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Logo of Talking Points, 3rd Quarter 2020: Making Friends for God

12-A Message Worth Sharing

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • August 27, 2020
    11:15 AM
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Cameron evasion and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points this week still continue on with our making friends for God lessons we're in Lesson Number 12 a message worth sharing and I got to tell you. I am more excited or is recall enough as a lesson whose time has come it's exactly right we are 12 weeks into this quarter and we are finally we can talk about sharing our faith and sharing and sharing and finally get the substance of what we share Of course we all want your Christ and we could share the Bible gospel truth but there's a particular present truth message that we are burdened to share and we're going to get into that today in this lesson so I'm pretty excited about that absolutely we should start with prayer once you do that why don't we pray Father in Heaven again we are just so thankful for your many blessings toward us Lord especially the blessing of your Son Jesus Christ and Lord he he forms the basis in the foundation of the message we are to give to the world we just pray that you would guide us now in this talking point time and guide our viewers Lord that we may better understand your truth and be able to share with others in Jesus name we pray and. Now right you had mentioned the obviously the lesson in the importance of the present to the last yes why is message so important because message drives mission we've heard it a bunch and it's true isn't it well we've had her our conference president here in Michigan has that has been something that he's been focusing on quite a bit and and we've talked about quite a bit Absolutely and that's important because when we talk about like mission is this ubiquitous word that everybody uses today yes and you have in a church just like we're all united I wish and yeah Ok What is that and what does that mean and it does not mean the same thing to everybody that's right it's not always message driven. For a lot of people mission is being kind to people and that's important but for 7th Heaven as we we want to kindness that extends into eternity and that's not going to happen unless we introduce them to Jesus Christ and eternal life that's right and that's what the burden of this week's lesson is this is a message worth sharing dives into more of the specifics of that Adventists message that we're so share with the world and that message as you say drives all of our mission work we have to have that perspective in mind that's right so shall we go over the talking points and yes go back and review each one and just kind of mention them here briefly at the beginning yes our 3 talking points from this week and I'm going to do something else here there's a reason that we come up with the talking points we do we mentioned this recently that I'm not sure that our viewers are getting that or we're making that clear that the reason that we pick the talking points we do is that they're addressing oftentimes they're addressing misunderstandings that exist yes in whatever topic that we're looking at now this week there are 3 talking points are number one our message is talking in a message worth sharing is a relevant message here that's not all about relevance and the mess already to get all of that it's right that yes it already is relevant and I bar that a lot from from Sunday's lesson the 2nd talking point that we've come up with is our message is a warning message and we've taken that from Tuesday and Thursday a little bit and again maybe backing up a little bit it's an irrelevant message why are we addressing that because there are people in our church even in ministry that have in recent years said Our message is not relevant anymore or you're about we need to make it relevant Yes So no it is relevant that's our 1st point we want to make that clear lesson our message is a warning message there are there's off there I don't how don't want to I don't know how to say this obviously. There is a lot of thought that our message should just never be offensive never will. Alarming never because actually said to me always positive and encouraging inspiring and it that trajectory which implies that if we were to say the message that it is that would be negative it would be some help bad where the Bible just lays out a warning that we need to respond to and we have to be giving that warning if we're giving our mess and we're giving our highlight the points here are talking points but we probably should say when we talk about our message as with goes with our memory verse we're talking about the 3 angels messages of revelation that's what you need to 7 to have innocent as a reason for that it's a warning message though when you look at it in scripture Yes it's a clear warning message and it's designed to be unsettling to a degree having said that point there are 3 it is still not a gospel message it is the gospel message that's right and so are 3 talking points and again because there are there are churches that don't even allow the mark of the beast to be mentioned mention preached on it cetera the Beast of Revelation all that because it's not gospel or it's relevant or it's about loving it's the reality is all of these things are the gospel as they are relevant there and that's why we've chosen these talking points and that's why the lesson highlights these things it's a relevant message is a warning message and it is the gospel message all right so let's go back to the 1st one yes the relevance of this message why is or how do we know that this is the relevant message for well now the lesson takes and we you know because of the nature of talking points it's a temptation for us to get in and break down all the passages we can't do that yes other times it's just the talking points and that's what's kind of killing Mark and I write because every want to dive into it and let's go to what we're going to go to whether the lesson refers to one of the main passages it uses a computer 112 where Peter talks about something he calls the present true it's a message that he was sure anguished and it was the present true proof that he wanted yes he wanted his hearers to be established in what he called the present true yes. What is the what was and through well what's the difference we truth and present for right is it just a colorful adjective or does it mean something now you know in our history in 7 they haven't a sister e. present truth is is a phrase that was used repeatedly in the writings of l. might just look up that phrase the presenter is real and it's our message the 3 inches messages. You find that consistently through our our history you know but in recent years in fact I know a 7th Day Adventist to whose 7th heaven is minister. The new minister came into the church and the 1st thing he did is did a prayer meeting on what the present truth was and took that time to basically say that the present trues we got it all wrong it has nothing to do with the 3 angels messages and all of that business it's just Jesus and Him dying on the cross for us. So there's that. Notion this is being addressed here when Peter talks about the present truth he was talking about something that was especially applicable to his hearers at that time and that's what made it present we refer to like Noah for instance he could get up and present a lot of like the importance of family and time and health reform all of which are the things then true but he never mentioned the boat and the pending flood in those that would be he would be derelict in his duty he would be negligent if I were to give me do that boat in the salvation offered there was present truth now if we would have preached about Noel we've been added that if if he had preached on the boat and family and you know everything you know all the whatever he could have preached there not all the same in the order I or it was a primary they're not all the same level that boat has a yes the priority of preeminence Absolutely and now if we were to go back and talk about no as boat it's still true that there was a flood but we refer to it as a historical thing but we wouldn't make the burden of all of our preaching about the boat but we have about what wasn't there but there's a coming flood there's a coming fire there's a something different Jesus and there's a relevance to our message that's needed now the president truth that's right now it's interesting there's a fascinating statement the book early writings and we've got it in our hand out. Page $63.00 Ellen what makes this point she says there are many precious truths contained in the Word of God but it is present truth that the flock needs now so here she's about to spell out specifically and in she made the point we just were talking about there are a lot of things in the Bible you can study but there are things that apply to where we live right now. And I would inject to this point to think that because we hear like well what's why do we need to do this or even other denominations what's wrong with what they're preaching and there may not be anything wrong with what's being preached it may be good topical sermons and relevant to your life situation but there is a particular message for this time that the Lord has outlined in his word sister why it's about to articulate think about I mean time does not permit but we're in the we still are in this cove it uncertainty and whatever well prophecy speaks of this and gives us some certainty what about churches who don't deal with what if we never dealt with anything a prophet is going to war and rumors of wars and famines and pestilences if there was none of that study this would be totally alarming you know the Lord saw it coming he foretold and he says the end is not yet exactly and he knows what message is needed in our circumstance and things like the statement goes on to say it go didn't continue she goes I have seen the danger of the messengers running off from the important points of present truth to dwell upon subjects that are not calculated to unite the flock and sanctify the soul say will here take every possible advantage to injure the cause but such subjects as the sanctuary and connection with the 2300 days the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus are perfectly calculated to explain the past Advent movement and show what our present position is established the faith of the doubting and give certainty to the glorious future these I have frequently seen with the principle something on which the messenger should well frequently I've seen this this is should this should be the burden this is what present truth is and it's interesting what she brings up such subjects as the sanctuary in connection with the $2300.00 days the commandments of God in the faith of Jesus These are not all buckshot exactly no they're all right all the very latest as you see it yeah in this range of messages which we're going to see so here we have specifically pointed out what present truth is right that this should be the burden of God's people it's something very specific it's not nebulous and and notice it's perfectly calcul. That means that the Lord saw into the future he knew what message would need to happen at what circumstance of Earth's history and so when we come down to say like I mean I know the 3 is best but look at the world we've got to talk about this we got to talk about what those might be things but the Lord knew what was coming and he put this message in his words paraphrased that perfectly calculated what what perfectly calculated to. What how would you paraphrase it well or summarize it it's perfectly calculated to be exactly what we need Ok good now what's another way for saying that I don't know you guys it's really over this road well we just got this other thing was for you for as you mentioned historically the present truth was this ad message the 3 angels message yes but we've kind of gone away from those and now we come back and look at our message and we notice that it's really kind of bland we say you know what we need to do we need to make it relevant it's that we create a relevance based on our perspective instead of trusting the Lord had a divine perspective that he knew in advance what we need to do perfectly calculated it is this is a god to occupation and it's perfect Yes And so and you make a good point there we need to move on from this but this this mindset that you know times have changed. Did God not know what the future was going to be like Mercy I mean I hear these statements are churches like well you know that may have applied in our church at one time but it's gone up in heaven saying man this thing's going on longer than I thought it would I really I shouldn't have put in Revelation that kind of. Light because it's outdated No he knew exactly what you mean look at the things when he talks about the side of the like wars and rumors nation rise people groups against people groups yes to listen boy if only he could have seen that coming we've been preaching that he has seen that coming and now it comes and we're like a family we had a message for this to. We don't have to make it relevant the message is relevant as right and we know as of all it relevant and because of that we need to know it and preach it in a Senate and share and it cetera now it is a warning message Ok read the lesson points us to Revelation 1414 to 20 which is following immediately following the 3 angels message is what comes right after that where you see the Son of Man sitting in a cloud rest sharp sickle in his hand there's 2 things that we get from that 1st of all it's clear a clear depiction of the coming of Christ but the imagery What is the imagery in the lesson ask the question What is the imagery of that coming Well it's it's. The finality of it is not artistically it's noticed imagery right it's going it's coming to collect and if you notice a revelation there's the click the wicket and the righteous over the determination of who's righteous and wicked is made as he's but before he comes right so there is a this is the time before right before that harvest when the eternal destiny of minute is being decided right so this is a this is a warning that's it has the right I mean there is no other opportunity after this I mean the harvest comes in it's not like you give me next time around there's not a nick like me like the glow in the boat should be a sense of urgency It's like friends there is a thing coming the Bible talks about right so you know you've got that in then just looking at the message itself and we are so tempted to I mean and frustrated you know we're going to break down the 3 messages in the remainder of our in the midst of a 30 day notice yours them we're just going to mention them inside of a 30 minute or less that and I guess part of the frustration is that we are more ignorant today as 7th Day Adventists on these messages for example a case of the 1st part of the of the 1st angels message the everlasting Gospel he has to preach and in words what does he say. He is Judgement has come I thought he was preaching the gospel. How many times even hear that refrain even in the 7 sisters as like I know the judgment thing but let's focus on the gospel all right there in Revelation Chapter 14 verse 6 we have the gospel going to the world and it's tied directly to the time of his judgment right right so it's not like it's one or the other the the judgment of Christ his work of judgment is just as important and I'd say relevant now as was is not them across as was his birth in the manger the whole thing it's all the Gospel when you've referred to that even in Paul's preaching he makes reference to right now I was going to just mention Romans chapter 2 verse 16 where the apostle Paul mentions the day when God will judge the secrets of men so for him it's future and it's right come a by Jesus Christ come according to my gospel So when Paul the Great One who preached only Christ and Him crucified he also preached the resurrection of the Ascension his ministry in the heavenly sanctuary Hebrews Chapter 8 verses one and 2 as you know that we have such a high priest he was looking forward to the judgment when he preached Christ he preached the entirety of the message of Christ and the 7th Avenue is we're living in the time when Christ is our judge and if we somehow don't mention that we're like no I'm not talking about the boat that's exactly right and so you mentioned that Christ being our judge and Paul you know the Lord's going to judge by the man Jesus Christ as well you know we talk about judgment in our. This you can't read Revelation 14 and get the full gist of it without like the judgment hour has come how do we know it's come and where do we find it proclaimed that it's going to come you know that takes you back to Dan was there before it and so and so you think of that statement the present truth the sanctuary not just the sanctuary you know in this nation or in connection with the 23 days well that is what does that do to the sanctuary it gives us a timeline that points to the beginning of the world so it's like losing a single beams of judgment there's a time for judgment and we're living in it now it puts an added emphasis but it points to you know Daniel $814.00 the cleansing of the sanctuary takes us back to look at the sanctuary which was a type of the work of Christ right Christ work did not end on the cross Christ work on the cross in his sacrifice that was complete on the cross was furthered by his work in the heavenly sanctuary and so you have this this you've got a window of time here in this range of messages you get the 1st message that points to the judgment hour and then you have this proclamation that the system of error that people have been trusting into is fallen and they've got a choice to make and then you've got this final proclamation about the mark of the beast which is a final. In this is important understand it's a final test of character and character is not built with the mark of the beast it's revealed that the mark of the beast and so as you mentioned you know Jesus comes with the sharks sharp sickle right the this this phase of judgment that we're looking at is wrapped up in the 3 messages yes there's no time beyond that you know so this is the time to be ready and that mark of the beast issue is is a final test of character so it's in this context that people are urgently called with a loud voice right there's there's urgency there's there's there's there's there's a lot that has come and is being spoken out only there's going to be the the choice between right yes or wickedness between Christ and Satan and the harvest is pending it's coming down the urgency the lesson brings the further the 2nd call out of Babylon from Revelation 18 come out of her mind people you don't hear that language in Revelation 14 actually that doesn't come to Revelation 18 but this this final appeal in fact there's a whole chapter in great controversy I think it's called the final journey. That's on Revelation 18 but all of this is speaking to the fact that this message is a warning message that's not to say there's no hope Rush we're going to see him but that's also not to say oh it's just you know it's going to make you feel warm and comforted it's going to be alarming a little bit and it was designed by God to do that we don't freak out the way you think of John the Baptist right but he was his job was to prepare the people for the coming of the Lord right but what was his message was it soothing like Look everybody's got this or no he was very sure and he talked about laying the axe at the root because Christ is coming that's right and we have that same I mean that into the whole like Alija message right he was the logic of that time we need a larger message should prepare people for this great thing well praise the Lord when we're prepared for his coming it's going to be a glorious wonderful hopeful spectacular visit that's right but we have to have the warning to get us ready well and I don't have the quote right here but it isn't the book great controversy it says of the 1st angels message that that message was designed to reveal to people their backsliding it was a wake up call Yeah it was not an easy message unfortunately listen. I'm going to tell you I'm I'm I'm probably at least this much of there is any one of our viewers that I prefer an easier message absolutely but I also by the grace of God have learned enough about myself that I know the easy messages don't hurt me the way that I need to be alerted I need sometimes of something that a little more of a wakeup call and that's what God designed in this well let's make a nice segue into the Point 3 well was well I was going to say in this warning message or looking at it starts out still with the words I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having be the everlasting Gospel and we had said that this message is not an addendum to the Gospel like there's the gospel and then the 300 messages on top of that I think that some people even inside the church view Adventism as even Jellicoe as a plus right like we've got the everybody you know I heard it said we've got the health message and we've got this and we've got this unique little prophecy understanding with Jesus coming so we've got the core the foundation is all exactly the same there's just these little added Trink I remember when I 1st came into the 7 amateurs even before I was baptized remember hearing somebody say in my church they said in the church I was attending Well I come here you know the evidence have prophesy or have some good but I go to the Sunday church for the Gospel right. And let's just there's not enough time to break all that down but to say this is not an addendum to the Gospel this is the fullness of the Gospel in fact you have you have this whole sermon on this so I do I mean if we were going to preach you know but who cast people what does it mean to preach the gospel for instance if you were to put on a Christmas pageant you've told the story of Jesus up to the point of his birth right is that the Gospel no and you go all the way down the line and I would dare say and Paul to tells us this and 1st Corinthians 15 by the way in the same book we says I determine of nothing except for Christ and we're going to fight he then says but if he didn't resurrect and ascended we would still be in our sins our faith would be futile even if Christ died sinless like that so we could talk about the cross was it the Gospel Well not if he hadn't resurrected us right and then and then you go to Peter on the day of Pentecost and now that same resurrected Jesus is now up at sea to the right hand of God he's ascended to heaven and then Paul says of Hebrews Chapter 8 verses one into the main point of the things we are saying is that we have a high priest who is seated. The whole point is I think Revelation 14 picks up on this and Revelation 14 verse 4 when it describes the followers of Jesus in the last day is us right it was here they who follow the lamb wherever he goes That's right the implication being that the lambs on the move that he's not just not just they didn't stop at the manger that he stopped at the cross so they didn't stop at the tomb That's right but each of those in their time was present truth it was necessary that when the shepherds came and told about the birth of Jesus that was present truth today when the Gospel was going about Jesus being the long awaited review of course and all of it is still true that's right and we need to preach it but we have a particular emphasis on the present work of millions while it's not the fullness of the got this right why would we settle for where Jesus isn't when we know where Jesus is you know and that's what relevance means because the truth and so as we come into again Revelation 146 and 7 the everlasting gospel that the 3 of his message concludes with here they keep the commands of God and the faith of Jesus and then we see the 2nd coming because coming right out of the service sickle and if we were to take the time to go back to Matthew 24 for just Jesus' own prediction of the Gospel this gospel of the kingdom shall be preachin all the world as a witness and all the nations and then the engine down he foretells the preaching of the gospel all nations and then the end coming you look at Revelation 14 and lo and behold you see the very fulfillment of Christ's words this is what he was talking about this is the fullness of the preaching of the Gospel to every nation tribe to have you and then the end comes and so you can't separate this from the guy this is the right almost of the gospel message absolutely true and one of the things that again we've talked about and I and I did to this that too often when I hear about the 3 angels messages you don't hear about the sanctuary and part of that is I think a lot of evidence are confused about it because we haven't we don't study it and I'm not talking about the. Steaks I'm not talking I'm talking about the sanctuary points to the work of Jesus the work of Jesus that's going on now that is the is the culmination of everything Yeah this whole entire sacrifice and it's interesting there's a statement in the early writings page 254 where Ellen White says speaks of the 3rd angel she says the 3rd angel closes his message thus Here is the patience of the saints here they keep the commands of God in the faith of Jesus and those which he goes on to say as he repeated these words he pointed to the heavenly sanctuary in other words this whole idea of what the same search trusting in the patients of the saints the faith of Jesus was leading them to as you said where Jesus is he pointed to the heavenly sanctuary the minds of all who embrace this message are directed to the most holy place where Jesus stands before the Ark making his final intercession final intercession for all those for whom are still lingers he have that mentality but you have that hope that Jesus is there and he's going to finish that work for those who put their faith in. This it's never you know you look at that one sentence and she says that you can picture it as the message is going out of his bell you know he's pointing Yes and I'm thinking of how many times and you know Peter Well like I mentioned that in a cause he didn't just talk about his death he said but look he's now the right hand of God Stephen when he's done a look there he is and we have this continuity in this everlasting Gospel whatever it's been preached is to point to where Jesus is especially now that he's our company lived and he died and he's ascended into heaven he's doing a work in heaven and we have a special. Privilege and responsibility to be the messengers of that present truth Well it's interesting that work he's doing in heaven is not disconnected when the angel repeats the words here are they who keep the commandments he points to Jesus right keep the commandments in the faith of Jesus because we're nobody's keeping the commandments without Christ who what is he doing the people down there who keeping them are only doing it through by the power what is he trying to saying sure he is making. People who are then fit to dwell in eternity with Him and you know we talk about obedience and you get into all these discussions and people are all you're talking about I thought it's saved by faith but I love how Revelation 1412 links the 2 Yes they keep the commandments and the faith that badat of his faith but it talks about keeping the man and I love this statement from steps to Christ page 61 it says we do not earn salvation by our obedience 1st of Asian is a free gift of God to be received by faith but obedience is the fruit of faith you can't be separated and that's what we see in Revelation 1412 that's where we see this this as whining everything down again statement we have in here great controversy 582 says the last great conflict between truth and error is but the final struggle of the long standing controversy concerning the Law of God. Because that's how we show our legions to God as we show our worship to God If you love me keep my commandments Jesus as well and people might often think well why would maybe there's even within the church people might have thought you know we've been harping on the same swear and these prophecies and time elements and judgment themes we really should just preach the gospel and I can understand if they weren't familiar or if they're feeling paranoid about that but when you notice the Jesus of the Book of Revelation is called the Revelation of Jesus Christ it's the everlasting Gospel that we're seeing in the Rangers messages so when we point up to Christ in the sanctuary it's not like Christ less sanctuary that's exactly where he isn't thinking about statement in great controversy page 48. The sanctuary in heaven is the very center of Christ work in behalf of men it concerns every soul living upon the earth opens to view the plan of redemption bringing us down to the very close of time and revealing the triumphant issue of the contest between righteousness and sin it is of the utmost importance that all should thoroughly investigate these subjects and be able to give an answer to every one that asked them reason of the home that is in them the intercession of Christ in man's behalf in the same theory above is as essential to the plan of salvation as was his death upon the cross by his that he began that work which after His resurrection He ascended to complete in heaven and this that completeness of the Gospel right so as not can and does not cross or the sanctuary It's the cross in the sanctuary it's priced in the sinks where the lamb in the sanctuary the gospel is to find its entirety its culmination its for in these 3 jewels message in that heavenly sanctuary and in the 3 just messages find their entirety in Christ absolutely say oh we're going to preach Christ without preaching what he's doing where he is is not grace No it is not which is why that statement just before the statement you just read the sentence just before it says this all who have received the light upon these subjects this message that we talking about are to bear testimony of the great truths which God has committed to them so not only to know them but I may ask worth sharing Amen friends this has been a great study and I trust that this week's out of school is going to be richly blessed in every local church as you discuss these important themes but as we close our time together it's relevant it's a warning and it is the gospel let's fire has prepared Heavenly Father thank you so much for yet another opportunity to study your words and not just in general terms but specifically the message that you have perfectly calculated to be relevant for this time. Lord help us to never shy away from it with to embrace it to understand it better than we ever have to appreciate it and most importantly to share it effectively with others so bless every church member every Sabbath school class that meets this week and may we all be the missionary.


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