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The paradox of education.



  • October 19, 2020
    1:00 PM

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You totally can't get it but you need to get it find out on this verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible Thanks conversation or my. Contemporary Issues. Well. Now here's your host just in within. It's what they call a paradox it's one thing and the other thing and they don't make sense but you have to get both of and that's what we're going to talk about today welcome to in verse we are watching this episode called higher than the highest on this theme of education I want to welcome my friends who are in the studio all 3 of them and we are in person Aloha base and we are Hawaiian. So we're going to background you know thank you Sebastian into the under the sea Ok. And that's our Bible text for today but before we get you're going to have ordered prayer by Israel can pray for Father heaven thank you that we have this great opportunity to study your word and to learn from you how we can become more like your presence of your blessing at this time in Jesus' name amen amen amen I'm very excited for this each episode in this in this education arc has been to be honest a bit challenging but very very very. Very very that word efficacious but very very very good very enriching for me especially it comes to education from my personal life it's one of my guys but it's me. Who can read from Job 28 verse 12 on words for us please Ok. It reads but where can wisdom be found and where is the place of understanding man does not know its value nor is it found in the land of the living the deep says it is not in me and the sea says it is not with me it cannot be purchased for gold nor can so will be weighed for its price it cannot be valued in the gold of offer and precious onyx or Sapphire neither gold no crystal can equal it nor can it be exchanged with jewelry of fine gold no mention shall be made of coral or courts for the price of wisdom is above rubies but Topaz of Ethiopia cannot equal it nor can it be valued in pure gold from where then does wisdom come and where is the place of understanding it is hidden from the eyes of all living and concealed from the birds of the air. Destruction and death hey we have heard a report about it without is God understands its way and he knows it's a place where he looks to the ends of the earth and sees under the whole heavens to establish a weight for the wind and a push on the waters by measure when he made a law for the rain and a path for the thunderbolt then he saw wisdom and declared it he prepared it indeed he searched it out and to man he said Behold the fear of the Lord that is wisdom and to depart from evil is understanding thank you thank you special what's going on here in chapter $28.00 of job so job is essential ie a stablish in the on search ability of the wisdom that is gone possesses right he's establishing the fact that you can't find it in nature you can't necessarily value it you can't purchase it by exchanging and even when you reach the end of that you come to the question in verse 20 where then does this wisdom come from and then he goes on to say Will some people have heard of the death and destruction right there like we heard a report about it but we don't know and he says ultimately God is the one who knows it he prepared it he searched it out and then he escalates that to essentially making a very plain declaration that it is the fear or the all of gone and that essentially is the beginning of wisdom and so it establishes for us in this sort of as you call it the arc of education to really drive us towards this sense that what we're really trying to accomplish is beyond our grasp it is truly higher than the highest human thought can reach and to think of that as an ideal and yet something to be striving for is sort of the I guess the paradox right of what we're trying to explore this episode of How is it possible that we can attain that which is unattainable for those of you who have been maybe this is your 1st episode or maybe you have been joining in verse after a long time we are looking at education not not not not education. In terms of school or homework or academics or university but the foundations of education educational philosophy if you will and impacts everyone impacts everyone who's educated who is not educated parent child super old super young and that's where we're connecting it to religion spirituality in and life and it's just really big and connected to everything you know it's as and sometimes a car like what are we actually looking at with the perspective of so big so we looked at different aspects and knowing God as the beginning of education we looked at God as Creator God as redeemer and a natural like here we're looking at there's a paradoxically we got to know God we go No it could be demon creator but it's so all day but you've got to get it and I just this is just gets to be a little bit too abstract too much. Why are we looking at this. As Sebastian has already said I think there are there are many the the challenge that we have as human beings is that and we talked about this in previous episodes we've made ourselves into the image of God we've made God into the image of humanity and so on and women. As well and and so the and so the thing is that in many situations we are under the under state under the understanding and under the belief that we actually that there is some kind of wisdom some kind of knowledge some kind of that we have access to these things and so we can gather when it comes to spiritual things for sure we need God when it comes to things that are beyond my grasp my ability like for example I am 100 percent horrible at math you know my my 3rd grade son was better at math I can tell me more and so and those things like I need you for mathematics need you really right now and so we there are certain things that we we easily credit our need for God for but then there's other things that we think we we actually have some sort. Of ability to handle on God And yeah and so what job is trying to tell us here is actually wisdom in its true understanding when we truly understand what wisdom is is not attainable so it says 1st of all we don't even know that he starts off by saying in verse 13 we don't even know the value of wisdom we think we know the value of wisdom but we don't then it goes in verse 13 we cannot it cannot be found in the land of the living then it goes on in verse 14 it says you can purchase it you know and this thing again and these kind of things actually speak to our modern approaches to education we think we can buy wisdom enough money we're going to degree the degrees going to give us a job that job is going to make a smart we think that we can we think we know the value of wisdom right and so will tell our kids don't sort of bible that's not as important as you know studying for the m. Khatib we think we know the value of it we think we have found the wisdom right just be the fact that we advise people shows that we think we have wisdom in and of ourselves it can be purchased verse 800 says no mention shall be made of it and even even the understanding of what wisdom is finally concluding verse $21.00 it is hidden from all the eyes of the living and so ultimately at the end of the day wisdom is hidden you can't get it yeah we can't access it how do we then access then it goes on says Well God had it there in order to think about the idea of the fact that something can be hidden unless it's hidden by someone right so you're like well this thing is prevented from me right who has hidden this thing and where can I go to find it and you think about the ideas of you know I grew up reading different types of books and I love mysteries and you're like oh searching for some hidden treasure or you have like a treasure map of like an x. and it's got like you know my kids all make up their own thing in the house and hide it in your room but I look at the fact that God having hidden this wisdom it's almost like he's setting up a scenario where. Ultimately any true pursuer of knowledge and wisdom is eventually going to find themselves at the foot of gone and it's like dude like I've tried everything else all the groups all the Ph D's all these other forms of knowing and learning and I realized this thing is not accessible to me someone has hidden this and God is the only answer to the person who has the key to unlock this hidden wisdom and understanding that's going to help the world sort of make sense to me Help me to navigate this was a bringing so sick of bring us bring us down that's what I mean we brought it from the atmosphere and now it's to this guy but it's still too high we're going to bring it down and make it make nice and China right here but it's not working making years so what does that mean Ok so that with God it's hidden but accessible but I mean for for for me who's watching in verse on the my i Pad and sitting on my sofa. Source So what. I mean so so I read. That officers you don't use. So I think was $2828.00 and to man he said Behold the feel of the Lord that is wisdom and to depart from evil is understanding so that at the end of the day where we derive wisdom from and where if if if there is you know the ultimate goal of any pursuit of knowledge ultimate goal of any cause and you know you get you get your degree or you get the money and it and after all of that you're still feeling empty so you're looking for something beyond just the money you're looking for something beyond just the intellectual knowledge and saying what you're looking for you can only really find in God in the fear of the Lord that is with them and if you will if we were starting with the fear of the Lord then the pursuit of all these other things would actually be in context and we would find fulfillment in the way that we live our lives but because we're starting with these things in that. Temp to fall south then you end up empty after all of your labors you know after going through all of that but the beginning of it is the fear of God Well I want to get to the fear and ration before yeah I just wanted to take the fact that the crew is saying that the fear of the Lord being the beginning lets us know that the starting ground in God's mind is still beyond my own attainment and understanding and conception so it's hidden from my eyes this is telling me that here is God saying listen you can't even understand the beginning of where I wanted you to start let alone where I'm trying to take you even farther beyond that and so to me it's a high high calling to arrive at that point of humility to recognize that why would the fear of the Lord be the beginning because I would be humble to the fact that Lord I'm not even at the starting line of where you wanted me to be let alone what's far far beyond that and therefore it's going to drive me to God in my relationship to seek him and pursue him into Ok Ok Well we're going a little bit of a lower and the atmosphere but I want to I want to I want to ground the So I mean there. I would even question the premise even to begin with and maybe maybe we started maybe too high but I mean there are even some people are they do a deal or they want anything I mean they're just on their i Pads watching netflix all day you're talking about wisdom and unattainable like I'm not I don't want that stuff I just want to download season 5 until it's coming out in November like it's oh so way where is a so I'm what I'm saying is people may not even have the hunger for for or for this show is that even a problem that the I mean if you do have the hunger for that it's in the context of education you know a person that is speaking and this is what that is speaking to a person that is seeking education a person that is seeking wisdom a person that is seeking personal development this is not talk of the couch potato this is talking the student you know what I mean and so for that person the message of Scripture is you're not going to be able to get the. There's a different message to the person who does not want wisdom you know and that but this messages for the person who is wanting wisdom you're not going to even be able to find the beginning of wisdom was there here hear it if you are a couch potato don't don't don't come back to this episode but if you're looking for wisdom and you're looking for it looking for something Stay with us have to break. And embrace been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us or find us on social media by searching in 1st Bible on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like us comes up next a handle again is in 1st Bible states and now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back and if you're a couch potato and you're still watching this Hey welcome back so let me know we're talking about the catch that we're talking about those who may have new spiritual inclination and we're talking about education they're like lug I don't want to go to school again I just you know and there are many people like that yeah and there are maybe maybe we're not like those people but there are moments in our lives where we have ups and downs in our lives and what is the anecdote for that secret looked at me and she put it I had known you were going to ask the best and always eager teller to share what I think when we when we take the concept of of fearing God as the beginning I think sometimes people create this picture in their mind that the fear of God is about the terrifying nature of them that exists like. When the concept of all is definitely much more appropriate indefinitely serves as the proper impetus to pursuing this type of wisdom so not fear as terror but fear as all yes there's a sense of order because when you think about I love to go to the ocean and the reason I love to go to the ocean which you're so yes you had to do so you had your parents about there were just knocks socks I have beads. At the beach only to do it in the whole beach where in socks that's not true bra making a fascist Ok haters go hate it's Ok but you love go in the ocean with your socks on. So I go through the ocean. And I am afraid I was higher. And I don't know anyways so if you go into it really grounds me whenever I go to the ocean or to the desert I love both places and I go to the desert all by such like. But the reason is when you look at the vastness of the ocean there's an immediate revelation to yourself about how small you are and so to me to face that into say man you know here you're sitting in the middle of the ocean in this water as far as you can see you can't even see the depths of this thing to know that there's only we only are familiar with 10 percent of what's in the ocean that automatically grounds me in a sense of all in that in that immediate sense you start realizing like Man how insignificant and money and I think you're hitting the juggler here because this is where our generation is in a search for our right and this is where media and Hollywood does provide some semblance to satiate that ought to a degree right there with entertainment or fashion or sports or Hollywood and whatever whatever you know small whatever it is there is all and that there is all in You Tube after searching searching and searching and you're like wow this is really amazing but it doesn't satiate and then after that it cease ceases to be awesome and we need to we need to that which only the human heart can be in awe of for eternity Yes and that is where Chapter 21st $28.00 is behold the fear of the Lord that is wisdom to depart from evil is understanding so that fear I really appreciate that is not fear as in terror but fear as in on us the question that I that we need to ask ourselves and I ask all of you do we have that that's the presence of all in our lives always before us and they think that's the thing that gets us out of our couch potato mindset and we all have those tendencies in all of us those moods and what yes we need to have it before us as well and then see what the Bible talks about fear is not always and that's a point is the best is because I was on about being afraid of some Durani Chapter 6 verse verses one and 2 dogs on me 6. Just It talks about the fear of the Lord in the context of it of. Obedience Ok And it says now this is the commandment and these are the statutes and judgments which the Lord your God has commanded and notice what it says to teach you that you may observe them in the land which you are crossing over to possess So your God is saying or Moses telling them these are the the things that God has been trying to teach you these are the things that are important for you to understand and then it says in verse 2 that you may fear the Lord your God What does it mean here to fear it says to keep all his statutes and His commandments which I command you and your sons and grandsons and so forth all that is your life so when it's talking about fear there's in this context talking about the fear over of obedience what does it mean to fear God to fear God means to obey him and in obeying God in obedience to God and not just in obedience to the expressed will of God and His 10 Commandment law but I'm I willing to obey God in in his will for my life I'm I willing to obey God in His constant impressions and in his guidance to Providence obedience to God to all of God's statutes is what the fear of of the Lord is in this context and so there's the Bible talks about the fear of obedience fearing God means to obey and while you are talking what comes to mind is the example of Abraham and Abraham has brought Isaac and they're going into to mount Mariah you know the story and you know about the sacrifice a son and the shocking thing you know one level of shock is the Lord has asked him to sacrifice a son right but but if you're reading the text that's not what's what's shocking to me what's shocking is it's a long trip to that that that that that that mountain they're going up the mountain and there's no dialogue there it's a quiet walk and then he goes up there and it's just it's a simple narrative of obedience and he just does it you know and he does it and he's about to and you know no stories about. And in the Lord prevents him in there is there's a substitute there there's a certain all when you see people who are obeying God without questioning without doubt and so simple that that commitment that that call most craziness Yeah but there is a rationale why they're doing it was they believe in the character and the goodness of God that they do it and it's very inspiring at the same exact end if you see this is very present in our culture in terms of fanatics right people who are obsessed with certain celebrities or certain intellectual mind we're just sort of to that and we're saying wow like whatever Siku says right of sequence says hey these are my 5 tips on whatever so we follow this influencer and whatever they say do to get a beach body or. That's what I'm going to do. While just. From a practical area of fitness all the way over to this is what you should believe about God in the reality of how to develop good habits or to be successful as a business person it's what was going to go back to this this idea that you as a beautiful who are are always going to tell me because I'm in all of you like obedience to you is automatic and natural and to me having that all of God automatically produces that fear of will be because I'm like I'm so and all of his wisdom and his goodness you know in his character if he tells me this is good no question right I'm going to obey it I'm going to follow it without question. Well I. I'm going to backtrack a little bit to what you were talking I thought of the state that this would tie in in some 34 when you're talking about on and I guess a passion brought it up again the last thing but some 34 of us 9 verse and I'm 34 verse 9 some hint of a sign that says oh fear the Lord you his saints and then he says there is no Want to those who fear that I thought of that when you're talking about this this all and the author is never say she aided whether it's you know bingeing on Netflix or you know listening to a certain musical artist like for hours on end but that that sense of awe is never safe hated when it's when it's placed on finite things but when it's placed on God there is a satisfaction that comes with that like when we were in our meditation is on him because he's given us in our hearts you know infinity in our hearts like he's given us the ability to desire this like to an infinite level and he is the only one who can really feel that like so that fear of God the satisfaction only really comes when it is directed God way. There's another fear in Deuteronomy 10 going back to do or honoring Chapter 10 Durani 10 in verse 12 it says verse 12 yes it says the now Israel what does the Lord your God require of you but to fear the Lord your God and to walk in all his ways and to love him and to serve the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and then it will repeat that again later on in I think verse 20 and so when it's talking about fear in this context is talking about the fear of godliness and by God I mean this is talking about not just doing the things that God has asked us to do but loving God right and and over and over in Scripture you find this concept that it's not enough just to do things but God also wants us to love doing those things you know we have My experience has shown your man what is good what does the law require to do justice and then it says and to love. Love mercy and so there's not the not just this due to full component to following God But this this is what is really right this joy in godliness and so it's real it's not mechanic and so and so when it talks about the fear of God It's talking about obeying God it's talking about being satisfied in having God Being Our sufficiency and then it's also talking about the love for the quest for for God. I love this discussion because sometimes when people think of spirituality or religion it's like hey that's what that's a religion is that which says this is good this is bad so don't do those bad things don't do don't do doing too but really this probe is saying hey let's take a tech closer look at God and he is that which satisfies and that which is so much better than anything else so it's not that you shouldn't do it's like here's something better and just naturally gravitate towards that which is infinite and I think it's a better approach when it comes to educating than and in youth ministry and education and you know young people want to know what's one more fear in Psalm 115 Psalms 115 in verse 11 or so leaven Yes Psalm 115 and verse 11 in the Bible says you who fear the Lord trust in the Lord he is their help and their shield so when you when you look at here he's talking about those people who fear the Lord also trust in the Lord and this fear of trust you also recognize that in the sense of all there is also a sense of predictability and reliability in God right when you realize that the ocean is going to be the ocean and you can't do anything controlled the ocean you nothing can make the ocean not go through the tide in the waves in the storms people prepare for that unpredictability in the building of ships in the managing of their crews because they're in all the fact that look if we get in the situation the sea is not going to have mercy on us right the ocean is not going to be like well sorry I can't. Send not 50 foot waves high and I feel like when it comes to this this sort of all in God regarding our trust in him that to have a sense of on God is also to fear him in the sense of I'm going to depend upon him I'm going to rely upon God I'm going to make him my my rock my son my foundation the consistent thing in my life that says this is my moral compass This is how I orient my life and myself around God not trying to include God So it's kind of more so like Ok Lord are we heading in the right direction when it comes to my finances are we heading in the right direction when it comes to my relationship with my family and with that orientation you can truly know I am fearing God and I do fear God by the expression of how I'm making my choice and not just the choices are making and this is where those 2 This is where the paradox meets in my mind you know that we have this ideal that God has for us that is higher than the highest human thought can reach this quest for wisdom that is not not only is it not we're not able to find it but it's not even searchable we can understand it's value we don't know how to find it we can't even begin to understand it and so how do we then get something that we can understand that we can see that we can search for Will we get it by not searching for it you know we get it by trusting God that he's going to get us to a we get it through obedience to God we get it by being content and satisfied with what who God is and by focusing on our relationship with God we have to trust that he's able even though we don't know what this is even though we don't know what his ideal for us is even though we can understand what he wants us to be we trust that he's going to get us to do something it to be someone that we can even come in. This episode was very challenging for me a personal challenge and to really sit down and as as as was said here to not speak in just kind of relax and to rest and to trust in the Lord Jesus. The same time it's a very hopeful episode hopeful topic that the Lord has the best for you in mind and all we have to do is be in awe of in relation to him probably this of a sort has been a an encouragement to you continue the conversation and visit our social media handles on Twitter and Instagram and on Facebook leave your feedback leave your comments we'd love to hear from you visit inversed Bible dot org for our Bible study guides we'd love for you to study this topic of education with us this is a very abstract topic but such a necessary one especially for young adults today thanks so much for joining us we'll see you next week here on ars. You've been listening to invest a Bible based conversation. With Jonathan Wald Sebastian. Is brought to you by the. Television that changes like that and more inspiring. There's a lot. More. In the 1st time until next time this is N.P.R.'s.


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