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The Sabbath - What Shall We Do on the Sabbath?

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • August 22, 2020
    8:00 AM


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As for a father in heaven thank you this morning for. The Sabbath that's a palace in time and. Not dependent on a place in terms of a structure but on your presence and you promise to enter into this time and especially bless it and we ask that you would bless our time of study together in Christ's name that. While. We've been doing a small series here on Matthew $24.00 in the events in Matthew $24.00 that seems to be repeating themselves in this our time and we have been considering a kind of a mini series and that on the Sabbath as in Matthew $24.00 it talks about the abomination that would cause desolation and we saw the abomination of desolation in Day of the Prophet actually mentioned 4 times and we suggested they were living in the last of those 4 times and of course the abomination of desolation always had to do with God's people not following got ask them to do all to mentally leading to a Sabbath desecration that cost desolation and in our last weeks message we looked at Izzy killed Chapter 20 and we looked at that familiar text the word says that the Sabbath would be a sign between the Lord and those that they might know that he is a lord that sanctifies them and then we were shocked to find that it is equal 20 God's people were actually not keeping the Sabbath and that's what actually brought the downfall of Babylon they were taken captive 5 years later after Izzy killed 20 was written because of their own Sabbath desecration. And then at the mid week service. I was going to move on from the Sabbath and go into a message on when to flee the city which is the next thing in Matthew 24 and. And. And by the way lots of people are fleeing the cities now in droves and. There are all kinds of cities where people are getting out. But someone said Why don't you do a message on Sabbath observance. So. I did I studied hard and I haven't kind of a new i Pad here and I lost most of my notes this morning I woke up I couldn't find him anywhere so this is a scaled back Bassett. Sam observed. And I hope the Lord blesses it as up I've been studying the Sabbath and Sabbath observance I was interested to see if when people came to California during the gold rush. What they did in terms of their. Religious experience and I found an interesting study. And one of the journals that I subscribe to a historical journal called Sabbath on the Overland Trail Sabbath on the overland So they're going over the land trail gold was discovered January 24 1848 at Sutter's Mill not too far from here within 20 miles of here. And the ensuing gold rush created a spectacle such as the world had never. Seen. Before. The rush to California it disrupted all familiar practices the article said. He starts across the continent is most certainly his religion on the east side of the Missouri River. And when one crossed the Mississippi one traveled far beyond the Sabbath said the article. In other words intimating that when people came to California they left the Sabbath behind Interestingly enough some years later about 40 years later it would be California that would be the place where a Sunday law was passed and we'll see white the son of James and the white would be put in jail for running a printing press on the Sabbath but this was 40 years before that. And they were heading out coming to California in search of gold and many of them had given up on God and prophecy because in 1844 there had been a prophecy that had not come true and so some of them were coming saying we give up on God the Bible anyway and they came to California. They traveled in companies and the companies each had constitutions and charters that they would write. In the constitution of a good number of these companies provided that the Sabbath was to be observed as a day of rest as they traveled to get some gold. But the offical said Interesting enough the Overland Trail was a crucible in which conventional patterns of Sabbath observance worsts a very early tested well how were they tested. It goes on number one by competition bands competed for vital necessities for grass and for water and for firewood and so if you stayed behind everybody would get to the best spots 1st. And so competition to get to the best spots made a lot of people immediately give up on observing the Sabbath number 2 anxious to get to the promised land of gold this is specially s. specially affected the men the women were more into Sabbath observance than the men and the materialism engendered by the race for riches spurred people to give up on the Sabbath and by the way this is interesting at the end of time that will be the same thing because people will not be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark of the beast and many Some of them in this will receive the mark of the beast so will many Christians because something more important than the 7th commandment and that is making money. The economics of saboteur ism the. And of course those that had mules wanted to move faster than those who had oxen. Most compromise the Sabbath Solomon good guys from Ohio rode this in his journal and they studied quite a number of journals for this article here over the Sabbath as a blessed a day of rest and quiet which he had passed at home with welcome and with joy but here there is no rest. On Sunday is the cry no rest for man or beast no preaching no praying all respect for the 7 The Lord is here for God if there was a preacher wanted to preach this and go out and preach while we're doing the other stuff in the camp and he was stand a mill it can be a priest basically to himself. And then he goes into some specifics what did he mean that the Sabbath was God All Giladi. Many things that would be wrong and looked at he wrote as highly impeachable and un-Christian like at home must be attended to by wayward travelers for example all the emigrants wost and bathed and made repairs rearrange their wall. On the Sabbath day. So he had some idea. Based on his upbringing him based upon Sabbath observance of his youth before he crossed the Mississippi. They used to do your washing then your bathing in your repairs and all your work that you could do before the Sabbath away writes The Sabbath is a test not a human requirement but God's test it is that which will distinguish between those who serve God and those who serve Him not and upon this point will come the last great conflict of the current controversy being put in truth in error will you give up on the Sabbath. That will be the test some people think that test is masks as a small test the Sabbath 6 days shout the labor and do all my work as the commandment and no duty pertaining to the 6 working days is to be left for the Sabbath so what are some nuts and bolts of that. Well look and look with me in a couple text today in Exodus chapter exodus after. 12 you have the Passover and on the Passover they were instructed to actually prepare the Passover that they could eat and that Passover was could be prepared on the Sabbath but when you get to Exodus Chapter 16. There are some more guidelines given food preparation food preparation Exodus Chapter 16 and verse 23. This is what the Lord has said tomorrow is a sabbath rest oh holy Sabbath to the Lord bake what you will bake today and boil what you will boil and a lay up for yourselves all that remains to be kept. Until morning. So on the preparation day baking and boiling it was a be taken care of and it was to be laid up to the next day and of course God provided extra manna on that day to teach people that they could rely upon him and not their own works but his provision and they would be saved in doing the right thing by faith and so the Sabbath was an expression of Rights is this by faith not in your own works but in God's provision. Of course the numbers 11 Some went out and would collect things and at the time when they were not supposed to collect them and. As they went out and collected things what happened will it actually is in Exodus step to 16 as well they found nothing or it would rot and would stink and then Moses would say to them why did you not trust the Lord why did you not trust me on the Sabbath Day So food preparation is one of the tests of Sabbath observance prepare food to eat bake which will bake in a timely fashion and also an Exodus $35.00 Verse 3 it says. That there could be no fires in the House of those that. Of the Israelites which means they didn't have. Fires going on could you imagine the children of Israel with a 1000000 campfires all going on the Sabbath it be kind of like smoke from today right. The smoke all over this is a logistical thing but they were not to light a fire so how do we how do we do that here we mar we prepare the food before hand and then our cafeteria and we don't have workers that are paid but volunteering and we try and come close to this ideal and what we're doing serving the Lord says that we should have simple food on the Sabbath we should not be rushing around and attempting to have. Extra special food on the sand supposed to be the simplest food of the week another area of Sabbath observance as we're talking about the Overland Trail What about travel on the Sabbath Jeremiah 17 1st 19 The said the Lord to me Go and stand of the gave the children of people by which the kings of Juda come in and by which they go out and all the gates of Jerusalem say them hear the word of the Lord you kings of Judah and all Judah and all inhabitants of Jerusalem who enter by these gates Thus saith the Lord take heed to yourselves and bear no burden on the Sabbath day nor bring it in by the gates of Jerusalem nor carry a burden out of your houses on the Sabbath day nor do any work but hallow the Sabbath day as I have commanded your fathers but they did not obey nor incline their ear but made their neck stiff that they might not hear or receive instruction. They were stubborn so they were not supposed to be traveling carrying burdens in and out of Jerusalem. And they were the hallow that is to have zealous Savva for the Sabbath like we learned last week so let me ask you a question are we careful about our travel on the Sabbath Day 10 of inspiration says this If we desire the blessing promise of the obedient we must observe the Sabbath more strictly I fear and I fear that we often travel on this day when it might be avoided in harmony with the light that the Lord has given in regard to the observance of the Sabbath we should be more careful about traveling in boats or cars on this day in these matters we should set a right example before children and youth so travelling on the Sabbath day that's not needed and how many you think your kids can tell whether or not the travel you are making is needed I think they could figure that out I mean the kids that go to Wiemar are smart enough to figure that out now there is needful travel and then it goes on to explain it in order to reach the churches that need our help and give the masses God desires them to hear it may be necessary for us to travel on the Sabbath so if you're traveling on the Sabbath. What should it be for searing the message with someone else but making all necessary arrangements you can so food preparation business and travel now of course in Jesus' day you understand they made a mountain out of some of these requirements to get on have a sabbath day journey then you had to leave a little bit of food then you go further and further and further and. But there was no heart love for God No motivation to do it other than just to not get in trouble. It wasn't because of the love of God that was motivating them in those rules. Rather it was just fear and also the thory in power trips. I'm a 3 food preparation business and travel number 3 pleasure to turn away the foot from the sabbath your foot from the Sabbath and doing my pleasure on my holy day called The Sabbath of the light honorable and so on are him and I seek in your own pleasure in our speaking your words and use of the light they sell for the Lord I will cause you to Ryan the high heels of the earth and feed you with the heritage of Jacob with the mouth of the Lord has spoken so if you turn away the your foot from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure on my holy day so what would that be there is God's pleasure on his day and your pleasure I'm his day. Now hopefully they'll be the same because you're wanting to do His will amen when I mean there's any think there's ever a debate in our mind between what God would have us to do and what we want to do I mean that ever happened ever happened. I know it did with me when I was college age I. I had a store called Max next act. On the Hungary's attack Don't panic just call me back and bring your brown paper paper sack and you always come back to Mack and his sack with your sack as a matter of fact so I had all these rhymes ahead all these. Things going and I had I had had a really good business going I as was more busy with my business than school. And I had to restock numerous times during the week which did take a lot of time. My grades suffered but my business was was thriving and I made a very much bad mistake and that I I I went direct to way a soda pop. Company and I said could you actually deliver because I have that they go while we could see that you feel you need delivery so I mean I said you don't you don't and I said then I don't have time to always be running up here I've got other stuff I got to do you know got a few classes. And so they said they'd do it and I failed to mention you know. When not to deliver things. Which would of course be the Sabbath day I was attending I was at this university and guess what day they chose to deliver my goods. That's right the Sabbath day what time on the Sabbath day now was not a dark of midnight. Was an 11 o'clock in the morning. A big somebody comes up. Multiple deliveries and I was one of them and as that huge semi with. The right one baby on the side with the logo. For a major soft drink companies drove by the church everyone wondered what was happening especially the dean. When the man pulled up and said I'm here for a delivery for who. Max next check if you heard of it oh yes we've heard of it and it's on the 2nd floor should probably be the ground floor and I got this message not a text message because we could not take our cell phones to church just like now because they did not exist but anyway. I still remember that call from the dean. It wasn't a call that was delivered over the phone but it was a call delivered by a very strong deacon who came and took me physically out of the church and I went back there to face the music. That was the last day of Mac's Nashik. I got shut down so not doing your business nor doing your pleasure. So pleasure seeking pen of inspiration says manuscript 21 page 139 pleasure seeking Paul playing swimming are not a necessity but assemble neglect of the sacred day sanctified by Jehovah So how many think you might be tempted to do any of those things on the Sabbath and we think that might be a temptation. How about watching sports maybe not playing but watching sports and everything that would be a good pastime on Sat and we think you could keep yourself focused on the Lord of the same time you're watching Hi I'm moving fast paced football game I think that it's possible now I'm missing these things to use a man this seems like a pretty sober message for the 1st day back at school but you know why I mention it because studies have shown that within the 1st 3 weeks of coming to college many people lose their religious experience they lose their moorings just like the people who travelled over the or overland trail they find they have options put before them and unless they are faithful they will lose their way as I did when I went to college in the 1st several months and it was not helpful to me in the least. So food preparation business and travel seeking our own pleasure. Well what then should we do. What should we do the commandment is self gives us direction remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy So 1st of all remember the Sabbath day how often during the week Should you remember the Sabbath day actually every day so every day you're remembering and in fact the Hebrew calendar was based on that all of Beth to meld dollah was an all of day one of the Sabbath Beth day to the Sabbath they didn't use Saturn Day or Sunday or moon day as the created luminary bodies to memorialize days of the week then stead used the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and called them the day of the Sabbath the day of the Sabbath number 1234 and up to the Preparation Day So remember 1st of all the Sabbath day every day of the week in preparing for it as the all to mint joy. Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy so set it apart 6 states out the labor and do all they work with the 7th day as the Sabbath of the lord think I was so specific about the 7th day because they were coming out of a system that venerated Sunday and Sunday was the principal God was the principal luminary body that was worshiped in Egypt they had multiple temples they had multiple commandments and every single god was connected in some way to the Sun God who was personally and it exemplified by Monterey that is Pharaoh and Pharaoh was into everything he could make and everything everybody else could make for him. And this is the way it is even today and the consumer driven America is why people have a struggle saying I'm going to keep the Sabbath and not work so I have a struggle not talking about business on the Sabbath day pharaoh was the all to move that more bricks more straw you're going to try and leave Egypt because you don't want to work the problem is you don't like work and if there's one thing we like to talk about it's about how hard we work I've ever heard anyone talk about that I work in 3 jobs. I'm multitasking watching the stock market even during Sabbath school. So we live in a feral age right and think about how radical it was the god came in and said worship on not just any day but the 7th day let me tell you why because I created you on that day and if I created you I can sustain you so rest. You rest your servants rest Iraq's in rest in other words your means of production breast none of it goes on because I created you and I can sustain you I mean this radical rightists this by faith in the wood creator and I redeemed you I brought you to buy they had 2000 gods in Egypt none of them were able to help you at all I beat them all up their god pharaohs at the bottom of the sea and here I am new regime regime change the top of this mountain and I'm giving you my law I got you out of there I got you out of slavery I got you out a bond as I got you out of consumerism. I got you out of the frantic idea that you have to work every single day I got you out of that and. If you realize that the 4th Commandment is directly related to the 10th Commandment it has the same categories son not come at the neighbor's wife or his ox nor his whatever he has his means of production his family his whole thing same thing as the Sabbath us so coveting and Sabbath keeping. Or Sabbath breaking are tied together and at the end of time you have people that will say I need to buy and sell like I can't stand the idea of not being able to go shopping I can't I can't stand the idea of not being able to have money one of my good. And most just go that way versus the the say wait a minute now I've learned to rest in Him every week and in every way how many want to be in that last group. So rest. And ensure the rest of others you know the Orthodox Jews say are fairly even today to lease about their Sabbath observance but they don't mind if a gentile does things for them because they say the Gentile is going to go to hell anyway so since they're going to hell anyway they can fix me lunch almost laughing who's laughing where is that person with all this funny but. So that was their idea but do we ever do that we certainly do if we decide to go out to eat on Sabbath and say I go ahead and serve us we go to a or if we go to a hotel say clean up our room. And we can see the implications so we should not only be seeking our rest because we're arresting in him but we should be answering the rest of others as a witness we should read what did Jesus do he went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day Luke 416 and he stood up to do what he stood up to read he stood up to study we should do that as well. We could go on and look for 16 verse 17 and he talks about release of the captives we could talk about Isaiah 58 and about how we help others in certain ways we do good on the Sabbath we take care people in the hospital on the Sabbath but Jesus never got paid for doing that on that day this is where we kind of trip up a bit we work on the Sabbath and we sometimes as medical fresnels we say look I'm going to take that pay I remember when I started dating my ex fiance now my wife the mother of the 4 living creatures. And I told her I was going back home to work she goes. What do you do with that money I said what I mean was do you keep it I was like I sensed this was a testing truth you know. And then she told me how she gave away her money all the money she made on the Sabbath day and that brought conviction to me so I started to do that stuff to give away all the money I made on the Sabbath day. Pretty soon I was really popular in the city have been harder or I worked because people knew I was going to give away all my money if I was working on the Sabbath day that I made that day so they would come I still remember this little guy the last day I was able to do this it was actually pretty fun to give your money away last Ted did this is little boy he runs he goes he's here I can almost see him now small motion and the by the time I parked there was like 60 people lined up to want to see me because I'm going to give them some money and they'd buy their crutches or help them with whatever was the medicine they wanted to get and I remember I got the call from Laurie to charge marriage nurse she said to me Don I want to talk to you mostly All right so I went up I tore some kind of busy right now. Because it was given my money would. She goes I know that's why I want to come up so I went up there and she says you know Don we really like you and I said Look I've had a number of girlfriends that have broken up with me using that same phrase. Are you breaking up with me. And she said potentially illicit a Looks what's the deal she says you know we know you're giving your money away on Sabbath what you consider your sample day and saw and we like you you were the nurse of the year here at the hospital last year but. Even though you're the nurse of the year last year I want to ask you to do something that if you can't do it you can't work here anymore so what is that Laurie she said you cannot work from sundown Friday to sundown Sabbath Saturday I said why did you choose that she could you know why I chose that and you know that kind of laid a foundation I I went to my church St Joe I said to them. You're not going to believe what happened I can't work ever again sundown Friday the son tells Saturday. Like how did you pull that up as well I told him and I said Now all these people they don't have anyone helping them which means you have got to come up with the cash to help these people well. So there were a number of physicians that worked in the same hospital I did and they realize they kind of got convicted to this as you know we've been taking money for a year they figured out we started to fund thousands of dollars came into that fund but when I told a story down at Loma Linda recently nobody seemed that interested. I don't know if it was the city I was in but the reason I mention that is not to be funny and it's this if you are double minded on the Sabbath when it comes to money you're going to be double minded everywhere else and if you're double minded everywhere else James says that you're unstable and when the crisis comes you will not stand how many of you think there needs to be a revival of Sabbath keeping nature it's another thing we can do we can rest we can read we can help others we can go out of nature during a portion of the day all should happen to opportunity to be outdoors course today is probably not the best day to be outdoors for very long because of the smoke how could show to receive a more correct knowledge of God their minds be better impressed and spending a portion of their time outdoors not in play not in play not in what ball playing swimming pleasure seeking not in play but in company with their parents let their young minds. Be associated with God in the beautiful scenery of nature let their attention be called to the tokens of his love to man in his creative works and they will be attracted and interested as they view the beautiful things which he has created for the happiness of man they will be led to regard him as a tender loving father they will see that his prohibitions and injunctions are not made merely to show his power and authority but that he has the happiness of his children in view and as the character of God puts on the aspect of love benevolence beauty and attraction they will be drawn to love him you can direct their minds to the lovely birds making the air musical with their happy songs to the spires of grass and to the gloriously tens of flowers in their perfection perfuming the air all these proclaim the love and skill of the heavenly artist I was on the trail here the other day with somebody and I was in my mode of wanting to walk fast I said Stop look at the flowers. Let me go to Joe and then I read this I was like man they were noticing the love of God or I was noticing. My desire to go fast spend time with each other over the Sabbath he places his merciful hand in his own day he preserves for the family opportunity to commune with him with nature and with not one another especially she talks about communing with the father who was in this particular thing was gone during the week the time for prayer and singing as the sun goes down let the voice of prayer and hymn of praise mark the close of the sacred hours by God's presence of the cares of the week of labor so singing praising praying resting. Well let's close up by going back to the Overland Trail as a remember when we started we were talking about these people who were coming to California and you all of come to California you're here today and they left their religion behind and they left the Sabbath behind and they left their experience with God behind most groups did most groups gave up on the Sabbath they might just for one or 2 days but when they got to the elephant and then it all went away for most of the what was the elephant Carson City and on word through those wide open spaces and you came to California you were taken advantage of they would meet you for 100 miles away 100 miles away from getting the California and when you're thirsty they'd sell you a glass of water for 100 dollars so they went through a time of trouble and a time of conflict on the 2500 miles from Missouri to California and they debated specifically over the Sabbath how do you think that's going to minarets the. And most everyone compromise I read through these different summaries of the journals that were kept but there was a couple journals of especially gripped me of the groups that would not William Clark of Freeport Illinois and his companions made their contract with the express understanding that they would not be asked to drive on Sundays and they pledged to each other the stand by their bargain and not to be run over by the train boss with their boss started to tell them to travel on Sabbath and they would not one week another week they would not funny the boss said I'm firing you you've got to leave but you can't take your guns with you. So we basically said you're fired and you're not going to be able to protect yourself so just leave well. Clark in his campaigns and want to do that so they drew their guns and said we want to keep our guns and they had a showdown they feared for their lives their executives stand for the Sabbath and they wrote this they had man enough to massacre us but not enough to make us drive on the Sabbath and other words you kill us fine but we're not driving that. The boss pleaded with us. But we were adamant that. The hell that word gripped me because I've just been reading the book of Ezekiel looking is the cool chapter 2 where do we get the word adamant. It's an actual Where. It's right from the Bible. Is equal step to 2 and he said to me Son of Man Stand on your feet I will speak to you then the spirit entered and he spoke to me and set me off my feet and I heard him and he said to me Son of Man I'm sending you to a children of Israel to a rebellious nation that is rebelled against me then their fathers have transcripts against me to this very day we know exactly they were transgressing the matter of the Sabbath and is equal to one e they are impotent and stubborn children I'm sending to them you said to them Thus saith the Lord God has for them whether they refuse to hear or whether they hear for their rebellious people and they will know that a prophet has been among them so that tell them regardless of they listen or not don't be afraid their rebellious for 7 you shall speak by words whether they hear or whether they refuse for their rebellious. But you son a man hear what I say to you do not be rebellious like that rebellious house open your mouth and eat what I give you so I open my mouth I looked and there was a scroll and it was a book in it verse 9 and he handed it to me verse chapter 3 verse one eat what you find eat the scroll or 3 at the end so I ate it was in my mouth like honey. So he had a sweet experience Look at verse 10 Son of Man receive in 0 ark all my words when I speak to you and here with here is another word love God's Word eat it it will be sweet and have an experience with me be motivated by love for me by the sweetness of the message by the way what does is equal mean the one the Lord strengthens and notice what happens as a result what the prophecy is that he'll have to face 1st 7 through 9 but the House of visit will not listen to you because it did not listen to me he will not listen to me for all the house of Israel are impudent and hard hearted impotent literally means strong a forehead there is stubborn as specially in the area of the Sabbath sometimes if you confront someone about the Sabbath you should by the way what the text say if they listen or dull listen still do it. But when you touch on someone well what Hear what are you eating what are you drinking what are you doing on the Sabbath how many can tell that that might be a tense situation let's a say because they will not listen to me for all the house me as an impotent hard headed and hard hearted hard headed and hard hearted but I have made your face verse 8 strong against their faces and your forehead strong against their foreheads like Adam been stuck. Harder than fled it's I have major forehead Don't be afraid of them they'll be dismayed at their looks though they're all rebellious how where is that word adam and from Izzy kill and what does it mean strong the forehead Adam a stone is the strongest stone on the mose index of stones you know what stone it is as a diamond we use that stone to cut every other kind of stone you will be like Diamond against courts courts his Like thing compared to Diamond It's like 4 levels down and what's it saying if you in fact listen to God's word and have a sweet heart experience with the Lord he'll strengthen your forehead and you'll be able to stand up against anyone else so you probably do well in school too I mean his amen to that but you'll never do work really well in school if you kind of mix and match Well I'm preaching a sermon but I'm really trying to sell my books to you. Don't try and dice and slice don't have a divided heart had the sweet experience with Jesus and then you can have an adamant experience like the Clark party never again where we asked to drive on the Sabbath and at Fort Bridger they gave us our pay and our guns and we made our way to California alone how many you want to make your way to California alone if that's what's necessary I may want to be the remnant within the dorm if that's what's necessary. Anybody know what I'm talking about how many want to remain in your family events was necessary to stand for the Sabbath Adam and. Well look at this every had been every sermon needs to be an ad been a sermon so let me just show you a little connection here in Revelation Chapter 10 to the Revelation 10 there's another company that's moving out is given a little book it's then put in their mouth and it's sweet as honey in their mouth they love Jesus but what do they stand for Revelation Chapter 10. Verse 5 the angel whom I saw standing on the sea in the land raised up his hand to heaven probably the right hand right. Now and swore by him who lives forever who created Heaven the things are in it and the earth and the things are in it and the sea in the things that are in it that there should be delay no more gods in time movement heading out in that in time message starting that in time exodus towards the promised land and it's not California but is a land with streets of gold where they stand for they stand for the scroll that sweet scroll just like is equal had and what's the part of it that that's rules message the one who created and ultimately redeemed then they'll stand for the sample how we can see that and they'll be what they'll be adamant how many want to be adamant. Close with a little story a member I bet ties this guy. Tongue speak in. Pentecostal guy same with Sammy. Man every time I went to Sammy's house they had that they had the television on with like a Pentecostal choir singing you know different thing and he was really into it because whole life changed he came in he goes the Sabbath is correct I have the 7 days was you would you write me a letter he worked at the Boeing Corporation so I wrote him a letter and even I didn't hear a thing from him and about a year later he came back he said. Pass it down I need another letter I need another a lot of. What happened it's a come over so I went over and he goes I said why you need to let us look at it it's just all it's you can hardly see it so what would happen to my lot of I I gave you a beautiful letter he said Well they've been shifting me to different places in the Boeing Corporation to accommodate my Sabbath keeping I will not compromise on the Sabbath I'm a very good worker but they now have shifted me like 15 times in the boring corporation and every single time I go there I had this at the copy of this letter and show it to them and if that is his wearing out I said Are you in danger of losing your job oh no no no no no no I'm a very good worker they like me but they know that I'm not going to compromise on the Sabbath and what it got done with him allowed him to go all through the plant every single place and he demonstrated his love for God and he was adamant for the Sabbath and God reached the entire Boeing Corporation Well that one faithful guy it was a decided difference between Sammy and the others my heart was warmed the summer when I got a text from a student who went here last year or the year before they told me of how they went to a university south of here I won't mention it and when they arrived at this university they were told You know you probably will need to study on the Sabbath to make it because this is a very rigorous course of study now the sad thing is that this was a Sabbath Terry an institution I can't remember exactly where it was but 7 Tarion institution and they were actually telling the person. That they would need to you know what's more important really being able to make money because you're going to graduate from this place to make a lot of money or the Sabbath this is not the say. So study on the 7th day and my heart warmed when I. Read the text that the student said. I would not even be here without my values. I would have gotten this far and I may not go farther blah tell you one thing I'm not going to do not get a study on the Sabbath a person did not study on the Sabbath all year. And they ended up being the top of their class got on at that but was at a turning point look here are some of you for the 1st time in college and you're nervous but don't give him to compromise in any way God will bless you what about that Overland Trail faithful band this faithful band laid over on the Sabbath this is a couple of pictures of these faithful bands that that would not travel on the Sabbath Ingles a bandleader noted with pleasure that is party once it's past 10 awakens which pushed ahead of them on the Sabbath 10 days earlier it's up they took a rest and the what. Passed all these people on the lease to a case and Chilton's outfit over took during the week companies that had passed them as they rest the previous Sabbath until the notice that is Sabbath keeping band reach Carson City ahead of everyone that had traveled west of the Missouri River all those the compromise the Sav they go ahead but then. Pass them up right at the can you say we're faithful to the God of them. We go to heaven. I mean who has a good passing zone. To turn a lie to says this life stories of gold and silver and gold the last one Joe south where immigrants guide to California here's his recommendation never travel on the Sabbath where the vice we guarantee that if you lay back on the Sabbath and rest yourself in your teams that you will get to California 20 days sooner than those who travel 7 days a week. So those tend to stick wherein you don't compromise on the Sabbath 20 days earlier when it counts at 21 I like 21 better than 20 but I can find it so 20 days earlier you might seem it might seem as though you're not going to lose out unless you compromise with the God of the old Rust is still alive today so don't compromise because you're now in California be adamant. And let that adamancy be based on the sweet scroll. Of the Scriptures. And the advent message how many want to be adamant. Adam is. The Adam. God bless. Reisner. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon a little visit w w w audio verse or.


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