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Courage in Crisis

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • September 5, 2020
    11:00 AM
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Day to everyone who is joining us. Been a while since we've done all of these but we praise God to be back today. We're going to jump right into our message today a scripture readings from Revelation Chapter 318 and 19 which says I counsel the to buy of me gold tried in the fire that thou mayest be rich and white Rayment Adama's be clothed in the shame of that nakedness do not appear in anoint than eyes with I self the Dow mayest see as many as I love I rebuke and chasten be zealous therefore and repent message this week is entitled Courage in crisis courage and crisis lot of for a Father God we thank you for this opportunity Lord to just study a word I ask once again Lord that you make me a nail upon the wall a rusty sorry nail Lord upon that man Lord I ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ letter was not be seen or heard instead father let us hear word from the throne of grace is our prayer in Jesus' name amen we will go to the book of Jeremiah to start Jeremiah in the 13th reign of joy cam king of Juda is called as a young man to be a prophet to the nations the book of Jeremiah is is similar to Isaiah and so many other Old Testament prophets and that it is full of prophecies and real Buke against how Israel and or Judah was behaving but germline is different because he reveals more of his own story in the book. Will do some more Jeremiah talks in the coming weeks but to start all German I want to dress for says that the word of the Lord came on to me saying. Before I form the in the belly I knew the and before the out came was forced out of the womb I sanctified the and I were deigned the a profit and to the nations I want to tell you that before we even start one of the recurring themes in my opinion in the book of Jeremiah is one of purpose Jeremiah 2911 Jeremiah as as I know the plans for use that I have seen at the Lord plans to prosper you and to give you hope purpose is written into the book of Jeremiah at a time when there was not much left to seemingly be purposeful about as he would live to see the destruction of his beloved Jerusalem and the complete overthrow of the kingdom of Judah but here God says listen Jeremiah I formed the in the belly. Or as you were being formed in the belly God says I knew you Jeremiah before you were born before you were delivered I had already set you apart I sanctified you and I our danger you a prophet on to the nations God does the ordaining a call came from God In Jeremiah was such a want he was young German I want to or 6 as then said I. Lord God Behold I cannot speak for I am a child. Your Miles response is one of incompleteness It's similar to Isaiah's response and Moses months when they are called Isaiah says listen it I am undone I'm a man of unclean lips that I come from a people of unclean lips Moses says I can't speak. I'm of no use who do I say sent me that the idea is that from Jeremiah is incomplete I'm not fully developed but I want to die I want to tell you especially for the young people God wants to bring you in while you are developing his calling on you you will never be perfect anough to claim God takes the imperfect person and he uses them for his perfect work did it with Isaiah does it with Jeremiah but the Lord said unto me say not I am a child for the shout go to all that I shall send the end whatsoever I command the thou shalt speak Be not afraid of their faces for I am with the the liver the say of the Lord God says listen if they are a child because what I tell you to go and do we are going to do it and what I tell you to say you're going to say it then he says listen you're going to face of adversity Jeremiah do not be afraid of their faces for I am with the to deliver the say of the Lord I want to ask you if you are ready to face the faces of the end times this picture here shows you. A rally of black lives matter rally people are in each other's faces not in this picture but in general in America right now is interesting you can see it as a young man here with the crest and the initials of the former Soviet Union who would never thought you would live to see that in the United States as almost evenly a badge of honor or of rebellion. But I want you to know that we are called before you were born every one of us if you listen to this in your Christian you have been called to speak into this climate. A climate of confusion and chaos of a hatred and division a climate of of uncertainty and unpredictability you have been called like Jeremiah to speak you see Jeremiah hope that Josiah the king's transformation and his return to God and his call for the people to return to God would have led the kingdom of Judah back to God and that they would have been restored but as soon as Josiah was that in fact his grandson Joey came takes over and they'd spiral back into idolatry and and the and what was supposed to be religious service and worship to the God of the universe degraded into pomp and circumstance prized and selfishness and Jeremiah asked to speak into that and I'm telling you that you are called to have courage in the current crisis God says Do not be afraid of the faces how will you speak into the faces of this world now we are called to preach truth lies have become the norm a call to give hope when all we see around us is the struction we are called to preach the love of God when men now see God as a great malefactor How will you speak into them how will you do this and I can show you the picture but I'll go back to where we started the beginning of this pandemic we began in Matthew chapter 24 in verse 7 and it is one of the 1st 2 or 3 messages I brought. For nations our rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom and actually famines and pestilences and earthquakes in divers places all these are the Beginning of Sorrows this year 2020 and we're now in September already we started doing these in March and I can tell you that these prophecies have only been more fulfilled since we started nation shall rise against nation Remember I said it was ethnos versus ethnos ethnic group versus ethnic group we have seen an even greater polarization of people along color lines and political lines in this country than probably ever before kingdom against kingdom nations are threatening one another there's a there's a there's a verbal war and some bit of a trade war between the us and China a Soviet a calculus and Soviet a Russian. Warship sailed through a fleet of American fishing ships last week just just as posturing around War famines this year were locusts that went through Africa and famine caused by a pandemic and pestilence not only are we dealing with a corona virus but now they're talking about a twin Demick as we go into the fall flu season that in fact there might be a terrible thing that happens and even this far into this pandemic we still have states in America and around places around the world that having spikes in Corona virus cases earthquakes I could name off all the plays of earthquakes Jesus's all these are the beginning of SARS what I want you to get when you watch c.n.n. Fox News the b.b.c. Al-Jazeera whatever new station you watch I want you to get that when you see. The hostility in the streets and in the political sphere not just in America but around the world but specifically here in America when you see the Nx and the vitriol with which people are speaking to each other the fact that we can not be disagree and be agreeable in fact we of only learn to disagree and be disagreeable what I'm telling you is that the way that they have come after the world is coming after one another today is that we're way that they will one day come after us if you don't have the calling on your life that Jeremiah that you will not be able to stand on the last day Matthew 24 and verse 9 says it like this then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted and shall kill you and you shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake let me tell you something you're going to have to be a Jeremiah you're going to have to know that God has called you and maybe you can say I wasn't called at birth I wasn't even a Christian but if you are Christian you've been reborn and you are called since your rebirth the nge of baptism you have been called to deliver his message while God was nurturing you to be born again into this into his church was calling you for work Jeremiah 19 then the Lord put forth his hand. And touched my mouth and the Lord sent to me Behold I have put my words in your mouth see I have this day set the over the nations and over the kingdoms to root out and to pull down into the straw and to throw down and to build and to plant God says listen Jeremiah You see you're too young but he got takes his hand and touches Jeremiah as mild as a look I've put my words in your mouth Isaiah was in vision and they took coals from off of the altar in heaven and placed them on a chair of and placed them on his lips because he said he with his lips were unclean placed it on his lips and spread a promise does that cleanse his lips hear God takes his hand and touches the mouth of Jeremiah let me tell you something if you're called to do the work of the work of preaching this great gospel in the last days God will touch your mouth with coals of fire like Isaiah and will put his word in your mouth by his hand like it does to Jeremiah Jeremiah 117 Dow therefore gird up the islands and arise and speak unto them all that I command the be not dismayed at their faces lest I can found the before them if you goal to stand and you are afraid you will be confounded by them rather than they being confounded by you let me theirs and we have we have we don't have the kind of courage that it's going to take to deal at last the Times is not proff and present in our churches not sometimes for president in the leadership of our churches it is going to take courage the ability to stand in the face of pending and danger and call on the name of God and stand there and preach the truth though the heavens fall. There I wanted to and says before behold this is why you can stand and preach like that this is why you can share which in neighbors and or even those that you job sometimes this is why you can deliver God's message because you're my 1800 says For behold I have made the this day a be fenced city and an iron pillar and brings in walls against the Holy Land against the kings of Juda against the princes there of against the priests thereof and against the people of the land and they shall fight against you but you shall not but they shall not prevail against the for I am with the sea of the Lord to deliver the God says listen you're going to I'm going to you're going to be like a defense City you'll be like an iron pillar a brazen wall and even the king of Juda the princes of Judah who would later come after Jeremiah the priest would also come after Jeremiah and he was from the priest Levitical priest line they were all going to come after him would listen don't worry about it they will fight against you but are not going to prevail why because your word will go forth and have its effect it's Jeremiah prophesies the 70 years of Babylonian captivity is Jeremiah who because of the words that he lays down when it's time for me and mine as are to come back there is hope for them to come back and rebuild the temple and rebuild the wall it is the words of Jeremiah. Prophecy Kings page 420 says I like this the experiences through which Jeremiah passed in the days of his youth and also in the latter years of his ministry taught him the lesson that the way of man is not in himself it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps he learned to pre or Lord correct to me but with judgment not in the anger lest I bring me to nothing Jeremiah 102324 did you get that Jeremiah's prayer was a little odd correct to me. Get me ready for what's going to happen but do it in judgment in a bible judgment is often associated with a positive or or a good connotation he says Look judge me but don't correct me in anger God wants to correct you how do you get the courage the Jeremiah had God is going to have to develop that as he's developing your character prophecy gangs page for 21 called to drink the cup of tribulation and sorrow and when tempted in his misery to say my strength and my hope is perished from the Lord he recalled the providences of God on his behalf and triumphantly exclaimed it is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed because his compassions fail not they are new every morning great is that I think for this the Lord is my portion say of the soul therefore I will hope in Him the Lord is good unto them that wait for him to the soul that seek of him it is good that a man should both hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the Lord limitations 318-2226 this it is the this great the great him is based on these passages from the book of lamentations that great is that I think for this that God's mercy is a new every morning and that we must wait on him. As God is going to correct us Jeremiah 3715 what a little stories are later in a book where after Jeremiah has told them that it would be better that he sided with the Babylonians. Then to take what is about to come he warned them to become vassals to Babylon and and submit but they were false prophets preaching that God was going to deliver them but Jeremiah was saying Listen God can't deliver you because you have or you have rejected Him Let me tell you something there are people preaching today that God is not really going to destroy the world there are people preaching today that Jesus is going to come in the flesh and walk the earth to restore man and his law let me taste something they are false prophets today just as those were false prophets in Jeremiah's day they want to preach Smoove things easy to understand they're not going to preach the words of rebuke to burden the hearts of men to change that drive them to their knees at the foot of of Calvary's cross instead what is going to be preached in the last days are easy things things that are popular even the music of this day will be music that is not drive you to self examination or to repentance I'm talking to music in the church instead you're going to hear a lot of songs about only about God's love and that's exactly what they did in Germany there is not a god doesn't love you but he loves you too much and he loves this earth too much to allow sin to go unchecked so just as in Jeremiah as they I'm sure those false prophet Listen God loves us God is a God of love he would never punish us Jerusalem will stand for ever God is going to wipe out the Babylonians as he did for our ancestors and we will you're saying that now let me say something anybody who tells you to church is not going to pass to a time of trouble as not study the scriptures so when he says this they come after you have my Gemini 3715 says wherefore the princes were wrought with Jeremiah and smote him and put him in prison and the House of Jonathan the scribe for they made that the prison verse 16 of Jeremiah $37.00. When Jeremiah was entered into the dungeon and into the cabins and jam I had renamed their many to Ed remained there many days 17 then that a kind of the king sent and took him out and the king asked him secretly in his house and said Is there any word from the Lord listen even though they couldn't stand Jeremiah will talk more about this maybe in the next few weeks all the things Jeremiah goes through being put in the stocks being laughed at ridiculed been threatened with a bounty being put off like a bounty is put on his head to kill him Jeremiah goes through so much he's dropped into a cistern in the mud to starve and yet when he is in captivity the King comes to him and says Is there any word from the Lord let me tell you something if you have this thing on you even as they come against you they are going to ask you if you have a word for word from the Lord and that is the power that we will have in the end times and we will have a word from the Lord and this is where our health message comes and this is where our prophecy and our preaching and teaching of prophecy is important this is where our stance on marriage and family and helping to build stronger marriages in our communities these things are the things that we can do that people will come in and even though even as we are being ridiculed even if they want to take us away the fact that advocates of the evident health and lifestyle have shown to add here is to the life means that even when they come to ridicule somebody else they women let's ask one of them because they do something right why they live so long and I know everybody is not living like that right now but in our in our in our midst but at least we have the testimony we have the word because what we are called to be for Jeremiah today and he winds up going off to Egypt at the end of his life. Where. Tradition has it he was martyred and he was 11 seems to reflect that we'll talk about that another time at another time as well we had to be that too where does the Bible tell us what we of course were to be the remnant look at Revelation Chapter 3 what it says is I count of the to buy me gold tried in the fire of the me as the rich and white Rayment that thou mayest be pulled and that the shame of that and the shame of the nakedness do not appear in annoying than eyes of the eyes of the dial me as see Jesus speaking to the church of Laodicea says and this is our church our day as many as I love I rebuke and chasten Weisel is there for and repent we will be we will have to repent we will have to all come back to God in a sense but Jesus says it's because I love you that some of the trials are going to come on you it's because I love you that you're going to be chastened and that's going to feel my or some rebuking what is otherwise and this is how you become a Jeremiah got a package remember Jim I said correct me through I judgments Here's what otherwise as a wife is reading difficulties develop spiritual muscles when you lift weights to develop muscles what happens is you tear the muscle microscopic rips in the muscle but God made the muscle not to let you do this to your God puts the chair back together instead of God as the muscle grow by filling in new muscle in a spacesuit of muscle rip is why when you live way to do resistance exercise and you do and you feel sore you actually start to grow new muscles faith work similarly it is when your faith was tried and tested and torn that new faith grows and where faith was not before a light says a like this this is Providence that brings us into varying circumstances and each new position we meet a different class of temptations how many times when we are placed in some trying situation we think this is a wonderful mistake how I wish I had stayed where I was before. But why is it that you are not satisfied it is because your circumstances of serve to bring new defects in your character to your notice but nothing is revealed but that which is in you she goes on she says in another place the salts of Satan are fierce and determined his delusions are terrible but the Lord's ah is upon his people and his ear listens to their cries their affliction is great the flames of the furnace seem about to consume them but the refiner will bring them forth as gold tried in the fire God's love for his children during the period of theirs the various trial is a strong and tender as in the days of their son is prosperity but it is needful for them to be placed in the furnace of fire their earthly ness must be consumed their image of him that the image of Christ may be perfectly reflected great controversy page 621. As if 4010 and I. Quote say every hold I have refined you but not a silver I have tested you in a furnace of affliction the furnace fires are not to destroy but to refine a noble sanctify without trial we would not feel so much our need of God and His help and become proud and self-sufficient the fact that we are called upon to endure trial proves that the Lord see something in us very precious which he desires to develop if he saw in us nothing whereby he might glorify his name he would not spend time in refining us we do not take special pains and pruning brambles Christ does not cast worthless stones into his very furnace it is valuable or that he tests the blacksmith puts the iron in the steel into the fire that he may know what manner of metal they are the Lord allows his chosen ones to be placed in the furnace of affliction in order that he may see what temper they are of and where they can mold and fashion them for his work it may be that much work needs to be done in your character building that you are a rough stone which must be squared and polished before it can to fill a place in God's temple you need not be surprised if with chisel and hammer God cut away the sharp corners of your character until you are prepared to fill the place he has for you and then I goes on to say no human being can accomplish this work only by God can it be done and be assured that he will not strike one useless blow his every blow struck in love for your turn to happiness for your eternal happiness he knows your infirmities and works to restore not to the strong some of you are going through some trials right now and you don't know why I am telling you because God is preparing you for your Jeremiah experience that is preparing you for what he has for you to do you are called a special purpose from the time of your birth. And definitely from the time of your rebirth through baptism God is calling you to stay and deliver the work he's doing is not to destroy you as tough as it feels right now and I've been through this I use the same slides and I talk give my testimony I've been through the tough times up telling you I know how rough it is but I'm telling you what God has for you is greater than the any suffering you're feeling right now less if you can't keep up with the footman the Oprah or Old Testament prophets is how you run with the horses and that's where we are because God wants us to become a part of a very purified group just like Jeremiah did and injure and Revelation 7 verse 4 it says and I heard the number of them which were sealed and there was sealed 144000 of all the tribes of the children of Israel God is putting together 144000 people argue over whether or not there's a liberal literal number or not and we can discuss that another time I will tell you what matters is that you're in the number and that you have the character of the 144000 which is described Revelation 14 and I looked and lo a lamb stood on the Mount Syon and with him 140 and 4000 having his father's name written there for him to talk and another talk about the Seal of God Now it's written in the front row in the front in the front and the forehead because behind the forehead is the frontal lobe so that is where the seal of God is given a seal of redemption powered by the Holy Ghost but isn't it interesting that also in that same place 144000 have dogs name written there it is because again the character is a name represents character. That's the way that in the ancient East they name people is the name meant something Jesus is Yahshua because that's sure means that God will deliver us each name has a meaning and so it represents the characters why Abraham and Sarah as they meant to be change Jacob's name had to be changed because their character changed watch this god's name is written on the forehead of 144000 because his name represents his character and in the frontal lobe of their brain the part of you of your body that is like the most holy place in the temple the name of God sitting there represents that 144000 have God's character you have the character of Christ how does that happen that happens through the trials you're going through right now that are driving you to your knees driving you to trust him verse 2 and I heard a voice from heaven as the voice of many waters and as the voice of a great thunder and I heard the voice of Harpers harping with their harps. God is speaking in heaven. They can hear the harps of verse 3 chapter 3 verse 3 of chapter 14 of the Book of Revelations as and they sung as it were a new song before the from before the 4 B.'s the elders and no man could learn that song but the 144000 which were redeemed from New York the song that you're going to sing one day is a song of redemption one that the angels cannot understand the angels in heaven have never sinned they don't know what it's like to be lost and then found they don't know what it's like to have to go through a process of developing a perfect character they've always already always had one you're going to sing a song that no one else in heaven can sing because you have been redeemed Revelation 14 the verse force as a like this these are they which were not defiled with women. But they are virgins these are they which follow the land with us whoever he go with These were redeemed from along men being the 1st fruits of the god into the lamb and in their mouth was found no guile for they are without fault before the throne of God So listen you go through it Jeremiah experiences you know go through tough times you go through trials so if you're not defiled with women in this doesn't simply mean sexual purity even though obviously it is it is evident in the scripture that they would have that it's deeper than that this is saying that you're not corrupted with false doctrine if a woman represents a church you're not defiled by the false doctrines of the last days these are they which Father lamb with us whoever he go with and I want to read more on commentary says you won't be following a lamb in heaven if you couldn't follow him on earth these are redeemed from among men being the 1st fruits of under God into the lamb and their mouth was found no got. There without fault before the throne of God in their mouth is found no God Jeremiah later on says what he wanted to stop preaching the gospel he's a man of feels like fire shut up in my bones I challenge you as you get to know it is good news like Jeremiah United will hold him back. There will be no guile found in your mouth you know why because truth is like is like the normal flora of the body the lot of talk about normal gut flora and a normal flora of different parts of the body now good bacteria and bad bacteria and what you want to do is feed the good bacteria so that your gut flora and other parts your body have this healthy Flora and there's no space for the bad bacteria to grow let me teach you something here what God showed me once you start to really understand the truth it's like good flora there's no space for deception no space for something big Only you want to study the line to some some some sense ability in that but if you know the truth well what God has shown me is that as we begin to know to truth as we believe dig deeper and deeper into his word the truth for Texas from deception it is the good having that indwelling to that's why it is spread a prophecy cell that says that the seal of God is not a mark that any in that manner Angel can see but it is a settling into the truth both intellectually and spiritually when you do that there's no more space in you for the lies of the enemy and I want to challenge you we're coming up at a time when we're going to need courage you're talking about a twin Demick you're talking to you know no even about how bad things get and to finally hear word I hope somebody on t.v. tells you not to hope it's going to get bad again let me say something do not be afraid of their faces we have a hope in Christ Jesus that Jeremiah had for the people of Israel and we are to proclaim that truth in building this God has called us to have courage in this time of crisis let us pray Father God we thank you Lord for your word we thank you for your truth and you've all you give us in these teachings what I was to be like Jeremiah was Lord to understand a calling on our lives. From even before we were birthed physically birth and spiritually birthed a Father God we are not be afraid of their faces and the Lord we will be a begins of truth even all the way to the end the Lord we may be like Jeremiah counted among the remnant. Among the final believers as the 144000 I described the Lord like them we would have their care attributes for father got operated everyone listening would one day have your name written on their foreheads this is a prayer in Jesus presses and holy name Amen. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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