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Have you discerned what you were made for? 



  • October 5, 2020
    12:45 PM

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What happened in the 1st moments of humanity's creation on this episode in verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my principal contemporary issues and thought provoking. Now here's your host just in within. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and this is how the bible starts off with what are the implications for us today and what does it have to do with young adults living in Earth's last chapter of history welcome to in verse we are looking at the topic of education and how that impacts us who want to ask what that has to do with life and in the studio we have our friends from far and from year in all colors of the rainbow and I'm so excited on this topic of education education we want to establish the topic of education is not about education it's not about going to school and getting your Ph d. and becoming all educate me educated it's about. It's about redemption and looking at the Biblical definition of what it means to be educated so Jonathan thanks for being here and who has a go and and secret you can pray for us. But let us pray loving Father we thank you for the opportunity that we have to come to you would we ask that you would teach us now would give us the Holy Spirit as a gift to aid our understanding so that we may draw from this not just what we ought to do but in order to do it as well you pay these things men and women Johnson welcome to our show Genesis chapter after one Genesis chapter one and if you can read John of the. Verse. Where should we start let's see the verse 24 and 228 please. Genesis $124.00 Then God said Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth each according to its kind and it was so and God made the beast of the earth according to its kind cattle according to its kind in everything that creeps on the earth according to its kind and God saw that it was good then God said Let Us make man in Our image according to our likeness that then have dominion over the fish of the sea of the birds of the air over the cattle over all the earth and of every creeping thing that creeps on the earth so God created man in his own image in the image of God He created him meal and female he created them then God bless them and God set them free fruitful and multiply fill the earth and subdue it have dominion over the fish of the sea over the birds of the air and over every living thing that moves on the earth All right so brush what's going on here what's what are some elements are you seeing creation that many feed into our I will feed into our topic on on on education why I think one of the 1st thing is that God is introduced in Scripture by what he does which is the fact that he is a creator and so we see that as we're coming here to the end of the week we're seeing something that God is been doing the previous 6 days which is somehow using his word in able to bring about living things he's able to shape the world the atmosphere the planet and now we're coming here to the very creation of humanity and that God does something unique when he creates man everything else he kind of created of it's own kind of image and sense but when it comes to the creation of men God looks at himself and he says Oh well let us make man in our image and so this understanding of humanity which is at the root of really true education and redemption we have to know our creator in order to truly know ourselves because we were designed to be a reflection of him that we seeing we're seeing in this entire chapter one and we all know the days of creation. And what we may get mixed up with one day or 2 because of those we get so nervous and what not but all the living things make after themselves yeah and at least in the New King James it's the word according to so you have trees make more trees grass makes more ground according to its grass according to its kind you've got you know records making more reckons you go you know you collect this leaves making more eucalyptus leaves a trees I should say so living things make money so you don't see the sky making more sky or to make earth making more earth or the sun making more sun because these are in animate objects we have living things making more after making more of this kind so 1st 24 as a someone read for a living creatures this is that the pattern yet and this is kind of motif making more things making more things making more and the apex of that verse when you think and then God let us make man in Our image according to our life so question is what is according to our likeness and then later on to me is for it's rephrased again $27.00 So God created man in his own image what is that that is probably one of the most profound statements in creation account but also in Scripture the Bible confronts us right from the beginning with the reality that we have been created in the image in a reflection of who God is it says that we are similar in appearance in the way we you know the way we exist to God We are not God and we're not gods you know lower case we are image of God But this is this is powerful because this speaks especially in these last days they were living in where we are told you know we are animals we have evolved completely against it and says No you are and intentionally and intentionally created and desired and loved being and not just an animal you are in the image of God That means you bear resemblance to the creator you in a kind of sense so isn't he making more gods not gods in the soup. Or natural sense or God's in the poly poly clear stick stands and but he is making a little verse and I don't I don't know what it means little older versions of him because it's he who calls out I'm the son Son of God So in that sense there is a there is a he makes little versions of him because we are we are you know later on we are told the ambassadors were representatives of Christ and so in that sense we are. A copy but not a copy yes that makes reflection we are creations and not the creator or yes I want to say just in the context of education just to put this context really you know anytime that you are coming to let's say you're writing a lesson plan for students or you're trying to teach something there's the goal of where you're trying to bring someone to write you're teaching them so that they can learn how to multiply how to add and this is the ultimate goal that you have in mind and what this is bringing out is the ultimate goal for Humanity is that likeness to God so so humanity in its fullest expression is like God is not like an ape it's not like this is where we're headed to and in reality the world in a lot of senses doesn't it when we don't have this picture what kind of groping in darkness we don't know what we're aiming for and so we try to recreate you know Einstein try to you know we're looking for something to aim to drive to but the Bible presents God as what we're striving to which in fact becomes this infinite pursuit of an ever increasing growth in all spheres of our lives because God is eternal Right right so this this presents a path of continual progress for any person who accepts this that I am in the image of God So my life experience is always joined closer to who God is and this is going to be for eternity but that's the tease that out so I mean this is we've read a so many times John in this one there are. All right women in God's image and we shouldn't have that reaction we should kind of pausing like we were my god image we are made after his likeness this was the original destiny the original blueprint if you will the original this is why humanity was made and we look at humanity now we're not where where God intended right and it could it be that this whole entire salvation process isn't just that we going to go to heaven and live forever and ever but at least be restored to that which original purpose that got into exactly the kind of goes back to our discipleship quarter discipleship season where disciples make more disciples we made out of it after we made after the image of God work to make a little bit more other other god images they need yes children but now they're not after God's image I mean right there after the image of Justin and these horrible mutants you know mind jumping around on the bed during this Cronus I'm only asleep I mean they are not made in God's image although they're the cutest beings in the universe. And that little bit of ice Jesus there what what why what's the dissonance when we're going to come into this verse is about what was going to take us to the place that you know we're sequels bridging the so your question about us confronting the reality that humanity is no longer made in the image of God and that an event took place that ruined that but when you go back to the fundamental original calling plan that in living things right there was a process of development and growth and so when Adam was created he wasn't fully there and so the understanding was that his process of development would be infinite because his keep his image is infinite but then when you fall right you're falling far below the starting point where God placed you because we find in Genesis Chapter 5 that the Bible says that when Adam had a son well let's go there I think that's really good from the stats are great I thought about going there but Sebastian so glad you went there. This is 5 and a verse one and verse 3 and rest if you don't mind reading them sure it says this is the book of the genealogy of Adam in the day that God created man he made him in the likeness of God be it we are that before the stablished day but something happened verse 3 and Adam lived 130 years and be got a son in his own likeness after his image and we see that likeness and image wording again but it's not after God but it's after Adam so shift has taken place and so what we see is that all of the sudden if Adam was still in the image of God his son would have been born in God's image but because of the fall of men because of that sin in Genesis 3 that image has now been ruined and now no longer does he produce after God's likeness he produced after his own and therefore the journey of life or any sort of education of any kind is about bridging the gap of being born in the image of my parents being restored back to the original image of gaunt and whatever education or development plan or program that doesn't fill in that particular gap is not really reflecting the biblical concept of what it means to develop and redeem human. Things beautiful what it telling us here and as we are talking about education not just as you said not just school but the way God uses education to restore us we see that the principles are the same Adam as you know before he was he was fallen he knew God as His creator but even us in a fallen state we are still invited to know God is the creator why because only the creator can make us yes of God Again it is the same principle applies and Adam was supposed to grow in his perfect state in growing his perfection and yes knowledge and so on and we are to be restored through the same principles of knowing God of having a connection with him so it's just a beautiful beautiful reality that God has not given up on us he wants. Bring us back and he used to say me knowing him having a relationship and and then there's dissonance and when we come back after the break we're going to look at there's many young adults who are out there we're getting our degrees we're getting educated as a kid and there is a dissonance between the motives of which the degree pointed to and which Genesis chapter one points to stay with us after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us or find us on social media by searching their interest Bible on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next a handle again is in 1st Bible states and now back to the discussion. There are different motives to get an education that agrees and we want to just the sadness we are all getting we're all the educated to a certain degree we're not blasting the concept education is good they're secular education when it comes to godly biblical spiritual education we're really emphasizing Genesis chapter one because God is infinite he has created human beings to reflect this infinity and our purpose was to reflect this infinity for infinity I mean this is just you kind of go in a little bit like you're going to do this for a while and then at the same time you have other people and in the many young adults we get our degrees why do we get our degrees to get a job to get rich to to to become powerful in society to dominate the other or to raise the status of the individual the family culture and to conquer and how does that intersect with Biblical Education here we are to reflect God's character to know and this is this is what we looked at last week episode one was to know God right know God in a very intimate character sense I want to go to will go to Genesis. And Psalms 3 but before I want to go to Hebrews Chapter one because I just feel inspired to go there I know he was tough true one. He was doctor one verse one. Hebrews Chapter one Verse one the Bible says God who had various times and in various ways spoke in times past to the fathers by the prophets has in these lays spoken to us these last days spoken to us by His Son whom He has a point in heir of all things to whom he also made the worlds who being the brightness of His glory and the express image of his person and then we I mean we can just pick out so many parts there too but here we've lost that image of God it was in us that he Mago day if you want to go and all these cool words always in let is we've lost it but where can we get it we get it back in seeing Jesus. And I mean just to just to piggyback off of that John chapter one John one 0 if she's being inspired to go to John one yes I think it's just a dream fulfilled that we've been talking these concepts but I think this text speaks to it invest 12. Jesus who is the image of God and then he came to this earth at the beginning of verse one I mean Chapter one Verse 12 and says But as many as received him referring to Jesus to them he gave the right to become children of God and to those who believe in His Name this was the purpose of Jesus coming to reflect who got is the real picture of Jesus of God and as we see him were transformed into His likeness right and his whole purpose is to bring us back to what Sebastian was talking back back to that starting point where for eternity then we can continue to remake his image but we've fallen so you know all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and He wants to end that whole process called educate educate us which to me is like I mean why why why why why that word but it is that knowledge is character based it's not you know how to plug in this and how to engineer this and how to speak this language and it's not the skill sets but all that is based on character and I mean the world the world valorize as knowledge but not. Things I want to I need to know stuff so that I could have about dominance you know so that I can be the greatest but when the Bible speaks of knowledge is knowledge of the being of of who God is and that knowledge is transformative right and based on that transformation and that is what gives you know whatever position that God has in store for us and so the when Genesis chapter one. Like go to a thank you I don't know but in Genesis chapter one. After he creates Adam and Eve he makes them in his image after his likeness then in verse $28.00 then God bless them and said Be fruitful multiply fold and subdue it and have dominion but this dominion I think the world is looking for dominion and looking for dominance based on knowledge and information on head knowledge whereas the not the domination that is given to Adam and Eve is based on the license to God on a character right and that's why the world education differs from what God's goal for education is is to transform us into His likeness and because of who we are being like him then we have a certain position that we can occupy responsible position responsibility. And it's all based on character but the world bases it on competence on achievement on. It and we're totally like skipping his own religion we're doing the whole quarter right now and we're going to kind of kind of stop going to temper ourselves but really this this points to a revolution in thinking yeah and that revolution is Episode 13 so when we got to let a little bit let's go to some 33 Ok I'm going to slow down and forgive me I'm the host and I said I should be the be temperate but I'm not and I'm accelerating with you guys we're. Looking at this in this episode the ability that God creates Yes he's created us in Genesis one and then for that and then there's this other component of creation found and Psalms $33.00 verse 6 and 9 and Jonathan Rhys 6 and 9 for us are some 33 thank you so they have by the word of the Lord the heavens were made and all the host of them but a breath of his mouth verse 9 for he spoke and it was done he commanded and it's good fast in these shoes verses point to what is the creation motif here what's so big about sums 33 Well the there's 2 things that are huge about this the 1st thing is that God created out of nothing right this idea of x. and he will write we can continue with the Latin trend there so he's creating out of nothing which means that God did not need our help to exist right so he didn't create me with something that I had already brought to the table and so this relationship with my creator is a one sided relationship right it's showing complete dependence and knowing God as a creator is a constant reminder of my own limitation and yet his lack of limitation and it is the combination of that developes me but yet it doesn't develop gaunt because God is in the statics thinking of perfection where he can't be added to he can't be improved he can't be modified and yet by coming in contact with this unchangeable reality that he says you're supposed to be like me that is transformative to myself and the 2nd component here is that God's Word has the power to carry out the very things that he's demanding Can you imagine being in a classroom and if I tell you I need you to multiply my words as a teacher give you the ability to multiply so when God comes in the 6th day of creation and he looks at the Earth in the 1st verse as we read at the beginning of the episode bring forth living creatures like dirt can bring forth the living creatures but it does it because its creator has commanded it to do so so this also. Shows that knowing God as creator automatically builds a direct relationship and an integration of his word in my own personal development in education so to me those 2 things jump immediately out of of Psalm 30 terms of knowing God as a creator and then minimum Johnson as we are faced with reality and we are looking Hebrews the reality of Jesus you know is the perfect image of God to us he came to show us what we can become in character. We all know that we are not that and through the process of God's way of education he tries to bring us back and so when it comes to that image of God and when it comes to the fact that God is created which is what we're talking about in this episode like what does that mean for me in this process this means that God is able to without me as he said bring something to the table without that he can speak something into existence that it's not there and it's not my work what do we need we need salvation we need to be restored and this is where I'm reminded if we can go real quick to come 51 sounds like you want every weekend all things fired yet because the Bible study some 51 wrist 10 it said and David is praying and saying create in me a clean heart oh God and renew a steadfast spirit within me and this is I mean a beautiful song I wish we had more time on this but the point here is the David is using if we can deviate from the Latin to the Hebrew he's using the word Baha which is the word for create and which indicates something that only God can do anything only you God have the ability to speak something into existence that is not there David is saying my filthy wickets in full heart needs to be replaced with a clean heart something only you can do so knowing God is my creator. In the in the status that I am in which is not the image of God means that I can ask him to make me to to create in me a clean heart. And he can speak that into existence the very powerful of and hopeful thought that God has the power to do the impossible for me because he's the creator and I don't want to I want to underscore that he has the ability to do the impossible for me physically spiritually mentally intellectually whatever whatever those fields are is that it is impossible for humanity but possible for God and any other answer man centric or human centric or anthropocentric or however you want to. Take philosophy is opposite to that list of action and in which is going to say that this is such an encouraging reality when you adopt this as a foundation of education because this lets me know that if I was created to be like gone in for an infinite development why am I thinking that there are certain things I can't do in the world I can't do physics I can be an asher not I can't be an engineer math is too hard this subject is too hard you're like God is like I created you for infinite development you think you can get past the humanly designed course by someone who is not your creator you're supposed to live up to my level by what I designed so it encourages us to get over any insecurities or any perceptions about our own limitations when God is like I created you to be infinite and you're thinking in a finite term right that's like the great essential to him like I made you for so much greater than that it's funny that God has given us infinity and he's like oh you just need 4 years right and you get a diploma now you're educated. And you know I include myself in that we all have these the tendencies are like well I met you and we were like well I got 4 Well I have 8 years and I got 12 years and you know in when it comes infinity these are just you know peanuts peanuts that's what it was where we were comparing peanuts with each other. And. Now I have 2 thoughts and I mean this if I want to yes I know the 1st one well if you're just saying this idea of you know 4 years. 8 years you find even in the world the more educated you are the more you realize that you don't know much right so by the time you're getting a Ph d. you're focusing on the little piece of a little part of a really huge part of a small subject you know it's like you just get narrow and narrow an hour in your focus in order to get your Ph d. so you realize that you know very little about or a lot you know that you don't know right so right because you don't realize how much is in the little area you're looking at right right right or you can go just as deep in these other summer Yeah I mean so Really though the the person who thinks they know the most is the one who is the least educated in most of the about what is going to say before on on what Jonathan was talking about as foundational to the education that God wants to give us the very 1st thing why knowing God as creator is important is he starts off with a transformation like yes you have to it's not an improvement on what you have already but it's a complete transformation that forms the foundation of the beginning of your education experience with God And that's I mean that's different from you know I want to bring something to the table for God and be like Ok I'm awesome so like just tweak me a little bit and I'll be good to go but he's like you need a complete overhaul you know and and that transformation that what what God does in the life of someone who comes to him that becomes the very foundation piece for our education our true education in God. My reaction to to all of this is that in our all of our reaction should be we go to God we say Lord I was made right and you know for many people that is just a very difficult. Comment to make I was made and yet. Ask yourself what were you made for and we have to come to the foot of the Creator and say Lord you made me let me fulfill that purpose of which you made me that's your prayer I know that's my prayer that's emerging from my heart right now and my friends here God bless you guys if you want to study more on this topic of education we really want to encourage you to go to inverse Bible dot org and look at this entire quarter 13 weeks on the concept of education not education in school now education in terms of ph d. and maybe a little whatever a foot in terms of being educated by God Bless You will see you here next week on and curse at the earth that. You've been listening to invest a Bible based conversation. Is wrong with Jonathan Wald Sebastian Baxter he could tackle. Just. In this is brought to you by the folks at the television that changes like that and more inspiring after so there's that interest that. More. Find us on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this is N.P.R.'s.


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