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03 The Little Caboose

Jim Ayer Janice Nelson
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  • August 30, 2020
    5:30 PM
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I'm old enough to like their. New thing coming right back. They welcome everybody to talking donkey International in our new television series country was the let's set the tone for this new series of hours it's found in Proverbs 4 let your eyes look directly forward and your gaze be straight before you ponder the path of your feet and then all your ways will be sure join us now for country. Jenna's this is exciting because we're hearing reports condones Mir and this was you commotion one time yes it was number 777. There's a long story here I'll try to cut it down for you but my father loved trains he worked for the railroad for Southern Pacific right here in Dunsmuir when he and my mother were 1st married and in fact he was a fireman on the southern Pacific Division running the Shasta line now only a little after a year I think. The war hit Pearl Harbor was attacked my dad was gone for the next 3 years but he never lost his love of trains. Every year when I was a kid we would vacation up here in Dunsmuir and we would walk the railroad tracks and search for trains and I just loved this area now he died when I was only in high school but he would get such a kick out of the fact that I live nearby Now that I'm up in this area. And a little while ago my brother called me. Now my brother doesn't call very often but he had a reason and I had to do with this caboose you see when I was about 3 or 4 years old I got probably the best playhouse in the history of little girls and play houses because my dad thought that could be that where you're combative I play house while we can we go inside and check it out we can let's do it. And I'm glad to get it out there. Where this was your playhouse this brings back memories good memories you have no idea how many hours I spent in this could do so as a child it looked a little bit different assuming there wasn't a big very much snow we made it in the middle you know that Park uses this as a rental now yes it was people can come and spend the night in a genuine caboose tell me what it was when they really just to be a couple of bunks that folded up against the wall right there that would come down and back in the days when this really ran on the Shasta division crew members would take their breaks they could sleep during winter they weren't on shift and there was a little pot bellied stove I mean a beautiful iron pot bellied stove that was over in that corner and up those steps the really narrow there was storage and you can see how it goes. I used to love getting up sitting on the benches there. Looking out the windows because when you're 3 or 4 or 6 or 7 or 8. Being up there felt like I was in my own world where you were I could read I could look out the window and just daydream it was a wonderful spot to just. Look at it like. This thing is the biggest on one of these apartments today you know so your 3 year old girl you have all these now well I had to share with my brother and sister was a bad deal Oh you see I like having tea parties playing with my stuffed animals and then my brother John would come and say All right Janice back in the house my friends and I are taking over and it would turn into a sport they would play games where they were sometimes soldiers sometimes they were cavalry. This caboose has had more lives inside more imagination. It was just a wonderful place to grow up and I may put you on the spot but I was a what was a could do for in the 1st place and railroad actually served of a really good function you know that when you talk about somebody being a cop it was there the rear end this was the last car in the train and that Cooper law that area up above you know crewman would sit up there because from that vantage point they could look down either side of the train they were watching for things like sparks from the wheels any issues going on they could keep watch from their one train just to start fires and they did indeed In fact I told you my dad was a fireman. I honestly don't know if they still have that position on a train probably not. But that was his job and he spent a lot of time. In this could this because this could boost ran on the Shasta Division the same years that my dad worked there so he knows he had to have been in a number 7 so I'm so yeah it's pretty interesting now you might have noticed when they go back outside I'll refresh your memory right now it's bright yellow and it says Erie Lackawanna. But in her heart she was still Southern Pacific so they changed the label she did here it sounds Mary way of the railroad Park they have several Southern Pacific cabooses already you saw some of them as we drove in so if her up and turned her into something else because they didn't have an area Lackawanna could do some How does it make you feel been going on like Candace that Loba Lady Gaga little. To get out but I will make you feel being back in your it's bittersweet. Because as I said it brings so many memories back I can remember running up and down those stairs climbing up into the benches. Out that door in the front with my house and this store in the back with my grandmother's house just about ideal. But in reality and it makes me realize that. We've both gotten a little older not you I mean the could do thank you thank you your daddy bought this for you he bought it for well as I said I had to share with my brother and sister but I felt like it was mine the other father that we really loved Yes he did and did I tell you why he was able to buy it no. You'll see the Cooper locked up there you climb up to get that bird's eye view. Southern Pacific was scrapping all of these trains that had coupal up and they were going to bring a new model that had baby windows on each side where you could sit on a flight on the go live look out so they were getting rid of these and my dad found out somehow by that point he was working as a dentist in Lodi California he found out he tracked down the number knew he'd been in this could do this in his railroad days bought it had it shipped to our house the day they brought it in our backyard they had to close the whole street shut down traffic everything it was I think there is a pretty good size they called this thing on a flatbed I think it was and brought it into our backyard he had a foundation ready for it and he wired it so I had a light everything worked and it was the hit of the neighborhood let me tell you we also mean the front page of the paper I had to make sure I can show you of me with my brother and my sister on the end of the caboose out here took a picture and we were on the front page I can imagine that's as good as it gets when you're 4 years old now I'm sure since you knew him how many years and snaring new here in this area already I was born in Lodi train came from here it was born here as you heard moving right there were you ever in this area you're blaming hills around here yes every year we vacation and then here my dad will bring us up to an area called Can Terra loop and. The train comes down one side of the river makes a loop over a bridge comes on the other side and at that point the engineer. And the guys in the caboose could wave to each other across the river. And we used to come and one of the things we do every August we would walk that stretch of track and walk can turn a loop. And this point the one to walk that was the good hiker back then. Yes My dad left this area I told him he would love it knowing I live up in this area now it's got some amazing distances here oh it does you want to head back out yeah let's do that let's move that. Need to fly fish out there well Steve does you know you'll be out here just right there he knows every hole. Man I love the sound of that river don't you oh yeah I think that's half the fun of camping is being next to a river or a stream and just having that sound and I'm so happy the sun is shining the ring oh yes well you know that's what they say about this area if you don't like the weather just wait 10 minutes and it's maybe 15 so you used to play only there I've walked on trails all over here. All in this area my dad loved this area I told you that in fact when he and mom 1st got married and they moved here so he could work for the railroad. I think he would have stayed and I would have grown up here but the water had other plans. So he went into the notes or yes he did and he was gone he had Mom and Mary maybe a year and then he was off to India of all places that's where he spent the worry years if you say you knew India yes. Mbia. When I was growing up. And in the summer when it would be hot like Pavement melting under your feet I could remember. Running from my house across the street to my friend's house barefoot and you were actually leaving Little Prince on the pavement because it was that hot but my down you could not ever say that it was hot because he would tell you you didn't know where he was. But I think one of the reasons that I love it up here to one of the reasons that he picked patient up here every year. Part of his heart was here because I think it had been peaceful here and certainly when we came up on vacation. You just feel like when you're out next to the river when you're walking through these mountains. It just kind of the weight rolls off and I don't know what your childhood was like well actually I do so you can really but there was an awful lot of tension in the house I grew up in but when we would come up here to the mountains for it every year every August. We left that behind. Coming up here it was truly a mental vacation and I think that's why I still love it why we get up out of the car at a trail head and I hear the river and I just smile just the attention will get it because those were happy memories consistently happy memories. New So you really you have a can I say a terrible trial who has a. Winner you made a final a lot of people might say terrible. For me it was normal it wasn't until you begin to compare other families you know you get older you start spending time in other people's houses and realize Ok and other families they're not always angry. My friends' mothers didn't disappear into their bedrooms for days at a time and not come out really and that's what happened here yes we had nannies before it was fashionable to have nannies. Because there were just long periods where my mother simply didn't cope. She relied on prescription drugs to get her through life and they didn't always work. And there were times it was like a Jekyll and Hyde I can remember walking home from school and as I would around the corner where I could see my house. My stomach would tighten up because I didn't know which mother was going to say hello. But up here it was completely different everybody was happy to whole family was happy when we would come and camp here now you're also after member that might dad's idea of camping was a little bit you might think oh we put up tents right next to the street no we were staying in a little lodge my dad would all like yeah camping was anything less than a Best Western motel. But I had a little kitchenette and I remember the deck that looked out over the river so for him that was camping he he was not into your roughing it too much can I ask you and this is you know kind of the mindset of you got this little girl with her great play house with daddy bought her and so she got some really fond memories there but you've also got this other side to life that that was a good. Root of the go and you carry that into adulthood are going to have some free will to move out always have something else and. God takes what ever twisted little miss your life it has and starts helping you unravel. I got to stop you that it's such a great analogy twisted little messin with a twisted metal mouth. I can almost put through that you know and help you and around yes how did you do that for you. First of all you know in Scripture God promises us a peace that we can't even understand and it's because he knew our little human brains there's no reason to explain how you can have something chaotic going wrong around you whether it's something from the outside world events. Family falling apart and marriage falling apart God still gets you that peace that only comes from him it's not something you can manufacture this for you or even started as a child a parent you know growing up. Both my grandmothers lived in town and every weekend my father's mother would come by in her bright red b. w. that she drove very fast she had a nickname she was hot rod lectured and back then before would you be even have the belt was no we didn't know and back then it was well how many of the kids can cram into Grandma's v.w. and go to church and my mother's mother lived right next door we had a huge backyard my dad owned 3 city lots on the corner so our house and extended front yard were one city lot our group Raj and carport and driveway where another full city lot is a park like 9 or 10 cars in our driveway and then on this side we had a huge backyard that's where the caboose was and a gate that went to grandma's house I always had that escape if things got too bad I just went to grandma and I do not underestimate the effect of grandparents in its life whether they're your genetic grandparent or an adopted grandparent. But I could always go there and my grandmothers. My grandma let your we go over there and she would just pound on the piano I learned all the old hymns from her she only had one she didn't know things like peonies Simo everything was Forte when she played the piano but I still remember all of her favorite hymns and there are times when those lyrics would come to mind. If you want to learn scripture put them to music as a favorite never favorite the postman bless it sure it was and I can still hear her playing and singing bless them sure you know it's exciting because we all have the most assume through Jesus Christ and I think that when you are out in a spot like this I mean. Around d.j. in the trees then little breeze again back to the sound of that river you can just read out here I feel closer to God out here than anywhere else I think. Nature is God 2nd book here is now not too far up this trail I promised you wasn't too far we're going to come to some railroad tracks and I'll get back to the story of Mike if it won't get the rest of the story yes all right just like Paul Harvey there the rest of the story there you go. I wrote a little book a while back called Overcoming the 3 deep depression discouragement despair it's helped thousands of people you know if you like a copy you can log on to talking donkey international dot org And for a small gift you can be your please do it today. So these tracks are aware that computes I showed you started out its life really and of course it was built around the railroads and then when it had outlived its usefulness they were going to scrap it and you would have thought that's it that's what else does a compass do. Then my dad bought it and it became our play house so I had the 2nd life. But it wasn't done yet. However I think I'm hearing a train I think I'll start with Lisa outside. Maybe we should i love that sound almost as much as the sound of the river that we heard coming up here because it reminds me of those days I used to walk beast tracks for miles trying to fall off to not ask me to attempt it now. I know you try. But that Booth had this 2nd life as my playhouse. Then after I grew up and left home again you would think well that was it it was lucky enough to have that 2nd life that nobody could have pictured but it wasn't done my mother sold it to a woman who ran a freight barge up and down the Delta she put it on her barge and it became her office and a spot for the guys who worked for her to take Max to sleep when they were you know not on their shift and so it went up and down the Delta river for years. Then again you'd think Ok now that surely is it that could boost now is had 3 lives but no. 4th wife it's back here where it started on the Shasta division and now it's a Bed and Breakfast So every time you would think well there's nothing more I can do nothing more that this could do says useful or there's another lie there is another line something you couldn't even picture it ahead of time which I just think is great. And wonderful and the trains coming here does that ever going to get those feelings you know in your heart your mind I do because they've been periods where I've kind of. Like that's it you know when my kids grew up and left home briefly to have an impact but you think that said. Mr Newt and. Then trying to. Match like this to me and these to help her and into the center of the tree but you notice what a dog it doesn't have a could do something similar but by the booze my playhouse had multiple lives that you just. Couldn't predicted and as I was starting to tell you. When my kids left home I had this feeling like well that's it I was a mom for so long what do I do now so I can kind of relate to that could boost because. I'm reaching our have reached a certain age. And maybe it's just women who start to feel this way or I dunno maybe it's just me but I doubt it I would literally if I did no no you're far too smart to say you've noticed I've aged but you can start to feel like well I guess that's the end of my usefulness because really you know what more is there that I could do. It's gotta be younger people are more talented people or whatever but just like that caboose you know had reached the end of it usefulness when really him right now that's what's so cool about about God and you found the Lord and it's just like in the Bible got always lays out something one of the things he laid out as a story most Moses you might remember he was in the federal court. Guy really high up he had everything for 40 years I mean he was on a whole and then all of a sudden he murdered somebody kicked out of the kingdom police for his life spent 40 years in the desert as a shepherd herded sheep that was it never imagined that saved his life nobody began enjoying life you know you've got a kickback now and enjoying life one day all of a sudden he sees a morning Bush he approaches that burning bush and it's got a voice that comes out that he Moses you know was I've got a job for you and he goes Well what kind of a job for me God is in that burning bush basically begins talking with Moses and I'm going to do the job for you Moses is 80 years old got a new job for you I want you to lead an entire nation out of money. You know what would we do well to follow God and it was such an amazing story for another 40 years he left there there are always something exciting when you fall of gone in think about Colonel Sanders I think you started Kentucky Fried Chicken in a 70 you know became a who knows a multi multimillionaire. 70 God has so many pathways foreigners you know. I think when I think about in your own life I look at what happened in your life more God has done oh there are things I've been able to do I never could have pictured I couldn't pick imagine that I had the ability to do those things go on mission trips with you strap on a tool belt and help build a church or a school. Mentoring someone younger I have a friend a young mother and we've just found that we get together and I realize that I'm a stabilizing force I'm an inspiration not because I'm so wonderful but just I make time for her I think about that a stabilizing force where you provided the body would have thought I could stabilize anyone and then here in the last few years if you had told me a decade ago that I would be asked to come and speak at women's weekend if it that I would be asked to talk to different church congregations I couldn't picture myself and there's someone who wants to hear what I have to say that those are doors that God opened because I wasn't looking for those doors but just like my playhouse had multiple lives every time I've been about to think well that's probably it you know that was great I'm glad I could do that but I can't think of anything else that I'm good for or would be useful for. God opens another door. You know God changed Janice's life he can change yours as well maybe you've watched a lot of war maybe you've lost your job but everything in life it seems like it's falling apart but not so with God draw near to God He will draw near to you Scripture says I have not seen your ears heard neither is entered in the heart of man the things that God is prepared for those that love him that's right now God has an amazing array of things prepared for you draw near to God trusted and. He will certainly draw near to you. There thanks for joining us for country one of the. Next time.


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