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Fully Charged

John Bradshaw


It’s one thing to encounter God or even to learn about God. But how can a person enjoy a constant walk with God rather than an up-and-down experience? Learn how you can be fully charged!


John Bradshaw

President of It Is Written



  • August 25, 2020
    7:45 AM
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I'm really grateful to have this opportunity to open up the Bible with you and want to encourage you in your walk with the Lord I am a high that is aim at Jesus expect God to do big things and hang on to God by faith he Jesus is the Olfa and the finish of salvation thank you so much for joining me let's pray as we come to the Bible and open it in God's presence Let's pray. Father in Heaven bless us now as we come to you would speak to us I pray and thank you in Jesus' name had been. Think everybody's had this happened at least once or twice in their lives most likely more you know you grab the no the camera you want to video the kids of the grand kids doing something you want to remember you press the button. There's no power there what's the problem the battery is flat and you've lost the moment oh you're working on your computer and suddenly get a warning that you'd better save your work oh plug the electricity back in the rush everything's going to be gone on these days of those kinds of devices and digital this and that and so forth is seems like everything we use depends on battery power and therefore has the potential to run out of juice and when there's no power they you can take your photos and you can connect to the Internet and you can film. Little ones piano recital and so on he has something similar but different a few days before our family was about to start out on a long road trip out of the blue the car would not stop flat battery. We jump started it it ran perfectly until the very moment we got in the cot a leave on the trip I turned the key and not then there was nothing there no power we would go. Anywhere we've all learned from experience the best thing to do is to keep the batteries for all of the electronics fully charged at all times that way when you need the power to get going there isn't going to be a problem you'll have the power way in you need it the Christian life is very much the same there's a need for the Christian to be fully charged the Bible teaches us that when we are connected to Jesus We are connected to the source of all of God's Spirit will power we're told in the Bible that the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation the wonderful message about Christ and the experience of having Jesus in your life it's powerful and there are times you really need that power I mean all the time but when temptation comes you want to know that you have the ability in Jesus to overcome and not instead be of a Come keep in mind that in the Book of Revelation Jesus says repeated Lee to the one who comes will be given to him that of a comma she becomes will be given so how in the world can we not only experience the power of the Gospel but do so consistent it's one thing to get fully charged how can we say. How can we stay fully charged let's remember some things that really ought to be foundational for us you remember Paul the Apostle once he was Saul the Pharisee The Pharisees were a sect of Jews that tended to be very consumed with correct forms and methods and practices they believed very much in righteousness but when Saul became Paul he learned that his righteousness his righteousness in it off himself his righteousness did not mean that he was actually righteous not at all he referred to his righteousness as being that which was of the law his righteousness as a Jewish believe frankly any kind of believe it did not mean that he was truly righteous in the Us side of Almighty God because what he had was self righteousness when what he needed was the righteousness of God The only person who ever lived on this earth and lived with a single Us life without falling in some moral way was Jesus and Paul came to the realization that having faith in Jesus as his Savior by that he would receive Jesus own righteousness then possessing the righteousness of Christ credit for Jesus a righteous life he was there for righteous by believing in Christ as his Savior he was considered as having Christ's righteousness Now clearly the Bible considers a couple of important factors in association with this. One is that Christ's righteousness is not simply a covering to cover your sins and leave you unchanged still exactly the same before you made jesus 5 from it remember John wrote this in 1st John one and verse 9 that God not only forgives us our sins but cleanses us from all unrighteousness God wants to forgive us and clean us up 2nd is that in our lives sin is a choice we have sinful flesh that is true but the act of transgressing the law of dog is something that we either choose to do or choose not to do now I know you might say oh man this thing I did just happen it happened before I knew what was going on sure and that's the result of a choice to either surrender in that moment to Jesus oh not to surrender in that moment to Jesus it's really hard to sin if you are saying at the Time Lord Jesus I surrender my life to you at this moment now one thing is that Rome was not built in a day we've talked about this I'm sure we have I know I have to be very careful in saying this but when a person comes to Jesus and Christ in his the life that person isn't guaranteed of making 100 percent right decisions from then on effect I would guarantee the person won't and you know why don't you that's because simply there was a process and volved cold growth. Jesus called coming to Him in faith being born again and newborns grow. They learn they develop while your eyes are on Jesus as you remember the verse in the Bible that says my little children these things I write unto you that your sin naught but if any man sin we have an Advocate with the Father Jesus Christ the righteous I hate to use a terribly inadequate analogy but let me put it this way I drove a friend's dog vitae once it was an early a model the Viper is a sports car that has about a 500 cubic inch engine in it it is our own wheels the very 1st time I drove it forwards I put it sideways Now that's not how you drive a car but I've never driven one of these before and it was something I needed to get used to it was a beast it was beautiful but before long I was able to drive down I was able to drive down there I was able to drive for long I was doing 35 miles an hour down the street you see you've got to learn to cooperate with the power and the presence of Jesus that's just true I had to figure out how to handle that much power had to handle it as I see it it's an inadequate analogy but you have all this power on offer extended to you from heaven and it's actually imperative that we learn how to cooperate with the power that God wants to bring into our lives related to this we come into faith in Christ with a whole lifetime of history have you ever thought about that we inherited tendencies to evil that we have to deal with Born that way you dad was an angry man you grew up in his shadow you too might have a hair trigger. And as well as inherited tendencies to evil we cultivated tendencies to sin as well we develop certain thinking habits substance abuse issues we can become allies and thieves and that can become a pod of a life part of the fabric of our being and he suggests this don't you think that might mean that it's really important to stop and think about the habits that you developing in your life. You heard that old old saying Garbage in garbage out the Christian version of that saying is a paraphrase of 2nd Corinthians $318.00 which says in the paraphrased. That by beholding we become changed and it matches what you focus on impacts what you it's just a basic law of the way human beings function it's a basic but very important law of the way spiritual beings function that is human beings who are reaching out off to Gawd there's a lot to work through in a person's life that just doesn't mysteriously go away when you come to Jesus of course many things can happen like that you can come to Jesus and suddenly there's the desire for this is gone the desire for that is gone but somewhere else they'll be something else doesn't just if Innis like the do before the morning sun. And when you come to Christ and you're born again and you receive Christ's righteousness and you have salvation the power of God comes into your life now that's not a power that's given to you to do whatever you want to do. But when Jesus comes in he alive he brings his power and the power of God is great it's great enough to change our lives help us to grow so that we can experience what poll described as the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ God does not want our experience with Jesus to be up and down. So how do we stay close to him remain close to him How do we get connected and stay connected to your cell phone battery is going to run down unless you plug it in and keep it plugged in that's what God is wanting. For you to be fully charged is they have power in the experience of salvation in Jesus yes there is whose power is it it is Christ's power Paul wrote that he wanted to be in Christ and know the power of His resurrection Jesus promised that power would work in us he said and John 5 in verse 214 as the father raises up the gate and quick and that means makes a live as the father raises up the gate and quickens them even so the son quickened at all makes a live whom he will know in practical terms how does this happen it happens by faith and faith is exceedingly practical that Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith the righteousness which is of God by faith and what have we suggested faith is we discuss together that faith is believing in God's Word and expecting God's will to do what it says it will do. Why do we say that that is faith well when that same Syrian was wanting Jesus to heal a servant he said don't come to my house just say that would only Jesus said that his faith he expected the Word of God to do what it said it would do he knew that if Christ said your servant is here but the servant would be healed simply because Jesus had said so Jesus puts mud on a man's eyes go and wash in the pool of Siloam he does that faith why do you do it because he expected the world of Christ to accomplish what it said it would accomplish he could have argued the point but instead he believed and he was he healed he trusted the word of God to do what it said it would do you see faith and the would have gone out in a strictly inseparably linked the Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God You can have faith independent of God's word connection with Jesus is based on his word he is what Peter wrote being born again not of corruptible seed but of incorruptible by the would of God which Live Earth and abide with for ever see we born again by the would of God let's look at this another way you come to Christ you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior you accept the fact that God saves you and that he gives you a new hot What then forms the basis for the rest of your life as a Christian it's got to be the Holy Bible so consider this speaking of Jesus Hebrews one verse 3 says that he was the poor rightness of his glory and the express image of his person and up holding all things by the would of his power. That last phrase Jesus is upholding all things by the would of his power think of the sun for a moment the sun up there in the sky you know how big it is it's huge It is 865000 miles across it is so big that it accounts for 99.86 percent of our solar systems mass in relation to the center of our galaxy the sun is moving at a 140 miles a 2nd. Holds the sun in the sky right where it is or what holds it in its orbit you might answer by saying gravity and that would be fine there might be a plethora of scientific explanations that could be discussed and debated but here's what we know for sure the sun is being held in the us die by the would all be his power how can we be sure well I ask you this is the sun part of all things I think we would agree that it is and Hebrew says that Jesus is up holding all things by the wood of his power what is preventing Mt Everest from collapsing in a heap it is being up hailed by the wood of his power it too is part of all things the great redwoods of California they are part of all things and so we would have to conclude that they are being op hild by the word of his power and so we've got the sun and Mount Everest and the redwoods No let me ask you this. It's of all things I should think you are there for we understand that you choose being by the wood of his power question Do you ever worry do you ever spend any time fretting that the sun will just fall out of the sky. Do you ever waste energy considering or contemplating that Mount Everest my just slip right out of the Himalayas Ah I would think not have you ever walked through a red would grow when you stand a great big trees think it oh my goodness all these things good just sink into the ground no you don't you are confident that they will stay where they should stay for the simple and yet very profound fact that God is up holding them by the wood of his power so therefore you can be confident that God will hold you up to you of all things and God is upholding all thing by the wood of his power to points you can be confident God will hold you up. And you know how he will hold you up he'll do it by the power of his would he will do it by the power of the his would remember what Peter wrote 2nd Peter one of the greeting the ones to whom he is writing he says according as his divine power has given to us all things that pertain until life and godliness through the knowledge of Him that has called us to glory and virtue whereby given unto us exceeding great and precious promises that by the you might be partakers of the divine nature having a state the corruption that is in the world through lust do you hear what the Bible is say through the promises of God we can be Pod takers of the divine nature in other words we may be just all righteous we can be righteous through the promises of God What do you do with the promises what you do with any promises you either believe them or you don't believe them it's that simple believing the promises and expecting them to do what they say that is faith so we become partakers of the divine nature we become a righteous through belief in God's promises a righteous by faith and you see we start to bring this into our entire life Jesus said it is written men shall not live by bread alone but by every word the proceeds out of the mouth of God what forms the basis of your experience to be the would've gone when the would of God forms the basis of your experience you start to live by you start to bring it into every aspect of your existence you say hell do I now live this life of faith and the answer is you live your entire life based on the wood of God I. Have can you be sure it's a good safe way to live I tell you what. If you don't live according to God's Word you go to be living according to someone's word so look to the cross of Calvary and ask yourself Can I trust his word cannot believe what Jesus says does Jesus have my best interests in mind you can know that the one who made the universe the one who put the stars in the sky the one who made us from nothing you know that he can be trusted. He has never let anybody down God's love God is patient God is faithful and his would is sure the would of God becomes the basis for every aspect of your life now there requires some humility you've got to admit that God knows more than you that shouldn't be too hard to understand seeing as God after all is well Gawd you've also got to be prepared to let go of some things they might be some stuff in your life that you really like having the but then you find out that God doesn't want you to have that in your life that's kind of a battle sometimes you know we have a decision to make don't we whether or not we want to go all the way with God or our own way and we have to trust trust that God's Word is true and right and the best way to go in other words fail is required a belief that what God's word says is true and that it can be counted on to do what it says when you make the decision to allow your life to be lived God's way. That when God can come into your life and bring his power and his presence and His righteousness into the very core of your existence you're living by faith in you living by faith in the Word of God You see there is how in the Word of God and you want to be connected consistently to that power that woman taken in adultery what did Jesus say to he said I do not condemn you go and sin no more so do you think she carried on into the sin Well we would think no it would have been easy for her to make a turnaround from immorality to more ality most likely not but what did she have going for good she had the would have gone Jesus had said Go and sin no more so based on the power of His word she was able to go and sin no more through what Jesus could do in her life there is a real need for constant dependence upon Christ and His power in our lives. I would like to investigate this verse with you it's really very good and very important Philippians one in verse 6 it says He that hath begun a good work in you is faithful to perform it until the day of Jesus Christ isn't that something you might have thought that you began the work in your life is that what you thought I came to faith in Jesus and then I burned my rock music albums and. Done my boyfriend and whatever I came to Jesus and I got started I started cleaning things up you think you began the work I accepted Jesus in a modern life and I turn my life around or not so friend not repentance is a gift given to us by God Faith is a gift given to us by God. That inclination to yield to God and to surrender to Him That is the work of the Holy Spirit operating in your life who began the work Jesus did and who is going to carry the work on The Boss tells us he that has begun a good work in you he is faithful to perform it until the day of Jesus Christ Jesus started the work Jesus will perform the work all the way to the time of the 2nd coming what are we doing we yielding our will to him We are cooperating with him he says let's walk rot on pasta this bar not go in for a drink and we say I'm willing to do that if you give me grace you might even say to him if you're honest you might even say to him I really want to go into that. And Jesus wouldn't say oh you rascal Jesus would say no you do know you will you know if you read in the Psalms you read a verse that says he knows our frame and he remembers that we are dust do you know that that is saying God knows what you made of you know that gawd knows what you made off knows that you just dust loves you anyway so you're walking past. And and the look is calling your name and you say I want to go in and Jesus is no come on ice front keep on going. And you might say to him if you're an honest Christian. Calling To me that's when you say but I'm willing to do you will you don't even have to say to God in the middle of temptation I can do this I can do you will you don't have to say that effect it's better via done let him that think of the standard take heed lest the fall. It's probably better if you say you know what I'm made of I'm so weak just about everything about me would I would love to do that but I'm willing to do you will if you give me the Gracie tell me to walk on past the door that. I'll just welcoming up one foot in front of the other I want you to direct my steps and I'm going I'm willing I surrender your sick your face like a flint. Macho past that. Had that happened it happened by the power of God You see Jesus begin the work Jesus will perform the work let me give you another example of that somebody is needling you and you want to react maybe someone you know. Because it's at home unfortunately it becomes so easy just to. Vent when we shouldn't and something rises up and you recognize it and now that you've been praying about it you know you've been saying God change me Lord don't let me fly off the handle Lord speak to my heart and someone is intentionally or otherwise needling you and you instead of reacting you turn in the direction of heaven you say Lord I need you I need your help I need your help. To say you got it Jesus take my mouth take my at it chewed take my reaction do what I cannot and Jesus says He is peace keeping my mouth shut is going to be Ok and the piece of heaven will flood your life now of course somebody's going to try to answer I don't feel the peace that's why we walk by faith not by feelings you know you just believe the peace and as you continue to grow this 1st time around might be a little roar you know. But the more you yield to Jesus it's going to become more and more natural and he'll continue to do the work Jesus will perform the wood in whatever temptation. And what you do is continue to live that way with God's Word having complete sway complete authority in your life you can live a life that isn't one of futility and endless defeat you can live a life where you are fully charged you see when you realize that Christ has begun the work that Christ Jesus will finish the work suddenly you realize where lies the power for getting the job done we come to Jesus weak but we connect to his power righteousness by faith is about a continual leaning on Jesus and trusting in his wood to do what it says it will do when we do this continue to yield in Saranda that's when we experience resurrection power the power that brought Jesus back from the dead that same power will make us a live in Christ see where there was no life they'll now be a life Lord I don't have any power to keep my mind clean so you remember the Bible says as be transformed by the renewing of your mind so you go to God and tell him you've asked it of me I wanted done but it will only happen through your ability and not mine so I'm expecting you to do it in me thank you and God will when I 1st became a Christian I had a job working one day a week and that one day of the week was Saturday the other 6 days I didn't work is that while men you were doing great if you could get by on one day a week no I wasn't doing great there was real economic difficult times was living not in my home town not even in my home country and all I could get was one day a week I needed that as little as it was. I learned that Saturday was the 7th day of the week and that the Bible said that the 7th day is the Sabbath of the Lord and that believe those who love Jesus to keep the Sabbath day holy I wondered about that but looked and realized it was valid in the New Testament as well as the old Jesus kept the Sabbath the early Christians in the book of Acts kept the Sabbath Jesus they were going to keep it in the earth made new it was one of the 10 Commandments so therefore it was on exactly the same level as Thou shalt not kill and thou shalt not commit adultery so I thought I'd want to keep the Sabbath day holy that would be God's will but then I had my job to consider well here's what I thought I thought that if it was God's idea and if it was God's will for me to keep the Sabbath binge surely he would take care of all of that for me so I contacted my boss we were about to resume a project some time doing other things I told him I would not be able to work on Saturdays anymore and I explained why he said I'm fine no problem at all you've been a terrific employee it was very cold you know about it very nice he said that he had someone else who could work for him just as well as I could and so that was that and I was out of a job 11 and a half 1000 miles from home and I had no job and very little money. But I had faith in what the Bible said I knew it was God's will for me to obey him I had no idea how I was going to find another job none know whose idea was it that I keep the Sabbath day holy Was it my idea did I make it up did I write the 4th commandment on tables of stone no it was God's idea it was God's word and so I prayed to the Lord and I said this you got me into this mess you are going to have to get me out of it it was his idea I was obeying his would not my would know so what happened phone rang I got a job immediately no that's not what happened no they happened not right away and I was plenty nervous but you know it wasn't that long and I got a great job working 6 days a week and then I had that job for 2 weeks and someone came and offered me a job earning twice as much but working 5 days a week. I just had to trust in God Now it needs to be said that if you're going to grow very far in faith in the Word of God you've got to know what God's word says How can you be a part taker of the divine nature based on the great and precious promises in the Word of God when you don't know what those promises are. The power is in the Word of God and of the Word of God gets in you. In the power is working in your life what do you need power for power to believe power to be strong in a marriage where your spouse is pulling in another direction. Powerful purity and you live in an age where it is fashionable and acceptable for purity to do will power to resist peer pressure power to resist indulging your appetite when you shouldn't power to keep a bad temper from controlling your power to not say things that once you just would have blood out Powell so that you can manifest in your life sorry power so can be so that can be manifested in your life the character of Jesus power so Jesus can be seen or too many people ask God for is a little help can you give me a bit of a push It's like me jump starting the car when our own car battery was down and having better trouble later we don't want to push that we need a new battery fully charged to people asking God for a push to get us going so that we can get on our merry way instead of asking God for a leg up or for a little help we go to him and find help in Jesus not a push not a shove not mere assistance but we go to Jesus and have him come into our lives and live his lives in us and then his power works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure too many people see faith in Jesus as being like these home renovation programs on t.v. start with an old house. Put siding on the outside build a deck out front put some shrubbery. Stuff granite in the kitchen and your bathroom oh you all hanging What have you got you've got an old house. It's just been spruced up too many of us satisfied with being same all the helos but spruced up God once more for us if God was doing that building renovation program here's what he would do he would dynamite the House bill. He would scrape the lot entirely clean and build a new house this is what God does for you he doesn't renovate you he creates you there is power in the Word of God no power in human beings none at all Jeremiah wrote Could it be the man the trust of the men that make it flesh that's Jeremiah's $75.00 there is power in the Word of God Not when the Bible sits on the bookcase there's no power in a Bible on a bookcase the Bible isn't a good luck charm those promises need to get off the paper and into your heart and they'll only do that if you read it listen to it memorize it hide it in your hot David wrote die would have a hidden mud hut that I must not sin against the there is power in God's word Jesus says Ask and it shall be given unto you friends we ought to be doing Tomasky you know what Jesus said He said If you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that I ask him Luke 11 and thus the team he will give the greatest gift law Holy Spirit the presence of Christ Himself to them that pay no to them that. Due. To them that bargain No no no Jesus will give the presence of the Holy Spirit to them that Oskin It's like saying if you want to $1000000.00 just ask you to ask. Except it isn't like that it is so much better God promises to Paul his presence and His power in your life if you would just ask to do so if you repent if you are genuine if you're not hanging on to some dirty sin some way because you love the sin more than you love Jesus if you recognize your great need you can be certain that as you pray God will change your heart in mind in life through prayer and the Word of God You can live a life that is fully charged they'll be no lack they'll be no doubt they'll be no turning back but they will be Instead the presence of Jesus and the presence of His righteousness you can have it all by faith let's tell him we wanted to come on let's pray together now Father in heaven enough of a life that's kind of 10 percent and draining Fost all load let us be fully charged connected to Jesus true your Would connected to the Heart of Heaven by faith. Friend would you be connected to God today he loves you he will accept you doesn't even matter where he had been what you done he will accept you he will forgive you and make you knew was the Bible say if anyone is in Christ that person is a new creature old things up passed away behold all things become you there is now no condemnation to them who are in Christ Jesus those who walk not off of the flesh but after the Spirit so will before we can walk this way or that way we need to be in Christ Jesus. Father let it be so. By faith we claim Jesus as our own friend God will forgive you make you knew you have assurance now through faith in Jesus in Jesus name we pray. A man a man thank you for joining me and may God bless you.


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