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13 The Revolution of Jesus Christ

Israel Ramos Justin Kim Sebastien Braxton Jonathan Walter


How God accomplishes His work starts with a small seed.



  • December 21, 2020
    1:30 PM

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This life was always ask Jesus for the revolution but Jesus described another one on this episode in verse. Coming to you from Silver Spring Maryland welcome to. The Bible Thanks conversation on life. Contemporary Issues. Well. Now here's your host just within the. Imagine government using its force and using full force taxes the death penalty incarceration and madge and using those tools in the church well how would that look we're going to look at that look at revolutions and and these kind of motifs from the Bible on this episode in verse welcome I want to welcome each one of you welcome you guys out there and we're going to talk about some of these these themes that we've been talking out this the last episode on education and we talked about incarceration in and arrest I mean how do these things all come together and some sort of call the revolution of Jesus Christ the revolution of Jesus Christ we're going to ask can you pray for us and we'll get into the Bible afterwards Father in Heaven within the heart of every individual war rages and there needs to be a new throne established in each of our lives and we pray Lord that this revolution of Jesus would date police and every person around this table the people that are participating at home so we ask for your presence and your blessing now to make this happen in Jesus' name amen you know the men are starting verses in Matthew chapter 6 Matthew chapter. Yet they're verse 25 to 34 and Jonathan if you can read it for us yes. Matthew 625 Therefore I say to you do not worry about your life what you will eat or what you will drink nor about your body what you will put on is not life more than food and the body more than clothing look at the birds of the air for they need this so no reaping will gather into barns yet your heavenly father feeds them are you not of more value than day which if you are worrying can add one cubit to his stature so why do you worry about clothing Consider the lilies of the field how they grow they neither toil nor spin and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these now if God so close the grass of the field which today is and to morrow is thrown into the oven will he not much more close to you or you have little faith. Therefore do not worry saying What shall we eat or what shall we drink or what So we wear for after all these things the Gentiles seek for your heavenly father know that you need all these things but seek 1st the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you therefore do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about its own things sufficient for the day is its own trouble Thank you Jonathan this passage is found in the Sermon on the Mount in many ways is kind of like Jesus's constitutions more than you condemn of Haven't we been looking at a lot of topics this quarter we're going looking at education and we've said it episode after episode just to make sure that there's no misunderstanding for those of you who are participating with our conversation that we're not talking about academics we're not talk much school we're not talking about degrees we're talking about a new way of thinking a new way of approaching with them and face in many ways we're talking about salvation but even living out the principles of salvation in daily life and as I said on top of lie and then the teaser at the top of the show the disciples wanted revolution they wanted a military revolution and but Jesus had a different revolution in mind I want to ask you maybe it's open enough for the for the 3 of you we've covered a lot of topics what have been your favorite topics as far some some episodes of merit worthy of mention that maybe have challenges you personally this this court has definitely challenged me. And I just want to hear from my brothers with some Johnson well and with Sebastian what do you remember from 13 or less last 12 weeks I should say I've been really blessed by the study as we did a beginning on the fact that God is a creator how that affects my life and I mean it really penetrates every aspect of my life and so recognising that God is One Creator and that I can be acquainted with him has been had really had a profound impact on us from Genesis one into again we're looking at Israel. You know top 2 moments that for me impacted me the most was the one on the Good Samaritan we talked about moving others or unselfishness underlined to the element that I you know I sense that in my life that's something that clearly is an ideal that I need to reach I want to reach but implore from and then the other one that really impacted me was the one that we talked about where we talked about having a said you cation just the solemnity of the mission that we have a 77 s. in educating our young people really sunk and I want to take some time to really say thank you to Israel for those who've been watching we want to encourage you if you haven't already to follow our inverse Bible study guide on the topic of education by going to inverse Bible dot org Jean there you'll see the entire last 12 to 13 weeks and 13 week Bible study guide and Israel was the primary contributor he was the author for these episodes and so if these are have been very if they've been a blessing to your life it is because God has blessed them and if they didn't benefit you at all it's all his fault and he's the reason why. You're here but that being said All joking aside we do appreciate his contribution and the challenge that he has presented before us we also encourage you to if you get a chance to read a book called education by the author Ellen g. white and it talks about these principles and goes a lot deeper which the study guides really really just skim the surface and allow even more deeper reflection upon Sebastian what are some things that you remember from this quarter. Among the greatest personally impacting episodes I would say was the one on the sink jury really considering the burden that God bears in terms of our sins in also dealing with the injustices in the world I think that I by nature have a more activist stick approach to life I'd like to be very hands on and involved in something that I'm very passionate about in that I want to see through to the very end and injustice is something I grew up around have seen a lot of my parents my grandparents suffered a lot of injustices and so to me this century really personally caused me to sit back in recognize that my burden is is not so much focusing on the end of the situations but am I going to look like Jesus when all this is over. Am I going to be able to be a reflection of God and my fulfilling his purpose in my life but also as I grapple with my sins on my journey to that I need to give that burden to him and recognize that God is willing to bear the burden the cost for us to have a relationship together and I need to be able to depend upon that and this this quarter has been a person all. Been very personal to me after graduating university for 4 years I was working at Harvard University going to medical some cell research and I wanted to get into the prestigious institutions of the world and it was in that one year when I was also doing campus ministry at the same time where these 2 worlds were actually just so anti each other not only in terms of content one was atheistic when I was theistic but also in terms of character where one was a small group of people just wanting to know god's will and standing on on Tuesday night and with the sea and just just the epitome of goodness you know it's just purity goodness simplicity and peace and happiness and I mean I'm making it sound more. You know what he is but it was it was actually. An hour of solace in the week and then going into the hospital at Harvard Medical and you know where where you are you live there you live in Boston for a while in Charles Town and then just you know this was the world's best this is the lead of society in just being this triple the whole time and just in countering hubris after there were some great people there as well but just institutionally just we are the best of the world and that not not not criticizing that but that having an effect on me and my reaction to that and so I just remember having this just the 2 world grinding at each other and this quarter has been kind of almost an articulation of that grinding after all years and God bless both both worlds you know and the Lord Lord have mercy on both worlds but it has been a very very very big blessing in studying these these these these principles of of education. You read Matthew chapter 6 What is a revolution as Israel has articulated what is the revolution that Jesus has in mind for for us through what's clear in verse $33.00 that Jesus has an end goal that he came to this world with the mission and that that mission was well defined in his mind and it says there in verse 33 Seek 1st the Kingdom of God in this righteousness and all these things will be added unto you when when Jesus came to this world he had in mind a revolution the establishment of a new government the establishment of a new kingdom and the breaking down of the current kingdom and so when we think about Jesus we rarely think about him in some cases we fail to think of them as a revolutionary and then another cases we tend to mis understand what it means to be a revolutionary So some people paint Jesus like another you know political figure he came and he was going to stablish his own kingdom and and others just think of him as this you know da style individual who had no backbone and the reality is that neither of those things are true Jesus came he had a he had a mission in mind to establish a kingdom yet how he establishes a new kingdom is incredibly intelligent and extremely forceful yet at the same time paradoxically not forceful and that's the whole point how does the establishing easier than order for me to establish my kingdom I have to stablish in the mind and in the heart of every individual needs to grow blossom like us and think about think about the profundity of the fact that every other revolutionary in history they need it to be physically present right to persuade and to convince right and to bring a certain charisma right to say like we're going to take down the Russians or work to take down whatever I did so it's like yes right we're going to rise up against these people or the slave revolt even in America right 161718 hundreds and in all of these cities circumstances yes these people had to be Pres. In order for that to happen but if you don't see Dr Martin Luther King Jr still converting people years later right you don't see Charlemagne or Napoleon still bringing people in versus for Christ this lowly rabbi from some obscure village right to this day thousands of people pledge their life allegiance and money and power and all that I am and all that I have to this individual who is no longer walking on the earth which goes to show the fact that the depth of the revolution that Christ was establishing through the principles what he's teaching for example here is the fact that the things of this world are all these things right whatever is here God's just going to add that right the thing that we're seeking is something that is out of this world that's coming in to undermine and to basically tear down all the principles by which this world operates and that makes it radical and revolutionary which at the extreme is a martyr right but even in the 21st century it's just a committed college kid that's like I'm going to seek 1st the Kingdom of God in His righteousness and therefore that revolution lives right even in that person. When we come back after the break I want to take these revolutions I want to boil them and get the water and see what the got the core of the revolution of Jesus and the revolutions that these worlds propose and how they're different from each other stay with us. Has embraced been a blessing to you Do you have questions or comments of feedback you'd like to leave us find us on social media by searching for spiral on Facebook Twitter Instagram for you to while there join us like this contest comes up next I'll handle again and invest Bible no sticks now back to the discussion. Hey welcome back we are looking at the topic of revolutions or revolutions of education. And we've been talking about the revolution of Jesus and in some ways Jesus was a revolutionary he wasn't a revolutionary against the Roman Empire as a disciple thought he was but he was a revolution revolutionary in other respects and how is that different from all the world the revolutions that we've talked about like with the bastions of said before the break he was talking about how the revolution that Jesus brought you know is in the heart and it continues to this day throughout the generations and so when we look at Matthew 633 it says you know seek 1st the Kingdom of God in all and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you so that means if I you know I have if I connect with God So we've been talking about you know to God educate to educate us through communion with Him and you connect with him when we surrender. That transformation and revolution takes place in our hearts that you know you can call it redemption because it is you are being freed from the worldly ways of doing things and you are now turned around Revolution toward connecting face God and living for him and with him and then all these things of the earth you know will be taken care of all the issues that you have to deal with all the problems they're not necessarily all solved but God is now guiding you in how to make change in these situations not just as we were talking about you know worldly ways versus God's way you are now using Christ method to penetrate and influence this world for good you know just in one of the other differences there between worldly revolutions and gods is that they were trying to conquer land God is trying to conquer hearts and he's right right so through my conversion and point to the fact that every revolution whenever they take over they always astonished a new system of education right to make sure that the neck. Generation is it hearing to their principles that feed to their kingdom so here when Christ comes along he's like my concept of developing you has nothing to do with these things I'm trying to conquer your heart in through that conquering when I surrender to Jesus I become an annexation into the kingdom of God and now his kingdom is not about the land and borders and breaking down the walls of this particular empire it's about the fact that I want in your heart and ultimately I'm going to bring this message to all the world in now you become an agent of the revolution the moment you become an annexation into the kingdom of God and the way God does that is through the means of love like he does not force himself upon us he does here I show you my love you know through all the ways that we talk about in this quarter you know of course Christ on the cross is you know the biggest revelation of His love but he brings the revolution about through love and not through force and then he says through the same means of love I want you to conquer the world for me I think that is has been that's need to be so underscored in our post-modern context where wondering you know I don't see God I don't see I don't see where he is and see the evidence why doesn't he just show himself and force himself and just kind of show this man you know this theatrical masteries you know then I'm like All right well you're real and then I'll just cement like and that's just so antithetical to the heart of God the God His primary mode is love and through love he uses conversion and I just if we were the boy I just need to like simplify it for the boil the primary for the primary. Medium by which God Amy mentioned he wants Hearts and in some way to confound you know like fuzzy was like What is that he wants hard so they want to go to that and so like he wants me to obey he didn't say you better obey or you going to be going to burn forever and that is a incorrect picture of God's heart as well but he says I will give you the Holy Spirit and somehow supernaturally And you know I use the word magically I don't. In a word and not magic way I'm just gonna In a way that we just don't understand or something happens more than that which I did not like before now out of out of all reason I am just attracted to that which is holy and good and or whatever you know born again where the other side is we don't care what you think we don't care what your way you will do it and when you and conform we will you have to pay taxes or we're going to put you to rest we're going to kill you you better do it and out of fear and out of force you submit and these are the 2 forces in the universe you know that are fighting against each other yes right he's a revolution this is a war that we're human Ultimately it boils down to that concept of what you've already expressed just in that that there's love for self or love for God and others you know and upon these 2 principles either you or we fall under either one of these and you know the system of education is a selfish system of education I mean that's the bottom line is that we are educate in the world society today so that we can make more money so that we can live good lives so that we can pass that on to our children so that we don't have to suffer whereas in the in the case of Christ the opposite is true and he makes these crazy demands on us you know like for example here in Matthew 6 you know he asks such a radical question isn't life more than food and body more than clothing the answer is no life is not more than that you know that's actually the epitome of a life yes or the majority of the world that's what life is all about and so the fact that he says life is more than this is in itself a radical claim and it's like how could you say that Jesus and that claim would be insane it would be an insane claim if we do not have the 12 lessons that it's dabblers the fact that Jesus is radical I created you because I love you my whole point in creating you was to have communion with you you messed up at creation I give you every single Give necessary. Reach this ideal you messed it up what am I going to do I'm I going to take that away from you I'm not going to change you're not going to get rid of you know I'm going to leave the ideal the same and I'm going to still empower you to do that why would you empower me to do that so that you can do that you know and it's like Jesus never changes his approach you know he remains the same and yet at the same time he modifies to help us get to where we're at and this is it's an incredible thing because ultimately Jesus is trying to tell us he's saying it is through the means of love that you become like me and the more we realize that the more we understand that the more we become like Him the more this world now and in the future will benefit from his blessings. And in that respect my reaction to that is that that love is quite foreign yet is something that not just a no I don't understand as much as my parents love me as much as I love my children and my wife that is on a different wavelength all together very much more attractive but more foreign Yeah and that is very fine I was just going to underscore that it's so beautiful Jesus bringing out his saying you know seek the king of God and His righteousness his righteousness is love he's he's saying the point of my education that's what God is saying it's through love make you a person of love so that you can love that's the point and so it's so radically different to everything that this world has to offer to the system of sin which is all selfishness and you know and forces he was saying so I just love how we bring How does this coming out in the script but to take it even deeper right that God is not just going to make you a being a person of love he wants you to get to the point where it's your nature yes exactly that if you take no measures to stop it this is what you will do versus right now if you don't educate your children to love and to your own selfish they will be selfish right if you don't take any measures to groom a person to give them manners and understand put another person 1st respect people under. And how relationships influence into Asians emotional intelligence you're going to find out the hard way right and you know as you know my mom would always say Jamaican culture if you can hear you must feel so just because you're not listening well guess what you're going to feel and your guy Lurd right and so for a lot of people they learn the principles of true education by experience right it's like wow I need to be more emotionally aware I need to be more empathetic what's like yes those are God's principles from the beginning and that's where God wants to take us is love is my natural tendency Yes that's where he's trying to take my 1st impulse is to be unselfish and some of if we can Sorry but also a transition to Matthew 13 of them every 13 and I mean this is a compilation of many parables and I want to ask you what are more of vignettes that we see this kingdom of heaven from this chapter 13 I think what what what I love about Matthew 13 is that it gives to us the means by which Christ accomplishes his revolution Ok and I love how I understood this parable differently before when I when we think about agriculture a plan which parable the parable of the 1st of the seeds or ownership of the 1st few verses there when we think about sowing seed. You know we even talk about the precious seed right there we save these very special seeds and we plant them one by one and we really hope and we invest all of our energy in those hoping that these will produce fruit but Jesus years as he goes and he scatters seed almost scattering seed without discrimination what the understanding is going to fall by the wayside is going to fall by tough soil and so forth and so on and the revolution of Jesus Christ the way in other words the way the best expression of the love of God is found in the Word of God and that's how Jesus establishes this revolution this is why the Word of God is the crucial component to add Venice education or to any education. We're seeking whether it's through institutional or whether it's personal but here is as Jesus establishes revolution through the Word of God the Word of God is more than just awesome book to read or an interesting book The Purpose of the book is God's intention all in he saying look I'm going to change who you are by implanting this seed and by allowing this tree to take fruit in your life and grow and there when we think about love. Love is a force you know contrary to what we think about Jesus it is a force is just a different kind of force and I saw a picture once a really impacted me where in the middle of the road you have this very feeble looking root spring through asphalt and that's the power of a seed it's dead it looks feeble You can literally go out there and pluck it out yet it's got so much force that it's able to push through asphalt and and grow and this is the kind of power that Jesus is talking about all things going is really blew me away right because Jesus His Word makes us feeble maybe it makes us it makes us feeble in certain ways a mate you know the world looks at us you get beaten up you suffer whatever whatever whatever yet at the same time in that weakness you find strength perfected and the Christ likeness of God revealed in the most powerful of always to death in men's fashion and I think the building off of this parable and into you know verse 31 when he talks about the kingdom of heaven early warning of Chapter 13 yet Chapter $1331.00 says the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed which a man took and sold in his field which indeed is the least of all the seeds but when it is grown is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree so that the birds of the air come in nest in its branches and so there's also the component that the Kingdom of Heaven is not about majority it's not about looking huge right and this revolution of how God accomplishes his work doesn't start large it doesn't start with a bang it starts with a small seed yet it's the least of all of them but it grows so much larger than the other ones that may have much larger seeds in terms of their beginning and so when you when you take what is really talking about with the principle of love being implanted in the heart that's exactly what we crave from gone and that's what we crave out of life is some principle in our lives that is allows us to break through the concrete that seem. To hold us back in every situation of life but if there is there there is a principle that's going to cause me to overcome insecurity or to overcome the glass ceiling or to push through whatever societal you know restrictions I feel are on my life it is the power of love you can see a person that out of love I will break through I will persist I will perseverance I will keep coming I will keep knocking I will keep going because of love but for money you will go a different direction for some for power you'll find a different way but only love will say not only will I keep pursuing the aim I will keep pursuing this way and I will never choose a false way I will never choose a selfish way or vainglorious way in order to accomplish my aim. One thing as you come to close you know some of this quarter is that. The powerful all these powerful lessons that we have gained this to see that God works through his word as he speaks life and love into our lives he does it you know primarily through his word he would talk about the seed this is why I love this show and this Bible studies that we are doing is because through the ward of God when we really spend time with it it will transform us it will bring love into our lives you know as we as men gauging with it in faith and it will make us agents of love and world and I'm just I'm just so blessed but a study of just want to praise God But if you know I'm in a movement I want encourage you all to stay in the verse as Jonathan said this is the transformative agent by which our lives are changed to become part of the revolution of Jesus Christ we want to say thank you for joining us these last 13 weeks in the study of education it has been a blessing to me it has been a blessing to my brothers here and my sister and and hopefully a blessing to you will see you next week when we look at the topic of the book of Romans God bless you. You've been listening to inverse a Bible based part of the station the callee word is wrong Jonathan Walter Sebastian Braxton. And your host Justin. Inverses brought to you by the folks at the television that changes lives for good and more inspiring episodes there's an inverse hope t.v. news that Origen find this on social media hashtags in verse 5 until next time this isn't verse.


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