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4 Ways to Silence the Voice of God

Christian Martin
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Christian Martin

Lead Pastor of the Living Hope SDA Church in Haymarket, Virginia.



  • September 5, 2020
    11:30 AM
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Thank you so much Melissa for their message in song God knows what we need the most and right now we need to hear his voice so as we open the Word of God we're going to ask him to speak to us so would you buy your heads with me as we as we pray Father in heaven how think who we are Lord to be in a plays where we can gather in your name and to seek you not only as individuals but as a body to seek you with all our hearts and we pray Lord that you would now speak to us Speak Lord for they servants listen to me we hear your voice the voice of the Holy Spirit and we thank you Lord for answering this prayer in Jesus' name amen last week we heard a relevant and practical message from Pastor Chris Hall on how the voice of God can be heard it was noted that it can be heard in the scriptures the voice of God can be heard through Jesus Christ the voice of God can be heard through His prophets the voice of God can be heard as we communicate with him through prayer for ways to listen to the voice of God Today however will continue on the same subject the same theme for from a different perspective today's message isn't tired old for ways to silence the voice of God a friend of mine asked. Why would I want to know how to silence the voice of God and I'm going to guess that somebody is asking the same question right about now. The sobering reality is that many may be silencing the voice of God without even realizing it hence the reason to know how it happened so that it doesn't happen in our relationship with him so we have prayed and now we pray that God would speak to our hearts most people are constantly looking for friendship and it seems that just as many people are looking for someone to follow social media provides that platform for somebody to have a voice after all it's what human nature earn your ns for to be seen and heard and believe me you know this is was much as much as I do that several voices are being heard today in this time of social distancing we want to interact we want to have interaction with people enter zoom. It's daily participants jump from 10000000 to over 200000000 in just 3 months while in our Facebook world most of us have more friends than ever before yet at the same time we crave genuine friendship we long. Connection with people I read a recent survey about friendship and it was disheartening but not terribly surprising. Since the 1980 s. the number of close friends that Americans have has declined about 40 years ago most people had about 3 you know 4 conferee up it's people outside of their family that they could and did confide in but now in our day right now the average is down to about 100. And about 25 percent of the survey respondents said that they had no one that they would consider a true friend and so how should we term or define friend how should the term friend be defined nowadays it's popularly defined as one of the strangers we have on Facebook. But really who is a friend after all I was ill and she white prolific author in the 1900 centuries who once wrote this prayer is the opening of the heart to God It asked to end a thread so what is a friend exactly came across this British public Asen that once offered a price for the best definition of a friend now a dictionary defines friend as a person a person who one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection but among the thousands of responses to this. Event where the following definitions where these one who multiplies joy by grieve and whose honesty is never broken one who understands our silence another one said a volume of sympathy you bowed and claw another one said a watch that beats true for all time and never runs down but the winning definition the winning the one that topped the law said this a friend is the one who comes in when the world whole world has gone out I actually like that fact I really like that for it was Jesus who once Behold I stand at the door and knock if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in I will come in and the whole world has gone out Notice how the White describes God. And this relationship friendship we have with in our little inner class a little book steps to Christ page 100 she wrote this keep your once your joys your sorrows your cares and your fears before God you cannot burden him you can I weary him take him everything that perplexes the mind nothing is too great for him to bear nothing is too small for him to notice there is no chapter in our experience too dark for him to read there is no proper plexi perplexity too difficult for him to unravel no calamity can be far the least of his children knowing Zion harass the saw no joy cheer no sincere prayers scapes the lips of which our heavenly Father does not take immediate interest their relations St tween God in each soul or as disdained and fall as though they were not another soul upon the earth you know that that idea as though there were not another soul. I know about you but it's hard for me to wrap my mind around that thought that that's how God feels towards me but here's one way I capture a picture of God's deep personal concern or desire for me and for you I think that moment is somewhat captured at the airport. You see it separately or moment when you step into the pick up area after going through customs and you arrive where we were anywhere between for dozens to hunt several hundreds of men women and children are there waiting patiently. There are ways our fix on that on that entry point where arriving passengers come through. Now when I come through I notice the faces and I look in and I see all types of faces I see faces of excitement this crazy suppressions of great anticipation great excitement utter expected see and when I make eye contact with the one I know where the one I know has been waiting for me I know there's an instant bond in that very moment capture that moment nothing else matters why because you found the one with whom you have a distinct relationship with and you walk away side by side while others wait and continue to wait for that one person that they love to see God also waits for your brace as if there were not another soul on upon earth to wait on his sense of urgency his sense of anticipation his pure excitement his other expecting city as if you were the only person he was waiting on you've seen those billboards have you it says where are you I'm still waiting God So my question for you is this why don't we hear why don't we hear his voice more often if this is so is the intimacy. God offers to each one of us enough for that it's hard to resurface a friendship with the God of the universe why don't we hear his voice more often it's like we on friended him or I'm followed him or something wait maybe maybe we have I mean I took good notes last of the last sermon on how to hear the voice of God but some might say you know how your I read scripture I read scripture but why does it feel like it's assigned reading for school I read Would she says. But why does it steers still feel like it's what he said a long time ago. I'm not hearing any voice I read the little red books but I feel like I'm reading them for somebody else. I pray but why does it feel like my prayers don't get past the so you are living why do we as Christians feel a disconnect with God At times we claim such a such an amazing friendship with God After all we we call ourselves Christians were friends of God But why do we have such a disconnect more often than not I mean the reality is if it's just a few clicks on a keyboard we can un friends anybody unfollowed somebody or mute everybody could it be that it's easy to find ourselves doing the same thing to God with just a few. Practices for ways to silence the voice of God you know job wrote in his book in chapter 333 Verse 14 Shope wrote for God may speak in one way or in another yet men to snog perceive it and yes it's true the voice of God can be heard in the scriptures the voice of God can be heard through Jesus Christ through His profits through Communion with God through prayer that is true and I'm sure I got a witness here that can testify that that's true yet today will ponder this theme but from a different perspective it's who examined for ways to silence the voice of God and for the sake of retaining these 4 points in memory they each begin with the letter p. before p s how to silence the voice of God 1st if you want to silence the voice of God Be proud one of the Hebrew words translated craft you know how the typical languages are rich in meaning they have multiple multiple expressions and we have such a few English words to translate them but one of the Hebrew words translated proud is very descriptive in its meaning it means to rice or to swell up. It refers to the rising of the waves of the sea you've been to the sea you see the way us who swell and rice up. It's no wonder that you're my chapter 17 verse 9 tells us that the heart is to see flow a bomb. All things easy kewl describing Lucifer writes Your heart was. Because of your beauty and as a adds his inner thoughts I will be sand I will extolled its God graciously pleaded with Lucifer but he did not this one. Because the proud heart does not listen hence it silences the voice of God The Bible describes the development of pride it begins when one believes one has become self sufficient and consequently lives as though God did not exist Moses described how this could happen even to the one who witnessed God perform or might be deliverance from Egypt with their very own no use one might argue but we can see God Well Moses spoke to those that had a firsthand experience in seeing the hand of God to mighty things yet Moses who warned them about being prideful and what would be the consequences come with me to do Ron and me let's take a look ourselves with with our bibles come with me to Deuteronomy Deuteronomy Chapter 8 whether you come. Your Bibles are come with me your devices come with me to draw me Chapter 8 and look at verse 11 Moses wrote behold Or rather be where they do you do not forget the Lord your God Don't forget him. Don't forget him as though he did not exist don't forget God in verse 11 and in verse 12 he continues let us know when you have eaten and are fool and have filled beautiful houses and dwell in them and when your hurts and your flocks multiply and your silver and your gold are multiplied and all that you have a small to play when your heart is lifted Ah and you forget the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt from the house of bondage who led you through that creed and terrible witness will do this and wish there were fiery serpents and scorpions and thirsty land where there was no water who brought water for you out of the flinty Rock who fed you in the wilderness with Mina which your fathers did not know that he might humble you that he might test you to do you good in the end but after all that 1st 17 then you see in your heart my power and the my to money and have gained me this well whole private sadness it's no power it's a mite of a mother I hear and oh needs God. Much less listen to what he has to say Pride tends to grow in times of plenty when there's simply no need to be dependent on God Oh a church count your blessings count your blessings for when the pen Demick hits it may be God. Trying to get our attention to recognize that without Him we can to live on. And pride invades when one's heart becomes so sad on things or or a position of in port rather than of or on. Pride it develops one focuses on how much they know no you know what pride does it does just under us a teachable spirit silencing the voice of the great teacher and God and in these private full circumstances it's not God Don't miss this it's not Glaude who chooses to be silent but rather it's the distance that we have to place between God's mouth in our year when desiring to be recognized and appreciated feeling hurt when others are promoted and I'm overlooked focusing only nice on myself rather than others being concerned with what others will think of me viewing others lower than myself drawing attention to my abilities and achievements feeling sorry for myself because I'm not appreciated and all this and more puts us in a place where rather than hearing the voice of God. We hear the voice of our arrogant or our poor pitiful self for this reason pride is the sin which God most deep Yes he hates it because remember that Paul the Apostle Paul writes that faith remember faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word or voice of God So when his voice is silenced by pride faith never grows but when we choose to humble ourselves and respond with the proper attitude he lifts us up and facts is when his voice is heard 2nd if we want to silence the voice of God be grammar less be prayer lists the reality is that the level of intimacy with God It is imperfect portion to the amount of time I spend with him in prayer little prayer little intimacy with God no prayer no intimacy the less time the last time I spend in prayer the more my discernment to recognize his voice decreases. And what does a lack of prayer communicate it's a non-verbal we talk about non-verbal since well perilous miss is a non-verbal with God a lack of prayer since a message God we really really don't need to or help with system or intervention right now we can handle this cleric and we hang up on God as it were. And I put on the contrary on this prayer is that cool ration of tea pendant. Which is characterized by nearness is a higher to know His will to know His will and to know His will takes us silencing of our own in essence prayer declares not my will not my will but that I will be heard prayer listeners does not silence my voice on the contrary it makes sense for how do and clear. It's in an atmosphere of prayer but the Spirit of truth comes he comes for what purpose Jesus overemphasise stick so that we wouldn't miss it come with me to John 16 please John Chapter 16 John Chapter 16 verse 12. John Chapter 16 verse 12 and notice with me you can miss it as you paid close attention you can't help but to know it is the emphasis the point that she says is trying to get across notice with me certain verse 12 John 16 verse 12 I still have many things it's to say to you. She says has plenty to want to talk about he has plenty to want to say to you and but you cannot hear them now however when he the Spirit of truth has come He will guide you into all the truth for he will not speak on his own authority or whatever he hears he will speak. And he will tell you things to come He will glorify me for he will take of what is mine and declare it to you all things that the Lord that The Father has are mine therefore I say that he will take of mine and declare it to you he will speak he will declare he will see him bounce one of my favorite Auster says the Holy Spirit never descends upon prayer less people he never fills them he never empowers them and I my dad he never speaks to them the spirit only dwells in an atmosphere of prayer and that is when his voice is heard 3rd if you want to silence the voice of God Be proud be prayer less and 3rd be preoccupied be preoccupied. The apostle John stated that we cannot have friendship with God and with the world at the same time. Is what Jesus taught after all the Holy Spirit inspired the writings of scripture Cheesus taught this is well when he said you cannot serve 2 masters we either place God 1st in our lives which is when his voice can be heard or we place other things here preoccupied with other things and silence him in Psalms 27 verse 8. David recorded when you say when God says seek my face my heart David said said to him your face I will see. But we can be so preoccupied. If you only have only has beyond this fear of all really this was our heart's response every time God says seek my face if only it home only for it is the 1st words that come out of the mouth of God as our consciousness wakes up and we are aware of our surroundings and that in the early morning God says seek my face of only if the leave this was our response but the world is a noisy busy place and so is her mom yes and not necessarily with bad stuff. Not necessarily it was Martha remember what we know about Martha she was so preoccupied serving cheese us that she miss them what mattered most to Martha Martha Luke Chapter 10 which you come with me let's take a look at Luke Chapter 10 because in it we see an insight to this obstacle to hearing the voice of God being preoccupied Martha Martha Luke Chapter 10 verse 38 and now it happened as they went through that they entered a certain village and a certain woman named Martha welcomed him into her house Don't miss this she welcomed him oh I welcome seamstress I welcome him into my life I am a Christian I have welcomed She says he's been welcomed he's been welcomed into my home. Verse 39 then and she had a sister called Mary who also said she says feet and did what see her. Heard his words there's 40 but Martha wants to structed with much serving and she approached him and said Lord do you not care that my sister have has left me to serve alone therefore tell her to help me Jesus answered and said to her Martha Martha you are worried and troubled about many things but one thing is needed and Mary has chosen that good part which will not be taken away from her Mary took time to sit at the feet of cheeses us to listen to just listen to his voice Mary sat at the feet of she says just to listen to his waists like a Little Lamb who listens to the voice of her shepherd as she says described in John Chapter 10 Let's go to John Chapter 10 here little Larry Little John Chapter 10 versus verse verses 2 to 5 notice this this word picture that she says himself spoke in John Chapter 10 persists 2 to 5 he who enters by the door is the sheep separate of the sheep to him the door keeper opens and the sheep hear his voice Oh Mary Mary sat at the feet of Jesus like a Little Lamb and he calls his own See by name and he leads them out but let's keep reading verse 4 and when he brings out his own see if he goes before them and the sheep follow him or. Why for they know his voice 1st 5 yet they will by no means follow a stranger but will flee from him for they do not for they do not know the voice of strangers for 6 Jesus uses illustration but they did not understand the things which he spoke to them How is that the she'd know that voice is actually quite simple it's no rocket science we don't have to think too much to answer the question how do the sheep know that voice the sheep get to know his voice but I regularly peeing in his presence as do dogs that's right dogs my family and we recently adopted a dog. First time 1st time dog owners pretty praying for us to know right but who. It's not it's not snow to be easy task but we're loving every minute. We adopt this dog from a family who moved away her name is Winter. There is winter look at her. Winter and when we 1st brought her home as you can imagine our voices were not known were not yet known I said say. It took time and practice and patience trying yet another leash but something began to happen a week when by 2 weeks when by something noticeable grew we begin to happen. We discovered that a leash was not always necessary to get her to come in then a leash was no longer necessary to stop her where did we discover. Our voice would collar in and she would obey our voice would make her stop and she would stop our room or use would be heard and she would even pose for pictures. Our voice was heard why because she now knows my for us but why because time has been spent with her when we hear a voice on the phone and immediately recognize it without having even noticed the caller id it is because it is because we are often in their presence we know that voice who can mistake in that voice right away we know who it is why because this time is spent together God draws near when we set time apart with him and that is when his voice is heard and forth if you want to silence the voice of God Well that only be proud not only be prayer less not only be preoccupied but be precise in shifts now what exactly does that mean I'll try to keep it as simple as possible simply put it's going outside of God's will but expecting him to bless you it's not giving him the time of Gehrig. But expecting him to talk to you it comes down to how we handle that which he has revealed was in times past through His prophets if we don't regard what has already been spoken to us how we can expect him to speak to us even more. You see some things have been spoken to us already and something strong require prayer to be known because God has already made it known he has already spoken it has made it known in His word you don't need to pray if you are to be faithful and returning 10 percent of your income even in trying times you don't need to pray have permission can be granted to work just this one so on the Sabbath you need to pray married man if you should be on the phone late at night with that sister sharing pictures you don't need to Prarie what lies should be told in order to keep the job there are certain things you just don't pray about you don't need to pray why because God has revealed his will his word his voice in the Scriptures knowing the instructions of God but going outside of his will and expecting God splats seeing. Silences even further his former use guts people are told to turn from your wicked ways that is for say make your sands cut it all off no longer identify with it the problem in Israel was that they were guilty of pursue me upon the grace and goodness of the Lord. The same trend is evident in the church if we continue to live disconnected from God and not cultivate our relationship with God can we believe then we are to be able to hear his voice we are being presumptuous and in fact will silence him even more but when we choose to exercise our faith in obedience to Him and do it is pleasing he is pleased and that my friend says when his voice is heard. In her book selected writing certain selected messages Volume one page 124 wrote these words there is nothing that Satan fear so much as that the people of God see clear the way by removing every hinderance so that the Lord can pour out His Spirit upon a languishing church and an impotent congregation if Satan knows where a there will never be another awakening great or small to the end of time but we are not ignorant of his devices it is possible to re system his power if we would do would just clear the way by removing every hindrance if we would by the grace of God choose to humble ourselves and respond with the proper attitude if we would by the grace of God choose to vote ourselves to prayer if we by the grace of God would choose to spend time with him in secret. If we by the grays of car would by face response in obedience to his revealed what word if all this would happen and it can the Lord would pour out His Spirit in cream. Oh church there was ever a time. To awaken out of sleep is the Apostle Paul just wrote to the Romans it is now. It is now there is pestilence check. There is conflict which. Nation will rise against me sing kingdom against kingdom race against race the signs the signs of Matthew $24.00 yes they've been happening for a long time for hundreds of years and that would be true you're right but it's noticed the freak when see notice the intensity as we're looking at. There are more frequent more intense than ever before what can be done with our wondering heart we are prone to wonder don't you feel it when we can make a choice to make a choice the choice is yours twice is mine but its place ourselves on God's side by asking him to take our hearts and seal it daily and in doing so. Being his precedence and learning to recognize that voice and discover the fount of every blessing. My friends for those who are here today and for those who are watching online is it your choice your commitment right here right now to humble yourself us say Lord Jesus devote myself to pray teach me to pray. Lord give me willingness I want to make me willing to be willing. To set aside time I am with God to. Be in his press. To be preoccupied with the. Lord it's a church commitment to take to say Lord. Increase my faith. By your grace in your your strength your presence I will responds you respond in obedience. In faith. Followed Jesus. Speak to me. This is my commitment today that is your prayer right here right now for those who are watching this is your commitment today I make this commitment and I stand will you send together with me this is your commitment is it is that family today is it God bless you God bless you God bless you let's pray together Father in heaven. Lord. Lord Jesus. Thank you for taking our hearts thank you Lord. That you have come in. While the whole world has gone out. Will you please Lord Jesus please speak. Speak. For we your servants listen. And then they. Cease. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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