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04 How to Have a Strong Immune System

Chris Anderson
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  • April 1, 2020
    9:45 AM
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Father in heaven we need you in this world full of disease and sickness we pray that you would keep us safe help us to understand rightly how we can be strong when others around us are full and you put us in Jesus' name. On a show a few pictures about the time when when we lived in Africa here's Alina and Johan Oh they were just little mites we knew was about to go on was about one and. I think how the grown up this was the country is India is going to landlocked country in the heart of Africa and this is a typical picture of a rural village that that we visited likely this was a Sabbath afternoon we would often visit out in the villages we go to church in some of the local churches that look that looks too much different than the hut there in the background here's Alina holding up the Bible role that was used for her subs book last you know and. The girls often didn't like Sabbath school because the locals there thought that their long hair was braided in and that it wasn't real and so they were curious to know it was a wig and so they would pull it and so when they would get us I was class they would come back and their head would be hurting because they would be pulling their hair wasn't their favorite experience often in the rural areas they did not have an interpreter for all the classes and so typically the translator would translate for me when I would speak but then we just we didn't understand the Tonka language so it was definitely need of interpreter we saw the wisdom in Paul's advice whenever there is a blank foreign language there should be an interpreter. Here's the girls we were walking this is the road along the Riverside Farm Institute where we worked and there was maize grow in the background. And my story today begins with this house this is where we lived and the steps here actually the girls were likely eating Shima and the only one of them was even a fork the rest of them were using their hands but one day this was about the time of faith and and my anniversary some of our friends had arranged a special. Get away escape for anniversary and they had somebody came and watched our kids for us and they they blindfolded us and they put us in a van and drove us across the camp we didn't know where they were taking us but they were bouncing around and and they took us up to the life else which is up on the Hill and overlooks the river below it's very beautiful so they had a special meal for us there and we ate together and we had just a really nice time and I started not feeling well they also had arranged for us to get a massage each of us faith and I we went to different rooms I've never really like massages they just don't work for me you know Anyway I won't go into that here but as I was laying there I started getting this heavy sensation in my hands they just felt like at. Each hand and my head was getting dizzy and I just wasn't feeling well and this young man Anthony was going to the Sergeant Anthony thank you so much is really nice of you because he was doing it just you know to be nice to us this is really nice of you I just don't feel well you know can we just bring this to a close and yeah sure so I went and sat and Sharon would have faith to be course she cannot radiate she loves massages so we feel this is really nice I mean can we go back I just don't feel good so they brought him to a conclusion took us home. And we went into the house up those stairs right here and I went in in the door and that was the last time I would come out the door for a while I want to house and I just wasn't feeling good I take the next the next day I went to the clinic at Riverside and they says Chris you probably have malaria now so they gave me a test for malaria now the way the test for malaria works is that if you test positive you have malaria if you test negative you'll likely have an ear for the tests aren't. You know aren't foolproof and so what they do is if anyone is exhibiting symptoms then they will after a day or so they'll give them malaria medicine and so. The next day I took some military medicine and I just got more and more sick so they gave me a stronger medicine the next day and and I still got weaker and weaker I couldn't even get out of the bed and I don't know how long I don't remember at this moment how long I laid there in the bed but it was it was days and. The There was 2 men from the from the administers there on campus like even the house and they lay their hands on me and they prayed for me that I would get better but I did and I got worse and we decided I need to go into the hospital in town so faith helped me walk down these stairs and I remember getting to the Land Cruiser and we went to the hospital I felt so sick my back was aching incredibly my head thought like it was splitting up was just weak all over and they took me into the hospital faith and I and they put me to a wheelchair and we'll be back into some room and the headache around put me in this bed and this curtain around me and I remember hearing my wife weeping just outside the curtain and the doctor told her woman get a hold of yourself so she left there shortly thereafter and I remember laying on that bed looking at the wall wondering is this it my going to die is my life over in my ready for death not all of us have come face to face with that I have. Sure many others here also have come face to face with what they felt like could be death and wondered is this it is it over what's next and begin to think about my life you know what I had done with my life and I still felt there was something in my heart I wanted to see I wanted to see my brother have a loving relationship with God. That's what I want what I paid for or I want to see this and if my wife and my children did but I wanted my brother to have this walk with God Well I'll tell you the rest of the story when we come to the end obviously you see them live so I want to talk about the immune system now $1.91 verse 7 says 1000 may fall at your side $10000.00 at your right hand but it will not come near you this is the tax we want to talk about here well you have to see that it's going to never go Ok so I pulled out 3 of my favorite books when I was thinking about the immune system and began to peruse the index in the back to see what it had to say about the immune system now you're going to find the result here of my perusal. 0 one of one of the books I have is called How Not To die by Dr Michael Greger And in this book he asks if there was a supplement that you could take would cut in half the number of days that when you were sick after you got the common cold would you take it has only good set of facts Well of course you would what is that supplement that supplement is called Oh I guess peer exercise exercise will cut in half the number of days that you will be sick from the common cold. Now studies show that when children run outside for just 6 minutes that the levels of their immune system the levels of their immune cells in their blood will increase almost 50 percent so exercise helps your immune system to increase. There's another study where elderly sedentary women were studied and when they're in this age of not very active they have a 50 percent chance of getting an upper respiratory illness during the fall season so they did a randomized test and they had some that would begin to have or walk walking program and it actually dropped their risk to 20 percent so fairly interesting so just getting out and walking will reduce drop your chance of getting up or up the Tory films Ok so this 3rd picture here we here we have of runners. You'll be happy to know that condition runners have a 8 percent risk of developing an upper respiratory infection it appears that exercise makes their immune system 5 times better at fighting infection so if you ever thinking of running maybe this might inspire you a little bit so why why is this why is it that moving decreases infection Well it has to do with what you see right here your eyes your nose in your mouth they all have this mucosa that's that's around your face there 95 percent of all infections start in the new coastal surfaces. So. There is something within that mucosa some antibodies that's called i.g.a. immunoglobulin type. And this provides a neutralizing Emperor and it prevents viruses from penetrating into the body so I ga and your saliva is considered the 1st line defense against pneumonia and the flu so compared to a sedentary contort control group though to perform a moderate exercise a robot gets or size for 30 minutes 3 times a day. Reported and for 12 weeks had a 50 percent increase in their levels of i.g.a. in their saliva and they reported significantly fewer respiratory infections try move this or here's my view Ok. There we go see exercise group 30 minutes 3 times a week 12 weeks 50 percent higher i.g.a. and saliva so that's something you could take a note of and you could begin to do in your life. Now. There's something to be a careful about the overtraining can increase the Rics risk of. Infection because it impairs your immune function so if you really want to exercise Here's an here's an option for you see that that picture there on the bottom with popcorn now they did a study and they had some athletes pedal on a bicycle for 2 hours and they noticed that the number of their monocytes which is a type of white blood cell took a dip so there was some that took a took 3 quarters of a teaspoon of nutritional you've used legs before they started exercising and it increased their monocytes more than their original level when they started so that's the popcorn right so exercise will rally the immune system. And this is. This is by John d. rating in his book called Spark and so he says that the exercise strengthens your immune system in 2 different ways number one it will rally the immune system as you see here with the antibodies and the t. cell the lymphocytes and it's the antibodies that attack bacterial and viral infections and and it increases your t. cells which is what goes around your body and fights infection and the 2nd thing that it will do is activate cells that fix damage and inflamed tissues if you have inflammation that exercise will help you want that those white blood cells in the into bodies in your body to to fight infection you want to strong immune system that can handle that so exercise going to be one of those ways that that will happen already let's put this back up here. Ok so actually size it in 30 minutes a day a robotic activity is good not too much if you end up doing too much and you can take some nutritional use legs and that will help boost some of your white blood cells so now we're going to talk about the next thing that will be bitten that will boost your immune system and this is in a book by Matthew Walker and he wrote a book called Why We sleep so they did a study on $150.00 healthy men and women. So they measured their sleep for a one week in advance they had them wear some sort of a wrist watch that measured their sleep every night to make sure they were getting good sleep and then. See what did they do so they kept them for a. And then oh and then they quarantine them and they squirted It's called rhinovirus which is a common cold they scored of this virus right up their nose right up their nostrils now believe it or not all of these people knew what they were doing and that this was an actual cold they were squirting up the nose so then they kept them for a week in the laboratory they monitor them all closely they took frequent blood and saliva samples they gathered virtually every glob of nasal mucus possible they had a blow their nose regularly they would capture the mucous they would bag it would tag it they would weigh it they would analyze it and the purpose of this was to identify if someone had a objectively identify if someone had actually caught the cold so they compared those that were in part of this now they were in 2 groups one group was allowed to sleep for 5 hours or less this was the week before the rhinovirus up their nose and the other group groups let 7 hours or more now it's interesting the one group that slept 5 hours or less they had a 50 percent infection rate 50 percent of them caught the cold but those that slipped 7 hours or more only 18 percent of them caught the cold so there was a direct linear relationship between sleep and infection. So. When they did another test one some individuals that got the flu and they got a flu shot and they wanted to compare the effectiveness of this of the of the flu shot with sleep and the immune system response and the flu shot is only effective if your body builds up antibodies against that thing whatever it is like if they have a polio shot they give you some weak or dead polio backed whatever it is and into your body and your body fights against it and it builds up these antibodies in your body that react to polio. And so it's only effective if your body builds up those antibodies to do that so this is in 2002 they took a group of healthy young adults they had 2 groups and they put one group was allowed to sleep 4 hours a night for 6 nights the other group slept 7 a half to 8 hours a night for 6 nights at the end of 6 days everyone was given a flu shot so their lack of sleep happened before the flu shot and then blood samples were taken taken so a group one. Had less than 50 percent of the immune reaction as compared to group to group 2 had a powerful and body reaction which demonstrated a healthy robust immune system so this demonstrates that lack of sleep will affect the ability of your body to build up antigens or antibodies so the question came up well maybe because Group one. They lost maybe they could catch up on their sleep and then their body would build up their immune system so in fact that was false they could never go on to develop a full immunity action to that flu shot a reduction in certain immune cells could still be observed a year later in participants after just a minor short dose of sleep risk restriction so you can't catch up on sleep sleep loss of sleep loss Reverend how it impacts you and that time of your life will you will be facing that for a long time so it doesn't require many nights to shorten your. To make you immunologically week. Now there is something in your body called natural killer cells kind of a cool name so they did a and what these do is they go around in your body and they're looking for things that don't belong there and if they find something that doesn't belong there or a cell in a body that isn't functioning properly it will it will kill them and poke a hole in them and have that kind of disintegrate so there was a study done by Dr Michael Irwin in the University of California in Los Angeles he took a group of healthy young men and there was one single night that they were allowed to sleep only 4 hours such as they went to bed at 3 and they woke up at 7 and he tested their natural killer cells before and after and. We tested after he found that 70 percent of their natural killer cells were removed because of their lack of sleep sleep really affects these natural killer cells function in your body. That's one of the Ok now I want to switch to nutrition we talked about exercise we talked about sleep and now we're going to talk about nutrition Dr Michael Gregor in his book How to die talks of elderly folks now is it true that when you get elderly your immune system declines or could it possibly be true that as you get out early your attention to dietary habits maybe isn't as good and the quality of your dietary habits or dietary habits go down so they did a test they took a group of 83 volunteers ranging from 65 to 85 years old and they divided into 2 groups so Group one was giving a serving of less than 3 servings of vegetables and groups every day and group 2 had greater than 5 servings of fruits and veggies every day and then they were all vaccinated against pneumonia. Group 2 had a 82 percent greater antibody response demonstrating that diet directly affects your annual system now certain certain fruits and veggies may give your immune system an extra boost So what are some of these things. One of one of my favorite here and I'm learning to appreciate where we've been making kale chips and they're phenomenal You can ask Hilda flick and her for a whole Lisa flick and her for her kale recipe she got a really good one so that u.s.d.a. estimates that Americans eat point 05 pounds of killed each year that's about a cup and a half in 10 years so the Japanese researchers did a test on Rock Hill protein and they dripped one millionth of a gram on white blood cells in a petri dish and it multiplied the antibody production 500 percent so. Having some kale floating around your blood is not a bad thing what about cooking so they cooked kale for 30 minutes but it did not have any effect on the antibody production in fact it seemed to work even better so our it should be noted that this was done in test tubes and not in real pain in people there's been no clinical studies on this on real people to be regarding kale So what about the next veggie broccoli. So in your intestinal lining there there is a very thin barrier between. The outside world whatever you eat goes through you and your bloodstream it's about it's thinner than a sheet of paper and the inside of your intestinal lining is about 2000 square feet about the size of the floor of a typical house nutrients and fluids can pass through this wall but it prevents your body from leaking fluids out now something has to be there to help prevent that bacteria and viruses and things from getting in there and toxins and so there is something called the insurer at the illegal lymphocytes these condition and repair the intestinal lining so they are the 1st line of gut defense against pathogens and food and other and vital environmental pollutants like dioxins So these. Lymphocytes are covered with age receptors that activates them so scientists try to find out what is the key that opens these age receptors so that these powerful cells can work well they found that the key in what you're looking at broccoli cruciferous vegetables like Kill cauliflower cabbage Brussels sprouts so Japanese researchers they found that fighting nutrients such as a pure thing is found in fruits veggies tea leaves and beans and it can block the effects of powerful toxins in your body like dioxin They also found that there is an animal product that works as well too to activate 8 receptor luck they found out the camel urine works as well so when your kids are protesting about broccoli you can tell them that there is another option available that you could make available. So one note about security named it's it works the only way it really comes to work just to make it simple is that when it's chewed or torn or cut it releases a chemical reaction that that helps secure a plane to come into effect so if you cook your broccoli it right away without cutting it or chopping it the seal still for a faint is not if not available and it's not going to do the protection your body looks like you want so Dr Gregory recommends what he calls the hack and hold you cut it or chop it and just let it sit for 45 minutes just leave it there and then you cook it the chemical reaction has happened within it and even if you cook at the Saffir a plane will still will still be there so in order to get the effect out of these nutrients like cauliflower cow kale cabbage from routes and broccoli you need to cut it let it sit for a libertarian and it will be effective later we cut pieces up and put it in our salad and we have mix that in with our salad and so we have broccoli there that add some extra. Extra flavor to our salad there's another there's another nutrient nutrient nutritious item that I think everyone will love that will help your immune system and that is fruits the bioactive botanical research library says the berries of all colors are champions at present preventing disease the seams because of their a built a parent ability to counteract reduce and repair damage resulting from oxidative stress stress and inflammation and recently it's been discovered that berries may boost the levels of natural killer cells in your body. Now there's about $2000000000.00 natural killer cells floating floating around in your body so some researchers wanted to test how this would affect athletes in particular runners and so they gave them blueberries to eat they asked them to eat one and a half cups of blueberries for every day for 6 weeks they were trying to reduce the oxidative stress to a long distance running and only these cells decrease after a seat a session of prolonged insurance activity by about a 1000000000 the couldn't have but would have done with that at least was in fact the opposite the result was from eating the blueberries their. Their natural killer cells doubled they had 4000000000 natural 4000000000 natural killers of floating around in their body so we talked about exercise we talked about sleep we've talked about nutrition these are key areas to boost your immune system now it's interesting to note that compared to the entire body the immune system cells are less it's just a few of them in your body floating around I know 1000000000 but compared to rest that's in your body it's just a few and yet they have a protective measure on the entire body they are a defense for the incredible they in fact see and protect just by their presence being there so there's a spiritual application here I'm sure I'm convinced we're in a world that's full of disease the disease of sin Now don't take that too far cent isn't simply a disease it's it's a reality it's an action it's a thought it's a word it is an it is a disease that the remedy to sin is Jesus' blood Jesus provides that which will give us true immunity to sin he's offered his blood to spare mankind now God has placed his church in this world. To protect and to point them towards the remedy that can save you or to be God's immune system in this world you have a purpose and a plan God is looking for a few good men and women who have been stayed by the Blood of Jesus to stand up for him he is looking for some fake ascites and some antibodies and some white blood cells that will point to the blood of Jesus that will not fear to call sin by its right name there will demonstrate the love of God to a dying world that will preach the truth even though it hurts were given this quote in the book education the greatest want in the world is the want of men men who will not be bought or sold men who in their inmost souls are true and honest men who do not fear to call sin by its right name men whose conscience is due to is as true to duty as the needle to the pole men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall she goes on to say about these individuals but such a character is not the result of accident it is not due to special favors or endowments of Providence a noble character is the result of self-discipline of the subject and of the lower to the higher nature the surrender of self for the service of God to love God and to love man so just like nutrition exercise and sleep help to build a strong immune system just so God has something designed to keep us safe to ward off invasion and attacks. Catch up here Ok so any fusion 6. In 10 to 13 we're told this Finally my brother and be strong in the Lord in the power of His might put on the whole armor of God that you may build be may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil but we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual hosts of wickedness and heavenly places therefore take up the whole armor of God that you may be able to withstand in the evil day and having done all to stand so God has given us an armor that will protect us from Satan's attacks from sin from the invasion that this world wants to present to us so we're told this stand therefore having your lawyers good about with truth now we need to understand and know what truth is truth is that which will set us free when we are struggling with temptation there is some part of truth that we need to understand more clearly when we are in some relationship. Battle with someone else there is some part of truth that we need to understand more clearly God's truth is that which will set us free how is that we need to respond we come to truth when we come to God's word that we come to God's Word tell him what his word means no we need to come as a humble supplement Lord what does your word mean trying to understand what it means interesting sometimes you hear the statement when something hard in Scripture is read when it talks about jewelry or something else and they'll say yes but and want to argue with what the Scripture actually says instead of saying yes but say Lord Maybe I need to understand his more fully Maybe there's something in my heart that doesn't like this will help me to understand your truth that I might be set free rather than a yes but we should stand firm in the truth because if the truth however hard it maybe that will set us free. Stand having on the can't see that scripture there to its hoops and having on the breast plate of righteousness What is the breastplate of righteousness this has to be Christians that are by faith experiencing a life transformed by Jesus their lives and acts are brought into harmony with the Word of God Their thoughts are brought into harmony with the Word of God they were experiencing the righteousness of God in their life not by their own strength but by the strength of Jesus now we're told this only by the faithfulness in little things can a soul be trained to act with fidelity under larger responsibilities God brought Daniel and his Veloso into connection with the great men of Babel and that these heathen men might become acquainted with the principles of true religion in the midst of a nation of idolaters Daniel was to represent the character of God How did he become fitted for a position of so great trust and honor it was his faithfulness in the little things that gave complection to his whole life he honored God in the smallest duties and the Lord cooperated with him how we have the breastplate of righteousness on its little things that are the big deals in our life now little things sometimes we can overlook what is this and what is that you know it we just sometimes think they're not that big of a deal but they add up to be a big deal then you have learned they feel as in the little things so as you just reflect on your own life what are the little things that you're slipping or what are the little things that seem to be that big of a deal that your temper is it and you treat each other is it you spend your money is that the things that you watch on the Internet there are so many things that just come at us on the Internet. But God wants us to be righteous there we need to have on the breast plate of righteousness we're watching the Internet we need to avert our eyes turn the channel have your wife switch the ad off so that you can look over. The breast plate of righteousness we're told the work to which As Christians we are called is to cooperate with Christ for the salvation of souls this work we have entered into covenant with him to do to neglect the work is to prove disloyal to Christ but in order to accomplish this work we must follow his example of faithful conscientious attention to the little things this is the secret of success in every line of Christian effort and influence do you want to experience the breastplate of Christ's righteousness is to be found in the little things if the Secret 6 of success. You know every line of Christian effort as we surrender our life to Jesus and by faith experience his righteousness in our life we can find victory and help in the little things continuing on an efficiency x. and your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace Wow what a powerful text everywhere you go you're taking the good news of peace with you now some days when I'm more grouchy my children are sure that I'm not putting on the shoes some days I may not get enough sleep at night or give the exercise I need and maybe I'm a little grouchy Here's the Acme. The Gospel should go with us everywhere I go we go and it should bring peace to those that we come in contact with this Gospel is something that should be transforming our life and it should be causing us to go places were told to go into all the world and take the good news the gospel to every living creature. Above all this take the shield of faith where with you should be able to quench the fiery darts of the wicked now Satan has fiery darts that he wants to pierce you with one after another after another until you can't move any longer because you have so much doubt in your mind but this shield of faith holds him off the shield of faith by faith you lift up the shield when temptations come your way by faith God gives you the strength to experience His righteousness by faith like Aber for him you began to have your eyes fixed on a city whose builder and maker is God God wants you to walk by faith and your faith will give you strength over the darts that state has and the doubts the Brings up in your mind and take the helmet of the of salvation I think it's interesting that Paul says that the helmet of our salvation the helmet goes over the head the the mind receives the salvation that God has for the thoughts are brought into objection to to God He cleanses a salvation is to be see if he sees our mind in our thoughts take the helmet of salvation this is how to have a strong immune system for the infection that Satan wants to place in your mind allow God to see your thoughts bring every thought into captivity to Jesus Christ and the sort of the Spirit which is the Word of God How can you study God's word in such a way that it's fixed in your mind. I remember doing a Bible reading plan and I read I read through your directive the test is that if you read through the entire Bible in one year you read through the entire conflict of the ages in one year and you read through the entire testimonies to the church in one year and I would get up in morning I would read for 2 hours straight and when I got down I could hardly remember what I would read read the next day and in I learned a lot of it was a huge blessing to me but I had a hard time remembering that and then I read this quote in the book Christian education there is but little benefit derived from he still reading of the Scriptures 1 May read the whole Bible through and yet fail to see its beauty or comprehend its deep and hidden meaning one passage study until its significance is clear to the mine and its relation to the plan of salvation is evident is of more value than the perusal of many chapters and no definite purpose in view and no positive instruction gained keep your Bible with you and as eager as you have opportunity read it fix the memory texts in your mind and even while you're walking the streets you may read a passage and meditate upon it thus fixing it in the mind so meditating thinking about it so that I began to do differently I would read a passage and I would think about it throughout the day after I finish reading I think about it I pray about it and throughout the day I would think on that text and wow it made such a different I could remember what I was reading and it made a transformative difference in my life do not do history but may become a part of who you are praying with all prayer and supplication in the spirit. Each one of these elements of the armor that God has on us we're to pray with in that way we're to pray to understand truth we are pray to experience God's righteousness we're to pray to have our feet shot of the gospel of 3 apiece what to pray for the shield the faith would pray that God would help us the rightly use his sword in ways that would not be offensive and yet would be faithful to him and all things would pray and through that we will find power and strength from that which wants to attack us in life now Daniel was a man who experienced the armor of God in his life and he was a man who experienced faithfulness in little things Daniel had learned to be faithful in little things and so when he came to battle and he decided in his mind with the helmet of salvation on Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself that decision is something each one of us needs to do in order to be prepared for the crisis ahead if we don't decide now that we are not going to defile ourselves there were Put God 1st in fact we're going to fail but Daniel purposed in his heart he decided that God would have his heart and not anyone else it's interesting the primary thing that he purposed was he would not defile unself with food. The temptation that Adam and Eve 1st faced was food Jesus' 1st temptation by the tempter in the wilderness was food Daniel as he's been tempted in Babylon was food interesting food eaten in correctly will break down our immune system but when we eat the things that God has designed our body to eat it will strengthen our system. Food the idle we many of us face and he defines our and help from Jesus we also read about another man Joseph he experienced faithfulness he stood up in a world that was falling down he ran away he fled from temptation and experienced the power that God had for him I want to talk about another man named Gideon ye and had a father who was no longer faithful giving had a father who had idols set up and grows to worship now the idols that were in that Gideon was facing in dealing with was something that God had pricked his heart that he should deal with but we have we have idols in our life today too we have idols of fashion where we want to have the right clothes we want to dress the right way we have idols of food the things that we like to eat we will not give them up even if we know they're not good for us we want certain things we're going to have them regardless of what God clearly tells us to do and I love food we have the idol of taste oh it tastes good so I'm going to eat it we're the idol of music and music was something in my experience that I battled with listening to this music to the real Your Christian experience we also have the idol of we'll call it fun young people want to have fun I understand we often ask them was it fun was your 7 school class fun was church fun did you have fun in the afternoon did you have fun at your grandparents' house it's all about fun I'm sorry but. Sometimes we make fun to be an item the king that we worship it's not fun then we're not going to have anything to do with it well there's things in life that we do big even if they're not fun cleaning my children's diapers was not fun but it was important. There certainly grateful that we did. Sweeping the house may not be fun exercise it may not be fun but you experience the fruit of righteousness and later you appreciate those things we have the idol of jewelry we have the idol of Instagram we have the idol of material things like cars and houses and smart phones and the latest whatever we have these items but get in was told in judges 6 verse 25 that the Lord said to him Take your father's bull and the 2nd bull 7 years old and pull down the altar of bale that your father has and cut down the asher that is beside it and build an altar to the Lord your God on the top of the strong here with stones laid in due order then take the 2nd bowl and offered as a burnt offering with the wood of the Azure that you should cut down so he was told to be faithful with this little thing this common cold this sickness had come into his family and he was told he needed to take care of this so he did and he was faithful God preserved him and there began to be a revival that spread out among the children of Israel he was faithful with the little things and now he was ready for the coronavirus that was going to come the Midianites and the America its were told and judge of 6 verse $33.00 now all the nitty knights and the Americans and the people of the east came together and they crossed the Jordan and it camp in the valley of Jess real they were facing total slaughter by these that were there but were told a judge a 6 verse $34.00. No I didn't get the text there but I'll read it to you but the spirit of the Lord God clothed Gideon and he sounded the trumpet and the busy rights were called out to follow him so giddy and had been faithful with the little things and now he has to be faithful with this large battle and he send the trumpet call in the people to war so. They showed up there 32000 children of Israel showed up there ready to fight but they were as but a drop in the bucket compared to the Midianites of the Amalekites But God had a word for them and for Gideon it surprised them the Lord said to get even the people with you are too many for me to give the Midianites into their him lest Israel boast over me saying my own hand has saved me it wasn't the amount of people that God was needing he was looking for a few faithful men his fag ascites it is antibodies to carry out his work honestly or were earth you needed a few men well it was too many and so get into the whoever is afraid leave 22000 of the fearful ones left. So there was 10000 remaining And God said yet there are still too many so they were tested by how they drank water and those who were alert to the Times who were ready to do battle they were the ones that were selected 9700 were sent home only 300 remained. Georgia 7 or 7 The Lord said to get in with the 300 men who lapped I will save you and give the Midianites into your hand and let all the others toke every man to his home. These 300 men experienced the power of God they saw his hand move mightily and Israel was safe not by might nor by power but by my spirits of the Lord at the end of time God is going to do a mighty thing in our life read this to you oh I don't have it there. Is this quote I have. Well here it is let me tell you that the Lord will work in these last days in a very manner very much out of the common order of things and in a way that will be contrary to any human planning there will be those among us who will always want to control the work of God to dictate even what movement shall be named when the work goes forward and under what direction of the angel who joins the 3rd angel and in the message to be given to the world God will use ways and means by which it will be seen that he is taking the reins in his own hands the workers will be surprised by the simple needs of people used to bring about and perfect his work of righteousness God is looking for a few men and women who are willing to be faithful and participate with him in his work in saving others to help be his immune system in this dark and dying world. But you have to wear protective barriers you have to wear the armor of God to be ready to fight in his battle. So I was laying on a hospital bed. This is over this is it if I had meningitis which would have been pretty serious probably fatal. Still don't know what I had I was in the hospital for a week I remember they would wake me up at night there was one nurse a male nurse that would wake me up in the middle the night and he puts something in my i.v. like a shot of something in my id and it would burn Oh it burned go I could feel it going up my arm my vein up to my shoulder Oh it just burned incredibly But he was so tender and so he would just put it in very slow other nurses were in a rush and they would just shove it in and it just rushed my van and it just hurt incredibly whatever it was it took effect and eventually I was able to go home it took me weeks to recover still don't know what it was that I had. But I live I was so grateful. That there were personnel at that hospital who are seeking to save someone like myself there are many in this world who are crying out for help. They need a few good men will stand up and say I will be counted and I will be faithful Howard says in Psalms 91 verse 7 a 1000 shall fall at your side and 10000 at your right here but it shall not come nigh there might be people falling all around but as we find Jesus to be our help and strength we can stand strong in a dark and dying world let's pray Father in heaven we come before you this evening recognizing that the task at hand is more than we can handle we know that we are weak and helpless we need Jesus we need his power to be found in our life or Please be with us as we seek to carry out your work and lift up your word in this dark and dying world help us to be faithful we wear the armor of God. That we've night be able to stand and having done all this thing for this in Jesus. 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