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The Bible and End Time Education

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church, discusses what the scripture says on how education should be taught. The current education system does not follow scriptural guidelines. As we study the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy, our method of how we educate the youth should fall inline as we enter the end of time.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • October 3, 2020
    8:00 AM
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Problem with his aura lives or rather had a problem with his appendix appendix and I don't know that he's having surgery but he's in the hospital so let's keep him in prayer this morning and let's just borrow haphazard pray for him and well we'll get started this morning Father in Heaven Lord thank you today for the opportune we we have to come and learn and we ask your presence could be with us here but we also ask your presence to power the Spirit into your angels could be around John or rather Alija Hartmann this morning who's sick also around Rita and tell and others that may be struggling with sickness or need your special attention just now and then if possible we'd like you to be here as a while and we know that is possible and we ask for that specifically we think you would come with Christ me. Ok Good morning again today I thought since we're starting a new Sabbath school quarter and. It's going to be focusing on education. That I'd talk a little bit about education today and a lot of you are here because you're seeking education of course in a in Latin the word education is said to copy a means to change the character and. Maybe some of you are characters but God wants to change your character and. Really this is why we more exists to educate. And we're told that to educate is to redeem and in Matthew Chapter 4 verse $23.00 it says Jesus one about teaching preaching and healing and all manner of sickness and disease among the people so he went out teaching preaching and healing 1st of all healing and as he would heal there Matthew Chapter $423.00 is followed by what what comes after Matthew Chapter 4 verse $23.00 Matthew 5 to see if you're awake and Matthew 5 is talking about what Sermon on the Mount Matthew 6 is talking about with some of them up Matthew 7 is talking about what that the weight is talking about what it starts to move on Ok so you've got you've got this healing and then everybody wants to hear someone then teach. My great grandfather went and prayed for someone and a can meeting and the person was healed instantly healed. And they wanted to hear him preach not the preacher that they told the preacher that they just to sit down we want to listen to the guy that he God used to heal someone so Jesus what is healing and then everybody wanted to listen to his teaching and one of the words for teaching in Deuteronomy the word teaching means to cause them to want to know so it's a hit file format cause them to one of them so Jesus was a master teacher he caused them to want to Mel and then he started out in Galilee and Judea and there that was 40 miles wide by 70 miles long so they didn't go everywhere how many of my people the think they have to travel everywhere like what I call God's across grasshoppers. There might be a role for that. The danger in that is that nobody really learns who you are so you don't get your character changed. Because when people really know who you are figure out that you are a character that needs to be changed that you get confronted But anyway Matthew Chapter 9 verse 35 it says he went everywhere teaching and preaching So everywhere I went meant 1st of all in the Galilee and then not not too much further 40 miles by 70 miles and sometimes we think we can't really do pull much wear out we mar Jesus grew up in Nazareth He spent most of his years there how many people lived in Mass or it when Jesus lived there less than 500 so don't think you have to be in a big city to do big things the way he lives change the world how many think you could change the world even staying at we mar for a little while yeah Haley he ran a school then 3 and a half years you're going to be here about 3 and a half years many of you and then all the disciples wrote the notes from that school they didn't have time during the school because they were too busy out in the community and they wrote the notes for that school Matthew Mark Luke and John Macoris Paul started a school 2 years the school of time ran this and nobody had time to write stuff out he didn't either but they finally did they wrote out the epistles and the pastoral pistols and that's where their textbooks course the advent movement started schools and we have some textbooks and that is called the conflict of the ages series and the testimonies right. Ok So education now what I wanted to now drill down on is a number of years ago there was actually a president here who no longer even is an Adventist Christian not even a Christian and I could tell by reading what he was writing while he's here how he kind of changed and he came to the opinion that sociology trumps theology in other words what society says is more important than what God says and where you get your sense of right and wrong is from society and it's a lot of people that believe that of course secular humanism believes that these are some of things he wrote I didn't know what I was getting into I was spiritually manipulated my parents sent me to that school I didn't want to go there anyway the Bible is plainly read interpreted cannot provide direction he comes to this conclusion i course I'm not believing these things and telling him that this is what he said added is prophetic interpretation the 2300 days day for your Principle 666 they're all bogus He said prophecy is like a child hood rag doll there's too much subtle mental attachment to throw it away yet I wouldn't play with it in adult company it's like a toy that I used to play with the remnant don't believe it substitutes New tell me not in the Bible the investigative judgment don't believe that divine truth can be known I don't believe that he says we proclaim her truth claims to the whole world and this was wrong we should not have told people the truth because we don't know the truth and we are supposed to believe that that's the truth the. Truth is we don't know the truth we used to say we had the truth which was wrong. There is no private monopoly on knowledge and certainly not truth young believers must construct their own truth it's your truth this one truth is everyone's truth so we call postmodernism everybody is kind of like has our own truth so if a president of this school could end up saying that how we think we should maybe think about how we don't let that happen last year we had a serious called Truth matters where we head everywhere that there is a light went on forever because it matters truth matters it still matters back as my son who today goes what we talked about last year Truth Matters ago you couldn't stop talking about it and mysteriously do it again with a camera I don't know exactly what the thing's going to be but we're going to do that because in a repetition actually deepens and press and helps us think things through so what happened here's another student I realize my ideology class with other people I didn't want to excuse exclude them this is another graduate from Wiemar So I became liberal my fuse and I opened up my church to those who were not sure about organized religion and I became an advocate for social justice and I spoke about gay rights and marriage equality of course he finally got fired but then he became an atheist he said I want to be an atheist so they asked me to write something about it and than had this review which I did and then I got a bunch of e-mails from a guy who was again tell you about some of the time. But here's where the title of the tragic abandonment of identity the secularization of America's religious colleges and universities they lost their focus they lost their identity people may be saying worse when I go to school what should I do where you want to go to a place that knows they are a place right. Now there's about there's 3 books we're going to read today when I get all these books I read all these books for today but you don't have to and these are all talking about how these schools lost their way how these churches lost their way and how they only could be brought back by what I call is there a faithful remnant a faithful remnant is needed to bring it back faithful Rinna described in scripture but what were these schools this book by Marsden the soul of the American University from Protestant establishment to establish non-belief How did they lose their focus by the way lower the schools that he studied William and Mary Harvard Yale Princeton Chicago universities or goggle Stanford University Duke University Boston University miscued University and a couple of one of the causes in California the pronounce Christian care character of the early years of their existence has been abandoned look all these schools lost their focus they lost their identity could you lose your identity spiritual identity because that ever happened because that happened to we more because it happened to we mark graduate could you lose the focus of who you are what your identity is. Most colleges and universities founded in the us before the 20th century had a strongly Protestant Christian character they had clergymen presidents who defined their identity was strong Christian rhetoric so that that the president was always like a minister and usually they had a Ph d. and they usually defended something of the faith with that ph d. so they wrote something about some tenets of the Christian faith so they actually had a dissertation that said That's my identity and that's the identity of the school then they started sifting when you see a school shifting away from the religious element or religious leadership guess what you should flee because they're losing their identity that makes sense this is exactly what happened they required curriculum including the scripture in Christian doctrine they insisted upon doctrinally sound content for sensitive courses like. Those. Involving the discussion of boards they require that faculty be practicing church members here at this school faculty sign a document each year saying they believe in the doctrines of the church matter of fact I think they should do that in public I'm going to recommend that to the party to the present I think there's to be a public signing every year when they come up and sign can sign that paper that's kind of like missing your anniversary it is don't do it it hurts the marriage. And we give or try to just forget your anniversary and we have never had an anniversary I'm of you know people that do have anniversaries and we think it's wise for them not to be fit and Ok They were all the same page. They sponsored social service programs with religious character that would be like d.c.i. chapel and church attendance was required. And this is how they kept their identity but what happened what happened well here's what happened theology became more liberal in terms by degrees to moral science so they say yes there's this right and wrong but let's not connected too much with religion ones to its right and wrong it's it's you know we all know what it is set for when we don't the research oriented German university with ide the Elegy of empirical and value free science became the norm for most expanding American institutions Well look let's just look at the evidence and see Wilkins we can touch we can hear we can see we can taste we can smell it it's real and everything else. And that's much so in other words no divine revelation just empiricist all you know experience touchy feelie the concept of economic freedom was widened as to be understood as scientific competence it was felt to be incredible with dogmatic belief in other words they tried to separate science and religion now that is perhaps the dumbest thing you could do because you wouldn't have any science without religion but you get a couple generations down people don't know that they they've like forgot it they didn't know that that's the truth though they would just kind of like go along with it because they didn't know any better this is how all these schools lost their focus establishing departments of religion or religious studies became an acceptable way to put that religious guy right in the corner yeah there in that department and it looked to sequester them they're taking their specialized in something we're not that interested in. That was unique right religious test for faculty higher was abandoned no more signing of the documents saying that we believe principle or became competence and once profession Yeah I can do a computer science program but you know I'm an immoral. I have no morals but I'm really good at hitting those keys and writing the software so specialization you have a good I'm a good technician I can back and cut your heart out and dissect it I'm a good surgeon but no real morals lot of money get paid a lot of money but not really moral right but have an extra honey along with your money. Now this is totally abandoning Di Didn't of the here's Harvard seal truth for Christ and the church that was the seal of Harvard Vera Tas it says in the middle truth Vera Tas you can verify for Christ and the church Saturday and Sunday were devoted to theology said he was for formal study of biblical exposition in theology that was for all students I didn't just have homiletics class with Pastor Don c. Questor in the small room opt of the corner no it was 2 days a week for everybody. The Sabbath or Sunday for them was a day of rest included 2 lengthy sermons each of which had to be read to repeated to tutors late in the day later in the day in other words you preach a sermon and then you had to repeat it to people that ask if you really listed now my preaching students they know I ask them to do this they they go and ask people Did you listen to my sermon and what what did you do afterwards that with everybody during the week Hebrew was added to the other ancient languages sense for the Puritans of the Old Testament the Old Testament authoritative as a new how many of you just decide to learn Hebrew because you want to know God's word more fully. I was in our new economics professors office the other day anything at these economic books and please ask Omega me and his computer and then he has a book he has Hebrew a Hebrew bible is it what's that because it's the Hebrew Bible I said you read that because you had to read that look all our teachers to be saying that feet I'll get busy look if this is God's word and you could learn the original language to get closer to what the original thing was that how many think you should do that how many are saying now I don't think so now you don't have to like my old teacher used to say I know the only route and I know a little Greek and Hebrew lives on forestieri and the Greek was on 2nd story but even though the languages you understand but if we actually do know the languages that actually helps us because we can break it down we can look at what is really being said twice a day a logical analysis of the Biblical passage breaking it down to its major and minor premises and expanding its arguments so you didn't just go to say you didn't just go to worship in the dorm you broke down a passage you were able to diagram it and say what it was because it was the Word of God. Well away the very best course for you to pursue is to engage in missionary work for the people in the neighborhood nearby settlements I mean think that sounds familiar unless it's coronavirus and then you work for them by making a trail for them. And say that but I'm saying. Whenever you are listening to an interesting discourse is this interesting today they're leaving right when I say that. That's not going well there goes you came here to see my demise Oh now you're coming over so you can see. Well after you're listening to an interesting discourse take notes and mark down the pass is that the minister uses so you can review the subject carefully so another we're at a couple years ago I had these people who said you shouldn't take notes during a service because that's like school. I almost I almost had a stroke right there I was like really so I read this to them then after a faithful study you will soon be able to give a synopsis of the discourses in the form of bible readings for some who did not come to the meeting so listen you listen you take notes with the purpose of talking to someone else I do that all the time last night I was listening to Dr Nelly on that wonderful talk on suicide and I took notes and I added my own notes and I added some other examples and and now I have that because I can talk to anybody I give that talk so if I was where you are how do you think I'd be taken knows how many would ever see me take knows because this helps you to identify with the message and also the whole idea for messages is to bolster up your Christian identity isn't that right because the whole culture's trying to steal your identity Ok back to this saying everyone said the 1st call of laws said the 1st cause laws of 1646 will consider the main end of his life and studies to know God and Jesus Christ which is eternal life not only did the college have communal religious exercise but each student was to give himself a secret prayer and twice a day the reading of scripture this was Harvard you think they do that now Harbor. That they took Christ in the church out not just as truth but what is true social sciences secular humanism. By the big 1000 since re concern for clerical education no longer was a primary defining feature of Harvard the majority were preparing for other professions ministerial education shifted to divinity schools and separate theological seminaries moral philosophy replace the ology the ugly remained a point of intellectual reference but often in residual capacity distinctly Christian aspects of intellectual enterprise were in danger of being jettisoned that means to be sent somewhere else put them on a jet or broaden into Vestey jewel platitudes What's a vestige of platitude that. Oh the stage will platitude What's a what's a vestibule organ they used to think that the appendix was that's the jewel Elijah has learned it's not the Steve the goes wrong you get really sick and they now know that has to do with controlling infection and different things so looks meaningless students increasing did not want their behavior monitored and regulated by others but only by themselves. Some things never change and reverence for scientific authority was the major intellectual manifestation of the new commitments so also what else they do is to to sions a band in the legal relationship of the founding denominations so as to free themselves from clerical overseers outside the university we just don't like those preachers we don't want to listen to them. It's not the preachers and will listen to it's God they're not rejecting you and that what God said to Samuel major foundations the car needs. Foundations a big steel magnet and courage dropping real a religious affiliation by offering funding only to those that were nonsectarian or another words non church related institutions will give you money just don't talk about God perhaps most significantly there was no really gave them an intellectual theology with the issues of the day. So in other words they weren't really talking about the debates and the problems that need to be talked about the big issues of the day so they said it's not relevant they were talking about the environment and we're talking about the economy they were not talking about l g b t Q arrest t.v. x.y.z. they weren't talking about stuff that was relevant right to put it more strongly there was an even fairly strong anti intellects of bias to most of American Protestantism which is strange increasingly science oriented scholars from religion and the result was the disestablishment of Protestantism and the establishment of non-belief a las of identity now here's perhaps the key quote from the book to their conception of religion led them to do what I didn't if I with what identify with the main stream culture rather than to do what I offer as a prophetic criticism of it so what is the purpose of a school to offer what prophetic criticism of the culture Timothy Dwight the 1st president of Yale University taught the course and Daniel for the university and taught prophecy and you know that I had to so prophetic criticism why did people come to America they were being persecuted and they said we never want that to happen again and their educational institutions were set up to make sure it didn't happen but then they lost their focus goes to the next book disengagement of colleges and universities from their Christian churches all of these particular. Schools Dartmouth Lafayette. Ohio Wesley Wake Forest Virginia Union Linfield Gettysburg St Olaf Concordia Boston College Rochelle St Mary's Azusa Pacific door all these different schools lost their focus as well and this book was a study of that and the various denominations that are with those they have sold their birthright. What stories are talking about. And what did he do with dealing with sell his birthright lost his identity right. The sutta the skies the betrayal by consistently representing their actions and decisions as making virtue of a necessity in other words we had to do it we couldn't get wasp approval we didn't do that we couldn't get funding if we didn't do that we couldn't stay we could get student loans for our students if we didn't do that we had to do it because we had to do it we just had to do it and it be we did the right thing and so it's virtuous. That's all like an excuse sometimes you may well i had to do it all my friends were doing it they would see themselves responding rationally and realistically to the changing times and circumstances so there were a bunch of factors this guy brought up they felt like they were intrinsically inferior to other non-religious schools though good remarks kind of weird it might be that in fear here it doesn't have big buildings it has a plastic tent. The fear of institutions for the right Christian Identity my cause it have views that are extreme what you guys don't eat meat. That's a strain a shift from liberal arts professional studies or adult remedial studies because of finances how to make sure you have a degree that you can make money with that's the most important thing money money is very important money I mean thing money is important but how do you think you're coming to a time where you can't buy or sell. I mean I think you need to learn how to do that to a man how many you cannot buy or sell basically because you're in school you have no money. That's what you're learning you gotta learn that. The failure of remedial the failure of institutions a higher faculty recruit students appoint administrators and board members whose commitment to the founding of the nomination is beyond question prompting numerical decline or of representation in the student body faculty administration the board was that say you got to pick students who are really into it don't just get people who can pay the bill or be like taking a stupid pill you they would take your student body away from Focus hiring faculty who exhibit little or no interest in maintaining a battle connection with the founder of the nomination or a nurturing any sort of religious sentiment in their teaching or in the curriculum and the failure of faculty administrators and board members to explore how Christian theology can in fact sustain the life of the mind so we need to be thinking about how we think we have to stimulate thought the role of well meaning presidents who suddenly redefine the religious mission of the institution and attempt to either broaden its constituency or make the institution more academically respectable. That's a temptation you know I want to see a bigger because bigger is better not necessarily what's better a big tumor or small so. How it is then I'm say what's easier to handle small student body or big student body what's easier to find all kinds of teachers that are doing the right thing or just a few If you wait a minute we got to get a Ph d. they have a Ph d. they have an l. of p. q. r. s. and t.v. we were going with them but maybe they so lost their focus by going to all those schools they don't even know what the Bible says anymore. The study of religion to grow degraded and to rid the grated into reductive banalities for promotional use like a like that. Was that me yeah we're out recruiting we talk about the Bible but we don't really we're not really into lack of clear statements of purpose this isn't an misstatements would speak so easily of perseverance and offering Christian values to students but never higher faculty that could or would do the offering Now this is what we stand for so if we have no one really doing that of the institution and then deception look at this with deception could you believe it the estrangement between churches and colleges were affected by men and women who concealed from themselves and from their constituencies the process of alienation as it was under way they started to steal the institution now what's chilling is the words if this actually President they used to be here is the president we mark this is exactly what he said look at this this is was his advice sneak around those who desire certainty and biblical literalism sneak around. Said Eben tism thrive in North America I propose it would come through an introduction of an underground parent 1st a trickle then a flood of tolerance toward an increasingly broad sense of administrate Dennehy he's no longer an Adventist that's the journey that took him on no longer an Adventist no longer even a Christian because he started sneaking around deceptively Now you can sneak around to hear you can say well I like that so I'm not going to go hear that line and listen to the sermon I'll sneak somewhere else but you could be losing your identity how many understand what I'm saying because you stop identifying with the message of the. Focus So what should be done I like how this other put it do not go gently into that good night rage rage against the dying of the light so in other words the lights might be going out but don't let it be you rage against it fight against it fight for it fight for what Christian Identity some of the evidence identity run that message yeah is it worth fighting for things that lead to their demise like we said again all these different things. Will bore you with all of them but they are like this one phrase not hire evacuate they can offer Christian vices students while working on the menu they declined to hire a cook. You know like that so you gotta have someone who can cook the food you know God's word is bread the bread of life it helps to put some butter on that bread and. Serve in a church was replaced by a financial patron by alumni institutions philanthropist and the government the church has replaced as primary authority by a regional a quite probing Association and government the study of religion grew at degraded into like we said reductive banalities of promotional use and then the other strange men so a lack of clear statements of purpose so what can be done Welcome be done let's look at some things they said could be done as we're close enough to talk of today about what education Jesus went everywhere teaching and preaching and healing right and Galilee in Judea and he reached that small area of 40 miles by 70 miles right and then he reached the whole world with just 12 disciples who he chose he chose he went out and found them you want to know how to recruit students it's not by having a big football team. Or have a big buildings go out and hunt for students who desire to dig deeply in God's Word and fulfill Matthew 28 that's what Eloise says the best thing to do is develop institutional structures that strengthen the connection between religious faith and learning endowed chairs with their focus and it's just with other words raise money and put people there that are going to be faithful to the teaching in that department so if anyone wants to give 100000 dollars 200000 dollars. Because we can put a chair there and someone can sit in that chair that will be facing number 2 cross disciplinary Institute I think this is important that pursue the dialogue between faith and culture. And draw faculty from different disciplines into this dialogue and courses in curricular programs that initiate students of this dialogue so this afternoon we're going to talk about the economy how we like to talk about the economy in real and Chris and say how do you think that's important how many of you don't know what I'm talking about. The anime comes from 2 words or it could go mosque is the management of the House and the other was the economy. And I'm going to preach 11 o'clock about why that's important it's the economy the discussions of the economy that are driving this culture today and when you hear that message you will understand exactly where we are and you will understand how it is that we're spreading our hands across the Gulf economically with the social policies of the Catholic Church and it will wake you up at least I hope so. But we're supposed to be discussing things like that have a strong campus ministry program develop ways to introduce new faculty and staff into the F.I.'s that is the spirit of the core culture of the institution that's why I'm preaching this message today to introduce you into the I thought of the institution we're not just here to be here there's all kinds of other colleges there's all kinds of other universities even ads in this one and you know the old saying if we're both like one of us is unnecessary that's why you marry someone who's not exactly like you males marry females are you with me and that seem old fashioned but that's right and how have you noticed who are buried that you're not like your spouse at all and a man but you know what the word man is in Hebrew ish you know what the word for female is Isha which literally means in your face. And has a purpose of life to get in your face as well you think face to face so I behold him you know you're looking at each other and that's all idea God wants he wants to he wants to take away the and the curtain so we get closer and closer as we can say face to face and by holding were changed they did make a point of identifying themselves as denominational this is what they need to do precisely in terms of the structures and program to distinguish them from other universities in other words how is we more different than other universities other colleges what is the defining difference if I ask you that do you have an answer to it you might say it's different because I'm here and I'm very different something more substantial than that what's the defining difference thank you for all that feedback What is it self supporting Christ centered All right. They're good enough are you just going to leave it at that you think that's it total community involvement the little campus involvement anything else biblical anything else prophetic seeking God could we throw a little spirit prophecy in there revelation based right now. What was said what new Star program Health Program Yes well what if you didn't take health to you not that healthy should go through that that is base basically an f. OS immersion program you want to talk about it you do it it was talk about helping people with depression you help people with the president talk about people that have heart disease and diabetes and all that stuff yeah help people that have that from the pen of inspiration writing that Kellogg as he was flaking out and even frosting his legs there is nothing in the regular This is what he was saying and she said to rebuke him there is nothing in the regular courses of study in the rules or practice of the discipline that in the least is the domination or sectarian he thought this was good the biblical lectures are before a class of only those who attend them by choice well anybody comes by choice or university Dr but anyway the managers of this college have no dispensation to urge or disposition rather to urge upon students sectarian views or to give such views any prominence in their schoolwork Ella white heard them say that you think she was pleased Numa Numa. It is better to fail in originality than succeed in imitation. This is what a wife said The Lord never designed that our college should imitate other institutions of learning the religious element should be the controlling power. If unbelievers choose this influence it is well those who are in darkness choose to come to the light it is as God would have it I think the Hell why could not be more clear when you start to compromise yourself or your morals for people around you is probably time to change the people around you to relax she went on our vigilance and let the world element take the lead in order to secure students is contrary to the will of got the strength of our cause is in keeping the religious element in the ascendancy if a worldly influence is to bear sway in our school then sell it to the world and then let them take entire control those who invested their means in that institution will establish another school to be conducted not on the plan of popular schools nor according to the desires of principal or teachers but upon the plan which God has pacified that's all we have are got restarted it was shut down in 2009 in the college and then started up again and people have given sacrificially for that to occur we need a school. Where those who are just entering the ministry may be taught at least the common branches of education and where they also may learn more perfectly the truth of God's word for this time so they need a broad education not just narrow you know sometimes our education is so narrow we can see through a keyhole with both eyes and also in the sciences God's purpose has been made known that our people should have an opportunity to study the sciences and at the what same time learn the requirements of his work so just because we get accredited that is not the litmus test that's not the litmus test at all we need the accreditation of heaven and heavens accreditation comes from what. The Word of God being central do you think that wast is going to matter if we think the word of God is central. We must provide that which is essential to qualify are used to desire to be physicians so that they might intelligently fit themselves to be able to stand for the examinations or to study whatever may be required so these youth need not be compelled to go to medical schools conducted by men not of our faith let me as a question you think Loma Linda has all 7 they have been as instructors No it doesn't but our credit ation was supposed to be able to enable us to send people where people did have that focus maybe we should start a medical school here. Our larger union conference training schools in various parts of the bill should be placed in the most favorable position call for used to meet entrance requirements specified by state laws regarding medical students the use should be able to secure a union conference all that is essential for medical college so we do that we have accreditation of what not but you know what John Burton said John Burton was the guy who started Loma Linda along with a way when students would ask him what's the purpose of the school he said the purpose is so that you can come to know God and the Bible and become a medical missionary evangelist and you also have credentials from the state that's the right order and we can see you do you hear what it's. Not that the other way around so education how many think education is important have all quarter studying the Sam school is going to has occasion but I thought it's so important I'm going to even talk on education this morning. Whole purpose is a restoration of a man to restore man in the image of his maker to bring him back to the perfect perfection in which he was created to robot the development of body mind and soul that's the dime purpose in his creation that his creation might be realized this was to be the work of redemption this is the object of education the great object of life what's the purpose of education what's the purpose of education redemption restoration and if that's the purpose of education in the highest sense the work of education and the work of redemption are one so if you're a faculty member here you should be one of the souls you should be modeling the work of redemption you should be asking people to recommit their lives to God to commit their lives to got you should be leading people to baptism you should know how to do that you should want to do that if you want to do that you know how to do that. I mean it is true how many you know it's true yesterday man appeal for baptism in my class and there's a number of people so far on me that says and touched my heart one of them I was saying them why did they make that decision and I was praying for them all day and they came to vespers last night do you say hallelujah we have to have that love of Christ if we're going to have that focus in our classrooms. Because if the work of education is redemption that's true in every class economics accounting. Business Law I must be about my father's business Chemistry English. To aid the student comprehending these principles and entering into that relation with Christ will make them a controlling power in life identity should be the teacher's 1st effort and constant. Or ideas of education to too narrow into lower range through education means more than a Pursue of a certain course of study and means more than just preparation for the life of now as it prepares the student for the joy of service in this world and for the higher joy of wider service in the world again. That's what I want to talk about how many of you are thankful for Adventists education where they say it's not just costly it's priceless it's priceless but you have true administers occasion you have people in love with Jesus along with his mission and his message and then only be changed they will change the world let's pray for them have and thank you today that this early service we can spend some time thinking about education which was what you did you came here and you started school and says in Acts that the world was turned upside down by the graduates of that school says that you left and you told them greater things than these you will do because I go the father. And within one generation more than one generation entire world was reached by those 12 and Lord we believe. We're nearing the time our will be the reason why this to. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leader visit w w w audio verse or.


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