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Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • October 7, 2020
    8:30 AM
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We are recording again and just want to. Thank everyone who's been following along and listening in our scripture reading tonight comes from the Book of the Psalms the 23rd division verse for you though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil for the art with me my rod in by staff they comfort me a message isn't titled prayer in pandemic prayer in pandemic Let us pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word Lord I said you just touched my heart and mind made me a nail on the wall once again Lord hang a portrait there and Father God What I'm asking especially is that you speak through me to all those who are in pain as they listen to this and all those who need their faith strengthened their prayer in Jesus precious and holy name Amen All right I want to read the 23rd psalm of never I never even heard a sermon on the 23rd Psalm I don't think deafening ever so given one and as I was dealing with my own pandemic fatigue from one of our previous messages came across this psalm and read it again and said Man it's sama so soothing it is so amazingly powerful you connect with the author immediately so when I read it in its fullness we're going to break it down and I want to give some pointers on how to pray during this pandemic I have another message on Sanctuary a prayer method in an audio verse already but I want to give you this one and just speak to what it is when you're hurting it will get more nanoseconds up 23 says The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want he makes me to lie down in green pastures He leads me beside the still waters he was store is my soul he leaves me in the paths of righteousness for his namesake. Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I Will Fear No Evil with our heart with me I Rod and I staff they comfort me now prepares the table for me in the presence of mine enemies now and knowing to smile head with oil my cup runneth over Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I would do well in the house of the Lord forever powerful 6 verses that say so much is the one Psalm that probably most people could recite probably the most recent one of the most recited chapters in the entire Bible by Christians and non christians jews 900 everybody lots of people notice Psalm It's a comforting word but we begin to break it down Psalm $23.00 verse one says The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want another kid I couldn't understand as I didn't understand why if God is my shepherd I don't want him of course that's not what I'm saying The Lord Is My Shepherd because he is my shepherd I will not be in need I will not have a lack So the 1st when you go to pray during a time like this time of difficulty in pandemic the 1st thing is to state who God is he is your shepherd the shepherd was responsible for the sheep they had to eat they had to drink they could have to be safe from predators snakes thieves is a very difficult job often a very lonely and dangerous job yet David who wrote we believe wrote the Somme reflects on his time as a chef or something as a well David wrote as one is a shepherd but if you go to the Psalm of David Was that a shepherd he probably would have had enemies and you know he probably would have been thinking about the Valley of the shadow of death and. It's probably happened later on in fact one from one writer says and I guess the probably 23rd Psalm was written while David was at my hand I am wondering how the battle was between his forces and those of his son Absalom during the Civil War caused by ups of them's rebellion of course David was grief stricken and heartbroken it may have been the darkest hour of his life and this is where he penned the beautiful words out of his pain this is a correct analysis that it made out of it made it gave it many pain points in his life. And played. After the what he did about Shiva naething in front of him. Many downside down times in his life but this was definitely one of the strongest so it makes sense that he might append as at this time can you imagine David's own son rising up in rebellion against Him yet David loved Absalom so much he did not want his son to die in fact David ran from Absalom and when it was found out that Absalom was dead David cried Absalom Absalom Oh Absalom Oh it had been me instead of you Absalom David was sick and I can imagine that as he looked back on his life the pain that David must have felt as he had to recognize that it was his sin that caused this when he messed with Bathsheba you're right the Hittites wife and Nathan promised him that he would lose children because of it. Just as he had said that a person in a proper and that parable that Nathan gave should pay back 4 times of whatever was foretold what was lost David knew that he would lose children and I can't imagine the pain that came across David as he probably had to agonize he was the cause. It was own son and other children but in this case were being of Absalom of their demise David in this dark hour and I want you to get this when you are at your lowest point that is not the time to run from God that is to reform the time to reflect on who God is he is your shepherd and the shepherd loves the sheep whether the sheep is perfectly obedient whether the sheep is it is a looks perfect or not whether the sheep is perfect or not the shepherd loves protects the sheep no matter what so I'm 23 and as one into the Lord is my shepherd I shall not walk the 2nd verse says he make it for me to lie down in green pastures was interesting about this is that I read 11 person's. Take on this and speaks to the fact that when one of the little lambs. Would want to get away too often when I wouldn't obey and listen sometimes the shepherd would actually gently break one of the legs of the Lamb to make it lie down in green pastures to keep it close to the shepherd to protect it from predators Now of course if he did that when it was time to move you have to pick that little lamb or that sheep up throw it over his shoulder and carry it to the next place so it wasn't easy on the shepherd to do it. But the shepherd wanted what was good for that the land and sheep whatever animal whatever it was I want you to get this sometimes pain comes into our lives don't miss this. Because we are wondering God is trying to draw us close to him and sometimes the broken ness that we have the experience of of feeling the pain of of being broken and I don't mean being broken like you're messed up on the inside but but oh I feel breaks you sometimes that is because God is saying listen I need you to lie down in green pastures I need you close to me I need to be able to put you over my shoulder and carry you and if I am in your own strength you want to you think you can handle it and you'll run into danger and those who God love Jesus says it and Revelation $319.00 those who I love those who I love I chase it and I rebuke be zealous therefore and repent Jesus as if I love you you're going to feel some chastening in some rebuke it is a part of the Christian growth process so he made sure to lay down green pastures where you can be fed and nourished and rested Psalm $23.00 and verse 2 again to make a meal out on the green pastures He leads me besides the still waters he was store is my soul he leads me in the path of righteousness for his namesake So not only does he this breaking process happen you lay down in the green in the green pastures he takes you to still waters where you can be refreshing so to David says in verse 3 he restores my soul I want you to understand God does not allow any trial or difficulty to destroy us his goal is not to destroy but to restore and so you will be restored by was as he leads be in the paths of righteousness why for his name's sake. The 3rd point on the sama want to bring up one member is the shepherd and when you pray you need to state who it is you're praying to you are spraying to the God of the universe the great protector and defender 2nd when you pray understand that the difficult thing you're going through a broken time the broken ness the broke the experience of breaking that you are having is often how to draw you closer to him so your prayer sometimes ought not to be to have the broken mess of the experience of something mean broken removed from you your prayer ought to be drawn me close to you were Acme's restored where you will lead me in the paths of righteousness while for his name sake what does that mean we pray we ought to pray God's will be done to God be glorified in what he does for us for his namesake shows up some other place in the Bible verse John to to Elsa's I write unto you little children because of yours because your sins are forgiven forgiven you for his namesake Psalms a 168 says nevertheless he saved them for his name sake that he might make his mighty power to be. Why is God allowing you to go through the challenges you go through now why is he trying to redirect you down the paths of righteousness it is because for his name sake for his purpose so I would people see you they see what he has done for you. It's bigger than just giving you what you want it is about God getting glory and sometimes we are allowed to dwell in a place and space of difficulty and trial because we are too busy trying to restore our name our possessions our Even earthly relationships or our then asking God how in this can you be glorified you know that is where provinces reflecting Christ beat 318 we should be actuated by the noble purpose of winning daily victories and by watchfulness and sincere prayer attain to complete control of self when petty trials come upon us and words are spoken that cut and bruise the soul speak to yourself and say I am a child of God here with Jesus Christ a call labor with Heaven and I cannot afford to easily take offense to be always thinking of self for this will produce a distorted character and is unworthy of my high calling my Heavenly Father has given me a work to do and let me do it worthily for his name's sake when you are going to summon people a message would you say you got to remind yourself that this isn't about you stop thinking about yourself if you're a trial all you think about is the wall is me like the disciple that came it is to Jesus at Mass the keris down not that we perish it will distort your character you will only see God as one who allows suffering and not see that God is a God who wants to grow you he's got a purpose for you and every trial is an opportunity but a scalpel of God's love to go into us and remove from us the mental static cancer of pride self sin the guilt shame. Me and he does it for his name's sake. I've been through some tough things and I know at the end of the day you've got to learn to pray Lord not my will your will be done and Lord what do you want me to learn in this difficult situation pray Lord what is what is obvious and to draw closer to you Lord show me how Show me what you want me to what you want to do with me because of this what are you trying to teach me Lord what character defect needs to be removed so I'm 23 and verse 4 yet though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I Will Fear No Evil that hour with me by Rod and by staff they comfort me Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death the 4th point I want to bring up is when you pray understand that you are walking in the Valley of the shadow of death when you pray understand that this earth is not your home we just found out of the present United States in the 1st lady as reported tested positive for the corona virus in the middle of a pandemic where America's last 200000 people and globally over a 1000000 have died and you can cut in size all you want no matter how many it is it is a lot of folk even if you try to come up with some of the reasons why we say the numbers are small and it's fine it's still a lot of people who have a contract of this disease and gotten very sick and me and many that have died were literally walking in the Valley of the shadow of death but it's not just from that I mean you know I've shown us live before the case of the number of mass shootings over time seems to have been regularly and continually increasing. And I don't get into these numbers but I would say that right now I just watched a video on what is going on politically in the country with armed militia and the president mentioned in. In the in the presidential debates this week about a group called the proud boys and I find it interesting more and more people are using the word proud or pride to names of the 1st sin the Bible describes is the sin of pride that God hates but it probably isn't just kind of similarly there are militias on the other side or the New Black Panther Party and and there are multiple I think now black militias as well and and with the. Coming election there are those that are saying around that time to stay off the streets because regardless of who wins there may be bloodshed in the streets because of the fighting that will happen the valley of the shadow of that I actually don't take any of that will happen I mean there's a reason you know if somebody's been with us and I was like maybe Debbie's and writing and stuff I don't know that I'll be a civil war but let me tell you something it's as if we're heading in that direction we're living in the Valley of the shadow of death from one of the sermons of a dude isn't it a way to Christian they're going to be mocked the figure on the left is the figure of Ronald McDonald cruise as if crucified on a cross to mock Christianity Bill Maher who is who is in rare form lately talking you know talking against Christianity and promoting and trying to convert people to atheism and this is documentary religious less religion less we are living we're living in the Valley of the shadow of. The Doz you do not want you as a Christian to survive your demons was sure it would take your life if not for the protection of the angels of the Living God. They would say the walk through the valley of the shadow of death there is a reality we must understand when we pray that this earth is not our home we are in the Valley of the shadow of death but then David says I Will Fear No Evil. With me I Rod and I staff they comfort me the 15 is the fear no evil yes there's nobody there's chaos in the country and in the world yes there's a pandemic Yes there's all these problems but let me tell you something the Christian does not live in fear 2nd some of the 17 for God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind the scripture says that perfect love casts out all fear David says I'm not going to fear evil and the problem is if you start a very evil bad things happen to you the cortisol impacts the hypothalamus we want to regulatory centers in the brain when a cortisol levels from the stress from the fair you have that hormone that is released when it gets too high even your immune system inflammatory cells in your immune system begin to not have regulation so your whole body gets hyper inflamed that hyper information out travels across the blood brain barrier into your mind and begins to affect the mind in ways that I'll show you in a 2nd but it mess with things like memory and cognition your ability to reason all things you will need to survive the end times that's why the scripture says 2nd 717 God does not give you a spirit of fear but of power of love and of a sound mind if you live in fear you will not have a sound mind literally when you live a life of fear and stress your body is destroying itself from the inside out that's why the devil wants you in fear because your itself the struction. You know Big Love perfect love of God especially the perfect love casts out all fear if you understand who your shepherd is you would not be afraid the 3 boys understood who their shepherd was when they stood in front of fire furnace would not be can as I said our God can save us but even if he chooses not to we go we will not bow down and worship your god when Daniel was given the charge not to break 3 times a day then you not only continue to pray he left his window open so they could see him fear no evil and went into the lion's den without a fight Christ went to the cross fearing no evil because he wanted to redeem us perfect love casts out of it what is a science a lot of Sciences stress shrinks the brain and lowers our ability to cope with adversity the more stressed you become the least the less capable you are to be able to manage that stress fear no evil in fact one of the things that happens because you have that that was regulates appetite one of the things that happens happens is as you can't regulate appetite you especially start to eat worse and more and the food you choose the sugar rush the fat the salt we talk about what we're doing health talking a little while in a few weeks but one knows 3 things combine especially the sugar Braun's the effects of cortisol and you feel like your stress is really so you like the comfort of a honey bun or a donut or as candy bar or or as one of the drinks from one of the coffee shops that's full of fat and from the cream and sugar and caffeine and you start to use chemicals and food to alter your mood not realizing all of that is only damaging your body and mind even more David says I feel there are no evil. If you just put it up that is a stress and brain atrophy that shows the frontal cortex the part of your brain where little bit of the seal of the Living God go where God will write his name for on a on a on a. On a on the forehead of the 144000 that part of the brain that represents the frontal cortex the part that I always say is like the most holy part of your body as a temple or sanctuary that part begins to shrink grow and alcohol and other drugs in that part of the brain is damaged and you can't afford to get salvation is always the I say I want to 18 Come let us reason together says the Lord you can't reason out that part of the brain. Is affected by stress your ability to to regulate emotions and learn and have memory David says Fear No Evil is one of the tenants of the of the health message of the 7 evidence church is to trust God it's not going to be for you to walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for the heart with me that I Rod and by staff they comfort me the rod and the staff comfort on one end of the shepherd's rod there was a point to prick and and poke on and on the sheep if it wasn't go if the animal wasn't going away as well to go on the other end it was a fork if a venomous snake came out it could trap the head of the snake between a fork one tool 2 uses the rod in a staff and that represents the 2 edged power of God's word you know God's word like that not only does God or give you protection if you follow it it will trap the enemy in its truth that's why when Satan came and jesus jesus as it is written. That's the rod protecting him and protecting us when we do it. But the Bible also does something else it is like a church it is like a 2 edged sword because when you study the truth of Scripture you realize how far you are from here where God wants you it pokes you it prods you other end of the rod puts you in project in the direction of knowing Christ and living a more Christ life like Christ like life sons and daughters of God page 198 says crisis given us no assurance that to attain to uphold perfect perfect perfection of character is an easy matter it is a conflict a battle and a March day by day it is too much tribulation that we enter the Kingdom of Heaven in order to share with Christ in His glory we will share in his suffering he has overcome for us shall we then be timid and cowardly because of the trials that we meet as we had Vance I don't fear evil because of the. Because of the rod and the staff. The Word of God is my protection in fact when you look at. 6 and know and putting on a whole armor of God is only one offensive weapon and that is the sword which is the word if you don't know the word you can't defend yourself you know my says I like this Jeremiah 614 they have healed also the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly saying peace peace when there is no peace in this rendition for Jeremiah 6 it basically say listen there's a as if there's a gaping infested funk in wounded in the daughter that is. God's people and that represents sin he says but they have they have they have they have healed this hurt only slightly because they're not calling sin by its right name or fraid to use. They're afraid to use the rod and the staff they want to preach smooth things they don't want to teach the hard things of the word of the Living God. So there's a peace peace when there is no peace don't know no worry about the 2nd coming sign that a time everything's going to go back the way it was Jeremiah 8 is there no balm in Gilead that is there no physician there why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered why because we are we are not preaching the Christ lifted up and elevated preaching a watered down version of the gospel so the healing can happen so I'm 23 and verse 5 that prepares the table before me in the presence of mind enemies than knowing tis my head of the oil my cup runneth over I like what David does here you see David because of think back to all the times God delivered him from Saul out of the hand of the King of the Philistines when he when he when he took down Goliath he says love you prepared table in other words you put a spread out in front of me while my enemies are watching notice the psalm does not say God gets rid of your enemies he just says they will watch you prosper they will watch you wrote he will watch you dying or on the goodness of God then He says the unknown to us my head of the oil my cup runneth over the 7th day when you're praying in a time like this remember this God is not just a shepherd he is king and priest and that's why the scripture says he prepares a table of kings at the table he gives a parable like that King inside a table for you a priest going to knowing to with oil cause your cup to run over he's not just a shepherd he's your king and he's your priest he is who you take your and your your will your lack to he he is who you take your need to be defended to he is who you take your need to be anointed and sanctified to he's not just Shepherd he's king and priest when you pray remember you're not praying. To a God who owns a 1000 cattle on a hill you're praying to the God who has cattle on a 1000 hills the last verse of Psalm 23 says that surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I would do well in the house of the Lord for every one of my favorite verses of scripture one of the one of the guys I was reading as I studied it as you know the story of a woman who came to church and told the pastor these 2 men are always following me and of course there was no one following them following her and every week she came to church that these 2 men are following me and as a story goes I'm sure it's a made up story but as the story goes you point to this verse and say the 2 men follow your goodness and mercy and the woman is put at ease and I know you may not think you have 2 people following you but you may think you have the weight of familial sin following you may be looking back at what happened a generation of before you the failure of your parents or even your grandparents you may be looking at how dysfunctional the family you come from and you think that like epigenetics the failure of your family's past is following you or you may be looking at your own life looking back at all the stupid decisions you made all the times you fail all the hurt you caused and that made me follow you let me tell you when you get in the presence of the priest and he anoint you with oil well you know I'll Him to forgive you of your sin and to wash you and make you over and sanctify you all of a sudden it's not shame and guilt are no longer the 2 people following you now it's goodness and mercy and I won't just follow you around for a little while David says they will follow you all the days of your life then he says and. The House of the Lord forever You're Down and Out I want you to remember your king slash priest. Slash Shepherd has gone to prepare a place for you where you are there where he is you maybe also is as if it were not so I would have told you he's in my Father's house are many mansions I go to prepare a place for you I want you to understand when this world makes you feel like you don't belong what it makes you feel like you have been rejected and the zone I want you to know that your father has is preparing a place for you and he wants you the whole plan of salvation is so that you can spend eternity with Him That would be his great joy just as it is a. Prophecy says while we review not the dark chapters in our experience but the manifestations of God's great mercy and unfailing love we shall praise far more than complain we should talk of the loving faithful this of the of God as the true tender compassionate shepherd of his flock which he has the clear that none shall pluck out of his hand the language of the heart will not be selfish murmuring and repining stop murdering and complaining while living on this earth we may be united with divinity and we talk of God He does a light to enlighten the understanding of those who come to him in their weakness and manifest their dependence upon him for strength the Holy Spirit is the efficiency for everyone by this is Agency God helps every person who will be worked and molded in accordance with the divine likeness he whose perceptive faculties are quickened as a result of the fashioning process can say Goodness and mercy followed me all the days of my life letter 178 let me take something. David could say to goodness and mercy would follow him all the days of his life because the trials that he had been had gone through the poking that he got from the shepherds rod and staff of the trials the David had survived the victories even though he again had most of the data into our humble teachable person that writes Not just the 23rd division of the south but the 51st Division a psalm of repentance day that is a different man because he allowed not just his victories not just his trials but even his failures to cause him to have a closer walk with God So yeah goodness and mercy shell followed me all the days of my life Psalm 231 more time I'll read it the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want makes me to lie down in green pastures He leads me besides the still waters are stores my soul he leads me in the path of righteousness for his namesake Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for the hour with me I write in my staff they comfort me that prepares the table for me in the presence of mine enemies now knowing test my head with oil my cup runs over Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life well in the house of the Lord for. I dedicate this song and even his message to those who have lost someone they love someone going through the grieving process and hurting in pain David knew he was going to lose Absalom or Baby Eve felt it was trying to prevent it but David grieved for his son and that may very well have been when he wrote this The vision of the psalm if you're going to a time of loss and pain read the Psalms study this song as God is still. You're Shipard let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity just study the 23rd division of the sun. Lord to apply the principles of this precious chapter of scripture the Lord we may live and grow and understand you more and more the Lord we would be always be under the watchful eye of the shepherd and be led in the paths of righteousness for your namesake lesser people in opera special prayer right now for those of loss of when they love it was lost a job lost a marriage whatever it is Lord. And pre-loaded you it. Is the Great Physician you are Jeremiah speaks this Jesus person. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse Oh if you would like to listen to more servant leader visit w w w dot audio Verse dot org.


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