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01 The Science of Survival

Chad Kreuzer
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Chad Kreuzer

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  • October 2, 2020
    6:00 PM
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Well thank you happy to to be here with you tonight in you know normally we love to come visit you from time to time down there in the window but obviously it's not working out this time but you know I'm going to share with you in message called the science or survival in we're going to look at some things now. I was talking with my brother in law just maybe a week ago and my brother in law just finished school Andrews University seminary and he's going to be pastoring soon but they've been staying with us a little bit in the transition before they move on to his pastorate he's going to be starting soon and while he's working at Lowe's he had shared with me he had read on Facebook a friend of his. Couple few weeks ago said wow man I'm here in Chicago he said and at our price of lumber has doubled and then my brother in law just a week ago tells me working at Lowe's he said you know I actually I I he said out Arlo's here he said the price of plywood has tripled and I'm thinking what on earth what's happening you know tripling the price of plywood and and I said I said what's going on he said Well think about it he said You've got fires in California you've got hurricane you know in the us in the Gulf and then you have Cove it to which people have been building like crazy there in the midst of Kovac So you have all these things together like a perfect storm and it's you know potentially tripling the price of building materials and and as he said all that we're just talking about it just like it's just common talk but then as as we said I said It's funny we're we're talking like about the signs of the times and we're not trying to talk about the science and the times are just talking about it's Avenue around us as like present day news is what the Bible prophesies now you know when we think about this we think of what Jesus said there and in Matthew chapter $24.00 in verse beginning a verse 5 you know that this is the passage where Jesus is sharing the signs of the times and he says for many shall come in my name saying I am Christ and she'll deceive many. In you she'll hear of wars and rumors of wars see that you've been a trouble now it's interesting because you think we don't have a lot of wars going on right now so I mean yeah there are some going on in the world right now you've probably heard Armenia and Azerbaijan are at war right at this present moment but that seems so far away like for many of us unless you have an Armenian background or something you you know that just seems like a world away. But. You may have heard like in the nudes people are talking about a potential coming civil war in the United States and you think I got sound so extreme Come on come on I'll get back to that in just a moment but just just tuck that one in the back of your mind so even though less seems far off what will get right back to that moment so Jesus a see that you be not troubled for all these things must come to pass but the end is not yet for a nation shall rise against nation kingdom against kingdom and there shall be Salman's one of the side effects you may know of cove it is that we're being told that many nations are struggling much more with food scarcity or food insecurity because of code not necessarily that is the disease itself is causing it but because of the strain on the infrastructure the difficulty with society and not being able to some countries have been kind of standoffish and not exploiting their brains and so forth as much like Russia and so this is something they said actually there's a potential I don't know if it will happen or not but there's a potential that more people could die from starvation because of the side effects of co and not covert not not the disease itself but just because of the difficulty in in commerce and so and then and pestilences obviously we're living in the midst of a pandemic so we understand this right now an earthquake. But we don't see those anymore right well obviously we do see earthquakes too but in diverse places all these are the beginning is of Sorrows now we probably many of us have heard the term sorrows and the new translations and in the Greek are this word sorrows as birth pangs so just like women who go through their contractions leading up to birth the birth pains they become more frequent and more intense so too with these signs of the time it's now thinking about this. In Luke 21 verse 28 speaking in the context of the signs of the times Jesus says and when you see these things begin to come to pass then look up. And lift up your heads for your mint Dems draw so the signs that times are not to simply strike people with horror yes we recognize them yes they are struggling signs but these are to actually get us to look up not look down not become despondent and give up and angry and hateful and hating other people who disagree with us but rather we are to look up because we recognize that our savior is drawing so we can actually have a joy that Jesus is coming again and we need to recognize as these things are taking place yes there are signs yes they are and they are just small pictures of what is coming but in I don't think we're going through the worst of it but we're getting these pictures and this gives us an idea that we need to lift up our heads we need to keep our eyes focused on Jesus in this time in Matthew 2412 still in the signs of the times this context here it says and because iniquity shallow bound the love of many show wax or grow cold and if you just stop right there and think about that particular sign of the time there is no question we're seeing this fulfilled around us there is becoming a hard heartedness in society that is unbelievable if somebody has one per their on one end of the political spectrum and somebody else is on the other side if they disagree with each other it used to be like when I was younger people would disagree they would even maybe Baker a little bit but in the end you could still be neighbors you could still be friends you live on the same street you didn't worry about it you let those things are like water under the bridge not now. Now we live at a time where love has literally grown cold and maybe could grow colder and I'm sure will but it is clearly growing cold people if you disagree with them they hate shoot and many of them will actually want you dead and say I wish you would die and and not only that they don't want you to have a job interview or have finances and that that perspective of you shouldn't have a job you should be able to make a living because you disagree with my political perspective and I'm not talking about either sides we're just simply saying this is the spirit of anti christ this is the spirit of antichrist friends and we don't want to be caught up in that sphere we don't want to be the ones who hate other people and and hope they can never make a living and we are to love our enemies and pray for those even that persecute us so friends if we're getting caught up in the hatred that is taking place in society right now we are fulfilling prophecy that our love is growing cold and we're told that we need to gain warmth from the coldness of those around us so as others are growing cold instead of that making us cold and hateful and spiteful and hating who we perceive to be our enemies we need to be loving even those who spitefully use us and persecute us it should actually stir our souls we should care for those who are angry and hateful in society right now not just hating somebody because they're right so you may have heard this we're actually going to have a civil war. We're going to have a civil war in this country and in other countries we're told this and noticed this is written in 899 years after the Civil War This is not a message about the Civil War the Civil War in the United States ended in a middle $860.00 s. and so notice this is a years later the mess in India China Russia and the cities of America thousands of men and women are dying of starvation Well there are price thousands dying of starvation today but it's going to have the money men because they have the power to control the market they purchase at low rates all that they can obtain and they sell at greatly increased prices this means starvation to the poorer classes and will result in a civil war it's interesting right now that we're living with people talking I accidentally stumbled upon a page on Facebook literally for the reason a back up I'm at it I stumble on I was out looking for this at all I was looking for stuff about civil war I have a youtube channel that's relatively new that I started I don't know month and a half ago it's called health and homestead we're told that we need to warn people about what is coming on the earth and I'll show you that quote the moment but and I have I thought about that cool for years and years warn people about what is coming on the earth but that sounds crazy that sounds fanatical and yet it always came back to my mind I warn people about what is coming upon the year. And so you know that kind of that's part of the idea of what I'm doing on health and homestead is sharing messages about country living about the Bible but also practical tips of gardening and in living in the country and what it's like and so but just talking about that so so I was posting these simple things that I'm sharing on just a bunch of different groups on You Tube just for that ability and when I say these groups secular I mean just atheists I'm not just print I'm not producing these directly for it just Adventists I mean we're doing this for the general public but so I go on one of these groups and just just to post one of these things and I see they're straight out talking about civil war and I had no idea I was trying to join some group when I saw as I don't meet with them it's what I've been doing here but so we see it and then I just saw some more information and in the news today talking about about this that a bunch of society right now thinks there's going to be a civil war now whether there will or not there will at some point whether it comes very soon or not I have no idea I mean I can't imagine but I can tell you this a year ago this we disclose station here. This quotation you'd be like how could that happen and notice this is not a racial Civil War This doesn't say it's a racial issue it's a financial issue it is from different classes some financial classes rather than this is not a race war and so so it's not exact It's not that perspective but here's that thinks a year ago you would've been like Civil War Americans are too civil for that right and right now you're seeing no none in a society that is so polarized that would be getting to like you could say Ok I could see maybe not tomorrow but I could see with the hatred with the anger with the animosity that this I could actually see this happening and so I notice this you probably heard this quotation you probably if you haven't read the book country living I would challenge you to read it it's like 32 pages you could literally read it tomorrow afternoon and it's a very short book you can look at it on your app on your phone but it's called Country Living 32 pages and it says the cities there are to be were is written in 1201000 years ago the cities are to be worked from outposts said the messenger of dawn some of the cities we want yes not by God's people living in them but by their visiting them to warn them of what is coming upon the earth for years I thought of that last part people might be just caught up in the rest of it like oh God people it's a live in the country underneath in years ago but the point here is for me I'm not the point for everybody else but the point that kept coming back to my mind is we need to warn people about what is coming upon the earth and I've been someone who shares the message of the Bible and I think man like sharing to letting people know what is coming upon the earth and that's one of the reason I want to be a part of doing something that actually sharing now just to give the little side no we're not to be fanatical about this don't just run out of this out of the city and and go buy a house and not know what you're doing and not know how to make a living. And you could end up hating. I was just talking to someone yesterday about that right now houses are being just snatched up in the country even deeper rural places I was just looking on Zillow and out of the top 40 like $44.00 newest houses in the country and as I say new newest listed there they could be 70 year old houses bums talking about the newest listings on rural properties and deep country in a certain area that I was looking at that like 20 I don't know $23.00 of them were already either sold or in the process of being sold within potentially days of them going on the market and you don't see that happening in deeper all areas country properties take a while to sell typically I mean sometimes a real good one to go quickly but they're not being like the majority of them are now sold within days and that's actually happening right now and it's not now I share this on another message this not that point but at this point a friend of mine just I and his wife his wife that the e.r. doctor and he works in. What I say like computer work I could just simply set a never less he told me that they moved from from the small city really a suburb in Texas to a country area in another state and the and the realtor that they were working with he said to them Are you guys 7th Day Adventists in a said Yes I you know he said tons of 7 there Venice are moving into the country right now. And I thought wow that's interesting that even the realtor noticed it but it's not just add that so many people people of all different persuasions are moving out because they're thinking this disorder is changing and I don't think it's safe to be in the city anymore and so I do fear that many of them will do what we were told not to do and that is to just just move out of fear now there can be a time where it's like legitimate Hey I got to get out of here I mean a lot should have got now is just the fear might have been a good motive to get out although he wasn't he actually was wanting to stay in stance danger like the angels like drag him out of the city right and so some some of us may be that way like we had to wait until the angels just like drag us out of the city or maybe somebody else does but but the reality is God's people should be pain they should be praying God you show me when help me not to go ahead of you but Lord help me not to go behind you not not to when I say go behind I mean not to go behind your will help me to follow your will when you tell me to go and so we're told show God's people not warn the cities Oh absolutely they should warn the cities but not by living in them we were told especially in these last days now here's the thing. We talked about the fact that people are are polarizing why are they so polarized Well I put a picture on the screen that might be 11 of the reasons right I'm not saying it's the only reason there's more than the us but social media I believe is one of the biggest factors for the polarizing aspect of society that actually these corporations are there some of it may be unintentional some of it is intentional they actually can manipulate our minds be even said so some of you probably remember just a few years ago they did a study on Facebook where they didn't tell you they were studying you but they were manipulating minds and if finally came out they said Ok yes we did this you this this is it you know here's an Forbes Talking about this is not just in case somebody is knowing doesn't know Forbes is not like a conspiracy theory website right this is like ups you know it's you know you might learn about finances and different things I guess but so far excess Facebook manipulated 681000 users emotions for science you remember that's where what happened was what they did they could choose what what would come they do choose what comes in your feed and so you're scrolling through and you're looking through and they say let's say you're having just a fine day you're happy you're posting positive things communicating with your friends and they could start just showing you negative negative negative negative negative see and all the sudden they found that they could change your mental state they could change your emotions by what they chose to show you now we knew this the by the Bible gives us the principle now doesn't say this word for word the same grittiest 300 the principle there is that by the holding we become changed right and so it's not word for word there but synchronous 317 and 18 that's the passage where we get that principle and so they realize scientists know this this is nothing new monkey see monkey do right and we're affected by what we look at and so they do this now. This they can actually kind of cause you to think not totally You may still stick with one idea or perspective but they can still lead you down a negative hole and check this out this is very interesting talking about targeted marketing so look consider the controversial study published last year by Facebook researchers that said companies should tailor their marketing to women based on how they felt about their appearance that marketing study began by examining the days and times when women felt the worst about themselves find that women felt most vulnerable on Mondays and felt the best about themselves on Thursday Well the marketing study suggested companies shift concentrate media during prime vulnerability moments aligning with content involving tips and tricks instant beauty rescues dressing for success getting organized for the week empowering stories concentrate media during her most beautiful moments aligning with content involving weekend guides weekend style beauty tips for social activities and positive stories the Facebook study combined with last year's marketing study suggests that marketers may not need to wait until Mondays or Thursdays to have an emotional impact instead social media companies may be able to manipulate timelines in newsfeeds to create emotionally fueled marketing opportunities so that they realize and they're telling us hey we can do this we can make you feel a certain way we can make you feel beautiful we can make you feel ugly we can make you feel down we can choose how you feel about yourself and we could lead you down a pathway so that we could sell you something that maybe you didn't even necessarily want because we we created the emotional state inside of you so that we could sell you what we wanted you to buy if they could do that could they not. So change perspectives or pit us even if we are to perspective down that debt per person that perspective even deeper so that we will be more prone to follow some you know ideas or whatever now I'm getting kind of a here but this is the thing you need to think Chad this sounds constituency a Tory 100 just reading what they say they do we're not talking about something some secret sort of group somewhere out there this is the open idea of what they do to change our minds to to lead us in the direction here's the thing is there a conspiracy Yes And what do I mean that there is a devil who conspires with potentially millions of angels and we call demons to try to lead us away from Jesus Christ I'm not talking about some human conspiracy that all we've got to watch out for that the people hiding behind the bush know what I'm saying is simply just the devil if if humans have figured this stuff out do you think the devil doesn't and can he use people to pit us and factions where we could become so hateful and have such an animist toward each other that we are taking our minds off of Jesus and we're buying the bill of goods that the devil has planned for us there is a conspiracy and it's done by the devil himself regardless of humans are doing things or maybe all these things that I just read to you Are lots maybe it's not true maybe they did manipulate people maybe they were just kidding but they weren't getting a yes they can do it but obviously the devil did something similar to this and have Satan men nippy elated the minds of a 3rd of the holy angelic beings he infected their minds with a thought process that led them step by step into a darker area a darker place till they got to the point where their hearts were hardened and the love of many waxed cold. And they had to be thrust out of heaven is exactly what the devil wants to do with God's people in the last days whether of our faith or of others that he wants our love to go cold that we're so angry with the enemies that we disagree with that we will hate them to the point where the devil wins doesn't matter what side you're on if you begin to hate the other side the devil want the devil has one at that point now I was sitting at a.s.i. a number of years ago I don't remember how many years ago may not have been that many but I was yeah it's been a few years actually so I was sitting at a.s.i. and sure Rissa fall was a friend of ours she was speaking we weren't I don't know well then actually didn't even know her then but so sure if it was speaking and it was the main auditorium so everybody's there I don't know a couple 1000 people or a few 1000 or whatever come to a science when the main meeting in and she's speaking and all the sun be doing the fire alarm went off and you know when the fire alarm goes off what does everybody do absolutely nothing I know that he does anything when that's when the fire alarm goes off you just kind of like to sit in your chair and do nothing well one of our friends who is it e.r. doctor started walking out and he walked in front of us and we're seeing him walk out not almost nobody's leaving and he he said to us now if he didn't say anything actually my wife said to me she said you think we should follow. So we out up and we walk down and start talking with them and then he told us that he had been reading a book Cold The Survivors Club and it's basically research on who survives emergency adventure when wrote the book and he said you should read it so I went bought the book read the book great book Fantastic book but. But it really gave me in understanding that I had learned before so in this book it talks about researchers have investigated the responses that people have in kind of like death defying emergencies like sinking of ships or maybe burning buildings or crashing planes how do people respond and they came up with what's called the 108010 principle so that the 1st 10 percent there are no particular order but the 1st 10 percent I'm talking about 10 percent of people like for instance of a ship is going down and sinking 10 percent of people will go absolutely hysterical they will be detrimental to themselves and to others they go nuts they go haywire and so you obviously don't want to be a part of that 10 percent of the people so those people just like they don't even damage themselves he gives a story of this guy who was on a ship true story of this man who and maybe his name was Gary I forget I just read a reason looked at it again but so he's on the ship and this ship it was called the a stony and 1904 began to sink he was on it he was on the deck many people down below never got out they were lost but he he was on deck and the ship was kind of it was tilting but it wasn't correcting and he realized oh no normally a ship that turns you know kind of goes back well he realized we're going down and it continued to go further and further Long story short he began to watch people and there's another guy with them and he they were looking at other people and other people were just standing around. Some people are going nuts but then that 80 percent that 10 percent go hysterical 80 percent do basically nothing and they just wait for somebody to tell them what to do and he was watching people and he talked to other guys like I have people standing around on the scene we're going to sink and people are doing nothing they literally just sunk with the boat didn't even try to do anything they literally just died and 80 percent of people will really just wait for somebody to tell them what to do and in great catastrophes many times somebody isn't there to tell you what to do and so then the last 10 percent of people actually they they think rationally and they seek for a way out of the situation they seek for a way out of the situation so you have 10 percent hysterical 80 percent just kind of like they just do very little and maybe wait for somebody to tell them what to do or 10 percent people actually actively look for a way out they're thinking logically methodically What can I do if I do this this will happen if I do this that what happens and so they're looking for a way out and I really believe that we need to learn because right now I believe we're being programmed whether it's by the devil or whether it's 5 people in society we're being programmed by looking at things for so many hours that that we're just being told how to think and we're being divided into largely 2 groups there might be some other people out there but there is largely people are just being told what to do you have if you're on our side you think this with you're on our side you think this way and and people just kind of would doubt to these things and then go along with what they're told to do. But in the emergencies that are coming upon the earth I really believe that we need to be thinking men and women and we need to be training our children to be thinking individuals not just telling them all the time what they have to do but helping them to think through the process of what to do absent he what would you do in this situation actually help them to be thinking and understanding and now check this out this is power how to truly think for yourself every human being we are told is so powerful every human being created in the image of God is in doubt with the power akin to that of the Creator individuality power to think and to do the men in whom this power is developed are the men who bear responsibilities who are leaders in enterprise and who influence character it is the work of true education to develop this power to train the used to be finger and not mere reflectors of other men's saw in general education in 2020 trains you to be a reflector of other peoples thoughts I know we try to act like gods you know higher education is supposed to be a place where you you open your mind it is not that much at all it is today it is it is you are there is a certain line we want you to believe in this is with the way you want to believe and the reality is this is not the biblical mindset God does have a plan for our lives he does have a thought process and when we use our lives to him he can actually help us to be truly thinking free people following God does not put you into slavery following anything else makes you a slave it makes you a slave to the enemy but check this out so. Is it is that it is the work of true education to develop this power to train you to be thinkers not me reflect There is another man's thought instead of combining their study to that which men have have said or written let students be directed to the sources of truth to the vast fields open for research in nature and in Revelation so I could say maybe nature could be looking at perceiving spending time in nature nature actually make sure more. Gives you more commonsense when you're separated from nature many people lose common sense I share this in a in another message but it's where it bears repeating they did they did a survey of young people that lived in the city and young people that lived in the country and one of the questions they asked was and they said Do you agree with this statement yes or no and this is the statement if what I believe offends somebody else then what I believe is wrong if what I believe offend somebody else than what I believe is wrong and young people in the city are 6 times 600 percent more likely to agree with that statement which tells us that they are. They've lost common sense because that statement is inherently false it is in and of itself an error that that that statement cannot be it cannot be true just by virtue of fact that is self-contradictory a statement that is self-contradictory cannot therefore be true for what I mean here's the thing so if what you believe offend somebody else what you believe is wrong so if if you believe in God that offends an atheist therefore it's wrong and if an atheist believes there is no God and that offends a Christian then the atheist is wrong if you believe 2 plus 2 is 4 and somebody else believes it is not and you offend them then it is not true anymore to therefore is no longer for younger stand I'm saying that doesn't make any sense somebody offending somebody doesn't make something right or wrong should we try to be offensive No that's to be our goal although Jesus did offend people and if you don't believe that go read John chapter 6 he even said death this offend me and a clear answer was yes he offended people truth sometimes hurts that we shouldn't go out and seek to be hurtful we should always try to win souls and lose souls and be and be when some is much as possible but yet truth will offend some people and if we are afraid if we have that mentality of I have to just make everybody happy you can't make everybody happy that's impossible so how do we have our own thoughts how do we think for ourselves it's as we are directed at the source of truth to the bass fields open for research in nature and Revelation let them contemplate the great facts of duty in destiny and the mind will expand and strengthen instead of educated weaklings institutions of learning may send forth men strong to think and to act men who are masters and slaves of circumstances men who possess breath of mine clearness of thought and the courage of their convictions powerful. So spending time in nature spending time in the Word of God These 2 things can help us to actually think b.r. for ourselves be thinking and acting people and that's what we need to be a part be a part of that 10 percent who survive and when I say survive I'm not talking about survivalism like oh I'm going to make it I'm going to us I'm going to make it in the last days like that I mean but I mean yes I want you to make it in the last days I want you to be saved whether your whether you die or not the true survival as having your heart right with Jesus and if we let somebody else do the thinking for us we're not going to be in that 10 percent and I'm not saying it's 10 percent be you understand what I'm talking about the illustration here so notice how do we get to this point how do we how do we have this great understanding Psalms 1998 through 11 tell us that the house through the I commandments has made me wiser than mine enemy it's for they are ever with I have more understanding than all my teachers why why is that for the testimonies are my meditation I understand more than the ancients because I have kept my precepts I ever a frame my feet from every evil way that I might keep the high we're friends if we want to have more understanding then our enemies more understanding than our teachers we need to spend time in the Word of God This standard of truth that God has given to us we also see in Proverbs 2712th. It says it prudent man for sees the evil and hides himself but the simple the simple minded pass on and are punished think about that think about that in the context of the $108010.00 that a good chunk of people they may even see the evil around them Amy even see the sinking ship and they do not think in the punished for I don't mean eternal punishment or they sink to the bottom of the ocean at some point right and so but but some people they foresee the evil and they do something about it they hide themselves from the situation and I'm once again I'm not talking about just survivalism but we're talking about spiritual survivalism will we be will we be one of the states full in the end or will we just do what the crowd does I think about this I think about certain people you probably think of 100 I don't know people in the Bible there were there are most people follow the crowd most the time and then there are a few people a few people that stand up against the crowd and also the people in the Bible you remember their names generally don't know the names of the multitude sometimes you do sometimes we see a part of the multitude and they're lost but in general the ones that you think about the ones that ring a bell in your mind that you never forget often are the ones who stood though the heavens were falling around them as it were I think of David as when read the story again today and he was in there but there was this this valley with 2 mountains on the side and I think it was valley of you or something like that and and there's this valley between it and there was the great champion. Goliath of gas and this man is screaming out and he's screaming out of Senate season and cursing the God of the Israel and the Israel I see this massive hole of a man they're terrified they're shaking in their boots literally and this young shepherd boy comes along he sees as he hears this guy doing us and disguise insulting his god in front of all these men and he has troubles he's thinking what I can't believe we're allowing this man to profane our God like just what isn't somebody do something about but nobody dares everybody is frozen in essence they're probably most of them are in that 80 percent group some of them might have been so crazy we don't we don't read about them but here comes this young this young boy literally this young shepherd boy as he spent time in the Word of God Surely surely he meditated on God's word as he spent time in nature yes he had us and here he is and he sees this taking place and you know also I will go to the whole circuit ultimately goes down to the to the brook and he grabs some stones and he puts them in his script and he he goes toward this man in the guy starts laughing he's like what what do you come against me with you know swords spears it's look at this you know this child basically said mocking him he said I'll throw your body to the birds of heaven in David says to him basically you know you come against me a sword sphere but I come to you in the name of the Lord our God He has communed with God communed with God in nature how do we know the community the nature he had been the shepherd he had grabbed hold of the beard of a of a lion. Killed thing he has fought a bear for some sheep this man was he had communicated with nature right from the Abend there and so here he is and what's so powerful when you actually read in Samuel what he literally says he doesn't just say because I've had this face you know you runs toward it go I And he does it it says that he acts but he doesn't say that what he says he ran toward the Army so it I mean this is like an incredible movie here's this young boy with nothing but a sling running at an entire army this is unbelievable so I mean just just get the pictures he's running in an army an obviously ultimately he strikes the head of the the giant any dies and goes off his head you know gory kind of picture but that's that's what happened and so this young man he was a part he was he wasn't a part of the 10 percent he wasn't even a part of the one percent he was the only individual who was willing to stand for the right at that time because he had communed with God and he had spent time in nature Now this next person I don't know much time in nature although he was in nature at this moment I think about this next person not Jesus you see there yes he did spend time in nature but I want to look before we talk about Jesus at the guy and Jesus right here our last the thief on the cross you mean I think of him like this and I don't know by nature although he's I guess he's outside right now getting fresh air and what have you been nevertheless other than that that's a little bit of a stretch that this man is dying for his sins literally he is hanging on a cross he has been a part of the crowd. He has been a part of a life of sin he's been led away into sin and he just followed the crowd and it got him to the point where he was lost totally utterly lost here he is at a point his life where there's no hope of eternal life and he's hanging on across his is his physical life is temporal life is hopeless he can't get off the cross he can't do anything about his circumstances right now he's trapped there's no way out and in the midst of this emergency that he has been a merge and see as he's thinking it through a 1st even seems to mock Jesus along with the other man that was crucified with them but then he began stiff begins to think and he sees all the people Hakim's used to the priests he sees the fairest sees the saddest scenes he sees the crowd in general mocking him people people insulting his lowly birth he sees all of this taking place in surely surely he knew you know who Jesus was he was not you know everybody knew who Jesus was by this point Jesus' name I mean listen if somebody healed entire towns and villages do you think that would get around for sure so he knows about the healing work of Jesus he's probably even heard him himself. And here he is and now this man I'm sure it was kind of a surprise like why is this guy being crucified me like what was he done it and it begins to seem to deceive the whole process of his maybe as flogging is beating being whipped and and His mercy and his kindness and a look of compassion as states as Jesus is even being nailed to a cross he prays forgive them for they don't know what they're doing. And is all of this is flooding into the mind of this thief hanging on a cross with no hope of safety no hope of escaping this emergency but then he sees his mind is clear enough in this moment to find the only way out and that way out was Jean's us and he turns to him and he says Lord remember me when you come into your kingdom and you can't I can just imagine the whole crowd be silent listening. What's he said calling Scully look heart and I'm sure everybody in their heart I imagine the Holy Spirit impressed every heart there for a moment you know he is Lord don't you you can see it on his States you can see it in his actions in his compassion in his love he is Lord and he said Lord remember me when you come to your king and what happened Jesus turns to him in with those eyes of compassion he says what does he say he says that saying that is so often forgotten and actually not forgotten but misuse it says Verily verily I say and to the to day now shall be with me in paradise. Jesus tells us man Listen I'm telling you today you will Future Tense be with me in paradise this man listen you may have been like that the you may be turning away right now you may be caught out with the crowd and going directions that we are not be going in these last last days of Earth's history but Jesus is looking at all of us and if we turn to him even now no matter what we've done and we see Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom he too can say to us if we yield our hearts of the terms from our sins and accept team as our personal Savior we can finally only way to survive and once again the survival I'm not talking about is not temporal It is all to me of yes there is something we're told that even into the country we need we should be seek to be we're told this seek to be free from the interference of enemy so there is something about a safety that we even seek by moving out but ultimately true survival only takes place in Jesus and I'm talking about eternal salvation regardless of what happens we could die in a car crash we could be caught captured some of the people in the last days will be hunted they will lose their lives for their faith we're not talking about that survival but Jesus wants us to be thinking people spending time in His Word spending time in nature so that we that we can be thinkers and not mere reflectors of other men's thought all its that we can stand for the truth though the heavens fall so I want to challenge even if you live in the city I would challenge you to spend some time if the weather permits maybe the Sabbath going out in nature and I want to challenge you I challenge almost every sermon on this but I want to challenge you to spend time daily in God's word. This is the standard of truth this is the message the love letter from our Savior and something I heard someone say it was legal this legalism to tell people they should spend time in the Word of God every day can you imagine if somebody said it would be legalism to like read a love letter from your wife every day come up we only make up these silly arguments when we're convicted the reality is God's Word is a love letter to us why would we not want to read it if you don't want to read it daily Jesus simply says you need to be born again he says that with loss and friends how are you born again you're born again by the words God So I want to challenge you spend some time in nature on a regular basis and number 2 spend time with Jesus and His Word He said the only way to have a clear mind so that we can survive eternally in Jesus Christ let's close with a word of prayer Heavenly Father we're so thankful for Jesus Father I'm thankful that he is the one who truly sets us free. That we may think freedom is in the sins of the swirls in what may cause us to be addicted to pornography or or drugs or alcohol or what have you or whatever vice we may struggle with but we realize as were entrapped in those that never is there freedom in those but the true freedom comes when reception free Jesus told us that for freedom he had set us free and Father I pray that we would allow him to be the center of our lives that we would spend time with you in your word that we would become like Christ in His name. This media was brought to you by audio force a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon the leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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