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How does taking a break make you smarter?



  • November 23, 2020
    1:15 PM

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Take a chill pill don't do anything take a break how does that make you smarter than this episode of inverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to the Bible based conversation or my. Temporary this. Is your just in within. An activity that is researching in popularity is a Sabbath keeping where you take one day out of the week and you take some rest you turn off your phones your turn off your devices and you spend time with the people that matter most to you and especially in your spiritual development with God in the studio with me with our Sebastian and Jonathan and we have Cally with us somewhere on the other she is and we want to welcome our friends on this episode on education and the Sabbath we are in this quarter in the season on the topic of education and education is not again we're going to sound like a broken record we are not talking about degrees diplomas and detention we are talking about spiritual development and the purpose of life so Sebastian can you pray for us as we start this yes let's pray Heavenly Father we know that thousands of years ago when you created the world you decided to set aside a day for us to rest to know you and to follow your example. But Lord it was also not as one who was weary and so would we pray that now as we discuss these things that you may open our minds in our hearts that we understand you that we must understand your purpose in why you gave the sun beats for our development is our prayer in Jesus name him and Amen amen Johnson we have been with us on some episodes and some of us said you've been you've been you've been resting and keeping the inverse of a some inverse of it yeah what are some high points that you remember from his in order and keep us up to sync us up here yeah sure I love this topic of education and as you said it's not about school so much it's more about the broader perspective of how we are developed as human beings in you know in a spiritual sense for a lot of brokenness into into the image of God And then of course what God's purpose is for us so I've been blessed really by every episode we've been doing looking at different aspects that got teaches us you know through to Sanctuary this this blueprint that God gave us to understand how he transforms our lives looking at what how that impacts the way we interact with others how God has given us so many ways I'm going to look at one of them today to reveal Himself in His character to us and how that transforms our lives so it's hard to pinpoint one thing because in most of the so broad and all encompassing but it's been a blessing that I can say yeah we're looking at now the biblical philosophy of education and specifically that God has given us the gift of the Sabbath Yes and how the Sabbath how as I said in my teaser How does taking a break how does resting impact in your development usually in this rat race that we're in development like do more and be more active God is saying no Take a chill pill rest and read and school sit down so let's go to Exodus Chapter 31 x. this chapter 31 verse 12 to 18 in Cali if you can read that for us Exodus Chapter 31 1st 1218 please. Absolutely and the Lord spoke to Moses saying speak also to the children of Israel saying surely my Sabbaths you shall keep for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations that you may know that I am the Lord who sanctifies you you shall keep the Sabbath therefore if it is holy to you every one who profanes it shall surely be put to death for whoever does any work on it that person shall be cut off from among his people work shall be done for 6 days but the 7th day is the Sabbath of rest holy to the lord whoever does any work on the Sabbath day he shall surely be put to death therefore the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath to observe the Sabbath throughout their generations as a perpetual covenant it is assigned between me and the children of Israel forever 4 and 6 days the Lord made the heavens and the earth and on the 7th day he rested and was for fresh and when he had made an end of speaking with him on Mount Sinai he gave Moses to tap a list of the testimony tablets of stone written with the finger of God All right so this is a on awesome passage with some heavy parts in there let's let's sync up with maybe some people who may not know about Sabbath keeping what is Sabbath What is Sabbath keep being in is this a Jewish thing is this do we can we watch our fall t.v. on static just give us a briefing on this and start there when you go back to your names is back. So I threw me off. So when you think about the Sabbath it is something that was given in creation right when Adam and Eve were created and what that kind of lets us know was this was not a Jewish thing or a cultural thing this is a human thing and I was a human thing it was God's ideal right even before sin entered the world he didn't institute the Sabbath after sin he created it there as a part of that original foundation now that Sabbath keeping which we believe biblically goes from that sunset on the 6th day to the sunset right from evening to evening as the creation account tells us evening and morning were the 1st day and as a guide just through this day was set aside for us not to rest unnecessarily from any sort of activity right this wasn't about laziness right Netflix and binge right this was more so about taking time to move away from our work into enjoy the completed work of God because God Himself rested but he obviously didn't rest because he was tired he rested because the work was done so the sabbath ends up becoming this weekly reminder of the completed work of God in that should be our focus in our activity and on that it was so beautiful about the creation account is that you know God created you know us for 6 days and he created this time and space and filled it with you know all the things he created but the 7th day he created time space but he filled it with himself the Sabbath really is the gift the presence of God's presence and so he is he has integrated his special Holy Presence into the weekly cycle as he said from Friday night Saturday night and this is part of the blessing of what it means to be alive and be connected to God because being on for thousands of years every Sabbath God is especially present for us and with us to sanctify us and change our lives it's just a beautiful thing that God has put himself sort of say into the creation cycle in a previous episode I don't know which which number but we looked at the sanctuary and the Lord placing his presence in terms of space so here we're talking about the Sabbath and a lawyer placing his presence in terms of time. So he is in the space time continuum with it ask yourself how does an infinite eternal being do that and there's many many people who will argue like a few just to appear he would hear but how does an infinite being do that and the cities are these are vignettes that we see of God and also in the incarnation of Jesus as well right for you see these little little incidents happening of God manifesting Himself So Cal what this education have to do with Sabbath keeping and Sabbath are these 2 connected and what can we glean from going to us. I was going to verse 13 again I think it really speaks to that question it says speak also to the children of Israel saying surely my sabots you shall keep for it is a sign between me and you 3 generations this is a key part that you may know that I am the Lord who sanctifies you one of the most beautiful things about the Sabbath is it reminds us who does the heavy lifting in our salvation who does all the work and also who continues to sing defy us and so education you know we've talked about that education true education is a refinement of our character and making us more like Christ and on the Sabbath is when I'm reminded Well yeah God is the one who is making me like Christ we have our efforts you know we do our things but really none of that even happens without God's hand itself and so the Sabbath you know you kind of said it a few different ways but but over the Sabbath as a workaholic and perfectionist is God chooses the day to tell us to not do anything to say this is the day that I'm I'm the one who's doing all the work I'm the one I'm the one always saying defies you I want you to remind you of that so the day that God calls holy is the day that he tells us to rest which shows that our active miss our business does not create holiness God Himself is holy he shares that with him and I mean is very important that there is one specific day and not one of any 7 days but one specific Yes late at night up and it's not the legality that's the emphasis but it is that it's based on a relationship with him right and there's many who want to deemphasize that they emphasize that relationship and say well you know he really just meant one any day one of 7 and so doesn't mean you can choose and then the human body can just kind of rest and that's but that the emphasizes kind of saying you know it's me and my wife like hey we can just celebrate and need our anniversary but it really did. Personalizes it and so here as Cal you are saying in verse 13 and this is a sign between God and him a memorial this is the personality factor to be seared into this otherwise it doesn't have a legal activity especially I think it even goes Ok let's go special and so Jonathan and then Cally just going to say that real briefly when you when you look in verse 17 it lets us know that the Lord made the heavens and the earth and on the 7th day he rested and was refreshing and so this idea that at the root of true education is becoming acquainted with God and knowing gone in being made in the image of God we are called to imitate him to follow his example and so when we take that relationship component me keeping the Sabbath is not because of a rule that I'm trying to keep Yes but because I love the example in the person of Jesus Christ of God and I'm called to follow his example so by me keeping the Sabbath and entering into his righteous behavior is entering into his perfect choice because God is too wise to be mistaken so he takes a day of rest that has to be perfect on this day you know the media savvy his kind of like a tropical island and what I mean by that is you have the island It's beautiful right it's a paradise but the island you only see the top of the water covers the rest of it goes down deep there's a lot more kind of an iceberg there's a lot more about the problems that an iceberg and so the Sabbath is a manifestation in discovered in verse 16 says different children is or still keep the Sabbath to observe the Sabbath through other generations as a perpetual covenant in this relationship with God the Sabbath becomes the visible sign of faithfulness God's faithfulness to me always and in response to his faithfulness I am faithful to him and I miss the Sabbath is as you said is the celebration of our relationship with God But there's so much more at a deeper reality that is not always seen but is celebrated in the Sabbath that makes sense when Kelly. Yeah well just to your earlier point about how the Sabbath is the 7th day specifically and go back to an earlier episode of it takes faith to know that right so we may not feel the supernatural thing in the air when the time of day comes but God said it is the 7th day that he declared holy and so we have to have faith to believe that and to experience that you know that it comes from the Word of God When we come back after the break we'll look at how does this Sabbath day how does the Sabbath keeping enhanced your personal life your family life your character your children everything around you after the break stay with us. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching ends or spiral on Facebook the Twitter Instagram for you to our While there join us like us comes up next the handle again is in 1st Bible Mel States now back to the discussion. A welcome back we are happy you take a little Sabbath break there not a lot of biblical Sabbath photo short little 5 minute Sabbath What is the supernatural effect of the Sabbath upon us we there is a sanctifying we read in verse 13 we are in Exodus Chapter 31 verse 13 what happens is there change that you know when it comes to God and His Holiness that you know when God created Sabbath he said he sanctified it he made it holy and made holy by his presence I think of Moses when he saw the burning bush he was in the presence of God And God said Take off your shoes because the ground on which you stand is holy there is something that happens when we are in the presence of God the purity the holiness of God affects us we see ourselves in the true Light that we are in you know we cover of health you know when we are in a prison because we realize our need for salvation and God provides that praise him but there is there is an influenza supernatural influence when we are in his presence and when we are in his presence in a covenant relationship that's where transformation takes place that we cannot fully understand but it does take place and it is where he changes our hearts our desires to be more aligned with righteousness and holiness and purity and this is something that God has instituted into the Sabbath as we rest in His righteousness Sebastian was saying you know we we come into his righteousness and his right to present right as we rest in Him really did great comes out because this is where we are transformed it's not God imposing upon us all the things we have to do in his presence we are transformed and we are made like him through and that was the ironic reaction is God is teaching us don't do anything and by not doing seeing you will understand Grace you understand you can't work for your salvation you will be changed you are just the passive element I will be changing you don't do anything and then at least the bible portrayed there were people who said. Ok Well we're going to do not doing and we're going to make that very We're going to be very busy not to do it and then I'm going to try not to do anything as much as possible and then eat the whole of the institution and laws and there are a burden of we must not do anything we must do it very well and just and it's got a lot of effort into that that's the great irony of that through we in the same temptation for us today as I know it Ok this is a day where you don't do this and do it and not and look at keeping the Sabbath in a very not tied with way in a very legal it's the right way so I'm kind of reminds me of a conversation I had with my barber back in college and he was telling a story about his daughter and how she was she was crying and screaming and she was like she doesn't want to go with him you want to stay with her brother and he was like What are you talking about like you just spent 2 weeks with your brother watch you want to come home and she was crying and upset and finally said you know what fine you want to get out you want to go back to your brother so he stops the car and he's like go ahead right you can go but the crazy thing is she opened the door in the car so that he's like freaking out right she's like 6 years old so he's like Wait what do you do so he goes out she's crying and crying and he's like listen what is the problem and she says you know what I want to go to my brother because he plays with me and he's like why I took you to the park I did this I did that right going back to the legal list of rules but then she says no but you don't get down on the ground in play with me wow and he was really shocked by that. And to me the Sabbath is God's way of saying I want to get down on the ground and I want to play with you I don't want any other distractions not your phone not you're watching the game you know this is just me and you in God's desire for communion with us yes it shows his own commitment that he says I cut aside an entire day to remind you of eternal things while you're spending 6 days working on perishable things that are not eternal and so to me that illustration really shows to this obvious in terms of Gaunt's desire for education to develop us to Communion but also his commitment to just taking time with him and how that relationship is embedded right in the middle I want to go to this phrase in the middle there the not so good part yeah. 14 If you're with us you should keep the Sabbath therefore it is holy to you and everyone who per frame that shall be put to death for whoever does any work on and that person shall be cut off from monks the people work for it work should be done for 6 days but the 7th is the Sabbath of rest holy to the lord whoever does any work on the Sabbath day he shall surely be put to death Ok so there's a kind of like not so nice parts that we just want to conscript over and then go to the front and what is this revealing about side of keeping Johnson Yeah I mean 1st of all it reveals that this is really important to God very very holy I mean we live in a day and age where nothing is wholly anymore and we're just whatever do whatever you want and there's no consequences but in this reality of Israel God's presence was visible God was visibly present to the Israelites and they were his people they had entered into a covenant with him and to rebel and break God's commandment in that reality was a very very grevious fings thing it was not that God wanted to kill but it he had no choice because when you rebel in such a situation you are it is a rebellion with an outstretched arm against God and you have broken a covenant that you have gone too far and and so but it shows the same time how holy and how important it. And you know we are really missing out when we are not engaging in so it's an intense situation and circumstances have changed a little bit now today compared to this so there is a solemnity there with it when encountering that proximity with a holy God Ok Ok. Yeah I think the severity is just indicative of how important this is to God and not because God is arbitrary and he likes to you know enforce rules because he's bored but because we're important to him and so our experience of the Sabbath important to him and you know I think again just going back to my natural tendencies if the Sabbath was a recommendation or you know strongly encouraged then we would just you know we would do it when we rest family maybe like on a holiday weekend or a vacation but at any point and convenience or cut into our productivity So basically every Sabbath we would stop or we do like halfway or like I'll devote the morning to spiritual things with the afternoon as mine and it would just become not what it was supposed to be so part of it is God preserving even our into standing with him and preserving our understanding of where our sanctification comes from and so when I you know when I 1st saw this kind of freaked me out but now I just see it as God being like I am so serious about this I'm so serious about your need for this and I'm so serious about our communion together you know and so that's the parental concern parental love pronto mandate for though the adding up of the life of a child in a sense a case about and I also want to add the component from our previous episode about faith in this concept of submitting to the authority of God that knowing him as creator and redeemer gives him that authority to set these type of boundaries to my life and trusting His goodness behind that right and he commands me for my good always Deuteronomy and when I think about my my Aunt Judy used to have a room of furniture covered in like plastic and you could not even sit on the front. All right but and use the china in the cabinets and you're thinking to yourself as a kid like Dude it's just the couch like it's just this but finally my cousin and I unfortunately you know he talked me into going in there right in his room my aunt shows up and she's like aghast and I'm thinking you know my life is over Thankfully I live long enough to be on invertebrates to know the story but my mom began to explain how many of those pieces in there were some of the 1st pieces of furniture she could afford growing up in poverty right and many of the China were from her parents or grandparents right and how they were sacred and special and the recognition of that all the sudden because of my love for my aunt I was willing to treat that which was valuable to her with the same respect and all and this is what God is saying I rested and this is the sacredness that I look at this particular time with so I need you to enter an experience that same particular respect and in sense of honor in sacred in this very thing that is also valuable to me it's putting God in his rightful place in a many ways and you know anyways Sabbath interrupts us right and we we have to establish who is Lord isn't me right or is a God and if God is Lord he has a right to interrupt I should obey but sometimes I think I am the Lord Manton you know I think who he is interrupting my life I need to work I got objectives I've got profit to make I've got studying to do I have a life to live and a lot to say in many ways I mean this this this is a sound like a mandate that he's angry and if you don't keep my law going to die but in many ways how many people are out there who are not keeping the Sabbath or not and they're running that or that rat race they're running on fumes and they are spiritually dead and their trajectory is they are dead they are just kind of just they're living a life while dead inside and so the Lord says he interrupts our lives and says Stop take a pay. Sure of where you're at where you're going to you're serving who's right take a g.p.s. screen shot of your life and just kind of reassess where you're going to have it is really a weekly reset button in a way but we've been talking about education we talked about how in the world education is all about making you self-sufficient and building yourself up but really God's perspective is so much higher and what he wants for us is an experience that lifts us up into his realm and builds up and heals us and all these wonderful things where the Sabbath then becomes the highlight of each week but entire week is about the Sabbath preparing for the Sabbath celebrating the beauty of God's reality my life the beauty of his redemption being a reality he's sanctifying experience which is an ongoing experience and so the Sabbath is the whole week is just preparation for the Sabbath it's a reset button in a way the Sabbath is also the beginning of the week I think of Adam and Eve I mean the 1st went full 24 hours of their life was the Sabbath spending time with the creator before he did anything else was spending this 24 hours with him and then they went into the week of work and it was a let me ask you all this question because we had a Sabbath has been like this all growing No more like no more like now it's like wow many people want to keep the Sabbath many so what do we do on Sabbath there some of us the Sabbath specially during this pandemic Sabbath is like I'm not doing anything during the week and on Sabbath I'm going to continue doing nothing on this day as well what are the things that you have done on the Sabbath that not only make it special but also acknowledge the Lordship to acknowledge the parental figure whose concern for us in the House and especially your family are there things that you would do or is this the 24 hour stop watch that it didn't it of doing nothing until that sun goes down on Saturday. I think the overarching thing I try to bring into my snap experience is being rushed on so having an rushed time reading the Bible and pray while I have conversations with so many Sabbaths there I mean it's like I'm emergency rooms that we need 55 seasons of getting into the car and go right now anyway go ahead. You have enough conversations with my husband having under scanner stations with people I know around here and I'm having a rushed walk with my God you know just this is an rushed ness and I try not to look at that I'm always very aware of what time it is and it's my goal every Sabbath to lose track of time and to just go the sunset fascinating like I want that to surprise me and so whatever the activity is I try to have that where I'm I'm present I am present with those people I'm I'm present with God and I'm listening to him and I'm communing with him but overarching you know to your point you know we can remove the blessing of the Sabbath by doing spiritual things and so I think whatever we're doing whether it's communion in a church or online or you know whatever a doing having that that peaceful and unrushed spirit I think that really does what Jesus asks us to do that is amazing I mean getting to set us going at a divine service and getting to part like and cleaning up to probably go home and then we keep the Sabbath by resting for us the day after right that's really not and I pray state that losing track of time on the Sabbath that that's as equal. I think just briefly for me one of the things my family would love to do is go to this big rolls garden near one of the offices where I work and to see all the different types of roles is the way they've grown into take my children there and to appreciate the fact that when my daughters when my son are like wow this is really pretty I love the way this looks you just say men look at this is what God has made he's a lover of beauty how educational That is to my kids about I'm going to bring Chinese in this aesthetic so we don't. I think about us logics and Life Ok Jonathan Well I. Mean there's so many things I would say but I think it's important that we are very intentional in welcoming and closing the Sabbath recognizing that holy time and just appreciating it from the beginning to the end that what you prepare for is that what you value is what John is saying well even inspired by a conversation in keeping the Sabbath and not just of the day and for the keeping for the sake of keeping itself but really in countering God in changing all of our lives our minds and our hearts thanks so much for joining our conversation continued conversation on our social media outlets We'll see you next week here on in you've been listening to invest a Bible based conversation. Is wrong with Jonathan Sebastian back. In the us is brought to you by the. Television that changes. But there are more inspiring than ever so there's that embrace. Your. Bias us all. In the 1st time until next time this is n.p.r. so.


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