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Moral Identity and the Time of the End

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • September 5, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Let's pray as we begin our service today or preaching section. Father in heaven today. All of us come here not because we have arrived or even have the answers but we come questioning you today and and making ourself open to being questioned by you one answer we do have is that we need help as individuals as families and as a community as an institution as a church in our world our nation we definitely see the signs that we need help and some say that we need to recover the soul of the nation and others say we need God back in the nation so we all agree we need God in our lives today so we ask that you would come near to the power of your word the reason we come today is not to hear a man but to hear your word we ask that your words would speak to us today in Christ's name Amen. Message's title The message today is moral identity but a week ago I was asked by the president of the institution to teach a graduate course for our new psychology masters and he told me we need to have a course that will focus on the establishing and sharing of moral identity. And. We want to have counselors that actually will say they're the morals and the identity of Christ with their patients and with those they're counseling we want people will actually talk about God with the people they're counseling and be competent enough to be able to do that. And I did not. I did not need another class to teach to be honest but. The more I thought about it I said you know if I can not teach a class about that then I'm a disaster at least I should be able to talk about it. And as a begin to look at it more and more and look at what that actually meant in the counseling literature I realize that that is basically the bottom line and it's the bottom line at the end time will there be a people who have enough moral identity that it also leads to moral activity will they not just talk will they walk well they bark well they squawk so he's read a dissertation one of several I read this last week about this a foundational desire of evangelical educational institutions is to develop ethical motivation and encourage moral behavior the mission statements of various evangelists colleges provide examples of the emphasis they place on moral development for example Liberty University has stated its desire to build men and women with the values Judson Khalid's to encourage students to embrace Christian ethics for lifelong growth and behavior within Evangelical educational institutions moral development is a priority yet often an area that see receives little intentional implicit in implementation and that's what this dissertation was about in the literature review of the desert dissertation there was or right right after the literature review there was a a problem statement that was posited by the author that said this adolescence is viewed as a pivotal period in an individual's moral identity development. So that would be academy aides but then all the way through the thirty's this is the primary function. The primary task of someone to develop their moral identity during this time college has been called upon to increase both their colleges have been called upon to increase both their ethical training of students and their research on how to best achieve this goal yet colleges are not succeeding one recent study reported that 75 percent of college students confessed to cheating 70 percent confessed to stealing these events are local schools and 89 percent confessed to lying so the problem is that there is this goal and lip service to moral identity but there isn't there's not a corresponding activity and fact very troubling to me is sometimes I hear even on this campus Well I know Dr Nelly told us to give our phones in but I just turned in a phone so he thinks I turned in a phone but I didn't really turn on the phone I use this to keep it real this is not about evangelical schools this is about the school or I I heard the sermon on the Sabbath and I understood heard a sermon on Sabbath observance and I actually signed speired statements but then I go all out that very afternoon and do something totally against that that is a disconnect between moral identity and activity how we're going to stand what I'm saying how we can understand what it says. That doesn't just go for students this last couple weeks all over the news was a guy named Jerry Falwell Falwell at Liberty University who did not fall well he fell from being the president of the largest evangelical college. In the country one that pictured itself as the Protestant Notre Dame in an article written by c.n.n. Jerry Falwell's fatal miscalculation why you would expect c.n.n. to really go after Jerry Falwell Jerry Falwell's fatal miscalculation he begins by describing how Jerry described himself last fall as scrutiny of his leadership at literally Liberty University begin to intensify Jerry Falwell Jr revealed to a c.n.n. reporter one of the secrets of the school success he said our success at Liberty did not start with Jerry Falwell my father who built the religious right and and starred in the old time gospel hour sermons that then led people together and they said we want to send our kids to listen to more of that now it didn't start with him said Jerry Falwell Jr It actually started with my grandfather who was a bootlicker and delivered moonshine to burgeon your hill hill dollars during prohibition he died when he was 55 with a hip flask in his pocket and unsaved soul his grown sense grandson said and what really made liberty successful is not my father but my grandfather why he went on to describe at this meeting my father became a Christian said Jerry Falwell Jr but he took the same entrepreneurial spirit into the religious world and that's why Liberty is where it is today it's successful because of the entrepreneurial business pirit of a bootlegger which was my grandfather how he can see any disconnect in that statement between the moral identity of Liberty University and the statement of the president of the university. And the wheels started coming off the. Off the car even though he admitted it's not the gospel hour it's not the Gospel that's given the success it's the business success and then he went on as he was confronted about a picture that was taken on a yacht by saying this I'm not a moral leader My job was to grow liberties and down meant campus and student body I've never been a minister he told one critic pointing to his background as a lawyer in a real estate developer the faculty the students the campus pastor are the ones who keep Liberty University strong spiritually as the best Christian university in the world I'm proud to be a conservative Christian but my job is to keep Liberty University successful academically financially and with athletics I mean beginning to see that the wheels are falling off the car moral identity and moral activity my going to go to a Christian school and then lie and cheat why am I here my just here because my parents sent me here or why am I here as a pastor wire mare's a leader notice I'm talking about the president of the institution not just the students how many can see things. My focus is on academics finances and athletics and then c.n.n. comments by most worldly standards fall well is a raging success $1000000000.00 in new construction a huge Ben a huge burst in the endowment but also a cut in the budget of the School of Divinity. Stream's strange to hear the heir of the Moral Majority is founder and leader of the school that aims to train champions for Christ disavowing the responsibility to live a moral life and that's when they had this phrase moral identity without moral activity they called a fatal miscalculation. It is a fatal miscalculation to speak about your moral identity when it's not coupled with moral activity and in the article they made an interesting comment Jerry Falwell Jr was always like this he only got like this when he got a lot of money the increase in the money was coupled with a decrease in morality some of you might be going to school to increase your money but just realize it could also decrease your morale doesn't have to do but let's look under the hood a little bit more and see well Wells failed miscalculation he thought that because he had grown the campus why $1000000000.00 in construction and the endowment by one point $6000000000.00 that he was untouchable and he became arrogant someone wrote stop this infant Teil behavior and lead our alma mater with dignity as your father did you are not honoring your father and your mother's legacy you're dishonoring that is at the heart of moral identity the heart of moral identity is how you read relate to your parents why do I say that I remind you of last week's message the code if occasion a moral identity is found of the 10 Commandments. The 1st 4 commandments all start with the name of the Lord thy God I am the Lord thy God that brought the up the house of bondage out of the land of Egypt I got you out of 2000 gods who had you in bondage I brought you out of that therefore have no other gods before me live a life of gratitude that you're now in the law of liberty you're living a law of liberty not a law of Egyptian tutelage he I brought you out so live with gratitude honor me as our Father which art in heaven Hallo would be thy name thy kingdom come thy will be done On earth as it is in heaven and that's the 2nd commandment Isn't it was a 7 commandment I was I now make into the any graven image or any likeness and thing I have above the earth beneath that so now bow down myself to them or serve them for I the world I got I'm a jealous God I the Lord thy God I'm a jealous God I want to protect you from going back into bondage and showing mercy into thousands of them that love me and do I keep my commandments that I will be done On earth as it is in heaven father you see it was dishonoring to not only his father but to guide their commandment thou shall not take the name of the Lord that I got in vain for the Lord will not hold him guilty to take this name in vain in vain do they worship me teaching as doctrine the commandments of what So not only when we were whenever you see something happening in the last 5 commandments look at the 1st 5 commandments are they honoring God Are they wanted his laws written on their hearts are they sharing his commandments or other people's commandments and then what's the 4th commandment Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days out that labor and all the work but the 7th day is the Sabbath of the. Lord I got into the house shall not do any down or that I know with a daughter another words you are so prone you are so prone to not having your moral identity match your activity that you need to get together every week every week on the Sabbath day as a family and everyone in your group even the stranger within your gates and you're supposed to give glory to God The Redeemer and God the Creator and living accountability each other like we learned this morning live in close enough proximity that someone is going to say is that the way to act since you've been redeemed is that the way to act since you've been created and then comes the 5th commandment which is what I was going to talk about but it is what the other was as a bonus you're not honoring your father and your mother what you're doing Jerry because fathering and mothering is the mission of the Church and any institution you so I don't have kids has nothing to do with that. Has now the 1st Corinthians 415 for though you have 10000 instructors in Christ you don't have many fathers for in Christ Jesus I be gotten you through the Gospel So in other words what every teacher is to do here is to be begetting people through the Gospel what every person here is supposed to be doing is having that mission you can't have that mission unless you have that relationship of love for God who did what redeemed you how many have been redeemed from anything. I used to curse I used to swear I used to drink things I should to do I used to eat things still do that somewhat but I don't cry I used to do these things to a great Meghna to by God as do I used to have road rage. Now my wife came to the 1st service to give you a list of the things God still working on but how many of you know that God has redeemed you in some ways and so your life is a life of gratitude and he's not only redeemed you once you see redeem you look under the hood you say oh wait he created me too. So I'm going to trust him and I'm going to live in a way that actually expands his kingdom through spiritual in the sim a nation and propagation is that with James one says received with meekness the implanted word that is able to save your souls I'm learning to implant his word in others so they'll be a spiritual children growing up to the glory of God That's the mission state of the 10 Commandments so when they said you're dishonoring to him the saying you lost your mission and we are following me and when you lose your mission what happens that I shall not kill you kill people you hurt yourself you think is suicide you think you're not valuable like are excellent children story pointed out you think you're not valuable when God paid everything for you and then you start doing things like sexual acting out now so not commit adultery and don't get on a yacht with a picture of your pants on zipped. That was in the news last week I'm glad you don't watch the news those of you it turned in your phones faithfully have not been doing then I was actually several weeks ago. Because while you're stealing from someone else you're stealing from someone else when you do those kind of things this week in California they said we think that minors should be fair game for people that want to have intimate relationships with minors going down to age 12 that's the bill that's on the governor's desk and that's the legislators who say yeah I do that that's stealing that sexual confusion and we're great being raised in this culture but don't think it's just the governor there might be someone that you're taking advantage of even on this campus or who want to take advantage of you and you're stealing from someone else if you do that and you're stealing from yourself if you allow it you say well I'm not going to marry the person then that's a lying and that's stealing and it's going to hurt you when you go on in life you'll have pain and suffering God wanted to have none of it he doesn't want to have any of it and some of us who are older and experienced some of that step say look don't go away we can't tell you that's the wrong way we're living with scars because of that stuff it's not just an name it's not don't just say you're a Christian out of gratitude but. Don't live don't covet peace don't covet Oh we're sorry. I wish I had this be satisfied God is glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him John Piper says that famous. Calvinist preacher but very good preacher got is most glorified in us when we're most satisfied in him and what are the what are the commandments to talk about satisfaction in him the 1st 4 commandments you know someone's really satisfied when they tell someone else that's the 5th commandment look I'm going to tell you that your days may be a long upon the land with the Lord thy God given the I want you to have an abundant life I want you to live a long time I want you to have everything. Because that's who I am in Christ and that's who you can be in Christ I think it's interesting I mentioned it last week that on the last 5 commandments the Lord God's name is not even connected to them it doesn't say other words go to don't steal lie he doesn't want his name associated with that kind of stuff and if you have this relationship with him you won't have those things going on. Someone said to me Look I need my phone I got to have my phone why because I'll get bad grades if I don't Ok so you lied about your phone to want to get good grades why you want to graze well but I'm good grades I won't graduate from graduate I won't be able make money you know by the way I make money on you see anytime you do something on this table it always points back to something else that's become your god how are we going to stand what I just said Anything you do something on this table that always points back to something else that's become your what your god you really want to throw away your salvation for a phone line about a phone and we think that's it and I was a good one to go down and I lot about that now who. Let's look under the hood a little bit talking to fall well about the moral character of of another person which you may be able to figure out. He said. Evangelical Christian theology is about recognizing that everyone is a sinner in need of forgiveness you can't go by who sent and who hasn't because we all have said Falwell the ones that you think are perfect and sinless is this that you don't know about it he knew he knew he knew about himself you don't know about it they're all just as bad we all are and that's the bottom line this is the prevalent evangelical Adventist theology it's not just in the evangelical it's in the administers to everybody sins not a big deal it's defending your ethics on the basis of which part of the 10 Commandments the 1st 5 or the last 5 it's using the last 5 and saying the very things he says don't do other things that prove that he's a good God because he forgives me how we think that's a little twisted on a whole nother statement These are all covered by see it in they listen. Whole basis based on the theology of forgiveness on the fact that we believe that Jesus taught us that all of us are sinners and we all sin every day and I don't why we all sinners by the way if you know you're a sinner what does that mean you know there's a God you know he has a law you know in that the law tells you what's right and wrong right you have to know that to say that because without law there is no sin and you also have to know there's Grace if you say that and you also have to know there's Jesus to say that right it's a system he knows the system and yet he says in the statement we all sin every day there's a mixture here of yes the Bible is clear we've all sin the Bible does say that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God Doesn't it say that all of us therefore stand in need of God's forgiveness we agree on that how many agree on that. But did Jesus ever say anywhere that we all must sin every day did he say that how many of you believe that you are waking up every day to sin Well let's see what the Bible says to the woman caught in adultery and also the adulterers with her because he wrote all their names in the sand so the women and men all caught in adultery what did he say neither do I condemn the go and keep on sending is that what he said Go and sin no more did he mean that is their liberty in Christ Johnny 11 here's another one Second Chronicles some 14 if conditional statement if my people which are called by my name identity verse 5 commandment right there called by my name Shel humble themselves and pray and seek my face 1st I could name is again right seek my face and turn from their wicked ways and do what not excuse their work ways turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their lad the foundation to liberty is humility and turning away from sin once it's pointed out by the power of God What's another one Proverbs 2813 he that cover this and shall not prosper but whosoever confess it and forsake of them shall have mercy how many one have mercy and we want your land to be he'll look at all the promises God gives this is it this is true liberty what did they give Jerry Falwell Jr for everything he did wrong $10000000.00 severance package is that a good message. The messages it's a terrible message. And then this one reads you can say with maybe you don't know those Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his his what thoughts and let him return to the Lord and He will have mercy upon him into our God and He will abundantly pardon but what's the stipulation forsake the thoughts and return and then finally this when you all know if we if we confess our sins he is what they feel unjust to forgive us our sins and do what cleanse us from all arises not confessing your sin is not saying everybody sins and they will every day that's not confession that's an excuse and like my dad used to tell me growing up he was good at excuses is good at little else. Second Timothy 35 says the last days will be a time when a people will profess a form of godliness while denying the power there are and the advent movement has been raised up to directly challenge that idea you see we're not going to be saved by carnal power we're not going to be saved by government we're not going to be saved by the Democrats we're not going to be saved by the Republicans we're not going to be and what was far well doing his theology led him to do what put a diminuendo on all things moral while putting a crescendo on all things political You see what happens is when we don't have victory in our lives we don't become less controlling we become more controlling with on godly ways of control both parties are doing this oh I will save the soul of the nation really. I don't think so you're a lot of things but you you're not a savior I mean we still need Jesus and if you get up and say I'm going to give you your god and your guns and whatever you think that guy's going to save you absolutely categorically not but what's happening in our nation today is many are drunk with the wine of Babel and those making fornication with the kings of the earth and illegitimate Sturtz and state is beginning to crop up even when Jesus said My kingdom is not of this world else I would fight and we have to remember the weapons of our war for our not carnal there not carnal but mighty in God for the pulling down of strongholds then imaginations and every high thing that exalts itself against the glory of God bringing into captivity every to the oh of Christ that is morality not only identify but personify how many you want this how do you want that. How many of you are not listening so you don't want to raise your hands how would you want there I'm getting worried now in this dissertation I read what I thought was pretty good by the way from Liberty University. That everything's bad at liberty and just because one person goes bad doesn't mean everything's bad like c.n.n. was trying to say. But in this dissertation they said look in helping people establish moral identity you know like this Bill and Mike and helping them the stablished moral identity you have to do several things Number one you have to help them realize and alienation from the culture this world is not my home and I'm just passing through. You have to realize there in the world but not of the world there has to be this drumbeat of alienation from culture it needs a big counter culture culture call call where is daring call to call to cultivate see it's like a great culture you reap what you sow and grow and what we're trying to do here is have a inculturation that's based on alienation from everything we see in this nation. Kind of like this. That's our job planting seeds of dissent and foment it's a revolution it's a protest godly protest if you want to master class in this godly protest how to maintain your identity like us on the 1st service I would invite you to read Dr of this book preaching from the grave I would invite you to read Dr of his book preaching from the grave I would invite you to. What I say this guy went through the time of trouble we read about it in the great controversy he went through it he saw Adventists killing other admin is one hospital administrator one hospital administrator one hospital administrator. So he might be in hospital work coming up and his son invited all the administers the hospital and said You'll be safe here then they call the opposition and so they're all here come and get him and they came and killed them Dr Judy this went through the time of trouble and you think all Christian identity issues you're talking about the evangelicals now I'm talking about you and I'm talking about me do we have an identity crisis anyway read this book. So what they said is you have to have an alienation from culture. Yes I mean like it or not like it when Dr Nel in his class said Give me your cell phone that's that's counter-cultural me think that's like counterculture I've got a light that I mean I'm addicted to this thing I mean I touch this thing more than I probably touch any human in my whole life. I touch this thing more than I touch myself and you tell me take that away that's like whoa whoa alienation from culture and by the way is the Internet a connection to all the wonderful things in culture that's an experience. And then secondly a connection to a higher purpose the dissertations that look you've got to have an alienation from culture and then have a connection to I higher purpose I'm not going to dental school so I can drive a Mercedes I'm going to dental school so I can share the gospel with people have their mouths shut while I talk. And when to teach them crown him with many crowns I am going to lead them. I have a higher purpose you didn't just come to make my payment on my vehicle you came so I can share the gospel with you if you don't want to come to my dental practice go somewhere else but I'll be so kind and loving to you you won't even feel your teeth come out till I charge you for them anyway so. I'm kind of working with this dental thing here today. I'm not a real estate agent to try and sell you stuff so I can exploit you which is where all the money came from from Stanford University who killed all the Indians and stole the real estate and then started Stanford University No I'm not that I'm here as a real estate agent to interest you some property abstain. You must have a higher purpose. We aim far too low far too low you know people that they look they've studied you get so much money there's a point where you don't get any more happiness the more money you get so we're going to take up an offering right now just in case you're in a category but. So there's a point where you just do not get happier with money in fact the happiest places I've ever been is like mission trips where they have no money they're all sitting on the mission trip was for me not them so alienation from culture to move on to connection with higher purpose and the number 3 admiration of a moral individual people need heroes today not zeros they need people that are not talking about how they get away with sin and that's Ok We're going to do it every day they want to talk to people that by God's grace and His power alone not through their works have actually seen victory in their life also I want to talk to what did I tell you colleges are not succeeding 75 percent of college is a confessed to cheating 7 percent confessed to stealing a 9 percent cast confessed to lying well and it's about time to wrap up what I want to give you a couple text before we wrap up. We got to talk about a higher ideal and a higher purpose as we leave how many you want to have a higher ideal I'll purpose that is so gripping that you say I need that well check out Zephaniah 313 let's crack it open Zephaniah 313 a member once when I was in the seminary I thought I was going to do a paper on Zechariah but I accidently put in turned and Zephaniah. Was much shorter. It was thankful for my error have to do this and now I can't even find it so for so short Jonah Micah name him back it is up and I hate. To hear this Zephaniah 3. Verse 13 a listers u. verse 12 I will leave in your midst a meek and humble people and they shall trust in the name of the Lord what is that 1st 5 commandments name of the Lord is associated with 1st by man and there was a saying that if you have the name of the way in your life and your forehead the remnant of Israel shelled do one righteousness every day they can help you sell the sell do what no one righteousness and speak how many lies no lives neither sell a deceitful tongue be found in their mouth and they still feed their flocks and lie down and no one shall make them afraid fearlessness in the midst of an alien culture fearlessness because God is so changed their lives their humble their meek they said look I'm not going to write my own law you write your law on my heart and on my mind God be in my head and in my thinking God be in Ma's and in my looking God be in my mouth and in my speaking guy be in my heart and in my standing under or in my understanding and here's a point that I just learned this last week as I was thinking about this you know we teach people as counselors Well I'm going to teach you cognitive behavioral therapy it's very simple we're going to take your thoughts we will destroy morale we know how to do this because we understand your mind is beautiful but it will be better once we get through it and we teach them all these procedures now I'm not against those procedures but those are things that can be understood but my Bible tells me that God when He comes into my life can actually give me a peace that passes understanding can you say hello. So while I might be able to help you by confronting you there are going to be some things no one can explain it's a miracle look at what happened in his life look at what happened through is like look at this that's not him and that's not any technique he learned and that's not 10 cognitive distortions he learned about except for the 10 distortions that are addressed by the 10 Commandments all right my lawn your heart your mind you'll be my people I'll be your God I will walk in you even is as their home I think that you need that miracle. First us alone even 5 by the way Revelation 14 are scripture reading it says they have no guile in their mouth goes along right along with Jeff and I 313 now back to the 1000 lonely ends by the way the book at us alone eons every single chapter of 1st us alone is ends with a picture of the 2nd coming he's coming again he's coming again he's coming again he's coming again he's coming again every single one but notice how it ends and 1st us alone except the 5 and by the way are you looking forward to Jesus coming do you love His appearing I was talking with a kid this last week I don't want Jesus to come it's going to be scared they're going to be a time of trouble so look this whole world is a time of trouble we're trying to get out of the time of trouble that's what we want to seize a come not to go through the time to we want to get out the time of trouble and the time I didn't love my dad's appearing when he was coming home was when I was watching the t.v. you remember this mom and I stole the cord he had this cord to this little black and white t.v. and he said I'm taking it with you because I don't want you watching the t.v. when I got well I got myself a cord that's the 1st record I ever got. I got this cord and then I was watching t.v. and I got so in in it in messed in the Flintstones that when he came home Yabba dabba doo I did not I did not hear him drive it out of. And then he comes in and I just before he came out I pulled the cord I was like Woah I'm standing there like guilty. I will just go to jail standing right there and he goes Hi Dad How you doing why are you saying that you never used to talk to me even. What he had behind yourself I said. You know window t.v. what have you and yourself he turns around that. I'm lying I'm lying and he comes only puts his hand on the television and I was toast. You see when you're doing something wrong you don't love the appearing of your parents and you don't love the appearing of Jesus how many of you love His appearing you want you can sing the song Be still and know and you don't have that guilt that comes from whatever it is Ok let me read the text here it is for us us alone has 5 Now May the God of Peace verse 23 himself sanctify you except for once a day when you send So what is it sanctify you what completely and may your whole spirit soul and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ how we can say God do it I don't know how you're going to do it but I want to do it in my life I want my identity have to have corresponding activity that I only give you glory for Revelation 2 and 3 every single church we're going on a tour of the 7 churches next year with Dr z. the reason we're going there is to see where people became overcomers every single church it ends with. These are the ones who overcame they overcame they overcame they were not overcome the overcame we get that word These are not like the Nicolaides sions Nick Nike we have Nike you know to overcome they're not like them they overcame and that's it's granted to sit down on his throne Revelation $321.00 Hallelujah do we need heroes how many think we need heroes how we want to be one of those heroes by God's grace all the way through revelation this is picture now I want to just close because like I got more I got 3 more pace upon Michael there's vespers. I want to close with something that's very resist touch me this last week a week ago our president Dr Nellie and his wife Erica who have known since I was. 1617 years old they got this were based on an x. ray series of x. rays American elderly had who had recently had liver cancer had had cancer come back and they thought that it was a big mass and was all the way up to or a Orden different limp nodes doctrinally came into the leadership room last week and he was weeping as he told us that Erica was going to die and I don't think there was a dry eye in there he told about her character. He said she didn't just say things she always was doing she never wasted a moment and by the way I'm if you've ever seen Erica she's like a tornado and he says he did all that so I could do what I'm supposed to do see said don't do those things that I can do for you so you can do what you need to do and what God called you to do and that's exactly how many you want to have someone say that about you. While you're alive. And I thought that was it you know I think that's it that's it we prayed I remember the prayer Lord thank you for this reminder that without you we can't do anything that we're powerless but thank you also for the reminder in this room that there have been people even in this room who had cancer that you heal and then I mean the people and Lord would you please heal our sister Erica as well you see it's at moments like these where we question what our relationship is also the price said Oh God forgive us from sins that would not allow our prayer to actually be even heard and that's the whole point of that chapter in prayer for the 2nd ministry of healing and that chapter is based on the book of James that says if you're double minded nothing's going to happen Chapter 1234 and $5.00 and a whole chapter all the Book of James is how to have yourself have an identity that's connected to reality so we prayed that prayer I didn't expect to hear anything for. But I couldn't help it I texted Dr Nelly at the noon and he said the get together on a zoom call and they got together on that Zoom call he said and I think he wrote you an email some of you he said the doctor could not believe what she was seen she found no cancer she doesn't know what happened looks like cancer all these films the son it's none that I did she could see this to have had the test come back as a 5 percent chance that might be something there but there certainly was not what they thought they saw how we can say hallelujah for that but the thing that really touched me was this doctor and he made some statements that were the exact opposite of statements he was very transparent and he said you know what. I have not been praying like I should and I want to rededicate my life to prayer I want to dedicate my life to time with God I want to dedicate my life to use every day I might have in the future for His glory I want my identity to totally match my activity why did he say those things because of love because of love he thought he had lost the human love of his life and he reviewed the Godly things in his wife's life how many of you want to be a wife like that that lead your husband to recommit his life to God How would you want to be a husband like that that leaves your wife to rededicate her life to you how many we've parents like that that lead your kids to see you as a hero of the faith how many of you kids want to be students like that that people can just sense that you know the research said it's not enough to talk about it there was a president here that left the church became an atheist and he studied moral development every single time I looked at the minutes he was talking about Lawrence Kohlberg now they've critique Lawrence Kohlberg and this is what they said Lawrence Kohlberg had a lot of things to say about moral development that were wrong and the biggest thing that was wrong was he thought you could just talk about it without doing it and I thought praise the Lord that we're doing stuff like t.c. I praise the Lord that we're going to do more things like that when we have a trail home of you like to send people on a sanctuary tour and tell them about the sanctuary like 6000 times before you leave school if you're walking you're talking about you're not just saying you're doing how I want to have that situation not just saying but doing what I'm telling you that touch my heart. And here's the reality if I give my heart to God 1st 5 law 1st 5 commandments in gratitude realizing what he's done not so I'm trying to manipulate him or those who work that which is not of faith is sin it's actually a sin to go to church on Sabbath you're doing it because you think you're going to not be lost as a result of the sin it's a sin to do anything religious if it's not based on true faith so lots of religious people are sinning How do you understand what I just said because that which is not of faith is what sin so how many of you in faith desire to have God come into your life to give you that gift of faith even faith and so identified that truly no matter what happens I am persuaded that need a life or death or principalities nor powers no rulers of this world. I am persuaded that nothing. Can separate. From the love that is a right. 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