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06 Is This a Sickness Unto Death?

Chris Anderson
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  • April 4, 2020
    11:45 AM
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Ok Tonight's topic is this a sickness unto death and the particular focus of Psalms $91.00 that we're looking at this evening as there's 3 particular tax verse 5 you should not be afraid for the terror by night nor of the arrow that flies by day and then verse 11 for he shall give his angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways and verse 16 with long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation not a few pictures I want to show you of a place that is one of my favorite places on this planet All right so this is the delicate art in Moab Utah. An amazing feature that is there remnants of the flood this is what's called balanced rock you'll see it when you drive through Arches National Park it's just perched there on top and the landscape arch it is a magnificent arch that spans a long long way. And here is a view of the windows a section of arches park with the lasalle mountains there in the background just a beautiful area here's the Colorado River winding along through the cliffs and you can't really make it out but the. Road that winds along the valley there goes up into most if you drive right along a river Colorado River there as well there's another kind of fun roads to drive on there that will make it here on the back of your next stand up it's just an incredible playground with vehicles like Rusty's Jeep. It's just a big the playground there are all kinds of 4 wheelers that you can take to go zipping around there are canyons to go hiking and that was one of our favorite activities we would go hiking in canyons here is a very narrow canyon This is called the slot canyon and it kind of waves back and forth to call it undulates underlaying back and forth and these can be very dangerous when a flashlight occurs a little bit of water will fill that up very quickly this is a picture of you can barely see my brother there in the background Scott we want to miss this canyon we it doesn't even have a name it's just a canyon over and blue John Kenyon area so we nicknamed the antelope fish Canyon because it's still a lot of Antelope Canyon. There's another picture of him a little bit further in and you can see some of the of the lines that are on this particular Kenny beautiful. And a lot of rock climbing rappelling goes on here here some other pictures of repelling and my story today has to do with this general vicinity here in fact on the far end of this picture wedo way on those cliffs on the other end is kind of where my story takes place I worked at a little school here in this valley and one of the staff members decided he was going to take some students for a hike and they went up on the top of the cliff that you see there it's actually like a just a big desert on the top it's I mean it looks flat but it's very underlaying up and down as well I mean it's got a lot of. Trails and pinion pines and Jack kind it's just an amazing place to go hiking so he took some students he went down the river over the river road a ways and he cut up through a section was hiking across with the students but he didn't realize how far it actually was from where he parked to it to make it back down to the school and the others and this students were getting tired they were getting hungry they were getting thirsty that had taken a food and some of the students there were going one way and some started going another. Which was unfortunate Now prior to this time I had been working with some of the students and we had been going out. Into nature one day a week and we were part of a day and we would go Canyon earring and I had taught them how to do repelling we started off in the school barn and they climbed on top of the hay bales and then they repelled off of the hay bell so they learned how to do it on a low setting and we started doing it in the canyons and the cliffs that repel down the cliffs and they became pretty good at it and a doctor Dr Durst's and came to the campus and he started teaching high ropes rescue high angle rescue to some of the staff and some of the students we didn't know it then but that training was going to come into. The very much needed on this particular day as the staff member and students were walking along the top and getting tired and thirsty they each decided to come down different ways one particular young lady who was a Navajo young lady come up from Monmouth Valley area was with a group and she stumbled and fell on a very steep area and she rolled and tumbled and fell off a short cliff and damaged her leg she wasn't sure if it was broken she was in a lot of pain between her and the bottom of the valley where the school was was a series of cliffs that would was possible to navigate if you're walking but certainly not with a potentially broken leg and so I didn't know any of this was happening until a student showed up at my door that looked haggard and dirty and he said Mr Anderson there is some Eureka is over here on the cliff and she's hurt her leg we think it's broken and we need some help so. Crowd gathered this some of the staff that knew how to handle ropes and some of the students and we went over there and we climbed the cliffs it was a very difficult route to get up here and we found her and she was in a lot of pain so we split her leg and then we assessed what to do it was getting dark in fact by the time we got down it was completely dark but it was at this time that we saw the training that we had put in place ahead of time came into place we were able to make a plan we secured her between different individuals we secured ropes all the way down and we lowered her from one cliff to the next until she reached the bottom. She was home safe that evening it turns out she just had a sprain in her leg but it could have been far worse what enabled us to help her and get her down the cliff was preparation preparation before the crisis a preparation that took time and effort and energy but it was this preparation that enabled us to be of help when the crisis came I was to look at several biblical passages this evening about preparation and the most significant passage that came to my mind as I was thinking about this evening is in Jesus' relation to the disciples about the end of time Jesus had been in the temple he had left it for the last time he told them your house has left you desolate he and the disciples went down the steps and the stables were marveling at them and they said to Jesus look at these stones and Jesus said not one stone will be left upon another and the disciples were amazed at this and when they are right of the top and not all those they began to ask Jesus when will these things be what is the sign of your coming and tell us about the end of the world and so Jesus in Matthew $24.00 began to explain what the end of time would be like. After the end of Matthew $24.00 Jesus told a parable to emphasize the importance of preparation human look at that parable together and that is in Matthew chapter $25.00 will begin in verse one can you see that picture there. Yes Ok all right then the kingdom of heaven will be likened to 10 virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bride now this parable as with other parables as symbols and we need to rightly understand what those symbols are so 1st up talks about 10 virgins now in 1st Corinthians 11 in verse 2 Jesus says Paul says for I am jealous of you with a godly jealousy for I have betroth you to one husband that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ so the virgins that were represented here is God's church the this is a pure church this is a pure church that is waiting and working for him we see in Psalms 1105 that your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path so these 10 virgins where is are a pure church that has God's word guiding it and their using God's Word sharing it in a dark place so continuing now 5 of them were wise and 5 were foolish so at 1st appearance and 1st glance there's not a real difference between the 2 of them we don't see that they're wise and we don't see that they're foolish we're just told that they are and we see that later on in the parable but initially on looking at these individuals these 5 wise and 5 and foolish they look the same from outward appearance you cannot tell the difference between the wise and the foolish regions. It has to do with something different it has to do with their preparation for the crisis that was to come now these that were foolish. We're told in the book Christ object lessons referring to this the Apostle Paul points out that that there will be a special characteristic of these foolish virgins that will happen in individuals just before Christ 2nd coming and this is what Paul says and 2nd 231 through 5 in the last days perilous times will come now I would think we live in perilous times certainly and for men shall be lovers of their own selves I mean all kidding aside when we go to go to the store and there is no thought of ever you got to say. Lovers of their own selves lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God having a form of godliness but denying the power there of what is described here by the Apostle Paul is those who have the form of godliness but they don't have the power and will see as we go through this parable this is where the issue lies between the wise and the food virgins so let's go back to Matthew 25 those who were foolish took their lamps and took no oil with them but when the wise took all the oil in their vessels now this oil what is the oil that was to be in their vessels and I see in my next life Peter I've moved my scripture down or I failed to include it but this oil here that's referred to I think it just included is or isn't exactly a right chapter for we're told that this oil represents the Holy Spirit. So the foolish had lamps with a light burning but they had no extra oil if the wise who had the oil they had the oil of the Holy Spirit now in Zechariah when he's describing this tz this picture of to all the trees that are transmitting the oil from their trees into the lamps that is burning. It is this oil where Dr Rice is not by might nor by power but by my Spirit says The Lord the only way to rightly understand the lamp of God's word is for the spirit to enlighten our minds the only way for the power to be exhibited in our lives is to have the spirit there in our life so we have a distinguishing difference between the food in the wise one they are pure virgins they believe the pure truth but they have not experienced the in the converting power of the Spirit and they have experienced the daily refreshing power of the Spirit in their lives whereas the wise have done so and they have found the power of the Spirit in their life daily must continue on to Matthew 25. And at midnight a cry was heard behold the bridegroom is coming go out to meet him now the timing of this is interesting they were there for some time oh I skipped the part they slumber and slept I see that but while the bridegroom was the lady all slumbered and slept there was this period of waiting they they believed in a wedding they believed in the coming bridegroom but the waited and this waiting period caused them to slumber in sleep now it was in the tension of the break room that they slumber and sleep he wanted them to be ready and we'll see that at the end of this parable. But there was this cry that was given at the darkest point of the night at midnight the cry was given now and comments on this in Christ object lessons the coming of the bridegroom was at midnight the darkest hour or so the coming of Christ will take place in the darkest period of the of this earth's history now I would say it's pretty dark right now there is before this coronavirus came to place came into place there was there is so much tension in this world you have North Korea you have Syria you have the politics of the United States you have brags that you have been Israel or you know I mean it is just it just an Indian tension all over the world dark days continuing on here the days of Noah and lot picture of the condition of the world just before the coming of the Son of Man the Scriptures pointing forward at this time declare that Satan will work with all power and with all the see the balance of from righteousness is working is plainly revealed by the rapidly increasing darkness the multitudinous errors heresies and illusions of these last days not only a Satan leading the world captive but his deceptions are leading professed churches of our Lord Jesus Christ the Great Apostasy will develop into darkness as deep as midnight impenetrable impenetrable as sackcloth appear to God's people it will be a night of trial a night of weeping a night of persecution for the truths sake so we have a glimpse of what's coming. But out of that night of darkness God's light will shine it is the darkness of nights misapprehension of God that is in shrouding the world men are losing their knowledge of his character it has been misunderstood and misinterpreted at this time a message from God is to good to be proclaimed a message illuminating in its influence and succeeding in his power his character is to be made known into the darkness of the world is to be shed the light of his glory the light of His goodness mercy and truth now we're going to dwell on that thought a little later but it should be noted that at the time of darkness God's people are to give a message they are to give a message that will be a light to this world does not say that they will go into hiding in the in the caves and no one knows that there are existing All right we're going to read on a little bit further here Christ object lessons than those who wait for the bridegroom's coming or to say to the people behold your god the last rays of mercy the last message of mercy to be given to the world is a revelation of His character of love the children of God are to manifest His glory in their own life and character they are to reveal what the grace of God has done for them so the very last message I got is having us give is it revelation of His character of love do you want to Matthew 25 and then all those virgins arose and trim their lamps in the fullness of the wise give us of some of your oil for our lamps are going out but the wise answered and said no less there should not be enough for us and you but go rather to those who sell them buy for yourselves and while they went to buy the bridegroom came and those who were ready with him went into the wedding and the door was shut there will come a moment when. The possibility of moving into the kingdom of God will in the door will become shot and we're told afterward the other virgins came out as an Lord Lord open to us and then the most solemn words in the entire Bible but he answered and said assuredly I say to you I do not know you now these were virgins who were caring Lance but he did not know that they had not particular the Holy Spirit they believed a pure truth but their life was not changed by the power of God Jesus gives the solemn warning Watch therefore for you know neither the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man is coming so how are we to prepare to receive the Holy Spirit what is the work that we are to do what is the work that God is doing this seems critical to understand if we are to receive the Holy Spirit and thereby gain entrance into heaven or we don't receive the Holy Spirit and thereby come to a shut door how do we receive this Holy Spirit well in under trying to understand this we need to look at the sink sure a picture of the sanctuary helps us to more clearly understand God's plan of salvation and what he's doing in our lives so Leviticus 16 in verse 16 so he the high priest shall make atonement for the holy place because of the unclean this the children of Israel and because of their transgressions for all their sense and so he shall do for the tabernacle of meeting which remains among them in the midst of their own plainness the work that Jesus is engaged in right now is his work in the heavenly sanctuary he is working on the day of atonement and we're told here that he is seeking to clean the day of it or to clean the sink for because of the transgressions and sins of the children of Israel. Now Leviticus 16 in verse 30 says for on that day the pre-show make atonement for you to cleans you that you may be clean from all your sins before the Lord so it's clear from these texts that Jesus is doing everything possible in heaven to cleanse us from all sin that's what he's doing that's his purpose and his goal now the investigative judgment of heaven examines the records it's true but this final work of God This final work of Jesus according to these texts is to cleanse us that we may be clean from all our sins when that door is shut there's no more opportunity to be cleansed from sin once the work of the high priest is finished in the heavenly sanctuary this day is done so what then is our work if God is seeking to cleanse us from scent of the Day of Atonement the the the goat that wished that was the that had a lot drawn for it its blood was shed to provide this cleansing that's not something we can do we can't we can't share our blood for arson Jesus shed his blood for our sins so what it is they're a part that we're supposed to play on the Day of Atonement Well let's look at Leviticus 23 where it talks about the day of atonement and it gives a little different insight now I'm going to show you Leviticus 23 verses 2732 I'm not going to read the entire thing so my look a little overwhelming my put up on the screen here this says a lot there but I want you to notice that this is the devil tell me now on the Day of Atonement there's 3 particular things that the children of Israel are supposed to do I want to highlight those here you should reflect your souls. Whoever does not affect their soul in the days to be cut off from the people you shall afflict yourself so 3 times in those passages you'll notice that it's mentioned you are to afflict your soul now the work of the Holy Spirit is to convict the world of sin of righteousness and judgment now if the Holy Spirit is convicting us of this and we're asking God to help us see if there's any sin in our life because that's a work of cleansing his doing then it seems that 3 times God is into sizing the poor part that we are to work together with the Holy Spirit to examine our heart and see what is there in our life what sin is there that we have not fully surrendered to Him Now there's one other thing that mentions on the day of atonement that we are to do and it mentions it 3 times as well so one highlight that next as you shall do no work whoever does any work on that day is to be cut off you shall do no manner of work. Now this could have a number of meanings this was a type or a symbol that those who live in the end tied to the day of atonement are to understand and I think this has an number of applications that could be quite valid in this case one of them is I would see here a picture of righteousness by faith it isn't that they through their own righteousness are overcoming Stan it's they are trusting in the power of God working through the Holy Spirit to cleanse them 3 times here righteousness by faith is what the people at the end of time will be experiencing in fact we're told in Revelation multiple times that the end time people will be commanded keeping people it won't because they're doing this work on their own but they have been empowered by the Spirit of God you will do no work I think it also has another application at the end of time the people of God Their focus will not be on building a career here their focus will not be on expanding their herds like Abraham their focus will be on giving the last message of warning to a dying world you shall do no work I find it interesting that for many we're at home more than we've ever been before perhaps well that is helping us to understand that we don't always have to be out about but we can be engaged in his work and his giving us a little pause on on life that we can experience that now I want to transition a little bit here to Revelation Chapter 13 there is a battle that is going on there that we need to understand in preparation for the in times so. I thought I had. Well we'll try this you know Ok now you'll see there's a number of techs up here it each one of them has something within it that is going to be a central issue at the end of time I'll show you the next line there will be a battle over worship now what will be interesting at the end of time is that Jesus said if possible even the very elect would be to say he would be deceived the revival in worship at the end of time will so closely parallel the falls that it will be hard to get hard to distinguish which is the true and which is the false How can you know what is the genuine revival that will happen at the end of time we must be able to identify this so let's go look at this a little bit further now I'm going to read to you a little bit from the great controversy there's a section called. Modern revivals and I want to read a little bit here the popular revivals are too often carried by appeals to the imagination by exciting the emotions by gratifying the love for what is new and startling thus converts converts not again have little desire to listen to Bible truth little interest in the testimony of prophets and apostles unless their religious service has something of a sensational character it has no attraction for them a message which appeals to an impassioned reasoned awakens no response the plain warnings of God's word relating directly to their eternal interests are on heated. Notwithstanding the wide declension of faith and play it there are true followers of Christ in these churches before the final does a Taishan of God's judgment upon the earth there will be among the people of the Lord such a revival of primitive godliness as has not been witnessed since at the start of times the spirit and power of God will be poured out upon his children at that time many will separate themselves from those churches in which the love of this world has supplanted love for God in His Word many both of ministers and people will gladly accept these great truths which God has caused to be proclaimed at this time to prepare the people for the Lord's 2nd coming the enemy of souls desires to hinder this work and before the time of such a movement shall come he will endeavor to prevent it by introducing a counterfeit in those churches which he can bring under his deceptive power he will make it appear that God special blessing is poured out there will be met a fast what is thought to be great religious interest multitude will exult that God isn't working marvelously for them when the work is that of another spirit under a religious guy Satan will seek to extend his influence over the Christian world in many of the revivals that have occurred during the last half century the same influences have been at work to a greater or lesser degree that will be manifested in the more extensive movements of the future there is an emotional excitement it means a link of the truth with the false that is well adapted to mislead yet none need be deceived. In the light of God's Word it is not difficult to determine the nature of these movements wherever men the black the testimony of the Bible turning away from those plain soul testing truths which require self-denial and renunciate ing of the world there we may be sure that God's blessing is not bestowed and by the rule which Christ himself is given you shall know them by their fruits it is evident that these movements are not the work of the Spirit of God and were told in Isaiah $822.00 the law and to the testimony if they speak now they could according to this word there is no light in them Mrs White goes on to talk about that a little bit in relation to revival and conversion I read this to you here it is the work of conversion and sync to vacation to reconcile men to God by bringing them into accord with the principles of his law in the beginning man was created in the image of God He was perfect in he was pretty in perfect harmony with the nic with the nature and the law of God the principles of righteousness were written upon his heart but sin alienated him from his maker he no longer reflected the divine image his heart was at war with the principles of God's law but. Through the merits of Christ he can be restored to harmony with his maker his heart must be renewed by divine grace he must have a new life from above this change is the new birth without which Jesus says he cannot see the kingdom of God. The difference between false revival and true revival is the law of God There will be those who manifest excitement and emotion and are looking for some next new thing but unless that revival leads men to see their condition before God to see the holiness of God's law of which they can never reach that standard without his forgiveness and his empowering life in theirs they will be mistaken now what do we do when we see the the perilous times that we live in we see what should this cause us to do when we see this coronavirus that's spreading everywhere when we see wars happening on every hand what should it cost us personally to do now Jesus answered that question in Luke Chapter 13 there was some that was was talking with Jesus about some crisis crisis's that they were happening in in his time and let's look at that to gather there were present at that season some who told Jesus about the Galileans whose blood pilot had meaning gold with their sacrifices so Jesus answered the and asked question that we have here and Jesus answered them and said to them Do you suppose that these Galileans were worse centers than all other Galileans because they suffered such things so that's what they were thinking they were wicked people because of this sometimes. We look at the events around us and we say well the end of time is here and we get so excited about that but we forget to realize what should we be trying to understand when we see these events God is allowing the winds of strife the blow a little bit god is standing judgement God has pulled back and Satan is doing something we don't have a prophet to tell us but we see these these terrible things happening what do we think about those events and we're just excited about the 2nd coming or what should it do to us in our heart let's look at this he's a Jesus that I tell you know but unless you repent you will all likewise perish then Jesus talks about a tower that fell and killed 18 men you see it here and Jesus asked again where these were sinners and all who others who dwelt in Jerusalem I tell you no but unless you repent you will all likewise perish when we see these significant events that are happening around us it should should cause us to pause to reflect and I truly repent have I made everything right with Jesus is there anything between my soul and my c.v. or that I need to make right in my experiencing the power of the gospel have has the Spirit come into my life do I just believe pure truth and my part of a pure church or is God's Spirit motivating me and empower me and is my life experiencing the power of the gospel now in Revelation 13 verse 4 we're told that there will be this war that happens and there will be this battle that causes all to seek to worship the beast there will be a as we study further as we in my study the other times in Revelation 13 there will be a national Sunday law that will come into place what are we to do in preparation for that. I received a text this week from someone that I had known in the past a good friend of mine and he said I have discontinued my cell number just letting you know because the national son in law is going to be implemented soon and he was going into. Self-imposed digital isolation what do we do when that happens I want to look at a biblical story that causes me to think that maybe that's not the right insert at this time there will be a time for us to flee to the mountains for sure but is that is that the time now what would God have assisted to so in 1st say No 13 were given the story of saw who had just become king you didn't King for one year and after 2 years he took $3000.00 men of Israel and he kept 2000 with himself at Nick Nash and he gave a 1000 to his son Jonathan who was it give and then he sent the rest of the soldiers who had come help them fight oh wait they went back to their homes now Jonathan raided a town and the Philistines were not happy about this and you'll see in the next verse what they do verse 5 in the Philistines gathered together to fight with Israel $30000.00 chariots $6000.00 horsemen and people as the sand which is on the seashore and multitude Now that's a pretty big army we have to look at saw at this moment he has 3000 soldiers. Incredible So the very next verse tells us what the children of Israel began to do at this time when the men of Israel saw that they were in danger for the people were distressed then the people hid in caves in thickets in rocks in holes in the pits at a time of grave danger when warrior should stand up when they should use their swords their armor and their shields they should go and fight for the Lord they instead hid themselves they were afraid when we come to the end of time and the national Sunday law. Or even before then when there is threats made on a little group who stands for the Word of God What is our task to do what do you think of these men that went in and ran to the woods wasn't it the time for them to stand up and let God's word be heard seems that would be the case to me. Were inspired by people like Jonathan Mann Jonathan said to the young man who bore his arm or Come let us go over to the garrison of these uncircumcised it may be that the Lord will work for us for nothing mistake restrains the Lord from saving by many or by few We're inspired by these 2 men the climb up a cliff and fall and army just 2 men because the work in safe by many or by few What do we do at the darkest hour up there is history Jesus tells us in Matthew $25.00 that we are to give a cry Behold the bridegroom come of what do you think about a ship that's sinking at sea and the captain gets off himself into a boat and pushes away and leaves everyone on the ship that's there saving himself self preservation this is out of harmony with what we consider to be noble and heroic at the end of time God is calling for people to be like Jesus to let their light shine in a dark world. As we see the in the pro Ching we shouldn't run immediately to the hills until it's the right time until that time comes we need to lift up our voice like a trumpet God has given us a message that needs to go to the entire world now in Revelation Chapter 7 we're given a picture of strife that is trying to blow upon the world and a cry is given a look at a hear of these things I saw for angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth holding the 4 whims of the earth that the wind should not blow on the Earth or on the sea or any tree and then I saw another angel ascending from the East having the seal of the Living God and he cried with a loud voice to the 4 angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth the sea and saying Do not harm the earth the sea or the trees until we have sealed the servants of the of our God on their forehead God wants to see as many as possible so at a time when strife is trying to blow when we see crisis on every hand when the Earth is at the darkest point of its history a message is given that God is trying to seal as many as possible away as a comment on us and review and herald this point she's referring to that her attack she says this points out the work we now have to do which is to cry to God for the angels to hold the 4 winds until missionaries shall be sent to all parts of the world and shall have proclaimed the warning against disobeying the law of Jehovah What is the work God's people are to do well number one they're to afflict their souls they are not the focus of their business is there to put focus on experiencing the righteousness of Christ they are to allow the Holy Spirit to transform their lives and they are to send missionaries to all parts of the world what is our job. To send missionaries at the darkest moment of Earth's history this is what we are to do now there are things happening behind the scenes that we're not aware of we might get a glimmer of it here or there rumblings might come out because of our prophetic insight we might read into things and and see behind the scenes but we have this little prophetic insight I like to share with you the Sunday movement is now making its way in darkness the the leaders are concealing the true issue and many here who unite in the movement do not themselves see whither the undercurrent is tending they are working in blindness they do not see that if a Protestant government sacrifices the principles that have made them a free independent nation and through legislation bring into the Constitution principles that will propagate people falsities and people delusions they are plunging into the Roman horrors of the Dark Ages this is happening behind the scenes and though even those that are engaged don't really realize where they're headed because there is a great conspirator that's leading So what is our engagement with us do we just sit back and watch what's happening now it is our duty to do all in our power to avert the threatened danger if vast responsibility is devolving upon men and women of prayer throughout the land to petition that God may sweep back this cloud of evil and give a few more years of grace to work for the Master as we see the earth at a point in history that we have never seen before we should be praying that God will give us a few more years that we can send missionaries to the uttermost parts of the earth that they might have the sealing message and be saved. In fact we're told there are many who are at peace who are as it were asleep they say if the prophecy has for told the enforcement of Sunday observance the law will surely be an act and having come to this conclusion they sit down in a call expectation of the event comforting themselves with the thought that God will protect his people in the day of trouble but God will not save us if we make no effort to do the work he has committed to our charge as faithful watchman You should see the sword coming and give them warning that men and women may not pursue it course through ignorance that they would avoid if they knew the truth solemn words in fact I'm reminded of a text in is it you don't part of me will I turn there. Is a chapter 3 in her 17th I have made you a watchman of the house of Israel therefore hear the word my mouth and give them warning from me if we have been given a warning message than this passage would apply to us when I say to the wicked you shall surely die and you give him not the warning nor speak to warn him the wicked from his wicked way to save his life the same wicked men will die in his iniquity but as blood will I require at your hand that's a pretty solemn thing so we reflect here we should be sitting at ease thinking well what's going to come was going to come and oh well we can't wait to the 2nd coming not if that's our position then the door will be shot and we'll be told I don't know you all right so. We've described them the time of the end and I just want to share this here with you from the time from time to time the Lord has made known his were his manner of working. He is mindful of what is passing upon the earth and when a crisis has come he has revealed himself and has interposed to hinder the working of Satan's plans he has often permitted matters with nations with families and with individuals to come to a crisis that his interference might become marked I would say were crisis I think God has allowed this moment so that his interference would be clear then he has let the fact be known that there was a god in Israel who would sustain and indicate his people when the defiance of the law of Jehovah shall be almost universal I think we're pretty close to that when his people shall be pressed in affliction by their fellow men God will interpose the fervent prayers of his people be answered for he loves to have his people seek Him with all their heart and depend upon him as their deliver when the power invested into things is allied to goodness it is because one in responsibility is under divine dictation where power is allied with wickedness it is allied to state Tanach agencies and it will work to destroy those who are the Lord's property the Protestant world has set up an idol Sabbath in place where God's Sabbath should be and they are treading in the footsteps of the papacy for this reason I see the necessity of the people of God moving out of the cities into retired country places Now this was penned an 897 if ever there was a time wish we should find some place in the country doesn't have to be that far from the city but out in the country where you have a little space to grow a garden what a blessing it would be. Thus they may bring up their children with simple helpful Abbotts I see the necessity of making haste to get all things ready for the crisis now this same author challenges us to live in the country but she has a burden that the cities are worked so that sets up what should happen there will be Christians living in the country and working in the city I know that kind of picture is a commuter church but that is what must need be. Continuing I could not sleep past 2 o'clock this morning during the night season I was in council I was pleading with something only to avail themselves of God's appointed means and get away from the cities to save their children some were lowered it loitering making no determined efforts so I included this quote here I know some of you live in the country and some of you like to live in the country but. It seems an appropriate time to reflect on the council that we have that if we've been given council like this them then there will be a blessing for us. Not everyone is able to make it their understand but it's a blessing if you're able to. Last the event says soon there is to be trouble all over the world it becomes everyone to seek to know God we have no time to delay. So as I was part of this story helping your economy get down off of the cliff and reflected on that experience it was only as the training was in place prior to the crisis that we were able to offer help to someone in distress it is only that we have preparation now as we face the in crisis that will be able to help those who are struggling for life itself God wants to seal as many as possible the devil wants to destroy as many as possible and he is calling you up he has raised this church up for a reason and a purpose our theme this week has been preparing for the crisis. And I hope tonight as you reflect on how you can reap how you can prepare for the crisis that's ahead they'll be a few things that are highlighted in your mind number one that need of preparing by having the oil of the Holy Spirit in your life if you are not experiencing the power of Jesus in your life every day to guard your Tom to guide your actions to give you peace to be your all in all I would challenge you to think and pray earnestly seek God for the power of His Holy Spirit that your life will be brought in accordance completely with his word as you reflect on preparing for the end of time there is the work that Jesus is doing the heavy sanctuary working with all power to cleanse his people from sin what we have to do we have to afflict our so all we need examine are we to be honest with ourselves Lord help me to see what in my life I need to surrender to you when you experience the righteousness of God not through our own efforts but in cooperation with God by faith experiencing his power to help us to live out his law in our life as you reflect on these times may your career your work cut for retired all these things be secondary and May God's work be primary and as the crisis is right up right upon us let us not think about quickly fleeing to the hills there will come a time for that but God has given us this time these moments to lift up his message to the dying world help us to be more aggressive than ever in giving this final message to the world. I can't help but think that this time is causing us to be more effective with our use the Internet and finding ways and means to share God's word in ways that we haven't before it's cause us to press into it with aggressiveness that we haven't before. So I just would encourage you to find ways and means in your own life and that we can work together in uplifting God's messages here in these last times let's close together with prayer. Father in heaven as we have reflected on preparing reflected on our need to be reflected on the darkness that is not only in the world now but that is to grow greater as the near innocent are coming Grossinger Lord help us to be ready for that time may we find the power of the spirit to transform our lives and your spirit not leave us at rest may there be no peace in our life until our life is fully and completely surrendered to you and empowered by your Holy Spirit draw us together as a church made the divisions that that exists may those be put away May the sweet love and spirit of Jesus abide in our church in our heart in our homes bless us Lord where Kurds were told that none need be to see. We had this good counsel of us to apply it and live by praying to Jesus in. 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