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01 Lessons from the Coronavirus

Phil Mills Sr.
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Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • March 29, 2020
    7:00 AM
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When a hurricane is forecast wise people prepare windows were boarded up doors are secured there's far more severe storm coming than a hurricane however for us in our world we have a forecast angels have warned us prepare prepare for what is coming upon the earth and that's what we want to do this week preparing for the crisis and focus but this week of prayer preparing for the coming crisis which is just ahead in my 70 year lifetime I've never seen anything like the events we've seen in the last few weeks the coronavirus Kobe 1000 has captured the attention of the entire world the nations of the world are responding to this infectious disease like they would respond to a war World War by allowing covert 1000 I believe God is gently staking to prepare his people for far more severe crises in the future and through this experience God is attempting to teach us many lessons and I have selected 10 for us to note this evening it's hard to remember that. A little over a month ago February 12 to be exact the Dow Jones Industrial Average had its highest close in the history of the stock market. But there is some it was only the edge of a cliff and in the last. Month a dramatic drop has occurred the median stock is now down 50 percent and the Dow itself is down 33 percent corona virus Lesson number one in this simple world and unexpected things happen and intice a paid eventually catch us by surprise the coronavirus was an unanticipated shock. Book desire of ages ask the questions who can read the future where is security the answers come back there is assurance in nothing that is human or earthly never exist a lesson to who would have guessed that an unnamed 55 year old living in who by province of who had China was destined to change the world by a choice of what he ate for dinner a male that included that meat started a chain of events that led to the individual seeking medical attention Nov 17th 200-1000 now less than 6 months later in the world is different economies are struggling thousands have died unprecedented measures have been taken to combat an illness what one man ate changed the world but there's a 3rd lesson to be learned the report of the World Health Organization China joint mission on Corona virus disease 2019 found that the highest level of infection transmission was found with exposure to an infected person such as in a home setting Dr Paul our Were the clinical director for the Division of Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins echoes this finding if you have a covert 1000 patients in your household your risk of developing the infection is about 10 percent if you're casually exposed to the virus in the workplace that is you're not locked up in a conference room for 6 hours of someone who is in fact it like a hospital your chance of infection is about point 5 percent those we are closest to those we love off in fact us and we infect them. The 4th lesson we will note is the risk both to and from health care workers in the March 12 2020 Journal of the American Medical Association doctors James Adams from the Northwestern University and Ron Walls from Harvard pointed out to disturbing facts 1st health care workers with repeated or prolonged exposure to infected patients particularly in enclosed areas have an increased risk of contracting the code 1000 infection Secondly health care workers run an increased risk of spreading the club in 1000 infection to other patients their own families and their community those whose task is to save life are bringing death those whose work is to protect the public become vectors for spreading the disease a 5th lesson to be gleaned from this virus is that asymptomatic carriers may exist these have been called stealth carriers with little to no symptoms this is somewhat kind of versa but it's currently believe that the only way to find these carriers is to test the general population as 6 lesson is that this contagious disease can be controlled by social distancing and self quarantine and like the flu this approach appears to be effective for slowing the spread of covert 19 Lesson 7 the disease especially preys on the elderly and infirm it has also increased in smokers and vapors because of their smoke damage lungs the rest risk of death is increased in diabetics those with good immune systems and those who are younger seem to have reduced risk of death the 8th lesson is the exponential growth of the disorder in a society chart of data from John Hopkins University showed the apparently slow benign beginning which then and develops into a sudden explosive growth the so-called hockey stick shape of an exponential process last night saving lives is expensive the effort to mitigate the repetitive the spread of the corn of coronavirus has become a severe shock to the world economy. A recession is felt to be a virtual certainty and many are arguing that a depression is inevitable Lesson Number 9 saving lives is expensive it is now being argued whether the cost is worse the value of saving lives in a recent article The New York Times reminded readers that government agencies calculate these tradeoffs regularly the Environmental Protection Agency for instance has established a cost of about $9500000.00 per life saved as a benchmark for determining whether to clean up a toxic waste site were worth $9500000.00 There are many aspects of this virus and its disease that are puzzling experts disagree about many things about it however are temp coronavirus lesson is one thing experts agree on and washing is essential I took this lie from the website of the National Centers for Disease protection the c.d.c. the very 1st step in protection is to clean your hands off and this is important for the whole family but how do you wash your hands and see how this is done. At your hands if you want to apply so be hands palm to palm and wash the backs of both hands and between your fingers and palm to palm with I think is in turn out to. Cost you hands to get the end wrap. And think you know. What getting it takes in the palms of your hands and finish up with the rest runs your hands Meanwhile bit more tap and Japanese parlayed that a paper towel. Use the towel to tend the tap your hands are now called. The coronavirus is emphasizing a truth revealed in prophecy expect the unexpected those who are prepared for the Final Crisis expect the unexpected Please listen carefully when we truly expect the unexpected there is nothing that is unexpected the statistics are clear. It is dangerous to drive when we are inattentive to be a defensive driver means to drive expecting the unexpected prepared for any eventuality auto insurance companies have determined that distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents distracted driving has significantly increased with the advent of smart phones texting is dangerous talking on a cell phone is dangerous applying makeup while you're driving is dangerous all it takes is a 2nd hand distraction to cause an accident the 2nd most common cause of that sense is drunk driving this leads to overconfidence and carelessness Valvo begin to address inattentive driving in 2008 the car company mounted a camera that watched the face and eyes to make certain they were attentive this reduced as accidents in 2016 Cadillac adopted a version of this in 2017 an aftermarket device open palette became available for many cars it's now has more than 15000000 miles of driving us without one driver caused an accident because it keeps the driver attentive in driving it is essential to be alert and watchful expecting the unexpected Jesus explains how this is done in life he told his disciples be on your guard that is Be attentive so that your minds are not dull Jesus then tells us 3 things that dollar mines and the Minish are Billick the to be attentive carousing crouching includes noisy drunken partying it includes grossly excessive eating and drinking gluttony surfing. Drunkenness decreases dulls our mind and worries of life all these dull the mind and keep us from being watchful for dangers carousing drunkenness decrease our alertness silence our conscience and remove appropriate concerns about any future consequences for our actions the worries of life makes us alert for the wrong things distracting us from what should engage our attention if you're not watching that day will come when you unexpectedly for many this is sooner than they expect they they drove by the exit it's past now there is no time to react knows who are focused on pleasure those who are in camp or those who are focused on this life will not be ready to respond immediately to the sudden challenges of the in time they will be caught in a trap the pleasures of the world the difficulties of this life are the bait for the trap when we take the bait we will be unprepared airline pilots tell me much of flying a plane can be automatic that even boring However in doing the flight landing a plane is the most challenging aspect of flying a plane it requires alertness and attention the in time also requires alertness and attention here's why transgression has almost reached its limit by ending the 27 confusion fills the world in a great terror is soon to come upon human beings the end is very near but now comes the punchline we who know the truth Who is this that's us we are being addressed should be preparing this is why we're having this week a prayer God in His mercy has allowed the Koran a virus to be a wake up call an alarm clock if you please those who know the truth should now be preparing. For what is soon to break upon the world we are not preparing for future events in the far distant future we are preparing for events that are at our doorstep this is the pilot and now and saying that we are making our final approach we're going to land soon make sure you have your seat belt fastened listen carefully to the description where to be preparing for what is to come as an overwhelming surprise the world isn't prepared because they're consumed with gluttony drunkenness and the anxieties of this life they're eating and drinking marrying and giving in marriage and neglect or refuse to listen to God's voice and his prophetic warnings of the sin coming judgment they're not anticipating these last ep bans they'll be caught off guard we move to the 2nd lesson in Christ parable of the coronavirus and see the power of influence one infected individual is all it took to introduce the pandemic that is killing thousands and decimating the world economy Solomon said one center destroys much good no man is an island none of us live it to himself Paul said you might think that what you do is unimportant but everything we do has an influence that is felt around the world Paul reminds us that through one man sin entered the world and death through sin and that is death spread to all men because all of sand what we do matters it has an influence around the world think of the world impacting influence of 155 year old you move on throw a pebble into the lake and a wave is formed Christ object lessons that reminds us in another and another and as they increase the circle widens until it reaches the very shore. So with our influence beyond our knowledge or control it tells upon others and blessing and cursing the influence of one word or one action done can never be stopped how can we enhanced our influence for good how can we hand hands our influence for God my wife and I have been reading through the testimonies from family worship and week ago we read the following many dressed like the world to have an influence is a common practice many do it but here it goes on they make a sad mistake not only sad but fatal mistake dressing and acting like the world gives us an influence but not a saving influence in place of the Christian influencing the world around it shows the world is influencing the Christian instead of bringing Christ influence into the world it brings the world's influence into our homes and into our church is not only influencing the world away from Christ it's influencing impressionable church members away from Christ it is saying that the showy immodest extravagant dress in the world is just as acceptable as the attractive clean and modest dress of the Christian it's saying that for a Christian fashion is a more important guide than God's Word it is saying that an inordinate amount of our time money and attention should be given to that which we will call attention to ourselves it is proclaiming that the instruction in God's word on truly becoming dress can be safely disregarded how can they have a true and saving influence let them live out their profession show their faith by the righteous works and make the distinction great between the Christian in the world light and darkness are not the same darkness is banished by light mixing the 2 dims the light Jesus told us let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works in glorify your Father in heaven. I saw the quotation continuous that I saw that the words the dress and actions should tell forgot it is our cheerful encouraging in Christ like words are appropriate and simple dress and are a bitch really helpful and courteous actions that give us a true in saving influence then a holy influence will be shed upon all now I want you to notice the next sentence and all will take knowledge of them that they have been with Jesus the only way we can have a true in saving in floods is to had been with Jesus to spend time with them and when we spent time every day with Jesus we will become like him were dependent on Christ within us not fashionable clothes upon us for our influence we want our words dress and actions to call attention to him not divert their attention to us unbelievers it continues will say that the truth we profess has a holy influence and that faith in Christ coming of facts the character of the man or woman if any wish to have their influence tell in favor of the truth let them live it out and as imitate the humble pattern. But we must move on to the 3rd lesson from the coronavirus repeated exposure and close spaces increase the risk of having the grown a virus this is a powerful reminder of the diseases we can be exposed to within the home circle manuscript 34899 the educational influences of the home life are a decided power for good or for. These influences are in many respects silent and gradual like a virus you cannot see feel or hear these impact s. for better or for worse generally these influences don't bring immediate changes but almost imperceptibly over time the changes occur and that brings us to a 4th lesson from the grown a virus of all people spiritual caregivers face the greatest danger since those who provide care to be infectious sick are in danger of succumbing to the very diseases they treat James 31 tells us my brother but not many of you become teachers knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgement we do not simply point others to the way to heaven we lead them by going ahead of them we don't tell others go when vite them to come be followers of me Paul said even as I also am of Christ we are not saved by telling others the way to Christ. We are saved by coming to Christ ourselves and bringing them with us we take every precaution to avoid unnecessary exposure to the diseases we treat Paul says I discipline my body and bring it into suggestion lest when I have preached to others I myself should become disqualified we don't condemn scene in public and practice it in private the medicine we prescribe to others we take ourselves you therefore who teach another you know a teacher south you who preach that a man should not stay you used do you. You say do not commit adultery do you commit adultery you have more hot idols Dear Rob 10 temples you make your boast in the law do you dishonor God through breaking the law for the name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you as it is written so we put on the full armor of God that comes complete with a half mast snap guard when we accept God's promise gift of repentance it brings us and daily surrender consistent daily prayer and Bible study and gives us the desire and power to obey and that brings us to the 5th lesson from the coronavirus the stealth carriers that appear healthy but are carriers Education Page 158 the strongest bulwark of vice in our world is not the iniquitous life of the abandoned center of the degraded outcast it is the life which otherwise appears virtuous honorable and noble but in which one sin is fostered one vice in dogged did a soul that is struggling in secret against some giant temptation trembling upon the very verge of the precipice such an example is one of the most powerful enticements to sin he who endowed with high conceptions of life and truth and honor that as yet wilfully transgress one precept of God's Holy Law has perverted his noble gifts into a lure to sin genius talent sympathy even generous and kindly deeds made thus become decoys of Satan to entice souls over the precipice of ruin. You can tell just by looking at it in individual There's only one way to tell a someone is a carrier and that is the test how does God test for spiritual virus carriers are in danger others when someone comes from an infected area they are observed for a time after Paul's conversion he was observed for a time and he tells us do not lay hands on anyone hastily nor Sharon or in other people since Keep yourself pure you want to give time for an infection to emerge in thinking of a selection of a conference President Ellen White gave some instruction such questions she said must be decided only on the New Testament plan with fasting in prayer we need to know we have God's guidance in these matters I was pointed she said 40 to the providence of God among his people and my showing that every trial made by the refining purifying process upon professed Christians proved some to be draws the fine gold is not always appear in every religious crisis some fall under to Taisha the shaking of God blows away a multitude like dry leaves property prosperity multiplies a mass of professors in adversity purges than that of the church as a class their spirits are not steadfast with God They go out from us because they are not of us for when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word many are offended it lets the sex reminds us of the contagiousness a sin sin spreads from person to person and nature way to control the spread is social separation and warranty therefore come out from among them to be separate says the Lord do not touch what is unclean I will receive you. In a letter to a minister who had exposed minors to evil but excused his actions Ellen White wrote plainly comparing his communication of impure and evil deeds to minors to Saddam she said Saddam's evil practices did not come all at once for one man and woman stupefied themselves by an wholly polluted Abbots then as inhabitants settle in Saddam they did as you were doing educated editors in a line that is forbidden of God and so is the inhabitants continue to multiply these ministers ascend continued in educating them in their own defiling practices until as any person came into their midst their 1st thought were to educate them in their evil work until Saddam became renowned for its pollutions evil spread from person to person it requires vigilance to be of to be avoided to avoid such exposure as far as possible firemen may be required to go into a burning buildings to rescue people they wear special clothing carry oxygen to breathe to avoid the dangers fumes and they get out as quick as they possibly can and a script 507-0097 Let it be your study to select and make your homes as far from Sodom and Gomorra educate and keep out of the large cities to fathers and mothers I am instructed to say fall off fail not to keep your children within your own premises we can invite Saddam into our homes buy the books magazines internet videos television we allow the 7th lesson we learned from the parable of the coronavirus is the importance of following the laws of health in our personal practices this is a necessary prepare preparation for the future crisis we face I'm not going to dwell on this we know the key aspects we've now arrived at the last and the agencies of evil are combining their forces and consolidating. There strengthening for the last great crisis great changes are soon to take place in our world in the final movement will be rapid once the movements are on an exponential course with a hockey stick shaped letter 21892 saying with this whole confederacy of evil is stirred to intense fervor and plans that have been made only way to favorable moment for open development all things are getting into a state of readiness and while those who believe have been contending over little matters drawing apart from each other each seeking to Haven't been to Kate is own way the powers of evil have been striking for the last great crisis Satan's agencies are prepared are God's loyal people prepared many complain of the unprepared mess of the country the county the state federal government unprepared us for the co-op covert virus but are we any more prepared is the pantry of our memory stock with the Word of God Salvation is number 9 is costly lesson 9 What is the value of the soul is it worth the cost Romans $56.00 when we were still without strength in due time Christ died for the end Godly for scarcely for a righteous man a one diet perhaps or a good man some would we even dare to die But God demonstrates His own love toward a sin that while we were still centers Christ died for us angels would not have done it notices interesting quote by him $7.00 to $25.00 angels marveled that Christ should undertake what seemed to them a hopeless task they marveled that God could tolerate a race and they could see no room for love but God so loved the world that He gave His only because one son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. John says Behold what manner of Love The Father has bestowed on us that we should be called children of God that brings us to the last lesson we will examine together in our meditation what is a proven method for decreasing our chance of getting the coronavirus and spreading it we must have clean hands did you know that clean hands are a key to preparing for the Final Crisis job says you have the righteous will hold to his way and he who has clean hands will be stronger and stronger some 2434 whom he has sent into the hill of the Lord who may stand in His holy place he who has clean hands and a pure heart who has not lifted up his soul to an island are sworn he secretly we need to be clean but we are unclean is Isaiah So clearly says we are all as an unclean thing and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags and we do all fade as a leaf and our iniquity is like the wind has taken us away but there is a solution Luke entered as deuces as to a man who was full of leprosy there is nothing that is more unclean in the Bible than that Percy at the time of Jesus it was and curable intently and Dr Luke describes the extent of the physical condition the man was full of leprosy there are 2 kinds of leprosy this man had the worst kind look promise leprosy you couldn't get more unclean from the top of his head to the soles of his feet he was covered with it leprosy kept this man away from people but it was the leprosy that drove him to Jesus leprosy kept other people from this man but leprosy did not keep Jesus from him and man who was full of leprosy saw Jesus and he fell on his face and implored him saying Lord if you're willing you can make me clean. Told me about videos on You Tube that feature filthy homes homes that are unbelievably dirty the homeowners are given the opportunity to have their home completely clean transformed important let me show you a short excerpt from a series called obsessive compulsive printers on the You Tube Xander t.v. channel. Before the living room was a tipping ground for toys intact with no space for humans let alone count. It's now inviting into Ogunnaike space all wow. Yes I haven't even now I know that. And believe it we still have the choice just. 4 days ago the kitchen was overgrown with dishes dirty clothes and culture covering every Woodstock. Now it's clean and tidy and biked which passed. Oh wow nice isn't it. I've never seen what. You can actually come in and hand out yes. And like this easy to clean and keep it like this. Finally the guest bedroom was covered in backs of clothes and litter tray. Now it's a free space with an area for Paula to cross stitch. And carry enough away pretty nice now gotta have a way to. Unfriend if placement is home I have to say. Do you know why Christ doesn't take where since which may keep her hands clean because he won't be the leper in the rain since in there. The only sins Jesus can take this is we are willing to surrender to him. This is an excerpt from a You Tube channel applique called filth this is said to be the worst flat in north London with the amount of trash bed barks mountain of cat litter in stench most would say this place should be cleansed with fire but these professional cleaners say no home is too on clean for them to clean you see the cat. Litter there. Mount a cat right there the only homes that cannot be cleansed are the homes where the occupants refuse the cleansing man can clean filthy houses but only God can clean fill their lives God will not do this without our permission if we are willing to surrender our fill for sin he's willing to cleanse it and the sins we cherish are the only ones who cannot take away are you hanging on to some little thing in your life some activity that you love but more. Are you willing who surrendered Jesus there is another point on plans you must be done frequently you must be given sufficient hurricane a rinse won't do we need a war. To properly wash your hands you need to wash them for at least 22nd the people often don't spend enough time they don't take up a gallery and they don't tie their hands properly which is an important component in getting the hands clean also now we're going to do it the right way so you need to take off your ring and start up the water. And you're going to wash your hands back 20 seconds like I really like it's about the length of time. We're rolling to frequently take the time in prayer for cleansing are we willing to frequently take the time and God's word for there are awash when we are willing for chooses to take it all in same order if you are willing you can make nickname he will respond. And he put out his hand and touched him saying I'm willing be cleansed mediately his leprosy with plans when we are willing to go to Jesus for cleansing he is willing to cleanse us. Mediately his leprosy was cleanse. How can a young man. Can you hear me. There it can you hear me yes we can hear you Ok How can a young man cleanse its way by taking heed according to your word through the word the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin and gives us the gift of repentance in sorrow we come to God with our confession if we confess our sins his face will in just a Forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness this is a surrender of my sins whatever the end cleanness its part and in that day a fountain shall be opened for the House of David and for the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin in front of it Calvary that thought was unsealed and it remains flowing to this day there's a fountain filled with blood drawn from Emanuel's veins and sinners plunged beneath that flood lose all their guilt the stain you needed and I needed this fountain is more pure than ivory soap it's more effective than any hand sanitizer and I want it you want it to you need that fear that there will be a run on this product it's available for you and me today once cleansed how do we keep our hands clean your word if I had in my heart that a might not sin against you will you just now go to Jesus and tell him Lord if you will you can make me clean. Well you stay at his feet until you hear him say that you and I will be clean and to determine by God's grace to daily secret prayer and daily hiding his word in your heart that secret prayer that hidden word doesn't stay here it is revealed interactions and I pray that we learn from the. Coronavirus the lessons that if he were alive he would see if he was his and alive sorry if he was on earth right now he might share with us we thank you for hearing the answer in this period Christ's name. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it w w w audio 1st the thought or.


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