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That Woman: Resurrecting the Three Angels

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • September 5, 2020
    11:00 AM
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All right let's pray Father we're thankful for your provision in our lives and we thank you Lord for all those that have leaned into this problem put their shoulders into the harness and made this ministry ready or facilitated its readiness to do a greater work so bless us now more bless our ministry to the disadvantaged for those war that find themselves up against addiction and poverty and a variety of other evils I pray Lord bless this ministry and bless us today in Jesus' name that this morning I've been titled My message that woman resurrecting the 3 angels was going to be here this weekend but I feel like the Lord rearranged things for me and provided some solutions where I was not needed somewhere else and I've chosen this message specifically because I'm absolutely convinced that we are in a situation where if we don't have a change in our homes if we don't have a change in the culture of our lives in private we will never have a renaissance in public we will never be able to fulfill revelation 18 where this 4th angels message this great light that lightens the world. So this morning I'm going to do something just a little bit unique and I'm going to speak specifically to half of the congregation obviously it's a plausible to all in some way but this morning I'm speakin and appealing specifically to the women that are listening online or in this auditorium the smarting Now this sermon will not meet with the approval of anyone that comes with a feministic mind set according to the modern humanistic secular world viewpoint so if you come this morning and you embrace the world's definition of the new woman this message cannot affirm or encourage or you'll go out of here angry and upset with me however if you come to this message ready to embrace the Bible's understanding of uniqueness in gender and the power of true femininity you could go from this place the small earning and you could be a part of a mighty movement to resurrect the 3 angels messages which I'd like to suggest to you are flying pretty low I'm not going to say they're grounded but I'm going to suggest you that the 3 angels messages are no longer Annunciation with a megaphone in many places a loud voice as a matter of fact the 3 angels I suspect are hardly understood by many who find themselves under a certain threshold of age but if we care this morning to embrace you meet this without pigeonholing and limiting opportunity for this is not a message on women's ordination or anything else but it is certainly a message on the power of a true mother in Israel so I'm appealing to you today to come humbly and to listen and make sure you've built your mind set on the solid word of God to go along with that I would suggest this that I understand that the world is all about polarity It's not about balance one of the reasons this morning is so beautiful here is that nature is in a harmony close to a beautiful balance in Michigan this morning. We can walk out into a cool morning and the world looks fresh and alive there's not the oppressive heat there is not the chilling cold it's actually a beautiful morning that balance is beautiful when that balance is lost whether it be in nature or business or the home or in our understanding of true womanhood we will find ourselves without the magnetism the fragrance the fruitfulness the power that makes our lives and incontrovertible witness so this morning I want to acknowledge a couple things I acknowledge that womanhood has to put up with a lot of foolishness at the hands of men and that foolishness is too nice of a euphemism or a kind word for a bad problem there are women who have been abused women who have been denied women who have lost the joy of living beautiful lives all because of the management of evil bad image or selfish men I get it I understand it it's not the Christian model it's not the plan or the walk or the way of Christ I also get that in reaction to this without the true presence of Christianity womanhood has found itself morpheme into something that is less beautiful than God intended to be where the mantra in the modern secular realm is that whatever a man can do a woman can not only do but can do better. And both of these polarities create a tremendous robbery to society to home to church to all of the cultures there to be brought together by the beautiful blending of different ness now I mean for nothing in this message today to limit a woman from accomplishing anything God destines her to be anything God destines her to do but I am going to touch on what I'll call the elemental dynamics of femininity from a biblical model and if that troubles you be troubled with God You can come see me visit with me please don't write me letters because I don't have time to answer them but I'd be glad to visit with you because verbal dialogue still remains the very best form of communication in person with all the nuances of tone and body language it cetera so I'm trying to create a format at the beginning of this message that says could we come back to the power that makes a woman uniquely powerful This is what I'm after this morning because if this role is unfulfilled if this journey is not accomplished society will find itself and the society of our homes and churches in a very disadvantaged position take your Bibles this morning open up the Gospel of John John Chapter 11 I'm going to be talking with you about a woman named Mary Magdalene we call her Mary Magdalene she is hardly mentioned until the end of the story in most gospels but at the end of the story why find out she's been in the mix all along the way. It turns out that this woman is anonymous for most of the 1st 100 years of Bible history New Testament Bible history that is and then when we get to the Gospel of John written at the end of his life we discover her identity she's a Mary that's not always Magdalena in the New Testament she's left behind something that has marked her. In John Chapter 11 we read about a certain man verse one who was sick Lazarus of Bethany the village of Mary and her sister Martha now verse 2 is where I grabbed the 1st part of my sermon title from it says it was the Mary it was that woman who anointed to the Lord with ointment and wiped his feet with her hair whose brothers Lazarus was sick so let's just make sure we get an understanding now that when we read about Mary Martha and Lazarus we are on the road to a discovery about who that Mary is that Mary is the Mary who had once the feet of Jesus in the very last little bit of his life skip over to chapter 12 John Chapter 12 it says Jesus therefore verse 16 days before the Passover came to Bethany where Lazarus was whom Jesus has raised from the dead so they made him a supper there and Martha was serving him but Lazarus was one of those reclining at the table with him Mary then took a pound of very costly perfume of pure nard and anointed is the feet of Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair and the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. I want to point out as I deal with the message untitled that woman resurrecting the 3 angels I want to point out the timing of Mary in the story of salvation history Mary is in the story from very early on Mary is in all likelihood it appears to me probably the Mary of John chapter 8 unnamed but probably Mary who's caught in adultery whom the spirit of probs see in the desire of ages will suggest that from that moment forward she does votes or self to a life of love to Christ and purity I'm quite convinced they're the same but not willing to make it a major point this morning since it can't be proved but one thing that's absolutely clear is that Mary's prominence comes at the end and I don't want anybody to miss the timing Mary rises the prominence when Mary the what the new mother in Israel with a very sordid past needs to rise up it's 6 days before Jesus will be on the cross not a small detail here we are approaching the coming of Christ the 1st act of deliverance or or perhaps we should say the major act of deliverance for Indeed when Jesus shows up in the garden to protect the new human family that is sin there is true deliverance there it's based on faith but it's there but when we come to this moment of Deliverance just before the cross Mary is in the moment Mary is the woman it's close to the end of Christ life we are living now close to the end of time and if ever we needed a righteous generation of women to rise up it's now the 2nd thing that I think we should notice about Mary in this story is that she seeks to avoid observation there's nothing about Mary's role here that's about the promoting himself Mary is more than willing to stay as it were out of view. If she could have stayed out of the olfactory senses or the ability to smell she would have been a Ok but Mary seeks to avoid observation there's nothing about Mary that's pointed to prominence Mary is actually on a journey of acknowledging her personal gratitude to Jesus and the whole story goes awry. Writing in desire of ages the author says she had sought to avoid observation and her movements might have passed than most but the whiteman filled the room with its fragrance and published her act to all who were present you could say bad combination of hopes Mary you can't come into a room and run under the view of everybody else at the feet of Jesus and not recognize that there's 5 senses one of which will be overwhelmed with what you're doing it won't be and can't be a secret God works like this one a person comes to a task male or female and their only goal is to glorify Christ Christ does with it what he wants if he wants you to be affirmed as in this story he obviously does because we come to the end of it and after he's done teaching Simon done teaching Jews is John Donne teaching the disciples He says listen wherever this story is told her name will be immortalised Yes marry that woman it's important for us to start with the right motives and if Christ wants to do something else with what we're doing he can do it it's not that she needed to remain anonymous it's a she needed to remain out of the highlight God brings her right into the center of the story it's an amazing story. Mary does something that nobody else is doing she takes verse 3 a pound of very costly perfume of pure nard and she annoys the feet of Jesus and wipes his feet with her hair and the house is filled with the fragrance Now I want you to understand what she's doing she is making a down payment on the entire human race how so she is taking from a heart full of gratitude and actual tangible gifts that will mean something to the receiver certainly means something to the giver and she is pouring out this year's worth of wages under the feet and the head of Jesus. Mary is giving to Christ what all human beings ought to be given but nobody in the room desires to give Mary is pouring out what will be a down payment on the exiled Taishan of Christ through the voice of the human through the obesity and in the worship in the balance down of them through the casting of crowns of the human Mary is making a down payment on the human race for the gratitude that will flood our hearts should start now but will certainly roll in a mighty mighty major tide throughout all eternity Mary's making a down payment. And for those of us that sit at the at the table today thinking like Simon or Judas or the other 11 we need to stop and realize Mary's out in front with a real sense of what's going on Joseph and Aaron with the of naked and they could Demas offered up their gifts of love to Jesus in his life desire of ages 560 with bitter tears they they brought their costly spices for his cold unconscious for the women who bore spices to the tomb found their errand in vain for he was risen but Mary pouring out her love upon the savior while he was conscious of her devotion was anointing him for the burial and hear this next sentence as he went down into the darkness of this great trial he carried with them the memory of that deed and earnest a down payment of the love that would be his from his redeemed ones forever. I want you to think about this Mary who who is not strategizing or calculating Mary who is not really thinking about what this might do to the moment in the meal this is Mary who is doing what everybody else should have been glad to have her do and no one was except Jesus and Jesus is anxious to receive these things he takes that moment at the table and goes all the way to the end recognizing that someday the rest of them will get it to. Number 4 important thing for us to recognize about Mary is that her act was inspired the Holy Spirit was planning for her this was a moment in which some would say a very poor strategic thinking in wrong place wrong time wrong gift again design of ages she could not explain why she had chosen that occasion for a new Jesus. The Holy Spirit had planned for her and she had obeyed his promptings inspiration stoops to give no reason an unseen presence it speaks to mind and soul and moves the heart to action it is its own justification page 560 paragraph 4 friends if ever there was a moment where we need godly women who are moved by the Spirit who can't totally explain everything they're doing who can't give a good reason to all those logical left brain other gendered people if there was ever a moment where we needed sensitivity to the prompting of God as we near that spiritual Jordan It's now we need those women that woman Mary. But Judas 1st force one of the disciples who was intending to be tray him said Why was this perfume not sold for 300 naira. And given to the poor he started the rumor Eventually he had to legitimate the rumor nobody at the table was excited about what she was doing and he had to establish a motif a theme a narrative for his criticism so it was for the poor poor Mary. And White Rights the work of Mary was just the lesson the disciples needed to show them that the expression of their love for him would be pleasing to Christ. Mary doesn't know about that day she is the matriculate or she is the teacher she is the the primer she is the one that's hopefully going to move the the flow get the pump going to open up the hearts of affection but Mary is going to endure a certain amount of misunderstanding on her journey and ladies if you think to be moved by the Spirit when the wisdom of the world runs rampant sometimes in your home sometimes in the church sometimes it's your work if you think you're going to get out of the journey of helping to raise up a generation that will proclaim put wind into the wings of the 3 angels help prepare us for that mighty outpouring of the 4th angels message if you think you're going to get out of it without some misunderstanding you better think again some of you have had practice in parenting and you were wise enough and prayerful enough to say those powerful words it doesn't matter to me what everybody else's parents are doing you will not go at the prompting of the spirit without the evil of this age prompting a narrative on your actions that casts suspicion and make you look like you're making a big mistake and worse than that you're hurting the cause of God and. Mary is a teacher of everyone this day she didn't plan it that way she didn't intend for it to turn out this way but nobody in the whole gathering gets away without a lesson from Mary praise of God for this woman immortalize years as an example of how to live kingdoms would rise and fall desire of ages $563.00 the names of monarchs and conquerors would be forgotten but this woman's deeds would be immortalized upon the pages of sacred history until time should be no more that broken alabaster box would tell the story of the abundant love of God for a fallen race Mary. Now I want to talk about a few things that make this marry so powerful number one I think of Mary is a fountain of affection desire of ages 564 he accepted the wealth of pure affection which his disciples did not would not understand. Christ delighted in the earnest desire of Mary to do the will of his lord he accepted the wealth of her pure affection the desire that Mary had to do him this service for her lord was of more value to Christ than all the precious ointment in the world because it expressed her appreciation of the world or indeed Morne it was the love of Christ that motivated her the matchless excellence of the character of Christ filled her soul that ointment was a symbol of the heart of the giver it was the hour demonstration of a love that by heavenly streams and tell it overflowed and God bless all of you who get to live with a woman who is a fountain of youth action real femininity today is a different kind of strength we're told and by the way the spectrum of strength for a woman is wide it might need to be wider than for a man but pity the poor child and pity the poor man and pity the poor of all and society and workplace where the true measure of wonderful womanly femininity is gone and affection is seen as weakness for Christ it was everything garner up all the spike in art in the world and dump it in the ocean I don't care but this woman's pure or affection for me for what I'm about to do is where that everything I'll carry it with me to the last breath literally my kids grew up rich. The kids in my wife's class are rich you're looking at a rich man. Because I'm married to a woman who is a strong and beautiful person but her strength is in her freedom to remain Hebrew to express her love and affection to many of which I am the chief receive payment Christ valued it because Christ created it she saw what no one else saw she moved away all the barriers that were standing between Christ and this tremendous journey into darkness and she with her love said Jesus it'll come from the rest in time and why writing of desire of ages says the loneliness of Christ separated from the heavenly courts living the life of humanity was never understood or appreciated by the disciples as it should have been. We don't think about how lonely Jesus was we don't think about how misunderstood Jesus was but Mary without without There was no genius to what Mary did Mary cannot be given credit it's the spirit moving in Mary far but I want you to understand something Mary gave to Jesus what Jesus needed from so many more and got in such small pittances Mary is a fountain of affection you will never become poor or by poor you now beautiful love on the people around you if they want to call you weak for doing it go away knowing that the ones who receive it are stronger. If ever there was a Bowman in time in which the world needs true femininity it's now we need that air resist of all power of love a mother in Israel a sister in Israel a daughter in Israel to pour out on a broken human race of fractured stressed worn out Dr barren human race we need the amazing might be found yet to flow in carefulness impropriety in properness of course some of that was questioned in this narrative but we needed to flow ladies if there's something in your heart where there's a root of bitterness or resentment you gotta let it go this woman is in Simon's house she was abused by Simon is a girl if you accept the narrative of desire of ages and I'm not out to prove it. Sheikh she came out the other side 7 times demons were cast out of this one and she she comes out with more healing from cries every single time and like Jesus is a magnet to the children this woman becomes a mighty outpouring of irrepressible love to Christ and does something for Jesus something amazing she's an illustrator of abundance to the word spoken in indignation desire of ages $565.00 To what purpose is this waste brought visibly vividly before Christ the greatest sacrifice ever made the gift of himself is the propitiation to all who are home can you imagine sitting there and one of your friends said What are you doing wasting that money on Jesus and in Christ mine flashing at least as fast as any human beings could he senses the stark contrast between that. And this. Vividly crises the contrasts the gift of himself is the propitiation for a lost world the world would be so bountiful to his human family the the Lord would be so bountiful to his human family that it could not be said of him that he could do more in the gift of Jesus God gave all of heaven from a human point of view such a sacrifice was a wanton waste the human reason in the whole plan of South to human reason in the whole plan of salvation is a waste of mercies and sacrifice of self-denial and wholehearted sacrifice meet us everywhere Well May the Heavenly Host look with amazement upon the human family who refused to be uplifted in a rich with this boundless love expressed in Christ well may they exclaim Why this ways but all the rest of you at the table you need to leave her alone you need to be quiet she is an illustrator she is a mere reflector of Jesus and she's doing for Jesus in metaphorical form in symbol all what Christ is doing for all of the universe especially planet Earth and if anybody were to stand around saying why this waste it's Jesus cradled in a manger it's Jesus live in Pour it's Jesus in slim Pacific sleepless nights it's Jesus on the cross why this way is the angels could say but they don't Christ offering was exceedingly abundant to reach every soul that God created it couldn't be restricted so as not to exceed the number who would accept the great gift all men are not same yet the plan of redemption is not a waste because it does not accomplish all that liberal its liberality has provided for there must be enough to spare ladies we need at this moment. The true richness of a heart overflowing with love for Christ and by the way friends if and I'm not going to try to establish this these are you go home and think and pray about it Adam knew what he was doing when he went against God Eve was at least tricked Eve devotion to God was wounded but it wasn't flat out stepped on like out of did and in this life that we have right now I'm praying and hoping for an army of righteous women whose devotion to Christ is reborn and they start shaping the environment in all ways with the amazing gift of their affection with the amazing gift of their love for Christ with this exceeding abundance and Mary is the catalyst for all the teaching that day plainly yet with a delicate politeness the Savior assured his disciples that his heart was grieved when his children neglect to show their gratitude to him to to him by words and deeds of love yes Mary that woman that woman now I've still got a little bit it's time and I need to make sure you understand the theological 3 truths that she taught if there's one thing that comes clear out of this story especially after Jesus looks at Simon says I need to say something to you there were 2 debtors one owed his master a small pittance one old more than he could repay he forgave them both who would love them are the way Jesus went about it he was saving Simon from the embarrassment that Mary was the focus of he said I came into your house today you didn't kiss me you didn't greet me you didn't wash my v. there was no anointing for me Jesus is stating in all facets of his dealing with man a powerful Grace Mary's life is a statement of the power of God to forgive. And God's forgiveness and healing of Simon is a similar thing but I want to contrast Judas and Mary we know the scripture tells us 7 times demons were cast out of this woman and lest you think it was one moment 7 demons look more carefully at the commentary in the spirit of prophecy and you'll find it's not one time it's Jesus pray earnestly different times agonizing through the night behalf of this woman 7 different times she's liberated from that which is come back to say you're not free yet but the amazing thing is is that 7 times she's heard the rebuke of the Demons desire of ages 568 that control her mind addiction at the very basis level she had heard his strong cries to the father in his behalf Now contrast that with Judas Judas had indulged avarice or greed until it overpowered every good trait of his character he grudged the offering made to Jesus his higher burned with envy that the Savior should be the recipient of a give suitable for monarchs of the earth and for a sum far less than that box of Whiteman because he betrayed Jesus do you see what's going on I still believe the woman drug into the courtyard was married but whether it was or not at some point time there is a woman who was sexually abused as a child Mark mind twisted emotions twisted and Jesus is willing to continue saving her over and over again until she becomes a partaker of the divine nature and the only one of the disciples that really seems to get it the only one. And over on this side is Judas who has ability and isn't all bad but slowly he's turning more and more dark throughout his whole life and Mary over here is turning more and more like a like a sunflower to the light and she's becoming more beautiful and fragrant while he's becoming more dark and odious and we have this amazing contrast of grace it's not it's the power of being in the presence of Christ if you're Judas and refusing to let God be God and it's the power of Christ not only to forgive sin but to actually empower victorious living through the presence of Christ and his long Jesus knows the circumstances of every soul you may say I am very sinful very sinful You may be but the worse you are the more you need Jesus. It's a wonderful wonderful thing yes Mary is a teacher of Grace Mary is one who becomes a catalyst of showing the contrast between Grace refused and Grace received it's not just the forgiveness of our sins it's the empowering love of Christ it is the prayers of Jesus as the one who is the ultimate incense ascending into the presence of the Father. Graces the 1st major theological truth that Mary embrace is and is transformed by the cross Mary's heart was filled with gratitude she had her Jesus speak of his approaching death and in a deep love and sorrow she long to show him on. Now listen friends how many times did Jesus say I'm going up to Jerusalem and I'm going to be abused and betrayed and I'm going to die. How many times did Jesus say this and it appears that the disciples don't ever get it. But this woman she's paying attention she has no ambition for greatness and other words there's a humility in her soul ladies I'm calling you be humble enough to be what God called you to be be honest enough to acknowledge what you are without Christ don't keep looking back at what you've been don't keep focusing on what you are keep looking to Jesus and let that grace both forgive and empower and raise you up we need you but there's something about this woman unlettered an educated probably And yet she's hearing Jesus and the message of the cross not not that not that I can prove that she categorically understood the method of death but she it Lou least knew Jesus was going to die and when she understood or mis understood as the case may be that he was actually going to be coronated King she thought I'll use it for a moment of celebration but it was purchased. For an act a gift of annoying teen and she's using it now to celebrate I'll tell you what's wrong with much of Christianity Today and it's certainly true amongst both genders but what's missing in Christianity Today is the cross is the absence it's the practical absence of Jesus in the life no you're not going to eat that no you're not going to wear that no you're not going to watch that no you're not going spend your money that way no you're not going to waste your time like that the reason that so many lives are so powerless is that the practical presence of Jesus and the fragrance of his presence are not being given out diffusely into our modern society and into our homes women caught up in the idea of what success is in the measure of the world and we're not immune from the messages of the world they're all around us. But I want to assure you if you're willing to let God be God in the spirit abide and the spirit guide when we come to moments when there needs to be discernment God might just go around all of the 12 Apostles who by the way are the foundations of the New Jerusalem and he might communicate to you something somebody needs to hear Mary heard the words of criticism can you imagine being Mary that then her heart trembled within her she didn't think about this she feared that her sister would reproach her extravagance the Master too might think or improvident without apology or excuse she was about to shrink away when the voice of Jesus was heard this doesn't touch you can you imagine this poor woman she's been through so much in her life she's come to life and cry she slipped into the room doesn't want to be noticed she's crying she's so happy this was going to be for a burial and now it can be for a celebration but she didn't realize that the rest of the people around the table were hard hearted and didn't love Jesus like she loved them and now she can hear her name and now she can hear the sneer in the voices and she's thinking to herself I think I better leave you see friends when you walk with Jesus in your heart a sensitive you will suffer more but don't let suffering for bade a life of wonderful emotional love expressed friendly she's about to shrink away with the voice of her lord was heard. Leave her alone why are you troubling her. You need to understand something when Jesus goes to the cross He is standing up for all of the human race and to the accuser of the brother he is in effect saying Leave them alone and he's standing up for you and me went we are when our name comes up with ill repute because of ill thought out actions or the old life coming to surface in the midst of a new proclamation which doesn't appear to be linked up in true are many Jesus says I gave my blood for them the cross is what Mary understands and she goes forward given to Christ Himself hope in the midst of it the resurrection How is it that Jesus could talk about Destroy this temple and in 3 days I'll raise it up how is it the Jesus could say over and over again I'm going to die animal live again but on Sunday morning it's Mary the resurrection is a truth that she understood and she believed call her simple call her out of the way call her whatever you want to call it but the but the New Testament in the final chapters of The Story of Life just keeps lifting a higher up saying be like her the resurrection is a moment in which Mary will be given a job in which a lack of a previous life of credibility will impinge and of course their lack of faith on whether or not she's even heard Jesus meets her in the courtyard she doesn't understand it's him that is the courtyard of the tomb and finally he calls her name certainly with a measure of beautiful innocent affection and she. Writes in this by faith in Mary and reading the desire of ages I came across an interesting phrase that prompted the slip. He does not tell to any and this is out of this chapter of that he might reveal that he bids to every trembling soul take courage freely he will pardon all who come to Him for forgiveness and restoration now I'm going to make sure you understand this some of you are playing a religious game the devil wants to make sure you play and he wants to make sure you never really know this God and you can't really love him so here's the game you're playing you're one step in front of the last confess in your whole life it's always chasing you that I confess as soon it's one of the most powerful and painful forms of legalism where you same passion we should confess our sins no that's not what I'm saying what I'm saying is. Is that there are things in our hearts and actually things we are currently doing that we don't fully understand how offensive they are to God in this very moment with all of your sins confessed there are still components of you that are ugly and dirty and nasty in the un Grace covered dynamics of your life but God is not put off by them he knows that in time your life surrendered will be your life sanctified him but in that moment with Mary whether it was the 1st time the demons were cast out or in that moment with Simon when he doesn't blab the whole story to everybody he does not tell to any all that he might reveal I mean the any your in the any there are things about your human heart which the Bible says are darker than you can know but God knows them but it doesn't stop his grace from a chance warming power of hope and spiritual help in the now but let this be known. Lest you think that somehow your salvation is built on making sure you're one step in front of an accusing conscience your conscience isn't even educated enough to know how to accuse you fully but Christ's righteousness covers it all this is the good news you're living in the grace of Christ today you're walking in the light of His will today sometimes you stumble God says bring him back to me I'm right here with you but he does not tell to any all that he might reveal when you are young you never thought you could do that when you grow all your sorrowful that you did some of those things you know what when you were young Christ could see the propensities the likelihood of where you might go and how you might end up but he bids every trembling to sulk all take courage freely he will pardon all who come to Him for forgiveness and restoration he does not tell any all that he might reveal you might like Simon be sitting at the table saying I'm not such a bad man but what about her he actually question the Deity of Christ that he would let her touch him Little did he know that Jesus understand how she became who she had been and how she had become who she was now he knew it all friends righteousness by faith is a gift it's the forgiveness of sins confessed and it's a covering for those that don't even we don't even know lurk in the dark recesses of our heart and mind the souls that turn to him for refuge Jesus lives above the accusing and the strife of tongues no man or evil angel can impeach these souls and if you think Satan is not trying you better think again. We've heard a lot about impeachment over the last 4 years I'm here to tell you today for hints that that controversy goes on in the heavenly courts where Christ ever lives to make intercession and I'm appealing to you today to receive it in for freedom the rightness of this that comes to you not because you're good because none of us are but because you're in love and because God desires to transform your heart Judas No Simon let's go the 12 disciples don't know but eventually they do but the one out in front of them on is that one that woman I'm appealing this morning. I'm I'm actually. Hoping with all my heart that there will be a renaissance of true devotion to Christ and my appeal of the small and it is that it begin in the hearts of God's gods daughters God's mothers the sisters the nieces the granddaughters How's your devotional have to Jesus is something Robin you from loving Jesus like Mary did is something keeping you from being warm and affectionate is something stopping you from being the kind of woman that has the power to move the heart of a man when it comes to the story of powerful woman and Peter's right in 1st Peter chapter 3 he says listen live your life in such a way that you'll convince the man without even talking. That kind of love that kind of dignified Christ that kind of healed heart that kind of ability to pour out affection to not compete with the man for his role in the home to not challenge run him down become the accuser of the brother I'm here to tell you friends there is a devotional side of a woman that I believe in my heart of hearts is a God given strength and that devotion now if not properly experience through an understanding of the love of Christ will rob children of the sweet humble homes of the beautiful empowering forgiveness of a deep sense of the priority of Christ and His church yes I'm appealing this morning to all the hard hearted and sometimes hard headed men that you will encounter that you will let the Spirit be your guide that you don't have you know you don't have to explain everything but you do need to be sensitive to the presence of your Lord and that you will move it is betting and that yes you'll do your best to defend yourself when you can but you'll recognize that sometimes inspiration knows no explanation simply obedience. Smore and I'm convinced that unless our homes are renewed by godly women there is no hope for this church 0 we can do all the improvements everywhere we want to do them we can do all the programs everywhere they'll let us go but if something doesn't happen to spark the kind of devotion at the end of time that we're going to need it's all sounding brass in a clean room today's not a message for the men and yet it is and if ever we need a woman. Like Peter writes Who can be like Sarah and do what's right without being afraid it's Today I'm here let there be no doubt I'm here an equivocally undoubtedly incontrovertibly because my grandmother was a woman like this and there will be a whole host of people in the kingdom because my grandmother loved Jesus in spite of a husband who did and made her life sometimes of a living hell literally. She knew how to suffer and still be sweet she knew how to stand her ground and still do what's right she was an affectionate loving woman who gave her best to Jesus Her 1st to Jesus and when necessary said no yes whether it's John Bunyan's wife saying No John you won't recant stay in the jail but don't surrender the fidelity of your soul to crack or whether it's John Wesley's mother raising all of these children to go out make such a powerful difference in the world yes let a generation of women rise up who understand divine femininity and do what they're told without the desire for notice but willing to put their face into the wind if they need to. But Jesus be everything he needs to be to them so they can be the heart of Jesus in a broken world pouring out a fountain of affection this world's not going to resist love and the ones who do already poor beyond description yes let's make this church rich and let's make this community wretch let's let's strengthen him protect and provide for women who live like that. And let's see the 3 engines message give when it's. Because he's going to take your devotion to Jesus. For that. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w.w.w. audio verse or.


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