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03 A Great Terror: Fearless in a Time of Fear

Phil Mills Sr.
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Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • March 31, 2020
    9:45 AM
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All right I think for the week of prayer is preparing for the current crisis this evening I want to look at the fearless in a time of fear the anniversary of you remember the story. Ryan bell rang you know I'm trying to find something here. And some here may remember hearing of him in the new 6 years ago Ryan was a pastor of a church in Hollywood California in the 2010 his church won the innovative Church of the Year award however 3 years later in the spring of 2013 he was fired from pastoral ministry was a hard experience for him I don't know that perhaps he grew bitter at God for letting this happen and he ruminated on this situation for the remainder of the year he decided on a New Year's resolutions starting January 1 2014 he would go a year with God He wrote in his blog for the next 12 months I will live as if there is no god was that me writing Bell understood exactly what that meant he continued I will not pray read the Bible for inspiration refer to God as the cause of things or hope that God might intervene and change my own or someone else's circumstances what does it mean to go without God what is a life if there is no God It means you live your life without prayer or Bible study it means your live a life without any reference to God as a cause of anything it also means means is right and Bell inadvertently acknowledged on this blog it is a life without hope Belge or without God did not start out very well within a few days he lost all sources of income his wife began divorce proceedings. But fame started coming to him an atheist raised $27000.00 for him and for the next year he was featured in his salon The Washington Post n.p.r. c.n.n. the b.b.c. and other prominent outlets is block side attracted thousands of hits daily what is so unusual about someone going with God Without life impacting Bible study without genuine prayer and that the way many many Christians live their lives going that God has been tried since the beginning a sin there's an interesting verse in Genesis that's often overlooked genesis for $26.00 and asked for sat to him also a son was born and he named him in ash then men began to call in the name of the Lord from the earliest days of the race there have been 2 groups of mankind one group lives their lives as if there is no God The other group sincerely called in the name of the Lord which group are you in which group is your home in review and here 054886 there is many a prayer list on and that too among those who profess to believe the special truths for this time associated with this is a companion problem the Bible is not brought into the family as the guide of life and this of course is associated with a 3rd problem the parents not being men and women of prayer do not train and command their households in the way of God's commandments these are homes that are engaged in the same experiment that Ryan Bell and caged in a life without God living in homes without God this is what a god is family is this is what a godless fan home looks like 2 years later I should say 2 years earlier the same author had written in signs of the times I know of nothing that causes me so great sadness as a prayer. Now please don't miss the next sentence. I do not feel safe in such a house for a single night the secret place of the most high is the only place of safety the secret place of the most high is a place of prayer and Bible study no man is safe a day or an hour without prayer break conversely $530.00 and the quotation goes on and were it not for the hope of helping the parents to realize their necessity in their sad to collect I would not remain she only stayed in such homes to help parents realize the necessity of prayer and Bible study she what she sought to help them recognize their neglect of this privilege in duty the children show the results of this neglect How did they show it for the fear of God is not before them what made the author sense danger in such a house she continues the parent should make a hedge about their children by prayer while I was a prophet feeling unsafe in such arms there was no hedge of protection about the family pair it should pray with full faith that God will abide with them and that holy angels will guard themselves and their children from Satan's group hour this is dwelling in the secret place of the most time this is when he sends his angels and gives them charge over you the keep you and all his ways this because you have made the Lord who is my refuge even the most high your dwelling place no evil shall be fall you nor shall any pledge come near your dwelling they should pray with full faith that God will abide with them and their holy angels will guard themselves and their children from Satan's cruel power. How many are carefully studying God's word from the light that God has given me we're told in 1908 page 120 I can say that not half of those who profess to believe the present truth have a thorough understanding of the 3rd angel's message many believe the truth because they have heard it preached by someone in whom they had confidence but 2nd Timothy 215 says that we should study to show ourselves approved under God work when that need not to be ashamed because we are rightly dividing the Word of Truth the quotation continues when our people search the word of God for themselves we should hear less murmuring than we hear today so if there's a problem with murmuring we know it's a problem with lack of Bible study. Continues we need that faith that will lead us to study the Bible for ourselves and take God at His word it's not just Brian Bell that when you're without God It is thousands of Christians that are going years without got or you mind them I believe Ryan Bell missed a gun many years that got before he embarked on his fatal experiment poor Ryan Bell pity him his atheism will not win well God warns the inhabitants of the world that a time is coming when they will look to the earth and see trouble and darkness gloom and anguish and they will be driven into darkness. In mercy God personally appeals to Ryan Bell and all like him and ask what will you do when your terror comes like a storm and your destruction comes like a whirlwind when distress and anguish come upon you robbers on 27 when that happens without God without hope and safe and unsaved believe me the Ryan bells will not be fearless in a time of fear how different is the life of the man the solace describes his dwelling in a secret place of the most high you should not be afraid of the terror by night nor the arrow that fire flies by day you shall not be afraid of the pestilence that walks in darkness nor of the destruction that names waste at noon day a 1000 may fall at your side in 10000 at your right hand but it shall not come near you only with your eyes show you look and see the reward of the wicked because you have made the Lord who is my refuge even the most high year dwelling place no evil show before you nor shall any pledge come near your dwelling where he should give his angels charge over to you to keep you it in all your ways it in their hands they show bear you up lest you Desh your foot against a stone this secret place of the most high removes our fear because it removes our danger let's look at what this looks like I would like to finish our short Bible study reading this evening with a study in contrasts in a study that contrasts a fearless individual within the secret place of the most high and a fearful individual outside that safe so I'm going to read excerpts from a favorite book of mine sketches from the life of all this was later expanded into the book the acts of the Apostles the 4th volume of the conflict of the age a serious I left here a skillful word artist paint pictures on the canvas of my mind Paul the floor Nero how striking the contrast. The very height of earthly power authority and wealth as well as the lowest depths of crime and iniquity had been reached by the haughty monarch before whom the man of God answered for his faith in his power and greatness Nero stood on rivaled and approached there were none to question his authority none to resist his will the kings of the earth laid their crowns at his feet the most powerful armies March to his command the enzymes of his navies upon a seas be token victory is statute was set up in the halls of justice and the decrease of senators in the decisions of judges were but the echo of his will millions of subjects back out in obedience to his mandate the name of Nero made the world tremble the incur his displeasure was to lose property liberty in life his frown was more to be dreaded than the pestilence yet sir while surrounded by all the outward semblance of earthly pomp and greatness adored in reverence there's a God in human form heap possessed the heart of a demon Paul the aged prisoner without money without friends without counsel had been brought forth from a loathsome dungeon to be tried for his law life it lived a life of poverty self-denial and suffering with a sensitive nature that thirsted for love and sympathy he had braved misrepresentation reproach hatred and abuse shrinking with nervous dread from pain and peril he had fearlessly endured both he had lived and suffered for the true sake. He had been. Skipped over he had been like his master a homeless wander upon the earth seek King to relieve the burdens of humanity and the empty exemplifying his life the life of Christ how could the capricious passionate licentious tyrant who had no conception of that value of a self-denying for which was noble life be expected to understand or appreciate the character and motives of this and of God Paul and Nero face to face the youthful miner bearing upon his sin stamped countenance the shameful record of the passions that reigned within the age prisoners' common management face telling of a hard peace with God and man the results of opposite systems of training and education stood that day contrasted the life of unbounded self-indulgence in the life of others self-sacrifice here were the representatives of 2 religions Christianity in Paganism the representatives of 2 theories of life this implicity of self-denying in durance ready to give up life itself if need be for the good of others and the luxury of all absorbing selfishness that counts nothing too valuable to sacrifice for momentary gratification the representatives of 2 spiritual powers the ambassador of Christ the representative of and the slave of Satan their relative position showed to what extent the course of this world was under the rule of the Prince of Darkness The wretch who saw was stained with incest and matricide was robed in purple and seated upon the throne while the purest and noblest of men stood before the Judgment Seat despised hated unfettered. The vast hall which was the place of trial was thronged by an eager restless crowd that surged and pressed to the front to see and hear all that should take place none those gathered there with the high in the well the rich and the poor the learned in the ignorant the proud and the humble yet all alike were destitute of the true knowledge of the way of life and salvation again the Jews urged against the prisoner the old charges of sedition and heresy while both Jewish and Romans accused him of in instigating the burning of the city while his enemies were vehemently urging their accusations Paul preserve the quiet dignity no shade of fear or anger disturb the peaceful serenity that rested upon his countenance the people and even the judges be held him with surprise they had been present at many trials and looked upon many a criminal but never had they seen a man wear such a look of holy calmness as did the prisoner before them the keen eyes of the judges accustomed as they were to read the countenances of their prisoners searched the face of Paul for some hidden trace of crime but in vain when he was permitted to speak in his own behalf all listened with eager interest to his words once more Paul had an opportunity to raise a lot before a wondering multitude the banner of the cross with more than human eloquence and power he that day urged home upon their hearts the truth of the Gospel the wisdom of God was revealed through his servant as Paul stands before the Emperor of the world is words strike a cord which vibrates in the hearts of even the most hardened and which thrills in unison with the mission of angels truth clear and convincing overthrows error and refutes faults said never before had that company listened to word like words like these. Light was shining in the darkened minds that would gladly follow the guidance of its pressing precious rays the truth spoken on that occasion would never die though the utterance of a feeble and aged prisoner they were destined to shake the nations they were endowed with a power that would live through all time influencing the hearts of men when the lips that uttered them should be silent in a martyr's grave as Paul gazed upon the throng before him and Jews Greeks Romans with strangers from many lands his so was stirred with an intense desire for their salvation he lost sight of the occasion of the perils which surrounded him of the terrible fate which seems a near the luck look above all this to Jesus the divine in recess or the advocate pleading before the throne of God in behalf of sinful men earnestly he pointed his hearers to the great sacrifice made in behalf of the fallen rays presented before than man in his true dignity in value and infinite price had been paid for man's redemption provision had been made that he might be exalted to share the throne of God to become the heir of him or a rich it is. Angel messengers earth was connected with heaven and all the deeds of men good or evil were open before the eye of infinite justice thus pleads the advocate of truth faithful among the faithless loyal and true among the disloyal and disobedient he stands as God's representative in his words or as a voice from heaven there is no trace of fear sadness or discouragement in countenance or manner strong in his conscious an innocence clothed with the panoply of truth he rejoices that he is a Son of God as words are like a shout of victory above the roar of the battle. The cause of truth which is devoted his life he makes appear as the only cause the can never fail though he may perish for the true sake the gospel will not perish God lives in the truth will triumph his countenance glows with the light of heaven as though reflecting the rays of the sun and many who looked upon him in that hall of justice saw his face as it had been the face of an angel tears dim many eyes that had never before been seen to weep and a gospel message found its way to the minds and hearts of many who would never have listened to it but for the imprisonment of paw never had Nero heard the truth as he heard it upon that occasion never had the enormous guilt of his own life been revealed to him as it was revealed that day the light of heaven had pierced the simpler the chambers of his so he quaked would tear at the thought of a tribunals but for which he the ruler of the world should be arraigned and where his deeds should meet a just reward he was afraid of the apostles of God and he dare not pass sentence upon Paul against whom no accusation had been sustained. Sense of law for a time restrained his bloodthirsty spirit for a moment Heaven had been opened before him by the words of Paul and its peace and purity had appeared desirable that moment the invitation of Mercy was extended even to the guilty and hardened Nira but only for a moment the command was issued for Paul to be taken back to his dungeon. And as he as the door closed upon the messenger of God so the door of repentance was for ever Ploesti against the emperor of Rome not another ray of light was ever to penetrate the dense darkness that envelop him. There needed only this crowning act of rejection of Divine Mercy to call down upon him the retributive justice of God It was not long after this that Nero sailed on his expedition to Greece where he disgraced himself in his kingdom by the most contemptible and debasing for violence. He returned to Rome with great power and in his golden palace surrounded by the most infamous of his courtiers in gauged in scenes of revolting to block tree in the midst of their revelry the voices of a tumult in the streets was heard and in this unsure was dispatched to learn the cause he hastily returned with the appalling news the gall the the head of an avenging army was marching rapidly upon Rome that insurrection had already broken out in the city and the streets were filled with an enraged mob threatening death to the Emperor and all his supporters Harappan they are going their way toward the palace the wretch tyrant as cowardly as he was cruel was completely on me and he sprang from the table at which he had been feasting and drinking overturning it in his blind tear and dashing the most costly wares to fragments like one beside himself he rushed hither and thither beating his forehead and crying out I'm lost I'm lost he had not like the faithful paw a powerful compassionate God to rely upon in his our peril he knew that if taken prisoner he would be subjected to insult and torture and he considered how he might end his miserable life with as little pain as possible calls for poison when it was brought he dare not take it he called for a sword but after examining it sharp edge he laid it also aside then disguised in women's clothing he rushed from his palace and fled through the dark narrow streets to the Tiber. But as he looked into its murky depths his courage again failed one of the few companions who had followed him suggested that he escaped to a country seat a few miles distant where he might find safety concealing his face he leapt upon a horse and succeeded in making his escape while the Emperor was thus ingloriously feet fleeing for his life the Roman senate emboldened by the insurrection in the approach of Gaul the pastor they created glaring Nero to be the enemy of his country and condemning him to death the news of this decision brought to Nero by one of his companions the monarch inquired what manner of death he was to suffer and was told that he was to be stripped naked it be fastened by his head in the pillory and to be scourge to death the monster who had delighted to inflict upon Christians the most inhumane torture its rank with horror at the mere thought of enduring like torture himself he seized the dagger in again endeavored to nerve him self to plunge it into his heart but the prick of the instrument was all that he could endure as he threw it aside with a groan of despair horsemen were heard approaching his retreat was discovered a few moments and he would be in the power of his enemies terrified alike at the thought of torture and suicide he still has a Tade and was compelled at last to let a slave help his trembling hand force a dagger in his throat and thus perish the tyrant Nero at the early age of 32 God in His infinite mercy bears along with the transgressors of his law in the days of Abraham he declared that the die idolatrous Amorites should still be spared until the 4th generation for their nickel to eat was not yet full and he could not give command for their destruction for more than 400 years he spared them. But when instead of turning to repentance they hardened the hearts and iniquity and made war upon his people their day a probation closed and then mandate went forth for that matter extinction with unerring accuracy the infinite one keeps a record of the impiety of nations and individuals long as his mercy tendered to them with calls to repentance but when their guilt reaches a certain limit which is fixed then mercy ceases for pleadings and the ministration of Wrath begins but Paul a narrow story doesn't end with their death there's another chapter coming Paul will be resurrected in a 1000 years later Nero will also be resurrected but this time their condition is reversed there will be a great city with majestic walls it is the secret place of the most high in Paul is filled it will still be dwelling there at the end of a 1000 years with millions resurrected within who dwell with him in the secret place of the most high Nero is resurrected outside this fortress amid the ransom throng of the apostles of Christ the heroic Paul the ardent Peter the loved and loving John in their true hearted brethren and with them the vast host of martyrs all out side the walls with every violin a Bommel thing are those by whom they were persecuted imprisoned and slain it was Nero that monster of cruelty in Vice beholding the joy in exile Taishan of those whom he once tortured and in whose it extremist anguish he found satanic delight the whole with it world stand or raid at the bar of God in the charge of high treason against government haven't they been known to plead their cause they are without excuse. In the sentence of eternal death is pronounced against then now Nero the former unrighteous judge is being judged by God the righteous Judge and God has already declared what his judgment will be Proverbs $1131.00 if the righteous will be recompensed on the earth how much more the on godly in the center Malakai for one for behold the days coming burning like an oven and all the proud yes all who do wickedly will be stubble and the day which is coming shall burn them up says the Lord of hosts that will leave them neither right nor branch narrow will have a lot of company in the days of no other despite her scissors of God's grace mocked at the open door into the ark when the door closed and the rain came they rushed to the ark and knocked pleading for entry but no entry was given so those outside the city will see the gate it's a pearl closed and Jesus warned his hearers when once the master of the house has risen up and shut the door and you begin to stand outside and knock at the door saying Lord Lord open for us and he will answer and say to you I do not know you where you from then you will begin to say We ate and drank in your presence in you taught in our street but he will say I tell you I do not know you where you are from Depart from me all you workers of iniquity there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God and yourselves thrust out they will come from the east in the West from the north in the south and sit down in the kingdom of God God's heavenly Supreme Court not only convicted Nero it also reversed the Nero Roman injurious and he drew his conviction against Paul. The time of his death Paul understood this from his harsh dungeon he constantly wrote Timothy his dying words I have fought the good fight finished the race I have kept the faith Finally there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness which the Lord the right just judge will give to me on that day in not in the own way but also to all who have lost his appearing there is a crack down that is offered to us in all who dwell in the secret place of the most high the right shall inherit the land and dwell in it forever no wonder the a past a prophet belum exclaim let me die the death of the right just and that might indeed be like he has but it is only the right just life that can have a right his death how many would like to join me in surrendering all we have an Arctic riced determining to dwell in a secure place of the most high with daily prayer daily searching of the scripture and daily obedience to its directions those who do this will be able to look back at the end of life as Paul did in see Christ leading and guiding them protecting their nourishing them refreshing them throughout their life and they will be through fearless through every time a fear let's pray Dear Lord we want to be fearless The cuz we're in the sacred place of the most high we want to be like Paul not like Nero when that time of fear grips nations we want to be secure in your hand teaches how to pray teaches how to study your word give us repentance. It leads to hate sin in love Jesus. Love. We thank you for hearing this prayer in Christ's name. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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