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Logo of Talking Points, 3rd Quarter 2020: Making Friends for God

13-A Step In Faith

Mark Howard Kameron DeVasher
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  • September 19, 2020
    10:15 AM
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I'm Cameron to major and I'm Mark Howard and this is talking points we have reached the conclusion of our quarter making friends for God This is lesson 13 step in faith talking about how we put all these lessons we've been learning into practical use We're going to step out in faith and do the work out is given us to do so the great culminating a lesson of this entire quarterly a step in faith yes. We should begin with prayer we should probably do that before you any steps at all once you 1st start with Father in heaven we are thankful for. The opportunity we have to know you in order to share you with others Lord there are those who don't have that same have not had that same opportunity and privilege and we pray that we may be means that you can use many souls coming to a knowledge of you and Jesus Christ mewe have sent and being in your eternal Kingdom we ask that you bless us now do that in as we study Jesus name. So as you mentioned a less a step in faith you know we can talk a lot of the lessons of this this quarter we talked a lot about. You know proper attitude and you know making building the right friends and even what message to share all of which is good right but none of it is going anywhere until you take a step out in faith you know when maybe the cover some point it doesn't matter how much training and how you know my kid I got that I better understand this not at all that understanding doesn't equate to action into you step as right as we did later all of these good lessons I had was fast it was great stuff all right and so today like next you know there needs to be some practical application or all of us leave this whole Quarterly has been for naught as your eyes don't want that to happen so interesting enough for this last lesson and it I know why it's called a step in faith to the reasons we just shared but when I went through the lesson itself I didn't get the just as much of the step in faith as I got the reason why. We've been called as disciples and what the commission is to us Ok kind of the just that I got so anyway our take away or 3 points are 3 talking points this week number one Jesus came to seek and save the last and that's kind of a lay up that's a give me well you know we've made the point that generally we choose are talking points as points that are either controverted. They're misunderstood or whatever else and this just seems so everybody has a page there. Or will they Ok And so there's there's a there's some elements to that that are going to feed into the rest of this already examined one will lead into a but that is the foundation of not just this study but really the whole quarterly is that Jesus came to see can save the last is really the foundation of it that leads to number 2 a number 2 is a disciple is one who follows the master. And then number 3 Well I mean obviously there's a progression of thought there because if number one if Jesus came so you can say the last and everybody agrees important or 2 should flow out of that we want to be as followers of Jesus so what are the implications of that for us and try to write well yeah well I guess it went to the what does it mean to follow the master and one thing that we will see is a disciples going to follow the Master or what was that what does that look like and well that's a number one Ok And then number 3 is Jesus is called each of us to be his disciple So number one is Jesus came to see can save the last number 2 what does it look like to be a follower of the one who came to see can save lost going to look kind of like that and then number 3 that's where you know we say well yeah that's interesting what those disciples are called to be those few people in the church that are specially gifted or whatever the church as a whole should be doing this we should yeah right but yeah he's called each of us it's an individual disciples cut that's where it comes down to. Our final point here the lesson in the court All right let's go through a number you know and Jesus came to seek can save the loss again that seems like a gimme put it should be everybody's on the same page yeah and I think we rightly so you go through our discussion here a little bit until we get a little deeper lesson brings up Philippines to 5 to 7 Well it looks at the broader passage of our memory verse in Philippians $25.00 to $7.00 which talks about how Jesus did not considering it robbery to be equal with God other words. He you know to a robber take something that isn't his and it's a fascinating wording of the statement Jesus didn't consider robbery to be like I'm going to call myself God and I might consider I'm not going to consider that taking something that isn't mine yeah I take it already but I think exactly who I am but it's then it's going to contrast it says he did not consider it and some translation says something to be held on to right you know because a robber also takes the valuables from somebody but Jesus the most valuable thing that he had to be equal with his father he did not consider that something to be held onto but made himself of no reputation taking the form of bondservant and coming in like cement so he in the lesson highlights that the original Greek. Which is better for his an empty dim self it's of the new New American Standard and to himself of what equality with God right obviously he maintained his equality but he didn't hold it as a thing he was confident so he could just let it go and go on this mission there was in other words there was nothing Jesus held back but he emptied himself of everything gave him everything to come and see can say the last and I keep using that language with us taken from the 19 where Jews are still missing that conversation was the key is and he says the Son of Man came to seeking to save that which was lost and when you think about that I've asked people before when I've done trainings if you if there was one verse in the Bible that you would choose to us to summarize the whole life and ministry and mission of Jesus on this earth and even beyond this earth what verse would use to me this is one of those verses. There's not like Jesus came to see can save us yeah but then there are those other things that he does like there's this one I think sensual and outside there's nothing Jesus did on this earth or doesn't have a now it doesn't fall into that well it's like you see Matthew church after 20 verse 20 this other passes refers to Jesus that just as the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life around some for many that's right the seeking and saving of the last included for him the giving of himself to make that happen that's right at the love of God as seen in Jesus Christ was a self sacrificing love. And I'm thinking to myself yes in the lesson brings that out as I said it and on Sundays lesson but I'm thinking even as you're talking about it. There aren't many people who don't appreciate being doted upon. I said Jesus gave it we love to talk about that and you know Jesus gave everything for us and I've had I've even had people give use this language for that shouldn't have a should we just coming to church in bask in the love of God and it's just this kind of Ok. But it's it's very indulgent like well you're just taking it's you're taking something that is so old timidly self-less and we make it so self look at yourself less that selflessness has been lavished on Yes Yes Well the challenge though Mark and then we're going to get to this important too and what I think we should know for you that you know my point is that the higher we raise the bar which is it's infinite Right yeah of the giving of Christ and the love and the sacrifice and devotion and pouring having celebrations right it's like the higher we raise that bar of estimation which should be infinitely high yes we are a vision left in a conundrum and then Jesus turned to me is like you like me why do you like me like well I mean I like the phrase like I didn't know you really like me you're going to be well within a minute but it's almost a dangerous game to play big that again but you know almost a dangerous mentality if we elevate Christ again we're his rightful position as we see him where he is yes then the implications for us are startling. You know you know the lesson brought that up on on Monday I thought it was I'm sorry Saturday afternoon. And there's a quote it brings up a quote from Ellen White deserve a just page $131.00 it's in the 1st paragraph on Saturday afternoons lessness is never can the cost of our redemption be realized until the redeemed shall stand with the Redeemer before the throne of God and then as the glory I mean to see even as you're reading her pen these words you think there is no just conception Paul tells us that my eye has not seen or his ear heard nor has it entered in the imagination man the things that God has prepared for those who love we don't have the slightest conception like how what artist can draw a graphic designer to what you could write it out you know like we could do the greatest even of these techie times the greatest depiction visual stimuli. Of the holographic you know 3 d. nothing is going to come like we can have all that and by God's grace when we stand in the kingdom or just give me like yeah good luck. I could about speechless and she's talking about that. Never can the cost of redemption be real Basically what she's saying is you can't realize the cost of redemption here from your money don't know really what Jesus gave up when you're there and you're like 1st of all the the revelation of what heaven really is about and like and then you think Jesus chose to let you go that yeah. Say that's exactly the exploit then yeah then is the glories of the eternal home burst upon us and raptured senses we shall remember that Jesus left all this for us that he not only became an exile from the heavenly courts but for us he took the risk of failure and eternal loss and he goes on to talk about we're going to cast around those feet just incredible thought Yeah but this is what you're talking about just that the higher we're raising that bar the more we realize. What Jesus well and gave up and we think about this there's other statements from his White talks about where she says that Christ was not essentially saying that Christ taught loaned to the world for short term mission trip but he was given you know John 316 for hassle of the gave in fact there is a construction all through about the love of God It gives right and gave himself right here but all he has sanctifies in is her sanctified are all of one he retains right you mean exactly and that's my point is that he's obviously already returned but it's in a different it's in a different position than he was before at least a different circumstance right in the sense that he not only gave it up for it like I refer to it jokingly a short term mission trip but it was a lifelong commitment and his life is eternally long right he committed to this task for his entire eternal life I can't wrap my mind in you know some of this is kind of oh neat you know we have it but it's not new to our viewers this is not right a revelation of what is no Jesus came to see can save a lost like again nobody's going to argue this point to say no no no amen amen right now but as you said there are implications and that's yes that's really where the that's become the goal of this whole lesson is it's a lot about right what do we do with it right that's exactly right because maybe it compresses it by saying how many 7th Day Adventist Well I'll tell you how many I've been in training since my I started in ministry and I can tell you time and time again where I have preached in various churches sermons with strong appeals to you know highlighting that sacrifice of Christ and asking what we're willing to give for Christ and who wants to share Christ with the world and everybody is a man you know I can ask for people to stand I can ask for raise hands I'm going to come forward everybody's on board with that and then I say this afternoon we're going to meet together and it doesn't matter if somebody's going to say well you just didn't give him time ahead to know I could be an advertisement advertising for 2 months or 6 months but when it comes to actually sharing our faces. So if you do it for various reasons and then we have to ask do we really really grasp what this is saying about Jesus you can say my last well this I think that we do grasp that point but then the secondary point that comes after when Jesus then turned to his disciples well go to me we're going to have to look you know like right in Luke Chapter 9 and so this is moving into key point number 2 a disciple follows the master That's right. Verse 23 then he said to them all if anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me Ok you know this text was not in this particular lesson I don't believe but it was I've heard elder family teach on this and then his comment is coming as it is founded on Wednesday which we're going to look at this minute but this is a verse that again is very familiar with most of the people who are coming as I was in class there is yours with the students that are coming to the class but I want to think through it a little bit because when we typically think of this verse we think of denying ourselves. Almost any time you think of self-denial like you talked about let in deny himself I can see the down right like is if you would be all right I'm going to be on a diet or I'm to try to get more sleep it's one of those 8 natural things I'm not doing too well or some other secret vice that I want people know about but I should cut back and we talk about like cutting out of our lives things that shouldn't be there which is an application of course it's a wrap it's a thing we should do in general Christian terms but is that the specific context of Jesus saying here here's the short coming of that thinking in context and that is. Jesus says if anyone will come after me we could say follow me and follow in the foot that's what you do you know you lay discipleship let me let me if you're going to come after follow in my footsteps in other words Jesus what he's saying in verse 23. Is to follow him in what he's already all this is not a you're going to do this thing that I'm totally unfamiliar with now follow what he's done following his footsteps well so you take what we were just talking about deny myself give up my bad habits. Ok Well we're following Jesus what better have a city give up. And then you wait a minute that's crazy eventually blasphemous Yeah you always like to get stuck doing some bad and that's where we you know. The point of Wednesday's lesson comes into focus. Top of the page 1st paragraph there are a couple sentences in it says Christianity is not primarily giving up bad things so we can be saved Jesus did not give up bad things in heaven so that he could be saved he gave up good things so that others could be saved that is. You know you to take back to Luke 9. If anyone will come after me let him deny himself the G.'s deny himself yes he did because we're following in those footsteps What was that denial just we're talking of he gave up the throne of heaven. For myself nation for yourself nation for the salvation of the people we've not even met yet for the salvation of the people we have met him and are rude to us and we don't like it only right yes and in my mind you know the penny drops way. I realize that Ok are there human things in my life that are not bad yes but I might still have to deny myself of those not for my own salvation like I'm going to go the extra mile so I can really get in there's nothing to do with me getting it it has everything to do with me following the example of Jesus who sacrificed his own enjoyment pleasure all of which was completely righteous and holy All of which he would have been within his rights to enjoy Yes and could not hold it against him there are plenty of things in my life that I could do that are not immoral that are not you know. Illegal or anything like that but that's because I can indulge in them even lawfully legally even righteously there might be a higher state of the Jesus set like I did by myself even those right for the sake of others so let's flesh that out a little bit you got the next point goes right along with it who. If anyone will come after me that and deny himself and then take up his cross Well Jesus also took up a cross where he take up his cross to his own crucifixion for what purpose for the salvation of others so then we are called upon to deny ourselves and take up our cross as right Paul says I'm crucified with Christ for what purpose for the salvation of others and you can if you package all that together and you have that picture that Jesus gave up even good things even the best thing. So others could be saved. And so it might be in practical terms let's say I decide as a young person that I am going to go to college I'm going to be a medical doctor because I want to I want to make I want to I think I'm interested in helping people but I also want to have a career that makes me decent money etc And I've got all these plans and then God calls me to the mission field. In some remote place where I'm not going to make that big paycheck and I'm not going to have that but am I willing to go you know we talk about some to talk about taking up across as martyrs for Christ but we're talking about the being willing to lay down ambitions and yeah and hopes and dreams even that may not be evil it's right for the purpose of furthering the maybe maybe Here we go maybe it just means driving an extra 20 minutes on Sabbath come on to go to that church down the road but the bad you know you know as I head over the big church has all the things that are good for me and my family I think I'm doing what you should not have there's nobody there for my kids but there's a church 20 minutes away that really could use I think yeah I hear that a lot but when my Yeah my kids there's no Sabbath school class there and they need room. I wonder if us going to big churches is helping our kids as much as showing them what sacrifice means and what true Christianity is I mean you know all of this is is inherent in what Jesus is saying if anyone wants to come after me that m. and I am self take up his cross Balmiki in fact. You know the 1st part of his whole life was the essence of his life was and is the salvation of others and I share with you the example I've given to and some of you may have heard me give this example before that. You know kids grow up and they want to emulate oftentimes they want to emulate sports stars and growing up I remember one of the big sports stars and many of you still know the name Michael Jordan I mean are you believe one of the best but if not the best basketball player ever right and there I've known young people back there was a song to be like Mike yes I could be like Mike and you know say young person grows up and you know they want to emulate Michael Jordan and so they go get you know he's my hero Yeah exactly there is a Jersey where the shoes are yours the Air Jordan your Jordan shoes of course a bass you know but what if what if in all that you know poster on the wall of all this stuff and so you have everything but this young man says yeah but there's just one thing I'm not really interested too much in and that's basketball. You know me it is like people and everybody you know like the basketball like wait a minute that's the essence of who this guy was taking basketball out of Michael Jordan so it doesn't you know and it's laughable to us you to think like why would you want why would you choose a hero why would you choose to be the follower of somebody the essence of whose life you have nothing in common with. How many Christians so call this right on a follower of Jesus but I'm not really interested in going out witnessing seeking and saving the lost like what that that's that was was seeing that he did that was who he is and for every true disciple of Christ is not a thing that we do to witness it's the essence of who we are because who our master and we repeated this over and over we've talked about how it's one of the fatal flaws in our thinking when it comes to winning souls is that evangelism or outreach or witnessing is an event like I did some witnessing I did yes I went on an outreach I which I thought did exactly this is like well specific events per say for the coach but as an individual I have the responsibility of being like a kid like Jesus didn't lay down for short term the pick and go back he didn't go on no he came down and he stayed in humanity he was saying I'm going to say it but you know savants Jesus was in the synagogue right beside it and after sundown he went over to us friends how come I don't work part time I wanted to have some popcorn he did so what did socialize with that but talking about of course you but she was not evil right but that's the point though he even in his socializing he was looking for opportunities to win you know he but what I'm saying is that you know you know I'm taking that a little more chic but then it's like sometimes we're like oh I was so spiritual Today I need to just take a break my 2nd hunch into spirituality Punch-Out like I'm a Christian sometimes but I've got to stop for a while right he didn't just have like a sermon about like I was a good day's work no you know he kept he was consistently that person you know all of his life and there is and there is a comprehensive nature to our. A mission that I think we sometimes miss out on when we compartmentalize it as it's certain events that's right and we kind of we kind of merged into number 3 number one Jesus came to see can say the last yes you know in the lesson I want the class to be clear that that was the essence of Jesus' life why because it helps me to understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus and I don't know what he was about I don't know what I'm supposed to be about but I'm I'm jumping the gun again because in point number 2 we're just looking at what a disciple is it's Point number 3 where we want to bring home that oh by the way we're all called to be disciples because something is a Oh wow yeah sounds like a disciple has to be like he's a monk living up in a you know right now there's a few people they've got to give up everything and then the rest of you know jesus cause all to be His disciples the great commission you find in all 4 gospels and some variation. I'm thinking of John 21 because the lesson brings it out where Jesus calls Peter back to that person and John Jesus also said as the father sent me so send you he did you know he didn't just narrow it down to Peter but because of Peter's denial specifically he calls him back to to discipleship and you know there's different elements about but the essence is he said if you love me well you might see what I was a puzzler that if you said the phrase right friends what do people know when Jesus said If you love me I am almost guaranteed I think 9 times out of 10 every 7 devils will rightly say keep my commandments if you love me keep my promise John 1415 right but in the same gospel of Joel and later on in John Chapter 21 when he is speaking to Peter he uses this same phrase if you love me but he doesn't just generally say like members he specifically says feed my sheep right and so that same command of Christ to Peter. Is the command of Christ to us that's right that we have to keep His commandments and part of that keeping his commitment he commands us to go feed sheep so I can't be a follower of Jesus and not do the thing that Jesus personally did and commanded me to do and that's what I do because I love him you try to love me do this response of love that's right you know the book does have a just as in Page 22 speaking of the great commission the Saviour's commission to the disciples includes all the believers it includes all believers in Christ to the end of time he goes on to say it is a fatal mistake to suppose that the work of saving souls depends alone upon the ordained minister all to whom the heavenly inspiration has come are to put in trust with the gospel all who receive the life of Christ that every believer are ordained to work for the salvation of their fellow men for this work the church was established and all who take upon themselves its sacred bells the churches that is in baptism if you're baptized member of the church are thereby pledged to be coworkers with Christ so that you signed on the dotted Lud as a part of it you know that commission is to everyone and I was going to touch on you the lesson goes into the call of the Apostle Paul and goes in the call of the disciples Peter James and John interesting how God calls people when they're working there's a whole nother lesson that but. One of the things he told Paul is Paul why are you kicking against the goads and or kicking against the pricks it's the King James Version Well a goat or prick was what you would basically prop an animal with to get it to move and if the animal didn't want to move it would kick it if nobody uses that appalls or Paul you're you're not going you're not going forward I'm I'm the one urging you on and I think myself how many of us is a lord by His Holy Spirit goading on to go and share with a friend or a neighbor and we're all worried and we're all like well I may say it wrong and he did and we're just kicking against the pricking of the conscience of the Holy Spirit. It's a call of God to. Yes carry the gossip of the individual that's exactly right it each one of us and I want to finish with the thought the lesson brings out Mark $419.00 where Jesus said Matthew sorry says follow me you know me. Follow me and I'll be like you fishers of men and I always like the Mark variation the gossip of mark not just because he's my namesake Yes I am is a river I am his actually is my mother named after bass but Mark 117 says follow me and I'll make you become fishers of men and the idea there is when we think through this we get there's not one of us who isn't a saint Well I should be witnessing more I should have more of that love for Jesus more that willing to sacrifice self you know what Jesus will make us become better witnesses for him and that's what I hope is we this lesson is not this whole quarter is not just to heap condemnation on God's people but to remind us of the privilege and responsibility we have of being witnesses for Jesus and that he will help us to be those kinds of witnesses Amen you know that Friday closed with. A kind of a longer several paragraph statement from Testament church by 9 we have time to read through it here but I read in the middle of it there's an appeal is given she said this is the 3rd paragraph you find that on Fridays lesson the salvation of sinners requires earnest personal labor we are to bear to them the Word of life not to wait for them to come to us and listen to the empathy that her voice Oh that I can speak words to men and women with been aroused them to diligent action the moments now granted to us are few we are standing upon the very borders of the eternal world we have no time to lose every moment is golden and altogether too precious to be devoted merely to self-serving. Who will see God earnestly and from him draw strength and grace to be his faithful workers in the missionary field. Friends is the people that we want to give to you the same that the Lord is given in His Word to serve the Lord is given in the bings we want to give today that every one of us looks at a Jesus who gave everything and we love him but then that same Jesus turned to us and said If you love me feed my sheep. And we have a commission we have a mission and everyone of us need to be more than merely a member of the church we need to be a missionary for Jesus Christ that was the purpose of this entire lesson and I hope that that is not lost as we review that lesson this week so that each of us can do the work that God gave us to do and by His grace hasten the coming of Jesus you know less about as for prayer how we Father once again we thank you so much for another opportunity to study from your word but Lord what a travesty it would be if we merely studied it for information and set it on the shelf and walked away Lord please don't let that be the case this time let every member of the Sabbath school and of the church recognize and realize appreciate maybe for the 1st time at least in a greater way the responsibility of personal ministry you've given to each one of us help us to know this precious message Help us to know Jesus for ourselves and like Jesus give ourselves for the saving of the last to that end Lord bless us keep us faithful and make is useful for you.


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