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The Sabbath and the Economy Part 2

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • October 10, 2020
    2:45 PM


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Well good morning everyone thank you for that special music today is a blessing I like that color point harmony and. Also the message of the of the song today on the cross and you know the Bible says that Christ suffered and died for us and it also says that all who live godly lives will suffer persecution so as we study the life of Christ and also his passion if we're actually following him we will experience some of the same and that's what I want to talk about today. Or in a series here on the Sabbath. And. I literally have 3 messages as I'm coming up here saying which one of these angles do I want to take but after I hear the steps musical help clarify for me so let's just again ask the Lord to bless us as we open his word Father in heaven thank you today they're your biddings are also enabling so. That when you ask us to be afflicted you tell us that in all our flexions you also are afflicted you don't leave us alone as we pick up the cross you've given us care and you have experience of carrying your own cross which is directly connected to each of those who have accepted you as we learn in our song today so blesses says We study together in Christ's name Amen in our series on the the Sabbath. We've we've learned that the Sabbath is the issue at the time at time of the end at the end of time in our scripture reading today in Revelation Chapter 13 if you turn with me there again we discover that there are 2 beasts in Revelation 13 the 1st one all the Protestant Reformers saw as pointing to the Roman Catholic Church and the Roman Catholic Church itself saw it that way as well I mean we shouldn't just pick on the products or reformers the prize or reformers were Catholics and so they saw that and they preach that and they had a number of popes at that time when this 1st started that they had 3 pulps and so they all creased against each other and use this text against one another we just happen to agree. With them as Protestants. To that score and then that the last beast Revelation Chapter 13 Bruce 11 has some of the beast coming out of the Earth 2 horns like a lamb spoke like a dragon so there was a lamb like beasts picturing a Christian nation that would arise out of an unpopulated area and then speak like a dragon exercising the thought of the 1st beast in his presence causing the earth and those who do want to worship the 1st beast in other words breaking the 1st Commandment have no other gods before me then verse 14 making an image to the beast therefore breaking the 2nd commandment which says Thou shalt not make into the any graven image or any likeness of anything that is in the heavens above or the earth below the sun about on us up to them nor serve them and also verse 17 no 1 May buy or sell Here's the economics and the sell Sabbath. Will show you the Sabbath in a minute but here's the economics no one shall buy or sell or may buy or sell except one who has the number of his name so that's the 3rd commandment thou shall not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain and to take the number of the beast and the name of the beast rather than the name of the Lord is the ultimate blasphemy and then they receive the mark of the Be So if command number $1.00 and $2.00 and $3.00 are covered what do you suppose the mark of the beast is it's the 4th Commandment or the Sabbath commandment So that's the economics you can't buy or sell unless you receive the mark feast So in other words it's picturing and economic persecution and. A direct attack on the economy of those who protest now America is a Protestant nation or it has been most Protestants in the world live in this nation and that was because they were escaping papal oppression that's why they came to America and fact James Madison wrote about that Jefferson wrote about that many people that came to this nation wrote about that and this is not something that's lost on students of history it's also not lost on. Roman Catholicism a few years ago I was shocked to remember how long ago I read this but I read this book the keys of this blood and it came out I think in 1990 and that's a long time ago how many were not born in 1990. All right you make me feel young. And I read this book which is written by a Jesuit. Priest that used to teach in the jazz was school there in Rome 1990 a guy named Mark and on the front of the book it says the keys of this blood the struggle for world domination between Pope John Paul the 2nd Mikhail Gorbachev and then the last phrase the capitalist west so the title of the book was we're fighting against capitalism you get that point another words we're fighting against the capitalist west now Malcolm Martin some suggest was killed as a result of this book because it revealed too much and it it actually talks about 7 they have is a cause and Prevention lists so they have a global picture talks about how these types of religions will ultimately need to be stamped out and it's because they're a part of Protestantism and the capitalist west now this last week I spoke last Sabbath on the Sabbath on the economy and I produce I quoted from a book another book that I had read a number of years ago and this book was ecclesiastical megalomania the economic and political thought of the Roman Catholic Church and I suggested last week that. The the Catholic Church historically because of Thomas Aquinas and because of his way of looking at it turn a law of natural law positive or human law and divine law held that personal property was something that was not Christian and then the day after I preached about that. The pope came out with an m cyclical that I read and he said that explicitly in his in cyclical and then he said what we need to have are more rights that are backed up by governments and they need to be under a global of. We can't trust nation states we can't trust the nationalistic tendencies of people to try and say they're going to make their nation great again we can't trust those kind of things we must have a vigorous You win with a universal a law that has teeth and ability to enforce it so I kind of I kind of shivered a little bit. When I read that because I realize that what Revelation Chapter 13 predicted is now made explicit and as I mentioned last week the social teachings of the Roman Catholic Church in the social program under the moniker of human rights is actually something that's largely been adopted by America and many of the things we see debated free education free health care these all originated in in the cyclicals starting in the 1890s every single thing you hear in the political discourse today started out in a cyclical. I don't know if that. Gets your attention but it should because the very last thing that will be talked about is the Sabbath but the things that have been talked about already are the actual social programs that are meant to bankrupt America because the fight is against capitalism what is capitalism is the ability have extra capital that's your own after the fall of Roman Catholicism in the French Revolution people suddenly had their own capital they had surplus and they could do things for themselves and for other people and this is why the standard of living skyrocketed not just America but around the world around the world long Gemini skyrocketed the economy skyrocketed. And because people were converted they were also all like the Good Samaritan they shared that was interesting in the circle that the pope said we need to be like the Good Samaritan but the good Samaritan somehow is a little bit different story than what the pope was wanting in the in cyclical which is a strong centralized body that passes and then make sure laws are carried out it makes people be good Samaritans and that's not what story of the Good Samaritans about story the Good Samaritan in Lucy had the tent is of a Samaritan who sees someone who's injured and takes care of them out of their all personal finances out of their personal finances because they have personal property and they have personal capital and they're using that all true istic lead to help others and the motivation. For it is an intrinsic love of God and love for someone else I was not some government program that is helping the Good Samaritan everything that trickles down comes from the economics of that man all the oil men trickles down from the goodness of God demonstrated through the Good Samaritan So the argument in the in cyclical was cyclical Well that's what I want to talk about today as a result of this posturing and the other thing I'm just going to point out to you even though this in cyclical was a direct attack on America I heard nothing in the news about the pope meddling in the political process of America had no article about that I read no article from a Protestant perspective on what that in cyclical meant. None I heard one article from a Catholic that said we think the pope went too far and bringing in a 20 to the head in mom of of a of the Muslim faith they didn't like that the only people criticizing the sickle were Catholics the only American that I found criticizing it until the end of the week I finally found one person at the end of the week was someone criticizing because of the name of the in cyclical brothers all they said that's against women. So only criticism they came up was a gender argument which characterizes most of the idiotic discourse in America today. And that's not because I'm not against women at all but this is so superficial. So I was amazed I was literally amazed there are no longer Protestants in the press in fact I don't think there are many Protestants at all so I said I have to preach a sermon about this even though I preached about the last week and I have to protest I mean I could get into a long discourse on what was wrong with those arguments economically but I want to leapfrog a little bit and to say that this type of argument is not going away and what the Bible teaches is that they'll be more teeth that are added to it and there will be persecution of God's people by this power and it will be allowed and aided and something has been a great catalyst for this and it's also something we're sick of hearing about but it's covert 19 before I get into that let me just say there have been persecutions in the past and there are persecutions going on right now in most of the world against Christians 1917 the boss of the growth revolution led to Marxism Leninism mincha visit which is kind of the mid thing let's just not go so fast but we'll end up with Marx Neal is I'm nationalism Lenin kicked it up a not so did Stalin Christians were persecuted and killed by the millions all with the central lies legal system that made people do what they thought was right for the good of everyone distributing things as they saw fit this is exactly the same thing this is cyclical said yesterday exactly the same thing only difference as Dr Nelly pointed out in his acts that message last night if you didn't hear it go listen to it was the difference between a small city in a big sea and Marxism there is no god. But in the papal thing yes there is God there is Christ as represented by the Vicar of Christ but the same basic tenets directly attacking the capitalist west we are Germany. Weimar Germany chaos higher criticism of the Bible in Germany led to a national depression. Also from the Treaty of her side because of World War One the currency collapsed capitalism failed in Germany battles in the streets opposition parties killing one another result a fascist dictatorship a Hitler a Nazi pot party millions persecuted and perished especially Sabba Terry ans Jews and anyone else that kept the Sabbath so don't say this can't happen but what about now now I'm dependent someone on a sermon I heard from tahn read vine who's the director of evidence for intermissions and he brought out some great points I can't really improve on as we survey the impact of coven 1000 on basic civil liberties constitutional rights and religious freedom in the USA it's evident that when a state of emergency is declared at the state level possibly in response to undergoing social breakdown nothing is sacred no rights are inalienable including freedom of conscience freedom of religion freedom of assembly and freedom of speech did you notice that over the last 8 months. First of all 15 days then 30 days and now we're at 8 months with people saying you can't worship you can't assemble you can't do this you can't do that and we used to think oh it would have to be something that came from the judiciary and we have to say something from the Supreme Court it would have to be something they came from the Congress and the Senate it would come from the executive and no none of that happen and yet all those liberties were taken away in the name of a crisis despite the best of intentions of laws legislatures governors nationwide in their battle against the virus the lock out and downs have caused the suspension of supposedly in a bill rights such as those contained in the us Bill of Rights and our 1st Amendment rights and how many think that that's troubling he went on a corrupt national media for whom truth has departed pushes a narrative an agenda where bar civil liberties constitutional rights religious freedoms are indefinitely suspended during a state of emergency social media platforms wrist Dick restrict and the platform many voices that question the dominant narrative descents to the dominant there are demonized in the media and online mobs and are ascribed the worst possible motives by national and state level political leaders even if you said you could cure the virus was some kind of remedy that was taken down even on our own campus our own president was interviewing a physician and You Tube took it down and said we're taking all your stuff down because the narrative was this is dangerous let's keep everybody focused on keeping this health safe and don't say anything different. Only problem was with the person that they took down was analyzed by a program called discern from Oxford University that checked the credibility of all the data on youtube and discovered that aside from the Journal of the American Medical Association the position we were interviewing was the top guy unknowing about cover 19 and so they call up and apologize and put it back up he's going to be speaking here and November dissenters demonize gatherings for worship and evangelism band and the LEDs interest of public safety because Senos could open up at 50 percent but churches could not people could protest in massive groups but they could not come to church and that's when I woke up when I saw that it was like no not good especially being a protest and. Hotlines established in Americans encouraged to report on their neighbors if they suspected of failing to comply with the dominant narrative so called track and trace apps used to monitor the physical location of entire populations in China and also now uploaded on i Phones and any phone you have has that ability if it was needed so you know being tracked and traced if you are smart enough to have smart devices might they might say this is dumb like Alexa or Siri they record everything you say and you probably know that because there's pop up ads for everything you talk about in your kitchen and if they're listening to that they can listen to everything smart tools echoed Amazon Tekel dot Google's nest mini as well as Syria Lexa. And then the full force of the administrative state at the state level threaten to destroy the families and livelihoods of those who dissent including the threat of taking children out of homes by child protective services if the parents are not wearing masks and that yes has happened in America State Attorney General's arbitrary revoking business licenses and registrations denying individuals their ability to buy and sell and bank or make a living international travel brought to a complete halt by a stroke of a pen with thousands being laid off and that industry colleges and churches ordered shut truths to Caird as hate speech so how do you think that we have the elements in a prescription for in time persecution anything that's probably possible believe the buyer sell travel can be suspended we've seen that our savings are I an investment account could be frozen never to be used again our mortgages and our rent not able to be paid force from homes possessions gone personal property taken away because the narrative now that's been suggested from the typer river is they don't matter anyway personal property rights and it's all a battle against the what capitalist West all of these things we mention only need a political excuse to be turned on God's faithful remnant that's all they need everything that's happened now has only been as a result of a political excuse or a scientific fact which is what I talked about this morning at 8 o'clock if you didn't listen so what should we do. I've been asking my kids what would you do if I'm not here they don't like me asking that question dead I'm glad they don't like to question oh we have a party you. Want to leave now let's take you to the airport. You see the problem is we think persecution could never happen here we think these kind of things would never happen but in the last 8 months a lot of things that happened you never thought would happen and it's not time to be thinking about marriage and giving in marriage and girls and guys and all that stuff that's not the time the Bible actually says at the end of time people are going to be so surprised because I think in a marriage and giving in marriage so don't stir it up don't wake in the way can it up focus on something else Amen I mean. I'm not against marriage they'll take that wrong but I think maybe right now is the time to prepare for the time of the end amen So Dr vine in his sermon he talked about the lessons the church could learn persecuted tourch could we could learn and the 1st one he quotes is 2nd Corinthians of going to put down lessons how would we prepare for a persecution we already have the formula in place for persecution So how do we prepare you might want to write these down and memorize them because even in my small amount of travel around the world I've been to places where people have been persecuted for their faith there are people around this campus who have seen persecution 1st tan these are the people you should be hanging out with and that's what 2nd Corinthians says 2nd Corinthians Chapter one maybe not hang out with your boyfriend or girlfriend hang out with these kind of people with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Verse 3 blessid be the God and Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ the Father mercies of God of how much comfort who comforts and how much all are tribulation that we may be able to do what comfort those who are and what kind of trouble any trouble with the Comfort where with we ourselves are comforted by God For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us so our consolation also abounds through Christ and if we were afflicted it is for your consolation and salvation which is effective for enduring the same sufferings which we are also suffer around the world Christians are suffering they're dying for their faith not only. Not only not admin to put Adventist and what this text is saying is that their experience is very useful so if you haven't read Dr fit Eavis book read his book he's right here on campus spend some time with him. And we can say meant to spend some time with people who escaped from communist countries on this campus as well that's what it's saying Secondly Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount rejected violence on the part of his disciples so don't go out by machine guns but I say to you here love your enemies do good to those who hate you bless those who curse you pray for those despitefully use you Luke 62728 so you don't know who is going to turn on you all you don't know I mean I was in the store in a day and I had a mask on that was a see through mask someone didn't like this where is your mask it's like you know I have a missing I said I'm going to get it right now I went the same way I was going but anyway just because someone's. A reckless driver doesn't mean you go get in their way. What are some appropriate biblical responses to persecution number one fully Joseph and Mary fled from Egypt when instructed by an angel to do so make sure it's an angel instructing you to flee and not your relatives. If you 213 and 14 Jesus also commanded his followers to flee from one town to the next if they were persecuted Matthew 1013 the Apostle Paul fled on a number of occasions from one town to the next facing persecution Acts 925 Acts 930 he did not make fleeing the constant practice but only fled what was necessary to save his life in ministry so it is fully out of selfishness but one option is to fully number 2 stay this is modeled by Jesus in the garden of his semi Luke Chapter 22 verse 41 through 52 he could have come down off the cross how many glad that he did not flee. They were saying hey you helped others save yourself he said no this is not the time to flee for Sometimes we stay sometimes we flee hiding Rahab his the to spy on us many modern day Christians are forced to either hide or hide others during times of persecution so hide or hide others and when you're hiding guy can really bless you if you want to read a story to prepare yourself for persecution read the hiding place or read 10000 self all it's interesting in Matthew chapter 5 Blessed are men right you and mental revive all manner of evil against you falsely rejoice to be exceeding glad for so persecute the prophets with her before you and then it has a big heading. And it talks about the symbol of 2 days one of the similar tubes you are the. Light of the world you are the salt of the world actually there should be no big heading between those 2 because when you're persecuted and when you go through it that's when suddenly see people see the light in you and they see your real flavor sometimes we flee too soon and God wants to reveal his character through us rejoice when this happens right they see your good works and they glorify your Father in heaven right now or for most of the time in American history everybody isn't so what's dark is they don't see a light but now when everyone is understanding the dark times we live the lights begin to see the shine brighter how to be a light for Jesus you see if you flee your perseverance and then lightning impact departs with you but don't stay in Sodom Remember Lot's wife but remember even when they left Saddam he said I would have saved the city even if there had been 10 people there or less would see means that faithful 7th Day Adventists who may be called to stay in a restaurant ministry in a city we've got Council on this that use it or that people who have kids but faithful people or that are meant to stay actually are protecting the entire city Another possibility is so again we're firmly nonviolence but we may be giving our lives revelation to 10 talks about those who well let's look at it who lay down their lives. Do not fear any of those things which you're about to suffer indeed the devil is about to throw some of you into prison that you know the tested and you have tribulation 10 days this was the time period historically Diocletian and this is when thousands of Christians were killed by Diocletian but be faithful him to death and I will give you the crown of life and He who overcomes verse 11 at the end will not be heard by the 2nd that the reason people are so freaked out about Corona virus is because they fear death because when you don't know God this is the best you get and that's why hospitals are so big and that's why insurance plans are so big because people don't really believe that there is life after death like you do how many believe there's life after death I believe that there's a resurrection. Next exercise legal privileges apostle Paul was willing to use his rights as a Roman citizen to defend himself and appear before Caesar x. 22 and x. 25 when there are legal difficulties for Christians document the incidents and ask the worldwide church for prayer and for support provide financial support for persecuted Christians serve as an advocate with government officials educate members about their rights utilize those rights how we think we do still have rights on the books how we want to do everything you can to strengthen the cause of religious liberty we're told not to sit idly by and oh my my uncle began keeping the Sabbath got fired as we're going to tugboat he was on the tugboat he got fired for the Sabbath he was a powerful guy could swim across the Ohio River back. But he took at the courts of the church and actually went to the West Virginia Supreme Court I don't know how big that is a small state maybe a little building there one of there he was given a public defender who was Buddhist. And he was saying Explain this to me and his wife told me about how that Buddhist begin thinking about becoming a Christian he lost the case. But his company that it was working for tanked because all the people that were good workers wanted to keep the Sabbath too because he had been converting them so all the good weather is left Sabbath keepers are good for the economy 6 days out that Labor to do all the work they were hard workers and now they were a place with deadbeats the tugboat wasn't telling much they were losing all kinds of money and finally after a number of months they called up my Uncle Sonny and said we are so sore We know that you lost and we won but we're losing big time because we don't have people like you would you come back and please bring all your friends. When we take legal recourse sometimes a light is opened up to many other people because of our faith or we stand for the truth and we have moral integrity others can come to the truth and will be drawn to it even though we're suffering next Don't be surprised don't be surprised when you get persecuted beloved don't think it strains concerning the fiery trial which is to try you as though some strange thing happened to you but rejoice To the extent that you partake of Christ's sufferings that when his glory is revealed Uma also be glad was exceeding joy if your reports for the name of Christ Blessed are you for the spirit and glory of glory and of God rest upon you. Your party's on their part he's blasting but on your part he's glorified 1st Peter 412 through 14 so don't be surprised some people come to me and all counsel it. Is true. And I make a list to list based on Peter stuff you did wrong that you should have got beat up for not really beat up you understand you should have been confronted for and stuff you did write that you're getting beat up for this side you're supposed to be rejoicing this side you're supposed to take it patiently Ok we are with me that's a good list I mean Christians all the time who threw if what they're telling me is true they should be rejoicing I'm a very godly wife of my and my husband is this terrible Well then rejoice doesn't mean you don't confront him but if you truly are godly and you're demonstrating godliness to this center then you're doing your job your only hope you're the only hope of that person being sanctified local and here thinking I want abuse I don't want that you need to confront that you know that's happening that's when you call the deacons in the elders are supposed to visit widows and orphans in their affliction next 1st Peter $413.00 we are commanded we just read it to rejoice in our sufferings and the Apostle Paul commanded disciples to rejoice in all things at all times rejoice the Lord always and again I say rejoice rejoicing read the story in x. 16 of him in the jail rejoicing and. We know that all things are going to work together for good because we love God That's why we can rejoice next pray with thankfulness in all things give thanks for this is the will of God thank you. That unwilling or that I'm able to suffer for your cause you get a reduction for these book. If you're about to die to say look I want to preach a sermon to you Dr if it is was in his grave and because his Bible was underlined it saved his life and the life of many people how many want to be underlining your bible and get rid of your app just me let me get my apple charged up and I'll witness to you by the way Congress is debating right now the power of the president to turn off the internet anytime he wants and most nations they can do that your internet you could be put under interdict Internet interdict immediately don't think that because you have your smartphone you're going to continue being smart so the weakest link is stronger than the strongest memory and stronger than the stronger cellphone mark your Bible Dr Afridi just carried around with him in a plastic bag I think that's a good idea I used because mine around in a in a box dug baths or does the same thing as the Bibles in a box he never really opens the Bible he just puts his notes in the back of Bob you notice that every text is in Revelation productive the pastor bachelor. He said the Bible for 15 years he's never really looked in the middle of it that's not that he doesn't study he memorizes the Bible he memorizes it every night he knows the Bible you know largely from memory but he has his Bible with him take a physical Bible with you take a physical Bible with you never know when everything else is going to break down how many like physical Bibles How many do not come up afterwards we have a special time of persecution for you to. Pray for your fellow sufferers 2nd Corinthians Chapter one Verse 11 You also helping with prayer for us that they may be given by many. For the victory that we have. I refuse to be ashamed of the gospel if anyone suffers as a Christian let him not be ashamed one let him glorify God in this matter 1st Peter for 16 I'm not ashamed of the gospel for the power of God in the salvation if God has truly saved you you will not be a saint the only reason you get ashamed is because it's something for which you can be blamed as it makes sense if you're not pulled it's probably because something has a hold on you refused to it retaliate them or Jesus he was a lamb led to the slaughter and he was silent open not his mouth did not retaliate and he told those around him like cut off people's ears don't do that and he put the year back on trust God that nothing can separate you from him I am persuaded that neither life nor death nor Prince about nor part of it nothing can separate me from the love of God That me is they all you that realize there's nothing that comes through that you can't bear as he knows what you can take if you're going through it you can take it there is no temptations come to us as is common to man and God will prepare a way of escape and stand firm with your fellow believers of one suffers we all suffer 1st Corinthians 12 now historically folks admin is have not been good at this point you against Dr Peters book as an example they turned on each other they killed each other not just there they turned on each other in Germany they killed a turn on each other in Russia they turned on each other almost everywhere but don't be surprised by that so I guess as we see these events coming do we just dismiss it. In our minds I've never seen something like I've been saying over the last 8 months that my whole life should we be preparing should be talking about what we do if we're no longer there Dr vied in his sermon talked about this man who is a pastor and all the Sunday didn't turn up in China and he wasn't back home for 8 months they didn't know where he was and then he turned back up at church so where were you I was in a cell I was in a prison you think that can't happen here I actually have a relative that happened to Hughes to something I don't know how long they were in jail and what was a year and they had 10 minutes not even 10 minutes the police showed up accuse them of something and took them away don't think that can't happen here so who's going to talk to your kids about what you really believe when you're gone does it matter to have family worship in the morning in the evening or are you going to say no let's saya bout it and I don't want to do it we'll just have a sort of prayer we're going to listen to the voice that is there while it's there what do you do financially every prepared for that how do you think you have a message from the Bible in the spirit of prophecy that lets you know about these things how we think of it lets you not only know what's coming but how to prepare for is our message is clear is our message relevant is our message something that should be shared in Stalin's prison camps the guards knew this is from the great illustration the doctor vine had he lived in Russia and Stalin's prison camps the guards knew that if a prisoner had one personal item like a comb the threat of confiscating that one material item would guarantee compliance from the prisoner through his decades long sentence. What's that one personal item if someone asked you to give this up could you give it up I don't know me I'm talking to freak out where's my vote one personal item they keep keep them for decades because a one measly call or pencil or toothbrush that's all it took to buy a human heart. That's all it took today we are have a baptism right after the service baptism means that you're getting rid of personal items baptism means you're dying to self and you're saying I am crucified with Christ I no longer live even though my country gives me the right to personal property I would surrender it all for you I don't need my house only my car I don't need my smartphone my i Pad because you're in now and we want to have a rebaptised all experience in your mind today and in your life and we end with hope we end with hope because there's no other foundation for the Body of Christ but Christ alone 1st Corinthians 3 to. There is no other gospel than that of Jesus Christ alone Galatians 18 there is no other way to God except through Jesus Christ alone there is no other mediator between God and man except Jesus Christ alone there is no other being worthy of our worship other than the Creator God Christ a low and there's no other day to replace the Sabbath day it's the 7th day alone and there's no the law to a bay. Above the 10 Commandment law not natural law not positive law only God's law and there's no other powerful as a for salvation through faith than Jesus Christ alone and there's no other hope than the blasted hope alone and there's no the name by which you can be say except Jesus Christ a low did you notice there's really only one thing you need. In all of those nuances What is it. Christ. Alone. 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