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The Sabbath and the Economy

Don Mackintosh
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Pastor Don Mackintosh, Pastor of the Weimar Campus Church continues his series on the important topic of the Sabbath. We often think of Sabbath as a day of no work, Pastor Don shows us how the Sabbath can effect the economy as well. This is vital as we are in the end of time.


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • October 6, 2020
    8:49 AM


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Well good morning. Everyone and I could see some of you here at the service we had a good 1st service and by you to listen to the message the 8 o'clock message which is different than this one it was dealing with education and I think you'd be. Important for all students and staff at least to listen to that and others as well because it gives kind of an overview of why it is or how it is that schools lose their identity and so I encourage you to listen and I think will be archived on the the Web site or in a series on the Sabbath and I don't know exactly how many messages I preach now on the Sabbath but. It's a number and there's probably a number of more that we need to consider last week was the Sabbath and ecology and someone came to me afterwards and asked if it was Ok to kill bugs and. It's Ok to kill bugs and. There's actually some inspired counsel in that just look up in sex and bugs and you will be overjoyed not don't think you want to make a career just of killing bugs but if they're bothering you so today though we want to move on to another nuance sabot secretary Unism and that is the Sabbath and the economy so let's assess the Lord to be with us as we as we study this Father in heaven thank you today that we have another day of life and we have not just any day we have the Sabbath day which you've promised and also demonstrated that you enter into the Sabbath day you did 7 Sabbath miracles and you want to do some miracles today and I don't know what those are but. I don't want to get in a way of those I'm one of us here do we ask that you would send your angels around not because we are worthy but because you promised that if we confess your name that you will confess our name before the father Hilson the angels and so we ask you to do that and we asked you Do you allow us to hear your voice speaking to us individually in Christ's name Amen. So we're going to talk about the Sabbath and the economy but perhaps 1st I should ask this question and many people agree on to the answer this question and answer maybe some of you have thought about it but what would you say is the central economic institution of civilized societies. What is the central. Institution. Of civilized society. Probably can't hear you would be to distill noise. Anybody What are right the central economic economic institution Well that's you know the word eco comes from the word Dell mosques and oil costs what it is the master of the house in a sense you know you could say you're correct the Greek word actually means that but actually the central tenet or the central institution of civilized society is personal property ownership in every civilized society it's built around personal property ownership now is ownership personal property ownership biblical Could you give any Bible text that. Proof that personal property and ownership is Biblical they do not covet property rights anyone else well as a couple stories you may remember King a had been Queen just a bell were trying to take neighbor us Vineyard remember that and the whole idea was that this was personal property you don't take it 1st kings 2125 there was never anyone like a Hab who sold himself to do evil in the eyes of the Lord urged on by does about his wife see one of that person prop piece of property and she want it now the bible says taking someone's property is bad if the said is another one a number of these Deuteronomy 194 Do not move your neighbors boundary stone so not just take the property don't mess around with the boundary stones curse it is the man Deuteronomy 2717 who removes his neighbour's boundary stone blessings and cursings But if you take away the boundary stone it's not good men moved boundary stones they pasture flocks they have stolen job 242 and all these are seen as very negative but they also affirm the positive that God's children were meant to have personal property and there's no land or property taxes in the Bible I mean I think we need to get back to the Bible and the idea was that no property taxes because you don't want to put in jeopardy the idea or that your personal property could be foreclosed on or stolen from you no taxes. Property there were other taxes but not on property and you really couldn't still someone else's land forever even in the Bible there was the year of jubilee everyone was given their property they could really mess up and lose it for 50 years in other words that generation who was maybe not so talented financially but they got it back after 50 years how we want to get back to the Bible also there was a bankrupt clause in the Bible every 7 years if you had messed it up you started over man doesn't sound like be good to live in Bible times now during the referee Reformation when revival Reformation came as a result of the study of God's Word these texts became a point of focus in discussion and the discussion was connected to the consideration of these words in light of the 10 Commandments and in our scripture reading today we had the Sabbath commandment and then we add the next commandment Honor thy father and I mother that they had days maybe long upon the land which the Lord thy God give it the Certainly he sovereign he owns all things were about stewards but he does give us Landon houses and possessions as personal property and it incentivize us to desire to take care of those flowers in front of our house next to the yellow chairs or wherever we live so John Calvin said this removing the boundary stone is an act of double deceit or it is both an act of theft Thou shalt not steal and an act of false witness the ause out not bear false witness in arresting this discussion now my surprise you. That they had John Calvin sale at something like that was very radical because he was reforming the church I'd been a revival on the basis of the study of scripture and it was bringing a re formation to the medieval church in the church of that time and even up to our day did and does not believe in the concept of personal property in fact they didn't believe in the concept of almost personal anything for all men said one of the Church Fathers possessions are sins the ownership of personal prophecy was to be rejected but why Thomas Aquinas the most influential philosopher and theologian in the Catholic Church for the last 800 years and remains so today said because personal property was an invention of men and not based on what he called natural law so what is natural law well it was one of 4 laws that he got from Aristotle see his whole idea was simple sizing Roman Catholic theology with Aristotle systematizing it into not only a theological system but into an economic system and so he would teach this there are 4 laws and one eternal law God's plan for the universe and all its inhabitants that's Eternal Law Number 2 natural law which is the participation of rational creatures in the eternal law and then there was positive law or human law which was customs laws regulations made by rulers attempting to apply natural law to individuals and societies and property was under this simply a human law not a divine law even though I just read you the texts. Most people don't read their Bibles back then but they just listen and then finally there was a divine law such as the 10 Commandments which I just read to you from so over the 4 lots let me see if you're listening 1st of all and I listening. It's not. Like oh you can't really follow the sermon let you listen so you maybe you want to take notes Ok 1st of all laws are eternal law secondly you know there were some people listening 3rd positive law or human law and finally the final and now let me just give you a clue adding to God's law is always dangerous or changing God's law is dangerous but these are the laws Thomas Aquinas doctor of the church most important theologians 800 years he would say this though private property is not contrary to natural law it is not itself natural law it is not itself nature it doesn't joy the saying doesn't enjoy the same metaphysical or ethical status in the community of goods while men cannot change natural law there are rather required to conform to it according to Roman Catholic thought they can change positive law and they may do so in whatever manner is expedient or moral So there is a you can change these laws and if it's expedient What does it mean if it's good for you and if it's more a well who decides what 60 to it who decides what's moral. That would be the Roman Catholic Church would decide that but it's also decided on something else by the way hang in here because when you hang in you're going to understand the news you saw last week Ok. And then if you would like to read a book a book about this the economic and political thought of the Roman Church by John w. Robins I'm basing a lot of this of what I'm saying on the sex one study and by the way he had a hard time this is his dissertation he had a hard time getting it published because he got kicked out of the number of universities because they didn't want people reading what I'm reading to you today. So how do you distribute what's expedient he would say based on need need and neither the early church theologians nor Thomas informed us what need is or how it might be ascertained Furthermore the needy person in the public authority seem to be the proper judges of whether or not someone needs something but basically this boiled down to the fact that need was what defined whether or not you could break positive law concerning property from these doctrines of natural community of goods and moral primacy of need developed all forms of anti-capitalist social organizations that the Roman church state has supported for the past 1000 years they have not changed their doctrine at all the Roman Catholic doctrine of private property is echoed in the 19th century communist slogan from each according to his ability to each according to him is need we need you to move we need you to be in the collective housing unit and I remember visiting Romania for the 1st time and everywhere we went there were towers watching where you went and everything you did this is another mechanism of Roman Catholicism and that is to try and find a way to monitor everything you do. Maybe if they were smart they'd invent a cellphone that's not 10 feet away from you ever but that's another story because the goods of some This is Thomas now from his Summa Theologica because the goods of some are due to others by natural law which is the highest law in his hierarchy of laws higher than even divine law but he would say it comes from The Divine and eternal law because the goods of some are due to others by natural law there is no sin if the poor take the goods of their neighbors Thomas wrote in cases of need all things are common property so there would be there would seem to be no sin and taking those property for the need has made it common to part of the common hall part of the common good the common earth and you need it so take it and we're getting nervous that will leave a guard at your house nor has such taking of another property another's property a sin or a crime according to Thomas the most impactful theologian of the church for a 100 years and even today says this it is lawful for a man to succor his own need by means of another's property by taking it either openly or secretly Nor is this properly speaking that or robbery it is not theft properly speaking to take secretly to take secretly and use another's property in case of extreme need because that would see takes for the support of his life becomes his own property by reason of that need and then case of like need a man may also take secretly another's property in order to succor his neighbors and me. You think this is not practicable but how many have a sister that always takes the clothes out of your closet without asking you. Say look you're operating by Thomas the quiet quietness medieval theology stop it you're going to take my blouse you're renting it from me it's $13.00 and if you say well don't you know how to share Yeah well what is coming my way this is a Protestant discussion and we won't have Protestant discussions. The other day I was talking to summer and gays in this very type of discussion not only boys and girls can do that but also Boy I mean collective us of all sort agree with Thomas those in need are morally and legally justified in taking the goods of their neighbors perhaps if they are inconsistent or hesitant they may not defend looting or direct expropriation of property owners reading this from this book on personal property the chapter but they do indorse indirect action through government expropriation taxation and regulation you hear it all the time in the news these rich people that's not there it's ours and we're going to take it because we need it Roman Catholic thought you're hearing it on the news the Tom mystic notions that private property is merely a construct of human reason and government and that need gives me the title to the goods of others out of the reason the Roman Catholic bishops in Brazil this book was written. When I 1st wrote most of them 20 years ago Moses written. I can't find it I had to talk to the librarian Oh it's 19 and I'm your 2000 so the bishops in Brazil were talking and they said based on this doctrine that looting is neither a San nor a crime. The needs of the looters give the looters title to the goods they're taking So according to Roman Catholic doctrine the looters are by natural and divine law the rightful owners of those things they're taking throughout Central America in the places where the current Franciscan pope grew up this was the modus operandi of bringing social change protests looting rioting all on the basis of the law of Metz rule law no positive law and natural law rather motivated by what made me you don't pay someone what they're doing in terms of work you pay them by the number of children they had because they need it I mean understanding this reasoning and that you may understand the news more fully protests in 380 cities across 50 states and appeal for peaceful protests but some people having a hard time saying peaceful protests why they haven't such a hard time saying peaceful progress because that would be against the teaching they have received how we grow understanding what I'm saying if they read closely Thomas law or Thomas interpretation of what were the 4 types of law turn all that's roll and divine. They have no problems with the religious godly bases promoting those things in fact they should. September 30th 2020 Catholic News Agency just a couple days ago Pope Francis calls quote for a new economic model to rebuild post coronavirus world rebuild the post coronavirus world we need a new model the theme of his letter I think Dr another may appreciate maybe he copied it from I don't know the theme of this letter was healing the world even talking to him. To heal her the world that's the theme of the newsletter and he speaks of quote desiring to encourage the generation of new of a new and better world certainly we cannot exist as they expect the economic model that underlies unfair and unsustainable development to solve our problems What's he saying there he makes it clear we can't give tax breaks for the rich the trickle down never trickles down and he says be leery of this economic system on economic system is he talking about capitalism we need to change the economic model Well how's it going to be changed who's going to change it who's going to guide that well here he's got some ideas himself and he also has a President's which I did share with you we need to anchor ourselves he says quote In the principles of the social doctrine of the church we know what the social Dr of the church is we just read it is it a new approach he would almost have us think it's a new or prose but it's $800.00 to a 1000 years ago and he says be leery of any other system but I want to tell you today be leery of that system. And I'll tell you why selected messages Volume 2 page 373 it is at the time. Of the National apostasy when acting on the policy of Satan the rulers of the land will rank themselves on the side of the Man of Sin called language for the papacy it is then the measure of guilt is full the national apostasy is the signal for national ruin let me ask a question Are we any Never national ruin today then we were 6 months ago how do we say Yeah I think we are 26 trillion $1.00 I have a graphic here somewhere I've got so many documents it. Is not it is one of. Those going to break down a little how long it would take to pay back how much each of you all. Right now we can take care of this Roman Catholic principles this is another quote from room Harold $897.00 Roman Catholic principles what are we talking about right now what are we talking about right now Roman Catholic principles Ok social Dr of the church as we're talking about Roman Catholic principles will be taken under the care and protection of the state in other words they're going to accept the social doctrines you wonder where all these discussions about rights come from distribution of wealth come from you want to where that comes from a comes from Aristotle baptized by Aquinas talked about by a population that is increasingly nominally Roman Catholic. So Roman Catholic principles will take it out of the care protection of the state that's happening right now this is present true in the largest way I've ever seen it what is this call this national apostasy will speedily be followed I'm underlining my tongue to you consume for it was speedily be followed by national ruin. $26.00 trillion dollars in debt you have money you want to play the money is probably there and I want to do this. Did this system by the way that's been suggested if the pope had his way what was the system that he actually ran that he wants to go back to in the medieval time period people were living in fear and bondage It was a system based on illiteracy a system based on serfdom in fact serfdom is slavery I mean I think we want to go back to slavery back I want to talk about that moment talk about that next week slavery on the Sabbath the entire system was funneling money to the church state hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church from all kinds of lands a system that created and then manipulated the poor a system that was based on untrue doctrine such as the immortal soul you know really die we want you to stay alive so we can get afraid and we can keep you paying to get your soul out to Hell or your relatives a lot of Al and there's also eternal torment if you don't do that one of the incentive to bring those taxes in bible it does talk about soul $800.00 times but never immortal soul but the poor souls couldn't even read the Bible and so there was a system of 7 sacraments each monetized each commodity hived a commodity a sale of salvation. He even had within the system where you could pay to indulge any sin you wanted and they would sell you and indulgences where we get the word so go ahead and indulge because you bought an indulgence how many think we want to go back to that system that is the supposedly new system the only problem the Catholic Church has with money making societies is that they're no longer making the money how many are followed what I just read the Bible interprets of the Bible called the leader of the system a little worn who predicted would seek to change times and laws. And you can see that it wasn't just the Sabbath which were coming to in a minute it was Laws Daniel 78 and 29 and 25 and as he did so he would notice this phrase past truth to the ground and in doing this it would cause him to prosper make no mistake even today the medieval church as its modern expression knows how to make money I go there every year on a pilgrimage not to see the pope but to sell exactly what's going on the entire city is built for pilgrimage and for money. I'm a 1st time I went there I said I'm not given any money of this organization. Tell me what we're not going we're not going to go to the vet when I go in there she goes Come on I was like No I'm just giving the money I feel I feel bad doing that and then I looked. And it was the 5th Sunday of the month and it was free to go in the Vatican I was staying at Hotel Nardi tell my wife you know it ain't easy when you're staying at our d.z. anyway so we went down and now listen to this. Casting true to the ground and prospering you would think with all the monetization of all those different things whether it be baptism when you're born earth stream unction when you die whatever it is all cost money and all will go into the coffers huge buildings all kinds of rituals all kinds of things that had happened and then a whole bunch of meditating monks who did nothing and meditating nuns who did very little and that cost a lot but they also brought in a lot of money basically the Protestant Reformation said it ain't that expensive guys you go direct you don't need any of you who will. Be show you from the Bible there's only one Mediator between God and man the magic as Christ hoops you don't need all the monasteries hoops. And this is how the Reformation turned economically but listen to this the Franciscans on top of all this what's our pope's name I mean your pope's name I mean the pope's name what's his name he's named after. The Franciscans What were the Franciscans do on top of it all after having to pay through the nose for something that was untrue they would beg they're all over the place they're now working their banking who. Know once in a given any of them a red cent and this guy is named after Franciscans and he wants us now to follow his leadership and unfortunately we're already following it with our social policies and we're approaching national ruin. I have an economist here in the front row nodding and said we're going to have a meeting this afternoon and we have a list of 20 questions when we go through how should we relate to these areas that are related to the economy how I'd be interested in that discussion Ok it's a lot of you actually not so many it's going to be at 4 o'clock right here on the green carpet. So I want to be one last thing here these monasteries were full all the friends this was were being this was all driven by the Jesuits Listen to this quote from great conversely to some of the night with the flight of the Huguenots and let me ask you question do you know who the human odds are Huguenots are some of the most wealthy people in America today they love America and they're terrified of what I'm talking about and if I start to name your names you go wow the flight of the human Azza general decline cell upon France flourishing manufacturing cities fell into decay fertile districts returned to their native wilderness intellectual dullness moral declension succeeded a period of unwanted progress Paris became one vast almshouse and it's estimated that at the breaking out of the revolution that's the French revolution in 17 anything I think it was 200000 poppers claim charity from the hands of the king just which the Jesuits alone florists and the decaying nation listen to that the Jazz a what's a lone florist in the detained nation and ruled with dreadful tyranny over churches and schools the prisons and the galleys and this is what we're being asked to go back to and we give us a stage at the United Nations. And we have all kinds of Ministers of every denomination saying let's go and you educate us in the new way to do government so how did it turn around and what we can we learn the Reformation turned things around there was this little monk. There was this little priest named Wycliffe he started to read his Bible and what got his attention was when the Roman church state power said to England you have 33 years where you haven't paid us what we were owed for the doctrines of salvation for your district 33 years he says something wrong with that and he began to study his Bible he says that's wrong. That's really wrong and guess what he decided I'm going to translate syphon so people can understand what's wrong guess what he translated besides the Bible the 1st part of the Bible you translate you're all set Bible right what do you translate the 10 Commandments and I showed you why he would translate the 10 Commandments thou shalt not steal that shall not lie that shall not stand this is against the 10 Commandments his writings were e-mailed to Huss. Who was living during the time of the 3 pope's each calling each other the anti-Christ you thought the Protestants called the Pope the enterprise personnel they were calling each other and Christ and they're all fighting because they all had their little kind of economic system one of Avignon one in Rome and one in. Germany and they were all fighting with each other but this is Pope John the 23rd and Pope John says look I need help going down to fight this battle people in Naples so I need to raise some money when we can do when to how can I have monetize this oh yeah indulgences. Also some indulgences you know I will make it big will make a lot of money because we have the system and husk you know hostile and us anymore that's it no he's been reading Wycliffe is where we we might be dumb but we're not that dumb and you know what he did stood up he preached in Bethlehem Chapel the Word of God And guess what he did when he traveled around he got so bad they were going to kill him so he said look I'm a take a break come and take a sabbatical he goes out of the countryside but he was out in the country so I guess what he did he handed out copies of the all that I hear it 10 commandments can you say amen. Luther 100 years later gets ect done by Jonathan Jonathan AK and he's distancing himself and access here Aha site because what's that and he goes and he looks up causes writings and he finds it has this right he goes yeah I am a ha site and then he says look he also have these copies of the take Commandments so he wrote a book on the 10 commandments he talked about personal property. He and people started to cover a lot about the way a little bit more. Luther same time as Henry the 8th and Belinda's dead and Belinda Until are so well married divorced I did very divorce survive he was what she was when I was a died and Dylan's dad gave a copy of the 10 Commandments to Henry the 8th and he goes you know that's a good good argument. He wasn't that converted Edward was a son he was truly a Protestant and he took those can to Mamet's and he put them in the book of prayer Common Prayer they would pray the commandments now can you see what's happening the commandments are changing things they bring freedom the commandments are a lot of Liberty taking out of bond did James followed on with the same thing he was kind of a snarly guy but he also brought together the King James version he had some real problems up talk about them sort of but we'll get into that now but he did do one good thing and that's the King James Bible. And then following James came the Virgin Queen Well there was Mary that killed a bunch of people she was a Catholic and then you have Elizabeth who is the Virgin Queen and guess what she did she kicked it up in knots don't just talk about the 10 commandments don't just pray about them we're putting them right where they used to say this is the Body of Christ this is his body right where the mass was set right there put right there a copy of the 10 Commandments so in all the churches across things you can even see it today and Scotland and other place mostly in England talking about they had placards or pictures the 10 Commandments is this true Clive all over the place 10 Commandments 10 Commandments take a man as it was the sign of revival and Reformation and the end of stealing and lying. And taking and people said we need the Lord and then came the Puritans the Puritans focused in fully on the 10 Commandments they wrote books I'm reading some of them now these are brilliant treatises of how to live by the 10 Commandments. And I read it I get so convicted wouldn't see that boom. These guys were tight and by the way when you put the 10 Commandments up let's say we put the to make comments right up here which one is the biggest commandment. What one has the most words of Forth and many of those placards actually had as the central piece the Sabbath and this was bringing physical emotional mental and spiritual revival the Reformation revived people. There was the birth of science the birth of medicine the birth of health things begin to burst on the scene that never were there before they begin to ask the question where did this all come from Think about the Sabbath commandment for a moment the Puritans had a special focus on the Sabbath about it defines them now they had the wrong day some of them had the right day there are people that have the right day for many most of them had the right concept applied to Sunday but does the Sabbath do anything for the economy Listen to this according another research paper run in consequence and in consequence not consequential That's a new word. Try that out consequence should. A good cross between consequence and consecration the right the consequence of the Reformation and reformation present information led to this a considerable reduction in holy days. These have all these holidays that were not wholly at all the just ways to make money. They got rid of those and they replaced them with work day can you say. And think about the Sabbath commandment for a moment remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy 6 days shall dial labor and do all the work you've got to work hard for how many days some of you out there working only 5 days you're not Puritans. Slackers. And they held you to it they said 6 days out the labor and do all I work work to develop the Protestant work ethic Max Weber what about it and you know what people fighting in said book but there's new research out they did research how we like research they went back and they looked at all the things that happened right after the Reformation by the way there were no books written on the economy tell after the Protestant Reformation no books on the economy they started studying They go something happened Blome What is it and that's when they started studying the economy 16th 17th 18th century they started to write more and more about the economy they go what is it that happened. And as they were studying in Germany this particular cycle showed you it's a fascinating to get all the graphs and everything but I'm going to stick a Power Point So you get my point was a powerful Ok so. They did all these graphs and they they pulled all the work permits and all the construction can permit they went back of the archives who was building in the 1500s sometimes you can do that you can't do that here you know if the check months 6 months were building here no one else but they went back and they found those worker permits and guess what they discovered there was a flurry of activity that was related to personal property and municipal properties and people were out and they were working on their properties and they were having incentives then the economy was going up as their buildings went up and now you can document that Max Weber was actually correct and wise as a same thing in the book ministry of healing help for the homeless read that chapter read that chapter if you want to have a provocateur read that this afternoon when we're doing our study 6 days out the labor do all the work I read of some statements with the Puritans you really can't keep the Sabbath you didn't work work on the Sabbath will be more sweet do value work Von I work at one period and roll like 30 pages on vide it's not someone else's work that's not the pope's work that's not so much value work. And Calvin said you know what if this is true work is like a worship take it seriously work as unto the Lord. And now work is seen as holy and sacred as you're getting ready for that day of rest because you can overwork and you begin to think your work saves you and so God says no no no no Remember that the 1st commandment I gave when I brought my people out of Egypt was the Sabbath commandment in Exodus 16 Exodus 5 actually come out to keep the Sabbath and remember. That or you were a slave and I brought you out how to begin to see the economic significance of the Sabbath day a man was on a plane with someone coming back from a Latin American country that was Venezuela now you can only take a one way trip there but you could go back and forth and I was driving back flying back with this guy and he goes I said So you want to go to America why you want to go to America. He goes Well it's the land of opportunity I said what if you don't have any opportunities here not really well what do you mean well any time you try to work there's always a holiday they take all your money you've got all these taxes you got to say I never can make any money I'm leaving you know that's what has happened in all of these Protestant countries they even have research as recently as 2009 that I was reading that shows that in every single one of the Protestant countries the economy is much better than any of the other surrounding Catholic countries that's even today in fact this week making the news kind of unfortunately I thought Geneva increase their minimum wage to $25.00 an hour they're rich everybody been to Geneva everything costs a lot it's rich very nice it's Protestant country very interesting. All right so there's financial sourcing and this is what they said Robin said in his book some astute observers noticed that this order Oh human order not achieved by human design was a phenomena that required an explanation. Can you say hallelujah am I giving you an explanation below what I'm doing now they put limits on it because it was so effective Luther made a clear distinction between his ideal Christian state has a model Kapil it's reality. He wrote to the councilman of Danzig in $1525.00 interest was something entirely normal and permissible if certain rates and boundaries were not exceeded only 5 to 6 percent can go beyond that if someone went beyond that he preached a sermon against someone write a book he wrote a book every 2 weeks if you go he wrote a book did the economy flourish in Wittenberg. Write a book every 2 weeks they had printing presses they had a huge university everything tanked and by the way they emptied out all the monasteries they got all that money he got a wife now why was it that the Catholic Church didn't believe in personal property but it also didn't believe in usury till recently that is interest instead guess what they did they would send all their money to the Jews did you hear what I said they would send all their money to who because they said you guys can charge enters into it if you want but we can't because we're Christians and then when their finances went bad guess who they killed does who they killed the Jews and what day did the Jews keep and so anti-Semitism Semitism When against Sabbath Tarion ism how many are in a state when I'm saying the Sabbath was the 1st day that was kept coming out of Egypt it was also the sign of liberation based on creation a new world was created a new order was created in Exodus 28 through 11 and there covenant identity now was seen in Exodus 3113 through 17 which we heard a message on the other day and also is a Q 21 how many you think this is that fascinating but you know what they said and I want to leave this with you my wife said to me so what. Is my wife here who are so what I said and I'm so glad you said that to me because we got to answer the question So what so what is this sermon important. Why you tell me why is the sermon important for this is a dud that's it I'm done why is the sermon important history is repeating itself image of the beast is being set up national rule I used to think Sunday law then national ruin now I'm thinking apostasy national ruin Sunday law national row because as I read those quotes more closely there are quotes that talk about giving countenance giving attention to who we are living in the last days if $26.00 trillion dollars does not get your attention you probably have problems with your credit card debt too. And that's another thing do we need to be learning how to live without money our Gospel is without money or without price Hallelujah Protestant Reformation said you could go to direct get rid of all that other stuff Catholics never have liked it and want to get it back we've got to get the money back we've got to figure out a way. Let's concoct for laws 3 laws that aren't there. Make up categories and then say we can change them the papacy thought to change laws as it relates to social life and they will think to change the laws as a relates to the Sabbath they already have done that in the past they'll do it again so how do you think I was talking to my students this week in one of my classes I said What do you think the biggest problem is with preaching and one of said people don't listen to what I said why don't they listen to you they don't really believe it they don't really believe Jesus is coming soon all that is coming at it like it's a cultural thing listen to Dani's a wound up today. We don't have anything else to do we can't go to the restaurant it's closed it's cover 19 but let me ask you this question Do you believe that Christ is coming again and do believe he's coming soon is there a connection between what you're doing with your finances and what what you just said I asked the people at my house last week if there was only 5 years left what would you do differently I don't know if there's 5 years that I'm not making I'm not trying to be you know I can mention some names I'm not setting dates but when I read this when I read this and I realize that everything I've seen on the news is actually Algol of. Canon law as interpreted by Thomas Aquinas I started to kind of shake his and so I thought I'd make you shake today because Jesus is coming soon and we need to learn how to live within our means and we need to learn how to live without any mean what does that mean for you what does it mean to me what does it mean for this institute what does it mean for your business what does it mean for your conversation today at lunch I've been struggling with the single tell you we can keep the Sabbath like people name is to be kept but they couldn't wait for some 7 to the sun went down so they could go out and spoil people I'm asked myself and my at Adventist legal is just keeping this day or do I really believe Jesus is coming in my acting like that is that a good question to ask Do I understand the Gospel in my rejoicing in the early Reformation time period where righteousness by faith was the sweetest thing in life not the fruits of capitalism but the fruits of the spirit or am I rich and increased with goods. And wretched poor pitiful and blind when Jesus is knocking at the door is my 1st love Christ or is it the benefits of a capitalist society in my thinking was my resources how can I give to someone else how can I use less so more people can hear the Gospel in my trying to still people away from the hands of the devil save them might be a better word I got to say I've got a lot of work to do I mean I've got a lot of growing to do I don't think we're on I'm where I need to be how many want to pray for me that I'll be where I need to be I want to join yourself in that I told the elders the other day Tom told me Look would you invite the Abels to the elders meeting to pray I asked as a white Well they might listen to you more than than me as that I don't think that's true so I sent an email I said if you think Jesus is coming soon come to the prayer session with us as elders tomorrow at 6 in the morning I'll see who shows up all I'm saying folks is it's late in the day it's late in the day we don't need sermonettes I'm a Christian it's we need the Word of God heard and acted upon you know in all those lands when they looked at them why they are prospering as they've looked at all this that because they read the Bible are you reading the Bible are you listening to the Bible are you talking about the Bible not because I said it because is this some kind of love in your heart for the God of the Bible if you don't have it how do you want to say look I want to have it maybe read that chapter and step to Christ I read this week the Centers need of Christ Chris maybe we need to surrender. Hole that's after total consecration and steps of Christ surrendering all he surrendered all for you read those chapters I've been pondering them I say look do I really love God Also I'm asking myself or my sister the actor the subtract or actors are some factors I want to be converted. I want to be more to. More deeply. I'm going to want to ask. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermons lead to visit w w w audio verse or.


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