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Do Not Awaken Love Till it so Desires

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • October 8, 2020
    2:15 PM
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In thinking about what we could talk about and I thought about what could be practical what could be helpful and what maybe is something that. People are thinking about. A lot of people talk to me and they said Man why don't why don't you guys talk about relationships you talk about the Sabbath I thought about that you know the Sabbath is the ultimate relationship with God that's going right correct everything else will correct the 10 Commandments are the ultimate diagram of relationships right like I used to disc describe it when I was talking to people in Bible studies as you know the mammoths are are the ultimate pattern you know if I if I have my wife I don't any other wives before her and I don't have any wives at all right amen and if she came home and saw me sitting there and with an image of her and kissing the image how many think that would not go over while. The Ultimate Guide to relationships were every single time I stub my toe I said. You know every negative thing I was associating with my wife's name how do you think that would probably not be good for the relationship and if I if she had a birthday and always that kind of missed it like you know. I feel like maybe it might be your birth to be gay and she goes you don't know what it is it doesn't really matter how you think that become a downer to the relationship yes. Right. So and of course if I killed her I would not be good. Let's say I you know if I stole from her every time I go out with her light Where's my purse Oh sorry I just I couldn't help myself or by a lot you see what I mean so that so the 10 Commandments are the ultimate guide to relationships right and if they're the ultimate guide What's the largest Commandments the Sabbath commandment is the ultimate way of actually entered into relationship with God and if if he's your god and your relationship with him and you just love him every other relationship is going to be benefited how many think that's really true what I'm saying so. You know also this thing about the Sabbath really you know what about people that go there that don't know about the Sabbath. What they have under here. On the what is Are you Ok. But really you know God desirous is the biggest thing in the Old Testament is he says look I want to write my law in your hearts and minds I will do it I'm going to do it I'm going to knowledge you that I will live in you I will walk in you and I'll give you peace I'll give you joy so the last time I talked I talked a little bit of distractions right if we actually have God in our heads in our hearts and our minds we're not going to get as distracted we're not going to have drama all the time how is your kind of sick a drama and that's why people are talking about relationships because they're having some kind of drama with relationships that's why they talk about that you think I don't know this I'm like a white blood cell with my hair not like I'm a red blood cell I've been around 120 days I'm not like you know I'm not like a you know a stomach cell 72 hours I'm a white blood cell so I've heard these things before right so. I thought I'd talk about this you know and that is and use I talk about this in marriage and family class I have a whole actual class called marriage and family how have you ever taken that class Ok the kind of shell shocked out there but do we talk about relations in that class we talk about all the chemicals that are you know released if you do this and if you do that if you're looking at someone in the eyes directly I'm not looking at anyone right now in this kind of glazed. And your look in the eyes directly man that triggers if there is a cascade of hormones that are released with that that's why people are looking at each other they can't look away. You know use to the cafeteria look at them it's because you intrinsically know that you are someone just bark at me. Now because you intrinsically know. Your dog and here. Ok there is someone is Tourette's or something Ok. Can happen it can happen so but you know what we're built we're built a relationship physically emotionally mentally spiritually yes or no built for that and you know so it doesn't just happen that everything just waits until past the done has the marriage and family class and if you've noticed this so you know there's all of these thoughts maybe they go through our minds and. Thoughts of below. The person next to you if it's appropriate say. Some with some of you it's just not appropriate right you just even nervous thinking about it like oh no no I'm not saying that. I had no idea you'd have that much of a reaction of it but you know we have this sense of you know I want to have a relationship that's close that's meaningful to me and I want to have it before Jesus comes I mean all these terms about Jesus my calm the time of trouble where the pope is doing and I don't care the Pope I want to have a boyfriend who cares about the pope I want to have a girlfriend or I some of you are really tracking here and I don't know or I want to get married and you long for the day when your lies will be intertwined with someone else on every level and this a Guinea is not helped by the fact we live in a culture that seems to try and make that the biggest thing the biggest thing ever have a relationship with someone of the opposite gender or even them unfortunately not even that classification holds true anymore and we're kind of Surat with the idea that every appetite we have should be satisfied just instantly I'm hungry I got me I'm thirsty I got a drink I'm a boy I got to have a girl I will go I got I'm a boy and it's easy in this situation to kind of lose your focus lose your focus now let me let me just say we at we mar we believe in dating courtship marriage right. I don't know why you're sitting so far from your wife but you have your children in between you. And they believe in marriage right they even have the kids to prove it tall taller tallest so that what I want to talk about tonight is just a very simple message really it's and it's in a very simple book called Song of Solomon Ok guys are like freaking out songs of the. Song of Solomon Maybe I should do a series on this book. Where is it. So let's look at Song of Solomon Do you have your Bibles with you tonight Song of Solomon a song of Psalms like the ultimate Like Love book how many of you ever read Song of Solomon and you're like nervous about it when you were reading you found those 3 verses you're reading you're going home I you read those verses again and again and you and you just like you don't even want anyone seeing you're reading them so you're like What are you reading a revelation. Looks like you're in the middle of the Bible no no of yeah that's just a mistake. But I remember my friend came to me and I was I was I was struggling with with keeping my focus on what I should be keeping my focus on and he said I want to read you a text and here's a text son of Solomon's have to 2. In verse 7 I'd charge you a dodgers of Jerusalem by the gazelles I don't even know what that means all right daughters here are some of his elves I'm charging it's like a like a master card with his L's I don't know but I'm sorry by the gazelles and by the does of the field do not stir up nor awaken love until it pleases and I was like why did you remove that he said because I wanted to read you this turn of chapter 3. And verse 5 I charge you oh Daughters of Jerusalem by the his elves the sounds familiar by the toes of the field do not stir up nor awaken love until a pleases us like why do you keep reading that he says it's the same thing because that's because I want to read Chapter 8 verse 4 to you I'd charge you Ogata's of Jerusalem by yourself he goes No that his elves are not there anymore they're gone but it's the same thing do not stir up the awaken love until it pleases and then my friend said to me this is the Word of God Let us pray. You know like friends like that who needs enemies right and I'm like he goes are you applying this to me he goes why would I ever say that and you know that was the best advice someone could give me those verses let's think about it as for a minute. There's something called would love and is it a good thing it's a great thing it's a great thing I can tell you that when equivocally married for a living creature is now before the throne and so a great blessing but this is such good advice I charge you I observe I'm like really being seriously saying I'd charge you and all the witnesses are there that those in the gills do not stir up or awaken love until it pleases so don't stir it up 1st of all how do you stir stuff up how do you stir stuff up how do you stir stuff up. Where does it start in your mind starts in your mind how does it get stirred up in your mind start thinking about it and then what's the next stage you talk to other people about it what do you think about this what do you think about that you know sometimes the more you focus on something the worse it gets the Bible says in one versus as I would that you be naive concerning that which is evil did you know that it's actually evil to stir up love at the wrong time I mean you know that's evil it's actually very dangerous it's kind of like starting a fire because love is called the most of the human flame it be like going out on the trails and saying you know. I love fire I think I might just start a little fire right here and we think that would not be cool cool so some things you just don't stir up now there are times to stir it up because that's what it says Do not stir up nor awake in love until it pleases there is a time that it pleases pleases who polices who 1st of all God is not you it's got how do you follow me on this and I'm telling you if you do not follow this council you're going to have all kinds of problems real quick so how do you know when it's time to stir it up a member once my brother and I got in the car and we decided we were going to drive the car and so we did but being 7 years old and 4 years old. Things in our work out well for us we drove down the driveway right into the mailbox and that was a blessing. Because if we would gone beyond the mailbox the money had something else so what what needed to happen before we drove and drove the car what Yeah we had to get a little older we had to take some instruction we had to I mean my dad had a very serious topic me because I can still remember it we're very glad that you're interested in vehicles very glad that you're interested in driving but this is not the time and taking your brother is a copilot on your death wish drive was not good. I'm crying and I didn't have the emotional bill of the to stand up to anything at that point and I still remember you know later on he said now is the time I could take driver's training how do you ever been to a drivers training. How many have stories to tell me I mean they try to do all kinds of things to us and drivers train like we're going down the street and they say turn left it's a one way street I say you try to kill us that's what the teacher actually did and she goes Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize it was so what a story. Said I'm going to tell your boss unless you give us ice cream anyway though it was terrible she got us ice cream every day so anyway. But there was this there was instruction I'm a member another time there's a there was another. People in my driver's training what do you remember the stuff because it's at that time when you remember everything I can't remember what I ate yesterday but I can remember what happened was 15 and I can remember they yesterday it was good. Oh it's so. Do not stir up or awaken until pleases don't drive until you have the permit right so I'm in this I'm in this car I'm with these people are driving this we were teaching this girl hand over hand steering have it on hand over hand and over hand and he just let it slide through your hands you're going around the corner or you know how to do this because she had to hand over hand really good but then she got nervous or come into a corner and she did not let go of the wheel so we're still turning We went right through someone's Bush's we were right up to the front door. And she still was gripping the wheel we put on the brakes and there was a huge furrow in the long run. And the guys said I don't think you're ready to drive. There had to be segment touring that went on Now my dad also had another conversation with me it was almost like he had a microphone done driving the cars very expensive it costs this much in our insurance to drive the car just with 2 of us but now that you're driving it will go up this much we can't pay for that and so you will I was like what I don't want to drive forget it. Because I don't have any money but he says I have found someone where you can work I'm working I'm lift in bags of cement I'm like building stuff I got all this was by design my dad was an evenly brilliant No he was brilliantly Anyway he was I didn't say my dad was evil I didn't just say they. Are all early and so anyway he was very brilliant because when I got home after working all day what did I do. I went to sleep. But finally I made enough money to afford the insurance so I could drive and I was this was how many think this was smart of my dad how he thinks As for what was he trying to get me toward you don't do things until you can pay the bill for the things you're doing Aamer of you guys think you could pay how the young men here tonight think you could pay to support a wife please stand up. And write Ladies this is not looking good for you. You know all those guys you think that might be going to get to know them know they have nothing for you they're going to like me when I ran away from home when I was 16 I run away about 4 times and this is one of them and I ran away I took my suitcase and I took my pillow and I took some stuff Bill is very upset and I ran away and I realize I have no money so I slept in the field underneath the tree and went back home the next day. This is what these guys are like girls look at them you're going to end up in a field under a tree you're going to have to come back home how do you think this makes sense what I'm saying is it makes is so don't stir stuff up and don't awaken it if you can't support it how you are just breathing a sigh of relief at this moment because you realize oh man I don't have to plan a wedding just yet. I'm going to think of this I mean one thread there is out there send my medicine happy hey look. Who's left you know there but maybe they should be crying so. Do not stir up nor even awake in love until it would tell a please what a relief but how many people don't listen to that. How many people to listen to that again there's the right time to do it right if you know I've heard Vito story I know how this happened I've heard the whole story would you like to hear the story. It's a great story I've heard I've heard Dame story it's a great story I don't know if I've heard the other stories out here but I look to in fact I invite people are good so how did you meet Tell us about that 1st day they start laughing. Nights here all the stories by the way my story with my wife is a true story it was really a nightmare at 1st but there's a right time when I met my wife after that you know I was ready I had my head a job I mean what a job is I had a job I was working as a nurse I had the ability to pay for my school and her school which I did and it was the right time in fact my grandfather told me he said on of the 3 goes dime you have a job you have money and she's a very nice girl I would love to see a marriage before I die. I want something like that happens and like he's a minister of the Gospel he's like 89 it's a primate maybe the last thing he's ever going to say I would like to see a wedding before I die that's big that didn't happen he died before we got married but you start getting these indicators from people of maturity it's not like someone in your dorm No no no no no I mean my talk to them but remember they're going to you're going to end up in a field under a tree the are not interested I'm saying it's got to be someone of maturity right China has to do. That's a jet has a great story as well I don't know so I don't want to belabor this more I could I could tell you many stories I could illustrate the saying in many ways but there are many stories in Scripture where not following this council just leads to disasters and me I think Proverbs 6 and 7 is a great chapter a couple chapters that if you want to lead read a story of disaster I think is equal 16 is a great story of disaster there's all kinds of stories that if you don't fall that council is a disaster and there's all kinds of stories that if you do fall the council has nothing better there was great love stories in the Bible where people waited sometimes they had to wait an additional 7 years after they were manipulated until when I was dating my ex fiance my wife her father did not like me it took me 5 years to win his approval 5 years by look at the person if you say Give me 55 years and you know what he said to me during that I remember one time one time I went in and I was like I told him I said I was he was there and this is before he kicked me out of the house I could never come back he told me before that happened you want his story don't you come to a marriage and family class next semester be run in the front room so I'm sitting there and he begins to pray and he's in this room he goes oh Lord protect us from the attacks that come from without the family and I'm like. When I would say I want to attacking. So I unwisely opened my eyes during the prayer you should never do this. Opened my eyes he's looking right at me. And he says Oh God protects us from the attacks that even have come when then I. Close my eyes. And I remember when a kind of turned around I remember once he was praying again and he said to me after the priest said Don I pray every day every day that you will not marry my dog. I says You mean every day that he goes I've never missed a day. And I said You mean everything goes multiple times during the day I find myself going on my knees saying No Lord please he says day and he said it with a straight face he's looking at me with that stare of someone who is escaped communist dictatorships he's like look at me like I thought this is terrible now I said something at that time I should not have said would you like to know what I said I'm not proud of this but I'll tell you because it did change things I said to him sir. It was love it tell you anyway because I'm I'm building up some I said Sir I just have to share you mind if I share he said sure you didn't mean it but I did and I said I'm praying every day to every day every day you know and them I'm probably Neal of them every day you're calling out I'm crying you know so we're both trying what's God supposed to do I said I think there's a problem or you know the promise you know is what this was a turning point that's one time I said you're praying and you're a little bit shorter than I am. I'm praying I'm a little bit taller than you are which means my prayers are getting their 1st. How do you think I should not have said them. I mean I think I should notice of that right after I said the. Right after I said that I thought to myself. I should have said that. And then guess what happened right after I saw that he went up. And then you started laughing. He left like kind of Roumania left. And then he pulled himself together like. And he went back to normal frozen chosen look. But when he left I knew I knew I knew something had to say. Because when you laugh with someone you cannot kill who. Can Kill You can not kill them. And you know later that day you came to me he says because he was like embarrassed that he had laughed it was hard for him to have laughed at the enemy. Who had been praying against it came to me years later and said Mrs looked on because I had forgotten that I had forgotten that. That incident but it came to me because you know why you know why it is that I put you through so many problems I said I really would love to know that because it was very hard. It would have been nice to know back then he says My daughters are more important me to anything in the world I escaped from communism from my daughters and I want to marry some fool I want them to value my daughter and I think that was a wife thing and just remember that. The person that sent here to school didn't come here to get awakening love and all these things that before got it pleases God that's not the reason they came here that's not the reason their parents sent them here that's not the reason you came here right you getting ready you're learning how to drive the car you're learning how to tend to be near his home and talked about tending the vineyard getting everything right and everything you're doing is getting ready for more relationship eternal relationships some of the friends you make your you have your entire life maybe people you marry maybe people that you're just friends with your whole life but there's a lot more plants in the vineyard there's a lot more work to do in the vineyard maybe at this time so focus on it do a good job in the venue God will bless it so what was the text again do not stir up say with me Do not stir up or awaken love until it pleases and once it does please keep stirring it up that's another story because some people have a problem with that they don't stay in love but that's another time how many of you are just relieved that you don't have to be spending all that energy how we are relieved or they'll raise your hand because then I'd have to visit with you like well no I went I would do that let's pray Father in heaven thank you for the gift of love the gift of marriage the marriage supper of the Lamb help us have such a close relationship with you that you can connect. With us fully we connect with you fully you can direct us you can protect us and. It was focused. When you want us to. Thank you. Guys. This media was brought to you by audio 1st a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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