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  • September 14, 2020
    9:00 AM

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There are some people who think they're Christ disciples There are others who are Christ disciples and there are those who are not His disciples which are you on this up a sewed of in verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation on my. Temporary basis. Now here's your host just within the. First category that's a mystery in Scripture of people who think they are disciples of Jesus but Jesus calls them out and says you are not my disciple welcome to in verse we're looking at this entire scene discipleship in the last couple of weeks and I want to welcome my friends in the studio we're so happy in the studio we are properly socially distance and we have Cali streaming from afar but we're so glad. To hear well. Can you pray for us so let's play a loving Father we thank you for the opportunity that we have to meet with you in Scripture and we pray that the Holy Spirit would be a teacher and that as we give to that we can draw closer to you and truly disciples when you pray these things in your name Amen Amen Amen that's where I was going to go to Philippians to Libyans to and read some Bible verses but before you do so we've been kind of a different topic in discipleship and we've been bouncing around so Calley kind of give us a fly by what have we covered in water some highlights Do you remember from from the Siple ship. Yeah the overarching thing we've covered is just the process of discipleship So someone being introduced to Christ and cultivating that relationship but a highlight for me has been what we talked about I think it was 2 episodes ago about mentorship because of how important a ship is and the role to play in all of our lives and how Jesus for the blesses of their mentors so that's been a highlight for me and awesome awesome let's go to flip instructor to ruin to continue maybe this be another highlight for Kelly as well as for the concern for to commuting verse 5 to 11 please and it says Let this mind being you which was also in Christ Jesus who being in the form of God did not consider robbery to be equal with God but made himself of no reputation taking the form of a bondservant and coming in the likeness of men and being found in appearance as a man He humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death even the death of the cross therefore God has highly exalted him and given him a name which is above every name that of the name of Jesus every knee should bow of those in heaven and of those on Earth and of those under the earth. And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father writes What's going on this is a very profound passage This is Talk of his high Christology Yes this is about Jesus and in the context of it is like people are fighting in the church so pretty common isn't every day problem I don't know how many of you out there go to church and people are fighting it's a reality deal with it grow up it happens in church and the solution back then is the same solution that is today but what I mean to people are finding in here Paul goes into high Christology connect the dots for us here see what's going on if I could point to the various you know wages of people fighting for the be in chapter 4 to Ok. Paul writes he says I am to your idea and I employ a sin Ticky to be of the same mind in the Lord and this is at the end of the chapter but you see that language of the same mind the mind the mind the mind so in in bringing about this I guess reconciliation between 2 Christians who are fighting amongst themselves what Paul points to is this mine there's a certain mindset that Christians have to have and that is I guess expounded upon in Philippines have to to so actually when it says in verse 5 of tempted to back there Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus the mind that he's talking about is actually described in the previous message which we didn't read in versus 3 and 4 specifically you have this x. exposition I guess of the kind of mindset and could I read it just Ok I mean you set it up so. Says if you do so many 3 let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself let each of you look out not only for his own interests but also for the interests of others and then he says Let this mind be any saying this what I'm telling you to do is what Jesus exam. The fight in his life Jesus didn't do anything through south southeast and ambition or conceit he was a steaming others better than himself that would always gets me that Jesus who is the Creator of All Things looks at me and he values me more than he values his own life and then he says Let each of you look out not only for his own interest but also for the interest and you look an interest of others and you look at Jesus and He is the embodiment the personification of these things that he is talking about so in being followers of Christ were not being asked to do anything that Jesus himself did not already do. Paul is not geeking out here theologically he's actually providing a very practical solution in talking about this the almost the streams or these like just the the over ness the extremists of God is the answer to this problem a church one what what is that what what is that mind what I mean I mean sometimes we get so in Nam or to with the glory of it we kind of lose lose it. The context is found in chapter one so even going to little bit more behind what a whole study of really mean is you know such as. Philip is Chapter one Verse 29 it says for to you it has been granted on behalf of Christ not only to believe in him but also to suffer for His sake and I think this is where the where the context of the whole passages begin to set up so the mind of Christ it is in the mind of Christ to suffer like what you just said right now see it was the 1st time I actually thought about it the fact that God thinks of me higher than himself and the reason why that's so shocking is because I'm clearly inferior to God there's a difference between God thinking of me higher than himself and let's say us thinking of ourselves better than each other because we're equals and and. As as you were talking it dawns on me that it takes a so it's a it's a difficult experience an experience that is categorized by Paul as a an experience of suffering to be God not considerate robbery not that's not something that you need to really achieve because you already have and then go on a path on a downward path towards suffering being a servant becoming obedient dying the death of the Cross this is a downward path and what is offering and so essentially what Paul is saying is the problems that we face in life today are the result of disciples people who say who call themselves disciples disciples of Jesus Christ but do not adopt that philosophy of suffering which Jesus Christ adopted and it's such a radical thing that Paul is telling us that we need to do our Like like like you're saying it's such a huge portrayal of God because this is what this is what's necessary because the condition that we're in when we claim to be disciples of Christ but we're not we create a serious problem for Christ for the Georgian selves and this mindset this attitude is not just an addendum it's not an addition it's kind of the primary mood setting default setting that Christians should automatically be in Cali. Yes I'm going to actually stay influence to me Ok but that. Verse is this is by far 11 things things is this idea that Jesus was so humble in the way he did what he did so there's that suffering in the self-denial but it was never about like look at me suffering look at all this denial that I'm going to you like all of it was just wrapped in humility and others focus focused and you know I loved uses an example of someone to look to when we're in conflict with someone because if there's someone who's always right it's Jesus if there's someone who ever had a reason to blast someone else or put them in their place it's Jesus so even if you feel like you're always in the right or this person's doing everything wrong Jesus knows exactly how that feels and he's 100 percent right so this this mentality is something that we can bring into even the most extreme of conflicts because even when we have that experience Jesus like I get it but this is how you walk through it you walk through it with a humble attitude and one that sees other people as more important than yourself and focusing on them and not on your own self you know in this this should naturally be not a welcoming message right this this goes against our our nature for self to grow in the So we're talking these are sometimes we think of humility as just another attribute of being a nice Christian be loving caring and humble but here Paul really centralizes humility humility and self-denial is kind of this this this core core thing what's been some of your experiences there where you self-denial is not a positive it's not a let me share I want to it's not a it's not a nice thing to share. Have have you had experiences you still need self-denial today what's going on I was smirking a lot like she wants to share but she doesn't want to share and it is like staring at me like he wants to share and then we have $100.00. Cali too but she's freaking me out later Ok let's start with Israel if there's anything that this passage does is it exposes the fact that I fall in that 1st category you know the disciple who's actually a fig decide because I see how much in my life this is not the case you know the natural inclination that I have even after years and years and years of declaring myself but as a disciple of Jesus it's so contrary to this there are so many times where something is happening it's like man you know that person I'm a little bit above that person you know or you know this happens I don't think to myself this is enough suffering I've got to put an end to this right or I've I've I've given enough you know I've sacrificed enough for the sake of unity now I need to you know take control or else people are going to trample over me and every single time I think about this just like Kallio said there are times when I think I'm fully justified and yet in reality it's like well if you're truly justified you should be just like Jesus because Jesus is justified all the time and he still surrenders and he still suffers for the sake of others so if there's anything that this does is it exposes the hypocrisy in my life when I claim myself to be a disciple of Jesus and yet so many times this is not my experience and you're saying this new you just the an injustice and yours and crisis saying well you need to suffer it's these are hard sometimes hard words to apply although you know. I'm not going for a personal story but just a comment on that as I was saying that that you look at Jesus and the example that Paul is giving us here in Chapter 2 is that he he doesn't think it's something he didn't think it robbery to be considered equal with God because he he was rooted in his identity right he didn't have to show anybody who he was or whatever because he knew who he was and he didn't have to prove himself to anybody I guess I'm saying and then what the the verses 3 and 4 demonstrate for me is that. His actions were activated were motivated by love for others so it wasn't because I'm God this is how I need to act is like because I love you this is how I'm going to act because you say and there's no way for you to come like his his actions were driven by love and he wasn't afraid to condescend because he already knew who he was he wasn't trying to prove himself all he was thinking was how do I say humanity right like how do I save this person and I think when we experienced injustices things that are attacked is my sense of self like who am I And then like I go into defensive mode instead of thinking about how do I love somebody else I'm trying to protect myself only and that's what this this I guess is it into Yeah. Kelly When have you been oh we'll when we come back to the break we'll go to Cali and how she has faced adversity suffering and danger and how she appeals to a study of Libyans too in addressing these issues Stay with us. As immersed in a Blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching ends or spiral on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us contest comes up next I'll handle again is in 1st Bible no spaces now back to the discussion. They welcome back we've been talking during the break I'm on some of these these these these these principles these thoughts are are really resonate for today and not just for society but also for personal and this this is this is good we're discussion in God's word in the verse verse so let's go to Kelly and Kelly What's been your experience regarding this cannot take few elegy. Yeah I want to really bring back a point that c.q. brought up which is super profound and that is the times that we most often are not being humble or being defensive is because were insecure about who we are it's an identity problem and you know I've had a lot of exercises humility mostly just I mean that I'm not as humble as I wish I was but a lot of them happened especially when I was a high school English teacher because there's nothing that brings out your defensiveness as teenagers and you know them asking me certain questions and like the way they ask it like how do you ask me that but it's you know if I'm going to answer it's almost like the Temptations right we're seen tempted Jesus and he's insinuating something and if Jesus actually not like of course I'm the son of God Of course I can make this into Brett watch me like Jesus like listen like I know who I am and so just the stuff and so we need to have that kind of humility but it comes from being confident in our identity in Christ and that no insinuation no temptation no conflicts other people will take that away and I think that's that's been really key for me about I just notice that when I'm not being humble and especially when I'm being defensive it's really just about me and my insecurity and not having that faith in Christ that He provides for us is the struggle that our self tries to be bigger than who we really are and the whole thing is that God is the biggest entity healthcare and satan is trying to tempt God to be bigger than who he is to use his divinity for himself and God like I don't I don't really need to do that I mean it and I exactly like what you're going to Cal you're saying in secret saying continuity is and that confidence isn't self it's based on the reality is and is not robbery for me to think that I am God so for we will never encounter those those temptations when I'm hungry I will go eat a Chipotle a burrito right I'm I'm looking forward to that soon God if he were to eat it you're probably. You know that is not sinful for him but if you were to use his divinity to see she ate his own anger that is using his ability for himself that is that is a temptation that we have similarly when we try to use my my you know persuasion or my personality to defend myself but I will never use my supernovas I don't have supernatural powers. And I love what Israel says is that in verse 9 in verse 8 and you go see these downward progress in this being found in appearance of man the humbled himself became obedient to the point of death and he could have stopped right there because death is that ending point but he goes one step further and says even the death of the not a noble death not a death he could choose not a death that's awesome but the death of the cross which back then was like the lowest class of like a horrible way to die a messy way to die and in just a very menial way to die this is very hard for my natural self to swallow very very very difficult I mean it makes me think about you know when Jesus talks about when when your enemies mistreat you you know the whole turning the other cheek. Thing that Jesus said and it's like oh so how often do I turn the other cheek like when when is it Ok to be like stop this you know and is not talking about being a doormat or just you know taking abuse Yes but there's there's something to not not feeling like you have to defend yourself in terms of defending your what and defending like because you have that already fulfilled in Christ and God wants to give us that God wants to give us the ability to die a motto those people who are burned at the stake because they're like you know I don't you may burn this body but you know God can recreate me you know there is this something more to my existence and what when Jesus talks about you know and I think we're going to go there about how not to be his disciples right like it. If you if you want to follow me you need to be able to leave all of these things like these things become like Paul calls them dumb they become done to you and you need to be able to let go of all these things because your worth is found in something else and that is where that bit of humor that's what enables the humility and humility is married to love because you can't truly love others unless you realize that you know you care more about them than you care for yourself Oh I love the trust go to Luke 14 to talk what you're saying before you do that you so much and something in passing that I think should should Mr Maritz some some some time is we must find a value or self value in Christ but if we if that's placed on our self we want to defend self and we go out and no me me me or if we place or value our self in other people we become a doormat we said we see if I find my my value in my spouse my spouse can abuse me can verbal abuse me physically abuse me I mean whatever whatever we don't have the relationship but if if I place if I pay if I willingly place my value in other person's hands they can use me all they want and some people think that's Christianity and that's not so it's not another person it's not in self it's in the Lord of this is where we're going to in Luke 14 and there's these 3 phrases I want to go to in verse 26 verse 26 in Cali can you reverse 26 for us 2627 and then go down to verse. 33 those 3 verses 262733. If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother wife and children brothers and sisters yes and his own life also he cannot be My disciple and whoever does not bear his cross and come after me cannot be My disciple in verse 33 so likewise whoever if you does not forsee all that he has cannot be My disciple r.c.c. those 3 phrases there you cannot be My disciple you cannot be My disciple you cannot deny my wife my disciple another another title be how not to be Christ disciple right so let's let the 2nd one of those is all the 1st one there is a time a father mother you got to Heyden a wife children but in Sisters I mean that's intense the 1st though and there's something that we also need to note there in the the very 1st part of the passages is if anyone comes to me so a lot of times we think that coming the crisis alone qualifies us for discipleship and Jesus says actually this is not the case there are many people that will come to Christ and even in coming to Christ will never achieve discipleship and what Jesus is saying here is that discipleship is a radical thing notice that it doesn't says he won't be my disciple it says he cannot be My disciple In other words this is an impossibility not in improbability but impossibility coming to Jesus Christ or being a disciple of Jesus requires that we be like him that's essentially what discipleship means to be like Christ and it's impossible for Christ to leave his own father to leave his own heavenly family and give his life everything that he had for us and us not mimic that one of the same time being a sible of Jesus Christ in other words when he sets an example for us and we don't follow that there is automatically tension there and so Jesus says if you're going to be my disciple you have to get to the point where you know in Philippians that as to not robbery or in a different translation it says it wasn't something to be grasped So if we're. Not at the point where we're willing to say my family even my very own life is not something that I'm willing to hold on to but I'm willing to hold on to the example of Jesus Christ and it's impossible for us to be a disciple of Jesus while we are not like you and I think that's a 1st point it's being made Ok Ok so you let's go to the 2nd phrase there in verse 27 bearing Jesus Cross cannot be My disciple What is that what is he's talking about their. First 27. List and 7 whoever does not bear his cross and come after me cannot be. Read in. Israel is the only what the really what the issue of suffering you know the 1st has to do with value 2nd one is dealing with suffering and this is it goes back not just the suffering but the amount of suffering that we're going to this is humiliation this is suffering to the greatest extent suffering that is so harsh and so radical that it causes separation from God from God the Father to separate between Jesus and the father and so Jesus saying unless you're willing to have that the discipline of suffering then it's impossible to be the disciple of Jesus Christ has to do with the philosophy of His Kingdom and I wonder if a Christian they say is also maybe even foreshadowing that he was going to bear a cross in time to save his own suffering and you know giving a prophetic element in as well as the principles of the cycle ship Calley Let's go to the 3rd one it says verse $33.00 Whoever of you does not forsake all what is that talking about you cannot be My disciple. Yes that's really just same there can be nothing in your life that is off limits to God and even disciple of Christ isn't like you're Jesus you can have 75 years of my life you can have this spiritual sliver I partitioned off for you you're welcome Jesus saying listen there can be nothing outside of my reach in your life that you are either entirely a disciple of Christ or not want it all and I think it also has to do with the forsaking our entire identity too as well you know which is what you pointed out earlier that's the one possession actually that we hold dear is to us right we are willing to protect that no matter what and Jesus you got to forsake your identity too then if you're going to be a disciple of Christ you can't at the same time be a fisher of men while the same time you're being a disciple of Jesus and in the same in the same way if I'm going to be a disciple of Jesus then I have to have to leave behind the things that I hold dear which which are so dear to me that I'm identified by them. You know when I was a teenager I used to fight with my parents I would always go quote a verse 26 to my parents you know and I wanted to hang out with my church friends and then go to church friends so that's that's like church so that's that's God right so this is there's a spiritual and my parents are like no we have to go home and so like no verse 26 of anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother and wife is who Jesus says it the Greek word Actually there is a value less 2 to put 2nd so this is not active a trade for mother and father I really see this these 3 verses as 26 it's anyone that you know right 1st 27 Anything that you are right you're being and then lastly in verse 33 Anything that you have so all your knowing all your being on all your having must all be calibrated to Jesus and that is the beginning of Christian discipleship which is a total plunging into experience with Jesus and so it's either all or nothing. And it's important for us to. Because we can't we can't see that without forgetting the fact that this is nothing that Jesus himself has not wholly and because you know when we read this we're like Would Jesus too much like you know this is too crazy and this is a reasonable but then Christ points to Philippians like do you know what I did for you this is what I did for you times infinity how many of you out there have been overwhelmed with this kind of call for discipleship This is our desire and how many of you been challenge you are you a disciple of Jesus are you not of the cycle of Jesus or you're in that category you think you're in that this and you think you're a disciple of Jesus and the reality is we can't even enter into a relationship with Jesus and discipleship relation with Jesus on this Jesus causes it to happen and so that's our prayer hopefully it's yours visit us at Hope t.v.. And verse for more episodes or we get our Bible study guides in verse Bible dot. Hopefully it's been a blessing for all of you this conversation I'm flipping was a blessing personally for me and a challenge not only be humble as a sign attribute but to take self denial by the grace of god bless you guys we'll see you next week here on in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the calendar is wrong on Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes like this and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse Dr Hope t.v. news that Origen find us on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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