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13 End Time Events Before the Second Coming of Christ

Mark Finley
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The Second Coming of Christ has been preached as near for hundreds of years. Some people call this the rapture. The scriptures reveal that before Jesus comes back there will be signs which increase in frequency and intensity. Bible-believing Christians have divine insight into what is coming upon this world. The prophecies of Daniel and Revelation vividly reveal the final climatic events in earth’s history. Revelation 14 presents heaven’s final message to a rebellious planet brought by three angels flying amidst heaven. In this video you'll learn about the second coming of Christ and the biblical signs and events that will happen just before Jesus comes back. Watch and listen as Pastor Mark Finley presents part 13 of a Bible study series called Three Cosmic Messages.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • September 8, 2020
    7:15 AM
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Welcome back this is the final session in our series titled 3 cosmic messages Earth Final Conflict this entire series has been based on the Book of Revelation and specifically Revelation Chapter 14 versus 6 to 12 these 3 messages are eternal they're urgent and they are universal there are messages that God has given to prepare a people for his soon return the each of these messages focuses on the 2nd coming of Christ each message rings with hope in this presentation we'll be discussing God's final move earth a world ablaze with the glory of God It is time to lift up the trumpet Jesus is coming again during this presentation I do like you to invite you to bow your heads to pray and as we pray let us have our hearts ring with the hope of Christ soon return Father in heaven we thank you that Jesus is coming again we thank you for 3 cosmic messages 3 messages of eternal hope that in spite of what we see around us with famine and earthquake with pestilences with these strange viruses with the threat of nuclear war with economic disaster pending with the chaos and calamity in society among nations a matter whatever we see around us and even the challenges in our own personal life in our families our health we have the hope. Of the coming of Christ and so gear and to us that deeper hope that broader hope that brighter hope that greater hope as we study together in this presentation in Christ's name in one day soon the earth will be a blaze with the glory of God That is the message of the Book of Revelation one of the more significant events in the 1st World War was the sinking of the r m s Lusitania by German submarines that sinking brought into the war the United States and many of the other allied nations the Lusitania was sunk on Friday May 7 1915 it was a tragic event the vessel went down 11 miles off Kinsale Ireland it killed as this boat was torpedoed and sunk there were a level $198.00 people killed and not end $761.00 survivors there is a fascinating story that comes out of the sinking of the Lusitania in fact when the Lusitania was was sunk many pamphlets were published like take up the sort of justice in a list in the fight of the war it brought many soldiers to in a list many enlistees into that war Joseph do fien was an art dealer. And he had bought a ticket for one of his young art experts an expert in pottery to travel on the Lusitania to Europe to look at and examined some very exotic very rare pieces of pottery when Joseph do the saw the warnings regarding the war he said to this young protege this young pottery expert I don't think you should go there we've had warnings this is a photograph of the actual warning that the Germans put out notice travellers intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and around lies in Great Britain and her allies that the zone of war includes the waters adjacent to the British Isles that in accordance with formal notice given by the imperial German government vessels flying the flag of Great Britain or of any of her allies are liable to destruction the German embassy issued a warning that the ocean liner might be torpedoed and destroyed so do the unsaid to this young art expert I don't think you should go I don't want to risk your life and the young man said Look sir when I read what was happening in the Atlantic I began to harden myself at 1st I would sit in a tub of ice cold water for 30 minutes but the small orning I sat in that ice cold tub for 2 hours served don't think I would leave preparation of such an important event in the last minute I am prepared I will go the young man went the Lusitania was torpedoes. And amazingly enough this young man survived in the chilly freezing waters for a 5 hours and he was rescued he did not leave preparation until the last minute the Book of Revelation urges us the Book of Revelation invites us not to leave preparation for the 2nd coming of Christ to the last minute that's what the message of the 3 angels is all about that's the purpose of these 3 cosmic messages to prepare people for the coming of Jesus these are messages of hope their message of his of encouragement their messages that have been given to us by a god of enormous love who wants us prepared the Apostle Paul echoes the words of these end time messages that are Heaven's last appeal to a dying planet we ignore Paul's words and we ignore these messages at our own Terro the apostle Paul says in 1st this alone in Chapter 5 verse 4 and then verse 6 but you brother and sisters are not in darkness so that this day should overtake you as a thief that's the day of the 2nd Coming of Christ you are all sons of the light and Sons Of The Day We are not of the night or of the darkness Therefore let us not sleep as others do but let us watch and be sober this is a time to be fully aware of what's taking place the nurse history this is a time living at the heart beat of eternity the knife edge of eternity this is a time to know that there is nothing between us and Christ there our hearts are fully totally absolutely committed to Him This is a time to understand the prophecies of this last prophetic book of the Bible. Revelation this is a time to be sure that everything in our life not in harmony with Christ is surrendered to him in the book testimonies volume 8 Ellen White writes with divine prophetic insight on pages 27 and 28 the end is very near We who know the truth should be preparing for what is soon to break upon the world as an old for whelming surprise did Paul in the book of Thessalonians say that that Christ was coming as a thief quickly rapidly unexpectedly for the world he did and here this statement points out that there will be to the world's inhabitants an overwhelming surprise but we need not be surprised we'd need not be caught unaware as one early Adventist writer wrote preparing for the 2nd coming he said the only way to be ready is to get ready and to stay ready you see putting off the 2nd coming of Christ till tomorrow putting off preparation for his coming until another time means that we often will put it off until it's too late these 3 cosmic messages speak to our hearts they speak to our hearts to be ready to day every generation. From the 1st coming of Christ when Jesus said Let not your heart be troubled you believe in God believe also in Me In My Father's house are many mansions if it were not so I told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go I will come again every generation for the last 2000 years has here and those words echo in their ears and it's God's intent that every generation live in preparation for his coming live ready for his coming but in this generation the signs have coalesced the things that Christ has said would take place are taking place we have more evidence today than we've ever had somebody said to me will pass to mark you as an adventurous of been preaching about the 2nd Coming of Christ for 50 years and telling people that soon I said oh yeah if we preached it 50 years ago it's a lot sooner today than it was then I would rather prepare for the coming of Christ in my lifetime and have him not come but be ready for his coming the not prepare and have him come and not be ready there is no hesitation with the people of God Christ calls us to be ready for his soon return and I repeat the only way to be ready is to get ready and to stay ready What are those messages again in summary the 1st angel flies with the everlasting Gospel the gospel of God's grace to be proclaimed in the light of Heaven's final judgment calling all people to obey God and worship the creator here is a message of love a message of grace a message to go to the ends of the earth leading people to be so enamored with Christ so transformed by the grace of Christ to live godly obedient lives here is a message of the judgment our calling men and women to obey God but because the majority of the world turns. They're back on this message the 2nd angel flies in Revelation 14 verse 8 he says Babylon is fall and is following that great city because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication as we've studied in this series Babylon is a symbol of religious confusion false doctrine human traditions Babylon represents a manmade system of religion and so here the 2nd angel's message is calling us from all manmade traditions it's calling us from making self the center it's calling us from the human ism of our day it's calling us back to Jesus and making Jesus a priority it's calling us back to the truths of God's word Babilon is a system that uses images or idols to represent its saints or its Revier had once but the message of the angels flying in mid-heaven call us back to the supremacy of Christ babbling misunderstands the state of human beings in death so it teaches the immortality of the soul it revives ancient sun worship rather than accepting the Bible Sabbath so the messages of these angels these 3 cosmic messages call us back to worshiping the Create tour rather than the Sun worship of the pagan philosophy and cultures failing to grasp the importance of the body as the temple of God it Babyland treats the body as a funhouse rather than the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit so God has an end time message and end time message calling us back to give Him glory in what we eat in what we drink glory and how we live to praise Him in every area and aspect. Of Our Lives John 17 verse 17 says sanctify them by your truth your word is truth the message of the 3 angels these 3 cosmic messages call us back to the word to be set apart to be sanctified to be hallowed by the very truth of God Jesus said in John 8 1st 32 you shall know the truth some people have this idea that you can never know the truth but Jesus says you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free the truth frees us the truth liberates us from error and false it in apostasy the 3rd angel flies revelation 49 through 11 it is a warning against receiving the mark of the beast it is a warning against excepting a church state political union to bring security and peace on earth the vehicle of that union of course is that false sign of sun worship in opposition to Sabbath worship throughout the prophecies of the Bible. A beast of course represents a political or religious power so the mark of the beast represents the sign of authority a very religious political power that attempts to bring the world together in a world unity movement the Beast of Revelation in $1313.14 rises out of Rome as we've studied as a world wide system of worship history will repeat itself in the days of the early Roman Empire church and state united at a time when the Empire was falling apart Constantine the pagan Roman emperor in the attempt to unite his empire use Sunday as a very a call in which the work shops close to what was a common social day church leaders united with the Roman state passed decrees in church councils to sanctify Sunday contrary to the very Word of God this indeed will happen again great controversy page 588 says through the 2 great errors What are they to great errors the immortality of the soul in Sunday sacredness Satan will bring the people under his deceptions while the former lays the foundation of spiritualism the latter creates a bond of sympathy with Rome the Protestants of the United States will be the foremost in stretching their hands across the Gulf to grasp the hand of spiritualism they will reach over the abyss to clasp hands with the Roman power and under the influence of this threefold Union what's the threefold Union spiritual as I'm Catholicism in a pos state Protestantism that has left its true lover Jesus to accept the counterfeit teachings of the world in the counterfeit teachings of Babilon. This country America will follow in the steps of room in trampling on the rights of conscience how will that indeed take place in a time of the ments crisis in a time when it appears that this world is falling apart and crumbling at a time of uncertainty at that period of time church and state will unite the devil will work false miracles to bring together under the auspices of the vehicle of Sunday worship a common stay of worship those that don't go along will eventually be persecuted unable to buy or sell is what Revelation 13 says and eventually there will be a death to create Now one of the agencies that the devil uses to accomplish is ultimately goal of you 19 the globe under his authority is false miracles so the spirits of demons work miracles to get this false unity movement United Revelation Chapter 13 discussing the mark of the beast discussing this economic boycott when no man can buy or sell in verse 13 and 14 says he that's the devil performs great signs or great miracles great wonders so that he makes fire come down from heaven on earth in the sight of men in the Bible fire is a symbol of the presence of God The fiery sword there at the entrance of the Garden of Eden the presence of God keeping Adam Eve from going back in the fiery presence leading the children of Israel with the pillar of fire by night that was the representation of the presence of God Elijah the fire comes down the presence of God in the New Testament Fire represents the presence of God manifest in the Holy Spirit tongues of fire in the days of Pentecost the fire of God's presence. It's but this is false fire so this is a false presence of God a false holy ghost movement under the beast he performs back to the graphic he performs great signs so that even makes fire false holy ghost movement false miracles from heaven on earth in the sight of men he deceives What is he deceives those who dwell on the earth how by those signs he was granted to do in the sight of the beast so here a false miracles that indeed occur revelation 16 verse 14 tells the source the origin of these false miracles for they are the spirits of who demons performing signs or miracles wonders what do they do they go out to the kings of the earth and the whole world to gather them to the battle of the Great Day of God Almighty So summarizing Revelation Chapter 30 talks about the rise of the papal power talks about its influence in the world it talks about a very a code under the auspices of the beast power to unite the whole world just before the coming of Jesus and Satan then unleashes the mighty powers of him go to work force or counterfeit miracles to convince the kings of the earth who often have this human istic viewpoint these political leaders and the ideas seeing is believing so these false miracles convince them spiritual ism Protestantism Catholicism the nations of the world the various religions of the world unite in an attempt to bring the world together in that unity in the book great controversy page $588.00 I continue to read as the spirits that's the evil spirits will profess faith in the Bible and then a fest respect for the institutions of the church their work will be accepted as a manifestation of divine power so there is. False religious revival that occurs but God is not caught off guard he is preparing for the earth to be lightened with the glory of God and a true religious revival will come at a time of global upheaval natural disasters economic collapse the devil will work with all power and light wonders to deceive if possible the very chosen people of God but the people of God have been warned 3 cosmic messages 3 angels messages have given them the alert have opened their eyes have prepared them for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ the 3 angels messages are Heaven's safeguard against the deceptions of the enemy the Reformation at end time will be completed Cetin will not take the field God will move through his in time people his last day people to restore the truth of His word honest hearted men and women will have their hearts illuminated with the glory of God with the truth of God the light of God's truth will shine and as it shines ever so privately thousands and tens of thousands will respond to that truth accepted him be prepared for the coming of Jesus it will be written as is stated in Revelation 14 verse 12 it will be written of them here is the patience of the Saints Here is the in durance of the believers here are they think keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus Christ Jesus will have an end time people a people that are obedient to him a people that have the quality of Christ's faith living in their hearts of people that have trust in Jesus yet. Through that peep. Will God will reveal his will truce long obscured by the darkness of error and tradition including the true Bible Sabbath will be proclaimed to the world just before the return of our Lord this earth will be lightened with the glory of God the Reformation that began in the 13th century and continued on through the 14th 15th 16th century that reformation that return to the Bible that return to the central Lotty of Christ that return to Grace is the only means of salvation that return to obedience to God as our motto that reformation will be completed that reformation will come to a climax in a last day Adventist people who are a movement of destiny raised up by God to proclaim his last day message to the ends of the earth this will be the birth of a movement at in time that movement has already begun that movement is already echoing God's truth around the world but there will be at in time a final movement of God a final move of God Revelation 14 verse 7 says Fear God give glory to Him the our vision judgement is come worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea in the springs of waters fear God respect him obey him a message to go to every nation kindred tongue and people give glory to Him in your life style a message for the world for the obvious judgment is come a message for every man woman and child on planet earth worship the creator rather than worshipping the ones who made in the works of our hands the devil has tried to undermine creation in an age of evolution but the call at in time to. Call in the last days the call of these 3 angels is a call to worship the creator and in shrine and in the Sabbath commandment is that call to worship the Creator John in Revelation Chapter 18 verse one talks about this final move of God He talks about this last day movement and he says after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven with great authority and the earth was alumina aided with his glory the devil will not in shroud this world in darkness the devil will not triumph in the end Jesus will triumph in the end the devil will not be victorious in the end Jesus will be victorious and the the earth will be lightened with the glory of God Now did you notice our text revelation $181.00 after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven with great authority now this expression great authority is a is a very amazing expression the New Testament is written in the Greek language and the word for great authority is x. You see I know x a c a means of Thora t. but it means more than Authority x a c a means power but it means more than power x a c is a very hard word to translate into the English language or other languages you don't really see the new ones on it but the word axis c.-a has to do with victory and triumph and power and authority it has to do with Christ's authority over the Prince of palaces and powers of Halo So what Revelation 18 is saying is that God will have an end time people. Through whom he will triumph in the most crucial time of 1st history of the greatest crisis versus tree and his people will triumph by His grace and through his power over the Prince of palaces and powers of hill and the earth will be lighted with His glory now I'd like to look with you at some other ways in the New Testament that this verb x. is see or this phrase x. is c. a rather is described great authority here we have it in Matthew 10 verse one. When Jesus he had called his 12 disciples to him he gave them power now notice the word for powers x. and see it over what unclean spirits to cast them out and to heal all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease so in the last days of verse history when Satan works false miracles God Ed in time will manifest his power unusual power from beneath calls for supernatural power from above and God will once again through his church bless it with supernatural power we will see miracles worked the sick will be healed undeniable wonders will be performed by the people of God because they are totally absolutely committed to Christ they will not be performing those miracles they will be the vehicles that Christ uses to perform those miracles but we are going to see the miracle working power of God and in time will there be false miracles Yes Will many people be deceived by those for else miracle certainly what's the difference between the false and true miracles we shared that in another presentation but to summarize it in case you missed that false miracles leads you to be content in yourself separate from obedience to God false miracles have nothing to do with obedience but genuine authentic miracles always lead us back to obedience to God's natural law God's moral law genuine miracles always lead to us to heartfelt confession and repentance and so this word Exoo c.-a is a word of power in triumph here it's used again in Matthew 28 verse 18 Jesus came and spoke to them saying now this is Christ great commission to the disciples to the 1st century church All authority has been given to be in heaven on earth that word authority again is x. Assia in a few. Short years the disciples proclaim the gospel to the then known world how did they do that in the power of Christ how did they do that in the power of the Holy Spirit so it en Tibe what it looks like everything in the world is falling apart when there is a union of church and state when the people of God are oppressed the Latter Rain power of the Holy Spirit is poured out upon them and the church rises as as as glorious as the sun as fair as the moon as strong as an army according to a fish in chapter 5 and the earth is lighted with the glory of God because God's Church has risen to the occasion a god has a people totally absolutely committed to him and upon that people he pours out his Holy Spirit into I the only spirit to be poured out in on the president and power the Gospel rapidly spread to the ends of the earth this gospel of the kingdom Matthew $24.00 verse 14 gell be preached to all the world as a witness to all nations then the end will this is Christ promise this is Christ's appeal to you and me be part of something big be part of something grand be part of something glorious do not play church do not fiddle around on the periphery sort of thing if this is a tie to share Christ this is a time to share the hope of his soon coming this is the time of urgency to share the beauty of his last day message with the world this is a time to share the 3 angels messages these 3 cosmic messages in Earth Final Conflict with your friends and your neighbors revelation 181 after these things I saw. Another angel come down from heaven with great authority x a c a power with great triumph victory now notice the earth was illuminated with His glory what does it mean the Earth is illuminated with the glory of God in the Book of Revelation there are 3 things that are linked god school. God's honor and God's power when Satan challenge to the government of God in the great controversy between good and evil millenniums ago in heaven he challenged God's glory the loser wanted God's Kori he challenge God's honor Lucifer wanted gods honor and he challenge God's power God will raise up in time people who have only one interest God's Corey not their own glory not self centered ego tism God's honor not their reputation God's power not their power and that on and not in some ego trip for power and I want you to notice how these 3 things are linked as the ultimate solution to the great controversy in the Book of Revelation Revelation 4 verse 11 you are worthy Oh lord to receive what glory and honor in power for you created all things and by your will they exist and were created. So God as creator is worthy of glory honor and power that's the real issue in the great controversy that's the issue in this intergalactic struggle between Christ and Satan who is worthy of Kauri honor and power notice revelation 512 you have the same expression a little different order but the same Worthy is the lamb who was slain to receive power riches in wisdom and strength and honor and glory and blessing why is Jesus worthy of our honor why is Jesus worthy of our glory why is Jesus worthy of being the one who has the power of the whole universe because 1st he created us revelation for 11 2nd he we deemed us Revelation 5 there and verse 12 but notice the linkage of power honor and glory notice Revelation 19 verse one the re d. the re d. standing in a heaven with cries when sin and suffering and sickness are no more when a heartache is no more when pain is so for when evil is destroyed when seein has been crushed by Christ when the victory is Christ we stand there with Jesus and we say what salvation and clothe and honor and power to the Lord our God The controversy is in one post of harmony and God says these throughout the vast creation seen in sinners are no more in the numberless worlds Cherif him in Serafin seeing glory of God or in power to him. Revelation $21.00 verse $26.00 again they shall PRNG the glory and honor of the nations into it we clothed with the glory of Christ we filled with one desire to Ana Christ enter into that holy city seat in the evil serpent the deceived Eve is crushed and gone forever that evil angel the being of dazzling brightness that rebelled against God one day will be destroyed burned up consumed all of those earthly powers that wanted their glory be Streisand full Babylon rises and falls made of Persia rises and falls Greece rises and falls through rises and falls Rome is broken up there is this amalgamation You need of church and state dark ages in time political union of church and state but all of these powers that have risen and fall and seeking their honor seeking their glory they are now faded Indian significance here is the good news there is one thing that will last there is one thing that will indoor there is one thing that will go through the ceaseless ages of eternity will be singing glory will be singing gone or will be singing power to Christ the great controversy will be ended Jesus earned that right when he created us Jesus earned that right on the cross of Calvary when he bore our sins in killed Jesus resurrected from the dead intercedes for us and he is the one that is worthy of glory honor in power charmed by his love concerned about his honor is then time people reveal His glory His loving self sacrificing character to a self centered godless world and the earth is alumina aided with the character of God because an end time people who want nothing else but what he wants who desire nothing else but to please Him who are concerned about his quarry his honor who are concerned about his reputation in the universe. That in time people go out and proclaim the message of his love the message of his grace the message of his mercy the message of his incredible power the messages of his everlasting strength and the message of his soon return in the hope of his soon return what is the glory of Christ Exodus 33 verse 18 and 19 Moses said Show me your glory and God said I will make all my goodness pass before you God's goodness is his character the earth is filled with the glory of God is God's goodness is poured out through God's people as they reveal his character the earth will be filled with the glory of the goodness the grace of God as an end time people go out in proclaim that grace 1st John chapter 3 verse $1.00 and $2.00 says Behold what manner of Love The Father has bestowed on us that we should be called the Children of God coming to Christ right now you are a child of God You are a Son of God a daughter of God but you're a member what the Bible says Beloved now we are the children of God when are we children of God hunt right now and it has not yet been revealed what we shall be but we know we what we know that when he is revealed we shall be like Him for we shall see Him as He is God He is doing something in your life today but God wants to do much more according to Hebrews Chapter 12 verse one and 2 Jesus is the author of our faith but he's also the finisher of it Christ has begun to do something in your life. Philippians 16 and verse 6 and 7 says this is the confidence I have in him that he that has begun a good work in me will finish it God wants to do much more for you however much you know Christ he wants to fill you full or with His grace however close you are to Him He wants to bring you closer he wants you to know him and to know him intimately he wants to fill your heart with a sense of his presence a sense of his love a sense of His Grace beloved John sis the John that wrote the book of Revelation be love it narrow Are we the sons of God yet it does not yet appear what we shall be for when he shall appear we shall see him as he is and we shall be like him is the great desire of your heart to be like Christ Ellen White writing. To the General Conference a 7th Day Adventist in a the Daily Bulletin of January 2893 says this The message of Christ's righteousness is to sound from one end of the earth to the other this is the glory of God which closes the work of the 3rd angel the message of Christ's righteousness What is that that I am unworthy but he is worthy I am unrighteous but he is righteous I am filthy but he is clean I am impure but he is pure I am weak but he is strong the message of Christ righteousness is to go from one end of the earth to the other what is the message the summary of the message of the 3 angels it is that Christ is all you know all we come to Christ we forsake all of our own righteousness his righteous lives in our heart the beast power focuses attention upon himself on some political religious unity to solve the problems of the world what is the rights of Christ it's only Christ can solve the problems of the world he can solve the problems or own personal life he can solve the problems internationally of the world the Christ that created us the Christ that died for us the Christ that intercedes for us the Christ that is coming again for us this Christ who is all right Chas is our only savior and Reed Timmer babbling it all false religion speaks of the glory of man Christ in genuine Christianity genuine Christianity speaks of the glory of Christ Babilon in all false religions speak of my reputation my honor genuine Christianity speaks of Christ reputation and Christ honor Babilon it all falls religion speak of human works what have I done genuine Christianity speaks of what Christ has done babbling it all false religion speak of what I. I am doing for cries of these false religions necessitate coming with with offerings and flagellation and coming to make myself righteous before God but genuine Christianity speaks of the cross it speaks of what Christ is done for me in light of his matchless charms I am drawn to him that Dylan and all false religions are based on a distortion of biblical truth founded in human opinion genuine Christianity is based on the truth as it is in Jesus' genuine Christianity is saying not man's opinion not in human ideas not in some cultural approach that shapes the Bible according to my opinion but it is anchored in Jesus and His word gratitude for everything Christ has done for us motivates our behavior leads us to commit the entirety of our lives to Him The Bible says in the essence of these messages of the 3 angels these 3 cosmic messages the Bible says Fear God respect him give glory to Him in testimonies to ministers Ellen White writes to ministers page $453.00 what is righteousness by faith it is the work of laying the glory of man in the dust and doing for man what it is impossible for him to do for himself we come to Jesus and we say Jesus. There is no way I can save myself Jesus take my life my sinful self and Jesus for me and Jesus when you saved me you saved me not for a life of disobedience you save me for a life of obedience the angel cries mightily in Revelation 182 to 4 he cries mightily with a loud voice say Babylon the Great is fall and has become the dwelling place of demons for all nations have drunk the wine of her fornication babble and in false religion that depends on human opinions is to seed by demons the nations of the world drink the wine they become drunk with her false doctrine the kings of the earth unite with that false system they commit fornication with her the merchants of the earth that is the economic powers the money men of the Earth become rich through the abundance of her delicacy here there is a truth nother threefold Union apostate or false religions unite on their perceived idea of truth their human opinion of truth their human traditions political powers join them to bring the world together the nations of the world unite governments the financial institutions are economic powers unite but in Revelation 18 for there is a clarion call I heard another voice from heaven saying come out of her my people less you share in her sins less you receive a fair play Igs God makes his final appeal that final appeal is going out to the world right now Jesus is appealing to his people in a message of love come be part of my last day movement come be part of this movement this divine movement of destiny come and share the glory of my truth to the world come and reveal my honor come and reveal my glory come and be empowered by my spirit come and unite. Eat your life with me and be participant in that final movement to the world the Bible says it is time to make a decision for Christ Babilon described in Revelation 18 verse 5 her sins have reached to the heavens and God is remembered or Nick witty it is time when Jesus says Enough enough sin in the days of Noah sin reached its final point in the days of Noah the cup of a nicotine was said was was filled in the days of Sodom and Gomorra the cup of iniquity was filled and God said enough at any time Jesus says enough in the last days of Earth's history God says Enough enough suffering enough heartache enough sorrow enough rebellion and of sin and Jesus says it is time gentlemen ladies it's closing time testimonies for the church volume 5 page 2 await reads with an Arab accuracy the infinite one still keeps an account with all nations while his mercy is tendered with calls to repentance this account will remain open but when the figures reach a certain amount which God has fixed probation will close when that takes place notice what it says the Ministry of his wrath commences the account is closed divine patience ceases there is no more political mercy in there we have the message of Christ is going out now every human being will have the opportunity to make their irrevocably decision probation does not close. Arbitrarily by God but it closes as a signal that everybody has already made up their mind this is decision time where are we in the stream of time God is preparing a people to proclaim the marvels of his grace the greatness of His love the goodness of his character the righteousness of his law and the beauty of His truth as Paul said for me to live is Christ this is the time in the light of the 2nd Coming of Christ to make our final decision for Christ this is the time to get off the fence some time ago Lord Cecil one of the royal line princes of England was in Canada for a short period of time he was on his way to a church service and as he was he looked out and saw a man whom he recognized that had been to church before but who had drifted away from Christ and this man was out working splitting lumber and all Cecil said was brother the Lord is coming he kept walking that lumberjack began thinking the Lord is coming the Lord is coming the Lord is coming am I ready for his return Am I ready for that day that Jesus will stream down the court of the sky in my ready for that day that the earth will be alight with the glory of God have I made a full complete total to surrender to Christ. This world is on collision course and there is only one hope the hope of the coming of Jesus I love that song we have this hope that burns within our hearts listen as Charles sing. That there is width in I. Move up in the old Follow me. We. Cried toluene. On his own good. But tie it here with the. Ole south and seeing up close. Here we we hang out this. Bird's wit and I watch close. All over. Jesus Christ alone. We are all united in those oh. Close. I'll see Joe swoon. I have his will fall. But the why Christ will come to claim his bride. Purse will seat polos. Place here is can we. Just take God's great load we use to. Not cry. We. Burn within our. Whole goal here. Is. Christ alone ever. Heard. Lose. Even be a tie is here with the chutzpah here shy away can the shallow pan see to fold a. Fight to clear. This. Not for the Squid and the old old. That is our. Hope in the coming of Christ if we do not have that hope what hope do we have is death a dark hole in the ground. A long night without a morning we have a hope a hope that pierces our darkness reach out and grasp that hope reach out embrace that hope reach out in cherish that hope Christ is coming again that's pretty good or Father in heaven thank you for the hope we choose to allow Jesus to live in our lives and fill our lives with his grace and love so we can proclaim that hope to the ends of the earth in Christ's name then God bless you my friend.


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