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The Miracle Walk

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • September 12, 2020
    7:45 AM
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All right if you have a Bible don't go to our scripture reading the Donnie read so well say a 43. And we're going to read this passage when you pass through the waters I will be with you and through the rivers they shall not overflow you when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned or shall the flame scorch you a message this Sabbath is and titled The miracle walk the miracle walk let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word I pray now father that you make me just the nail upon the wall or rusty sorry nail Lord but upon that nail or to ask that you hang a portrait of Jesus Christ letter all should not be seen or heard instead father let us hear word from the throne room of grace this is our prayer in Jesus is precious and holy name Amen All right we're going to jump right into this in the book of Matthew chapter 14 in a start of this 15 and we're going to start a story of the feeding of the $5000.00 men. Does not include women in jeopardy and that this up to go into what we really are going into appeared today just to give the backstory of Matthew chapter 14 and verse 15. And what it was. Into him saying this is a place. As spin to the way they may put it but. Round. Of over and people. They saw that the people had been watching Jesus and and hearing him preached and and and observing the great miracles but the disciples realized. And there was no way and their mind that the multitude could be fed they needed to be disbanded so they could go and find food. It was also a time of difficulty for the disciples for in the same chapter and this just before this story and more than one of the Gospels is the time when John the Baptist is killed so you got to see that the disciples are in a bad place they knew who John the Baptist was the expected Christ to deliver him yet John the Baptist was allowed to not just die but to die and what the Jews would have considered a most ignoble death he was beheaded because of the dance at a party and in the cycles after seeing all that is going on what to send the people away because something else was afoot and Matthew 14 and verse 16 but Jesus said unto them They don't need to depart giving them to each is a list they don't have to go anywhere feed them the disciples said in verse 17 we have here but 5 loaves and 2 fixes Jesus said Bring them here to me it's John who tells tells you that it's a little boy's lunch of all of the 10000 some odd people the only they could find was in one little boy's backpack and when they find it and open it it is. Desperately not enough to even begin to cover the needs of all the people in fact Philip or and Dr believe it is asked the court says you know if we had you know $23000.00 acquittal if we couldn't feed all of these people it would only just get a little bit. But they find this little boy Jesus in verse 19 commands the multitude to sit on the grass they actually lined them up orderly and he takes the 5 loaves and the 2 fishes and looking up to heaven he blessed and break it and gave the loaves to the disciples and the disciples to the multitude what is implied in this text is that as Jesus began to break the bread it never stopped breaking but missed it Christ shows here that the laws of physics not apply to him there is a lot of the law of the conservation of mass of mass which means mass cannot be created nor can it be negated it must drink it can transform forms but it cannot actually go or be brought into existence when Jesus begins to touch the brain and break it the bread continues to break its as good as Christ prayed before he does this as he begins to break the bread begins to grow bread and the proxies don't miss this either had to be very rapid in order for the disciples to be able to deliver that much food to that many people Christ must have been able to break and distribute this bread at a rapid pace Bob says and 14 in verse 20 and they did all eat and were field and they took up the fragments that remained 12 basketsful not only did Christ make sure that everyone ate one Christ does something he doesn't in abundance when it was all over there was food left over verse 21 and they that had were about 5000 members and women and children one of the things that's key is that in John 6 in verse 12 in telling the same story he says when they were filled he said in this gather up the fragments that remain that nothing be lost. Story was quite powerful if you can imagine the oppressed Jews downtrodden and beaten not only by the Roman power but by their own religious leaders they were in a place of suffering poverty Don't miss this poverty was was a common place in that time there were cities that were desperate and hadn't had lack all the time cities like Nazareth where Jesus was from them to be able to see someone take food and make food from food was mind blowing and shook many of them to the core and later on and some of them follow Jesus across the lake and find them in Jesus you're not here because I did miracles you're here because I gave you bread. This was something that really reminds Johnson says like this in verse 14 then those penguins and seen the miracles that Jesus did said this is of a truth that prophet that should come into the world when Jesus therefore perceived that they would come and take him by force to make him King part of again into a mountain to himself alone. Into the thick of this message when they saw the miracle that Jesus performed they decided. By Proxy that they would find a way to make Christ King a magic after all they've been doing you can read about this in the designer babies are white and upon it a magic after all they've been through all the oppression all of the taxes they paid Romans all the poverty here is a man who they botched heal the sick there's a man. Dead his demand that fed 10000 of them they began to think. And be established Israel as a nation can be brought back to its days of glory as it had with day in the Solomon. They began to take and they began to conspire with the disciples the disciples were tired of being playing 2nd fiddle to the priests and the Sadducees in the Pharisees the disciples wanted to show them who Jesus really was and they reasoned in their minds that Christ was simply too humble. Meek to take his rightful place so they were going to do this by force mark 6 Jesus was not happy with his prophecy tells Jesus understood that there was already a bounty on his life they were already wanted to kill him if he was if he was appointed the position of King bloodshed would wrap in the streets blood would run the streets of Israel there would be wars invites all over the place Christ understood that there was no way this could happen now they didn't understand his mission so Jesus in a very stern voice and Mark 6 and verse 45 and straightway he constrained his the cycles to get into the ship and to go to the other side before and to Bethsaida while he sent away the people to prophesy tells us that they did not want to go and John tells us that they delayed when he went up into the mountain the disciples actually hung out in the boat and did not do what Christ told them to do they waited they lingered hoping that Jesus would join them. Prophecies of the like this never before had a command from crisis him so impossible of fulfillment the disciples had long hoped for a popular movement to place Jesus on the throne they could not endure the fog that all of this enthusiasm should come to nothing the multitude that were assembling to keep the Passover were anxious to see the new prophet to his followers this seemed the golden opportunity to establish their beloved master on the throne of Israel in the glow of of this new ambition it was hard for them to go away by themselves and leave Jesus alone upon that desolate short they protested against the arrangement but Jesus now spoke with an authority he had never before assumed toward them they knew that further opposition on their part would be useless and in silence they turned toward the sea. Jesus rebuked his disciples told them to get into the ship and begin the process of crossing over the lake and I want you to understand the principle that the Bible is trying to show you here is that the disciples did not understand Christ's mission years they had spent with him and yet they didn't understand his mission so much so that they were ready to force him to be king they were arguing and him about getting in the ship and leaving him on the shore they were angry with Christ as they began to move across the water they began to think if he's really who he says he is why did he allow John the Baptist to be beheaded why would he allow his prophet to die such a terrible death and they began to ask the tough questions that Vera season Sadducees had been asking and I want you to get this as they began to doubt Christ Satan whispered the more in their ears. But I want to let you know that this idea of crowning Christ King in a place of a time when he's not supposed to be is one of the things that will happen in the end times and has already begun to happen in fact there are many Christians who are going to be led astray because they believe that Christ is coming to Earth now to sit on a throne. And reign for 1000 years there are those who mock our Adventist believe in a 1000 year millennium where the people of God and Christ Himself are in the New Jerusalem in a celestial place they believe we are completely foolish that in fact the earth will not be destroyed like Satan will not be in chains that instead what is going to happen is that Christ himself is going to come to earth what the earth and he is going to stick in a temple rebuilt the 3rd temple rebuilt in Jerusalem. What's this in fact this is such a deeply held belief by Heaven juggles in the United States that it has actually moved American foreign policy in the lyrics and we take towards Israel and I've been in Israel of lived in Israel for a little while and studied Jewish history I love Israel I plan to go back and visit but the a logically this does not line up with the Scripture yet if you want evidence that prophecy is being fulfilled understand the same spirit that moved on the 10000 that day and on the disciples to try and make Christ King where he was not supposed to be king is moving on many Christians today I'll show you is one of them drops as the u.s. embassy moved to Jerusalem was for the other angelical. I came to a rally just this last week or 2. At the time of the Democratic convention it was a couple weeks ago Trump said that Christian voters are more supportive of u.s. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital than Jewish voters in fact what the current president is saying is in this thing so the that was a puppet we are going to mix in a way that the Bible says is necessary for the last event to happen if if someone is willing and remember this could have started a war where many who worried that by moving this embassy a war could start because by moving the embassy to Jerusalem the next move is to build the 3rd temple when you go to Israel today when I was in Israel and you go to the wailing wall you know put a picture of a building walk and the rabbis pray there they have been praying for 2000 years since 8070 for that temple to be rebuilt and it has not been rebuilt why because Christ told us it would not be built when he left the temple in Matthew chapter 24 he said I leave your house until you desolate that's actually the end of math japa 23 he says I leave your house unto you desolate Christ said this building not one stone would be left upon another script where the prophecy tells us that at that point the Spirit of God left the temple no more to reside there it will never be rebuilt as it was when Titus the Roman general finally the fulfilled Christ prophecy of Matthew $24.00 and took the temple apart stone by stone and laid it to waste the people ran in the streets of Jerusalem and they cried Dick about it about the glory has the party right now there's a mosque on the temple mount something not it's not really where the temple goes and I'm going to begin to change where the temple was so that they can find a place to build it. Why because one of the great Evan Jellicoe preachers of Dwight Evans out of Dallas a product I believe of the Dallas the illogical seminary as he preached in a sermon I heard many years back me 20 years ago he preached in this sermon that Christ is coming to earth he is going to sit in the temple and I want to get the last part of what he said he said and Christ is going to force the world to keep his commandments there is a belief that this temple is going to be constructed and just as the disciples wanted revenge on the religious leadership and the skeptics of their day there are those who don't really want salvation for the world they want to be right and they want revenge this is what who so hard to doctrines like eternal destruction constant burn in hell fire throughout the season as aides of eternity I talk to one person who believes doctrine and they felt like this is what they get they'll see that they were wrong as we stand in heaven and laugh at them burning forever. That Heaven will be heaven to me of after what we will burn I'm a physician of days and I somebody breaks their foot. To watch my burn and screaming in pain I don't know how to be any joy. But I want you to understand that the spirit that moved on crowds by the sea is the same spirit moving to date a spirit to try and put Christ where he doesn't belong why because Paul says No wonder even Satan is transformed into an angel of light we have that medicine understand that this means that the day is coming when Lucifer Satan himself is going to impersonate Jesus Christ. He is going to come to earth and cry peace peace just like in the book of Jeremiah the false prophets cry peace peace before Babylon came to destroy them there will be a movement of false prophets and then ultimately Satan impersonating Christ crying peace peace what you don't realize and destruction is upon them and Roger knows book a trip into the supernatural if you never read it it's a powerful book by a man who came out of demon worshipping and became a 7th Day Adventist phenomenal book if you haven't read it get it and read it if you're a little bit. Easily learned a time. Because it comes out a demon or some of demons come looking forms of I don't know what your tolerance level is my mother says you don't read it on the subway train to and she would read it at home at night. But he says the demon priest told them Don't miss this that God is too merciful to destroy Lucifer and the world this is where the Luciferian philosophies of this world come from that in fact in the end God is going to give control over the earth to Lucifer and so if you follow Lucifer you are the one who are actually going to inherit the earth is water Rolling Stone The Guns and Roses made albums entitle Sympathy For The Devil because these are the Luciferian philosophies that will come to play and once the world believes that there is someone coming to sit in a temple that is to be built it sets up the final great deception as Lucifer comes to earth and walks the earth can you imagine during a pandemic like this he waves his hand and all of the sick and suffering disappears but we are told in a spirit of prophecy that he's the one who laid the sickness on him in the 1st place when he walks into the cancer wards of hospitals and he waves his hand and all of the people are healed everyone is going to say Jesus has returned and they're going to want to thrust him on the throne and it's already happening this book. The rabbis Donald Trump and the 3rd temple by Thomas Horn reveals the secrets that are afoot right now at work to build the 3rd temple and the same Spirit is working today to try and convince people that this has to be built in fact of those who say Jesus cannot return until that temple is built so there is this is why there's so much political pressure on the United States to move the embassy to Jerusalem and to recognize Israel the way we do and to try and for and create an environment where that temple can be built but it's based on false assumptions they take 2nd those loans $23.00 and $4.00 which says that they shall not come until the Man of Sin be revealed the son of perdition who opposes and exultant himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped so that he as God sits on the sits in the temple of God showing himself that he is God and they say listen the temple has to be built but he and to Christ to come and sit in it but this is Futurism this is a way to try and remove the historical approach to understanding prophecy and the signs of the times they are going to try and push everything in the future the reality is that this is already happened during the 1260 years when when the pope is missing on the throne that these prophecies are already been fulfilled and watch this when he therefore shall see the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet stand in the holy place who so read the letter understand Matthew $2415.00 they say this temple has to be rebuilt for the abomination of desolation to happen they don't realize. These things have passed in fact Hollywood has jumped in on it this is the movie left behind I've never seen it but I read the reviews Nicolas Cage's probably one of his worst reviewed movies of all times this is a remake 14 years after the original one based on this book by Tim La Haye and Jerry b. Jenkins who are actually sympathetic to this futuristic belief that has made so many Christians believe that what's happening now is not prophetically relevant that it is all in the future when you can do that and then take away all culpability for things like the dark ages but those who are actually responsible and what they teach is yes this temple going to be built the enterprise going to come in Jesus going to come to earth and when he comes there's going to be this this rapture that's going to happen and all these people are going to be snatched away in fact Jack it was visit me it was driving me some lunch at work and it was a guy would deliver and like u.p.s. stuff only you deliver it and I'm back in the break room just quickly trying to get a bite and he's yelling at us about about the Rapture is about to happen and he turns Was he says you know to Christian pilots can't fly a plane at the same time. You know in my mind I think I heard he was that's right the Rapture is coming I mean to me there's a rapture coming and of the 2 Christian pilots in the plane everybody else is going to crash if you believe that it would it would seem to mean everybody on a plane would want to be a Christian my Bible tells me that when Jesus comes it will be like the lightning flashing from the east to the west it when lightning flashes everyone can see it my Bible tells me that every eye shall behold Him My Bible tells me as we talked about in the you know sermon we recorded this week and Revelation 19 that when Jesus comes the the heavens I'm going to roll back like a scroll the same way they got parted the Red Sea for Israel's deliverance he will part the skies for our deliverance. Spiritual Israel will watch the world raw and real like a woman in labor and the heavens rolled back like a scroll there will be nothing secret about it but if you have the same spirit that they had after 5 after Christ fed the $5000.00 men you're going to be looking for that kind of situation because they believe the church will not go through any tribulation so of course the church has to leave the planet 1st because of the great tribulation coming Matthew 1423 and when he had sent the multitude away he went up into a mountain apart to pray and when the evening evening was come he was there alone Jesus was so upset if the cycles were plotting to force him to be king he understood at this point that many of his disciples were nowhere near where they needed to be in order for them to do the work they would have to do after His crucifixion and resurrection Christ began to agonize for his disciples in fact the spirit of prophecy says it like this when left alone Jesus went up into a mountain apart to pray for hours he continued pleading with God not for himself but for men where those prayers he prayed for power to reveal to men the divine character of his mission that Satan might not blind their understanding and pervert their judgment in the place of his exultation to the throne of David they were to witness his crucifixion this was to be indeed his true coronation I want you to get this the spirit of prophecy says that the coronation Christ received on earth was to go to the cross and die you know why because it is a cross that Christ shut Satan and the demons out of heaven for after it's at the cross that one after the 5000 years before the Lake of Fire is filled with the wicked and Satan himself it is at the Cross that they have to fall on their knees and say you were right this. You were holy every need he will but how every knee will bend every head will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord he gains that authority at the cross they did not discern this and in consequence strong temptations would come to them which it would be difficult for them to recognize as temptations without the Holy Spirit to enlighten the mind and enlarge the complication comprehension of faith of the disciples would be would fail without the Holy Spirit to enlighten the mind and enlarge the comprehension the faith of the disciples would fail it was painful to Jesus that their conceptions of his kingdom were to so great a degree limited to worldly a grand dies meant and honor for them the burden was heavy upon his heart and he poured out his supplications with bitter agony and tears Jesus heart was broken because his disciples who should know better still thought that success was Earthly that success meant earthly stature and earthly power and earthly wealth he was he was he was heart broken that is the cycles could not see the invisible kingdom that is coming that it Christ was said to Bill let me tell you something say in is a he's a master the beaver look at the stray shoe tensions in our country and I talk to some of my friends I realize that many of them that do not understand the time in which we live energies are more concerned what is happening on Earth and righting wrongs on earth and fixing earth and I keep telling them it can be a distraction. If you're not careful you'll be more concerned with what happens on Earth in the political realm and like the 10000 and the disciples at the Lakeside you'll be more concerned with what happens here then you are what is happening in glory you are not set to fix earth but alone is falling and if you don't understand that you can invest your whole life on good causes and miss the cause of Christ Matthew 1424 the disciples are out they rode out about 3 miles the lake is about 5 miles across. The 1424 says but the ship was now in the midst of the sea tossed with the waves for the wind was contrary out of nowhere the day had been perfect out of nowhere stormy it's as they are trying to sail to the other side John says it like this John 68 says and the sea a rose by reason of a great wind that blew any time the Bible. Specifically talks to you about a wind off and it is means the wind is of supernatural origin when the Bible talks about the parting of the Red Sea It's an east wind that comes to separate the Red Sea and a west wind that covers the verifier with his armies in the water supernaturally the wind comes up say in now sees that as the disciples separated from Christ and he attacks as another one says the cycles had that day witnessed the wonderful works of Christ and it seemed that Heaven had come down to the earth the memory of that precious glorious day should have filled them with faith and hope had they out of the abundance of their hearts been conversing together in regard to these things they would not have entered into temptation but their disappointment had absorbed their thoughts. The word of Christ gather up the fragments that nothing be lost were unheeded I want you to get this when Jesus said to them to gather up the leftover pieces of food and that nothing be lost it was as spiritual as it was physical they were supposed to gather up the remnants of the miracle and internalize what Christ said done and focus on and gather up the remnants of the goodness that God has done so many times we focus on what goes wrong in life we forget to stop and praise God for all that is going right though those are hours of large blessing to the disciples but they have forgotten it all they were in the midst of troubled waters look at this their thoughts were stormy and on reasonable and the Lord gave them something else to afflict their souls and occupy their minds I love this last line of the plot is that my own life God often does this when men create burdens and troubles for themselves Sometimes God allows the storm to come in your life because you have been stormy. As you've been doubtful got a lot of the storm to come because the storm serves the purpose it is the fire through which Christ will purify you John 61000 so when they had rowed about 5 and 20 or 30 furlongs about 3 or 4 miles commentators would say when I rode up that far Mark 614 and he saw them toiling Jesus on them rowing fighting in fact one commentary says that it was a it was a sprog a ship with a sail but the wind was so bad they had to drop the sail and they were trying to row by now they had gone so far off of where they were supposed to be they were miles off course Jesus is standing on the seashore and he is eyes never leave his disciples I want you to know that when you are in the store and you feel alone Christ is always still there watching. He saw them toiling in rowing for the wind was quite contrary about the 4th watch of the night he comes on to them walking upon the sea and would have passed them by the 4th watch of the night is 3 am to 6 am then switch from the Jewish breakdown of the night which was 3 parts to the Roman part which is 4 parts so now it was $3.00 to 6 am was the last watch of the night John and Mark tell you this because what I want you to know is this wasn't some miracle Jesus wasn't walking like the beaches in my hand we will walk out a half a mile and still want to reach you. Jesus actually went out. Out into the water the darkest time of the night. And he would have passed them by Jesus begins to walk so briskly on that water now no you know I don't know how Jesus walks on water like he does and you know my talk about his verse I say the same thing again he shows you that he is the master of the laws of physics the law of buoyancy goes out the window I don't know when Jesus stepped columns of ice formed under his feet I don't know if when he walked the law of gravity is suspended and he's actually a covering and walking on the water I don't know if he makes the water solid as I don't know what he does but somehow the laws of physics stop talking to him and he can do that because he wrote the laws of physics My Bible says He looked like he was going to pass by the disciples was ever going to pass by them no Christ want them to call to him. 933 and 4 says it like this talking about God's dominance Christ dominance over the water some 933 and 4 says the floods have lifted up all or the floods have lifted up their voice the floods lift up their waves the Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters yet in the mighty waves of the sea which is of the sometimes it feels like your life is being washed over by the waves of trouble and difficulty recite this song he is my dear than the sound of the waves of trouble in your life that's a 1426 the underside of a saw him walking on the sea they were trouble saying it is a spirit they cried out for fear when they saw him coming can you imagine in the dark of the night the lightning cracked and there's a dude walking on the water all of you are you are about to drown you trying to figure out how you're going to survive this mess in fact probably tells us they gave up they stopped growing after a while and there's a new just just walking yes they saw him and they say. One comment here is that they probably still had some of the superstitious attitudes of the time at this point and so when they saw him they thought it was a ghost or spirit and they scream out in fear you know Madge and 12 grown men screaming on a ship Marxist 657 like this for all for they all saw him and were troubled and immediately he talked with them and say it under them I love this be of good cheer it is I being unafraid let me say something as you see the storms are rather Dimitri was talking about the fires in California I've been in touch with people in California up and down the West Coast the fires are going crazy millions of acres destroyed human life lost all our in a global pandemic. All while we have the threat of war at all times just a little while ago up a Russian warship went through some fishing us fish or fisherman's books off the coast of Alaska. America and China are our relations and our have been sullied when. You look around the world at the rise in a food insecurity and famine earthquakes in diverse places you look around and the world and you start to say to yourself Man this is too much and you may want to stop rowing let me taste them like the way Jesus points this because what Jesus says about all that's going in the world is what he says is what he what he says to them then is what he's saying to us now be of good cheer it is I Be not afraid watch this every time c.n.n. Fox News The Hartford Current The New York Times posts on their pages the fulfillment of a prophecy it is as if Christ is whispering to us is high every time you see these things we ought not get afraid because what it means is that he is not walking on water this time he's about to walk on the milky way what is going on is that he's about to stand up in the temple he's about to say it is done he's about to mount the White Horse of Revelation 19 and gather the hosts of the armies of heaven what it's really telling you is that Jesus is on his way so why should you be afraid when the rescue mission is about to start he says Be of good cheer and as I Be not afraid. Peter always Peter answered him and said Lord if it's really you. Bid me come on to the on the water Jesus said Come on and when Peter was come down out of the ship he walked on the water to go to Jesus Jesus had Jesus had it is heart. So allowed Peter this experience knowing what Peter was going to go through later Peter can you imagine as he steps out of the boat I would imagine people holding on to the side and making sure he's really started 1st before he starts just a walking when he realizes he can walk and he standing up on water in the middle of a storm you know he is just a little strut like yes right it's me it's all me baby I'm walking and as he's walking he thinks about the fact that other living disciples were too chicken to get out the boat and as soon as he started thinking about them. He took his eyes off Jesus was going to probably tells us he was between 2 large waves you look back to see them and when he looked back to Jesus he couldn't see him when he realized that verse 30 of Matthew 14 says when he saw the wind boisterous he was afraid and began to sink just like that he began to fall into the water he cried saying Lord save me and immediately Jesus drench for this hand and caught him and said unto him. A little faith we have for it's the doubt it isn't you don't feel like you sinking in this world feel like you're going under Sometimes life is going to get complicated difficult and painful let me taste something don't doubt Jesus is and is always outstretched to lift you back to where he wants you to be by because the commentary says this we need never fear so long as we keep our eyes upon Jesus and trust in His grace and power but when we turn our gaze upon self and upon others we have good reason to be afraid you know the problem a lot of us have in our Christianity more concerned other folks think about us than what God thinks about us Peter was so busy trying to impress the others that he actually wound up embarrassing himself for really. Let me tell you some your Christianity can never be based on what other people think or say your Christianity must be based on what God says about you and my God says in John 316 that he loved us so much that He gave His only begotten Son My God tells me that I am precious in His side the apple of his eye my God tells me that the he is on my head I'm number even as they have been dwindling he knows I am and it is. No reason to worry about what other folk think Matthew 1432 and 33 says this and when they were come into the ship the wind ceased and they that were in the ship came and worshiped him saying Of a truth the heart the Son of God This is the 1st time in the gospels the disciples worship Jesus there are people who come knocking on your door and you know how to tell you that Jesus is not God That is not divine those who are questioning the Trinity and the divinity of Christ but let me tell you something if Jesus wasn't God he could not accept worship and hear the disciples bow and they worship Him when they see the wind stop they dropped and they worship him and I say yes you are the Son of God as if Christ was trying to teach that you want to elevate me to the position of an earthly king I am so much more. But a prophecy says like this one trouble comes upon us how often we are like Peter we look upon the waves instead of keeping our eyes fixed upon the Savior our footsteps live on the proud waters go over our souls Jesus did not bid Peter come to him that he should perish he does not call us to follow him and then for sake of us fear not he says for every d.m.d. have called him by the name doubt are mine when that passes through the waters I will be with the and through the rivers they shall not overflow the well now walk us through the fire fire that I shall not be burned neither shall the flame candle upon the 4 I am the Lord thy God the Holy One of Israel that I Savior you know that's the passage I believe the 3 Hebrew boys probably recited as they went into the fiery furnace I say I would have lived before them and they would have probably known to understand a passage like this one day by day God instruct his children by the circumstances of daily life he is preparing them to act their part upon that wider stage to which is Providence has appointed them it is the issue of the daily test that determines their victory or defeat in life's great crisis those who fail to realize their constant dependence upon God will be overcome by temptation we may now suppose that our feet stand secure and that we shall never be moved we may say with confidence I know in whom I have believed nothing can shake my faith in God and His Word but Satan is planning to take advantage of our hereditary and cultivated traits of character to blind our eyes to our own necessities and be facts only to realizing our own weaknesses and looking steadfastly and to Jesus that we walk securely and as I've read his page 382 you've got to know that you will fall short. The race those who endured to the end those who are going to save Matthew chapter $24.00 tells us that's why he says a just man falls 7 times but rises every time it's about getting up and continuing some understanding that you are weak that in yourself you cannot win the battle against sin many of us fail in gaining picture of a sin because we constantly look at our sin we constantly look at ourselves or worried about what other people think I am here to challenge you to date if you want victory over your say your secret sin you must turn your eyes upon Jesus. Those him says Turn your eyes upon Jesus look full in his wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim light of His glory and Grace and I want you to take that miracle walk with Jesus as we were called to do to walk with Jesus not just as Peter did then but Jesus wants to walk with us now is the calling on each one of our lives to invite Jesus in to walk with us and I challenge you this week spend time in the Gospels get to know Christ again it's a no I'm all over again his power in focusing on him to turn desire way and sank and so will you turn your eyes upon Jesus and keep ever focused on him let's pray Father God we thank you for his opportunity to share your word Lord all of us are like the crowd wanting to crown you king in our hearts but not really wanting to to give you full sway over our lives Lord many of us are like Peter we have the faith to step out of the boat but. We quickly wonder about what other people are thinking or turn our attentions to our apparent success. Father got home with your people and prepare us for the time of trouble that is coming the prophecies of being fulfilled it is time we understand as David says and psalm that even as the waters of trouble are coming you have power over the water and as I say as even if you have to walk through fire the fire will not burn us Lord help us to become strong in you courageous in you so that we might be able to stand even want to Seems like the heavens are going to fall prepare your people the Lord we might walk with you as you say of the $144000.00 they follow the law with us so every. War let us follow the lamb walk with him. This prayer in Jesus. This media was brought to you by audio from a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio or if you would like to listen to more sermon. Visit b.w.. Audio 1st.


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