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  • September 21, 2020
    9:45 AM

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If you knew that you could not fail what would you for find out in this episode. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my. Temporary issue. Is yours Justin with the Internet. We are in this arc on the topic discipleship and it ends the season ends on this episode and we're looking at this concept of all this thanks for joining us on this episode or this season or the show versus been a long quarter it's been a very good one it's a very been a very efficacious one and she's off acacias Yes it has really amplified and Mel you're rated my walking with the Lord Jesus. There you go for an s.c.t. word especially if you look it up on your area on as on your on I don't believe in education and you're going. Well if you guys want to know we will be looking at the topic of education in our next season and Sebastian our resident extrovert will be leading out in some of those talks on education what it means to be educated but we're going to look at the concept of all n'est on this episode and so Jonathan we so desperately need your prayer for us to stop tearing around and getting into the Bible verse let's pray Father just want to thank you for how you've blessed these last 13 weeks we have grown so much in understanding what it means to be a disciple and Lord as we close this quarter we pray that your spirit will be with us once more helping us understand what this now all means for our lives and as you call us as you send us out to bless us as we study and all of us we pray in Jesus' name amen and amen amen this is a spot of question for Sebastian but I actually thought about broadening it up what are some things you remember from this entire season different elements that we started on in the middle of this Corona pandemic and we went through you know the Brady Bunch style of the different screens and then we can studio and who knows what will happen in the rest of 2020 and thereafter but what do you remember about this operation how is the Lord bless true during this. Subsea seeker the main thing that I got out of the season that discipleship is a follower about following Jesus that it all centers around him and becoming more like him through you know spending time with him and then sharing him with others as well but Jesus as the center of what disciples it was all about him and I've been blessed in many ways in the studies that we have had but 2 weeks ago and talked about the coals of fire that was really profound to me how we thought at the churches of his people and a place of grace and training and community in Christ but for the purpose of then this happening on us and going to the world you're in a love of God and I'm just so blessed but I'm nothing except and dispatch all from the imagery of fire Yes So that was my favorite episode to. Resident such extrovert. I think for me what's really impacted me sound discipleship is can be broken down if you don't manage both components of the internal transformation with the extra outreach those to me whether we were dealing with the individual components of fitness witness or air prayer it's like well if you just pray you'll eventually cease to pray right and then you have the evangelism cycle was like let's prepare let's plan but I don't want to harvest and so to me there's always this battle between what's going on in the heart of the disciple with the extra no expression that people to bifurcate that don't they and Dave into that church Yeah we've had enough reach We need you know do in reach or like we've done enough in reach Let's now do outreach but where they're actually quite well integrated with each other the best outreach is in reach the best images out region and be able to see that. Under discipleship that Saddam has been a very good lesson to me that's a profound marriage of concepts that will help you to be balance you know when you walk with Christ so in our concluding a lesson concluding episode on the season let's go to. In Matthew chapter 28 we're going to actually end with the verse that we started off with in Matthew chapter 28 this is the Great Commission this is the great mission statement for the Christian church and for every Christian disciple and see if you can read for us Chapter 628 or 16 through 20 please Ok. It reads then the 11 disciples went away into Galilee to the mountain which Jesus had appointed for them when they saw him they worshiped him but some doubt it and Jesus came and spoke to them saying All authority has been given to me in heaven and on Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you and lo I am with you always even to the end of the age Amen Yeah and just especially sometimes there we take these verses and we put them into 2 categories Yeah we have the some verses that are for all Christians and there are some verses although that's that's for the pastors and the and the advance you know the Christians or the ones who are getting out on the Bible text theologians and so when we like a bible verse we go that's really it we don't like a bible verse that's for them we do that but here he's talking to all of his disciples and we look at the 1st episode for those of you who are joining us for the 1st time we want to encourage you to go to in verse in verse Bible Dorothy for a Bible study guides we also go to hope t.v. dot org See slash and verse to see the entire season on discipleship and go to lesson one we actually covered that there Jesus is only talk about one verb here there's a lot of verbs here disciple lingo ing baptizing teaching but the one innocent original Greek the one verb that's the active verb is disciple lot more disciples and not just the pastors or the bishops and the elders and whatnot but every Christian is. We didn't really analyze the rest of that of that passage What are some some things that you see there some repetitions some surprise points and as we have discovered and discussed all of the cycles of this entire season what are some things that you see in light of all that. Like. Introduction Let me read verse 1617 here Jesus this rapid for you sending to heaven he's gathering his disciples and it says in verse 17 when they saw him they worshiped him but some doubted the fact that Jesus. Is speaking to a group a group where you have some who worship and some who doubts still for some reason. Speaks to the fact that he is willing to work with all of us wherever we are and he's giving he's sharing his call for us. But it shows as we talked about this happening earlier that the church is a place of acceptance of grace some have to still grow you know get rid of those doubts and others are ready to go and have Jesus in the same way he's now delivering this amazing call to go into all the world to to these people and he's willing to work with them and we're going to see he's going to provide everything and what a what a crazy you know idea that Jesus knowing that one of these people or some of them had doubts will invited them to the mountain still accepted their worship and then commission them to go make disciples so it gives us a sense that Jesus in the very 1st part of his statement all authority right this is the basis of this whole commission it's not you have answers to every question in your face right you may have some doubts you may have questions but if you're willing to worship Jesus answer his call come to the mountain and then actually go then he's going to use you because he's saying this is based on my authority in heaven and earth not of your ability for accept or to be for the Holy Spirit before Pentecost right these guys got all their issues still up in their face and there's no you know you now and saying you know that's honestly and drinking you know and and getting tattoos on these things so it's going to I think this is a regular group of people yes these are the elite you know titans that God has has just. So you you asked yes to any observations from verses 18 to 20 that phrase the word all over and over like all authority is given to me Go preach to all nations teaching to him to observe all things that are of command with you commanded you and I'm with you always the this to portion of Scripture is all inclusive it's kind of like I guess you know kind of speaks in super letters kind of almost like all of the. Earlier. She said it was the sort of you know that's who I mean I don't know if we go to. Heaven or your Majesty but that that Jesus has all of these things like whether he's given us all authority because the mission that he has for us is all encompassing like we have to reach all the world and so we're going to need all of the power that we can get from someone who's able to give all of this power so it's it's kind of it's a very grandiose statement that you know we see the statement written on church walls and in mission statement and so on we're so used to it as Christians to hear this and read this but let's imagine we're disciples you know we have seen him live with him he was a man but he did this miracles and we realized he's the Messiah but then he dies and then he's resurrected amazing and now he's you know he's glorified and he's he's giving this statement and he says all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me I mean just imagine what is going through your head now and to know we today we can know that this same Jesus still has all that authority and he's speaking to us Yes I mean this is not just to his 12 years I pose this is to us and because this has not been fulfilled yet and so. This gives me incredible courage and hope and you were asking in the beginning in your intro you know what would you do if you if you if nothing could stop you Jesus. This has the authority and power to do all things and so now he's inviting us into a journey where nothing is impossible and at this the main Let's be and let's be you know honest in the fact that to answer that question if you knew you couldn't fail every Christian would probably answer if you're a true Christian right true disciple you love Jesus yes you can think of your earthly dreams but the truth is for Christ to come back yet to see his work finished like have you told me Sebastian you can guarantee the gospel will go through all the world in this generation Jesus will come how could I choose any other name how could I choose any other mission there's no possible way when you tell me you can't fail other things are like it I'd be great but you'd still be dealing with the issues right of racism you still be dealing with you know human trafficking you still be dealing with corrupt governments even if you accomplish whatever those dreams are but the reality is is that this to me is the answer to that question for a true disciple Yes absolutely I think 100 percent when we come back after the break we're going to look at not just the superlatives that Jesus gave but the soup purgative himself the Lord Jesus the giver of all Stay with us. Has embraced been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us or find us on social media by searching for spiral on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like this contest comes up next the handle again and invest Bible nonstick Now back to the discussion. Welcome back we are really in this concluding episode and our proper response to all this shit be speechless and shouldn't Jesus says I'll give you everything from someone who is all give you all power I'll be with you forever until all ways just to go just go do everything all that you like. Yes Paula. Right so there is a distance so I do want to ask you to so we and I appreciate Johnson's comments this these are the words I quote Union we see them oh yes but in our or in our real daily lives sometimes these things don't pan out and so which of these all those are let me ask you are problematic to you r r r r do you find some dissonance and where is the answer to all that I guess will get you but he does mention as you can mention all things all nations all authority all ways. I think I think for me the number 5 when we talk about always right right at the end the 5th one that one is a challenge because there are moments in our lives where we don't feel like Jesus is with us and even know the old Negro spiritual says I want Jesus to walk with me right in my sorrow in those things and the reason why those type of songs resonate with us is because they somehow connect the spiritual to our sorrow in our suffering and in those moments where we're inconsolable or we feel like things are falling apart it's hard to go back to this promise and be like I'm with you and you're like if you're with me then why is all of this happening why is this so hard why is this so challenging or whether that even deals with your own temptations and sins in your own life and sometimes we get sick of ourselves right it's like why I keep making the same mistakes over and over and over so I feel like this one is is definitely personally for me sometimes a challenge not because I don't intellectually know there Jesus is with me but just by my experience existentially you're kind of like asking yourself Is God really with me in some reason your pain your sorrow makes you question you know you know all nations is another challenge in the reality that we live in and Jesus called us to go to all nations and missionary. Have gone and have been successful in many places but there are still today almost 3000000000 people who don't will have really have access to the Gospel or to the truth or of ever even heard about Jesus Christ and some of these nations a very hard to penetrate to get into to share some of these nations are closed off and so that is just a reality that's that we have to deal with at the same time though I'm encouraged that I was just talking to a friend of mine the other day and he was telling me that he has felt the call to go to a very very hard place to reach a place that is very close to Christianity and the Gospel and he doesn't speak the language he doesn't know what he's going to do but he said I'm just going to go I feel because I'm going to go because he believes that all authority that Jesus has he Jesus has in that place as well and so he is gone a goal he's going to listen even though he doesn't know what it's going to look like I think is often the problem we have fear we don't know we have to organize everything and plan it all out Jesus is saying don't worry about that you know just go and do what I'm calling to do anything if I take your 2 to comment going to smash me to get there that that those of us of those I should say who take this this promise like your friend and they go and this is in the context of missions this was conscious of outreach this is kind of going out right making disciples they are in the middle of God's will as we cover that in a previous quarter right and so they know that in the midst of that kind of hardship they know and they look to this verse and they know that God is with them right they hear God's call and then they can claim these promises but then there's others who are not in the middle of God's will and then they look to this for us and then this verse seems empty to them not because this verse is empty of its power it's because they may not be in a place where this is really applying you know they are you know for in the middle you know I don't want to some some place where they do shouldn't be and they look at him and I go I am with you always well I just don't feel you're right now and where are you and your young family and I got you must not not be around. And it's not we impose that it's God problem but we often are not in the middle of God's Will we're looking into this Francis friend I mean I would see that that that God would bless and the fruits of this response and just just to bring what Johnson was saying closer to home. It is definitely important to go out and reach to you know countries nations that have no access at least you know legal access even to the Gospel to Christianity entering but. Even at home and I'm speaking specifically in say in the American context you know for example the world comes here you know and my neighbor is all the different nationality a different religious background a different socioeconomic socioeconomic background in some situations but sometimes you know neighborhoods are closed off but. That's all right that's right next door is somebody who is from a completely different background than I am and this promise applies to me knocking on their door and realizing that God has the authority and he is the one who is sending me to share the gospel with them and it may not be knocking on their door and saying Hey I just love you but you know like we've talked about all quarter just preparing the ground and then just being a Christian neighbor you know right but applying this promise even in our day to day with our neighbors next door and sometimes God may not. Call us to go overseas because he called us to go next door and we want we'll in you know and he can't call us to go because. Accelerate the press the accelerator on your comment and not just to prepare the ground but also plant a seed with our neighbor and I know you also cultivate and have a Bible study with them call them to a decision office and then disciple to mentor them we are called to do all 5 at the same time with wisdom with the Holy Spirit but there are some of us in our Christian discipleship only called to mentor I will not do the other 4 and until you come to me I'm not going to I am only called to make decisions when you know you and was asking and it becomes this is wonky discipleship and there's also I think the majority of us are like i'm just called to prepare the ground then I'm going to smile. I'm not going to say anything yes smile and that's great but it's not the full package I think we can say that now after we've covered Yes everything God has Jesus has all authority and gives us all his power in this for all the stages so we can ride to the pedo in the full process of evangelism the whole process I love all the stages. That we get this brought it to me what is difficult. What is difficult for me maybe in this experience is verse. 20 teaching them to observe all things. And if you look at the teachings of Jesus he is taught so much ends and then not our own we human are only human being selective in what we want to obey we are sometimes selective in what we want to teach right so we go out there and we need to love all people and that's easy Don't judge if you know Judge not lest I judge more quarter than John 316 that would rise right but then Jesus has also talked some things about marriage that and in our in our society you don't want to know he talks about things some things about sexuality he talks about his own race relations he saw all these things that are maybe not the cause. Whole or of what she's just talking about but they they are they do become core when related to all these different aspects of our lives you know and sometimes it's like well I don't know if I want to do that I just I'm just corrected you know it's getting old but I want to challenge you know I I remember an experience where I was talking about the anti-Christ in the Bible and I got invited to this Bible study and as I'm explaining this context of Ok Who was the anti-Christ eccentric cetera and I went into all you know it's the the Catholic Church the people system and did not know there was a Catholic young lady there they didn't tell me right so I'm just explaining this thing like full on and diluted by changes this look that is the facts and then she's like oh yes I'm Catholic and I all I remember is like complete again like I was like over right like I just listened to this person was like wow I'm so embarrassed I'm so sorry and she said no don't apologize the fact that you didn't know I appreciate the fact that you didn't hold back and she says I agree with everything you just said and subsequent to that she was baptized into the church and she said she credited that Bible study because I didn't sugarcoat it I didn't beat around the bush in like try to talk through it like just explain what the Bible teaches and she says that's the church I want to be a part of where people just teach it as it is Jesus and I feel like teaching all things were sometimes so worried about being liked by people we forget about the honor in the glory of gone and protecting its truth and by the way if you are out there and you're just wondering what it is you just say we want to encourage you to go to inverse Bible or g. and go to the section on Daniel Jesus talks about reading the Book of Daniel s. and Jesus says Let him understand from the Book of Daniel and you look at all the Bible states from Daniel to Daniel 7 Daniel and Daniel 9 and it identifies on who the anti-Christ is not for the the the focus on the anti-Christ the focus of Jesus and Jesus pointing out the one who will be his opposition especially in the last days. So I want to throw in there because Sebastian is still in there and there are are most happy solid balance family in Europe with Ok so let's go to. The hard one for me on the all of this. Is also the all things but from the perspective of teaching them to observe all things. Because I realize that in order to teach someone to observe all things I need to be observing all and that's the biggest challenge for mean is you know growing up in the church and hearing of Lot of thing I don't know all things I'm just a lot of things and it's sometimes information is not the hardest part it's the application part you know so if I'm going to be teaching someone to observe these things that I know in my head I feel an onus upon me to be observing it myself and. That's the part that I personally struggle most with is is that submission and that surrender to God to allow him to transform me to be that person who is able to observe the things that he has already revealed to me so that I can impart them to somebody else with the conviction knowing that he is able to give you the power to observe these things because he's done it in my life so it's if that part but from a personal perspective the test you would interpret it you have to grow as a person which. That's something that we all endeavor to be as Christians yet we don't want to teach for the sake of teaching and then go back home and be like Well that was hard and then and right to our own thing we want to live that synchronous life between the inside and the outside and the answer this is a tough this is a wonderful promise but it's a tough promise but the answer to all these alls I think is finding can cause in chapter one it is the giver of this promise and I just love that the answer to the difficulty of the all is that all himself Yes and if you go to a chapter one of collages Chapter 15 in verse 1st with any Thank you for that and speak if you meet for 15 to 18 priests he is the image of the invisible God the firstborn over all creation will buy him all things were created that I in heaven and that are on it's visible and invisible whether Thrones or dominions a principalities Apollo is all things were created through Him and for him and he is before all things and in Him all things consist and he is the head of the Body the Church who is the beginning the firstborn from the dead that in all things he may have the pm and I'm going to continue verse 19 with a just keeps on going for it please The Father that in him all the fullness should dwell and by him to reconcile all things to himself by him other things on earth or things in heaven having made peace to the blood of his cross I mean that is a slight Yeah right I don't know what what what what book value where that one is just you know how does this answer how does this passage answer what we just talked on the for in you know in the light of the reality of Christ the incredible sacrifice that he gave for us the incredible being that God is his his character I mean it's just it as human it's everything blows into insignificance Yes my personal Drew. Desires and what I want you know to do it but it is all in significant in the reality of this beautiful savior of mine who wants to work with me and use me and wow amazing I get to play a little part in this incredible and then not only that I'm not only just a puppet I'm not a puppet I am I'm an individual who he's going to respond he's going to work with me he's going to direct me and he's sending me into all the world this incredible being with all his power to just use me as his tool I mean this is him amazing what a joy and what a what a privilege I'm just in all and when I see Jesus and how he is I just all all this stuff becomes insignificant this world my plans it's doesn't matter I want to follow Jesus I want to work with him this is amazing and that's what that's sort of Us Our response is what a privilege it is Who are we who are we and hopefully that's your prayer out there that I want Jesus to be my all in all that's our prayer hopefully that's yours thank you for joining us this entire season on this topic discipleship and hopefully this season has been a boost in your walk with the Lord Jesus may he be your all and all may he be to answer to all and may you be a big player or a small player a any participant any role in this gospel work of saving all the world God bless you will see you here next week when you talk about the topic of education here on in. Her. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the callee word is wrong God Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the folks at the television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse hope t.v. news that Origen find this on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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