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11 The Schools of the Prophets

Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Sikhu Daco Jonathan Walter


Do you have mentors in your life?



  • December 7, 2020
    1:30 PM

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Whether it's the Juilliard of music or the West Point Military School of the prophets was the leak of Israel find out as we study on this topic on and verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to the Bible based conversation or my. Temporary issue. Yes your post just within that. God has used a different models different vignettes to teach character to His people throughout human history on this office so we look at the School of the prophets and elite group and the elite institution where God has taught his principals his history how the spirit of prophecy works to a group of young people welcome to in verse everyone we're so glad you decide to spend the next 30 minutes or so with us with my friends in the studio we have seen Jonathan and Sebastian in the house today and say hi everyone hello. Again the Hawaiian special is back in the wind Sebastian can you pray for us in English language Thanks so much Let us pray. Off Father we thank you so much for the gift of life we thank you for the privilege of serving through in verse and being here with those who are tuning in to study the word we ask Lord that your spirit your sweet sweet spirit may guide us into all truth is our prayer in Jesus' name amen amen amen Have you ever I mentioned mention in my teaser that the elite schools they try to get your after I've been have there been any schools that you have always wished or desire to get into or you spent not not like the Harvard's and the Oxford I mean everyone I mean maybe everyone. Aspires aspirations for those kind of schools but he's like small like rare schools they get into Yeah you know well I remember before before God was very clear about that he wanted me to go into theology I wanted to go to this private school in Munich Germany that was teaching on media and videography and so I looked into it and I was really excited. I thought I had this is maybe where I want to go but then Jesus said no you're going from Wales Ok I'm going to totally different person yes that's interesting because Sebastian and the secret lives that you may have wanted to live I mean definitely Navy SEALs Navy SEALs Yeah yeah I was interested in in the Marines I was a sniper so I figured if I could go that direction the Marines already you know the group on itself but you have the Navy SEALs where you have the option of going into like basically assassination type kill missions so I was interested in that what you know if you were kale and. Shell called in very secret and he's you know no I went to the school that you went to the school they wanted you went to always a little was school already Ok All right we're going to all right all right so let's go to the 1st King our 2nd Kings I'm sorry 2nd Kings Chapter 4 verse 382442 death for us all right it reads. And life will return to gal gal and there was a famine in the land now the sons of the prophets were sitting before him and he said to his servant put on the lodge pot and boil stew for the sons of the prophets so one went out into the field to gather and found a wild vine and gathered from it a lap full of wild cords and came and sliced them into the pot as do you though they did not know what they were then they served it to the men to eat Now it happened as they were eating the stew that they cried out and said Man of God there is deaf in the pot and they could not eat it so he said then bring some flour and he put it into the pot and said serve it to the people that they may eat and there was nothing harmful in the pot Ok thank you for that manic reading of the passage she's emotional only the. Good ones decent that you gave Johnson and give us a kind of a synopsis on on the school of the Prophet What were they and I mean what he was eating all day was a cooking show. Well. As we know its role God let them out of Egypt through the death of 40 years and then he let them into the Promised Land Canaan and only issue was Canaan was occupied with other nations and God told them you know you have to drive all these nations or in some cases destroy these these nations and Israel is like Alright we'll do it and they did it kind of you know sort of Jericho and I and some other places. But then they got comfortable and they did not fulfill the mission of God told him to do so the problem was now that's not a real living alongside with with these Gentiles that were practicing some of the most horrific religious and sacrilegious practices and this influenced the Israelites to idol worship came in and and apostasy take place and so not everyone fell you know not everyone fell away so to say but apostasy was. Widespread in the land and so a couple generations later Samuel actually this is long before we just read here Samuel said I'm going to I'm going to try to do something and so he started to school the prophets he's established he's the school to to bring young people in who are God fearing and who want to know more about God who want to be you know he was trained to be leaders to work against the apostasy and this continued and now and in their lifetime hundreds of years later we also still see this school of the prophets going on young people living together being trained into becoming spokespeople for God in to combat the apostasy that was going on among And you see all these the prophets of emerging I mean at the big ones you got there. And they also think these minor days are kind of popping in a now and then you've got like the man of God He doesn't even have a name to do and they all were kind of school in this in the school the profits it did not mean automatically became a profit God chose always choose the prophet individual himself and they were either male or female. But this wasn't something they were you're automatically became a prophet and you got a certificate and you were a spokesperson for God kind of so I mean why why you talk about these guys fought against the social evils of their time what was what were some other functions of the school the profits during that time why why why during Why did Samuel do that. Well I think the 1st thing that Samuel wanted to do was he wanted there to be continuity in terms of a knowledge of gone Ok because he saw that there was this lack of knowledge there was this degradation there was this mixing of these ideas and so here we see in that passes that we just read that this was something that was going to be accomplished not only by instruction but they were considered to be the children of the prophet and in this way they were in close relationship with the launcher and so this relates kind of to our previous quarter on discipleship in that previous season where this was like a school where no you're not just here to get educated in the traditional sense of learn a class learn a skill but fellowship you ate with the prophet and it was through this that every problem however small or however great he was almost like your father and we see that when Eliza is transitioned from Elijah and he says my father he calls Alija that and Alijah had also travel to the schools of the prophets before he left us so this is a one of the things that these schools were able to instruct in the idea that God through Samuel was creating an opportunity for godly men to provide influence to future gone Leaman and to build that legacy of faithfulness to gone and they and these and these young men they were trained up to become leaders and to have influential positions sort of to direct the direction of the country into more of a faithful action you know some of these were you know counsellors to Kings or leaders and so he had these who's who are used to raise up you know an army of young leaders who are who are standing for what is right but who are excellent in all the things that they do that again not just the traditional prophet only the Word of God Is this but they were they were placed in positions of influence so that they can help the direction of the country and of the Nation of Israel to be more faithful I just love that motif God uses a small group of people and he sprinkles them and uses them to almost change the country to change the world you know. 11 years like 11 and then you have the other schools who are just training or changing them for for not that for personal gain or I mean I mean very similar to our our time and day to day you've got these 2 to minds of education battling each other and I was just one save from from talking about how the schools of the prophets were and that kinship with the concept of discipleship I think a modern term that people use as mentorship that it wasn't just it wasn't just you know didactic instruction I said standing in front of a classroom and I wrote Remember I say sent a repetition but it was it was a fellowship and spending time together so that the life of the prophet or the life of the instructor becomes reflected in the life of the mentality also put in right right so there is it's not just in terms of information although like with the signs of the process they were learning how to interpret Scripture how to explain Scripture how to expound on scripture but going beyond just how to expand on scripture not just at an intellectual level but like in how to how you live that out in your lives was part of what the school and you know we also see with David there was that also clearly an emphasis on the arts and his ability to craft music through the songs and because we know that David went to the school of the prophets as well so to take this idea that the schools of the prophets were not just these things where we're like oh a music program possibly if we can afford it for them this was interger all to taking the theology and finding different artistic expressions and ways to express the character of God to express our spiritual experience with God and knowing God wasn't something that had to just only happen through book reading or learning or scientific analysis but you could reflect in poetry you could reflect in song you could reflect in prose in writing or even in speaking and in these things were embedded into that culture. Of even the we know that all the songs were not only written by David there was Solomon there was one from Moses even right the sons of course so this lets us know that the schools of the prophets they were tapping into some of these most influential parts of daily life like music and like the arts let me ask you this question this is maybe maybe to be a noble question but this is the story here I mean it's why do you think the story is in scripture is having food and it's kind of funny a seeker is reading man of God There is a death in the pot. Around there and I wish you would have spring of some some charcoal or something it was very a very proper approach for us here why why is that here I don't know the answer either but I'm just if you have any insight that is this is not what we have you know that's just quite curious I don't know but just my gut reaction here is maybe God is trying to tell us that God and people are normal people like the normal people yeah like they have been the kind of people have poison in their food all the time. Around they're all right Ok but I don't know where that's are as there was I mean obviously a little miracle took place and yeah but it was like yes these are human beings and they're not just shut up monks somewhere and they're just all to do with meditate all day long no they were very much engaged in real life and this was doing a famine you know but this story of course shows the God provides takes care of those who trust in him and consider the emphasis that God has on small areas of life even your diet Yeah even what you're eating and so the fact that the man of God says Boyle stew him put this on this is something that was instructing him to do it wasn't like a life she had a cook and kitchen staff he was just like no put this these things on so to me it also shows that God's educational concept doesn't just revolve around certain areas of life it's even in the small things everybody paying attention every day and rest will provide miracles in even some of those insignificant areas of life when we come back after the break we'll look at different passages in the Old Testament that talk about the school the prophets and maybe there are miracles there maybe there is not clean those insights after the break. Has impressed been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching for spyware on Facebook and Twitter Instagram for you to out there join us like us comes up next our handle again is in 1st Bible no states now back to the discussion. Welcome back we'll look at these elite schools the schools of the prophets and I don't know about you guys but I would have loved to have been part of what are the schools of prophets not in their cafeteria and just read but I would I don't know how the application process would have been I don't know if your recommendation letters I don't know if I would've qualified if there was like a push up requirement or a fireman or if maybe it was me being Korean American I don't know if I got to speak Hebrew out assume that would be a natural language but let's look at other passages and see it as a composite picture you see these little vignettes there's never a passage that directly talks about it but gives insights into the school the prophets Yes go to 1st Kings Chapter 20 chapter twin Cheever's 352-432-5243. Dispassion can read it for us yes now a certain man of the sons of the Prophet said to his neighbor by the word of the Lord strike me please in the men refused to strike him then he said to him because you have not obeyed the voice of the Lord surely as soon as you depart from me a lie and shall kill you and as soon as he left him a lion found him and killed him and he found another man and said strike me please. So the man shrugged him inflicting a wound in the Prophet departed and waited for the king by the road and discards himself with a bandage over his eyes now as the king passed by he cried out to the king and said Your servant went out into the midst of the battle and there a man came over him brought a man to me and said guard this man if by any means he is missing your life shall be for his life or else you shall pay a talent of silver while your servant was busy here and there he was gone then the king of Israel said to him so shall your judgment be you yourself have decided it and he hastened to take the bandage away from his eyes when the king of Israel recognized him as one of the prophets then he said to him thus says the Lord because you have let slip out of your hand a man whom I appointed to utter destruction therefore your life shall go for his life and your people for his people so the king of Israel went to his house sullen and displeased and came to Samarium turned out so that is an amazing story and so often weird on some levels and I mean others what it what can we glean I know there's the key the narrative that the Texas trying to say but what can you glean from the school that for the school the prophets there. Well one of the 1st things that jumps out is he speaks to his neighbor and says Strike me please and then the result is well not obeying me is not obeying the voice of the law so that these individuals were also empowered by God with a certain level of spiritual authority in the nation so these are also talking to amongst themselves here where they are at the school and apparently this one is and is has received the Spirit of Prophecy upon him and then he says hit me and the other guy for whatever reason is disobeying not him but God So this is where all this drama happens so there's definitely some some spiritual authority in the recognition that in this place God was moving these young people to actually not only engage each other by inspiration but even the king the most powerful figure in the nation so they were certain individuals that God was creating with a certain level of courage and bravery backbone and moral rectitude to say I'm willing to go confront the king and call out his sin in order to push the nation in the direction that it's going so there was clearly a spirit of surrender to God and a willingness to be a part of his plan however he needed I love you but a very eloquently moral rectitude this is a school of character and then with the character as core they were able to speak truth to power you know sometimes in our day we want to speak the truth the power just because it's the cool things from going to Facebook or in the arts to Graham or because a put on my c.v. a man I told Trump and you and I am on the evening news and often it's out of a deficiency of character that we speak truth to power these guys are taking on the burden that God has given them for truth for the reality of Israel to succeed in this mission that he's there calling truth to power I mean it's a website even though the outside is the same right. Let's say in the context of what we've been talking about education and the context of education and the way that God educates us I think here is an aspiration how the school of the prophets was. That God reveals Himself to us and he uses this is one of the means to reveal Himself to us he uses the setting of educational system I guess you know the school to train young people to train those who are going to go and be you know be the rebuke to the king and you know speak in front of the most powerful in the nation but he uses this kind of a setting to reveal Himself in order to effect change in society so that got part of God's plan in terms of our education does not discount you know the the schools you know having the school system as they have a school system so to speak but using that school system and the main goal the most main purpose is to develop the kind of character the kind of young people who will listen to the voice of God which the 2nd man referred to here did not and what he's trying to tell those will hear the voice of the Lord obey the voice of the Lord and in doing that they are now in the able to go and effect change in society and that's part of God's model. I love that that's the end goal is to change society just a humorous thing but in verse 37 Then he found another man and said strike me please and then the other guy hits him and I'm just wondering you know the Bible and say But was he obeying the Lord Oh I was just being like what happened to the 1st guy and be like. You know you know I don't know and my other truth is this is a little bit of a strange story story to us in our day you know like we wouldn't going to church make a striking right now you disappear because. We don't understand the whole Congress we don't you know when or everything hard when it was back down but what this teaches me also is that God You know you said he would view themselves through the prophets and there is authority in the word that comes from the prophet the Bible it was written by a prophet and and we cannot take this lightly not to not to say that we have to be scared that you know a lion can eat as if we don't you know but there is. The judgment is coming. They are consequences to our decisions and so in part of we talk about education God trying to restore in us the image of God There are some hard things that he you know is saying to us not to not to hope not to make a light hearted but to heal us and so obedience to God's word obedience to the voice of the prophets to the Spirit of Prophecy that is real thrust of the word is. So important when it comes to education the way God think about the consideration that God is willing to use other people to educate us right and to guide us and struck this in life the idea you know of biblical true education still required relationship and sometimes the assumption from God when He created men was Be fruitful and multiply which means one day Adam you're going to be the means by which the revelations I've given to you will now become the legacy and heritage of your children so it definitely calls the say that God can use community in order to accomplish that purpose as well as some of you may be reading this text me like will appreciate all your talk about why why did the guy hit him though like that that I can't get over that and I think that also lends itself to another point about this called the prophets where the prophets would act out dramatically in physical form maybe even theatrical form if I can use that word not theater as in like you know entertainment but actually acting it out and so he's saying he's this guy is pretending to be a person who just got back from a battle from war and has to have some wounds on him so he says hey make me up a bit and other guys like I'm not going to partake in the speaking to the King I mean that's an extension of what he's saying I'm not going to partake in this kind of rebuking the royalty and so on the 2nd guy you know for whatever reason does that and now he can act in front of the king as I just got back from war and then he's rebuking McCain for his lack of faithfulness is right let's go to 2nd Kings Chapter 6 and this is. R. this is another passage another vignette we see to school the prophets in anything else we glean from that 2nd Kings Chapter 6 1st one through 7 kings 6127 The Bible says and the sons of the prophet such a lie just see no the place where we dwell with you is too small for us please let us go to the Jordan Let every man take a beam from there and let us make their place where we made well so we said go so then one said please consent to go with your servants and he answered I will go so we went with them and when they came to the Jordan they cut down trees but as one was cutting down a tree and the iron axe head fell into the water and he cried out and said Alas master for it was borrowed so the man of God said where did it fall and he showed him the place so he cut off a stick he threw it in there and he made the iron float therefore he said pick it up for yourself so he reached out his hand and took it all right this is a classic children's story and every child news that iron does not float but here it is floating and so how many of you have in your bathtub have I seen your toys sink and you wanted to float I mean maybe I'm the only one what what does this story have to do with the school of the prophets anything we can glean from their. Well it's you know it was again kind of like an everyday life situation like that every day just calling us trees and writing our own underwater Right exactly but what I love about this story just now from reading it now is that how to man of God you know the leader the prophet you know the father figure is engaging with the young man you know he's not. He's never been looking him for what he did or what happened you know what happened and he's engaging he is connecting and then he is you know he's again there's an every day like there's a miracle taking place in that situation but it's just so beautiful to see that you know these are young guys or girls we don't know exactly but they were taught in the school. Basic principles of faith and they were you know he was he was showing them that even to everyday problems you know maybe the pot was not an everyday problem necessarily or the poison but to every problems there are solutions and even with this axe God is going to provide sort of for your future ministry you know that he's talking to students you know you can trust that God will provide and he will do the impossible and make the something something that distract me from the truth the 2 narratives that we just read the response when there's a crisis and and Johnson see you know I but I guess I'm thinking about it more in terms of how the sons of the prophets had the courage or they knew to go to the Prophet right away you know and I think that speaks to the type of relationship that had been cultivated through their educational experience was when you have a problem you can come and talk to me about it and so the experience that they were having in these schools was such that. As as they as their teacher it wasn't they didn't feel like they were going to get cussed out or you know you know put down for making this mistake or you know a mistake bad enough to kill people you know by putting death in the pot but they they knew that. They could come and talk to the prophet and I think it's important that in developing the school of the prophets God wanted to teach him teach about himself that this the relationships he was doing so through a relationship and by the prophet being approachable that way taught them that God is approachable and whatever circumstance you may come across and you can always approached God with it I love that these are the stories our everyday stories and as we talked in previous episodes there is no bifurcation of the spiritual and every day these everyday problems were solved by spiritual So yes I want to ask you this is our last question for this episode I mean this is wonderful this is a great historical study and maybe there are people out there like Ok Well so how can we be part of a school the prophet and where do we apply or do we just say well that's nice they had that back then and I'm just going to go to my school now Sebastian I think that what we can walk away with is the fact that we need to have an experience with God with all of these stories reveal is that the sons of the prophets had an experience that they could always rely upon in the future about what they saw God able to do even in the small situations so as they grew they were able to know gone into trust him more and I think this is the point that today I don't have to go to a school of the prophets I can trust God in every crisis in every challenge and get an experience that I can use for the future where they're yours you heard it from Sebastian you don't need to go to the school the prophets you need to have this experience in your own life and that's a topic for next episode the school of life on how God teaches his principles for education indeed lives of regular ordinary people we've been looking at the topic of education we want and when to ask you to visit inversed Bible dot org you to look at our education Bible study guides and also the other Bible study guides for previous quarters and also go to hope t.v. dot au r g slash in a verse from previous episodes visit our social media conduits through Instagram and Twitter and Face. And continued conversation there thanks so much for joining us next week here on or. You've been listening to envious a Bible based conversation with. Jonathan Wald to Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Is brought to you by the hoax television that changes like. Episode visit. That Fortunately find us on social media. In verse 5 until next time this is N.P.R.'s.


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