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The Sabbath - Shall We Work on the Sabbath?

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • August 22, 2020
    11:30 AM


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Let's pray Father in Heaven think you that we can study today and that you can get us unstuck. And sometimes what's worse than being stuck. Is and knowing we're stuck is being stuck in not knowing we're stuck and a lot of us today are stuck and we don't know so help us figure out that we're stuck and get us on stuff Christ me. So I was listening to the story today and I thought. You know sometimes we get ourselves in a situation and we don't even recognize we're. In a bad situation until. Later on. And this was the case with the children of Israel who had gone down to Egypt to get on stock from a famine but ended up having to stay there depending on the past as you read 400 to 430 years and when they went to Egypt they kind of lost their memory and their focus because of the situation they were in. And then when they figured out there was a problem and they figured out that they were stuck it says an Exodus Chapter 2 and verse $23.00 Now it happened in the process of time that the king of Egypt died then the children of Israel grown because of the bondage and they cried out and their cry came up to God because of the bondage so God heard their groaning and God remembered his covenant with Abraham and Isaac and with Jacob and God looked upon the children of Israel and God acknowledge them so the children visit were stuck and they cried out and sometimes it takes longer time to get on stock than it does to get stuck. A member I was in Romania once and my relatives or my wife's relatives I was visiting they had a dog whose name was Kroft Crafty the dog he was supposedly crafty The reason they thought it was crafty was the he could he could climb anything he could climb trees it was like a cat he climbed buildings or the something about his paws so like your paws that didn't work right he could climb up but he could not climb down so we would hear him barking Well let's. Go out there is. On the top of the said Ok did that and it was very dangerous to get him down and fact several times I said just leave him there. He got himself into it he'll fall out finally they loved him too much and they go get him I think he's probably still alive I'm not sure all the relatives are. But they love him so much they would rescue him from very treacherous situations and this is what God did in Israel but let me talk to you a little bit about the slavery they were in. Look in Chapter 5 you remember how they came in Moses said I want to take these children out I want them to lead and how the King responded to that verse chapter 51 afterward Moses in there and went in and told Pharaoh Thus saith the Lord God of Israel let my people go that they may hold at peace to me in the wilderness and Verily said Who is the Lord that I say obey his voice and let Israel go I do not know the Lord know why let Israel go and so they said the God of the Hebrews has met with us please let us go 3 days' journey into the desert and sacrifice to the Lord our God let the fall upon us with the pestilence or with the sword. The hero said of them Moses and Aaron why do you take the people from their one work get back to your one labor Pharaoh says say look the people enter many now and you make them Cibot a rest from their labor. And this is a sermon about the Sabbath so that's the word Sabbath there now let's keep going so the same day pharaoh commanded the taskmasters of the people and their officers saying You Still no longer give people straw to make brick as before let them go and gather straw for themselves and you still lay upon the coat of bricks and they that they may be for you so not reduce it for their idol therefore they cry out saying let us go and 2nd prize to our God that is trying to get out of work every one knows that war is the most important thing and that is trying to get out of it. That more work be laid verse 9 upon the men that they may labor in it and let that not regard and let them not regard false words and the task masters of the people and their opposites went out and spoke to the people saying thus says Carol I will not give you straw go get strong where you can find it and let none of your work work be reduced so the people who are scattered abroad throughout all the land of Egypt together stubble instead of straw and the taskmasters force them to hurry saying to fill your work your daily quota as when there was straw and the offices of the children for whom ferals taskmasters had sent over them were beaten and were asked why have you not the field your task in making brick both today and yesterday as before yesterday and today as before Little was why are you not what working. Then the offices of the children visit came and cried out differences why are you doing those with your service there's no straw given to your service and they say to us make brick indeed your servants are beaten but the fault is in your own people but he said he was a litle lazy lazy in some translations therefore you say let us go and sacrifice a little there for go now and work for no straw should be given you you should deliver the quota of bricks and the offices of the children will see that they were in trouble afterwards said you still not reduce any bricks from your daily quota then they came and they met Moses and Aaron and they said Let the Lord look at you and just because you made us of horn the son of Pharaoh on the side of his service to put a storming kill us. Pharaoh's system. Was built around work we love to talk about how hard we work I've ever heard someone talk about how hard they work or how they kind of rip someone else off made people work for nothing. Vera had a pyramid scheme and the pyramid scheme right went right to him all the work went right to him all the labor everything went right to him and there was nothing more important than work work work that had only happened in Farrel's culture. So that only happened in Farrel's culture we live in the same culture and we like to produce things that are tangible we like to acquire thing. And that's how we're in slain in fact some of your coming to school here so you can get a job I came here so I can work in a way where I'll be able to make a lot of money now we don't talk about it though or we're here for a very holy reason. But I hear people saying you know I'm so glad we Marr has changed used to be you come here that you never really could get a real job but now you can get work. Some of us graduate and we go to work and those of us in the medical profession figure out how to work even on the Sabbath. I call it the vegetarian rebellion I used to work as a nurse and I worked every Sabbath I could because I got paid time and a half but no one I couldn't get in trouble because I was doing good for myself on the Sabbath. Then I met my wife and my wife worked in a hospital and she talked me one day said you know. I notice you work a lot of weekends you know why is that oh you know doing good it wasn't my wife yet I had to you know not tell the truth totally and she goes why do you do that and I don't want to answer but so I didn't really and she goes you know I sometimes have to work switchboard but I never take any of the money or you know what it would mean I'll take the money while I give it away you what I give away the money really I mean I knew she was beautiful physically but now she sounds like Ellen White I'm like wait a minute. She's beautiful but she's got the character of a good character and I became convicted so I start to give away my Sabbath money. And something odd happened a lot of people were very interested in visiting with me at the hospital people that couldn't afford their medications or people that want needed the lecture help Pretty soon the. Story one around the neighborhood in Benton Harbor. And people would show up I heard there's some of that could help us. To make a lot of money but if I had some money I said give it away and then went on for a while I still remember the last day that that occurred there was this little kid pointed at me said he's here kind of like running slow motion I could see it was like wow this is a group feeling I feel like Jesus who's you know he's helping people and they all want 65 people lined up like out of the year already did and I give them a steps to Christ or a desire of ages along with the money till ran out the lord of the supervisor did not like that Laurie work for Pharaoh. Work you're here for what are you not here to do this go to our office. Center office. Don you are the nurse of the year last year for the hospital we all love you I was I still. I've had several girlfriends and that's the last thing they said to me we all like you very much but they broke up with. You broken up with me. So ospital breaking up with me. She said maybe so weird Well it was she goes listen very closely you can stay if you work but you never are going to be scheduled again from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday I was like What was that she goes you know why that is. Now because it's your Sabbath and you're giving all your money away. So I had to go back to my church the tell what happened lost my job lost my job on Sabbath. I lost my job and sadly I can't go to the carrier went to work every Good Friday you know they were like. And then asked me why when I told them why and there were a number of physicians in that church that got really silent and other hospital workers they got really silent and I said to them Look we got to help these people in the neighborhood now I can help them you got to help them and all kinds of funds came in as people started to calculate their Sabbath money who wish to take up another offering right now if. This was fair system and in that system consider with me Exodus 20. 8 through all of them remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 states shout the labor and do work that would assess all the water that apply to a doctor does that apply to a nurse does that apply to a physical therapist yes. As I will explain the minutes. But the 7th day is the Sabbath of the layered you know God Pharaoh is dead his pyramid scheme is inverted He's at the bottom of the Red Sea maybe we should call it the Dead Sea and his idea about the work is turned on its head and now I'm asking you to honor movie as the Lord God. And I have something to tell you about the foundational element of Egypt and that is your works will not save you. Your education will not save you the money you make will not save you you are not saved by works you're saved by grace. And I wanted to teach that to you by saying 6 days shall valve labor and do. All that were. But the 7th day is the Sabbath of a young Elohim your way the judge who just Pharaoh Elo he came the one who wants to enter into relationship with you he's doesn't just care about you for work work where. It lives you for something much more than work. He wants to be and a covenant relationship with you he heard her cry not because of what you were doing which is wrong but because if you're. Abraham Isaac and Jacob he answered you because he wants to enter into a coven then it's a covenant relationship with you and I'm going to see one talking about this that you come to we mark to get a job. That we're your own lawyers but of people they're professionals and look at they're doing because their lives. This is such a revolutionary statement it's in contrast it's like. There before the pyramids was Pharaoh work work work looks most raw Universal Life is not important you're just trying to get out and we're midweek service not important if you've got us. Don't go to mid-week service because your studies will help you get better grades and you could work so religious things are not that important. That I just say that. But could we suddenly think that. And here in the new constitution it was given for the renewed kingdom of God Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days out the labor and all the work but the 7th day is the stamp of the Lord your God It it you shall do was no work you nor your one son nor your what daughter nor your want your mail service nor want your female servant nor your word. Ford f. 150. Ford f 150 or whatever your home or whatever your driving nor the well nor even the people that work within your gates all the people in your employment all the ways you make money everyone who does any thing I have to say I don't like Pharaoh that every week I want to take all whole day and. So you remember something and that is why. I am the Lord thy God which brought the out. Out of the land of Egypt and out of the House of consumerism economic slavery work it will know how many people I talked to on this campus that are professionals that come to our depressed and recovery program that are very very wealthy but they're trying to end their lives why they'll tell you why. I got to the top and I found out no one's there that's because they went to the top of the pyramid but when Moses went to the top of the mountain there was someone there and he gave them oh and that law was meant to remind them that the most important thing in God's heart concerning you is his relationship with you he loves you he heard her cry. I know you're saying wait a minute I like work a lot and that's what I'm saying to myself I love work. It works not bad. Works good 6 days 6 days out the labor and all that work economists will tell you the any nation actually work for 6 days a week the economy would be pretty good and as Christians we should work 6 days. I'm here saying I'll have 5 days I mean one more day and one here that's not a fair statement. In fact I've done a study of countries that have the Sabbath commandment as a part of their They're all thoughts as a part of their culture and they found out that those economies are much stronger than the economies where the Sabbath was changed. Or where there's no Sabbath there but having stipulated that still notice the focus. The focus of work for the 6 days is not to take away from the relationship on the 7th day and it's also not to take away from one the care of your neighbor and that's the radical thing about the 7th commandment. Isn't it I want you in a relationship with me but also I want you to have a relationship with your son and with your daughter and with the people that were for you and will in that case your kettle on the stranger that is within your Gates as a matter of fact you might even convert that stranger within your gaze because I'm like Pharaoh you're going to be fair with those workers and you're going to say look take a parade route as there were rest literally means inter into j m do you think this is not just a message for ancient Egypt I mean things is not just a message for a and. It's a message for now and to the extent that we break the Sabbath with our vegetarian rebellions we're going to be poor of spirit in a negative sense not like the beatitude poor spirit we're going to shrivel up. All the rest of the commandments then put it to make this point because if you wonder stand that your identity is with God There's no one of the gods of Egypt commanded number one none of their commandments but instead of got instead God's commandments none of their vanity but instead God's humanity this is all embodied then by reminder on the 7th day and then played out to everyone else in society to love your neighbor as yourself suddenly you want are your father and your mother. Disrespectful to them. They're not part of the throwaway culture because they're old just because they're old and can't work doesn't mean they're not valuable and you honor their. Yeah you don't dishonor people because they're old don't have hair or the hair that is there or you're a They're not a part of a throwaway culture they're respected you want to hear what they had to say and they have something to say now that I'm old and gray haired all got done for sake me till I declare that a strength to this generation and every generation that's to come song 7117. You don't get involved in sexual issues adultery fornication because people are not throwaway people you don't want to throw away someone's marriage by speaking by speaking or sleeping with their spouse you have a respect for humanity because of what God did for you was a husband to you you utter families you would never try and break one up you don't steal all that stuff is stealing you see in the Pharaoh system everybody sat each other trying to when I got a better grade on the test I'm going to get into a better school than you I have excellence in academics but you don't start thing wrong with excellence in academics unless there is a movie about ever met someone where there is something wrong with their excellence in academics If it's meant to worship God and to serve humanity fine if it's not not fine that we shall not what look I don't see I mean years so we have to the fact that you're going to work for Pharaoh and become a white collar slave. And you must be able to do that so much so that you're willing to live is it worth it because you live what don't you have you don't have relationships and don't covet what's coveting hor really wish I could get this degree so I can drive a car like Pastor Don does covetousness in the what's the New Testament calls idolatry back in you this is why this Sabbath commandment is so radical how we can see why it's so radical it shifts our attention from ourselves to God and to others do we need that do we need a god of total community involvement. Yes or no how I was reading about some other people who came to California and 848 there was gold discovered here in California not too far from here as Sutter mill the ensuing gold rush created a spectacle such as the world the never seen the rust of California disrupted familiar practices and he was starts across the continent is most sure to leave his religion on the east side of the Missouri River the writers said and when one crossed the Mississippi one travel beyond the Sabbath said another you've come to California but I hope you don't lose your religion by coming here you come to college but I hope you don't lose the Sabbath because you came here I say this because I lost the Sabbath and I lost God at the beginning of my college career and I was in as much bondage as you can get in soon after that I didn't realize it I did not realize it I did not realize I had the gold head cups and I did not realize it. Until I realized it God saved my life and I was able to come back to him and he gave me the opportunity involved in a place like we mar where hopefully the main message is not a message of Pharaoh but a message of Moses that the most important thing you learn here is to love God and your neighbor that's the most important thing so they headed out on this trail notice what happens they travel in companies having constitutions and charters the Constitution of the good number the companies provided that Sabbath was to be able to raise a day of rest on the trail but the Overland Trail was a crucible in which conventional patterns of Sabbath observance were severely tested how were the tests of the article goes on looking through several different journals about 50 journals 60 journals and they can categorize them into 3 groups but this is what happened competition led people to stop keeping the Sabbath bands were competing for vital necessities for grass and for a water and by the way there was a collar acted up in Deming that was going to this the trial so that was like the corona virus and they had to watch out and they had a mask and they were sneaking around as they came across on the Gold Rush but that they still needed to get the money so they still came but then if they had to stay away from someone else or this or that they did it and they desecrate the Sabbath and they gave up on it because there was a pandemic there was an epidemic Secondly anxiousness to get to the promised land of gold medal especially were gripped by this in the trains not so much the women the materialism the article says or the Journal says in gendered by the race for riches changed man's character if you are headed on a race for Rich. It will change your character I mean you don't want to change your character. Let me let me just be honest with you Jesus is coming soon and I don't care if you are the most highly trained professional if you accept the Sabbath truth you will not be able to buy or sell I'm not going to be driving any kind of fancy car around unless you still have it if you're faithful in the Sabbath you're not going to be able to buy or sell and we're too close to the end of time for me to tell you that's not going to happen soon so if your motivation is money. You had better give that up or not you can buy and sell a little bit longer if you receive the mark of the bass but you still lose it all just 4 chapters later away with 131-415-1675 chapters later and you lose it in one hour and you'll weep because you're compromised but you know longer can buy or sell because all the ships merchant ship sank I don't know I don't care who wins the election might be Trump might be Biden none of them are going to be able to fix this economy not $35.00 trillion dollars Do you think your job's going to put a dent in that what people need is the Lord let me finish this up so they fight over different things they gave up on the Sabbath those with mules wanted to move faster as with oxen they said look we'll leave you behind most compromised the Sabbath here's one guy Solomon Gorgas he remember the Sabbath as a bless a day of rest and quiet which he had prepped past at home before he went on this journey with welcome and joy but here is no rest Oh none. Is the cry no rest for man no rest for beasts no preaching no praying all respect for the Sabbath the Lord is here for God while I was driving it it's the economy stupid. It was gold you know who a lot of those people were that came this way those who have given up on God after the great disappointment x.x. been in all kinds of them came out here he begin to describe what was wrong many things that would be wrong and looked at as highly impeachable and unchristian at home must be attended to by the way we're traveler for example people are watching and bathing and making repairs and rearranging their loads all on the Sabbath day he lamented You see he had an idea Sabbath observance 6 days out the labor and do all the work I mean think it's good to be no no for a spirit lad gratitude lad Sabbath observance I mean I think it's good to be known for that and if you're not reaching out to people and your circle of friends is just here within some little click it Wiemar you lose that because you have nobody you're witnessing to that's why t.c. I was so important that by witnessing the community is so important you lose it you lose your orientation and we're following what I'm saying business and well food preparation on the Exodus prepare food to eat bake which you will bake boil what you were boil do this on preparation day before the Sabbath comes that's where these this man got this idea of course the Israelites tested it they tried not to do it and then either there was no manna for them to pick up or what they picked up went and spoiled business and travel Jeremiah 17 talks about people travelling in and out carrying burdens and God said don't do that how do you think that we should think carefully about what our travel is involved in if we desire the blessing promise to be able to the obedience we must observe the Sabbath more strictly This was written back. In the late 18th hundreds the same time of this journal was written I fear we often travel on this day when it might be avoided in harmony with the light with the Lord has given in regard to observance of the Sabbath we should be more careful about traveling on the boats or cars on this day in these matters we should set a right example before our children and youth how do you think that we might be able to set of them or example and then you know just travel anywhere Well I think I'll just go here or go there what does that teach now she goes on to say and the Bible does as well that there are valid times to travel in order to reach the churches that need our help and give them the messages God desires them to hear it may be necessary for the travel on the Sabbath but notice there is a limited travel for doing what God's work of sharing the methods with somebody else you doing that you can travel if not maybe not what about doing your own pleasure if you turn away your foot from the Sabbath from doing your own pleasure on my holy day and call the Sabbath of the light honorable and still honor him not doing your own pleasure nor seeking your a way or speaking your own words then you said the light the Lord yourself in the Lord you will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth and feed you with the heritage of one of Jacob so it's our own pleasure what's the difference between good God's pleasure which is the most pleasurable and our own pleasure on the Sabbath that pleasure seeking ball playing swimming are not in the sesame but show a central neglect of the sacred day sanctified by Joe. Is that a guideline is it really easy to think about God who brought you out of Egypt by going swimming and we think that's easy to do how about ball playing the 3 strikes one for God the Father Son and Holy Spirit I don't think so someone actually told me that what should we do then rest meaning interest to joy the word rest is joy and insert joy and rest for others just like Moses led by God did for those who are in Egypt who are coming out of the slavery of Egypt read and study Jesus went to the synagogue on the Sabbath day he set up to read go out into nature look at the flowers go by the lakes the heavens the clear the glory of God and the earth so forth His handiwork his creatorship day and today they utter forth speech at night in the night you see their glory I went out with George in the faculty we went to these beautiful lakes we were by those lakes that was the love of God the flowers we saw now George she is sort of like a feral type hiker. What's work when I look up and he's got you know I was like. And he looks back at us more bricks more straw you know. I got I'm still kind of hurting from that exodus experience but. But he had the right idea he had a sound in nature Hallelujah time with each other I read this book called The Sabbath as resistance was the name of the book the Sabbath as a resistance the whole book says if you actually keep the Sabbath It's like the ultimate protest how many think there's a lot of talk about protests going on how many want to be involved in some of that did the Sabbath bring social justice of a biblical sort yes. It brought people out of slavery how many b. processors for God protestors same book had a chapter and said multitasking and the feral mind said Farah wants to do more with less you've got a cell phone you've got an i Pad You've got a computer there all go on on the same time while you're talking to somebody else and therefore nothing really gets done because he was everywhere is now where and you think that you're getting more done but you're getting less done because you bought into the feral mindset of multitasking How have you thankful that this year this semester you're not bringing your cell phone to class could you say hallelujah you don't have to multitask you don't have to be like Pharaoh anymore you don't even have to bring it to church can you say Praise God you don't have to be checking it while you're talking to everybody else this is my problem to I'm just being honest this is I know so much about this thing during big day Ok thank you Pharaoh ding ding ding ding Instagram us so Instagram Facebook no book every book. No matter were scattered but this semester Thankfully we don't have to do that can you say hello. We don't have to take anymore images that's not making to the image the images of the what's going on when you say hallelujah back to our Sabbath trail and we'll finish up most would go along and compromise but the stories of a faithful remnant of those coming to California gripped me as I read their journals here is one William Clark of Freeport Illinois and his companions made their contract with the express understanding that we would not be asked to drive on Sundays they were accompanying these wagon trains through and they said we're not going to drive on Sundays the men pledged to each other the stand by their bargain and not be run over by the train bus but their bus started to tell them to travel on Sabbath they would not funny the boss said that's it you're fired. And he said you've got to leave and you can't take your guns with you Well they drew their guns and said you know what we're keeping our guns. They feared for their lives he wrote in his journal they had men enough to massacre us but they didn't have men enough or guns enough to make us drive they were willing to die for the Sabbath on the trail to California and you say I will here the boss pleaded with us but we were adamant you know the word adamant comes from comes from a-Z. kill chapter 2 and he could have 2 God gives me the one the Lord strength and he gives him a scroll he eats the scroll it's sweet in his stomach and he says verse 10 of chapter 3 it says it's in his heart he loves God He loves this weight myth and says You go tell the children of Israel they're not going to listen to you they'll listen to you tell them whether they listen or not tell them with sweetness tell them with love but tell them nonetheless and it says this and verse say tonight I will make your forehead the hard against their foreheads anyone have a hard forehead that's your frontal lobe you know the best thing to do to strengthen your frontal lobe is reading the scriptures in the Spirit of Prophecy it's not studying for the cat let me say that again it's not studying for the m.k. if you study for the m. cat without studying the Word of God You are a danger to society did I did you hear what I said and if you do study God's word your frontal lobe will be stronger than others because it says I'll make your forehead like Adam and stone against the flint. What do they send the organ on the trail coming out here over the trail we were adamant about the Sabbath and that's exactly what is equal says that when you study God's word and you become you become addict adamant about God's word and you won't receive the frontal lobe notions of others your head will be stronger than their heads how we want your head to be stronger than others has because of the sweet love of God's message and because of your relationship with him and we finished it up we were adamant and they never again asked us to drive on the Sabbath for bruiser they took their pay we took our paid we made our way to California alone the ribbon on the way to California how we were part of the room that as you've come to California. Revelation 10 pictures another group that has a sweet scroll they eat that scroll it's sweet and they want to share with everybody and what does it say in revelations have to 10 verse because you created all things because you're the creator that in time movement will eat the scroll they'll be people known for the Sabbath and for the keeping of the Sabbath and they head out on that final Exodus prophesied into nations tongues and King whose looks like all hell breaking loose looks like they can't stand up and yet they do stand up. A couple of the bands had this to say will close with this there was one faithful band that lay over on the Sabbath Angle's who was the band leader he noted with pleasure that is party looked like everyone was passing them up but. They once passed 10 Weygand which had pushed ahead of them on Sabbath 10 days earlier. They rested and then they were able to catch up with those waited to pass and I. Don't know why you guys are so tired but the Sabbath day to keep it holy see you later maybe that maybe not that that's the spirit of fair wisdom they probably put on the way does it take them along on a lease to a case until sends out bit over took during the week companies that had passed them as they rested on the previous Sabbath until snow that his Sabbath keeping company reach Carson City ahead of everyone that had traveled west of the Missouri River all of them were compromises Sabbath but you know it kind of the tortoise and the hare the. Hoops he. And then this final one the final one that really got my attention Joseph where immigrants guide to California how many of you immigrated here from school welcome aliens and immigrants coming here for school Listen to this so those of where is God to California never travel on the Sabbath where advice we will guarantee this is a person who let all kinds of tours all kinds of people out here we will guarantee that if you lay by on the Sabbath you run and rest yourself and your teams you will get to California 20 days sooner than those who travel 7 days in a week you get sick you get to California where basically 3 weeks out there why because you did it God's way you didn't do it man's way were not sucked along by the pharaoh like mentality. You were sucked along by the Moses mentality and Moses according to Acts 3 was the type of Christ that rock who led them was Christ so how many of you here at the start of the Year want to say look. I've been sucked into some ways to the works of Pharaoh but I don't want to do that anymore I don't want to be a Sunday works oriented Christian I want to be a Sabbath covenant oriented Christian. I don't want to just look out for myself I want to look out for others I want to love God I want to love my fellow man I want to remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy and we want to say that today let's pray Father haven't thank you today thank you today that when we get stuck you don't give up on us and though you're being crucified by many in that street mentioned in Revelation 11 Egypt and Saddam you do have faithful witnesses that will be faithful to the end we want to be a part of those witnesses we desire you to do what we can't do and that is to write your law on our hearts and minds and you've promised to do it. 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