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Three Characteristics of a Teachable Spirit

Christian Martin
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Christian Martin

Lead Pastor of the Living Hope SDA Church in Haymarket, Virginia.



  • October 3, 2020
    12:30 PM
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Amen amen. Yes we do not know what the next few months several months will look like but one thing we do know is that she says will still be there thank you for that beautiful message is in song you know it's been said that being teachable is one of the most important life skills and this morning as we begin with our continue with our service I'd like for you to turn to your neighbor to your left to do that right now turn to your debut to your left and say Hi neighbor. Do you have a teachable spirit now turn to your neighbor to your right and say I pray I do. So now let's prepared to open the Scriptures and discover what a teachable spirit looks like basking God to speak to us through His word it's bar heads together Father in heaven wherever we are in our journey with you we are so thankful that you receive us with arms wide open here today were welcomed by your grace and by your love and we pray Lord that as we seek to ask the question Do I have a teachable spirit I pray Lord that the Holy Spirit would make himself known to us be welcomed into our hearts that we might receive a word from you today that will transform us. And we thank you for answering our prayer in Jesus' name amen during his 3 to have years of public ministry Jesus was acknowledged as a mighty healer the 4 gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John record are only 37 miracles performed by Cheesus yet these accounts no doubt represent only a small number of the countless miracles that Caesar's would have performed during his life time in fact the very last verse of the Gospel of John explains John Chapter 21 verse 25 and there are also many other things that Jesus did he has including miracles which if they were written one by one I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that were would be written Amen but as we recognize Jesus as a healer let's not overlook his role and his identity as the teacher sees us one could even argue was more of a teacher than even a healer for Jesus often found himself speaking to a multitude speaking to individuals one on one sees us was a teacher he was a teacher whether he was in the cities or in the villages by the seaside in the Senate dog or the tempo there he was teaching to. Multitude of various sizes to teaching individuals in fact the Greek text calls Jesus teacher 45 times 45 times and the Gospels in the Gospel count 45 times but this is the question I want to ask us them. A question I believe is legit we need we need to really ask ourselves a very critical question and that is this How much do I recognize Jesus as a teacher today oh yes we know Jesus when we needed Jesus as a healer and how often have we asked Jesus to heal us and by the grace of God and for His glory Jesus still perforce miracles today he's a mentor that Jesus is still the miracle working God today but as surly as he was and it is a healer church he was and is a teacher a teacher and to a greater greater degree now through the convicting work of the Holy Spirit and because he is still a teacher I might even add a yet even more pressing question if he is still a teacher the question must be asked am I spiritually teachable are you spiritually teachable and I've come to this conclusion that it is a fatal mistake for Christians to see us being spiritually teachable. Fatal mistake for in that very moment they deny the teacher whom they claim to follow and so this morning as we as we consider this this very intimate very personal question him Ah yes apparently teach a poll we're going to take a look at 3 he at 3 characteristics of a teachable spirit 3 easy to retain in our memory we're going to observe these 3 conditions in the context of 2 stories we're going to see these 3 conditions as they were observed or followed by a rather refused in the life of a young leader and demonstrated in the life of a few An educated fisherman and so far 1st case study come with me in your Bibles to the Gospel of Luke So take your bibles come with me to Luke Chapter 18 Luke Chapter 18 for those reading from home welcome you to grab your Bibles were going to be in our Bible says go to Luke Chapter 18 whether it's the Bible you handle or a device let's both go to Luke Chapter 18 Luke Chapter 18 and our story our story will take us to curse 18 Luke Chapter 18 curse 8 teen so in the onset I'm going to introduce to you the 1st of 3 characteristics of being spiritually teachable having the 6 teachable spirit the 1st characteristic is deny self. Deny self for want to be spiritually teachable one must put out of their own hearts which her own heart so want to do in other words one must deny self. Let's start with verse 18 Mark Luke Chapter 18 verse 18 here we find the story of a rich young ruler her eagerly came running to Jesus no doubt he was looking for the mass he was looking for Jesus finally locates him and he runs to Mrs quickly Acis feet can carry him why because he has a pressing question that he must ask this good teacher verse 18 now certain ruler asked him same good teacher what shall I do to inherit eternal life what's interesting is that we already identify what's in his heart within his mind what he's thinking he had in his own heart the desire to pose Sas in mortality something that any more tool would want he wanted to pose us immortality to live forever what else do you know about this man well we do know that he was young and rich the Gospels identify those characteristics and being young and rich we can only come to a few conclusions they're not explicitly stated in the tax but we can conclude fairly conclude and that's this that it's likely possible that the rich young man received an inheritance from Assad or or a family member. For want to be young and rich that would be one of the likely ways of how we became bridge 2nd to receive an inheritance he may have won the favor of the one who wrote the will no doubt if this was an inheritance he was in good standing with the one who wrote the will he had won his favor he had received an inheritance that was rightly his. In light of this could it be could it be that in the mind of the rich young ruler the deeper question to how can I inherit internal life the deeper question would be what must I prefer for him to win the favor of God and does be worthy of inheriting immortality. Eventually or rather Evidently he was an educated man what kind of man every one educated men freeze known as a ruler in fact some translations say teacher he was a teacher himself an educated men well just like me could Demas Nicodemus bore that same title so he was educated he had another characteristic that we can conclude is that he had all the proper manners he was a man of culture a man of one of culture why do we know that because he addresses Jesus as a good teacher he has proper manners What else do we know about this man. He was self disciplined he knew how to exercise his will exercise what. His will for he kept all these things since his use he said that himself so he knew how to exercise his will and he knew something in something about human effort human effort how do we know that because he asked the question What shall I do I do to inherit eternal life so now is the response of Jesus versus 20 and 21 you know the commandments see him in do not commit adultery do not murder do not steal do not bear false witness honor your father and your mother and he said all these things I have kept from my youth. All these things but something was missing something was missing I find some very interesting insights written in her class a good book steps to Christ by author Ellen g. white prolific writer in the 19th century who wrote these words notice carefully she wrote education culture the exercise of the Will human effort all have the proper sphere but here there are powerless they may produce an outward correctness of behavior but they cannot change the heart they cannot purify the springs of water there must be a power working from within a new life from above that power is Christ that power is Christ in other words a teachable spirit. Learns to yield to Sapir ear authority which is not I but Christ a teachable spirit recognizes that there are marching orders to be given to be received by one who is of a higher power than I wonder who is not I but Christ a teachable spirit learns the necessity of dependents not upon myself but in Christ a teachable spirit does not need more about my own wants and desires but more about Jesus more about Jesus a teachable spirit admits Don't leave me alone I can't do this myself without she says I can't lose anything I came across a story that the Los Angeles Times once reported some years ago but it was so fitting to this illustration a screaming woman was trapped in a car dangling from a 4 year winner's transmission road there in East l.a. and she was rescued Saturday morning the woman apparently fell asleep behind the wheel the car which plunged through a guardrail was left dangling by its left rear wheel there's about half a dozen passing motorists to stop and grab some rope from one of their vehicles and the rope to the back of the woman's car and hung on until the fire units arrived one of the rescuers made this comment every time we would move the car seat yell and scream no doubt she was in pain it took almost 2 and a half hours for the officers to truck drivers. And firefighters about $25.00 in awe to secure the car and pull the woman to safety. It was kind of funny l.a. County Fire Captain Ross Marshall recalled later. He said all she kept saying was leave me alone I'll do it my son. Have mercy you know church to be and unteachable is to be unreachable So to be reachable one must be teachable and I must deny self who claims to have what it takes that claims to have it all that claims to have Immelt of wisdom and strength and ability and talent to take here of it all must come to the point when we come and say Lord Jesus not. Would you or Jesus I must unite selves so that Christ can reach my heart and teach me his ways so that our prayer would be have I known way Lord have the I own way. Second to be teach a book one must take time to listen to God one must take time to listen to God the Word of God is the voice of God Listening to God through the writings of scripture. Back to our story in Luke Chapter 18 notice where Jesus answered how Jesus. Or rather when Jesus answered this question the year rich young ruler replied All these things 1st 21 all these things I have kept from my youth you know he was not listening to every word that proceeded from the mouth of Jesus how do I know that if he had been listening he would have realized that she says when referring to the 10 commandments only mentions 5 of the last set relating to our loving relationship with our neighbor the 1st 4 being our loving relationship with God himself because if he was listening he would have noticed that she says mentions the 5th commandment Honor your father and your mother he mentioned the 6th Commandment do not murder he mentions the 7th do not commit adultery mentions the commandment do not steal he mentions the 9th Commandment do not bear false witness and if the rich young ruler had been listening carefully he would have know it is that she uses does not mention that 10 commandment which is do not covet Instead she says gaunt goes on to correctly diagnose the problem with the sin sick soul and even purse cried secure you still have one thing sell all that you have and distribute to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven in other words you will be cured from cover to snus which is greed for treasure on earth you see before I can be teachable I must take time to listen to that still small voice. And to become familiar with that voice how do we know that voice when we hear that voice. We know that voice because we hear it often we forget that voice when we don't and how do we hear that voice often through the writings of scripture spending time in the Word of God It's a 2 way conversation it's taking time to read the Bible when I pray to start my day but Pastor It takes time only have time to to to to pray it takes time pastor precisely precisely it takes time it takes toeing sit at the feet of Jesus and learn at the school of our master it takes time it takes time before it can be teachable I must take time to listen Nicky Gumbel in the book questions of life compares it to a visit to the doctor notice what she writes Suppose I go to the doctor and I say doctor. I have a number of problems Dr I have a problem a fungus growing underneath my toenails that's kind of sick but I have to have my eyes in I have a flu jab I have a very bad back ache I have tennis elbow then having gone through a list of complaints aches and pains I look at my watch and I say Oh hello again I got to go. Time is getting on well I must be on my way thanks for listening Good bye doctor. But Dr my might want to say a mammoth hold on a 2nd hold on a 2nd why don't you listen to me. As I say bring relief to your pain. If whenever we pray we only speak to God and don't take time to listen to God we make the same mistake church to be unteachable is to be unreachable So to be reachable I must be teachable I must listen to God so he can reach my heart and teach me in his ways oh about our prayer would be have I known way Lord have done I know the way we must listen to God and He will to read to our path 3rd to listen to Christ or to be teachable not only must we deny self not only must we listen to God we must also follow Jesus at the end of verse $22.00 in Luke Chapter 18 verse 22 Jesus said Come and follow me but in verse 23 the young man's responses but when he heard this he became very sorrowful for he was very rich interesting he initially came running with choice for expectation how can I possess immortality but the life that is not teach suppose always ends in extreme sadness regardless of wealth. Regardless of riches now on the other hand if he had the night self now what his own heart desires and what his own heart wanted if he had listened carefully if you would have listened to every word that proceeded from the mouth of Jesus he would have been compelled to immediately follow Jesus when last thoughts you know following Jesus is totally voluntary Jesus extended the invitation you see doesn't course men and women he doesn't force them against their will he doesn't bribe them with the home in the sky in a careless life or carefree rather life he merely invites them to come come follow me come the teacher demands one thing though he insists on having 1st place because there's so much he wants to teach us and it's a matter of life eternal life or eternal death all that we can go about who brought is is through revelation from God whether it's through scripture whether it's through made sure whether it's through godly men and women in our lives that God uses to speak through all that we know about God is through Revelation there's no other way no other way no other way and we have a choice to make you know he told his disciples he told the society is that there's many things in it there's many things I I want to tell you there's many things I want to share with you in John Chapter 16 percent 12 he told them. There's many things I want to share with you but you cannot bear them now however when he the Spirit of truth has come He will guide you into all truth there is so much that the teacher wants to reveal to us he wants to. Place before us that we may know that's the way he operates you know Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said when Christ's calls a man he pits him calm and die as did a group of men in Mark chapter one would you come now with me to Mark Chapter one we're going to now take a look at our 2nd case study a group of men unlike the rich young ruler there were I'm educated they were men that dedicated their life to fishing you've heard the saying once a fisherman always a fisherman and remember the 1st characteristic of being spiritually teachable is that one must be know myself and for these men fishing was an obsession more than that it was their life we could this is what they devoted their lives to this is not just a hobby this was it this was their life Lea Hood it was what their father did what their grandfather likely did what several generations did like father like son but notice Mark chapter one verse is $16.00 to $18.00 it tells us that as he walked by the Sea of Galilee he saw Simon and Andrew his brother casting the net into the sea for they were fishermen Then Jesus said to them follow me and I will make you become fishers of men they immediately left their nets and followed him. Simon and Andrew left their nets verse 20 and immediately he called them and they left their father somebody in the boat with the hired servants and went after him James and John in the 2nd instance left their father they left it all to be teachable one must be nice self these men left it all their security their identity their livelihood their obsession their passion they left it all. Remember to be teachable one must also listen and in verse 17 Mark Chapter one for 17 when Jesus confronts them he has the words to speak and he said to them follow me follow me and I will make you become fishers of men listen to every word of Jesus' invitation Would she says said words it was not just random words soar and imitation out of the blue to just say why did you just follow me drop everything you have and just follow me no it was a lot more than that and the disciples were listening to Jesus being heard every word when she said I will and they listened to those words I will. They recognize that as a promise a promise that was as sure as the rise of the morning sun I will. This man has made a promise I will make you make you he is saying I will equip you and it's a commitment and I'm keeping it I will make you become He is saying I will empower you I will transform you you will become you cannot on your own and become apart from Christ there's things there's the terminations there's education we read that earlier there's all these things that have their proper place but you cannot be cogs. What God wants to transform you into and they were listening they were listening become fishers of men all of the new fish are being fishers of fish but fishers of men when they heard those words and they were listening they heard Jesus say I am calling you to higher purpose a higher purpose their minds wrapped around these words that Jesus spoke every word that he spoke captivated them to the cooler and I say listen they were eventually come. To follow this man named Jesus because remember to be teachable one must follow Christ some years later these An educated fishermen were standing before the Sanhedrin the sand he drew was the most intended eating group of educated men the Jews of that time could have ever recognize an axe simply records in Acts Chapter 4 verse 13. Then when they saw the same he drinks saw the boldness of Peter and John the former fisherman the priest see that they were and that's a kid and then train man they marvel all the marvel of that means that they were just speechless they could not believe what they were hearing how could it be how could it be they realized that they had been with Jesus they followed Jesus for so long that they be keen like him. And one can only become like Jesus when they follow him and one will only follow Jesus. When you listen to what he has to say and you will only listen to what he has to say and apply when you deny self you know I am thankful to God for education privateness Christian education what a Precious Gift and opportunity that we have a spare and so our young people are in and in an environment that teach them to deny self and live to Jesus our young people are taught how to listen to Jesus and follow is leading our young people are odd to follow Cheesus and that is why Christian 2 case is so vital and this is why having a spiritual teachable spirit is absolutely necessary for the Christian today why because a teachable spirit will cause you to welcome Jesus when self. Is put off a teachable spirit will cause you to listen to seize this when you open his word and listen to his voice a teachable spirit will cause you to follow Caesar us to follow in his steps it's a good shepherd that leads his flock as a good teacher that leads his students how many of us today want to say Lord Jesus teacher have known wave the Lord have known way not in my will but I will be done Lord Jesus when they seek you and take ta him to listen to your voice make me willing to be willing. To discipline myself to take time with you in the Scriptures Lord Jesus have I known way Lord Have I no way for me. And my house we will serve the Lord. And that allow him to have to do is own way how do you is that is your prayers that your commitment is size your decision right here not only as individuals for sure but also as a family unit. As a family see here today send a vigils how many of you want to say together with me have 9 known way Lord if that is supreme or would you stand right now before a great teacher we are it is classroom as it were the desire for the great teacher to have his own way in your life. Amen if you're watching from home this is your moment of decision is where your moment of commitment. We stand together. Let's pray Father in heaven. You. Are the teacher we your students thank you for the mind that you created us with. Think you for giving us the liberty and the ability to reason. To think for solace. And to make a choice. And on behalf of every student who is here today together with me. I pray Holy Spirit. That as you have your own way in us. That you would give us hardships. That would be willing to deny self. To know years Lord to discern that still small voice. And give us discipline. To set aside. To sit at your feet open the Scriptures. And List. As he speak. And Lord. Give us the courage and the willingness to replace fear with confidence and certainty. To follow you. Every step of the way. Trusting you. Knowing that you will lead us down the path that leads to eternal life. May we not respond like that like that rich in group would rather Lord Jesus may we follow in the steps of the disciples if only because they followed in your steps. Have gone away Lord have known way this is our prayer in Jesus' name amen. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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