are not afraid to stand up and witness for Him Christ is living within them and they speak of His love in His goodness in his grace and His mercy there is. Trouble ahead the mark of the beast prophecy in Revelation Chapter 13 that is a corollary to Chapter 14 tells us about the very worst the absolute fever pitch of Satan's war against God this prophecy tells us that Satan will do everything possible to destroy and wipe out every vestige of goodness on earth but thank God he did not destroy Christ on the cross and on the cross Christ came forth the victor Jesus hung on by faith and God's people in the name of Jesus because of Jesus through Jesus by Jesus' grace in Jesus' power will to hang on by faith in be victorious and triumphant Now the devil has 2 major strategies deception and force in the Garden of Eden he came to Eve as a great deceiver down through the centuries he's used deception and force the devil is a liar and the father of lies in the devil is a murderer in fact in the book of John the 8th chapter the 44th verse I read these words Jesus says you are of your father the devil and the desires of your father you want to do he was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in the truth he is a liar and the father of lies now look for it this is the devil strategy. The devil will either try to deceive you with his lies or if he cannot deceive you he'll force Kooris and pressure you to yield to His commands he's done it down through the ages and he will do it and in only at n time it's going to intensify he's going to use human agents as he has down through the ages you remember in the book of Genesis God tooled Cain and Abel each to offer an offering Abel obeyed God Cain disobeyed and Cain viciously angrily killed his brother again a human agent that Satan used he deceived him and then this human agent used force in the context of that deception down through the ages this has always been true in fact Jesus said in John 16 verse 2 The time is coming Jesus predicted that there would be periods of time of great persecution for the people of God when whoever kills you will think he offers got a service Jesus said that to the disciples they experienced persecution most of those disciples died a martyr's death. Jesus predicted that that would happen down through this period called the Dark Ages church in state u. 19 it in any time you have a union of church and state there is the possibility strong possibility of religious intolerance bigotry and Oprah that follows a good example of that is what happened during the Dark Ages this 1260 year period that we've studied when church and state united and those that did not go along with the church powers were persecuted here there was a group called the world densities they were Bible believing Christians they lived in North Italy in southern France and as they fled back into those mountains they were oppressed in persecuted for their loyalty to God's Word they copied the Bible and they sent out their young men as Cole Porter's Now what's a coal porter it's one who takes literature in gives it away or sells it to spread the gospel news that salvation is the gift of God's love so these world then sees these Bible believing Christians who lived far back in the mountains of northern Italy in southern France they shared the Word of God when they were hunted and tracked down they were often persecuted in fact in 1488 the world densities in the valley of Loyce hid in a large cave to escape the soldiers who had sent who had been sent to slaughter them and the soldiers actually. Set fire in front of the caves smoke them out and 3000 died I have actually climbed into this very cave and we've said we sung there a great him a mighty fortress is our God a bull work never failing and we recounted the story of these faithful men women and children who indeed died for their faith they copied scripture in those mountain retreats and sent their young people with the Scripture hidden in their long robes down into Europe and a mighty revival took place on the 24th of April in 1655 it for am a signal was given for the armies of Rome to massacre these world densities and that will density in mass occur occurred over 4000 in this other massacre of men women and children were slaughtered in one day by Rome's churches armies What did Jesus say he said they will kill you and think John 16 verse 2 that they are doing God a service down through the ages Satan has used various entities in human beings to persecute the people of God but the light of truth has shone brightly sometimes flickered almost did him but it shone brightly and God has always had a people that have been loyal and faithful to Him and He will have that people at end the mark of the beast prophecy is about the final link in this godly chain of persecution it is the final link in this chain of oppression the prophecy says that persecution will start with economic sanctions that unless men and women. Believe and accept the beast power's teachings that they will not be able to buy or sell they will be an economic boycott if they do not have the mark in testimonies volume 5 a series of letters to the church that were written by one of divine spiritual insight page 81 I read the time is not far distant the time is not what everybody far distant when the test will come to every soul the mark of the beast will be urged upon us those who have no don't miss this step by step yielded to worldly demands and conformed to worldly customs will not find it a hard matter to yield to the powers that be rather than subject themselves to duration insult threatened imprisonment and death did you notice the significance of that statement those who have step by step yielded to worldly demands and customs we do not walk from godliness to worldliness in one swoop generally it is step by step what is the devil tempting you with to lead you step by step slowly in perceptibly from Christ what is God leading you to surrender to him and say Lord I don't want anything between my soul and my Savior who are if this displeases you it may seem so small but it may be the noose around my neck that strangles out my spirituality Lord I don't want to step by step yield to worldly customs and demands God will have a group of people who respond to his message of the last days of verses stree a message that we're living in the judgment an hour a message to prepare for his coming a message of deep spirituality that transfer. Warms the life this is a message of encouragement we need not fear what is coming because we can be secure in Christ but the 3 Angels' messages are messages of love these 3 cosmic messages come from the heart of God who wants a saved in his kingdom to live with him for ever we can be one of that group in Revelation 14 verse 12 that we read about here is the patience of the saints we can be part of that group of believers here are those who keep the commandments of God because why they have the faith in Jesus living in 12 in there are all over the world marveled in fall of the beast the Bible says but there will be that group of people Gods think Phil people who will follow the law and not accept the authority oppression deception lies of the beast power they will one day stand on the sea of glass and seeing in Revelation 15 verse 3 great and marvelous are your works God Almighty they will since one day that it has been worth it all they've been through a period of darkness they've been through a period of depression they've been through a period where nobody could buy or sell they faced a death decree but because of their trust in Jesus because of Jesus faith living in their are it's because of they have been charmed by his love and His love has motivated their obedience it will be written of them here are they that keep the commandments of God and one day they will sing great marvelous are your works Lord God Almighty in spite of persecution in spite of oppression in spite of economic boycott in spite of decrees we through your Grace have stood great and marvelous Are you our ways because through your grace and by your power we are Vic. Now you might ask the question if we introduce it in this presentation to develop it further in the next who is the Beast What is the mark of the beast let's go directly and take a look at it the Book of Revelation reveals the plains of God in unmasks the plains of sated we have seen that the issue in the Mark of the beast is an issue of a worship worshipping the creator worshipping the beast we've seen that that finds its focal point in a group of people who have the faith of Jesus and keep the commandments of God But what is this beast power. The Bible would not simply mention the beast without a deafening the beast so we go to Revelation 13 verse one into Revelation 14 in the throat 30 inches message that describes the beast and its mark but it doesn't a den of Fi it because that identification has come in the chapter before Revelation 13 verse one then I John sit on the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea having 7 heads and 10 horns and on his horns 10 crowns then John says it on his heads of blasphemous name now the beast which I saw was like a leopard his feet were like the feet of a bear his mouth like the mouth of a lion Now we pause there in the Book of Daniel Chapter 7 you have 4 beasts a lion a bear a leopard a dragon This is a composite beast that follows those 4 great empires Babyland beat of Persia Greece and Rome now notice the Bible says that on his head he has 10 horns will these horns of course represent the divisions of the Roman Empire but the next identifying phrase is the key the dragon gave him his power his throne and great authority so whoever the beast is that follows Bablon that follows me to Persia that follows Greece that follows Rome the falls the break of the Roman Empire whoever he is he gets his authority from the dragon Now who is that dragon that would give him his authority will Revelation Chapter 12 verse 9 tells you so the great dragon was cast out that serpent of old called The Devil in Satan who deceives the whole world he was cast into the earth and his angels were cast out with him now notice the devil is the great dragon because he destroys and he is the serpent because he. Deceives but notice that a dent of who this great dragon is that gives the authority to that beast power and what is it call him he's called The Devil in Satan but the devil always works through an earthly power the devil does not work in a vacuum he works through an earthly power the arch enemy of God and man is behind the human instrumentality called the beast power do we learn anything in Revelation Chapter 12 about who the dragon really was working through we do in Revelation Chapter 12 The Bible says the dragon tried to destroy the manchild Satan work through Pagan Rome to destroy Christ when he was born Herod passed a decree that male children under 2 would be killed Satan stalked Jesus all of his life Roman soldiers nailed Jesus to the cross Roman soldiers guarded his too so in Revelation Chapter 12 The Dragon primarily represents Satan but it represents Satan working through Pagan Rome so whoever the beast power is of Revelation 13 of the dragon Pagan Rome whom Satan works through gives to that beast power the seat of its authority who did Pagan Rome give the seat of its authority to when the pagan Roman Empire was falling apart remember what it says in Revelation 13 verse 2 the dragon that Satan working through Pagan Rome gives the beast His power His throne and great authority when the Roman Empire was falling apart Constantine recognized that he had to move his capital. And so he decided to move it to what we now call is Stamboul but it was named after Constantine in those years in Turkey called Constantinople but there's a problem when you move your capital to leave a vacancy in Rome would have been fatal to the Empire so who usurped who took over who received the throne of Constantine the seat of the pagan Roman government. The Dragon of the devil working through Pagan Rome tried to destroy Christ it was at that same power Pagan Rome that gave the beast its seat or its capital city Professor Le Blanc of the University of room who spent a lifetime studying the history of Rome says this to the succession of the Caesars came the successions of the pontiff in a room when Constantine left Rome he gave the seat to the pontiff to by returning to the east that's to Turkey and book Constantinople he Constantine left the field clear for the bishops of for Rome an absolute amazing statement historically you've got babbling then you've got me to Persia then you've got Greece then Rome then the breakup of the Roman Empire constant shifts his empire to Constantinople vacancy and upon that they can throw the pope's arise so the beast power then is not an individual it is a power that rises out of Rome in the papal power now Arthur peace Stanley a famous lecture on the history of the Eastern Church wrote $984.00 page $197.00 of his book The papacy is but the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire sitting crown upon the grave there of there are numerous a den of fine characteristics of the beast power they are in Revelation 13 we're going to introduce a couple of those today and then further on that in our next presentation the 1st a dead if I mark is this the beast is not a person it's a religious organization that is compromised the truth of God's word for human tradition it grows out of room and the seed of its government has been given by pagan Rome that clue that 1st a dent if I am Marc. Is clearly outlined both in the Bible and in history but then we go on Revelation 13 verse 3 and 5 I saw one of his his the beast heads as if it had been mortally wounded and his deadly wound was healed was study more about that next time and all the world marveled and followed the beast no notice this so they worshiped the dragon gave authority to the beast and they worshiped the beast saying who is like unto him it who is able to make war with him remember the conflict between good and evil you remember Revelation 147 worship the creator Revelation 149 do not worship the beast Revelation 1412 here are they that keep the commandments of God and worship being the beast has to do with the counter sign to worshipping the Creator the counter sign the counterfeit Sabbath rather than the true 7th day sabbath so the issue is worship So what then is Revelation 13 describing it's describing a power that would rise out of room and that would become a Catholic or a universal system of worship Now let me assure you we're not here to condemn any system I personally was brought up in a lovely Roman Catholic home worshiped on the altar with priests for many many years never knew anything about these 3 cosmic messages but as I began to understand Bible prophecy began to understand the overwhelming truth of Scripture began to understand the messages of these 3 angels and gods appeal his last day appeal to worship the creator not worship the beast I sense the call of God to my heart you may be sensing the call of God to your heart where living. On the knife edge of eternity living in what the Bible calls the judgement hour and Jesus is making an appeal to you to follow the Creator this system would be a worldwide system of worship the Bible goes on a 3rd a den of uncharacteristic he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies and he was given authority to continue 42 months would study the 42 months next time but I want to take a look at what this means amount speaking great things and blasphemies according to the Bible the Beast of Revelation 13 is an apostate religious power that rises out of Rome it grows to become a worldwide system of worship it becomes a power that leads us back really when you think about this back to the rebellion in heaven when Lucifer re belt in heaven what did Lucifer rebel over in heaven the authority of God what did Lucifer rebel over in heaven the commands of God a created being did not want to worship the creator and so you again you have that conflict over worship exactly like will have it in the last days of verse history our God is a God of freedom the beast uses force the beast uses coercion but with Jesus there is no force with Jesus there is no coercion let me make it plain to you the Bible describes 3 angels flying in did have it their gods Last Day message for humanity the 1st day in show. Flies in mid-heaven it says I saw another angel fly in the big heaven with the everlasting Gospel this angel who flies leads us from all human folly from all human works leads us to come to Jesus to accept him by grace to allow him to change our lives this 1st angel leads us to reverence or respect to God to obey him to desire to do whatever he wants us to do this 1st angel leads us to give glory to God in our lives this 1st danger leads us to a sense we're living in the judgment on our this 1st angel points us to the 2nd coming of Christ the 2nd coming of Christ is mentioned throughout Scripture in fact the Bible talks about the 2nd Coming of Christ at least $1500.00 times in the Old Testament for every prophecy on the 1st coming of Christ there are 8 on the 2nd coming of Christ throughout the New Testament every single author talks about the 2nd Coming of Christ the book of revelation comes to a climax leading us to be ready for that day when Jesus comes the whole purpose of the 1st angels message is to get in n. time people ready for his appearing the 1st angels message calls us back to true genuine worship of the Creator the 2nd angel's message Babylon is full and is full and leads us from the false hoods of this world and this message we're talking about now on the mark of the beast discusses the very heart of the controversy between good and evil the beast. Uses force the beast uses coal worship the beast uses false it the beast uses law. Our God is a God of freedom he is a God that appeals to us through His Word He is a God that appeals to the highest consciousness of the brain he is a God that reveals truth and truth. Speaks to our Art's truth transforms our lives truth changes us and makes us over again Jesus said in John 14 I am the Way the Truth and the life Jesus is the way of salvation Jesus truth it's the darkness and Jesus is the life he is the one who is an example for us the whole issue with the mark of the beast is not to follow man not to follow his traditions not to follow his authority not to follow his opinion it is to follow Jesus and be committed to Jesus and His word love is the great motivating force in God's Kingdom God's people in the last days of verse history are motivated not because they cannot buy or sell they're not motivated by the materialist things of this world if the materialism of this world to track shoes if the things of this world strangle out your love for Christ today if the things of this world in Namur you if the things of this world charm you if the things of this world have captured your love then it will be easy then to receive the mark of the beast if you feel pressured by friends to do something that you know is not in harmony with God's will if you feel coerced by others if you cannot stand a load if the crowd in the cry of the crowd attracts you and stimulate you and therefore you yield your conscientious convictions for the crowd how will you stand in the days of the mark of the beast you see the whole issue is an appeal an appeal to worship Christ supreme leader an appeal to worship Christ completely and appeal to worship Christ totally and absolutely God's people find their greatest joy God's people find their highest delight in worshipping him. Wilt grant to me or give me the path of life though it lead me into pleasures for evermore the Sama says Jesus says in John 10 verse 10 I have come in I have come that they might have life more abundantly the beast offers us a mirage the powers of this world offer us simply tawdry trinkets when Jesus wants to offer us himself the Pearl of Great Price Are you a truth seeker some time ago the story is told of a young man coming to Socrates and this young man said to Socrates Socrates you are a brilliant scholar you're a deep philosopher Socrates I want to know your secret of finding truth Socrates said Come with me he took the young man they walked through the streets of Athens they came there to the port as they came to the port they walked out into the water it is a beautiful day the sun was shining puffy white Codd's in the sky deep blue sky Socrates kept walking the young man said All I want to do is find truth what's going on here they came out to the water but up to their chest Socrates said to the man put your hands on your head the man did Socrates took his hands and he put them on to me and said push the man into the water the men. Pushed him down again men came and he said all I want to do is find truth and Socrates said when you want to find truth as much as you wanted that breath of fresh air come and talk to me and I'll reveal to you the secret of finding truth you know Jesus speaks to you and he says Do you have a heart longing. Have the television specials so attracted your attention you have little time to study God's word have the things of time for you crowded out the things of eternity Jesus is speaking to you his people find their greatest joy their highest delight in worshipping him in Christ appeals to you would you like to say Jesus and open my eyes I long to know your truth. Open my eyes that I can see your true. Open my eyes that I can hear your words Jesus all I want. Is to worship the creator of the universe to worship the one that lived for me that died for me that interest seeds for me that's coming again and for me listen as Charles sayings that wonderful song open my eyes that I can see him says of truth Eagleman me. By not my may see. Them says she. Asked Paul. Place in my hand. Full of key bad Shiela clasp and say Be Free eat. Leave me. Writ in my. To this season book my hand in a mood. Speed with a diva vom. Opened my a is I mean here. Boys see through. Sin this clear. While though we know what's. On my. Ever at the thing. He. Says higher. Highway for. Repair too high car. Type to seat. Older than my. Looper. Spear really a.d.b.. Over my mouth. Let. Me bear. The last thing he the war shoes hair everywhere. My heart. Let me bring a pair. Of Love With die. To share. Their. Wings forward. Relive by God. I wish. To see. Both of my heart. Beat. Spear. Detail. Or are. Is that your desire. That Jesus. Will speak to you. You say Pastor Mark I really want to know truth. But I'm not sure how to distinguish between truth and error. There is so much. False What in the world how can I know truth. Jesus gives us really 2 characteristics in knowing truth 1st he says If any man will do His will each shall know of the dog. Are you willing to do God's will. Are you willing to do what ever Christ asks you to do. Get on your knees play fair with God say God I'm willing to do your will. I'm willing to do what ever you ask me to do. Secondly the Bible says sanctify them sanctify them through the I word by word is truth. The 2nd characteristic of doing God's will is opening your heart to His word whatever His word says Say Lord that's what I want to do whatever you are obsessed or I want to follow you how do we know truth a willing heart to do what he says in an informed mind now there are times that God is going to ask us to do things that are that seem to us. Impossible but remember. He is your Creator He is the all powerful God He is the one that made you the one that fashioned you the one that shaped you he is the one that has a plan for your life and a destiny for your life he is the one that died for you he is the one that he intercedes for you he's the one that's coming again for you when we make a decision to follow Christ we do not make that decision in some vacuum he is there to strengthen us to incur. Courage us he is there too in our us right now wherever you are. Right about your head with me as we pray. Our Father in heaven thank you for the reality. That you're there thank you that your Our Creator we come to worship you the one that made us the one that created us. Your thing all powerful god the infinite God. You're the one that redeemed us that wants to save us by your grace and you're the one that's coming again for us give us your strength to follow your truth and your day.


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