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07 Education and Character

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sikhu Daco Callie Williams


Do you have the ability to control your abilities?



  • November 9, 2020
    1:15 PM

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Like have you met some of these people who are so educated they've got so many degrees they know everything but they're one of the most arrogant people you've ever met we're going to talk about these people on this episode of adverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to the Bible based conversation or. Temporariness. Yes you just within are. There are some people out there who are so educated who know so much about everything yet when it comes to their character they are a little bit off and hopefully through the teaser you may be thinking do I know anyone like this and if you don't know anyone that maybe you know let's talk about that on this episode and verse I want to welcome my friends here we are in this arc of education we also have if you don't notice we have a chair missing and we have Cally who streaming in from all bars would be grateful to have her as well as can pray for us will get started right away fall in heaven thank you for today thank you for this topic that we have to study pray for your blessing at this time in Jesus' name amen amen amen Kelly 1st question goes to you we've been talking a lot of things about education and maybe kind of. Update us and maybe someone's watching for the 1st time in their like education and I want to talk about that I want to hear stuff about that but give us a synopsis so far. Yeah so we're definitely talking about education and probably the conventional sense of talk about curriculum or things like that but we're talking about the true purpose of education its origin with God Himself and how involves more than just knowledge and we're talking about that here and I think the highlight for me thus far has been the the mindset of moving from selfishness to unselfishness as modeled by Christ Himself and that education even changes your worldview and doesn't just accrue knowledge one thing to talk about that more today but that's been a high life. And then you know in regular secular education or an institution of education there are materials that you learn and in many ways it's detached from this the meaning of life and purpose right and use these things that have value and so today we're going to talk about the element of character on character and hopefully Please don't think too critically of all your friends that you have and people that you have all we all have character deficiencies and we're not we are all on this journey and walk together to become better people as they say let's go to the Proverbs Chapter 4 is where our text of choices from 1st 5 owners and see us sure it reads get wisdom get understanding do not forget to not turn away from the words of my mouth do not forsake her and she will preserve you love her and she will keep you wisdom is the principal thing therefore get. And in all your getting get understanding exalted and she will promote you she will bring on a when you embrace it she will place on your head an ornament of grace a crown of glory she will deliver to you. He my son and receive my sayings and the years of your life will be many I have taught you in the way of wisdom I have led you in the right paths when you walk your steps will not be hinted and when you run you will not stumble take from the hold of instruction do not let go keep her for she is your life do not enter the path of the wicked and do not walk in the way of evil avoid it do not travel on it turn away from it and pos on what they do not sleep unless they have done evil and the asleep is taken away unless they make someone fall where they eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence but the path of the just is like the shining sun that shines ever bright unto the perfect day the way of the wicked is like Doc this they do not know what makes them stumble Ok we'll stuff there we were going to 15 but she could give us extra truth was only a few days. All right all right Ok so. This is a very it was a very valuable passage Yeah it's kind of a highlight in the Book of Proverbs and this is I didn't I didn't prepare you guys for this question but just curious if this question just came to my mind already guys are freaking out. And will anyone any any insights might you know why she's Why why wisdom is female and that's that's this is kind of the I think gender does play a factor in this approach to wisdom secret you aren't you are you were responding aggressively enough this is why I think if the man with them is female Everybody knows that women are smarter than men that's what you see what I think you know everybody that it's a male bar you have enough e-mail all females are wise as that is that the corollary that you are so I wishing Oh really Ok. All right all right so yeah I know why why female why any Fanny any insights on the female motif here is true I have no idea no idea Cally. I'm sorry. Yeah it's my take on this and if you read the entire book of Proverbs there are this is a father giving son his son wisdom and a son has come about age 2 to live life and then there's actually 2 women that are interspersed in this 1st section of Proverbs you have Lady folly and Lady wisdom and he's just using this this allegory of the pursuit or dating or this of courtship as a motif of life itself and so you can choose a very wisdom where you can choose folly and you just going back and forth one chapter another one chapter another and I don't think there's any you know broad gender statements that are being made here he's just using this as an analogy for the pursuit of life so anyway any insights from I think as you're speaking I thought yeah that's true with a girlfriend or with a. I think it does it does make sense what you're saying that wisdom is not something just to be obtained but it's something that must be loved it must be careful it must be preserved treasured as as as as a man would try to preserve and treasure a relationship with a woman and it's very interesting that at least if you reach across one through I think 9 isn't that wisdom is a gentle force she's there she blesses whereas folly is a girl arrests and in many ways she's the one that's that's pursuing the protagonist in the store and proverbs and me so any insights that you see in the long passage that she could read for us right now what do you see here about was that well we have to I guess enter the fact why is it that we're studying you know this passage on wisdom when the topic that we're addressing is character and so I think the most important thing that we need at this time to establish our program is what what is wisdom what is wisdom defined as here will tell us different things in terms of what wisdom does. And what we need to do to obtain wisdom but wisdom is essentially the right use of power right or wisdom is the right use of knowledge there's a difference between knowledge and wisdom we can obtain knowledge by reading we can obtain knowledge by by through understanding something but the question is what do we do with that knowledge That's what with the miso wisdom is the right use of knowledge is like actual facts and data. Information from ation and maybe that's the primary mode of which secular education is focused on and then wisdom is why leverage with them is how do you use that so you know knowledge is 2 plus 2 equals 4 then the question is how do I use that information and what I do with that information will then be either good wisdom or a lack of wisdom and so in the very same way that's what character is Character is the power to control power right and there are times that there is that how you have the ability to control ability the power to control power that Lety to control abilities and so in these days in these from this perspective wisdom and character are parallel a person with good character is a person with the ability to have wisdom a person with no character is a person that abuses knowledge and so that's why I think studying this topic of wisdom is critical Alright Kelly. Just a practical example that Israel may or may not agree with me on is just coming to my mind is ice a teacher a communications class a high schoolers and one of the things that we focused on was how to have high stakes conversations so when people are very emotional or there's a lot of stake or people are easy to be offended and we spent a lot of time on that and I had one student who got a thing like an a minus in the curriculum but she did it so well and her actual life so she would come and she'd actually apply it not for homework not for an assignment. Because she wanted to do better in her relationships and there's another student who got every single chapter question correct 100 percent beautifully written but there was 0 Africa in their life and so that's the disconnect you know one is knowledge like yeah I read the book yeah I get it I can regurgitate information to my teacher that's fine Another person was like Ok I want to actually apply this and so you know the difference knowledge you can do you can know a lot about how to handle conversations and that's knowledge but only turns into wisdom in your character when it's reflected in your actual life the sooner so don't parallel each other yeah you can have one right or you can have both you can have neither but the 2 are not created each other it seems like the knowledge is commensurate you can measure knowledge but wisdom maybe a little bit different you know so you know I just wanted to I mean just to know wants me what Israel was saying on the wisdom character relationship because in the Bible it talked about the wisdom of God so you can be wise as God is wise or there is a wisdom that is not of God and I think the difference is so like knowledge you get information and you get you know data. And then wisdom is how you're going to use it and then character. Determines whether you're using it for good or using it for bad because you can gain like all this information and you know you know how to analyze the stock market and etc and then wisdom to apply that knowledge to make money but then how you're going to use that is going to be determined by the character that is underlying So just just I guess adding that nuance to what is very interesting that I believe one of the Ivy League schools many years ago they were saying that many of their graduates were going and they were getting becoming all criminals and they had a high and they were kind of embarrassed like hey this is one of the world's elite schools and many of our students are going to jail and so they had to enact some kind of ethics program to see with all this knowledge that they acquire they're using it for nefarious means and it's becoming prop. Not a not a contribution to society but actually a deterrent to negative and what I love about Proverbs Chapter 4 verse 7 it says wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom and here in scripture there is there's a hierarchy to what's important when we talk about education in many we go to school to get informed you know and that's why the majority of our classes no matter where you go across the world you're you're getting information and the more information you have the more educated you become and that's why you know that's what makes the difference between a great school internationally and a not so great school that is more localized great schools have the ability to give you access to more information or people that have more information but proverb says the principal thing the most important thing is not actually information but it's actually the development of the ability to under to to use the information that you do have and so you can have a person with a very small amount of information that is very very wise and the reverse could also be true someone who has a lot of knowledge but very very small amount of wisdom by now you may be thinking man I want more of this wisdom how to acquire this wisdom after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to do you have questions comments all feedback you'd like to. Find us on social media by searching your interest dialogue on Facebook and Twitter Instagram for you to know that while there join us like us comes up next our handle again and invest time will speak now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back we are in the midst of talking about wisdom about wisdom another word for wisdom maybe street smarts as opposed to book smarts you kind of bring it down and some people are book smarts they can read one thing they memorize it forever but they have no idea how to use it whereas our people are street smarts they don't know much but they know how life. Haven't you a lot of street smarts Let's go to problems for and what's let's look at some items elements of breakdown that text a bit. There is this as you are all talking I'm like I'm thinking I want more wisdom but what other attributes do you see in chapter 4 well with them so I just want to say to answer your desire. In the Bible to get wisdom so you want it it's something that is actually attainable with them. Thank you and it goes on in verse 5 a says Don't turn away from the words of my mouth don't forget in other words not only is it accessible but is always present you know and wisdom is not we don't the reason why we don't have wisdom according to this text is not so much because we can't find the mountain in which its founder We don't know where to dig to find it the reason why we don't have wisdom is because we don't know we don't desire it we don't even know it's all around us we don't value it the way we should value when or we 1st take it or we turn away from it we ignore wisdom whatever it becomes available to us. Something I see verses 8 and 9 in addition to you know we've already said about how you want to get was done but you. And after you have it how you should treat that experience and how you should treat that So exulting her and she will place on your your head an ornament of glory should live or to you so there's there's blessings and there's a benefit in not just getting it but in retaining and seen the value that it has an image so if there's something in verse 6 that we can also bring out a says Do not for Sacre and she will preserve the it says love her and she will keep the. You know wisdom is like a treasure that true neglect can be lost and you know the Bible talks about these different things you have the parable of the law school and that is essentially like like wisdom it's something that the woman loses the coin because of neglect and in a very in a very similar case God gives us wisdom he constantly gives us the ability to live life through Providence through the study of His word through open door closed doors he gives us opportunity to exercise wisdom but when we don't treasure it when we don't love it when we neglect then we lose it like this woman loses her or her corner in chapter 15 so wisdom is something that that can be lost and whenever we don't. Have wisdom it's because we've neglected the cultivation of it and. I want to point to that in verse 8. I think you know we read about as rosary in verse 6 that she will preserve you and she will keep you but in 1st aid it talks about exalt her and she will promote you and she will bring you on when you praise her and the Bible story that comes to my mind is is about Solomon and how Solomon you know what the wisest man that ever lived outside of Jesus right but in the way that he exercised his wisdom it was something that promoted him in the eyes of all the world so you have people coming from all over to see his riches to see this man who is so wise and you know I think his life is a testimony to the fact that wisdom when exercised it does. Promote it. I'm going to give an illustration here where I had to go pick someone up in downtown Detroit and this person was coming in on a train and. He totally calculated the best time the best the best train fare it was the cheapest but it's coming in at 1 o'clock in the morning and I was thinking. This is this is downtown Detroit if you know your geography maybe not the friendliest the cities and especially where the train stations that I mean if you're if you're living there God bless you no offense but we love the d.a. We love you yeah hey Motown but just kind of an interesting time of day to be coming in and said hey this person saw that they were doing their smart analysis right I mean it was the best fare best time most efficient is best time for someone to pick him up I had to go pick them up I don't think is the best time but hey there's no traffic going to get out of the and I was thinking hey this was a very unwise move is not something that you can do research on this is just kind of a life this is just and I'm thinking here going to verse 13 take firm hold of instruction do not let go keep her for she is your life. This is not a exaggeration sometimes wisdom can really save your life and I'm thinking you know we have 11 o'clock in the morning and then there's just interesting characters all around I'm like Lord Judge not lest you be judged but then you want to be safe and you know you know you don't need you know we would be wise though I was in the Valley of the out of that and by God's grace we got out of there but there was a dissonance there as of this yes in wisdom can truly save your life I want to go back to what you said is right before that was very interesting the belief he took control ability. So how does one I mean to sound like a super super hero ability and in many ways it is how does one get this how does one develop how. All practical the Bible tells us and we talk about the fact that it's available is just the value of there and I think that's why we don't have a we don't have it because we value it now we talk about all yes of course I value it of course I want the ability to control ability who doesn't want that but but when it and this is this is you know in our previous episode we talk about the value not the value but the uniqueness of as an aside you cation and this is it the uniqueness of Avonex education is that we have a hierarchy philosophically whether it's in practice it's a different conversation but there's a hierarchy to education that the Bible produces in the end and this is why it's important we talk about the 1st components of education early on knowledge information whatever it is you know truth. All of that there's a there's a there's a monopoly on that the god has right but the thing is that information and all these knowledge things those are things that God has at will and can give whenever he wants I mean he's he's abundant he's the source he never runs out of that if God wants to give us any kind of information he has the immediate ability to do this without any hard work so God doesn't really care about knowledge and information because he can give that to us now the problem with education with society today is that this has become the ultimate value we value intelligence in this world and if you're not smart if you're dumb then I don't want to be associated with you and so everything in school points towards the acquirement of intelligence and this is what we value we value intelligence that's why we read the books that's why we have the big libraries in our schools and so forth and so we say we value wisdom but we don't and so in Scripture and through the Adventist unique structure of education actually information scientific information or quite literary acquirement these are at the bottom of the totem pole yeah of the hierarchy and so when you think about it the information is not the most important thing but we've swallowed that pill that is above information we have power and power is how we use it has to do with how we use the information that we have now the problems in the world today have to do with the fact that people in power do not do not know how to use it and you know when they use if they don't use the power that's rightfully theirs or if they exceed the power that's the power that they don't have there there are issues of character there and the world collapses right when you think about you know places around the world that have abused power people have died some people are living in very rich areas while the countries are dying this has to do with the bad use of power and from the Biblical perspective power is. Is obviously more important than information because people without information still rise to power and so would God ultimately says the principal thing is wisdom there is something that supersedes all of these things and that is the power of wisdom or the power of character God says I need people of character that I can entrust with power and that I can entrust with information and because we said our no matter how much we talk about our love for wisdom because our affections are said to wards power and towards intelligence we neglect wisdom as much as we say we care for it and that's why we don't have it. Speaks to the idea that came to him says I can't top that but. You don't have to stop you can always you know that is the knowledge that. I was I'm sure you would it was you know the pop. Power is not a competition yeah man but the time my as I can probably have to 33 in verses 5 to 7 when you talk about how do we acquire this meaning and the size of the sentences trust in the Lord with all your heart lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge him and he saw direct your pads and then do not be wise in your own eyes see as the Lord and depart from evil. And this being wise in your own eyes seems to be contrast it with fear in the Lord and departing from evil though the I know we already spoke about it earlier on but this this relationship with God The new is the beginning of acquiring the wisdom that the right and of wisdom to be able to use the information that we don't know the knowledge that we have in the right way and that's with a few of the lawyers. While you're talking I'm thinking of also 2nd Peter chapter one you mention the hierarchy there and then Hark you actually continues but it does parallel with what Israel and Seeker were just saying 1st Peter chapter one verse verse 6 service 5 I should say. For also but also for this very reason giving all diligence add to your faith virtue and virtue knowledge to knowledge self-control and self-control perseverance prospering godliness to godliness brother kind brotherly kindness and to brotherly kindness love if these things are yours abound you will be neither bear nor on fruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ for He who lacks these things is short sighted even to blindness and has forgotten that he was cleansed from his old sins therefore brother be even more diligent to make your call an election sure for if you do these things you will never stumble this parallels the hierarchy that your mentioning your knowledge is very is low on the totem pole and it goes through to godliness and kindness and love which are character and self the true. This is very this is very good. Kalli. You're nodding yes just understanding sign on if you can say Ok Very good very good yes this is you know this is where this is where God's master plan of education becomes exciting for us or at least for me in this world we clearly have followed the wrong model of education from the very very beginning we've promoted people that have the ability to obtain or to receive or to hold on to knowledge these people have been promoted and if you if you have the ability to pass certain exams then you can get an answer and universities if you have the ability to get to you certain universities then you can get certain jobs if you have the ability to get certain jobs then you can get promoted for other jobs and and you get more money and something that really really shocked me and angered me like you know never before was when we had that we had a few years ago I think 2006 an economic crisis globally and especially in the United States during a time of economic crisis the gas prices went up and I thought to myself This is incredible because clearly the people the C.E.O.'s that are running these organizations are very wealthy if there's any time in earth's history for someone to say I'm going to take a hit you know I'm going to take a personal hit obviously I have a lot more money than the people who need gas money to go to work I'm going to take a pay decrease even just a pay decrease or just forget my bonuses so that I can help society. Yeah to get get through this but none of that happened instead of that gas prices went up they saw that as an opportunity to make extra money why because there is a lack of character and this is why the Bible says and as admin as we value this component of character because it is character that provides not politics or religion but it is character that provides a counter influence to the way in which is ideas function which breaks itself down and that's why the value of education is extremely important and it should be taught systematically in our schools but if not we should be engaged in it on a day to day and personal with others to make us make your point but to do the flipside the C.E.O.'s are abusing the power so then you have their reaction and it's like hey we must bring them into check but they're also acquiring power with the lack of the same character and we're just so Christians are stuck in this and this power play between these 2 entities and the pole it's either go one side or the other I don't know but you know I've been very inspired to seek wisdom rather than knowledge and power and how to as the Lord blesses to be able to have the goodness and the kindness and the godliness to be able to have the ability to control the military That's our prayer from our table hopefully that's your prayer out there God bless you I will see you next week here in verse by the way we want to visit in verse Bible Dorji for Bible study guys and to see the rest of our episodes go to hope t.v. dot already slash in verse God bless you guys. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the calendar is wrong Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the hope channel television that changes like this and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse Dr Hope t.v. news that Origen find us on social media hash tag in the 1st 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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