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The Sunday Law and Leaving the City

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • September 7, 2020
    2:46 PM
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Let's begin today with the word prayer bond in heaven thank you today for this beautiful day given to us and thank you also That's the Sabbath day which is the defining day at the end of time for. Your people and for you so as we enter into it may we understand more of what that means. And for us individually and for our witness in Christ's name Amen in the scriptures that we've been studying in. Matthew Chapter $24.00 we've looked at several of the passages leading up to what we're going to talk about today we talked about ethnic rising against ethnic or racial tension and that still seems to be. Fulminating in many cities crossed our land and we've talked about lawlessness abounding and then no Also is. Happening if you are looking at the normative lobbying God's Law in looking at it being human made law this no big problem at this point but you look at God's law than Lalas this is a bounding and the love of many hearts of many a growing cold there's. Definitely evidence of that if you would look around and then we study just a little mini series also when you see the abomination of desolation spoken of by dint of the Prophet standing in the Holy Place let the reader understand and we look at all of those abominations of desolation and realize we're living in the the last one that's mentioned in Dale's. Prophecy but then one the next text so we did then a series on the abomination of desolation and then on the Sabbath. Looking at the importance of the Sabbath and Sabbath observance and the next text in our passage. Is is kind of related to that. And says when you see the abomination of desolation This is Matthew 245322 spoken of by dint of the Prophet standing in the holy place. Who ever read lamb understand then after you see that and we've suggested we're living in that last epoch of desolation that will lead to or abomination that will lead to desolation then those who are in Judea flee to the mountains Let him who isn't on the house top not come down to take anything out of his house let him is in the field don't go back to get his his clothes but walk to those who are pregnant and those who are nursing babies in those days and pray that your flight not be in winter on the Sabbath for They'll be great tribulation such as not been since the beginning of the world until this time. No nor ever shall be unless the days will be shortened no flesh would be saved but for the elect say those days will be short so there is this picture at after the abomination of desolation of a time of fleeing to the mountains and leaving your homes Luke 21 adds to it but when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies then know that its desolation is near then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains let those who are in the midst of her depart and let not those who are in the country into her for these are the days of vengeance that all things which are written may be fulfilled. Whoa to those who are pregnant except for a bus the same thing essentially and this was looking towards what time period the destruction of what City tourists Limerick and think about both these chapters is that they they talk not only about the destruction of Jerusalem but they also then go to the time of the end as it was in the days of Noah so syllabi with the coming of the son of ban it's not a dual application a somewhat have you believe but it is a application 2 times it's not it's not reapplying it already was applied to the end is what I'm saying so what about now. In speaking of this passage Ellen way which 7 the evidence believe had a prophetic voice of authority had this to say about this particular past is the time is not far distant when like the early disciples we shall be forced to seek refuge in desolate and solitary places and you might think that's Wiemar definitely is a little more deaths love and solitary than other places good and that maybe we should not upgrade that much keep it that way. As the seas of Jerusalem by the Roman armies was a signal for flight to the Jew dn Christian so the assumption of power on the part of our nation in the decree enforcing the papal Sabbath will be a warning to us it will then be time to flee the large cities preparatory to leaving the smaller ones for retirement homes and secluded places among the mountains so. Not that I know of at least there is no decree in forcing the papal Sabbath at this point but there is a predicted that that will happen. So what House should we be living at this time. It is no time now for God's people to be fixing their affections or laying up their treasure in the world the time is not far distant when like the early disciples will be forced to seek refuge in desolate and solitary pit places as the seas of Jerusalem by Roman armies was the signal for flight so the assumption of power on the part of our nation to decree and forcing the papal south be a warning be time to leave the large cities proper leaving the smaller ones for retired homes and secluded places and now instead of seeking expensive dwellings here we should be preparing to move to a better country even a heavenly and still spending our means and self gratification we should be studying to economize there's an economy statement so. This was given in the testing for the church volume 5 be the 890 s. and just at that time and there was a Sunday law that had been passed in California. And it looked like it might be going other places as well. Now what about leaving the cities you know Americans are leaving large cities right now suburban areas for rural towns they're leaving big cities for smaller ones and this is 5 times the reason is because the spread of Cove in $1000.00 was 5 times more rapid in cities and it was anywhere else in New York City and so people are getting out of their San Francisco the price of housing has gone down 50 percent in prices it's a great time to buy and Sam says good but nobody wants to be there they're all trying to get out I had a whole. Around this area one of our elders Kirk Krueger tells me there's all kinds of people buying all kinds of homes around Tom how they're trying to get out and they're trying to get out fast the lineal especially doing this as while they want to get out of the cities they think the cities are dangerous it's almost as if they've been reading these state budgets Now what about the Sunday law there are 4 phases of the Sunday law they were going to go through today that might give you some ideas about when to flee and I do believe it's time to fully explain what I mean by that maybe not in the way you think but it definitely is time to flee if you have not already fled. So there are 4 phases 1st of all the refrain from working on Sunday to be a lot like this this happened we'll see white and the Pacific press which was not far from here a place called Heidelberg there was a time where there was a law passed and the law was that you could not work on Sunday but for the administers will see white and others they said look we should work because if we don't work will fall behind others it's not fair to us so they cited to you know work and so we'll see while find himself in jail and. This is what Ellen White wrote at that time the late given me to a larger the Lord at a time when we're expecting just such a crisis as you seem to be approaching was that when the people were moved by the power in these 2 And for Sunday observance 7 they had been a source were to show their wisdom by refraining their ordinary work on that day and devoted to missionary effort don't keep the presses running we'll see shut the presses down and go out and do missionary work you should have ended up in jail. It's basically what he say. To defy the sun the last will be to strengthen the bus strengthen their persecution in their persecution the real loses zealots who are seeking to enforce them give them no occasion to call you law breakers if they're left to run up men who fear neither got our men the rain up will soon lose its novelty for them and they will see it's not consistent nor convenient for them to be strict in regard to the observance of the sun they don't like to keep Sunday anyway they like to do all kinds of stuff just leave them alone and keep right on with your missionary work with your Bibles in your hands the in the middle c. that his worst of his own cause or does not receive the mark of the beast because he shows that he realizes the wisdom of keeping the peace by refraining from work that gives offense of this is a good principle I think this is a good principle is the law the land that you don't like but it's not going against your conscience Well you know. You want to give people a reason to come after you if. That's what a light saying Don't don't do it just do something else. What if we got masks that had the message on the mass coming thing that be a good idea. Bible texts maybe have everybody come together and they just come with different masks so that people can screen them. See them as a screen anyway when we devote Sunday to missionary work to will be taking out the hands of the op trade zealots so employers selves on Sunday in visiting the people opening the Scriptures to them they will know this useful for them to try and hinder our work by making Sunday laws so that's phase one how we think there is some good counsel there. Son it can be used for carrying forward various lines of work open air meetings we're doing that now cottage meetings house to house work writing of articles singing genuine revival him take cetera. And late in those concerning the Sabbath they were in ignorance then phase number 2 Sunday law number 2 Honor Sunday but still worship on Sabbath great controversy 6 away 624 consing instance obedience of the Word of God will be treated as a rebellion blinded by saying the parent will exercise heart harshness and severity towards the believing child the master midget mistress will oppress the commandment keeping servant affection will be alienated children will be disinherited and driven from home the words of Paul will literally be fulfilled all that will live godly in Christ Jesus so suffer persecution so they're still able to keep it but there's going to be persecution as defenders of the truth refused to honor the Sunday Sabbath someone be thrust into prison so will be exiled some will be treated as slaves. And think about that slaves as the legs to human wisdom all this seems impossible but as the restraining Spirit of God shall be withdrawn from men they shall be under the control of same who hates the divine precepts and there will be strange developments the heart can be very cruel when God's fear and love are removed I would think that could happen in America. If you ever see any cruelty recently on the news or heard about. The people killing each other over an election of 2 octogenarian almost octogenarians who both are claiming they're going to do great things and people are killing each other. In cities over there and by the way you think all that couldn't happen you know we have someone on this campus that already has gone through a time of troubles Dr fatigue is and I would encourage you to reread his book I'm really reading it right now in preparation for a. Class that I didn't know I was going to teach that I am not teaching which is talking about moral identity and how people if they don't have it will lose it and. In his book preaching from the grave Dr for the this goes through a time in his country where 2 presidents were on a plane and it got blown up and people were already on tension because of racial tensions had been baited by both sides and when the plane went down they started killing each other and that included 7th Day Adventists killing each other one was a medical director of a hospital and his son and they said come to the hospital is very safe and they all got there they said they are all here come and kill them they called all their some of the evidence friends to the hospital and then had them killed so don't say it could not happen it has happened as the storm approaches a large class who professed faith in the 3rd angels message but have not been sanctified by obedience to the truth so they profess the faith Yeah most of the heavens but they don't have sanctification Albion's the truth we've talked about Sabbath observance being the prime thing. But I got a email last night from some ways that you know you talked about 7 of their words but your family does sense something different than what you're saying up front so what are you going to say about that it was like well know exactly what you're talking about but that's the point is your profession the same as your activity so a large class it's not. And they abandon their position and join the ranks of the opposition by uniting with the world and partaking of experience they have come to view matters in nearly the same light and when the test is brought they are prepared to choose the easy popular side men of talent proposing a dress who once rejoiced in the truth employ their powers to deceive and mislead souls they become the most bitter enemies of therefore their brother and when Sabbath keepers are brought before the Course answer for their fate these apos dates will be the most efficient agents of Satan to misrepresent and accuse them and by false reports and insinuations stir brawlers against them look bad happens in the church now if you take a stand for things that happen in your own family so why not get used to it now with the small to. A man I've actually you know experienced some of that myself talk to some someone maybe about something and then I hear about it from someone else in another city oh we're being persecuted by the pastor I'm telling you this is happening is happening sappy to me but that shouldn't really concern me because you're going to have far worse the med that means you think that I'm telling you the truth you're going to far worse than that the unsanctified will always rise up and it's going to be exaggerated list like I said in Rwanda they turned in their brother and over a 1000 people killed they were killing each others and it was all fomented by. Politics racism the economy. In this time of persecution the faith of the Lord servants will be tried they have faithfully given the warning looking to got into his word alone God's Spirit move on their hearts is constrained them to speak stimulated with holy zeal and divine impulse strong upon them they entered upon the performance of their duties well out of coldly calculating the consequence of speaking to the people the word with the Lord and given them they have not consulted their temporal interests there is not to preserve their reputation or their lives yet when the storm of opposition and reproach burst upon them some overwhelm of consternation already exclaimed had we foreseen the consequences of our work birds we would have held our peace. Have you ever been that situation have you ever been in that situation is there one here alive to. Their heads with difficulties Satan assails them with fierce temptations the work which they had undertaken seems far beyond their ability to accomplish their threatened with this correction the enthusiasm which enemy of them as a gun they cannot yet they cannot turn back and filling their utter helplessness they flee to the mighty one for strength they remember that the words would stand spoke or not theirs but his who bade them give the warning God put the truth in their hearts and they could not forbear to proclaim So even though they're getting persecuted 1st of all in the church within families within your own family. Then in society and you say man measured and said that too late then you already said it is on the Internet. And you can't back away from it but God will strengthen you even at that time so that its face to face 3 cannot worship on Sabbath only on Sunday fines imprisonment imposed. Fearful sights of a supernatural character will soon be revealed in the heavens in token of the power of miracle working demons the spirits of devils will go out to the kings of the earth and to the whole world to fasten them in deception unnerves them to unite with Satan in the last drug against the government of f.n. by these agencies rulers and subjects will be alike to see persons will arrive to tell you to be Christ Himself claim in the title and worship which belong to the world's Redeemer they will perform wonderful miracles of healing and provide will profess to have revelations from heaven contradicting the testimony of scriptures so there is this then new development of doctrines of demons and deceptions that are accountable they're allowed by leadership the kings of the earth in the whole world and they're going against the government got now are those kind of things happening today and a lot of blank looks today if you guys had a very Thorazine laced breakfast or you're you're worried about something I would just say this kind of interesting when you look drill down on the websites of different political action groups today some of them are actually claiming to be in touch with people who have been killed in the protests who their spirits are still alive and their protests are actually including libations that are given towards these dead people who they believe are still alive and still protesting and in fact they're rejecting Christianity and saying they should go back to belief systems that allow you to formally be in touch with the dead and there are political parties on Probably both sides that have backed these kind of extreme groups that definitely are actuated by Satan does that trouble you at all. But that will come together it says people will be deceived they'll be all kinds of miracles they'll be a medical missionary work they'll say we want to heal or hurting world and they'll be able to do it through the power of the devil as the movement for a Sunday enforcement becomes more bold on the side of the law will be invoked against commandment keepers they'll be threatened with fines and imprisonment and some will be offered positions of influence and others rewards and advantages and dismiss to renounce their faith so if you're motivated by money as your sole motivation it is the root of all evil it is not evil but it is a root of it if you're motivated by that you are going to be bought a lot of money probably a lot of money might get a new car might be a new allows you get everything you wanted without even taking the s.a.t. problem so you get all that there stuff at Santa will be show us on the Word of God Our error the same plea that was made by a loser under certain similar circumstances those who are a before the courts make a strong vindication for the truth they learned it all on the Sabbath trail it's in their memory. Amen and some will hear them and be led to take their stand to keep all the commandments of God Thus light will be brought before thousands who otherwise would know nothing of these truths how many of you think that you could give the kind of study you need to give did lead people to make that decision right now how many think that it might be good to again and again and again repeat those things in your mind as you're walking as you're talking did you say mad that's why I'm excited about these trails of truth these walks of witness because if we actually are taking people and talking about this every day. You start to memorize it you know I remember watching Mark family in 9697 and once all the power went off to his notes he didn't miss a beat he just kept preaching because he had said those sermons like $800.00 times which is the advantage of being an evangelist not having to come up with a new sermon every week but there is something to that there is something to that right. I dare say I could give you a study on Daniel without looking at the book at all because I do it 7 times a year in group settings and other times but how do you want to be putting these things in your heart right now and I'm not a believer big believer that you're saved by memory in fact I think we give too much memory work in our classes this is the Jesuit form of education because it totally takes all your mind up and you can't think if you're given too many assignments on memory However having said that I think God helps bring things to your remembrance so you do have to memorize them once and use a. But you're not going to remember oh all right if our teachers would you know remember this it might be helpful to the students in the students' Amen. I think the test of life is not your test teacher it's life that you do have to get them ready for life Yes So anyway that's just an additional addendum 2020 June 17th. Person writing about Alexis told Hill think it's cool talking about bringing back the blue laws Americans in those early quarantine days after the haze of their Netflix binge have event had evaporated what woke up to some surprised appreciation for what earlier generations considered normal Sunday laws other known as Blue Laws as America returns to normality we should consider these laws and their manifold benefits afresh so people are saying Look bring back these laws look at they did for the economy look what they did for the environment and. They're going to bring back a lot a lot of the one they don't like is this according to research the top commanders that are still accepted as important America today don't murder 91 percent don't still money percent don't bear false witness 88 percent don't commit adultery 81 percent these are higher than I thought it would be by the way your father mother's kind of dipping down there in the 70s don't covet I mean all advertising would go away without that one but it's 73 percent but the least popular commandment for modern significance is to keep the Sabbath holy 47 percent the survey don't like it most people don't like it and so the commandment right now that would be kind of attack would be which one and that's what we see in face for face for the death penalty to those who worship on Sabbath and disregards Sunday Revelation 13 of course they don't receive the mark. Or the number of his name that won't be able to buy or sell and then of course they will have a death to create against them fair full is the issue to which the world is to be brought powers of earth uniting to war against the commandments of God will to curry their all small both small and great rich and poor free and bond so conform to the customs of the church by observance of the false Sabbath. And all the refuse compliance will be visited with civil penalties and it will finally be declared that they are deserving of death on the other hand the law of God of enjoying the creator's rest day demands obedience and threatens wrath against all who transgress its precepts so they are caught between 2 decrees the decree of humanity and the decree of divinity and I would say we're already experiencing that every day in our life by every decision that we make right so. Which will it be God's law or man's lot specifically in the area of the Sabbath so will come down to Sabbath observance and the motivation for the observance I mean there can be a wrong motivation for Sabbath observance that can be sent keeping the Sabbath can be said the fairest sees so how to do that because that which is not a faith is sin so if you're keeping it just because you're afraid but you don't really have faith or love or God that's then. But if you're keeping it because of the love of God because you know he's your Redeemer and he got you out of bondage and keeps you out of bondage and he's your Creator he wrote the instruction book and you're just grateful for that then your activity your ethics are actually gratitude your life is gratitude in response to God and his attitude how many want to have your life live in gratitude. So should I drop out of school I mean if this is all coming down I had someone talk to me about this recently Well you know I don't need to get out to get good grades guys that. All this is coming down and said I'm not going to worry about my grades and I should even go to school I'm dropping out out think that's good reasoning. Well I'll tell you why when the Lord will bid us make no further effort to build up meeting house and establish schools sanitariums and publishing institutions it will be time for us to fold our hands and let the Lord close up the work but now is our opportunity to show our zeal for God and our love for humanity who wrote this who wrote this who wrote this and are to see it right there who wrote it and what did you write that a long time ago not that long ago I mean the world's pretty old when is he right that it's right back when she came back from Australia this of being 18 nineties and what did she actually say people should do by the way it was a Sunday law right then 888 there was a some a lot we'll see was in jail recently so she certainly could have made the argument for get not only going to school but building schools lets us close our handful of our hands and just that's it but she didn't do that she said you know what I think you should build a medical school because one of the last things going to be medical missionary work and they call it the college of medical evangelists she said these people would be trained not to make money when they made money when they went into private practice. Percy McGann and one of the biggest benefactors of Loma Linda they would cry together over these people that apostatized did you know let the book called Letters to person again if you want to read it because they realized how dangerous that was to make all that money maybe lose the mission. I mean I understand what I'm saying but she said build schools she said Look they'll be thousands at the end of time that are trained as medical doctors but they never use it in terms of a private practice and she said to be thousands changes nurses probably came here so you could get the degree and make money how you make money when you can't buy or sell by compromising the Sabbath that's how you make money and I think that's also good he gives a look at me like I'm from the planet as all of this reading these things are to you Look we had to go through this beloved when we when we came back to say should we should we be started again we had to think about these things I had to do was like why would I be involved in something if it's just going to be shut down and maybe I should just buy a house and move to the country inn but then I realized you know the dynamics are not there to move to this place way out in the country can you see that there are things that will come that will tell you to do that I happen to think this is not a big city but a small city I would even know about Cove it or anything happening unless I had an internet connection with some you don't have now and Dr now is class I saw this little mind of Amish people talking to each other they said Cove it what who even know about it living in bliss with their gardens. And right at this time she said look get this delay this building this is Loma Linda before the $88.00 got a hold of it seal those stairs there anyway. But there is a city I believe to flee from right now. And it's talked about in Revelation Chapter 14 says Babylon is fallen is fall and they say that made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication and it says in Revelations At 18 it says come out of her my people lest you share her sense. I mean I think that we should be leaving the system of Babylon right now we should be I think she's calling other people out so that is definitely a city which should be feeling right now in the spiritual sense right now where God's presence was funny withdrawn from the Jewish nation priest and people knew it not the one of the control of Satan and swayed by the most horrible malignant passions they still regard themselves as chosen of God the ministration of the temple continued the sacrifices were offered upon its polluted all altars divine daily divine blessing was a vote upon a people guilty of the blood of God's dear son and so when the irrevocably decision of the sanctuary has been pronounced and the destiny of the world has been forever fixed the habitants of the earth at the end of time will know it not the forms of religion will be continued by a people from whom the Spirit of God has finally been withdrawn and say 10 example with which the Prince of evil will inspire them for the accomplice of their 1000000000 designs were bare the semblance of zeal for God They might say we're the party of God they might sing all kinds of songs at their convention and I'm not talking about Republican versus Democrat either side both sides by the way of different Democrats and Republicans had spiritual services leading up to their conventions and during their conventions and both of them have overarching spiritual things because they know people are interested in that one is saying our party will restore the soul of the nation and the other is saying we'll protect God How do you think God does not need their protection I mean you think that only God can restore the soul of the nation but we get confused and we get confused and at the end it will look good. As the Sabbath has become a special point of controversy 0 Christendom religious and secular stories of combines would force the observance of Sunday the persistent refusal of a small majority minority to yield to the popper in a man will make them objects of universal exploration it will be herbs that the few who stand in opposition to an institution of the church and the law of the state ought not to be tolerate it be better for them to suffer than the whole nations be thrown a confusion and lawlessness the same argument that many centuries ago was brought against Christ by the people it is expedient for us that the wily calf is that one mentioned die for the people that the whole nation perish not this argument will be appear conclusive and the decree will finally be issued against those who have of the Sabbath the 4th Commandment the announcing them as deserving Ziering the severest punishment and giving people liberty after a certain time to put them to death now how many of you 6 months ago what is that that's going to remote that that could have on how many think it's a little different I mean you think there's more dynamics now than there were 6 months ago doesn't mean we fold up our hands accept our school and stop studying we keep studying we do our school week people trying to pump as many people out that can be evangelists for the Gospel Amen but how many are thankful we we have the insights of scripture in the spirit of prophecy that give us some kind of indication then go through the time of Jacob's trouble I preached a sermon on there recently so you can go back and listen to that but basically that sermon said you know you go through this time it's as if trouble clear up everything you you had between those on Earth and with God because it's going to get worse during this time of Jacob's trouble and you're going to have all kinds of temper temptations and and get rid of the fears and anxieties now. Make things right with God and one another now because you won't be able to handle it have either been my head that week were just like that's the last straw and you almost kind of go over the edge and that's the time it takes is trouble time Tim when the protection of human loss will be withdrawn from those who want to the law of God There will be a different lands a simultaneous movement for their destruction of the time a point in that to treat it draws near the people were conspiring to root out the hated sect to be determined to strike one in one night a decisive blow which will ultimately silence the voice of dissent and reproof the people of God Some in prison cells some hidden in solitary treats in the force and mounds still plead for divine protection want every quarter companies of our unmanned herds on by a host of Evil Angels are preparing for the work of death it is now and the hour but most exterminate that the God of Israel will interpose for the deliverance of his Joseph you say hallelujah saith the Lord you shall have a song as in the night when the holy solemnity is kept and gladness of heart as when one go with the coming of the mountain of the Lord to the mighty of Israel and the Lord still causes glorious voice to be heard still so the lightning down and down of his arm with the indignation of his anger the flame of Divine Fire which scattering and Tempest and hail stones so there will be an intervention by God in the last remnant of time but I want to encourage you again to do something I want you to read Dr 50 this is a book how many of you want to take me up on that sound read that book because what it does is goes through. Time of trouble such as never was in that nation over ethnicity alone really but the only thing that saved Dr 50 this life when you read this book. Was his moral identity mast his moral activity. Would you say that with me his moral identity was matched by his was moral activity how many think that's something you should remember and that's what I want to talk about in my 2nd sermon today when I talk about Jerry Falwell the president of Liberty University and his fall from grace this was an individual who had a moral identity crisis and there are a vast lessons to learn from it but at least for me but as ivory read Dr Foote he just booked this past week it all started out when he was a young man and having connection with God You know we had this week of prayer by the students how to connect with Christ is nothing more important than that and he goes through this in his book and it's very small things like he would not surrender his identity card as a Tutsi all of his friends were ripping theirs up maybe they won't be able to tell him a Tutsi he kept his car and he trusted God it's a myth these are amazing stories when you look at these stories in that book you'll see a modern day example of. How to prepare for a time when they'll be utmost scrutiny to see whether or not your moral identity is matched by your moral activity Finally they started calling the devious doctor fetus the man of God And once he was way in the line kind of afraid goes you are a man of God go up and ask your i.d. they started saying we can't touch you I'm telling you read the book and then also read another book read another chapter at least maybe read it this afternoon re the chapter the time of trouble. Read the chapter the time because you know what you're already in the time of trouble if you have not read the chapter the time a dreadful you are already in the time of trouble if you have not read the book The Great converse year in the time of trouble already you may not know it but read that it is something that you will be identified as believing you say well you know what I want to read on the script about how many of you here today say that your 7th Day Adventist how many of you want to see your hands you are going to be held accountable for everything in those books whether or not you know or not and they're all going to be brought up and you'll learn about them everyone will learn about these chapters. I'm not really laughing because you will be held accountable for your moral identity whether or not it matches your moral activity now. Having said all that does God take care of his faithful his doctor fajitas alive today so you teach him at our school is he wasting his time all it takes is break and doesn't advance us to campaign someone on this campus right here today that came here because of that advances the campaign he's had thousands of people that have a sect of Lord this last year from a campaign that he fell into his own language from our studio even though he's here he's everywhere he's taking advantage of his time to win souls and we think that's a pretty safe thing to do and you don't really have questions about Sabbath observance and these other things if you're trying to win someone to the masses it's only when you're not wanting someone who's you know. It's not really an issue so is it time to flee home I think it's time to flee Yeah. Flee battle in. Flee all these things is the time to leave the cities for small cities profits are going to look not yet in terms of the Sunday law thing but are we in a small city this is a very small town you say hallelujah There's a look desolate. Hallelujah does it have all the big buildings of all the other universities you could be going to you know desolate. Oh yeah I'm in thank you for this promise that you will honor those who want to you it was those who left Saddam that you took care of not those who were looking back and we need in our lives to flee certain things excepting the provision of angels that are wanting to take care of us. And we've alluded today to the 3 Angels' messages that are meant to take care of us let us listen to the Gospel call of the 1st angel Let us listen to the call out of Babylon from the 2nd angel and let us listen to the 3rd call to have the face of Jesus that's a gift that put in our hearts that leads to in obedience to that faith in the Hon text patient in durance that we may indeed sing the song God will take care of you with confidence. With holy lands. Holy are cleansed by you. In Christ. In. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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