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05 Habits that Last

Vicki Griffin Dennis Page
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  • September 16, 2020
    2:59 PM
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Good morning good afternoon wherever you are we are so thankful that you have joined us and a very special hello to Colleen and Janice who have really gone out of their way to be with us today as many of you have been as well I just haven't met you yet but we are thrilled that you are here with us and I have a very special guest with me today Pastor Dennis Pate the associate pastor here at the village 7th Day Adventist Church in Berrien Springs Michigan thank you for joining me Pastor Page for your band on the Happy to be here I'm looking forward to me of up presentation today I am really looking forward to our time together and as we have shared these past 4 days I've shared with you some of the principles that I have learned and gleaned and been teaching in the area of just not only getting free but living free and establishing habits that last rearranging our interior our exteriors our lifestyle equipping us filling us with courage and strength to move forward it's more than just information and so Pastor Page he has an amazing story but the most important thing about any story because we all have stories but the most amazing thing about any story is when it becomes a testimony and when that testimony becomes a ministry so as we go through kind of a recap of principles of freedom and Grove we're actually going to process those principles today through Elder pages testimony and I was just so thrilled to be able to share with you on a radio program not too long ago Pastor Page and I was just astonished at the information that he shared so today we're going to take a look at at his story and I love the promise in John 1010 that I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly can you say that. Your testimony today absolutely as ever since I've encountered Christ it's been an abundant living life and I've read and enjoyed every minute of it a man wow every minute that's amazing So it's a lot about that internal attitude even when things aren't going quite quite our way that's right because the what I've come to realize is even when things aren't going our way there's a lesson we can learn from that and God's the great teacher you know he's a master teacher and if we would just understand that he hands are misunderstand mine and the burden of his heart is to restore us and heal us and cleanse us then we know it's for our good exactly who you are so right and God has really given us a peace plan he has said in this world you will have trouble but be a good cheer tear up I have overcome the world so as we look at God's peace plan as it has played out and is playing out in Pastor pages life today I want to remember the 4 areas of peace it's a contract of peace from the prince of peace he has given us spiritual principles that secure peace God has given us lifestyle principles that promote peace he has given us attitudes to practice that actually produce peace they're called peptide and he's given us faith that preserve peace so through other pages story today we're going to be looking at that and all of the principles that he applies in his life creating that environment your outlook what you surround yourself with the lifestyle that you live the connections that you make with others and with God So let's talk just a little bit about before we begin your journey of recovery I would just like you to take some time Pastor Page I was so moved by your testimony I would just like for folks to know what your story is you know some people are becoming the Lord they've been shot by a spiritual bullet or an environmental bullet other people have been machine gunned and the Lord is the grow. 3rd and so we were praying before hand about the people that are especially broken they've been through multiple challenges so Pastor Paige would you just share your story with that you know I want to keep it in a nutshell but my story is not much different than a multitude of people out there in the world today there's a lot of dysfunction in our world so I you know I was born in the ghetto grew up in a dysfunctional family I grew up without a father for the majority of my younger years then my mother would remarried to a man that really wasn't wanted to be a father my mother never intended to have children that was something she told us later in life and so growing up without parents one without without a father or 2 without a mother that really did not want to have children because she was the feeling with her own baggage and dysfunction in her life from her childhood in up and so when you have that dynamic taking place you find yourself in a situation where you're just trying to figure out life and then the enemy comes in and a very young age dealing with in morality in the last station in and then getting involved in drugs and drinking and it seemed that I was just trying to mask the pain in trying to deal with the reality of life without any guidance and so you know you in your teenage years my teenage years I got involved in crime and just a lot of mischief and before that by the time I was 15 I was locked up for the 1st time in my life I got out I didn't like that United find anything fun about that so I was pretty determined not to get caught again even though I wasn't determined not to do things for all. Your story about it about trying to run away with your sister that's Or yeah you know that's right and we see that a lot in our youth today. They're broken at home they don't want to deal with the the brokenness and they don't know what to do and they want to get away and and our home was broken my sister and I I think were 5 and 6 or 6 and 7 very young and we were probably around that age 6 and 7 because we were in school and my mother had went to work and we decided that we were going to pack our bags and go to grandma's house now we lived in Buffalo New York it was a big city and I remember getting on the bus and the way we went and we lived on the west side grandma lived on a south side so we had quite a ways the go so it was the winter time and we packed up our stuff in a brown paper bag and we started walking and as we're walking and I it's cold in the big snow flakes are coming down and I remember this is so clear in my mind even today walking under a underpass and I turned and looked at my sister and I can see she was extremely cold and I just said get it do you want to go back home and she said yes and so we started back home and be known to us by then to the school and called my mom's job and her kids in there were showing up for school that day so she went home as we were walking to the front door just as I was reaching up to open it the door opened and there stood mom and she was holding a can opener she noticed that we packed some canned goods for the trip over to grandma's house and all she said to us it was did you forget something so here's what happened here's here's what happens we were talking about this before the program today you have an incident in your life. Where you are rejected marginalized hurt set aside and that experience can become like an infection in the soul that now everything in your life becomes you walking in rejection and abandonment and that's what happened to you and you too you have alcoholism that runs in your family yes that right and then you started drinking a very young age before I was around 12131213 right so you know we have some parallels here I ran away when I was 5 across the street to a cow pasture. And was in big trouble by the time I was 11 as well but I'm so thankful today Pastor Page The Bible says that the sins of the fathers are visited to the 3rd and 4th generation of them that hate me now that's not a curse laid on top of already misfortune in God warning us pleading with us to pay attention to his word but in Deuteronomy Chapter $7.00 verse 9 the Bible says that he came to show mercy to a 1000 generations so whatever broken this you experienced whatever trauma God sees it he knows that he has all power and he has brought healing into your life tell us a little bit about your journey and where you went from there as you began to get into a culture of trouble anger rebellion and lawlessness Well the key what happens with our youth if they're not finding that guidance and direction at home if they're not experiencing that love and nurturing that a child naturally is looking for I mean why am I here in this world what home I need to survive. You try it you start trying to figure it out on your own and then you gravitate to other children that are in the same situation and that's one up that's what I want to believe exactly and so then we get together in a little group and now it's even really bad because now there's. A buncha mischievous mysterious minds going at one time you know and before you know it we are involved in robberies and we're out partying and drinking and doing drugs and you know like I said then by the time I was 15 a rest that I find myself in jail I was the term and I was going back to jail I I figured I would beat my my stepdad to the punch and what I mean by that is when I was growing up after I my mom got remarried I was 8 years old Heath always threaten to put me in military school you know because I was so unruly and so when I was 16 the Marine Corps recruiting team came by the high school and they started talking to us and I thought you know what ominous sign up and so I asked the recruiter what do I gotta do to go now and I was in my junior year I graduated young when I was 17 I was already out of school graduated so I was 16 years old and he says I'll tell you what you can do if your parents are willing to sign a waiver you can start going to reserve meetings now and then soon as you get out of school you can go right to military boot camp and do your am on a strain like Ari And so he came to my house that evening and I'll never forget him knocking on the door I told my mom and dad I got a surprise for you and so on when he showed up and they in the came in and he sat down explained to them what was going on and he said Your son can enter into the armed forces starting today all you have to do is sign the paper all and they were so happy to sign the paper see I had no problem see what my parents did not understand I had no problem really with discipline what I had a problem with with was hypocrisy. Because I would always hear don't do as I do you do as I say and as a little kid and you hear this from your parents you think your parents are these big super heroes and they never get in trouble for what they're doing and so it's so to see the rebellion in my mind that told me that when I get older nobody's going to tell me what to do and I don't care one authoritative power you have you're not going to rule my life right and so that corrupted my life I joined Ameri Corps came out still looking for that that sense of love and belonging and purpose and I got back involved in drugs I always worked a good job but then I got involved in using and selling drugs for the next 20 years of my life and alcohol and alcohol was there all along so you had the genetic back that was not in your favor environmental and then of course we make choices right so you had 3 strikes against you but the Lord saw you what what was your what was your turning point well you know like turning point was I came home sitting here in my house I had everything had a beautiful job made lots of money I had lots of friends I had a beautiful home I had dice cars money you know all the stuff that you think I thought I was successful but I would sit there after big parties were over and thinking to myself Is this all there is the life you know there's something missing and. But I couldn't put my finger on it says a little child I had went to school I went to church a few times with my step here grandparents and but I was told to sit in the pew and be quiet listen are a grown nobody explain to me anything. So I knew that there was supposedly some god out or him but I would always hear as well that this god that someday he's going to show up and he's going to burn everybody up and that if you don't serve are going to burn in hell and I'm light I don't want to know that God right so but yet I I'm missing something in my life and you know it's like before you could utter something under your brokenness God already hears it and I put something in my Bible here and I keep it here because it reminds me of that part of my life and it's it gives us hope a new Any of you listening online today you said you had a friend that we wanted to say hello to Precious calling in ask precious calling in to help other friends and maybe tune in and you know that here's here's some really good encouragement for us it says Never a Oh it says here the 1st reaching out of the heart after God is known to him since before I even uttered it the 1st reaching out of the heart after God is known to him never a prayer is offered however faltering never a tear shed however secret never a sincere desire after Gone is cherished however feeble but the Spirit of God goes forth to meet it even before this is beautiful even before the prayer is uttered or the yearning of the heart made known Grace from Christ goes forth to meet the grace that is working upon the human soul that so beautiful pastor you know the truth is that before we ever knew God or even wanted to know him his spirit was yearning and brooding over it and we love only because He 1st loved us it's really a challenge to see ourselves when we come from this kind of place as a sinner. Because we have a mindset of a victim did you ever address that at what point did you address that mindset and say wow you know I really have I really need a savior It's not about how bad everybody around me is it's not about their hypocrisy it's about what I am that isn't right right you know I came to that point Vicki one evening. After a trip to the club and I came home and I had already encountered got it already made himself known to me in a very profound way here and I had quit my job I was selling drugs full time I was involved with a drug ring on the side of this country my life was very crazy chaos. And under investigation by the task force and the f.b.i. there's just a lot of craziness in my life and when God reveals Himself to me one evening I won't get into all that it's in my book but it was profound and at that time I knew God was real no doubt in my own mind and to be able to begin to read now I'm broken I haven't read a book in 20 years and I've been doing drugs and drinking for 20 years and not just once in a while this was a daily part of my life and so as I'm reading the Bible it and I couldn't make sense of it but what I did know is God was real and for some reason he didn't just zap me right there so that meant that he wanted me to know I'm so I started this journey and one night I come home from the club and I'm like I don't want to live like this anymore I'm tired I'm tired of the I'm tired of the drugs I'm tired of brokenness I'm tired and I came to the point where and I just rather die and here's the the heartache of it all there's a lot of people that come to that point in their life and they just take their life. But I want you to know if you're listening to me today right now and you had these feelings. Don't don't go that direction look to God I got down on my knees and I said Lord help me that's all I can say I don't even know who Jesus was yet at this time in my life but later I would read about a story where Peter was invited to walk on water and he would look at Jesus and he took his eyes of Jesus for a moment he started to sink and he said Lord save me and the next word in the Bible is immediately so I can assure you that as you cry out the gun is same board save me. God is already working to deliver you. And within 12 hours I had my deliverance wow what happened well I was found myself in a parking lot being wrestled down by a federal marshal in a Secret Service agent I was on my way to federal prison so you would get your exercise I was getting my exercise and I was on my way to somewhere where I did not want to go at but God knew what it was going to take the key to to bring healing put me in an environment of healing where I can be reached and this is this is really an important point because sometimes we've got to have like a like a turtle that without it show it's it's really vulnerable and it can be and it can be stepped on and destroyed sometimes we need an extra will structure around us rehab counseling if you have if you are suffering from an addiction substance whatever the addiction is if you have severe depression whatever is going on if you're on multiple medications plus an addiction we really encourage you to get a structure around you now imagine going so the 1st thing I would say is crying out to God and then and then not gone to and see God help because God knew I wanted help but I was so broken so weak so dysfunctional I didn't even know how to reach out for help I didn't even know where to go and I remember telling God One Time Lord I had already started reading the Bible and I'm doing drugs drinking every day but I'm reading the Bible right you know I'm trying and that's the thing I don't you're not going to clean yourself up before you come to God he's going to does the clouds I remember trying to read the Bible while I was eating a whole stewpot full of macaroni and cheese. You know just trying that battle of the flesh and the spirit turning myself into. Juvenile Hall as in in cordial refeed getting locked up refusing to go home all of those things to try to get some order and beds and system and so God. Puts you in jail then what happened well and I just continued reading the Bible and and as I read God began the research restoration process you know what it is exactly as Jesus says he shall know the truth and a true shall set you free and there was 2 truths God was teaching me the 1st one was about himself how loving caring and. Just compassionate he is the 2nd truth he was teaching me was about myself and about how to own up and take responsibility for my actions you know as a child yes. Circumstances in situation shape and mold me it's dysfunctional world we live in it's a great controversy has taken place but what God help me understand was look. Your parents had to deal with the same thing and how could our parents and I'm the way I looked at this is how can my parents teach me anything different than what was handed down to them exactly and it's such a beautiful thought I remember when I had that moment of seeing in the Bible that it says that until a person comes to Christ they're led captive by Satan at his will if it creates a concept so that we can see what happened through different eyes and we can see God's repayment and remodelling and renewal system when you're about to join to sign up for human and as I read the Bible one of the most precious promises that I came across was in Romans 520 and Romans 520 it's tells us that worst sin. God's grace will the bone much more so God was tell me Dennis No matter how far you have fallen no matter how great and broken or. Oh great the sin is that you're in or the how broken the world is around you mind Gray's will abound greater than all of that and I often wondered what it meant that word grace meant child go and I looked it up in the Hebrew in the Greek language and I'm not a scholar of that but I'm curious about some of these words and it gave me so much hope and courage it makes reference to divine influence upon the heart and its reflection in the line. And so when God says look my grace will abound much more he say and my power is greater than any power the enemy has over your life my power is able to not only cleanse you but set you free and the peace that I love too is that once that process happens then the Lord can weaponize your experience for his kingdom and made some of the people that have been through the worst experiences have some really powerful ministries and so you are in prison and I've heard. Ex-con say the Lord put me in prison to get the prison out of me and so you came up for parole but something happened you know what was happening is it wasn't. A more I was over getting get to that point here meant but prior to that they had to indict me and they're coming up to a point where if they did not indict me they had to let me go screw kind of like parole when you were a basket that you haven't needed to get in there for Wow So while I'm sitting there it's been 7 months while I'm sitting there a beer commercial comes on. And if you're an alcoholic you know that when you're trying to recover if you isi a commercial you see something you see somebody drinking or you're around so many they smell alcohol you get this craving in your stomach it get to. Anxiety and you're feeling in your heart going to have a drink and I go I got that anxiety and I remember I went right over to my cell block and I and I remember talking to God and say I'm bored I can't get out had he can't let him go I don't let him let me out I just I'm not ready and I knew that here are 2 things one it wasn't that the prison was going to change my life I just knew that my relationship with God wasn't strong enough. I didn't know that will to know that he could completely empower me to be free so you had already decided that a life of crime was not for you that's right you were already convicted that you were tired of hurting others and hurting yourself but you did not have the recipe or the tools for moving forward in freedom yet you just didn't know the plan and the strategy no no I don't know I started when I picked up the Bible I started reading I just started it beginning and I just read it cover to cover and I didn't a few times I wanted to get it over feel and. It at different points in the Bible things stood out to me and that you know I I realize that our relationship with God It is it's very simple it begins with the same gorgeous take my heart you know take my heart just take me and. God makes a beautiful promise you 1st see me gives us an invitation of Proverbs saw don't believe it's 2326 he says my son my daughter give me your heart so that's where it started me see in the word take my heard and then he'll just and promise after promise to that and as we continue here I'll share a few more of those promises All right there's there's some great keys to unlock and recovery Well exactly in what I'm hearing you saying is that you got free how long were you in prison have to pay. Not quite 2 years I was extremely blessed I should have been in and should be in still in prison but go on is merciful and I even signed a plea agreement for 5 years and more. But God touch that judge's heart and said give him given just under 2 So how long have you been free Oh praise the Lord Mickey since I went to prison in 2001 so I have not drink or air use any drugs since 2001 and I got out and New Year's Eve you know what a day to get out New Year's Eve you know everybody celebrate and I had nowhere to live so when I got out my probation officer took me to a homeless shelter and I live in a homeless shelter and I remember there was a big gathering in the dining room they are all going to celebrate and party and even though they are not a hit loud I have alcohol or drugs in there you know people are sneaking out do nothing but I was the term and I'm not going to be a part of that you went through a real transfer you were free in that prison a man I want all your soul became free when you weren't ready to come out the Lord kept you there not that prison is the perfect solution for dealing with addictions but often it comes with crime and with all kinds of things that go with it I know my own life I've I had a lot of trouble too and I we probably deserve a lot worse than we got but God is merciful so you became free then you got settled and you turned your tracks toward service for God Yes I I was the term and even in prison when I signed my plea agreement for 5 years and it was called an open agreement when the federal marshal was take me back from the courthouse back to the jail and he asked me how it went that and I told them what I did. He said oh wow and I said that's right I have faith and he says I do too but not that much up because he understood when you when you sign that type of plea agreement they always give you the extra time and I have a friend it's coming out next year I mean next week gets out of prison Ben in 24 years he's a paraplegic I met him in the federal prison and I'm praising the Lord he's going to get out next Thursday and he signed the 6 year plea agreement and they gave him 30 and so I know that it was the grace of God And so I was determined that rather I stayed in prison I wanted to serve God or got out I wanted to live for the Lord he delivered my life I was discover and how it how he sent his Son to die for me I was just moved by the compassion of the heart of God and his I and I have 0 I reflected on my life and I and I looked at friends I've had friends that have died from overdose friends that were killed in accidents or shot and killed by police. And why not me you know but I come to realize they all got the same chance that I got. It's a matter of choice and then something new God gives us it's a face it's a gift it's just a remarkable gift and some things we're just not going to understand right except in reverse and so we don't understand why some tend to stay alive and manage and get better at some are lost in that life is cut off at a very untimely age in life and and fortunately we don't have to know we just trust right that our heavenly father some day as we walk by her of life with him he'll explain these these perplexities and these mysteries now you you exercised the spiritual principles for securing peace you got that. Now needed to learn the attitudes to practice and the lifestyle that actually produce and protect and promote peace that became part of your journey you understood that there was a mind body spirit relationship Mary involved here so tell me how that began to play out in your life and how you began to develop a course toward ministry did the 1st thing I had to realize is that while don't don't walk around as a wall was me you know get let me get over that and get on to the point that there's people out there that need help Wow And so what a shift in your mind that you know it it's something that God does because when you get out of prison they give you a bus ticket that's wrong and you have nowhere to go you know to go back to that loving mother no. No my mother didn't want me to go what do you do and this is where a lot of people flip back because it's it's so fright I'm so thankful for help for the ministries that deal with folks that get themselves free but they really need physical tangible help right and so here are a couple things one. If you give your life to Lord he's totally responsible for taking care of you and he's going to open up doors and opportunities the big thing is. Not be in so proud or stubborn to accept that my thought of going to prison was not where I 1st wanted to go I told the Lord Lord how about if I move out to the country stop selling all the hard drugs stop doing that I'll just smoke a little weed drink little beer and I'll read the Bible right for you yeah Why don't a football game yeah have a normal life that the that's in the problem with an addict that's what the problem that we we have more addicts and we need to get out of that is because we think that and it's a problem when even Christians today they think they want to get out of a little bit a sin but not all of the sin so it's rather you're an addict or you're somebody dealing with pride and selfishness or arrogance whatever it is you're willing to come out of some of this stuff but you don't want to give it all up but God is in the business of total cleansing restoration so when we give ourselves to him he makes himself responsible for our care and provision and as long as will go as the doors open for us where he's directing and not be too proud to go might my probation officer said Dennis we're going to live I said No no I have nowhere to go my parents don't want me my family don't want me and I'm sure enough not going back to where I used to be so he worked out so I can live in a homeless shelter he says we live in a homeless shelter. I've never been homeless he reached out to you he out to you in the only way in the best way he knew how that's right Ok That's right and you know it and the you still have a very very nice house drove a Jag had money but here now I'm going to be homeless but that was better than prison because I figured at least I can please go outside and walk around so I accepted it and while I was there I was starting attending church and a church member came to me I think God for godly church members they came and minister to me and made sure I was picked up took them to church did bible studies and we prayed with me even gave me a place to live on a weekend so I could have my son in my life and one church member came to me one day said Dennis you don't have to live here anymore he says you can come and stay at my house you had you had shown and demonstrated that you were trustworthy right but you know what Vicki when when gone delivers you and you know that he has a mission for you you you wait for God to say move before you move and I told my friend I said I really appreciate that but until God says go on nuns move in I chose to stay at that homeless shelter. Until God said it's time because I knew there were broken people that came there and I would go to the chapel and I would weigh in and pray and say Lord send somebody in that I can go to those so the moment you were here that instant even though you didn't have all the tools yet yourself or the resources or a way you had an impulse to minister to others right because of what I knew 100 percent was the only freedom we can truly experience and begins with Christ Amen and if people could just get then view and understand the beauty of God's character and what he desires for them and get away from the all the misconceptions of God So you had to learn how to press forward you had to learn a new mindset right you had to learn a new way of living and thinking and relating to people social skills you had to learn social skills right I'm still learning I'm. All of it's but but somehow you understood that this is going to be a process that Jesus Christ would take you by the hand and that every new experience now instead of being threatening and an invitation to dive back into that addiction now became a stepping stone to building a stronger better more godly you and me and there was purpose in your life and because you know when when you know that what God has done for you you're thankful it makes you appreciate it where he should be right. God did not deliver us just so that we can go on and live a happy life and get a new house with a white picket fence and enjoy life but he delivered to us so that we could be an instrument in his hand to reach somebody else and Vicki everybody has a testimony you know I've talked to people that have been born and raised in the church their whole life and when I'm sharing with them about reaching out and ministering to other people they say well you can do that better than me because I know I've never done you have a scare I don't want you I've never done that before and I remember looking at a lady and I said Well have you lied once. She looked at me funny yeah I said if you've lost it before yeah I said Ok well did Jesus deliver from that are you still doing it. You know I'm not doing it any more a story will praise the lord talk about God's power how did he deliver you and so God gives us an experience of that we can take that and use what we do hand of and know what limited amount I knew I just wanted to share in that while people are attracted to gracious kind compassionate loving and empathetic people now if you add truth to that the truth of God's word you just said he is the truth you and I both I became an atheist over the teaching that you mentioned earlier that I would not do that to a lizard I didn't know what the Bible taught about the Justice and Mercy of God that there will be an end to evil someday and that no there's no parallel universe with the suffering tormented billions of people remember the Devils I'm just so grateful for that and the minute I heard that just that minute I said I could worship a God like that so that just being nice isn't good enough we have to know and Bill and Mary the truth with the treasure of Christ character and that's a process that is going to take place over time so you don't have to have lived like a devil in order to have those 2 qualities that that the graciousness of Christ in the heart and the truth and the love of the truth amen So that's what we that is I think going over the edge like that can help us to appreciate truth in a very stark and real way but we need to learn to treasure this truth for what it is whether you've been raised in it or not and sometimes that requires. Some experiences it does and you know they keep talking about this. Being intentional and add in positive things to your choices yeah it's a one day at a time thing you know we were talking earlier how people set these this goal this long term goal. And in the nick they don't reach the goal and you're like man I failed and then a try again and eventually they just give up but if don't worry about the goal is much is just what do you want to do today it's who you become as you reach the goal it's who you are becoming as you think new thoughts try new things in adopt a new lifestyle you adopted that mindset very early on because what you're talking about here is the outcome based change versus identity based change so outcome based change says I'm going to lose 50 pounds if it kills me I'm going to I'm going to read a book a month I hate reading I hate vegetables I just can't stand exercising but this is what I like to do I'm going to do it I don't like it so every single step in achieving that goal is miserable right and everything short of the daily goal is a failure but identity based change says I'm going to become a reader I'm going to become a fit person so when Christ gives you a new identity Let's say I have a goal of 10000 steps a day and I only do 4001 day I'm still adding to that new identity so instead of failing every single day day in day out I can actually have joy in the journey of growth how is this how has this difference in how you achieve those goals there it's good to have them but an identity based change is completely different than outcome based although those are those are can be good as well tell me how that plays out you know life as you're talking about this is something came to my mind here that to answer this question one is is reason you're seeking to reach some of these goals the word comes in a lot and so it's like you're going to buckle down you're going to white knuckle it you're going to get this done and you hate it and yesterday hate it but you're going to accomplish it but as we read the Scriptures. The dainty things that we seek to accomplish is within will have gone when we look at this God says over and over again in scripture I will. So he has a will for our lives in a book of Proverbs he's talking about wisdom God wants to give us wisdom for today and because it's God's desire to impart wisdom we can pray Lord today I want wisdom on we can use the word I want because he said I will and say Lord I want wisdom today this is the concert you have given me Guidant track me here we go to the word we draw from that we take something out of it we put it in our pocket we memorize it and as we spend that time with God every day because this is key. Jesus says you should know the truth the true shows you free influence 4 and 19 on him for 413 he says that with Christ all things are possible right and sold it doesn't say all things are easy No it doesn't say it's all pleasant when we 1st begin new choices it's a very unpleasant it is because we're dealing with exactly what it is around the brain body connection here moraine is constantly remodelling itself according to what it learns and I remember having an interview with a beautiful woman she was in her sixty's and she had been an alcoholic for 50 years and one of the 1st things the Lord impressed her when she quit drinking was that she needed to drink water that she and she hated water she didn't want to drink it but she said this is what the Lord has impressed me to do it to to begin to just clean up from all of this and and she just set a schedule for herself and she drank that water every day and then came some eating habits that change and you just see her today she's beautiful she's rating it and you would never know and her that brain actually begins to repair and the dry weight of the brain begins to recover after about 2 years of abstinence from alcohol so this wonderful decision and then it's an empowered decision by God but it's going to touch our lifestyle our choices and what is right and how we behave and this is where many fall back into an addiction because they don't get the lifestyle piece Yeah a few You're right a few things have to change one is you have to be determined that you're not going to place yourself in an environment where that is happening and so going to the homeless shelter was your wise choice I praise the Lord for opening it up sometimes we find ourselves an environment that we just we don't know where else to go and I'd say then you don't if you find yourself there you've got to hang on God and you've got to go to church go to church look for godly people connect with somebody and you form a new spirit of. Friends because that that's going to help you know exactly how you got to you got to get away from the old friends the old habits right form those new lifestyle habits Yes I started drinking water I started eating better I started abstaining from certain foods that I knew that were just not good for me healthy for me media and absolutely media I tell you what I didn't get a chance talking to the other day but you know I was really heavy into heavy metal and rap and all a cellar stuff and and it was not none of it was bringing me any closer to God you know if anything was draw me back out into the world and Shannon and it seeds in my mind and it increases physically it increases tension anxiety depression sleeplessness somehow things that drive an addiction it feeds it that's right because it creates and it actually. Causes those poor brain cells to want to commit suicide that's terrible we got a cancer thing we got to keep themselves alive so I realized that the music had to change my life what I was watching had a change in my life my friends had a change in my life and my my diet had to change what about a schedule almost that we had to get on a schedule I mean you have to make your bed in the morning that's right have a schedule get on a routine get in and we don't we still struggle making a bed oh you know but I didn't know you 1022. But you know you got to have a routine the big thing is you get up in the morning 1st thing you do before you got to bed on encouraged to pray as Lord Lord here I am again today because we have today and as Lord leading guide your life he promised in Psalms 328 he did strengthen Tejas and way we are to go he was guide us with our eye in his eye and he'll do that for us and Jesus says learn of me he has ceased to do evil like get rid of the attitude of right and learn to do well that means every area of my life is getting aired out renovated and that includes how I live how I think how I relate to others the attitudes I carry it's a complete. Take over we don't really watch these make over programmes on t.v. with the bees and the worse the houses the more fun it is to watch it get beautiful and so this is the beautiful thing that God does within the human within every human being so we shouldn't make over programmes I think well that's what our that's kind of what this is what this is and we have the living free finding freedom from habits that hurt program it's a 6 Session series I have 6 ending some of it this week but it's available to you and I want to just pause here and tell you about the resources that are sure this is the book that goes with it it's living free finding freedom from habits that hurt it's a it's an amazing book that deals with the addicted learning brain it has 300 pages of stuff in it on how to get free stay free recipes you name it and so you can go to lifestyle Matters dot com and purchase this book it's at a 35 percent discount right now you go to sale 35 put the code in and you have a book it's your story and it's called a drop of grace by Dennis page now tell us how folks can get a hold of this book Ok you can go to our village can't mean website and there will be a link connected with that to my personal web site and we'll have this available next week on my personal website awesome that is wonderful so these are resources that you can that you can use based on experience based on research that are going to be tools in remodelling rebuilding your life and using them in ministry as well so let's just look for a minute so we talked about getting your goals in order what about internalizing and practicing the schools. What what did you do what how often there's one of the 5 How often do you practice those new choices Well I didn't believe healthy every morning you know I'm going to walk because going to take the dog out so I get a little walk but not as much as I want but you know when I after I eat I always fun. Myself going for a walk here in the parking lot at the church ever try to do it at home with my wife we try to go for a walk and you know being connected really being connected was somebody that has the same goals and desires in life that is huge so that's why I encourage you to connect with somebody at a church go to a church God will lead somebody to you and and form a friendship I would I knew that it was important for me to have a godly wife and Vicki I prayed for years for a godly wife and the Lord gave me one and I am so appreciative of my wife Melody if you keep tune in you'll get the here or sing tonight she's going to sing a special appeal song and should be singing the moral she's got a beautiful voice and now it tells his helpfulness allies 1st book you wrote and her godly it all i.e. you the 1st book I wrote was titled the from the cell to the cross it was a very Raw Story of my life when I met my wife she was living in England and before we met the face to face I we would talk on the phone and we'd email each other and I sent her a copy of that book and I figured if she read that she still wanted to talk to me God was leading and she read that book and she thought to herself Oh now because she grew up in a very conservative Christian home God the parents loving missionary family and she's thinking this is totally opposite Lord how can this work. And when we did get together we got married you know and she said Honey you've got to change something's got to change in a book I am willing to work with the let's look at it over let's rewrite that and some of it was the how to do but I was just telling you what I did but it kind of good give you know how to do ideally less how to of how. When we wrote that I but this time I was you know I was you know I was early in my Christian walk I drop of grace instead of a flood of crime right right. At that I read it yeah. So I'm just so grateful but you know if these social connections are really important but if you are single you are not sidelined the Bible says that he put he makes himself families like a flock he does sets the solitary in families you are part of the family of God We are members one of another so it's very very important where whatever your station whatever your age whatever your situation church members we all need to know that we belong to one another as members of each other and as a as a healing family we're on a journey Yes So we want to practice those healthy choices morning noon and night morning noon and night getting going to night morning noon and how many are going to talk about the diet that has built your brain as well as your body health has been huge you know. I chose to stop eating meat. It was my personal preference for it when it did not happen overnight it was 1st I stopped eating beef and it took a year of study and chicken you know and I eat more greens more vegetables I love fruit Vicky I have to have fruit every morning you know and my wife and I will make blueberry and banana smoothies every morning and if we run out of blueberries It's like what happened you know so you go for those 5 for 5 sales at the grocery All right most definitely yes but the the different dry. Investable of salads and that the beans the different knots and I love seeds and nuts it's really they're really good for you but the the big thing you can eat well if you eat all of this that's great but if you don't drink enough water you're severely handicapped because of between meals because you want that digests rhinoceros to work well so again having a routine Our brains are prediction machines and our brains want to have a process and for things to be predictable you know being an addict is really tiring it's exhausting and having a crummy diet is exhausting so how nice it is to now you go to the Department of Defense and you know go to the produce department to get some energy do you have more energy now I do mental physical spiritual energy and human Yes And you know I'm getting up there near yours but is still the better you eat the more exercise you get the water you drink it it helps you to mentally. You said something about between meals it's absolutely imperative that you give your digestive system time to rest let it work let your digestion work on the food and then hydrate between meals and right if the goal is not to be thirsty when you come to the meal if you are to hydrated Yes by all means have some water but that we want to get away from the chips chops and lollipops you know the hidden addiction is sugar addiction really and it really lead it can lead to other addictions because it causes anxiety depression sleeplessness in large amounts and I'm not opposed to having a cookie but the problem is we're having a birthday party for breakfast Christmas for lunch Thanksgiving for dinner 4th of July before we go to bed a lot of fireworks but not the kind we want and these kinds of the basic addictions can lead to more serious addictions and the time I'll say something real quick because we're not runtime but you know the sugar is very decline and people don't realize it but I come to understand that because when I started stepping away from it because I had this habit of always wanted something sweet after every meal you know lunchtime I was looking for a. Dinner cookies are the worst for me looking for a cookie I take a brownie but I'll take a cookie better than you know and I found out wow this is this is Ben And so when I stepped away from that and I stopped looking for that I had that craving and I knew that was an addiction I knew that was a problem because I didn't feel like that when he broccoli right you know and so I realized that you know Dennis I had to go and I had to take it to Lawrence in large want to get a problem here I didn't realize it and God would give me the grace and power to just say you know what I don't need that so so the Lord is in this process for all of us building relapse prevention into our lifestyle Yes a lifestyle and the habits I call an attitudinal discipline so that lifestyle the attitudinal discipline the social graces that we learned do you feel like you've learned some social graces along the way as opposed to when you Oh yeah absolutely or yes livered absolutely so trusting God and practicing these keys to victory will help anyone not only recover that lost ground stay the course but also sing a new song of life you know while we grow in strength of obedience and purpose and a moving forward Turning Setbacks Into comebacks have you had to turn some setbacks into comebacks I have quite a few and you know. What we need to do is have part 2. And so we could schedule that some time and I'm back and do some more for our friends here. There's so much to cover and so maybe we could get together and do that I'm trying to get to your favorite quote here Ok that you love and I love your Bible and my Bible so I'm speeding through these Powerpoint slides because I want you to be able to read the one Ok. That is so important. There it is all right says rather they know it or not all are weary and heavy laden and will be weighed down with burdens that only Christ can remove Are you tempted he will deliver are you weak he will strengthen them are you ignorant he will in line are you wounded he will heal he will open the way before you to untangle yourself from any embarrassment or difficulty in your wild life friends the more weaker and more helpless we know ourselves to be the stronger we will become in his strength and the greater your burdens the greater will be your joy and cast the nose burdens upon the great burden bear a man Pastor Paige thank you so much and thank you to all of you for joining us today share this with your friends loved ones and church members which you have closing prayer for us yes a loving Father we thank you for a time lord it's it seems like it's never enough time but Father please open a way for us to come back and share with our friends out there that continue to power that you offer each and every one of us to be free and free indeed so Lord bless us bless our viewers give us a continued rich experience with you is our prayer in Jesus' name amen. 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