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Pain. Suffering. Enduring hardship. Education.



  • December 12, 2020
    1:30 PM

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School of Hard Knocks suffering and during through hardship on this episode of adverse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to the Bible based conversation. Temporariness. Is yours just within. You guys this just in and welcome to this episode of in reverse where in the studio with my friends here Israel and seek and we got Cali from long distance and she streaming in so a galley welcome to show and we want to welcome special e.u. watchers out there we are under this our topic of education and we look at different topics from here and there and we're slowly closing up this season but we're looking at the role of suffering and so please don't go away please watch this is the very profound study Bible study on the role of suffering especially when it comes into education and we want to stablish the education is not about home more than about grades and about getting into college but about the School of Life School of Life so we're going to have a prayer by Cal you can pray for us and we'll get into the Bible after that's pretty. Father in heaven thank you for the privilege it is to study your word together right now and I pray that you know the topic is suffering we would not shy away from it with a crescent to it and through even this discussion and there I experience we would come to know you better to love you better and to even trust you and that's the hardships of our life we ask in prayer all this in Christ's name. In this order to go to he restructure even 11 Hebrews chapter 11 verse 23 to verse 29 if you don't mind read that for us all right by faith Moses when he was born was hit in 3 months by his parents because they saw he was a beautiful child and they were not afraid of the king's command by faith Moses when he came when he came of age refused to be called the son of pharaohs daughter choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God then to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt for he looked to the reward by faith for so Egypt not fearing the wrath of the king for he endured as seeing him who was invisible by faith he kept the Passover and the sprinkling of blood less he who destroyed the 1st born should touch them by faith they passed through the Red Sea as by dry land whereas the gypsy ends attempting to do so were drowned Ok thanks room. Secret We spent some time in a previous episode talking about it he was Chapter 11 we talk about faith and this is kind of the end kind of concerning that faith motif but there is something common in these individuals and explain some hardship and then we're talking about suffering but we forget the suffering can you guess can you give us an overview and maybe someone's out there watching us for the 1st time or maybe they're watching the education arc and after a while to sink us up. So as you said at the beginning when you talk about education the talking about rote learning sitting in a classroom and memorizing times that multiplication tables you call them but we're talking about just the philosophy of education on the overarching theme and from the beginning we started with at the at the foundation of true education is going to be God and without that foundation you're just going to be floundering and then recently what we've been talking about are ways that God uses to teach us in the school of life that has a good day and one of them was the sanctuary it teaches us these methods teach us things about God and in teaching us things about God They teach us things about ourselves and our place in the universe as he has created us so we talk about the sanctuary we talked about the Sabbath 2 things that got instituted as as lessons about himself about his plan of salvation and the way that he wants to interact with us and we also talked about the school of the prophet. Which So we're going from God Our relation to God in space in the sanctuary our nation to God in time in space and time and then how we learn about God through our relationships through mentor ship in the School of the prophets and today here we out learning about what we learned in the school of suffering in school and on the lives of other people and and maybe you and she could brought it was very serial and so many things were out there we want encouraged to go to inverse Bible dot org where you can get a copy a digital free copy of your own Bible study guide on the topic of education and also other topics out there that we call it the inverse Bible study guides and from previous episodes and go to hope t.v. dot or G.'s flash and verse and you can see the previous episodes about the same story and the time space continuum and all these other things that we talked about that bring us to this point in this season so Israel what is going on here why are so special about the lives here in Chapter 11 of Hebrews why I think just. Correct we're not really so much talking about suffering only as much as we're talking about the school of life so there's 3 different models that we've been looking at as we go already mentioned and one of them or the last model that we're looking at 3rd one is the model of the School of Life Now the issue is that in many cases if if you're living your suffering in almost all well we were in there if you're living your suffering I mean that sounds pretty much people we will we will encounter we will encounter suffering in life that's part of the human experience and in Hebrews chapter 11 in the life of Moses we find an interesting component to Moses is relationship with suffering in verse $24.00 it says when he became of age he refused to be called the son of Pharos daughter that's the 1st choice he makes and the 2nd choice he makes is in verse 25 choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin no one in their right mind chooses to suffer suffering is something that we endure something that will put up with but that's not something that we will necessarily choose and secondly it says that he chose to suffer with the people of God That's another you know that's it it's an interesting term there it says the people of God the people of God of the people that are causing Moses to suffer and yet the Bible says that this is something that Moses is a deliberate choice and yet he can avoid suffering or he can embrace suffering and he embrace suffering with people who would cause him the suffering and this he did by faith so there is this component that faith allows us to see beauty and suffering that would not be visible did we not have this gift and just is just a complete Paul's thought because the sentence continues in verse 26 that choosing to suffer flexion people God then to enjoy the passing pleasure of sin and says esteeming the reproach of crises seems like like each each phrase expounds on the previous one right so so key. If used to be called the son of ferals daughter and the implications of that was by refusing to accept the privilege that was given to him by growing up in the palace that he was that that refusal actually translates to a choice so I mean one thing that comes up for me is like you you know you never did not choose you always choosing something and refusing one thing is choosing something down and right so he refuses to be called Son affaires daughter and by doing that he chooses to suffer friction with the people of God and invest 26 we have the motive why he did this is steaming this was like what he felt in his heart was that the reproach of Christ was greater than the treasures in Egypt or he looked to the reward so he had a he there was kind of a philosophy that was undergirding the choices that he was making was that what I value more than the treasures in Egypt which was you know most powerful nation like all of these treasures and all this was at his disposal but he valued more than those things more than more than the accolades that he could get than the material wealth he valued more than that the reproach of Christ which is saying he didn't value the treasures of Christ more than the treasures of Egypt valued the reproach of Christ the worst that Jesus could give him was of more value to him than the best that Egypt could give me a. Profound one what made him think that way why I was counterintuitive to everything in our society later on in the later on of the text will say he was able to see him who is invisible and what Moses was able to realize and how this ties into education is Moses was able to realize that there are invisible implications to our present life and this it's a profound lesson to learn because you you learn this or you're educated in this sense in the privacy of your own individual life outside of the you know the stadium lights of the world you're kind of living your life. Not knowing or in this case Moses knew knowing that all of heaven is watching and that your simple Monday night actions now have implications with eternal impact that all of heaven is interested in and that's a profound That's a profound concept you know that. Telling Yeah and I think a good point to point out too is sometimes you know we talk so much about suffering and so it's like yeah you know the Christian is to suffer and it's so we're suffering it's just our. So that's like. We're saying here is you know I really like like seekers point of like the worst of Christ is better than the best of this world and the idea is that Moses was just so focused on following God that he wasn't like mad suffering let me chase that I love suffer it was just headed there is God I'm going to follow God and it happens to bring about suffering in my life but that does not deter me in any way I just want to stay close to God if that means for sake even if that means siding with these people that means speed of the will in like whatever it means whatever comes I'm staying close to God and because sometimes and my experience I have I've had this mindset of so the Christian way it's whatever caused me the most pain was never the hardest for me but that's not a cry centered mentality you're not focused on suffering suffering just comes about because we live in a sinful world and because things are hard sometimes so the make sure your focus is still Jesus even the suffering sometimes still comes and goes back to back to Episode one really Episode one is the basis for this entire quarter on acquainting ourselves with God in this relationship with God in exactly Kelly as you were saying sometimes we have this weird masochistic view of God and God is out there to get us God is and it's really not spending from who God is really our guild our shame our fear that we impose upon God and in this relationship is just you know torn apart and then we think whatever is harder whatever causes more suffering that must be God's a will and then because God wants this to happen then I don't want to follow this kind of God and causes just we as justification for our wandering why why is it that we why is there a natural bent in us to want to suffer in that respect and then to run away from suffering in other respects that's this we have this weird relationship with suffering is real we like suffering because I think you know if feels as though we're playing a role in our. In our own experience we choose one of the legalism of salvation by words. And that's essentially what it is every time we choose to suffer when we want everyone who wants to save themselves until your lies they can right because it's always easier it's easier to try to do something for my salvation than to surrender myself to God and allow him to do with me whatever you well whatever he wills and what what what Moses has mastered is his ability to surrender to God because He knows him even though he's invisible and he knows him he's invisible but yet he still knows I'm in this and that now we're taken there's a break right now stay with us after the break. Has embraced been a blessing to you Do you have questions comments or feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching for spy out on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to out while the out join us like us contest sums up the handle again and invest time nonstick Now back to the discussion. Welcome back hopefully weren't suffering too much as though he was so what we were talking about in the life of Moses is that because Moses even though God was invisible because Moses was able to see him to know him he surrendered to God and this is because it ties into education this is the ultimate purpose right the ultimate purpose of education is to know God Now if you were to tell Moses Moses write yourself a curriculum for How to Know God there's no way Moses would have written this curriculum yet he surrendered to God knowing I couldn't trust myself to him and so God led him down a path and the path that he led him through was hard like Moses could have been the prince of Egypt he left that he suffered with the people of Israel the suffering caused him to sin against God in the striking of the rock that mistake prevented him from going into the promised land he died and yet that was really the end of his life story until God says I'm even though you're dead I'm going to resurrect you and I'm going to bring you to heaven this was it's one of the most beautiful curriculums that could be invented which ultimately fulfills the purpose of now Moses knows God right he has the privilege of knowing him not as an invisible god but as a very visible God And so in the life that Moses lived this curriculum was a curriculum of education which he enrolled into surrender to Vista's not a syllabus with book and book assignments this is just a syllabus of life life itself is the assignment for the media taming the character knowing God it. It sounds awesome right answer but it's under something you know like I. And maybe I just I mean I don't trust in the power and the wisdom and then the love of God but we should just jump into that kind of curriculum but there's something about suffering that just makes you a little bit think twice about accounting or go to a secret. Yeah I just want to bring up another narrative that's Ok my favorite character in that as Joe said and you know I think I kind of feel annoyed at myself when I say Joseph affair about the character because they are very fair about character and I like to be unique but well but he saw your character because of how closely followed God amid some very hard circumstances and there was there weren't a lot of like bright spots of like God no giving him visions like I'm with you don't worry about it I'm here it was kind of just you know him being blessed in what he was doing and giving interpretation for other people's dreams and just kind of little hands here and there but at the end you can see how God led him and so I love that example there but again kind of back to I was saying earlier is you know we can look at Joseph like oh yeah cool story but Joseph didn't get to see his whole story at the beginning he just knows that he's a kid he was told by a jealous brothers to be a slave like that's that's all he knew at that moment and he could've given in to the suffering and said you know screw this whole following Got thing this clearly doesn't work out it's not worth it but he didn't allow suffering to remove him from God but instead it actually bonded his heart closer to God and he became more and more faithful rever he was and people could see that and so you know that encourages me that when you know I see circumstances in my life that I'm not so to slavery so obviously have a lot of Joseph but when I see circumstances that I can't see past I like the experience of Joseph because Joseph you know maybe he was a planner like I am or maybe he was and in his own human vision there wasn't a way to see past anything but he still could with the eyes of faith and we see it you know even in hindsight where he tells his brothers you know what you meant this for evil but God used it for good and even Hebrews 1122 after his entire life he still sees as I have a favor you guys are going to leave take my bones with you. And so his his entire life is just so beautiful and I think it's made more beautiful because he suffered so much and that gives his faith a level of credibility that if you had a regular you know beautiful normal life that you like it's easy to follow God but it's cool because the potato man is continues beyond his life after he's dead and it is his faith Yeah and so continuing through the bones you know it's there's a few yeah yeah yeah. My comment goes with both Moses experience and Joseph I think is just beautiful the way Cally describes and is real for both characters that God is in charge of designing the curriculum you know what you need to learn from your life experience I think that's just a beautiful thought you know nowadays people pay extra money to go to schools that have smaller classrooms because you're going to get more attention from your teacher. And you know in a private school potentially you have that experience and you're willing to pay more money for that and here is that experience tailor made by the God of the universe the one who ready created you and he knows the purpose that he has in mind for you and he's tailor making that experience with each and every one of us and he wants to be our instructor in that way and just like in any you know I guess conventional classroom situation you're only going to get as much from your instructor as you're willing to glean from them if you're close off in the classroom situation not listening to what your teacher has to say and not doing the science you're asked to do and you're kind of like oh I can teach myself you're not going to blame from that experience what you can and. It can't be any different you know with God and even more so we will not learn from him what he wants to teach us and if we're not willing to learn from him to humble ourselves before him and recognize him as the Master Teacher over our lives and whatever circumstance comes whether it is in joy or suffering whether it's pain horror or dead. It that in every circumstance to trust the master teacher that you're trying to teach me something to do this and I brought in the the joy site too because sometimes and I join with Look at God in any way we have our way it is trusting God through that experience through I want to look at this Bible verse and he was Chapter 12 which told a crabber us with what Seeker was saying here and has given me courage to go through this curriculum as you are all saying he was shocked or 12 verse 5 Hebrews Chapter 12 verse 5 the Bible says and you have forgotten the extrication which speaks to a son my son do not despise the chase then of the Lord nor be discouraged when you are rebuked by him for whom the Lord loves He chastens and scorches every son whom he receives if you in your eyes chastening God deals with us sons for what son is there whom a father does not chasten And if you're without chastening which all have become partakers then you are illegitimate and not sons goes back to that relationship how could God who is a God of love not use life and use the specialized curriculum to shape our characters for us and I think the bottom line is that life is in itself a school whether we accept it or not we are in the school of life and that's the way God looks at it and that's reality whether we accept it or not the question which is the gene he could give the answer to is how we was called to duty is Jews know why. The how we respond to that is ultimately going to determine how we finish our course now what's beautiful about the life of Joseph is the fact that Joseph what Joseph attained would be something that everybody would wish to attain in the end the goal yet his journey there was a journey that was completely unexpected How do you go from being a prisoner and a slave before that to being the 2nd income. A man of the most powerful nation in the entire world of which by the way you're not even a citizen of that country how does this happen it shows that God because when we think about suffering we think about ourselves but in the case of Joseph it shows to what extent God is willing to go to save the world because it is through this character of the character of Joseph that Egypt is able to receive salvation through those 7 years of famine and so what God is trying to do is in many situations when we're suffering in all situations what we're suffering is that he's trying to portray the character of God to the world that is watching which aligns with the very principle of education which is to know God and this is beautifully expressed in the life of Joseph. I mean let me ask Can I ask you a personal question of how you have grown in this school of life Kelly Israel see how you having encountered through suffering and as a result. In some miniscule way you have seen that and I have grown in my character I've become more like God as a result or you have faith that you will become like God Calley I think one of the most painful lessons I've had to learn but also one of the most glorious that has led to a much better life is that my values not terminal but what other people say and I was on a service project that was very difficult and just you know I didn't realize I still thought those things that it was really. Enslaved by what other people thought or what they kind of implied and you know I'm a Christian and I only care what Jesus thinks but obviously Jesus was like let me show yourself real quick and those were some very painful months but you know I remember coming back and and begging Jesus you know I remember praying I was like crying and like you know Lord I know you're not physically here and like it's fine but I really wish sometimes I could just sit with you and talk that will really help me right now. And he took me to some verses in one of the letters to the Corinthians church and talks about life you know not care what other people think and that only God can judge us and just a long Bible Study of that really opened my eyes to how my identity is founded in Christ but I never I would have just glazed over those verses in like a passing of a devotional reading if I hadn't had that experience of suffering and if I had realized what it felt like to not believe that was true those verses were true and so sometimes we have to feel the pain of lies and rush to appreciate the truth and to really see how much God heals us and sanctifies us and helps us so there's a painful lesson but I'm definitely better off from it. 11 when I was in the Upper Peninsula as a pastor there was a guy named opera plants in Michigan a proponent of mystery there's a there's this older old man probably a seventies name is Ernie and every single Sabbath he would wake up his shovel the snow from the church in the seventy's and the life that he lived in all my years there I never once heard him complain no one ever gave him credit for what he was doing he just lived a life in quietude and that's what it was and in reflection on the last you know 40 years of my life I've never met a person that was the epitome of Christianity as this man and he doesn't know he died I never was able to tell him this but he doesn't know the impact that he made in my life by just shoveling snow just being a Christian consistent Christian every day on an everyday basis and so the school of life I've been the recipient of that blessing and I will forever treasure that. While mine is ongoing school. I used to be perfect and then I got married. Is a sister. To. You. Ok. So much will I could say that I said that you know what it shows you that the Lord is patient with all of us and one thing that I am very grateful are in the same line a seeker who is my wife who has been very patient and very gentle with me and my and my sons who are not gentle and patient with me and through that combination I have I know I have become more like Jesus as a research salt I am becoming more like Jesus as a result and I was I a fairy far to go to become like geez but I have hope I have faith I hope in my bones will get there eventually if I don't I don't get there. And that's the beauty of the legacy of Joseph that after he's gone through ups and downs I mean he's seen the greatest success and he's felt the most difficult challenges in life and what we can do if we can't trust God we can trust Joseph that at the end of his legacy of suffering and pain and success and it's high as ways he said look I know this much that no matter what happens to you you're going to go into slavery you're going to deal with your own challenges similar to mine but at the end God will surely visit you use that word Surely God will for sure visit you so much so that you will carry my bones from here I will not be associated with this nation I will be associated with the God of Israel is one big lesson on this quarter has been allowing God to enter those areas of your life for you previously compartmentalize away from especially in the realm of suffering in the realm where you may feel that God is not around that's exactly where God is moving in your life and he gives meaning to some of these moments where we feel that God is not absent from we want to encourage you to have faith and stick through it and stick close to the Lord Jesus that He is the master instructor for your life in the midst of suffering right now God bless you guys we'll see you next week next week here on inverse will be the final episode on the season on education and character development God bless you guys and see you here on in verse. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the calendar is wrong on Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the folks at the television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse hope t.v. news that Origen find this on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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