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03 Religious Aggression and the Health Message

Chad Kreuzer
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Chad Kreuzer

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  • October 6, 2020
    6:24 AM
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The bike rides are near for a war or Heavenly Father thank You for the opportunity to study both Scripture and science I pray that your holy spirit guide should give us wisdom insight balance and that even within the midst of this that Jesus would be uplifted we pray in his name and so the Bible says Jesus said I am speaking of Jesus any way those numbers too says and he Jesus sent them disciples to do 2 main things to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick so there are really 2 messages 2 great works then Jesus sent forth His disciples to do while he was here on Earth and thinking about that so they were given this message to teach people about the Kingdom of God And number 2 to heal the sick and it's interesting that the 2 great works that God's people have in the last days are the very same 2 things number one to teach people about preparing for the Kingdom of God And number 2 to be a part of the healing ministry that Jesus left to his cycles and so we've been given this message and we are told this about this a Sunday law and medical missionary work in where religious aggression is taking place notice what we read is as religious aggression subverts the liberties of our nation those who would stand for freedom of conscience will be placed in unfavorable positions for their own sake they should while they have the opportunity to become intelligent in regard to disease its causes prevention and cure all those who do this will find a field of labor anywhere there will be suffering once plenty of them. Who will need help not only among those of our own face but largely among those who know not the truth the shortness of time demands and energy that has not been aroused among those who claim to believe the present truths one of the fears that sometimes I hear people within our church say as they say we don't want to be known as you know like Sabbath keepers of vegetarianism or something like that some people are nervous about this but she was actually told that we were meant to be known to the world by the end Vance principles of our health message and praise the Lord we are the Lord the Lord has made us at the world knows about this people because God has blessed us with this message it's not us it's God that has blessed blessed us with this message so as it gets more difficult to buy and sell what would we do for medical missionary work if it was difficult to fire so it would be hard to to use all the standard accoutrements of the medical system so what could we do could it be that evidence based research has been conducted comparing head to head drug medication and natural remedies and in many cases the natural remedies are as good or better than the pharmaceutical drugs and often with significantly less side effects and I have a whole series about this but I'm just going to share with you a few of the principles tonight and now we recognize that in an acute situations you know drugs may Nesby many drugs may be necessary to save lives especially in acute situations but what if in many cases they're actually healthier safer option it's so that for instance let's talk about what's considered to be one of the greatest drugs in human history and a box so in about 6 can slow the growth of and kill many types of infection in some cases such as before surgery antibiotics can prevent infection from occurring and they begin working within a few hours they are easy to take most antibiotics are oral medications your doctor may decide to give you an injection it's imperative that the medicine if the him if it's imperative that the medicine. Your system quickly so when we think about an advice I grew up taking advice seemingly almost every year as a child allergies these kind of things I just take them like. Like candy it seemed like as a child but even though these may have some benefits do they have some very serious side effects and we're not going to look at some out of the way a little like secretive journals were really a massive studies that have been conducted in the u.k. a study of over 200000 people it was shown that for every course of antibiotics increases your someone's individual's risk of depression by 2325 percent and that for every $2.00 to $5.00 courses antibiotics increase the risk of depression by sorty to 56 percent and it also raises their chances of having anxiety so taking antibiotics increases your chances of oppression and taking them more often increases your chances even more what about anti and about extend our greatest are our number one killer in North America hard Dizzee Well research on over 36000 women reported in the European hard Journal reveals that higher usage of antibiotics during middle age and later life is significantly correlated with cardiovascular disease defens in later whites this is interesting what about we go on Parkinson's disease as reported in The Journal movement disorders in nationwide case control study of Finland revealed a 41 percent increased risk of Parkinson's disease in people taking certain oral matter oral antibiotics is seem to be delayed delayed effect of up to 15 years potentially because of bacterial changes in the gut changing what's called the micro biome So think about this antibiotics may cause diseases like cancer Parkinson's or at least increase your likelihood of having this disease and specifically speaking of Parkinson's years you may not notice the correlation because it doesn't really start taking effect until 15. Years later so here's the thing could many diseases that people suffer with today actually be a result of a great drug that has actually been very beneficial and helping combat one disease but yet has actually been exacerbating another disease The trouble is to correlate it's very hard because it takes place so so much later in the game but let's go further what all in about a Q 6 in cancer the European Journal of Cancer looked at research 18125000 plus individuals with cancer and mass and with over 490000 control individuals they discovered that people who took more than 5 courses of penicillin had a 40 percent increased risk of gastric cancer they also found the same thing with lung cancer and I could go on and on with these things but antibiotics and rheumatoid arthritis researchers looked at over 22000 people with rheumatoid arthritis and match them with over $90000.00 people without rheumatoid arthritis and the chances of being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis a 60 percent higher in people who are exposed to antibiotics so notice we see that in about a potential increase the risk of rheumatoid arthritis Parkinson's disease cancer depression and here's the thing many times you probably heard someone say oh I know someone who they were vegan for years or vegetarian and they got cancer and died there's really nothing you can do you know it is true cancer is more difficult than diabetes or heart disease we know how to reverse those in most cases cancer is a little more difficult but could it be that they have so damaged their immune function by killing off the good bacteria that is one of the main sources of immune function in the body that they've destroyed to a large degree because they antibiotics years ago that they cannot fight off the cancer that their body naturally produces that our body can normally keep down as long as we have a healthy immune function so it's very interesting to think about the things that we use that we think of as totally safe that have very little side effects maybe actually exacerbate. They are causing some of the greatest diseases known to humanity in the western world anyway cancer and heart disease now I'm not saying they are the only factors but they are clearly factors according to studies with hundreds of thousands probably over a 1000000 people put together so other diseases studies have also been done that suggest that other diseases like juvenile idiopathic arthritis auto immune liver disease and type one diabetes risk may be increased by antibiotic use so many of the diseases that people suffer with may be in part maybe not fully from but in part from antibiotic use to each so but here's the thing so we're talking about the body's going to use his natural remedies in the last dates and so we're going to look at research on diet versus drugs notice this the most cutting edge cholesterol lowering Staton drugs lower your risk of dying from a heart attack by 3 point one percent over the next 6 years isn't that great. Well I guess really not it doesn't sound that good if indeed you take the drugs you're told you're of heart disease and you think Man this is wonderful My doctor has a drug for my heart disease and he gave me this stat and drugs but he pride in tell you it's only going to help your chances of not dying by 3 percent very small benefit to these things so but Dr Esselstyn nice doctor did his 2nd study of patients with a stablish cardiovascular disease these were they called them the walking dead so he was given patients who had no hope of survival they were told to go home some of them and just wait to die and he put out a total plant based diet but it was more strict than just begun it was totally on refined in the sense that not even oil they were allowed to have and a low fat plant based diet for those who are fully compliant reduce the risk of major cardiac events by 60 percent or 177 compliant test subjects one had a stroke that means 99.4 percent of those who stuck to the plant based diet will fish meat dairy or oil to avoid recurrence so you have all turns of a 99.4 percent chance of not having a heart attack or a stroke by going on this diet Yes it may be quite strict but you now think about this compare this natural remedy of changing our lifestyles to the most cutting edge drugs that scientists have been able to come up with to fight having heart attacks and strokes that only benefit by 3 point one percent. You see my thought is this as a doctor doctors have a choice most doctors think well I'm not going to tell people about the health message because their prime will follow it anyway people are stubborn they don't like change that's true most people don't actually like to change but here's the thing what if you gave them the choice they have got 2 options for you door a door b. option a option b. option a is the standard route if I give you this pill it'll give you a 3.3 percent chance of the for avoiding a heart attack it hasn't you know 96 point you know 9 percent chance of doing really almost nothing for you but I could but we could you could go that route of totally give you the option or we have this other option that is 20 times better and it could actually give you a 99 potentially 99.4 percent of not having a stroke or a heart attack which option would you like to have and you say to chant I'm too busy to go through all that I only have like doctors have like 7 or 8 minutes with their patients and I know we're talking about maybe the family physician at this point but what they could do is what one of the doctors that we know his son anyway that what this particular medical doctor does is he doesn't have time to teach all this stuff so what he does is he finds out Ok you have serious heart disease you know I'm going to direct you to my son who actually teaches classes on reversing heart disease or says his patient has diabetes he doesn't have time to show them most people need to fully reverse type 2 diabetes and most people can begin to reverse heart disease and so he said he directs them to a class that his son teaches so we could come up with new ways because doctors don't have time to do this but they could have someone working with them who could do the work of the natural remedies and teaching people how to change their lives well the American Diabetes Association says there is no cure for diabetes but it can be managed. I'm here to tell you that's not true they're just not telling the truth I'm not sure why they don't want to tell the truth but I'm going to show you a video clip actually before I do that Dr Dean Ornish one of the top medical doctors one of the most popular medical doctors and medical scientists in the United States says that. And you know on this Andy says that by changing it I'm lifestyle 95 percent of people can reverse their diabetes 95 percent of people one of the American Diabetes Association say there's nothing you can do to reverse it I have no idea I don't know why they would just be dishonest like that maybe what they mean is there is no drug to reverse and that is true at least up till you know recent I don't know of any drugs coming out recently that's but up till now there is no drug to reverse the disease you can just simply manage it but the great news is there's lifestyle ways by eating and changing your diet and. Exercise that can help us simply reverse the disease I want I'm going to show you a little short clip from Dr McDougall idea occurred to me to interview him for a documentary still leave made in the us what Dr McDougall says he's one of the top medical doctors at reversing things like diabetes heart disease and immune problems. There are a lot of that lot of sick fat people in the United States and Europe and other Westernized parts of the world. The problems they have are all the same they're obese but they get type 2 diabetes their arteries are clogged up as a result they get heart attacks and strokes and also their tissues are just sick and cannot respond properly and they do generate into dietary cancers like prostate and breast and colon cancer well these people have to resort to their innate healing properties if they want to get well the only way to get well is to fix the problem the problems the food every day 3456 times a day what happens with the typical Western or American is they take a fork and spoon and they shovel injury into their body and the body hasn't a ceased its efforts to try and be healthy the body stealing the arteries are healing the cancer cells are healing I mean he is going on all the time. And the body is working as hard as it can to heal it just can't keep pace with the engine from that fork and spoon and all you have to do is just tap into a number rack us in a healing properties the body there's nothing more to it than the fact that the body heals you throw it out in the street and get hit by a truck and it heals if you if you just stop the injury at the dinner table it heals. The type 2 diabetes goes away 100 percent of the time yes it does are. There at the end it keeps doing it for you but it's quick and I was there in it and it was 100 percent that you can reverse it if you do you want to set that and if it's. A matter of just you get rid of it. In your life so what it does if you go on and eat it it just and it is. Good. But it best if you want but we must be yours and we're. Just going to. Cause people to artist mistreat not just stay disease. You know management. But it was going and it's something I think to some degree it is to seize the moment since it reverts I change my style so let's look at this now I'm going to shoot another video clip this man came to a seminar that my wife and I were doing in Oregon this man at the time was 80 years old and he said will you know your old person overweight if they change their life it's a little too late the can you know get better from their diabetes and so forth this man came to his name's Dell Dell came to our seminar and this is an interview with him 2 and a half weeks after he came to our program notice what Dell has to say this is so exciting to see. Been dying diagnosed as a diabetic for a little over 20 years and because of my family background all 4 grandparents are diabetic lawman dad were diabetic my brother who passed away a few years ago of diabetic complications is diabetic as all without history I would be extreme chance for being dead by the age of 40 miles side effects were mostly neuropathies in Europe a thing is the feeling you get it's in comes from within the nervous system carrying due to the blood sugar situation and mine was numbness in my feet my feet. Half of both feet were always Naaman some ties even a back as far as my heel coming up toward my ankle on some Sundays but always half a foot. At night periodic Ledo rubbing my feet on the sheets would feel like they were being rubbed on a red hot iron just like they were being blistered and have to put my feet out from under the covers and over the edge of the bed so they weren't touching anything but the dumbness never went away day or night. I started this therapeutic diet idea before I knew its therapeutic diet about a week. Or maybe 2 before I met Chad and was introduced to the therapeutic diet concept I had started adding more fruit fresh fruit and more fresh vegetables to an already vegetarian diet but I was lacto ovo. Milk and eggs and cheese vegetarian we went to the brain brain get connection and. Got ahold of the. Recipe book and started some real changes and within 3 days the numbness was progressing out of my feet within a week I was down to where I just had to tell those on each foot that were numb 247 and. Then a few more days that went where I could have feeling on the tops of all my feet all my toes all my foot another day went by it was down to one of the big and the 2nd toe on both feet were the only gnomes then that went down to where it was down to just one toe. And now the numbness asc on out of all tose and feet I have a little bit of residual kind of a fluffy fuzzy feeling in the left 2nd toe but up basically I can say it's 99.9 percent gone so that's gone the other thing that I noticed that showed up I didn't even think about it at the time but I had been unable to work more than 510 minutes out in the yard and I'd have to come in and rest for half an hour and. The other day I was out pruning shrubs and carrying the debris out of the yard putting it into the pick up. And I was out there for a little over 3 hours and I came in feeling better than when I went out so the energy factor is something that kind of surprised me I didn't expect. We'll. Spend. 2 and a half 3 week trip. If a case like this look out for you know the world's going to know I'm here. We had such a dream time with Dell you know seeing a man and Eve years old that in this these these results are not uncommon if you teach these same principles did this terrible thing called neuropathy that the medical system has nothing other than drugs to kind of cover the pain but there's nothing you can do to reverse it the good news is if they begin to change your lifestyle within 2 to 3 days if you can still go away so you're not talking some long term pain of all you've got to wait years or months to start feeling better in many cases within days people start to see a reversal of their blood sugar starts dropping the the pain or numbness can start going away within days and typically with 30 days they'll have an incredible reversal in a very infirm Dell it was 2 and a half weeks like he said so now I want to share with you just a few scientific studies on healing natural remedies that have been compared sometimes head to head with drug medication that have been found to be as good or better just to let you realize now I understand medical schools they're not going to often teach of these kinds of things because this isn't what's normally taught I mean these natural remedies are basically near free and so it's not something that's standardized but I want to show you the research that's been done realizing that we're going to come to a time where it's going to be difficult to buy or sell and the medical ministry we do is going to move forward what we have been talking about and what we what have been prophesied for God's people in the last days let's look at honey in wound healing patients that it received plastic surgery had on the same owned covered half with a standard surgical dressing and the other half with a honey dressing and so I notice this. Yes So we go on and a half that was dressed with the honey he healed about a 3rd narrower and the study concluded that by stating that the aesthetic or the look up the wound could be enhanced by using a honey dressing Now this is been used for thousands of years all the way back to Egypt and when it's finally put to the task we find that using honey on a wound is actually more beneficial than a standard dressing up to be used in a hospital very fast simply honey and what about honey and canker sores Michael Greger is the one who brought these points out there are such great points what happens when you have people put on a standard spheroid cream made for canker sores or an over the counter pain to go put on came her source or simply putting honey on the source Well here's the char in the study that actually talked about this and what do we find well the red group is the steroids group so you can see right away after taking it on Daisy from the 1st day as I was going down down down for days what about the blue this is the cream that you can buy in the store well begins to go down slowly but then boom by 8 a day it is gone now what about honey if you take honey with you if we think one day these peoples canker sores are getting better look at this I mean so the best one is honey and so you can either take steroids or you can take honey. Well it is up to you what you want to do with the reality is the one that works the best is the honey but I know some of you might be thinking but chat. Is it safe to be putting honey in your mouth. Agape probably nobody was actually thinking but well there are and there were no side effects in any of the groups but honey should not be given to babies under one years when you're old so you may have known that that were in general told to avoid it and be so not with the babies but for anybody else it would be a great option for canker sores or for wound healing So what about depression what about depression is simple little slower here well I just missed one so the medication name may cause depression a little journal called Jamel not so little one of the most prestigious journals in the United States the Journal of American Medical Association reports that 37 percent of adult Americans are taking a medication that has the pressure as a side effect of taking the medication and they reported that taking 3 or more men meds that had depression a side effects significantly increased the risk of depression so much of depression may actually be coming from the medication that people are taking and the more medications that you take to have depression as a side effect increase your likelihood of getting depression but what about St Johnswort you probably heard about many people know potential for natural remedy for depression while they did it versus placebo study of a 1000 by people put on either Aplus or 105 people starts were put on either placebo or 300 milligrams of St Johns for 3 times a day. Well 67 percent of the people taking St John's Wart lower their levels of depression by and their depression versus 28 percent of the people in the placebo group say Ok so it's better than placebo that's good but what about actually head to head with a drug Well let's find out 29 different studies of with over 5000 patients have been done conducted looking at the effectiveness of St John's Wart or high Pira come extract which is a Latin name for St Johnswort and St John's or has been compared to placebo and different and different medications including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or s.s.r.i. eyes and try or tetracycline antidepressants they find it turns out that St John's war is as effective as the standard depression medications in research trials and St John's Wart has fewer side effects than the medications and the Journal of Clinical psychopharmacology reported in St John's Wart versus Prozac in a double blind randomized placebo controlled study St John's Wart was sipping significantly more effective than both Prozac and placebo and this is incredible that a certain And by the way I live in Michigan but on our property all over the place the stuff just grows wild out there so that what's gone on here I might as well just save some so I cut it in stride and use dried in the basement right now and so you have it I mean it's just very simple grows around North America and what a blessing right something that has been more beneficial than Prozac and simple natural remedy that God has been given us and even if it didn't grow on your property you could grow it on your property you can just you know buy some of the seeds and have a dent in the last days when it's difficult to buy or sell being able to grow our own remedies Why didn't option what a great thing that we can do so by the way research from the journal frontiers of psychology revealed depressed individuals who use. Used antidepressant medications were significantly more likely to have recurrent depressive experiences so taking the medications for depression might make you more likely to become depressed in the future so could it be that the natural remedies don't have that same side effect of making you more likely to be depressed in the future very interesting thoughts to consider so what about a migraine medication Well obviously I know that is right there so it comes to medicate medication for migraines it's called I'm a tracks are so much ripped and and it has a bunch of side effects like mild headache that's not a migraine or pain or chest tightness pressure heavy feeling in any part of the body weakness feeling out a cold dizziness spending sensation drowsiness Nazia vomiting drillings you got it there's a bunch of side effects Well Ginger versus him a trip to him for migraines the research has been done head to head studies so we're looking at evidence based remedies I know that this is kind of that's the you know catch phrase now in medicine yes evidence based and it is true there are evidence based research with drugs but what happens when these drugs are compared with natural remedies we were told that God had remedies in nature that did not have the same side effects of the drug medications half Well in one double blind randomized controlled trial researchers compared the fs kisi of ginger to the migraine medication sumatriptan and 100 people who have migraines with out auras were randomly given either ginger or symmetry of death and within 2 hours both groups saw a significant decrease in migraine pain and the benefit in both groups was statistically similar so you can take it very simple remedy that you can grow yourself you grow in your yard you grow some ginger or you could have to go buy the medication that has all kinds of side effects and so you can see that we were told that God made remedies in nature and sure enough they actually do work when put head to head with a strength standard drug medication I could go on a I have hours of material on this and out by the way. Go check out our if if you're someone who goes on You Tube If you're not skip what I'm saying right now but if you're a person who goes on You Tube Check out I have a new channel called health and home state if you live in health and homestead check out our channel there we're putting out videos daily 5 days a week lately sometimes I won't be able to keep up with Abba since we're not traveling as much I can put out 5 days 5 days a week putting out that he has on the research on these things on country living totally free you can check it out there so health and homestead on You Tube But these things are very very powerful that if we learn the research that's out there this is not just old wives' tales what they're doing is researchers corporations are actually testing is it truth so what they do is they sometimes ask ask these you know old cultures he what do you do when when you get a stomach ache and they say oh we pick this urban we eat it well then they actually do scientific research to find it doesn't actually work because they're hoping to isolate some compound within that plant that they can turn into a drug rather than just give people the the actual standard herb that they were eating but the good news is we can find the research we can look at what's being done we can find benefits that may have little to no side effects is what we're actually hoping for that's what we are told to shoot for not to be giving things that have so many side effects so let's go forward goddess cost across the ground herbs for the use of man and if we understand the nature of those roots and herbs and making right use of them they would not be there would not be a necessity of running for the doctor so frequently and people would be in much better health than they are today I believe in calling upon the great physician when we have used the remedies I have mentioned so we see here that the remedies do not do all the work themselves in connection with them or connecting with gone so they do a great work and then we can trust in God by faith at the same time so we're mixing faith and works and we see faith and works all throughout the New Testament is just an Old Testament guns. But this is something that is throughout so we can be a part of this sharing the truth sharing the coming of Jesus Christ and being a part of the healing work and as a physician I'm not a physician but I do minister to people through that healing ministry that we can all be you know nothing as we do our work and as a physician we want to be a witness not just simply a physician the medical ministry and the medical missionary work is not just the standard medical work it is to be a light to the world and listen doctors doctors have to a 10 fold greater witness than that of the ordained minister we are told there is no greater work than that of a doctor and so God can you should in a very very special way but allow him to do more than simply use you to heal people allowed Jesus to use you to be a channel of light to your to your people that come to you that you can be a witness to them and to them some people may reject your witness and that's Ok you don't have to force anything upon them but you can be a light to the people cause people are more open when they're sick inversely at any other time and people look to doctors and thinking they're moral and loving and caring for them even if they're not and that many of them are but I'm just saying that our people as a look to them that way and you can be a light to people because it's that. We're told that in the end we're supposed to have actually not the end we were supposed to back then it is that thirsting souls may be led to the living water that we plead for sanitarium not extensive mammoths sanitariums not mammoth hospitals but homelike institutions in pleasant places we were never made to have giant health institutions we were not called to do that we were meant to give these natural methods of a feeling in helping people and yes even time for surgery and different kinds of things and and and in very special cases drugs might be used but in general we were actually meant not to have these mammoth institutions but a simple hole like centers in pleasant natural places outside of the city and the purpose for these health centers if a sanitarium connected with a clue with this closing message fails to lift up Christ in the principles the gospel has developed in the 3rd angel's message if fails in its most important feature and contradicts the very object of his existence if our institutions are sharing the message they have failed at what they are called to do and we want the Gospel the message of Christ coming to be linked with the health message now we're told educate away from drugs but notice notice the balance here use them less unless and depend more upon hygenic agency and agencies then Nature will respond to God's physicians pure air pure water proper exercise a clear conscience those who persist in the use of tea coffee and flesh meats will feel the need of drugs but many might recover without one grain of medicine if they would obey the laws of health how true that is drugs need notice this seldom be used not necessarily that there never use that's not what she's saying but we I think what we've come to the conclusion is in her day they had drugs that had all kinds of side effects right like they would take mercury they called it Callum l. back then and wow we know how dumb that was right but now the medications we have don't really have side affects. At least we like to imagine they don't but I just showed you that the research on the most popular drug in the world probably batiks increasing chances of cancer by 40 percent Parkinson's by 40 percent rheumatoid arthritis by 60 percent so we realize no drugs are very serious medications and I'm not telling anybody not to take them but some like myself growing up taking them all the time and haven't got troubles life which is probably one of the factors because I took the so often we don't really think there's anything wrong with it it was just Mocha you know you take these things are fine or healthy or good for you and but the reality is some like me is a prime candidate for cancer is how many times I've taken I hold I don't get it I try to live the best I can but we may damage our bodies so much by the good medication that is in so this is just a distant more something to think about I'm not condemning anybody for prescribing it's but we ought to consider these things and at least tell people about hey you can read the side effects I don't know if the side effects tell people this might raise chance of cancer Parkinson's rheumatoid arthritis and other things they might I'm not really sure but so. I'm going to finish with this so. I don't know if i told us a little and or not it's all share of the story anyway had a minister I was doing some meetings in the state of Maine and we were doing some health seminars and we were doing a gut brain connection seminar before I went into doing a Bible prophecy seminar some speaking on the science of the gut brain connection the research that has come out on that and how it can be a potential help and reversing depression anxiety these kind of things and but we're mixing in the Bible or showing the research we're showing the studies but we're also sharing the Scripture because we're trying to do it Jesus did that he sent them forth to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick and we're told that the Word of God is to be firmly linked that the Word of God is to be firmly linked with the Ministry of Health so we want these 2 things to be linked so we're trying to link them together instead of also Pastor came with his wife he had diabetes she had diabetes and they came to our meetings and he was so excited as we were showing the Bible and how the Bible talks about health in our body being the temple of the Holy Spirit and the Bible is the basis of the hills principles that we have he was so he said man I'm going to pass of years I've read the Bible he said I've never seen these things from scripture that you're sharing and then he said he said would you come and share these things in my Pentecostal or in the Pentecostal church I said well sure I was only speaking at this point the administers on the weekends Friday Saturday Sunday maybe and then I said yeah happily if during the week you can open doors We'd love to do it so we came out to the meetings at his church create an Amish man coming with his wife because this Amish man it told me that he wanted to. Turn toward a plant based diet he want to become a vegan his old us his wife was drugged going that way that she's like we had a high fight how I can cook for my family as a as on a plant based diet in the Amish community but her husband was ready for it so and but nevertheless so the Pentecostal pastor and his wife his wife actually is the one that did it at the service in the Pentagon. She begins to testify if anybody can testify it's a Pentecostal and so she begins to testify in front of the people there I think it a pipe and $67.00 maybe 8 days no more than that probably closer to 6 and since we had started our other meetings where she had she and her husband come to and they begin to implement some of the principles that we were talking about and she she testifies to her Pentecostal the people from the Pentecostal church that were there at that meeting with us and you know Amish also she said listen these people came to our the we we went to the meetings that these people were doing and she said we began to implement some of the things that they've been teaching and she heard her blood sugar she was a diabetic her blood sugars were super high but they were in the diabetic range they were like 155 somewhere around there and within you know 678 days she got down to 126 so she was appointed away from being not even a full blown diabetic she was a point away within days of making it down into the pre-diabetes range and then she said My depression has gone away I'm feeling so much better and she said my knee I was getting ready to go in for surgery and my docs are says that I may not have to have surgery and this is within 8 days this is like miraculous You know and I'm watching this and I say I say wow man I couldn't pager to say all these things that were so great and then she said this she said that I my friend called me on the phone she said and she said I told my friend listen her friend was struggling with some health difficulties and she said listen you go Luke in the phone book and you find the local 7th Day Adventist Church and you go to their church and they will heal you. Well I hope that's true I hope she is right if your friends are mad or may they heal that person of whatever ails them but here's the point as as I began to take up this work seem someone like Dell the transformation take place in his 80 year old body to see the changes taking place in this Pentecostal pastor and his wife and and seeing lives around the world literally as we travel around the world I'm not a doctor I make a living as a documentary you know filmmaker but as I see people as we share with people the scientific research we shown you can look up the studies for yourself and as we tie in the message of the Bible I began after doing as I've been doing ministry for years we've been preaching for years doing prophecy seminar seeing people give their lives to Jesus to baptize him praise the Lord there's nothing like that but then when I began to see people healed in my ministry also I began to feel for the 1st time like I was really working in these these 2 great ministries that Jesus has in the last days both the preaching the kingdom of God and healing the sick and seeing how these things are meant to work together it has been such a blessing to be a part of and that's one of the reasons that I've been trying to along with the country living message because this health message it ties right along with it in the last days and so that's one of the reasons we started this You Tube channel so that people could begin to see these things that they could learn from the new can implement them and see the benefits in their own lives so check it out there on You Tube on health and homestead but I want to challenge God has called all of us into the medical ministry and I don't mean that everyone is called to be a doctor. If you're called to be a doctor praise the Lord like I said you you have 10 times greater better witnessing opportunity than I do 10 times better I'm actually kind of jealous I wish I would if if I were young again I would maybe go back and do that but I just don't think I have the I don't think I could stay up all night studying all the time and the crazy lifestyle that you live but if you make their God bless you praise the Lord but allow God to not only use you to heal people but to be in medical missionary where you share people will be so open to your message God will bless in and you'll see lives changed if you would be willing to be a light as you share with people and if you're not a doctor not called to be a doctor hey praise the Lord but you're a call to be a minister for God both in the gospel work and the medical work to learn to help people out we can all learn a simple remedies that God has given us I mean think about you may be able to help somebody with migraines with a simple thing like telling them to be Ginger right simple things that God can use you and allow God to use you to be a tool in these last days for His Kingdom we're told that this is going to be the last work in the ministry of our church and that we need to learn these things as religious oppression or religious aggression becomes popular in the land if we are moving into those days friends so let's let's give our lives to Jesus fully let's walk in His Will and Way Let's close with the word of prayer Heavenly Father thank you so much for Jesus who gave us the medical missionary work we thank you that he died on the cross of Calvary and that we can be saved that even if we had a disease that we could not recover from which is very possible that we can still be saved eternally though we may have diseases that at times on this earth that cannot be healed here alternately your will is to heal us in the New have and the new worth. That we will have total healing maybe not here some day and we thank you that you want that for us if we walk with you and me we be a light and we share Jesus even a frontier if we ask this is that. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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