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Eschatological Education



  • November 2, 2020
    1:15 PM

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Yes Got told logical education that is the key word for this up is so what is it and how did you pronounce or find out on this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible based conversation or my. Contemporary Issues. Both. Just within. Us the 2nd largest education system in the world it's the 7th Day Adventist education system now as boring as that may sound it's talking about and ask at the logical system of education what does that mean as I said at the top of the show in the teaser talk about the last day events 7th Day Adventists are all about Jesus coming the 2nd time and we believe in the education system that will prepare people for Jesus the 2nd coming and there's a particularly philosophy that comes along with it and that's a topic for this up a soda in verse I want to acknowledge my friends who are in the studio with me and our dear sister Kelly who's joining us from far. And going to hear from her when she prays for us. That's pretty. Father in heaven we thank you so much for being here with us and we thank you for the time that we can be together and study your word I pray that as we study as we discuss and as we discover things together that your Holy Spirit would guide us guide our words guide our hearts and our minds and maybe leave this time more educated in the most Christ centered way be pray this in his name and there were some episodes you remember that we have already covered that that really hit you and Scott that we repeat some of these things are just great thoughts looking for bombs and we need to bring those bombs back in again it was a weird you know what. We talked about how the foundation of education requires an acquaintance with God God holds a monopoly on truth the monopoly on knowledge what is when we when we discover God when we discover what knowledge is what do we find we find that God is Love This is expressed a creation when he created the world the bases of creation is Love This is expressed again at redemption the basis of redemption is love and still education the purpose of it is to teach us about the love of God and then to teach us to love like God and one of my favorite studies was the studies that teaches about the understanding of God Also the fact that we are to love our fellow men as and women as you know God loves us and so that's what we've been talking up to now we've hit these highlights on this topic of education and to be honest when I 1st saw that we're going to talk about education like this is going to be some didactic you know we're you know no offense to all the educators out there we love you who you are but this is not my thing but going through each episode this isn't a very profound study not about education not about academia not about knowledge and how to understand things but really about what life really about salvation really about redemption spirituality has been very very efficacious we're looking at the topic of avenues that you cation we want to differentiate we're not talking about the actual system the actual. All the nomination but there is a there is a particular philosophy behind it that was intended so we want to encourage you for those of you who may not be familiar with the 7th Avenue nomination Check out there are p.b.s. documentaries there's one called the administers one called Aves 2 there's one on the ave system to some very unique take on administering education and it's not just going to school it is school but there's a particular And these are the particulars that we want to study on this episode so Jonathan let's go to Revelation Chapter 14 where we get the kind of the mission statement for the ad in its movement verse 6 through through let's just 6 and 7 for now share information 14 were 6 it says then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting Gospel to preach to those who dwell on the earth to every nation tribe tongue and people saying with a loud voice Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of his judgment has come and worship Him who made heaven and earth the sea and springs of water Ok this is our mission statement and this is where Avinash so ave Sorry about the 2nd coming were another word another long weird word is eschatological ask Aton last days and people were living last days need to have a particularly poignant point of view a worldview a perspective an education so so bring this together Israel what is what is going on in Revelation and how does and act as Revelation 14 as especially if you talk to any 7th Day Adventists around the world this is a passage that every had been as will be familiar when as you said it's the mission statement of the some of the evidence church in many ways and what we believe as 7 the evidence is that this is a unique message that we have an understanding of that we grasp and that has become really the the basis upon which we operate this is what separates us doesn't make us better but what separates us from the rest of other Christians now specific. Li speaking to 7 Davenant's when we think about this we think about this from a missile logical perspective this is the mission of the church or theological perspective this is the identity of the church but on many different levels this is the actually this is the blueprint the philosophical blueprint of Advent of what it means to be educated and there's a couple of things if I can just guess what it is you know now means 1st of all when you look at the the 1st component of Revelation 14 it talks about a group of people also known as the 144000 these individuals have it says the father's name written on the forehead that's like a symbolic way of saying the character of God has been reproduced in their lives they think like Jesus they they think they have the the doesn't literal It's like a garden is like tattooed on the forehead some people sir but it says God's name his character written written by the Spirit of God on their foreheads in their thinking has been reached has gone to that really and it also says that that that they follow the lamb wherever he goes in other words they have had an experience with god of thought and that's probably the reason why they have the character of God because they have experienced you know the experience of God Also when you get past Revelation 1412 it also describes them later on as these are the people that have here's the patients of the Saints you are they that keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus in future episodes we're going to talk about the importance of faith in education and so when you look at the language of Revelation 14 it's not only men it doesn't just have a mission component to it but it also has a very critical if you look at it it has education language written all over it when you look at it through that lens and it isn't just in your goals or which appear to be achieving but they are there are there's a very spiritual development component going on here there is a there is a knowledge factor keep going I mean I want to hear we got to say that and so ultimately ultimately ultimately when we think about education we think about it as a system we think about in its mission but we never think about it as a. Theology we never think about it as a theological philosophical foundation and this is what Revelation points out as as sure as there is an Adventist the ology and mission there is a unique Adventist educational philosophy and that philosophy is all to mentally the reproduction of the faith of Jesus in the life of the student that then enables that person to to be other so that the goal of administering cation not to nomination not talking about organizations but in terms of these people who are living in the last day or is to have the name of God the character of God and imprinted on the inside inside because essentially really the point of education is redemption we talked about this in previous episodes we realize that education is just the way God wants us to live in knowing him and being acquainted with him in having a deep connection relationship with him and as we grow in that relationship a benefit of that relationship on this side of heaven is salvation and so for those who are living us all of us living in these last days we have a very special purpose in preparing the world helping people to have that kind of education that really matters which is character transformation it is the becoming like Jesus in character today from Jesus having the love of Christ in the heart and having a selfless I think the previous episode we talk about the selfless character so it's a beautiful work that God is doing in his way of education in transforming lives and bringing them to the point where they're ready for you know take to receive their pain with. Kelly. And I love this because you know someone who you know the high school English teacher for years and a big fan of conventional education and a lot of ways. And sometimes people who and even that's a lot of education or you're just a big fan of that you can hear these kinds of conversations be like great so everything I did was a waste of time this is fantastic but that's not true you know Jesus could repurposed. I learned but also for me it excites me as a lifelong learner because it just levels up education education is so much more than you thought it was you thought you finish when you get a certain magic rate and I know this keeps going and so people who are naturally curious people who are lifelong learners people who have that drive to to understand more and to grow they actually find the best fulfillment of those desires and those goals interact occasion and so I love that you know Jesus doesn't like squash or plants he's like you want to Little Let me show you all of the things it's so much better than you thought it was some questions on the national immersion and this was unplanned So maybe there's a start thinking about is it possible to have an avenue us as you cation regardless of the denomination is it possible to have. To have the character of God written in your hearts outside of administering squak or capital a organization and then to you know what if there are there administers educational institutions that don't do this is it always a want to one equal in equal situation. So no and then yes I think to your question of yes we're not right saved by denomination right so I'm not saved because I got something even if the church is saved because of Jesus so you know even talk more about those Revelation 14 that people aren't saved people are saved and all kinds of dominations and all over the place and but it's the mentality and it's the connection with Christ that is essential so there are definitely adding to schools are doing it right they're adding a schools they're doing it wrong and there are not having a schools that are doing it right so it's not yeah I mean I'd like to say that I've been to schools do it perfectly but yeah our humanity asperin up and I appreciate that perspective what is it what is that special factor that doesn't make it right and I want to get to the. Of course John Yeah I think that what has happened is with our Greek mindset we like to compartmentalize and make lists and and separate things and so we have separated not asked directly about our you know dedication system has separated you know you have the sciences you have theology of all these things and it's separate and because the separation. We are loosing the power of true education so what added to education proposes is a holistic view where they were the physical the mental the spiritual is all combined in the process of education and transformation and so God is not just interested in you know in us having good thoughts about him he's interested in the entire being being devoted to him being you know living for God and we talked about this in an earlier episode just being filled with the presence of God and living a life for him so Adam says education is about holistic education which includes every aspect of life I want to come back to that holistic point to come back after the break Jonathan sounding a little bit too new agey for me and inviting with all you know I mean together what does he mean that's press him a little bit more after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching for spyware on Facebook or Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like this contest sums up my handle again and invest Bible non-state Now back to the discussion. All right welcome back we are talking about holistic education and the body and the spirit and the mind that's just sounds good but how does that actually take place in the on the on on on in on the curriculum all or I mean some people say hey go out workout and we're going to pray and then I'll go memorize calculus All right we do that wow what's so how do you bring those 2 together is it something that you do or is it some part. Perspective that you have that's different there's a very good question I mean I don't know if I can give a perfect answer or if I've ever actually experienced a perfect way of doing this but I believe it this is where we bring God into every aspect of what we do so in teaching my wife is a teacher and she tries to she's a math teacher and social studies teacher so when she teaches history she tries to bring in the book a prophetic you know perspective on how we see history unfolding and how God's hand is working and written in math you can do the same thing can see God's genius in math and but then also when it comes to education it's not just for the mind it's also the body and it is not just for the sake of working out and being fit it's also for the sake of you know developing a symmetric character symmetric human being that is is also able to use his physical strength to do good in the world and to live for God Paul tells us to give glory to God in everything we do with eating or drinking or you know going to school whatever it is so it's taking a step back and bringing God into. Every aspect of what we do in this case what you were mentioning is the school curriculum and yeah I remember when I was actually a gym teacher for religion he said Yeah I was I was the patient teacher and I remember there are standards that the government gives you to stay like all right boys have to do 15 pushups that are girls have to do whatever whatever and if you check that now that I mean you are now healthy you are now part of the American eagle eats you know health how society Well that is totally artificial construct and rather than having some some outside imposed definition of you know. It was more the avenues perspective was that God made your body not only made it he made in His image so he has arms and legs and the body doesn't have arms legs a body no but does he have arms legs or body yes in a way in an image kind of way and so in our endevor to become healthy we become more like God So whether you're doing $515.00 or $500.00 this mentality to try to and never for better and better better rather than artificial construct construct imposed upon you and then those who had that mentality it wasn't how their physical education performed that was matter is when they got that click you're like oh I just got to become more like I'm just trying harder trying to be more like God trying to do better better better it was that was physical education and then in turn yeah that impacted your spirituality that affected your academics and then the holistic thing happens but that clinic was kind of the magic thing that I was getting for and then the privilege to be an avenue educator you know what the what's important about revolution 14 is that I think 1st it says I think the most critical point about this study is that it's that's the it's that's the foundation for the fact that there is a system of education that is unique in and of itself as unique as the avenues church has its theology and its medical system in the very same way its educational system is intended to be unique Now I think and that's the purpose of our next lesson is we're going to talk about how the character and the physical mental and spiritual things how they are called how they come together but here. Actually speaking this text avenues for a very long time have believed it to be the mission I think it's important for us to know that we find the system of education there we also find it here historically you know we believe that there was a historical fulfillment of the of Revelation 14 in 1904 and when you look at the development of the avenues educational system there is also parallels there right just as Revelation 14 is being proclaimed right the fulfillment of it is being proclaimed historically you also have the parallel system of evolution that it's now being promoted simultaneously and in reality one of the key components of admin a situation was to combat that yes and it was designed to combat that long before evolution evolution ever existed the foundation of edge is where we get on the foundation of education was always creation and it was always redemption creation writ and Revelation 14 reminds us we're in the time of the judgment we need to remember our Creator we need to remember creation and so if done correctly the 7 they have in a system of education although it might be individually practiced around the world is God's gift through his church to the world that it is time for us to focus on the development of the character of God in his young people to be able to be a blessing to the world and and this this I don't think Harvard can do this I don't think any other institution can do this is something that was gifted to the center of this church as much as Revelation 14 is gifted to the 7 of us judge and whether we have been successful at accomplishing that or not it's a different conversation but it we will we will by God's grace accomplished. Woman in a way and look at Revelation 14 says this angel is symbolic for God's people proclaiming this in a certain verse 6 or 6 just so dangerous proclaiming to every nation tribe and tongue people is we're just saying a gift. To the world saying Love let's do all these things now God we know is not a hypocrite if he calls us to proclaim this he calls us to live this so fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of judgment comes not just I'm telling you to get your act together it's like God is calling me to have a relationship with him so I can accept the fine and preach that not just in words but in actions in my life and show what it looks like to live for God not because I'm better but because Jesus is in my mind and so this is a beautiful beautiful work that God is doing for his people and for anyone who wants it to to have a relationship to fear got to respect him to let him into my life to live my life for him give glory to Him This is as we said already earlier not just to speak but my entire being given glory to God I I glory fire him by being in harmony with him and loving him and being obedient to Him Why because he's coming soon I mean it's just beautiful God is preparing us he's not just going to show up he's going hey I'm coming in ready it's going to be amazing you know join me come be part of of of life as I have intended for you to live and he wants to do this through His Holy Spirit through Jesus he's given us everything we need and you know education in God's way of education is preparing us for that day in chapter 14 the really the apex is not the verses that we read but the prices at the end when Jesus is coming the 2nd time and so these version for are preparing humanity preparing the world for Jesus the 2nd coming and that's what that's what the word Adventist means Advent means coming the coming and so we believe in the 2nd Advent as Scripture points to as you mention something about $844.00 for those of you who may have no idea what he's talking about and what he's talking about we're really encouraged to go to inverse Bible dot org In verse Bible dot org There you'll find Bible study guides we especially recommend a series on Daniel and you can go to Daniel Chapter 278 and 9 and see where his. 144 Come now 844 is not just some prophetic number and it's not some boring prophetic history but as Israel said this is God's gift to humanity 1800 specially in the 440 s. was a very turbulent time especially when Darwin's idea of evolution was emerging that was different ideas a spiritual ism different ideas of all these Isn't this were happening and amongst all those isms comes this idea that Jesus is coming taking the Bible seriously Jesus in a heavenly sanctuary that God created all things to x. and he though all these things all these ideas are coming out as a great great great exciting period of time we really encourage the study that out and let us know where your studies lead and this episode may make a little bit more sense for those of you without that context know as much as I resonate with what John of the saying in terms of the beauty of the system and the beauty of our message and the idealism that it brings to me what it also does is that it brings a solemnity and to the Times in which we live in other words the context of education here is brought down into the context of a judgment in other words Jesus is coming but there's also a judgment that takes place and it is in this context that education finds its you know it's it's it's it's blossoms right and so it changes everything it changes perspective it changes motivation and motive if we are living in this kind of context then what kind of education should I have what kind of education should I value what kind of education should I promote what kind of education should I pay for when it comes to educating my children and this is something I think that it's critical because it brings solemnity to the work of education we don't just take sociology because it's awesome we get to learn all we get to learn about different cultures we don't study medicine all because of human. Adi is so awesome we don't study education because it is a beautiful thing to impart truth we do all these things because of the context in which we in which we live the context of the word for it is present the truth what is the Bible saying to describe these times and how does the Bible prepare a script for human beings for these times and education is coming from that perspective I'm Cali and do do how is evidence education different from the educational systems of today from your experience I mean you are someone who experience education parts and is it all that it's all it's cracked up to be as they say. I definitely think so you know even though I blasted ethnicity she said a little bit I think in the 1st episode I'm also firm believer that if I hadn't been an avenue of education for almost 16 years of my life that and I doubt I would have been a Christian at all one of the big reasons I'm a Christian is because of one of my teachers Sanjay and you know and I was really just noticing her life and asking her questions and I would have had that opportunity you know it's illegal and public education in the u.s. at least and you know would have been able to have those kinds of that kind of experience with her so you know see your teachers and also just a lot of the teachers they do a good job of bringing whatever we were learning back to the Bible and back to a Christ in her worldview talking about that same teacher again she was my psychology teacher and she made us understand you know the deeps and the ends and outs of all these different theories but she always showed us that it all comes back to Christ and understanding everything and it's perfect context it requires an understanding of God And so even though after high school I went to a public university I kept that in my mind my teachers are no longer saying that to me but I'm like Ok I need to reinterpret this and I understand this in the context of Christ even those teachers and given it to me she is themself can give it to me so that's a key worldview that was trained in me which I'm very thankful for you know what you're describing to me is an influence that is far beyond maybe a pastor or an elder it's someone who's are having reconstructing a worldview and a laying the foundation for for us out salvation contact. Sounds these teachers who are not merely teachers and information or even professionals but they were soul winners at their heart the ones that made an impact on your heart r r r r soul winners and God Yes So this is this is an amazing gift that God has has given us and I appreciate your time. Tony there Cally it attests to as I was saying about the solemnity that we need in these days so it's not just about learning information because getting straight A's for pine and getting into a good college marrying a good spouse and getting that house and living a good life but living in the context of these times any any final words when it comes to address education both of you are married to Aves educators you are a Cali or a former having us educate you still are in a certain way and we can talk about that up but what any final words before we sign off I think it's. The Adamkus educational system is farce of school system is facing challenges and this is said I mean this world is against everything that the Bible stands for and so it is not easy and then at the same time we want to give our young people the opportunity to be able to go to college and university so there are certain standards we have to meet and certain Asterix So that's a challenge and but I believe that God is willing to give us victory and wisdom as we you know as we trust them and surrender to him to tap into his principles of education and to really I think a reformation is needed in some places or in some ways for all of us. But I do also see the beauty and the blessing that as a catalyst is testifying also I think that God has more in store for us as we trust in them and they meant we want to encourage you to take a different look at you maybe go to your local Avenue School and say and I mean give it a chance and maybe you don't have an advantage that educational institutional system nearby It's not about to denomination it's not about the actual name but it's taking these principles from Scripture and implying and in applying it into your own lives and taking advantage education with a lower case a those waiting for Jesus' 2nd coming and taking education seriously in light of that perspective thanks for Jonah thanks so much for joining us hopefully it's been a blessing for you if you haven't if you don't have no idea or talking about go to inverse Bible Dorothy for a Bible study guides or go to hope t.v. or a g slash universe for the past episodes we'll see you next week here in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the callee word is wrong God Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse hope t.v. news that Origen find us on social media. In the 1st 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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