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02 Self Quarantine: Stay at Home

Chris Anderson
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  • March 30, 2020
    7:00 AM
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Well I want to tell you about an individual named Jose who is a south but our. He was 35 years old at the time and it was November 18th he and his friend Cordoba who had a nickname of. And you can guess they were from Mexico they were out fishing off of the coast of Mexico and they'd been fishing for 2 days and they caught a lot of fish they got shark chop cut. Lots of different kinds of fish they were using tuna to it to catch them and they had fishing lines and buoys that they would hook out who have out there that would help catch the fish and they would go back and collect buoys but then fishing for 2 days they had 1200 pounds of fish and they were headed in was November 18th it was a significant day in Jose's life because things changed dramatically the storm began to build the wave began to get larger and larger they were crashing over the boat beginning to fill the boat this is the 1st time for Pena to be out and he was very nervous he started screaming and yelling and he was using buckets to throw the you know fish the water back out of the boat he was just very nervous and very upset and this wasn't the 1st storm that Jose had been and that he had been in many other storms but this storm something was due to happen that changed his life dramatically as he was going along his motor quits absolutely quit there was nothing he could do to get it started and he fired up his radio and he began to call his boss and he said hey boss my my motor has quit and his boss said No problem we'll come get you just tell us where you are and he said the g.p.s. is not working so what do you mean the g.p.s. is not working the g.p.s. is not what I knew it wasn't working when I came out but I didn't know I'd be running into problems so his boss that Ok well will come looking for you. So they kept bailing and kept doing the best they could to keep the boat upright in the waves the storm grew more and more fierce and eventually they tried to get back on the radio but the radio had died they had no g.p.s. they had no radio they had no motor in the middle of this storm this storm raged for 5 days it's they didn't know where they were it blew them who knows where they were flowing along helpless after 5 days they threw the radio overboard through the g.p.s. in the water Jose picked up a big. Club that they used to kill the fish and he started beating the engine just to vent his frustration the next few days turned to weeks and then months as they floated on the water hose they learned how to submerge the upper part of his body in the water and watch for fish to go by and he would grab them with his bare hands and pull them in that if United so they were able to get the fish up a little strips and put them out in the sun to eat their eating raw fish and they were starting to get thirsty. But one night rain began to spatter Now Jose had figured out a little system and channeled all the water into some buckets and they were just overjoyed as they were and drinking this water as the 2 month time turned around 60 days floating on the water wondering Is anyone going to see is anyone going to help us his friend. Said I I'm not going to make it he had been getting weaker and weaker and weaker and feeling despair and hopelessness he just could not overcome this isolation that they were in and one morning he died so they just couldn't imagine being alone now on this ocean for 6 days he kept not in the boat until he decided it was time and he pushed him over into the water he just wept he was there all alone. Finish my story of the end let's have prayer Father in heaven as we face life's challenges sometimes we too feel like we are all alone as we go through the study tonight they are hard to be encouraged to know that there is a place that we can be safe for this in Jesus name in men. So the Bible tells us about another storm on a much smaller sea the sea of Galilee Jesus had been in doing ministry and he told the disciples Let's go to the other side and so they got into their boat and other little boats came along with them and they began going across Jesus was exhausted he was tired from doing ministry and he laid out in the bow of the boat with this head on and we fell fast asleep now he was with a group of fishermen who knew how to fish they could handle things quite well but that night a storm brew up that was the worst they had ever seen this storm was incredible waves were crashing over the boat how Jesus was still sleeping I've no idea but the disciples began to fear for their life and so we read of we read here sorry there's a picture of Jose right there I forgot I had one here for you and that's the actual boat that Jose was and so here we are Mark chapter 4 and there arose a great storm of wind and the waves beat into the ship so that it was now full and he was in the hind or part of the ship asleep on a pillow and they woke him and said to him Master Do you not care that we perish Now this is interesting Jesus is asleep and there fearing for their life you could you can't imagine 2 more polar opposite scenarios there they are completely don't everything they can to save themselves and Jesus Is it peace he's asleep not worry in the slightest about what's going on around him. And this stand for part of what the disciples are fearing is that Jesus doesn't even care that they die don't you care that we perish they think that he doesn't care that's the heart of the issue and heroes and he rebuked the wind and said to the sea Peace be still and the wind ceased and there was a great calm. And he said to them Why are you so fearful How is it that you have no faith so their faith was their lack of faith was revealed by their fear this fear was a manifestation of the fact that they didn't believe think that God really cure them in this moment they were terrified how can we handle storms like this and to be like Jesus asleep through whatever life may throw at us instead of like the disciples fearful and afraid John Wesley that famous preacher was traveling across the Atlantic on a ship and they encountered a great storm and many were afraid for the lives they were terrified people were screaming and crying out to God for mercy and in his own heart he was terrified but there was a group of Moravians that were on the ship and they were singing hymns they were completely at peace and he recognized that they had something in their experience that he did not have they had a piece regardless of the circumstances that they were Him No we're talking about lessons from the coronavirus and Tonight's topic is self quarantine stay at home if you can stay at home you'll be safe and you'll help to save others lives What lesson does that have for us here we're going to look at that tonight. Abided home we're told in Sol's 91 verse wanted to he that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty I will see the Lord He is my refuge and my fortress my God and in him will I trust there that he word dwell too well if we do well with God in Him we can have peace because he is our refuge and we are not alone we are never alone so in fact you can say anything and I am not alone if you know middle of the Pacific floating on a little white board you can say I am not alone if you're in your house self quarantine and isolating you can say I am alone now in Exodus 25 in verse 8 we are given it peek into how God is to remedy the problem of us being alone. Were taught here and let them make me a sanctuary that I might do well among them this is the remedy in this dark world where we don't have to be along we don't have to be alone because God has provided a plan that we might have his presence with us always this century or reveals to us what God is doing so that means we might have him dwelling with us now the disciples had Jesus in their boat but they didn't really have Jesus in their heart that's where they would have had peace and were told in collages $127.00 to whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles which is Christ in you the hope of glory this is God willing and of Christ in you the hope of glory this is how we can have his abiding presence in our lives. Now in Matthew 13. Jesus tells a story about a so are now in this story we're going to learn that there are 3 things that Satan wants for you and there are 4 things Satan doesn't want for you so the 1st of the 3 things the horns Satan wants thorns for you in your life this is the seed was scattered and these thorns came up and they choked out this precious new new chute that had come up God wants you to to trust in Him He wants you to buy to me what you have a wonderful life in him and yet Satan has a plan he has thorns that he wants to have come up in your life to prevent you from having an abiding relationship with Jesus now in my life there was 3 things that that were like the thorns that choked up my experience with him one of them was my friends the friends that I hung out with weren't interested in spiritual things they didn't care about spiritual things they didn't go to church and so I spent time with them so I didn't care about spiritually I didn't go to church and I just hung out with them we did things together I got involved in some other thorns this was thing wrong with these these activities I love wilderness backpacking I love rock climbing I love rollerblading I would this is back when roller blades were fun we would go downtown and we rollerblade all over downtown at night there was groups of us that would go I remember going up one parking garage we took the elevator up and we came down the parking garage and we do the elevator back up and came down the parking garage with the elevator back up and then we heard over the loudspeaker the policeman saying. You are not allowed to be on roller blades in the parking garage please exit so we came down and went out the back door and back and we never went back to the parking garage my life became full of other things that I was having fun with and so this created. Maybe a distaste or a lack of interest in spiritual things my life became full of thorns it was another thorn that grew up in my life and this was reading I love to read and in fact I love stories and you know reading is not bad stories are not bad but but they can begin to if we do too much of story reading and we don't study God's Word of the got the Bible can become distasteful and not as interesting or appealing Well I got involved reading some books and in fact I'm in the library at the school I was at they had a book called The Hobbit and it's a spiritualist the book I don't know why it was there but anyway I read The Hobbit I thought oh that was interesting was a Myra assigned reading list one of those I could use I read that it got me interested in spiritualism and then I started reading other books by the same author I was I was at the age of 12 I was reading a 1000 page books on the spiritualistic wizards and things like that that did not help my walk with God In fact it did reveal my experience that I had with him I began to buy other books and I remember one time lord propping my heart at these books were leading me away from him and I went out to my parents bar and I made a little fire and I'd burn all the books that I had. And about a year later I had that same size stack of books again I started buying them when they got back in my life you know when we start to allow these thorns the grown our life even if you pluck one out another one comes up we need to replace those things with God's Word the other thing there was another significant foreign that came up in my life and it's one that comes up in a lot of young people's lives and this was music now news as meant to be good for us as we sing praises to God It uplifts our heart and life to him but there's some music that leads us directly away from him I wasn't really interested in bad music really at all but. The people we hang out with end up shift shaping our direction in life and some of the friends I hung out with like to listen to rock rock music and this began to be something I started to listen to and if you don't start to listen to him like heavy metal you start to listen to the softer rock and then heavier and heavier and eventually this became a dominant thing in my life and when God eventually came into my heart this was one of the biggest battles I had was giving up some of the state of music though Lawrence when Satan seeds God doing a work in your life Satan will have a thorn is specially prepared for you it may not be rock climbing Ok I grant you that it may not be backed up in Ok I get you there some of you may be tempted to rollerblading but there's going to be some Florent in your life that Satan has prepared just for you he wants this for you the other thing that he has prepared for you is hard aground Jesus told the parable how this seed was cast onto the ground some of landed on hard ground so it wasn't able to take good root and it sprang up and because there wasn't of moisture there that that that. The grain die hard ground over a period of time with my life in these thorns of my life my heart became hard I wasn't interested in spiritual things I never went to church with my wife we had 2 children Paige and Taylor they were little at the time and she was attending Stanford gap church and she would take them to 7 school every week she would pray for her her her way were husband. And one week a lady pulled her aside and said on their feet I'm so sorry it must be tough to be a single mom and raise 2 children in this world she had no idea that my wife was even Mary I was gone doing things every weekend I was not interested in spiritual things while my mother's prayers my wife's prayers were not breaking through when a heart becomes hard God is going to do something hard to reach that heart and in my experience I went through a terrible time I was out on a on a rock climbing x. experience and someone fell off the cliff and they died right there and it was it broke me it was a terrible experience and this experience caused me to wonder what is next why do bad things happen if there's a god out there why does he allow these things that happen in my mind was just stirring about eternal thoughts an eternal question and so I picked up a book called Peter Jackson prophets there's reading this book it talked about the battle in heaven between Satan and Christ and this is answer the great countries he answered the questions that I had in my heart it took a hard experience breaking my heart to cause me to think about spiritual things the 3rd thing that Satan has that he wants for you is birds he wants birds in your life as the grain was scattered along birds would swoop down and they would pick up the seed so you could even have a chance to grow and in my experience I had some birds that happen in my life. One of the birds that had been in my life was after this experience where this the so young lady passed away and I was wrestling to understand God and know him and to understand him I was at work working with some gentlemen that were Christian men and one of them. Was it was the construction workers building houses and one of them was a good man I mean in many ways excellent carpenter he loved people he loved others but he was confused on spiritual topics when Lewis was his name and Wayne would talk to me afterwards and he would talk to me about how bad the Adventist Church is and how the leadership are making the stakes and you can't really trust them and eventually through his his disgustingly day after day because I wasn't grounded in Biblical truth I was deceived and it wasn't long before I stopped going to church again and I started and I eventually took my name off the administer to I said you know what this is this church is an apostasy so I left the ministers for quite some time because I was the sieved but thankfully even if we were deceived God is still working on us right and eventually leads us back to understand truth the challenge is some of the birds that come into our life is taking our eyes off of Jesus we start to look at others we look at others and we do 2 things of that one of the things that we do when we look at others is we make them the standard of what a Christian should be Jesus is the only standard of what a Christian should be but when we look to others and they fall short of Jesus and we think that's the standard then we're not really experiencing the full life that God has for us the other challenge when we look at others is when they are making mistakes or shortcomings in life we then begin to think that the Christian life is not true it's not valid it's not genuine and so we give up everything. And so there's a danger in looking at always when you look to look to God's word and not look at others in my case I had given up on the administration had left but the more I studied the Word of God I began to see that the Ednas church had more truth than the people around me the fact that there are fish or wolves among the sheep doesn't mean that the sheep are good sheep Jesus warned us that there would be walls and just because there are walls were among the church and the people there are not living up to the standard it doesn't mean it's not God's truth and so I became convinced that the atmosphere is his church in fact there's only 2 things that convert the church to Babylon we're told that accepting Sunday sacredness and the belief in the non-A matelote of saw these 2 heresies convert the church the Bible and so even in the time of the ledger when only 7000 were going to need to bail Israel was still God's people God still has the people today I'm convinced of it and. That was one of the birds that Satan had in my life there's other birds as well as some have a new relationship with Jesus there's there's forms of worship that have very much similar to the world's form of worship contemporary worship styles and as individuals engage in these different worship styles it leads them right back into the world from where they came would you be careful about these 3 things thorns hard ground and birds I want to talk about 4 things that Satan does not want for you these 4 things are going to be found in. There we are there's the 3 things these things with things will be found a John of 15 Jesus tells us about this analogy he said I am the truth mine and my father is the vine dresser so geezer 1st of all there's a great vine coming out of the ground and it's father is the one who planted this minding nurtured this vine and helped to grow He is the vine. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away and every branch that bears fruit he prunes that bit may bear more fruit you are already clean because of the word which I have spoken to you so as we saw in the parable of the Sower God's word is able to make a profound difference in our life if we allow it to if it isn't snatched away by birds if it isn't on hard ground and if it isn't growing up among the ones Jesus continuous abide in me and I in you aha here we come to our Psalms 91 text welling in God abides in me and I and you as the branch cannot bear fruit of itself unless it abides in the vine neither can you unless you abide in me so how do you abide in God What does that mean Jesus says we need to be connected to him like the branches connected to the vine where it gets nourishment and it gets its moisture and ability to grow grapes the leaves and and to stay living but how do you actually abide Well there are 4 texts 4 verses in John 15 that lay out the the case for how we are to abide So let's look at those. The 1st verse 7 Jesus that if you abide in me and my words abide in you usual ask what you desire and it should be done for you so the 1st thing that we see is his words abiding in us this is the 1st way to abide in Him Now you can read the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation and not have got abiding in you you have to hunger for guns were you have to want his word to come in your life you have to be willing to follow whatever the word teaches if his word abides in you know the ferrous the study the scriptures Satan studies the scripture there not changed by the Scriptures only those who love the truth will be changed by the scriptures we have to study God's word every day if we're busy busy watching youtube Netflix and and we don't ever have time because we're doing these other things if we don't ever have time to study God's Word His word will not abide in you now it is possible to study the word every day and not have a change of heart. But you cannot have a change heart and not study His word every day it's impossible now the 2nd thing we see in this verse you will ask what you desire and it should be done for you ask what is it we ask God for things we pray we communicate with God We talk to him Now the disciples found Jesus praying one day and they recognize that prayer had a powerful effect in Jesus' life they said master teachers to pray. These 2 elements prayer and studying God's Word are critical for you to abide in Him Now it's possible to pray and study His word and not abide in Him but you cannot not pray and not say his word and abide in Him Those who are him in the next verse verse 10 if you keep My commandments you will abide in my love just as I have kept my Father's Commandments in abiding his law now it is impossible to keep God's commandments on our own the only way we can experience God's righteousness in our life is by faith this text right here is saying that the righteous will have by faith that as we come to God's word and we see the standard of holiness the standard of love the standard of let go the way of life is His commandments The By faith we allow him to live those in our life if you keep My commandments you will abide in my love Jesus did not do away with his law in fact Jesus lived out his law and he was to live out his law within us as well so we see 3 things studying God's Word daily praying daily seeking to experience the law of God the righteousness of God in our life by faith. Versa love and these things have I spoken to you that my joy they remain in you and that your joy May the 4 as we have these things in our life will experience joy now I hope you're experiencing joy in your Christian life because the peace that God has for us is beyond anything this world has as God abides in us we can have complete joy and verse 12 love one another as I have loved you as God comes into our life it's impossible for us to not love others. A lot of others would mean that we do for them as we would want them to do for us if we were in fear and darkness and worry wouldn't we want to know about the God of love that wants to abide in our life if we were living in a world that was being destroyed by viruses and pandemics and war wouldn't you want to know that there's a better place coming and a savior does died for you if you're going to love others you have to tell them about it. We can't have a Christian experience without telling others about the God that's changed our life how do you abide in God you study His word daily you take time in prayer you live out in your life the standard he has in his word not in your own strength but in Jesus living in you you experience the joy he has for you have a joyful life and you share this with others in not only words but in actions love one another as I have loved you hear your word of God prayer rightism by faith experience joy and let God's love flow through you. Second the solutions to tells us those who perish because they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved it's only if we love the truth that we can be changed by that truth. So this brings us back to Psalms 91 he that wells in the secret place of the most High shall abide in the shadow of the I might Almighty at will civil or he is my refuge and my fortress my God in him will I trust so you can say I am not alone I am not alone I hope you can say that I am not of God is with you continually it's his desire to abide in your heart by faith now we're told about a man named Joe this men knew what it meant to abide in the presence of God. Job did not realize that there was a controversy swirling above his head a controversy about God a controversy about his allegiance to God in this Satan was allowed and given boundaries in his life but Satan was allowed to impact his life is 7 sons and his 3 daughters his camels his donkeys his sheep his belongings they were all destroyed in one day and they were told the subject of the job arose tore his robe shaved his head and he felt the ground and worshiped in Job's distress in Job's storm in the affliction the job was facing he found comfort only in his guy and therefore he fell on his face and worshiped he said naked I came from my mother's womb naked shall return there the Lord gave in the Lord is taken away blessid be the name of the Lord the next verse says something significant It shows that Joe was abiding in God's presence in all this job did not sin nor charge God with wrong job was truly experiencing righteousness by faith he was experiencing the peace that Jesus had in the boat even though the storm was raging all around the his wife said to him this was after Joe was afflicted with boils did you still hold fast to your integrity curse God and die now even those that are closest to us can sometimes bring to us to us that cause us to question God and hear Joe held fast to God but he said to her You speak as one of the foolish woman speaks shall we indeed accept good from God and should we not also accept adversity and all this joy of the not sin with his lips job knew what it meant to abide with God Job's life was hid with Christ in God. Someone one verse one and 2 was the experience of Joe He did wells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty I will say of the Lord He is my refuge and my fortress my God in him allege rust even though his children were killed even though he lost all his possessions even though he was afflicted in his body he still trusted in God for he was his refuge in time of trouble. Job said these words though he slain me yet will I trust him. Jose Salvador of Inca 2 months you've been on the sea he lost his only companion this was him before this trip 3 months past 4 months past 5 months past $200.00 days passed and he was still floating on the Pacific 300 days passed and he was still floating on the Pacific 400 days and he was still floating on the Pacific 468 days floating alone on the Pacific and he noticed a flock of birds fly over the top of his boat and the cost of a sit up and look around and he saw an island right in front of him he couldn't believe it he cut the buoys off that he'd had floating the hind of to provide some sort of the. Help give direction to his his boat he cut them off so that his boat would pick up speed and get closer to the island which it did once it reached the shore he jumped out of his boat and swam in a big wave tossed him up on the shore climbed up and started walking through the woods he came across to people they saw this man well let me go on a little for they saw this man right there. With a big beard and a matted hair they were they were a little nervous at 1st when they realize he must be a loss leader and they took him in and he was found in the Marshall Islands 468 days he went from Mexico to even a toll on the Marshall Islands this is the very boat that he was in and the ice chest that had the fish that they turned over that he could hide from the sun he was alone 468 days but was he really alone the Bible tells us that we are no longer a god is with us wherever we are he longed to see as mother he often thought about her on that trip and eventually he was able to embrace her in his arms the God that died for you the God that gave his life for you longs to embrace you in his arms not just when we reached the pearly gates but he desires to abide in your heart now regardless of the difficulties that you're facing regardless of the financial challenges you're facing regardless of the trials that you're facing regardless of the difficulties that you're facing in your home financial difficulties through it all we can have peace we can even have joy because he wants to abide in your heart by faith Let's pray together God in heaven we want to abide under the shadow of the Almighty we are humbled that you would do well in our hearts but Lord we hunger for this we long for this we long to have your presence with us continually. It's not enough to know that you are God but we want to know that you are our government and that you are dwelling and living in us and that you care about us even in the storms of life or be with each one here this evening as they are seeking in their life to prepare for the Final Crisis May each of us find daily time to study your word to bring those principles into our life to love the truth to take time to seek you in prayer to take time to share your love with others Lord help us to deal honestly and truly with our life. That we might experience real righteousness by. Bring this in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon pleaded visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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