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02 The Final Decision

Jim Ayer Janice Nelson
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  • August 26, 2020
    9:30 AM
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Oh yeah still right there. Near Oklahoma right back. There Welcome everybody to talking donkey International in our new television series country was the let's set the tone for this new series of hours it's found in Proverbs 4 let your eyes look directly forward and your gaze be straight before you ponder the path of your feet and then all your ways will be sure join us now for country wisdom. You know here we are downtown every saving of America is basically the same thing is happening the same thing's going on you know this is not the country I grew up in probably not the country you grew up in. The court system didn't look like it once did the Constitution and are not many people are following the Constitution anymore we talk about it but where's where's our rights to speak to before you're watching that rapidly go away pandemics like that set down the world overnight things are not the way they once were you don't normally see these things happening everywhere and things going on like this that one me tell you things are changing my Bible says he's going to think my Bible says Jesus is coming soon how does he know that well he sees the end from the beginning and he's holding on at the time when you think he's going to come to pass no that it's just about to happen and I could spend a day with you at least on a Bible study to show you we are in the last moments of her sister these things are going to continue to happen these events are going to get worse and worse and worse. So today I want to share with you an amazing story the story of a lot. Let me let me read for you it's found in Luke Chapter 17 verse 28 likewise also as it was in the days of Lot they did eat they drank they bought they sold they planted they build but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. Even last shall it be Listen to this now even the shall it be in the days when the Son of Man comes going to be just like in the days of life what you see was Abraham and said Lot we're getting too big we're farmers out here we're the ranchers you pick a spot you can have the high country you can have the beautiful valley Well he looked down at the city then he wanted the city he love the city life he loved all of everything happiness city you know all the malls and you know they didn't have all but you know where I'm going with this all the quote good stuff. Well he went down in that city and pretty soon he was involved and his family were involved in kind of all the vices and the found in the garbage one trying to stay away from it but he really couldn't make it getting to him. The same thing is going to happen to us all the cities the good things in the cities the big guns in holiness tighter and tighter and when he comes we have no opportunity to really look to him We have no or too many to go with. The story we're about to show you today took place 4000 years ago. But it's happening today all over you see advance of the Bible there is nothing new we know under the sun. It's happening all over and my question to you is what are you going to do here as you watch this story put yourself in the story and think about. What's going to happen to rule. It in Egypt. Hello yes this is Edith lot can do this thank you so much for getting back to me I really really want to be involved in this project of yours oh I knew youth center is going to make such a difference in that whole neighborhood now when it's your next meeting Wednesday I'll be there. Oh no need to thank me thank you for thinking of me all right I'll see you Wednesday. Yeah I'm sorry I had to take that phone call I have to really cool guys for dinner tonight with you yes yes they're outside for dinner yes oh yes they have something important to talk to us about look go give them the grand tour show them around show them the work that we're doing in the East Garden Oh and take the landscaper sketches with you let him see how gorgeous it's going to be when involved in asked Ok I need to go and warn Consuela that we have to extras for dinner just like you should have warned me. Consuela I think. It's not Sarah again what am I going to do I'm going to let it go to voicemail the same way I did the last 3 times she called. Just give me a minute. I'm fine Consuela fine. B n but could you turn that down or maybe even off I don't know how you can listen to the news all day long I never listen to the news I discovered a long time ago that life is easier if you don't pay too close attention although I suppose it's different when you can't understand most of it probably easier. Again. Could not answer this time hello Shelby Honey are you done with your meeting already. Sarah called you. I'm sorry Shelby if that's my fault I've been ignoring her calls all day. Of course she's worried when his aunt Sarah ever not been worried about us the Gospel according to Aunt Sarah we're all too involved in things that don't matter we're too attached to our possessions none of us is committed to the things of God as we should be and the sky is falling etc etc Well it might be a little harsh but it's also true and you know it you're too young to remember but when we decided to move from here from the ranch I thought she was going to have a stroke we try to explain it was to take advantage of a very lucrative business opportunity and to keep your father from having to drive into the city so often but you know Aunt Sarah it was the big bad city she was certain we were all going to be corrupted. Anyway even Uncle Abraham called Oh he's this sweet heart but he did seem worried he wants us to come back at least for a while no I mean like I'm a deal early I know they've always been worried about us but I don't know. He just seemed more urgent this time maybe I should call him back to talk to him a little bit more. And your aunt Sarah has been calling non stop ever since wanting to know if I've had a chance to think about it this if I have had any time to think this morning. I spent almost all morning on the phone with your dad's secretary playing phone tag because your dad never answers his cell phone trying to figure out if there's a time this winter that we can all go skiing together I'm thinking ta Ho and the rest of the morning I spent online trying to track down a supplier for those miniature orchids you want your reception and the diamond shaped truffles that Mackenzie wants her bridal shower tell me again why you 2 can't just make this a double wedding Oh that's right because you want to be a romantic St Valentine's Day bride and Mackenzie insists on being a traditional June bride Why can't you twins be a little more like no you know I don't mind. I waited long enough to have you too I think I can be forgiven for indulging you just a little bit all right yes I know you need to get back to your meeting but listen Shelby don't worry about it Sarah I'll call or I promise I'll call her we'll get this whole thing straightened out you know your Aunt Sarah something is all way is going on some crisis always looming she has been predicting doom for this whole city for at least as long as I've known her and so far we all seem to be just fine I doubt today is going to be any different anyway I'll let you go Oh but you are going to still come to dinner tonight yes I was hoping so your father brought these 2 gentlemen home now we didn't warn me I told you he never uses his cell phone anyway I don't know what they're here for but. They look important and intense I think I'm going to need both you girls here to help me play hostess be your usual sparkling selves lighten the mood a little bit I don't want the whole evening to be so serious all right I'll let you go vice really. What I wouldn't give for an extra yoga session before dinner. Oh dinner Consuelo That's why I came in here we have 2 guests for dinner. Dos must spread for dinner dose Yes Yes Thank you. Oh and now I'm buzzing again just hello. How are you. Oh I'm fine considering I'm planning to weddings. Yes Shelby is getting married in February and Mackenzie in June I know it's ridiculous isn't it especially with everything else I have going on what do you mean that answers your question another mission trip Barb that's wonderful when Oh Barb there's just no way this will be the 3rd time we've had to turn you down every single time something has come up now that 1st when we were all set to go remember we had no idea the girls' soccer team was going to make regionals we hated backing out but we left it up to the girls and you remember how crazy they were for soccer which is fine nothing builds character like sports we just wished we could have done both Now that 2nd trip. That was the one to the orphanage in Guatemala right I cannot remember why we had to cancel that one. 0 that's right my husband had just decided to run for city council let me tell you that it consumed our lives for a while oh who am I kidding here one it's still consuming our lives. But you know we both view it as kind of our mission you know we've got to know some very important people I'd like to think we've gotten some good work done and we've had a little bit of influence around here oh well no it's nothing like your trips but then we really can't can we not in our circle you would not believe how careful you have to be nowadays with anything religious but it just wouldn't do to get labeled a conservative nut case you'd have no influence left. Anyway we really do want to go some day Barb I know I keep hearing that they just change your lives I've had more people tell me that after their 1st mission trip their whole life was different oh are you suggesting our lives could use some changing I think we're doing just fine thank you very much well I suppose we all have changes we could make but there'll be other times right right anyway you keep us on your list I want to know about the next one seriously All right I'll talk to you later but. Of a friend of mine Amiga. I don't think she's very happy with me right now. You know I really wish we could commit to a mission trip. But we're committed to so many other things right now still I'd like to go on at least I think I would. I would love to help build a church I think that would be amazing but I've heard on some of those trips. They actually make you give talks go visit people give Bible studies. No thank you. I'm just not comfortable doing that I mean I'm more comfortable entertaining than evangelize ing is that bad. Is it bad to not to want to do something unless you're comfortable doing it or you don't even understand the question but it's probably bad. I know what I'm going to do oh it's perfect I'm going to call bar back and tell her that I want to sponsor someone to go on this trip but I can't believe I didn't think of that when I was on the phone with her I am perfectly comfortable writing checks this way someone will get to go who couldn't have gone otherwise and I don't have to feel guilty anymore. I'm buzzing again. Paula. I What's up. Oh that's right the seminar Yes Yes I I remembered it revitalizing your prayer life I even got the companion book already you know I haven't read it yet but it looks fascinating it is sitting right on my nightstand here's the thing Paula I'm not actually going to be able to go to the seminar. No no no it has nothing to do with the Dr it's just that is the only day that Mackenzie and I could get in to see Chef Roland she wants him to cater her reception he has this marvelous French be stroke you've got to go there sometime Paula it's unbelievable it can take weeks to get her reservation that's how good it is but let me tell you the goat cheese souffle infused with fennel is worth the wait but what I know I'm sorry to miss it too but this is really important to Mackenzie she wants me there with her and her family comes 1st you understand. Look Paula. I plan to read the book I promise and you said you're going to record the whole thing right so I can watch it sometime when I'm not as busy all right I'm always busy but after the weddings it really should calm down I will make it a priority then Paula. I am interested in revitalizing my prayer life I know it's important I'm not canceling because I don't think it's important it's just that well this time I've got to put McKenzie 1st I will I will I promise you and we really have to talk again but right now I've got company waiting Paul I am taking it seriously and I will spend some time thinking about it more. I'll see what I can do. All right bye bye. Paul is right. I really do mean to revitalize my prayer life not that I would admit it to her the only reason I'm admitting it to you is because you don't know what I'm saying. I need to make it more of a priority do you know what I'm going to do I'm going to do just that I am going to start prioritizing my prayer life scheduling it in so other things don't come crowding in from every direction. I'm actually going to put it in my calendar. First thing Monday morning I am taking hour for prayer and study Oh. No I can't do Monday I have the Arts Council breakfast Monday morning and then yoga studio. And I think I've got a committee meeting in the afternoon so Tuesday. I am starting to revitalize my prayer life Tuesday morning let's see. 9 to 10 am right after my women's breakfast that business group I meet with that should give me enough time 9 to 10 Tuesday it's all set out buzzing again. Hello town and country really. You want to do a feature on our house oh I would love to We'd be absolutely thrilled. We are so happy with the renovation we worked very closely with Daniel Quint Huntsman group here as I knew you would have heard of him I can't tell you he completely transformed this house now the landscaping isn't quite done. But the interior is exquisite. Yes of course you can come do some preliminary photos when it would work for you. 9 o'clock Tuesday morning. No no no that works just fine nothing that can't get put off I will see you 9 o'clock Tuesday morning Oh thank you again this is going to be so exciting All right you 2 Consuela that was Town and Country magazine they want to do a cover of our house oh this is going to be so much fun you have no idea what a privilege this is what an honor I don't you have no idea what any of this means but trust me this is big. Hello. 3rd. Day. Really. Oh it must have been on silent you know sometimes I forget to turn it off or on or whatever. Anyway. Well we haven't talked about it yet he just got home from work but we will don't worry yes we will answer I know look Aunt Sarah you and Uncle Abraham are really dear people and I know you're just concerned but you really don't have to worry that much we're fine. Right. No. Etc what crisis as far as I can tell things are no different than they ever have been and I told you we are doing fine you worry too much well you've never trusted my judgement. Yes. Yes Aunt Sarah I promise we will talk I promise now I really need to go we have people waiting for us yes we will call you later bye Oh. Who does she think she is I am so tired of her self righteous if things were really as bad as Aunt Sarah thinks I think I would know it wouldn't I But we're fine I told her we're fine. She's wrong Ella estimate of I am not too materialistic too worried about and involved with the things that don't matter. I'm a good person better than most I am on the boards of 3 different major charities for Pete's sake I do looks of things for other people yes I like my house I helped design it I decorated it I like my life I help build that too can I not be proud of and enjoy something that I helped make but I am not too attached. I'll be right there. I know that Sarah is wrong I do like my life I am comfortable. I'm quite sure that if the time ever came if I really thought it was necessary I could walk away from everything without a backward glance. It's almost takes your breath away to really watch and say could could that be me. But it's our choice we still have a choice. There are long gone but Jesus said he's coming back soon it's time now to make a decision and listen to what he says and look Chapter 21 and take heed yourself less at any time your heart be overcharged with a was filled with all the garbage here on Earth with drunkenness and tears of this why is your life filled with tears in this life he goes on to say that those are snares to the grab you and try and hold you down here. What's there for there's the council from gun watch therefore and pray always that you may be a count unworthy so it's scape all these things that are going to come to pass and stand before the Son of God That's our joy are you going to look back. We can look forward to Jesus Christ who do this to his mortal sin. I'd like to offer you a brief look on the great honoring as you read it you will be like your in The Wizard of Oz you will want. To play and. You will not read the. Story I will. Remember a book from Libris that don't wait young read it was my. Year it was. Done. Not over. There thanks for joining us the country was of the annex.


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