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Atheism and Its Answer

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, shares his perspective of atheism. He shares how it affected his life and how we can help others see a better view on life.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • August 29, 2020
    11:30 AM


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All right let's just this test God blessed us as we delved into his word Today Father in Heaven bless us today as we consider the soma and its implications and also our own lives bless us so your word we pray in Christ's name Amen song 14123 The fool has said in his heart there is no god. And then by definition that fool them a says will be corrupted they will do abominable things and all to mentally and a lead to doing no good whatsoever the Lord looks down from heaven upon the children men to see if there were any that did understand and see God but they have all gone astray they are altogether become filthy there is none to do with good no not one so the picture here is of the rejection of God that all Tamil leads to nothingness and absolutely no good now today I want to talk about atheism a bit but I want to end up with something interesting case I don't get there let me show you what I'm going to end with a k. no worry when I can be at the 2 o'clock but I'm saying I want to make sure and not miss this and that is this statement that I read this past week when the foundations of the earth were laid there was also laid the foundation of the Sabbath which our special music was about and I was shown that if the true Sabbath had been kept there would never have been an integral that someone who does not have faith or an atheist the observance of the Sabbath would have preserved the world from idolatry so no end to the holes none of those that don't have faith. No way theists and no idolaters if people were faithful and Sabbath observance and when I said that I said I have to read that the other reason I thought was I preached a sermon on Sabbath observance last week. And then I looked on Instagram and I realized that either some of you were not here or that you do not know how to keep the Sabbath in a way that would lead to conversion of and Federals atheists or idolaters and then I heard Dr Dillon sermon this morning about how his grandmother was looking out her window and watching some 7th Day Adventist outside her window for how many months for a few months and she thought these people are different and that's what letter to become a some of the Atlas you won't hear the house and said I've been watching you why do you do that and they explained it and she came to faith if people were watching you on the Sabbath would they come to faith. The 4th Commandment has been trampled upon therefore we are called to repair the breach of the law and plead for the desecrated Sabbath and just prior to the day have got a message is sent forth to warn the people to come back to their allegiance to the law of God which anti-crisis broken down and attention must be called to the breach in the law by precept and example so that enough to have a sermon it has to be something that's an example and I was some of the precious promises of Isaiah 581-2214 if you turn your foot away from the Sabbath from doing your pleasure on my holy day call the Sabbath or the like honorable and so on are him doing your own. Way are speaking your own words doing your own pleasure speaking I was then you shall delight thyself the Lord and I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth and I'll feed you with the heritage of Jacob so I will show that the president's promises as I say 58 apply to those who labor for the restoration of the true Sabbath people will receive this message and raise the voice of warning in the world to keep the commandments of God and His law as the apple of the eye and response to this warning many will embrace the Sabbath of the Lord this is actually the special calling of every 7th day adventists today in other words the bottom line at the end of time is your Sabbath observance or lack thereof Ok so how many can see why I did not want to miss that statement. Now what did the statement say if people truly kept the 7 them by the way if you want to convert your roommate keep the Sabbath by the way you don't keep the Sabbath the Sabbath keeps you but as you winter into it you have an awesome influence like I just love the testimony this morning Dylan. Of that you had to cross the street. But remember if the true Sabbath had been kept that is the true Sabbath the 7th day and the other day the 7th day was specifically spelled out over and against the 1st day of the week or what they would call the 8th day the work week in the Orthodox churches because that was always associated with the worse above the sun. So it was very specific that ordinal number 7 couldn't be 5 couldn't be 3 could be one had to be the 7th day because that's the date set aside specifically against Sunday worship in its original context well not the original but the 2nd giving that is in Exodus Ok so no atheist so I just thought about that and I said you know how is this connected to atheism The fool has said in his heart there's no God they're corrupt they dumb abominable things there's no the do is good now Atheism is the is exactly what Pharaoh stood for remember Pharaoh I remember Pharaoh and he rejected God and rejected God's commandments of course God led his people led his people to Mount Sinai where he gave him his commandments which were a demonstration of His love right if you love me keep my command as I got you out of there and if you want to show your I loved you enough to get you out of slavery some people teach that the Bible teaches slavery and it does not teach America it's like free it taught teaches emancipation from slavery I got you out of the of slavery to 2000 gods therefore if you don't want to follow their commandments which are kind of hard to keep up 2000 of them then follow mine it's the law of liberty that's the law of love but atheism doesn't like that the atheist wants a world without rules works pretty well if you're the only atheist because you can pray on others but atheist aunts a world without inconvenient rules. Gambling drugs sex of any kind with any person without guilt anything goes anybody can do anything and everything is right because there's really no wrong and if there is wrong it's not from atheism there's no morality innate this is atheism it's borrowed from something else all the perks but no the none of the burdens and many are moving towards atheism it's growing but I want to suggest today that it's a bad choice to be choose to be an atheist because you're out to believe choosing a world will people are saying just as animals or just as a combination of carbon and water you're choosing a world where please and thank you or kind of not said because that would assume free will and if you appear a theist then everything is determined there was nothing really to choose there's no reason to respect you or for you to respect anyone else there's no definition of good in the evil actions in occurrences are random and morally equivalent violent rape petting the dog picking a flower you know they're about the same because there's no way to decide survival of the fittest is the ultimate and might is right now I happen to think that most people world don't believe that because there's an example the coronavirus everybody very very very interested in saving their lives. Welcome back to that all that atheism can offer is a gradual but inevitable descent into May him or an orderly chipping away at innovation freedom and justice so you know you can choose that for yourself I had some great uncles that were very rich. And they thought it was really cool after they went to school at various places Harvard and Cal Tech to tell everybody how smart they were and not not really tell their kids what way to grow up and their kids basically. Became wayward and they lost their focus and. And so I think the best thing to do is to point out the lunacy of atheism wrote a story in this book that I've been reading called atheism kills the story of a better one who was near Tel Aviv and he found a place to sleep and he thought this is a wonderful place I'm going to sleep air it's got nice grass on either side of this nice little strip of land and it's you know it's just beautiful I'll just lay down here between these 2 rails here on these little slats and I'll sleep so he didn't want to sleep beautiful then he heard this like what loud sound way off in the distance and what is that in and went away so I went back to sleep then a couple minutes later I heard it again but it was closer to what what's that and. In a Ignore it and then he woke up again it was right on top of them with a huge light in the front and before he knew it this thing hit him this monster hit him and knocked him off the tracks and. The next thing he knew he woke up in the tell of even a hospital and all of his bones were essentially broken it took a month to get out. Then he went home in the state provided the nurse for him and was at home and he was getting better and he was having to sort of therapy and everything else he narrowly survived and the nurse that was taken care of decided one day to make him some tea. So she went out and she put the teapot on the burner and all the sudden when it got hot it begin to get to teapots do began to whistle like the sound of that train that it hit him and here just a hint of it as soon as soon as he heard it he got up with this Walker and he want over this fancy kid and he began to. He just beat up the teakettle with the magnet in the end it just he just ripped it apart and the kitchen was a rock and the nurse says what did. And he said I know that voice I know that sound you've got to kill these things when they're little. And that's what I think we should do when we relate to atheism it's not just a small choice and there can be whistles that start to go off right here in our minds there's been graduates of this place that actually have made themself a public spectacle as atheists there have been presidents of this institution and of left here and become atheists there have been students that have been it's a tooth in the left hand became a theist's So let's just go through some of the information and then come back to our quote the French Revolution Some say that is one of the modern examples of of atheism another which within the last several 100 years the de Christianization of France 30000 priests were killed the calendar was changed a direct attack on the Sabbath to a 10 day week churches were turned into temples of reason there was a reign of terror. Alexander Hamilton when writing about the French Revolution said France has abandoned religion in favor of a gloomy persecuting and desolating atheism coming out of it communism came out of this Stalin a quest for world communism world Godless Communism ruthless rapes and murders $30000000.00 plus deaths no one knows for sure all in the name of transformation as directed by a small elite flute few who would tell everyone else what to do freedom of choice no no freedom of choice freedom of the press no freedom of religion no all based on Marxist Limon ism of philosophy which is at its core irreligious anti-clerical Marx linen Stalin all were avowed atheist and what is it that Stalin tried to do with the sabbath a 5 day work week instead of a 10 day work week but a direct attack again on the Sabbath I mean begin to see a pattern. Oh by the way the famous dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn when he wrote that have big series of hearts Politico stated in his. Famous address man has forgotten God. And this is why all this is happening when you forget God you can forget everything else because those 1st 5 commandments av all to do with God Does it have no other gods. Don't make any images don't take his name in vain spend a day celebrating his creation and His redemption and as parents teach it to your kids 5th commandment but if you don't do that if you lose that what you have next murder sexual issues stealing lying coveting unbridled greed how you can see how the 10 Commandments are actually a protector of society and this was all a tech specifically in France and in Russia back in France when they put up this new you know Republic they actually made the commandments of the new nation to look like a table of the 10 Commandments they co-opted the churches What about Mao reigned 27 years in China 40 to 70000000 people killed starvation execution hard Legere they targeted the so-called black elements who were the black elements religious leaders the rich doctors teachers lawyers they even killed cats promoted cannibalism cats why because that was like the booze wad that was rich if you were rich and up at the cat then something wrong with you how would you like cats don't raise your hand now anyway so yes and also they taught cannibalism even if it was not about just a limiting your class enemy you not only killed your enemy you weight him this was what was happening or Maoist China and you know what he published a whole book of the thoughts of Chairman Mao sort of God's thoughts the thoughts of Chairman Mao He didn't mind you call them God even though he didn't believe in God as long it was a him. Castro 352140000 deaths declared Cuba an atheist state to not believe in God consider religion to be backward Nicholai Ceausescu thousands of deaths in Romania Tito in Yugoslavia thousands of deaths men thousands of deaths in Vietnam pull pot specially did not like glasses I'm outta luck you got killed if you had glasses him the 2nd soon Junoon and then the other soon North Korea 1500000 people killed Benito Mussolini thousands of deaths here's the thing you take atheism and you play around with yourself as if you think it's no big deal that might be not really fine it's foolish The fool has said in his heart and I can tell you in my own personal testimony I actually became an atheist for a while and it did not help me at all but you could pray play around with it just yourself but if it catches on in a society it always has been a disaster and deadly Adolf Hitler 11000000 Jews especially hated the Sabbath day he especially hated the 10 Commandments some people say no he was a Christian and he was a Christian to win the election he said this We need free men who feel and know that God is in themselves that's a recipe for disaster if you've ever had a sibling that thought they were God How do you know that this is not good the old police need to be brought back in on it again said Hitler the whole secret knowledge of nature and of the divine and of the demonic we will wash away the Christian veneer and bring back the religion that's put chillier to our area and raise. They wanted to go back to the pagan world the beautiful the naturalistic the natural hierarchies based on supremacy of the strong because the strong equal good and powerful equaled civilization and the world did have a kind of God That is the merciless God of Nature the brutal god of of race the oppressive God of hierarchy and so he brought it back with him in charge he even called himself the fewer which is the Father Our Father which art in Berlin how would be a Vidame the 3rd Reich come and let it never be undone in fact they've studied his speeches and it was as if he had taken the New Testament and changed all the stories to put him in charge and to replace the Christian narrative with the Nazi narrative one author says this he sought to eliminate God and the people who gave the world God's troublesome 10 commandments those Judes and by extension those Christian the above are just some of the most famous godless leaders who destroyed tortured pillaged and killed on a mile scale because they sat in their heart. What is no God and what the ditech say would happen when you say that they are corrupt they have done abominable works and there is none to do with good you show me a nation this godless and also you a nation of the box re There's never been one that showed any positive fruits all maybe one day but not in the trajectory atheism was related to the birth of the abortion culture 1920 the Communist Russia became the 1st country to legalize abortion on birth without restrictions. Up until the very day of birth and the Bolsheviks were the 1st that designed a machine for suction abortions the same machine being used today in abortions until recently Russian women have an average of 7 abortions over their lifetime 2003 there were 13 abortions in Russia for every 10 live births in 2009 there were $73.00 abortions per $100.00 births 2012 year alone there were 6700000 abortions in that year alone. So foolish 7 is hard there is no God and that kills atheism kills the absence of God has always led to the ascent of evil you know eugenics programs no free speech no free religion no value in any difference a world of mayhem where evil flourishes and ultimately the gulags the gas chambers the torture in the rape rooms have I convinced you that atheism might not be the best thing don't go to sleep and let the train run over you it will get closer and if you toyed with it it will hurt you and I can say that from my own personal testimony Unfortunately with the time of my life when I began to think about the atheism culture and about no God and. That's because I didn't like the rules of God I wanted to do what I wanted to do how many of you have ever struggled with this just wanting to do what you want to do everybody should be raising their hand you struggled with raising your hand because you maybe didn't want to do that. But I want to look a little deeper today than just a diatribe against atheism which I don't think I had to convince many of you however you may not have known some of the nuances. Looking a little bit deeper back at the French Revolution forever in the generation just before Voltaire died one of the most famous French authors he died in just before the French Revolution about 20 years before but he laid the foundation largely for it in many ways he was a very angry man because his father was a very angry man he and his father fought constantly the father authorized even in one of these fights having his son sent to prison or to exile in the West Indies and we think that's a pretty bad family by well maybe someone sent you here to we mar you're laughing but sometimes that happens I can't have the kids anymore I'm going to send the Wiemar But you know the kid comes and he's very upset because of how angry the dad was and that doesn't go away just because he's eating Tell food he hated his father so much that he changed his name from a room to Voltaire and his criticism of religion was frequent intense and radical So we like to say something wrong with aces and all I'm not like that but wait a minute what was the reason that person became an atheist it was a human relationship that was not Godly Hitler's father was a violent man who unmercifully beat Adolph day after day beat his mother even beat the family dog and he died with Adolph was only 14 years old but the die had been cast and Adolph for life his atheism was not so much a reaction against Christianity but against Christianity gone bad stolen it ministered brutal beatings to his son day after day after day Mao his father was a family tyrant he hated his father and he wrote his 1st. Writings about the appreciation of revolution and rebellion when he was a young boy in his family home you see if you're a parent that's not connected with God in those 1st 4 commandments when you love God you truly love God then you're going to have a distortion somewhere and your kids are going to be tempted to reject not just you but your god Marx's father this one really got me marks his father abandoned their Jewish faith Carl his son said Why must we abandon our faith why must we not keep the Sabbath why do we need to attend a Lutheran church sun we must abandon our face so the people will accept us and support our business ventures in this country. Business took place in the place of our father's business and this really described old Karl he never got over his disappointment and bitterness the faith in his father and his father's religion were crossed he left Germany he went to England to study and he formed and wrote a philosopher a life that changed the entire world one 3rd of the world fell under the spell of its ideology and billions were ruined as a result of that book that came as a result of the family that rejected the 10 Commandments and the Sabbath I'm beginning to see a thing. For oids father by the way sometimes when we reject God we might go for a strong dictator type we might say I'll vote for that person will make everything right because Might is right but Freud sometimes we serve into psychology and psychology can also take his and distorted ways he rejected Judaism his Freud's father had it was a Torah scholar. Citic Jew. He rejected that moved his family to Vienna where young Sigman grew up there was never a financial stability Sigman developed a fear of poverty and then he had another memory that played in this mind I read it to you when I was a young man I went for a walk one Saturday one formerly Sabbath with and with my father with well dressed up and had a new fur cap on my head this is a story his father actually told him and a Christian came up to me and with a single blow knocked off my cap into the muck and shot a Jew and Sigman asked his father and what did you do it was Father said I just picked up my cap and walked on Sigmund didn't like that answer the whole thing seemed so patiently in tile he said of religion so in can grow as with reality that one whose attitude of humanity is friendly it is painful to think that the great majority of mortals will ever be able to rise above this view of life so look at this I started out by saying hey look at the end of time God is going to the people that stand for the Sabbath how we can see why that statement is sell imported Oh wait a minute how many can see why that statement is so important because the Sabbath is a summary of what the 1st 3 commandments is showing connectedness with God It gives the marching orders for the parent and for the administrator and for the teacher to share that identity with God is the most important thing and if you're not keeping the Sabbath years showing people that that's not the most important thing how does that make logical sense what I just said years showing people that that's not the most important thing and how do they relate to their young people and any people don't like people that say they stand for something that they really don't stand for they don't like them yes or no. And some of those young people have done a lot of damage to a lot of people yes or no and they really have been reacting to a fake religion the inquisition they point this out atheist all the time look at all those people they killed they were Christians No that was Catholic corrupted Christianity was not a reflection of true Christianity what about the Crusades No that wasn't biblical view of Jews and. And although there were 1600000 people killed in the crusades it was over 177 years or about 6000 here but it was certainly not what the Bible teaches about what should be done there is nothing sacred about the land of Israel in terms of its earth Jesus didn't say the meek shall inherit parrot Palestine he said the make sell inherit the earth everywhere and you say man so it's a distortion Luther What about his anti-Semitism Well it was personal it was not ordered by the church so this was his own personal view and not the view of Christianity slavery and racism it's not htat in the scriptures I heard it last week Bill Maher of someone something a clip of this very crass comedian he went through all the talking points that I used to go through when I was rejecting God none of which are taught in Scripture only excepted if you really haven't studied Scripture and really look closely religious wars there were religious wars about 8000000 people died in the 30 Years War But that's nothing compared to Chairman Mao 70000000 and again it was a distortion that led to those murders eugenics. All tamale was Jews and Christians that fight against it not atheist they had no way to fight against any of these things for an atheist it's not wrong to have Crusades it's not wrong to have an inquisition it's not wrong to be anti-Semitic it's not wrong 10 slayed people or be racist because there is no right and wrong there's no way to be moral about anything and they try to be moral about the fact that they're immoral I know because I used to be one because it ends every discussion if you say to your dad look I don't believe in your religion anymore I don't believe in the Bible there's no reason to talk don't tell me what's right and wrong because I've rejected that it's the end of this question but it's the beginning of misery and pain maybe not right then because you're young and you think you're invincible you think that everything will work just as it worked but then you get hit by the train that atheism really is. Going to stand when I'm saying the p.d.f. file scandal atheist many times pointed out why should they be concerned over one it is wrong but they're using a Christian argument as an atheist not fair brutal take over in Africa and Australia in the Americas these are all heinous things even here in California the genocide even on this campus this was a very racist campus it was all poor people here it was people in that new start in originally were Indians and they had barbed wire around their compound never could get out you could check into Wiemar but you could never leave it was like Hotel California and it was all of the poor people it was all the poor people that came here that nobody else want and they said they're going to die anyway and they did and they put them over in the cemetery an unmarked graves essentially this is all godlessness So in other words the point I'm making is. Atheism is a bad choice I've shown you why but I've also sell you the underbelly Why is it that people are gripped by atheism why was I gripped by it why might you be gripped it maybe because you have a bad relationship with your dad or didn't have a dad it might be because you have a bad relationship with your mom and maybe have a bad relationship with someone else's supposedly stood for the church it may be those things but don't do what I did don't try and throw everything out with all or nothing thinking just because you happen to have a bad experience if Dylan did that he wouldn't be here today had many bad experiences but God brought you through them. You know religion is kind of like a vehicle and vehicles can be misused how many have ever seen some of that had a nice vehicle that they misused should we get rid of all cars because of that so we get rid of all planes because of that because someone stab someone else with a fork should we never use a fork again because kids get old and they hurt people so we never have children no see we abandon all parents all judges all police all schools all hospitals all prisons all computers all scientific theories because they've been bad ones there's no logic to that but that's the logic many of us use and then we go down this road to painful godless atheism that seems good at 1st because there's no rules. And we get her. But there are hopeful signs did you know the China Kristie is going very rapidly 7 percent a year there's going to be more Christians in China by 2030 than anywhere else in the world and one of the reasons that they're accepting Christianity is because they see that the fruits that came from the Christian roots are something that has helped their culture science did not come from China science came from Judeo Christian religion the scientific method found its birth in the pages of the Old Testament. And it was only where that was fostered that scientific thought was fostered so I don't buy the atheist argument but I believe him saw it and you believe in faith because they would have no science without faith and those folks in China guess what kind of weddings they want to have Christian weddings I don't know exactly what it means but they like that fact that it's sacred and it's holy and they're growing by leaps and bounds which is why you see this suppressive government right now trying to do away with a big digging mass graves for various religious groups but it's growing rapidly even in our church Russia even Russia the Russia of the 1990 says now change they're rebuilding churches they they see problems with the moral behavior in their society in Putin and I'm no supporter of Putin even though my name's Donald I'm not that was supposed to be a light moment but I guess if you didn't see that. So Putin is decrying the dead now from him I was a step or keep preaching till my death Ok Putin. Putin decry secularism he says this it's a turd toward chaotic don't miss toward a primitive state to the evil of godlessness. That's a little different rhetoric than Lenin and Marx and I'm not saying that he's not a looser Marxist but I'm saying this kind of interest I think that's kind of interesting we know that the end of time there's going to be a massive revival and people are come together on a religious plane is that right or no and even atheists themselves Penn Jillette you talk of half of Penn and Teller the Las Vegas comedian team is a very outspoken atheist has written books on it. But he posted a blog on his personal website about a man who came to one of his shows and gave him a Bible you want to hear what he had to say at the end of the show as I mentioned before we go out and we talk to folks you know a sighing and occasional autograph and shake hands and so on and this is one guy waiting over on the side and he walks over to me says I was here last night at the show and I saw the sauna like the show and he was very complimentary about my use of language and comp about my honesty and all the stuff he said rule my stuff and then he said I brought this for you and he handed me a getting in pocket edition from the New Testament and the solves a little book he said I wrote at the front of it and I want you to have this I'm kind of proselytizing here I'm giving you this book because what does it change your mind and then he said I'm a businessman I'm saying I'm not crazy and he looked me right in the eye and he did all this and it was really wonderful said this very famous to atheist I believe he knew that I was an atheist but he was not defensive and he looked me right in the eyes and he was really complement didn't seem like flattery he was just kind and nice and sane and looked me right in the eyes and talked to me and then gave me this Bible and I've always said that I don't respect people listen to this I've always said I don't respect people especially Christians is the intimation that don't proselytize I don't respect them I don't respect them at all oh by the way that's what Hitler would say about his dad that's what Chairman Mao would say about his dad that's what Marx would say about his dad I don't respect them at all because they don't stand for what they're supposed to stand for I don't respect them says so is this comedian. I don't respect that at all if you believe that there is a heaven and hell and that people to go to hell and not get eternal life or whatever you believe in you think that well it's not really worth telling this because it might make it socially awkward for me if you think anything I'm not going to tell because it might make it weird for me how much do you have to hate somebody to do that he said How much do you have to hate someone to not proselytize to not talk about God to not talk about the truth to not share with people what could give them not just life but eternal life how much do you have to hate someone to believe that everlasting life is possible and not tell them about it I mean if I believe be honest shadow of a doubt that a truck was coming at you and you didn't believe it but that truck was bearing down on you continue there's a point when I would tackle you and get you out of the way the truck and this is actually more important then that I've always thought that I've always written about this and always believed that conceptually this is an honest atheist and many atheists are honest we honestly wrong about some things but they're honest many times when I went through that stent of atheism I was very honest about it don't always assume that someone who says they are an atheist is just kind of a whack job maybe they were the recipient of a whack job so listen closely servile or must not quarrel but we have to teach in humility correcting those who oppose themself if perchance they may come to the senses and escape the corruption that is in the world being taken captive by the devil to do His will. So don't quarrel don't argue listen respectfully and maybe hand them a Bible or in our context now we're closing up. Maybe keep the Sabbath moment just be as general of a as a given a Bible what is this special thing for this time what is this special activity for this time that's going to get people's attention just like it got Dylan's grandmother's attention what is the special activity for this time the poles together the boot the understand you have in your mind that Christ is your Redeemer and that Christ is your creator what is this special activity for this time Sabbath observance How do you understand what I'm saying then continue talking about this Christian the guy was a really good guy he was polite he was honest he was saying he cared enough about me to proselytize and give me a Bible which he had written a little note to me it was like I like your show and so on and then he gave like 5 phone numbers for him and an email address if I want to get in touch now I know he said there's no God but the one polite person that one polite person living his right doesn't change that for me but I'll tell you he was very very very good man and that's really important and with that kind of goodness it's Ok to have that that deep of a disagreement I still think that religion does a lot of bad stuff a man this was a really good man who gave me that book that's all I want to say how would he want to be. You talked to an atheist and like Ok. I'm still an atheist but I'm you're a good person what does the word good come from there is no good good God right when you say good bye that means God be with you a voice told my atheist friends I said you're growing. Good bye to you too like what. So look friends. Let me go back to the 1st quote. And let me just make the point we're close so let me remind you of why I'm preaching a sermon. And the reason I'm preaching the sermon is because last week I preached a sermon on savages or that I say this before and then after I got through with the sermon a couple days later I was looking at Instagram and I realize that some people he the did not listen or weren't here but they actually were doing things that would not lead people who were watching them to think that they were keeping the Sabbath and essentially the Sabbath is not about legal listlessly keep them in so you get saved it's about keeping it because you know it's out of gratitude that he redeemed you and that He created you and because because of that you want to honor him and please him and what you're doing and not only that just like our week of prayer speakers were saying it's not enough to have your own prayer life in your own Bible study and learn how to suffer with God through suffering you need to also witness for him and if your activity whatever it is is giving people a mixed message or no message is all which is a mixed message silence is a message that are you really being nice so that those around you let me read this quote again when the foundations of the earth relate and also was laid the foundation of the Sabbath I was shown that if the true Sabbath had been kept there would have never been an infernal or an atheist the of Zerkin of the Sabbath the what. Of the Sabbath would have preserved the world from idolatry atheism infidelity it would have preserved the world from Karl Marx and I think that would have been a blessing. It would preserve the world from Adolf Hitler how many think that would have been blessing it would have preserved the world from Chairman Mao how many think that would have been a blessing it would have church has preserved the world from Nicholai Ceausescu how many think that would have been a blessing he would have preserved the world from Tito how many think that would have them blessing it would have preserved the world I could go on what stood in the way a lack of Sabbath observance just prior to the great day I've got how many think we're just prior to that now a message is set forth to warn the people to come back to their allegiance to the law of God which anti-Christ we've been talking all week how to connect with Christ anti is something in place of Christ which anti-Christ is broken down tension must be called to the breach of the law by precept not just what the preacher says but also example by another word Sabbath what observance people who receive this message and raise the voice of warning to the world to keep the commands of gun and as law as the apple of his eye there will be those that arise to do that they are the ones who believe in the 3rd angels message of Revelation 14 what will happen in response to this warning those within the church will receive the promises of Isaiah 58 that with the Heritage subjected so they can go through Jacob's trouble riding on the high heels of the earth and what happens to those outside many will embrace the Sabbath and the Christ of the Sabbath at the end of time so I want to plead with myself and you again how is it with you why are you here was the question our elder asked today why are you here on this planet at this time why it's the no god and it's to make him down there's no God. First 5 commandments 1st 4 commands especially make him no 5th commandment so that people don't have to kill don't have to get sexually confused don't have to lie don't have to steal don't have to covet That's why Christ came as well. In the Christ of the Sabbath day can be your Christ today how many of you want to react Christ today say Come into my life come into my car write your law on my heart and mind when I'm out today walking in nature whatever I'm doing help me have activities that point people to you whatever I'm doing whatever I'm doing you know where this usually fails when all of your friends are from your same suppose a Christian group and you think oh we're just all together that's why it's good for every single one of you to have somebody you're witnessing to. Because what you are doing or not doing. Makes a. Big difference. 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