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How We Are Manipulated

Phil Mills Sr.
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Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • September 8, 2020
    3:08 PM
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Flattery is lies confirming what you desire to be true but it's also may be truth within all teary or motive the most effective lie I can tell you is confirmation of a lie you want to believe in the most entice thing a lie I can tell you is the lie you want to believe is true letter to $861.00 writing to a young person Ellen White said vanity is one of the strongest principles of our deprived natures and Satan will constantly and successfully appeal to it individuals will not be wanting or lacking to carry out Satan's plans to flatter you there are 3 aspects of flattery the letter goes on to explain them they will respect your person that is the word respect here means extol the word the word person means our appearance our dress our hair style our beauty our looks flattery is appealing to our vanity by calling attention to such things as are attractive appearance our choices of dress Don't misunderstand for Jesus' sake we want to have a good appearance by modesty simplistic cleanness proper choices of colors in our clothing our hair styles but we don't do these things to attract attention to ourselves we do these to honor God's principles and increase our access to people they will like stole your manners flattery is appealing to our vanity by calling attention to our charm our wit our personality don't misunderstand me for Jesus' sake we want to be pleasant and courteous. We want a call to of a gentle way but we don't do this to attract attention to ourselves we do this take to increase our access to people's hearts and honor God's principles they will extol 3rd your abilities flattery is appealing to our vanity by calling attention to such things as our intelligence our musical gifts our ability don't misunderstand me for Jesus' sake we want to use our talents and abilities but we don't use them to attract attention to ourselves we use every ounce of our poor and limited abilities to honor God's principles and increase our ability to gain access to people for Jesus they will respect your person your manners your abilities we need to stay constantly alert because vanity is built into the fiber of our fallen human natures we love flattery because it feeds the insatiable appetite upright we should study Satan's approach so that we will not be ignorant of his devices. By him one of speed of prophecy page 36 with soft unpleasant words and with musical voice he that is Satan addressed the wondering Eve Satan used soft pleasant words is there anything wrong with soft and pleasant words now it's how we should speak is there anything wrong with a musical voice we should attempt to have a musical pleasant sound in this Satan was copping Jesus who has a soft pleasant voice musical. And this is how Satan will deceive the world at the very end soft pleasant words musical voice and the multitudes will listen and they'll think they are hearing Jesus. She was startled to hear a serpent speak the quotation continues snakes don't talk today. They didn't talk in the Garden of Eden either. He was surprised and for a moment even in the Garden of Eden even though she'd never heard of danger she was frightened but this built in protection was to keep her at a high alert but she turned it off he extolled her beauty an exceeding loveliness which was not displeasing to Eve was Satan telling the truth to Eve when he suddenly flattered her beauty Yes Was she a beautiful woman stunningly gorgeous while I was saying extolling Eve's exceeding loveliness did have an ulterior motive was there something he was trying to get by praising her beauty he was seeking to get her guard down for the net he was spreading to ensnare in school entrances all across the lands are signs through these doors walk the world's greatest students the purpose of self esteem laudable goals before them tell them their potential but this really is flattery it's what I put on the title page of the study and flattery is harmful Of course we want to see promise and cast a vision of success for our children but this is not done by empty flattery. But by vision casting the school could have some of the world's greatest students but only if the students and teachers could decide this. It's not going to happen without blood sweat toil and tears on the part of teacher and student God saying it so makes it so but man saying it so doesn't make it so it's just empty words flattery will not help our youth or anyone for the late aunt and love a author of The Satanic Bible and founder of the Church of Satan openly mocked man's gullibility through the vice of flattering this book Satan speaks this is published post-human Asli. I would have made a good p.r. man because my most flagrant lies are to other people about themselves I flatter up like nobody's business I am an unwilling Hobbit to a practitioner of what gypsies call love and grow it is the art of telling people what they most want to hear in the fortune teller's stock and trade a therapist would call it supportive and note that it reinforces another self esteem the lower one's self esteem the more valuable and effective it is oh how I lie if a fellow be a churlish lout I tell him how sensitive and discriminating he is if a girl is so ugly that she must sneak up on a glass of water I allude to her great beauty if one's for poor performance is mediocre at best I applaud is great talent I praise the skinflint on his generosity and hysterical Steranko on his level headed judiciousness and it makes them all feel good. In the May June 1907 issue of military review an article entitled The Age of the new Persuaders detailed the geopolitical uses of persuasion techniques whether it's called psychological operations or perception management it also mentally it aims to modify the thinking of the intended target by influencing emotions motives and objective reasoning speaking specifically of these psych psych tools the author of the military review article Timothy Thomas explained that this type of mind game exploitation seeks to turn a quote and I'm quoting personality we misses to one's advantage and flattery as a manipulative tool was recognized as an affective technique according to Thomas in this article quote one can use an object's vanity and conceit to advantage this can be done by flattery in the quote the New Age movement to use as a form of flattery as a tool for mind manipulation unlike the typically understood idea of flattery which usually emphasizes someone's outer qualities talents and expertise this particular type of flattery reaches deep into the soul and works to Rio range the foundational basis of what we perceive as reality it flattery betrays the serpent from the garden as the source of its flattery because it says you are really God you are a god in the making becomes the ultimate form of subtle flattery manipulation within the teachings of the New Age movement and is the actually the foundational principle of the Mormon Church you make the rules you are the Judge These are all variants of this theme and the basic tenets of spiritualism. Eternity magazine once told a sidewalk flower vendor who was doing very little business suddenly a happy thought struck him and he put up this sign by a gardenia it will make you feel important all day long almost immediately his sales begin to increase people love to see and to be inflated for their innermost nature thrives on any attention that caters to their pride John Smith is the most common name in this country the latest statistics I looked them up on Google say that there are actually 45614 Johnson this in the United States it was the most common name in Mark Twain's day it was for that reason that Mark Twain dedicated his story of the celebrated Jumping Frog to John Smith who and this is the dedication who I have known in diverse and sundry places and his many and manifold virtues did always command my esteem when figured that any one to whom a book is dedicated would be sure to buy at least one copy and since there were thousands of John Smiths his book would be assured of at least a modest sale. At a reception in Washington a young man was asked by a widow to guess her age you must have some idea she said as he has stated I have several ideas he admitted with a smile The trouble is that I hesitate whether to make it 10 years younger on account of your looks or 10 years older on account of your intelligence. Someone once said that the chances are about 10 to one that when a man slaps you on the back he wants you to cough up something. Praise is a thing we all love I once read a story about a man who claimed to be impervious to flattery. This story's author heard him say that he could be flattered and remarked to him. You seem to have a high gift and flattering yourself for you are really doing so and saying you are impervious to flattery. You cannot flatter me he said to which the author replied I can and if I like to try and perhaps may do so before the day is out so the author waited a little time before I begin by saying what a fine child that was of his the man who was confident he could be flattered drank the indirect flattery in his a precious drought draw out and win this thing and that belonging to him was praised the observer could see that this gentleman was self deceived he was very easily flattered not directly but indirectly the author close by noting that we are all susceptible to flattery like the soothing cordial only it must not be labelled flattery for we have a religious supports of flattery if it's called flattery. The flattery isn't important and if you later of the mind there is a 2nd manipulator Satan uses and that's our natural desire for happiness so 1st manipulator flattery 2nd is happiness These are 2 desires we have from within that provides a vehicle Fiocco for temptations from without happiness consists of 2 things. Absence of pain and the presence of pleasure there are a number of ways to experience pain we can have the pain of guilt we can have the pain of shame we can have the pain of loss we can have the pain of fear we have physical pain Likewise there are a number of ways to have pleasure and it is through these 3 ways flattering of voids of pain and pursuit of pleasure. That Satan and his servants on Madison Avenue marketing control and manipulate us it is the momentary pain of duty and the passing pleasure of sin that brings us into bondage with sin make no mistake about it these are powerful manipulators Satan has a twofold approach to get us to sin is 1st approach is to get us to find happiness in sin he wants us to think that what God has for bid actually brings us happiness that God's way is keeping us from happiness in this passage that we are reading messages to young people Page 367 Who do you think the them is referring to Satan make special efforts to lead them to find happiness in worldly amusements young people to say work the same plan and all ages yes but the amusements fairy the rattles that appeals to a 4 month old is not the same rattle that appeals to me as a 68 year old. And Satan puts special efforts in this plan and he offers age appropriate worldly amusements and in this he tries to hide the pain and magnify the pleasure in sinful activities but that's only the 1st part is not finished just with getting us to think we can find happiness in disobedience he wants us to justify ourselves in our disobedience What does the world just the word justify mean show or approve to be right or reasonable he wants those who are engaging in wrong activities to be telling others that these wrong activities are right and reasonable and explaining how they are how does he do this. By getting the victim of his scheme to defend and justify his evil activities in 3 ways it is a trilogy that you need to recognize instantly or it's going to confuse you new influence you and lower your sense of sin 1st the victim will say what I'm doing is harmless that these amusements are harmless this activity 2nd is innocent and 3 this activity is even important for health harmless innocent important for health these 3 arguments are stated in many different ways but they are powerful any impacting one way in a church setting is to make it seem harmless and innocent is to reduce God's commands is just cultural instruction for a different time but not necessarily relevant for today Dispensationalism do this numerous other examples could be given the Word of God is made to appear to appear optional and harmless to be set aside but dear folk we set aside God's instruction at our peril the discussion is moved from right and wrong to one of mere preference that makes me the judge not the Bible the judge that makes me God not God these 3 arguments in justifying sinful pleasure make those who warn against that forbidding pleasure seem rigid unprogressive old fashioned out a touch exploring. We need to look at these arguments very closely 1st dangerous amusements are often called safe entertainment safety v harmless means that it doesn't hurt you it's not particularly dangerous. And that's the used at the very highest levels in arguments in the Supreme Court on gay marriage the justices ask what's the harm what's the harm. But not having obvious or immediate danger is not the same as safe traps are never vs when you hear harmless think trap the sinful activity of a prior generation seems tame in comparison to the sinful activities of the next generation and so last generation sands are often called Hold wholesome it's often called wholesome but the words put World poison doesn't lose its potency by aging what God condemned then will not be recommended today what has been condemned by God in the past will never be condoned or commanded by him today and the fact that inactivity does not seem to have immediate consequences does not prove that it is harmless. The reason ratpoison is effective is because it doesn't act immediately on the rent it takes a while before it kills him. Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily Ecclesiastes is a leaven therefore the heart of the sons of man is fully set in them to do evil it's harmless be aware and be ware of the harmless for most argument the harmless for most this argument success suggests that the desired activity is harmless for most people it acknowledges the fact that there are abusers but that's the abusers problem not the problem of the activity itself the argument goes like this there are people who drink too much water. Some even die from over drinking water is the problem the water or is the problem the water abuser in this argument is used to cover nearly any evil activity I expect everyone has heard this argument used for alcohol or for gambling However this argument is acknowledging that the activity is actually harmful Here's a rule of thumb if addiction can be substituted for abuse the activity is probably forbid do you know anyone suffering from addiction to spinach. As you may be aware Abraham Lincoln was this very strong advocate of temperance he years urged people to sign a temperance pledge never to use alcohol he argued against alcohol not as the abuse of a good thing but as the use of a bad thing he was the 1st prohibition president by the way not only are evil activities said to be harmless harmless worldly amusements are often recommended as innocent pleasure many people engage in these activities and cannot see anything wrong with them everybody does it however is not an argument proving innocence the Bible is clear Exodus $23.00 to you shall not follow what a crap load to do evil. Often worldly amusements are recommended as innocent pleasure and their recommended because good people may engage in them and can see nothing wrong with it my minister does this my favorite teacher does this my doctor eats this the pope does this of course these aren't arguments God has never ask us to follow a minister or a teacher or a doctor or church leader. Jesus warned why it is that day and broad is the way that leads to destruction and there are what's the next word many who go in by it. Even to church indorsement means nothing a church has no magical ability to make wrong right the greatest crime in the history of the universe the crucifixion of Jesus was an official act indorsed by God's church and subsequently defended by the highest leadership of that church Sunday keeping has the endorsement of nearly all Christians. Nearly all churches yet this is a high crime against God It is a violation of his constitution the 10 Commandments notice how these 1st 2 arguments are neutral harmless innocent beware of any argument for something not being bad be aware of any argument that begins with I don't see anything wrong with it God would have had to put it in the word if he if we could see something wrong with it. Neutral is never good enough but Satan puts forward a positive argument it is beneficial it is essential it is necessary it's even important for our health the world promotes worldly activities worldly amusements worldly food as healthy do you know why there's been a tremendous increase in obesity in this country since 1980 because high fat has been disguised and promoted as low fat and healthy. And just as high fat food is touted as weight loss food and society has actually come to believe it. Heaven forbid next live at ease are actually said to provide physical benefits mental benefits of motional benefits and social benefits. Often it is forbidden activities that are active advocated as needed relaxation and recreation sin is said to improve our body our minds and our psychological well being of our emotions it has social value and society has come to bubble to believe it in many cases even the Christian church has come to believe it thus an activity goes from Conover's feel to mainstream from forbidden to tolerated and finally required these 3 arguments harmless innocent important for health have been used by Satan says the Garden of Eden and he has honed them through the millennium after getting Eve's attention by flattery he declared the forbidden fruit to be harmless the serpent said to the woman you will not surely die you surely will not die he then declared that eating the forbidden fruit was innocent it wasn't wrong it wouldn't make you less like God It was the very thing to make you like the day if you eat of it your eyes will be opened you will be like God and finally say declared the forbidden fruit was important for health mental health when the woman saw that the tree was a tree desirable to make one wise she took of its fruit and ate. Satan as many Finally will and nets we're told which appear innocent but which are skillfully prepared to untangle the young unwary the natural mind leads toward pleasure and self gratification it is Satan's policy to manufacture an abundance of this he seeks to fill the mind with the desire for worldly amusement that there may be no time for the question how is it with my soul by controlling our desires within he can have more powerful temptations from without. How grateful we should be for God's Word it is the only thing we have protecting us less say and should take advantages of us for we're not ignorant of his devices let's look at example so we can see how the mind of manipulators work Virtual learning is a powerful tool professional flight simulators are as good as training pilots in real airplanes and actually can be better for training them in emergency situations computerized simulations trained health professionals effectively as well but Virtual learning can be enlisted to train criminals video games have become virtual learning schools for violence brutality and immorality for years the American Academy of Pediatrics the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the u.s. surgeon general have warned that violent video games increase aggressive behavior in young people and pose a hazard to our society there is a virtual this is a virtual learning and environment and it teaches people to like file it and it trains them to become violent exposure to violent video games has been shown to cause nightmares and sleep problems impair school and performance and lead to aggressive behavior involving some rates are so researchers go further and link school shootings in violent and violence to video games but the violent video games are clearly harmful What do you think will be said to defend and justify this activity. Right on cue in a special issue of The Journal review of Gen So Kyle psychology the guest editorial summarize the rift research violent video games are harmless violent video games are like peanut butter harmless for the vast majority of kids I quote. Violent games are innocent I quote again as video games have become more popular children in the United States and Europe are having fewer behavior problems are less violent and score better on standardized tests. Violent video games are important for health the games are said to help prevent asthma attacks these pains management diabetics diabetes treatment and work as a tool to compliment cyclists therapy now I selected violent video games because I believe every adult here this morning knows that violent video games are harmful guilty as sin and absolutely a health hazard everyone with even an ounce of common sense record recognizes that the arguments in this psychology to your journal are fallacious. Nothing that keeps children from activity an exercise in the out of doors is good for their health and welfare but these 3 arguments are to be as expected as weak and faults as these arguments are they are very convincing to those who desire to play violent video games. And I am just as the self double to these weak arguments in areas I want to justify I use this because everybody to agree with me I didn't use others because many of you wouldn't. My desires determine the arguments that I find persuasive. It would be very sobering to realize that my desires determine how I study and understand the Bible Satan quoted the Bible and attempt ation to Jesus and He is delighted when I quote the Bible to justify my favorite since those who go to the Bible to find justification for their activity will certainly find it a story of redemption 171 and an airing people as scuse me and caring people read it with me and airing people often understand God's requirements to suit their own case that is their own desires do you want to to believe that communication with the departed spirits of the dead is not forbidden in the Bible. You can find those who will prove that the Bible actually teaches spiritualism in fact the father of biblical spiritual ism. Was Moses Hall who started as an Adventist preacher was ensnared in spiritualism refused to follow the council of God and then found c. and says at the gates of the Garden of Eden from Genesis to Revelation and in the New Testament after Jesus was resurrected they departed dad came and spoke to the various people he found out all through the Scripture. And erring people often understand God's requirements to suit their own case that brings us to a very important principle I call it the green principle or the binding in bundles principle. Amos said can't to walk together unless they are agreed a friend of mine is an avid cyclist he goes to Blairsville for bicycle parts because there is a store owner and players feel which he agrees with politically he would rather drive 20 miles to players Vale to use them or them to use the more convenient Blueridge bikes up with the owner he vigorously disagrees politically with and every doctor in our audience knows that patients that disagree with you will not come back to you. People that attended church usually agree with the teachings of the church people who agree ban together the Bible calls this banding in bundles and those who have come to join some favorite sin will attempt to justify it by declaring it to be harmless innocent and important health they will then find like minded individuals who enjoy the same sand they form groups Association clubs even churches that tears are bound together in bundles so they could be burned we is gathered together in the barn and that's what we want here Paul declares that this binding in bundles would be marked in the last days 2nd Timothy 434 The time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine but according to their own desires because they have itching ears like the the dog that wants to be scratched they will heap up for themselves teachers that will scratch their ears they will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to fables beliefs you see are not based on the Bible they are based on our own desires their beliefs are not based on truth they are be based on what they desire to be truth and people surround themselves with others that will flatter them and tell them what they want to hear. What they want to hear is the fable that their pets and their desires are harmless innocent and even important for health and they want to wait to heaven that doesn't does not involve taking up their cross and crucifying their desires and inclinations and if you want to find a church community that condones killing is something right just that God wants you to do can you find when the time is coming that whoever kills you will think he offers God service John 62 can you guess who attended such a mosque while visiting in Russia some years ago can you guess who watched this law Mick religious teachers on You Tube declare jihad righteous Can you guess who imagined they were doing God's service by injuring and killing people at the Boston Marathon. Matthew vine shown above is addressing a crowd of $235.00 Christians most of them gay or lesbian at the Marble Collegiate Church on 5th Avenue in Manhattan Matthew a young man from Wichita Kansas calls himself a gay Christian and he believes that being gay is not sin it came to that conclusion after 2 years of studying the works of dozens of biblical scholars now by studying the Bible dozens of biblical scholars the Harvard University's student who's currently on leave is now trying to win over fellow believers by giving them what he calls biblically solid argument there is no contradiction between being Christian and being gay he told the British Broadcasting Corporation Can you guess what 3 arguments you make being gay is harmless innocent and healthy this is flattery this is what the center wants to hear and guess who flock to hear gays lesbians and enabling friends and parent. This is in time bind only binding in bundles. Sabbath breakers can find churches to sustain them and their Sabbath breaking the law breaker is flattered by the thought he isn't one of those Sabbath keeping legalism and then comes the falshood trilogy Sabbath breaking is harmless innocent and even good for your health and good for the earth health if I'm in temperate if I'm a glutton can I find a church group and social groups to flatter me cater to my head desires agree with me and support me can I find a group that will make me comfortable a potluck that caters to my desires what will these groups tell me my cherished sin is harmless and isn't necessary for health and those who don't agree are Judge Mental fanatic and legalistic. Would you let me read the chat text with one change 2nd Timothy 43. For the time has come not will come the time has come when they will not endure sound doctrine but according to their own desires because they have the edge in years they have heaped up for themselves teachers and they have turned their ears away from the truth and are turned aside to fables people surround themselves with people that will flatter them and tell them what they want to hear it not only binds us in bundles but this reinforcement brings another change and the prophets prophesied falsely and my people what does it say love to have it so who is people my people dear folk This is a message for God's people the mark of the false prophet is to say what people want to hear and flatter them. I remember an orthopedic friend of mine who was doing his 1st hip replacement in justice. As he was to put the glue and on was ready to inserted he discovered he'd made a mistake and so it quickly tried to correct it and by the time he could get it right the glue was hard and he could not put the hip socket in correctly and just the semantics soft and malleable at 1st it hardens very quickly over time we harden over time. And life gives us a window of opportunity for our character but there comes a time when our character is set with a come fixed and wrong or right doing we become set in our ways in the Bible call settling into evil hot hardening our hearts and this happens rapidly with the rejection in the softening appeals of the Holy Spirit the process of settling into good is called sealing as we respond to the appeals of the Holy Spirit fellow believers fellow church members this morning we were exposed to manipulation but we haven't God's Word the safety that we need that can free us from manipulation and as we come and say Lord I want to be like Jesus will he protect us will you open our eyes but if we turn from the truth what can he do as a patient it came in some months ago in. I was about to tell him what we had discovered on our biopsy that he had a cancer. But he said you know. I don't want to know what I have. In the end I feel fine and he got up and he left he was content the way he was and I don't know if he's alive today probably it's only a few months probably is but if time goes on what's going to happen to the cancer. Going to grow and be more and more destructive. Until finally Floyd he didn't deal with. Will deal with him is calling us today you hear his call you want to say Lord I don't want to be manipulated by Satan I don't want to call Santa harmless innocent or important for health if that's your desire will you as the people come forward to saying. And lead us in our final. Him him 310 will you say I want to stand and make this my desire that the only desire that can appeal to my heart is the desire to be like Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio post a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio version or you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w w w audio verse or.


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