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The Rise and End Time Role of Science in Education

Don Mackintosh
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Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)


  • October 10, 2020
    2:45 PM
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Let's pray Mr Lord to bless us as we study up part 2 kind of of our educational series last week we looked at. Part one of an educational series in part 2 of our early morning services Let's pray together. Father in heaven thank you today for this vigorous cool air which is a great blessing to me personally and I hope corporately as well here we do ask to hear presence could be with us here this morning as we speak about and to carry the changing of the character through education and so blessed us disappointed that in Christ's name Amen last week we looked at this book The Soul of the American University from Protestant establishment to establish non-belief and we saw the steps down and how multiple schools. That started out with religious bearings lost their bearings and drifted into. Non-sectarian ism and actually then. Abandoning Christianity whatsoever and we look at what happened in one of the things we looked at was that the ology became more liberal and turned by degrees into moral science and research oriented German university with its ideology of imperial and value free science became the norm for most expanding American institutions so moving to supposedly just the data with no dogma. Was the idea of a notion that was foisted upon these schools the concept of academic freedom was widened so as to be understood as scientific competence and was felt to be incompatible with dogmatic beliefs so essentially what that means is there was a switch from God's law to social science allies. And of course Kellogg got caught up into this there's nothing in the regular courses of study or in the rules and practice of discipline that ends of the least of domination or sectarian he said of Battle Creek college the biblical lectures are before a class of only those who attend them from Joyce the managers of this college have no disposition to urge upon students sectarian views or to give such views any prominence in a school work only problem was he was teaching it is nomination school and one of the stakeholders was. Ellen White. Who said the Lord never designed that our colleges imitate other institutions of learning the religious element should be the controlling power if unbelievers choose this influence she also has choice and her statement it is well if those who are in darkness choose to come to the light it is as God would have it so but to relax our vigilance to let the worldly element take the lead in order to secure students is contrary to the will of God the strength of our cause is in keeping the religious element in the ascendancy so anytime we hear somebody saying we're not just a bible college get very worried. If we're going to be anything it should be a bible college. Make sure to keep the religious element in it's a sin to see if a worldly influence is the best when our school then sell it out to the world is and let them take entire control and those who have invested their means and that institutional established another school to be conducted now upon the plan of popular schools and or according to the desires of principal and teachers but upon the plot plan which God has best of 5 so that mean we don't study science no we need to study the truce of God's word for this time and also science God's purpose has been may know that our people should have the opportunity to study the sciences and at the same time learn the requirements of his word so it's not either or it's both and right and it's with that in mind that I want to develop now a new theme this morning from this text 1st to me 6200 term of the keep that which is committed that I trust of profane pro means before find him the sanctuary something gets in the way the sanctuary method which is basically the foundation of our sciences Maybe I should preach a sermon and have time to explain that right now ovoid profane and vain babblings vain. In vain Do they were set me teaching as for doctrine the commandments of men so profile a new city son in front of the sanctuary the same through the big thing in the same through the 10 Commandments and choosing something other than God's moral law to lead and oppositions of science falsely so-called So they made babbling some profane things actually masquerade as science falsely so called Keep that which is committed to the I trust. Paul an apostle of Jesus Christ by the commandment of God our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ which is our hope and so he started his letter to tell me of the saying look I'm led by the commandments of God By the way after that he actually goes through all the 10 Commandments the list them cryptically and that sounds that bounce the sound. Provides the foundation for the entire book so the moral identity of God's law found is is the foundation for that entire book and it's to lead people to the glorious gospel of the blessid God so what's the Gospel it is the grace of God that was revealed to Paul when he was a blast femur and a persecutor who was in jury is towards others and the revelation of God which was full of faith the love was revealed to Paul as he beheld no other than Christ Jesus and then his body the church and as a result Paul had been enabled by Christ and he was counted faithful by Christ and he was put into the ministry by Christ this is actually the desire of Christian education for each person to be called by Christ to be counted faithful by Christ and to be put into the ministry by Christ and every degree that we earn is actually a means to that end. So keep that which is committed science falsely so-called We have a lot of science degrees here we have a lot of science teachers and a lot of science graduates but the warning is to watch out for fake science fake science is fake news is fake science is fake theology. And that's the call now one of our capstone projects last year one of our graduates the prophet Elijah here that is as capstone a study of admin as. Was a 43 percent drop Oppy tween the teen and early adult years in terms of Church in Gage meant as he looked at his research. And people started that stopped attending the administers usually in the age category of $18.00 to $29.00 which is the college age and this was the highest drop off and the reasons they dropped out were these are one in tolerance of doubt I said you don't allow me to doubt. Elitist in its relationships they said of the church anti-science in its beliefs over protective of its members shallowness teachings and repressive of differences so these were the 6 things those people leaving we're talking about every week on contacted by young Christians who tell me their faith cannot survive their interest in science to feel the church has forced them into an either or decision they can use stay to the Christian faith or become an entity and to lecture only honest scientist so is why we have classes here on origins issues and origins one of the threshold concepts is is evolution through its creation through and we have some brilliant teachers that actually cover that we enter into dialogues and it weakens on that and there's other basic threshold concepts that we cover here. Because if you're not careful you can slip into science falsely so-called I remember talking to one of the physicians that was here during the time of Desmond for crisis where he was taking a bunch of people out of the church he said the only thing that kept me as some of them is was working a new start and I knew the principles of Ellen White and the Bible were true because I sighed every day I saw people getting well every single day. And I knew it was true even though we had that Iranis teacher doesn't forward down to Newcastle Church right to live in a New Castle and going to the Auburn church so would save the people was the actual reality of true science and that's another reason we rotate our students through the press recovery program they see people get better from the press and anxiety that's another reason we rotate people through the new Star program they see people get better in real time healed by principles that are consistent with true science but also with God's word so that Bible and science together by the way we wouldn't have science without scripture anyway it's all come to a little bit later so anti-science and by the way in our culture science and hope the sound works here let's see if it does. Science is something that. America and many others really tout look at this almost it's hilarious not hilarious. Sobering. It's kind of the opposite. A clip so Don Well said Can I play audio could you hear it if I played it right away turn my ideal. You get here this summer let's see preferences maybe you have professors for keno on like. References for the whole thing only go to air and let me go to the audio. The army go to internal speakers think you're an author as you know. You say I'm overanalyze up as you hear this is a guy this is a guy who's he's now is he looks about what's needed you know that's a good album and they're looking around see what's needed on the sit there they're looking or. They might be looking at you right now see what you need. Is good Ok theory in here. All right one Orthodox. Let's try it. Will. Return the most certain. Thanks thanks. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks thanks thanks thanks. Thanks. Thanks thanks thanks to the. Well there you have it science is actually it sounds like a person they're almost. It's not a method anymore it's a person and it's going to win and that's actually the message today in the media and people are canceled or amplified based on whether or not society usually some people who don't have any science degrees at all decide whether or not they're valid or invalid it's kind of an odd time isn't it science and so in our nation and in many nations science is showed up and made statements that led to the stopping and shutting down of things because of an emergency that was going to last 15 days than 30 days but now 8 months all based on science and the threat of death 2000000 people and said we're going to die in the United States by this time by June 23rd we didn't have 2000000 people die but that's what they said and everything was shut down and then the person that said that there would be 2000000 people die in America actually it mid that their report was not based on good science and then. Neil Ferguson the academic who created it actually had to resign and lost his job but already the economies of a lot of countries have been shut down based on that science. So basically that science was the same science that was pushed in America and some people called foul Elon Musk was very upset about the fake science. And. And yet that's what had happened. So I would show you that clip of me or another time so I want to look a little deeper at this issue of Science in terms of education we certainly want to be educating scientists here are top in Rollman in our school here is a natural science degree. But we want to educate people in science to be able to spot fake science and also be directed in their scientific endeavors by the Word of God we see in the directed and their scientific endeavors by the Word of God Now that's odd to a scientists is a no absolutely not because that wouldn't give us true science right well this argument began early in the great controversy in fact it began and have been false science is one of the agencies that Satan used in the heavenly courts what's false science in where the heavenly courts and it is used by him today the false assertions that he made to the angels his subtle scientific theories led many of them from their loyalty and I don't know exactly what that means or how that worked but. Kind of inspiration is indicating that it was fake science in heaven that led to the fall I think that's a little sobering So this means that actually Satan is quite a scientist and we're going to see later on that he actually knows how to manipulate science and he knows how to manipulate scientists having lost their place in heaven. They prepared temptations this is the Angels the fallen angels for our 1st parents Adam and Eve yield to the yielded to the enemy and by their disobedience humanity was the strange from God and the earth was separate from having his God said you would die Where's the evidence for that we have any evidence of that he just doesn't want you to be as smart as he is. He's sharing fake science with you listen to our science of course they didn't ask the question like where you from why did you get kicked out of there. Historically has been working out for you which might have been a good question the fall info deals in his science today as verily and in the same way as when he deceived Adam indeed fascinating what about no other time of Noah the preacher of righteousness was proclaimed to be an ignorant son attic who had no knowledge of the laws of nature what are you talking about a flood has never been a flood maybe a flood in your brain no ah maybe you have some flooding they reason from scientific principles that the world could not be destroyed and the know it tenses to be paid to the predictions of no but he kept reaching 120 years this philosophy or science falsely so-called exults of the law above the law giver on the things created above the creator not a set phrase. Is the law giver above the law. Those mean he breaks the law but in terms of being immoral but every miracle he did was interposing How do you want God to interpose in someone's life today through a miracle and I like to see that happen I mean whether he actually can do that how many of you ever seen people healed I've seen at least 4 people dramatically healed and my ministry where I knew by looking at the lab test before and after and saw that all the physicians know that it was a healing one of them was Dr Mills our board chairman's mother told her she never played the piano again which she fractured her can't remember which bone in her her arm so this is never going to work in the next and then went back the bone hadn't moved right back into position I couldn't believe it called everybody else in the room we had prayed if Millie is to play the piano again intervene and God did radiologist believe that orthopedist believed it they all said this was this is we've never seen this before so what did Noah do he stood for all of God's commandments moral and health laws did you know that some of the scientists that parade across our monitors are immoral people that promote immoral things that you know that if you're listening to a scientist on television or on whatever your platform you're looking at and they've used their science to promote or practice immorality how many think that someone you should trust those stood for all God's commandments moral and health laws he took a stand against the culture in regard to marriage marriage was between whatever man and beast. And also polygamy in fact. No it is 3 stones in their wives were the sum of the only monogamous left and they got in the ark with one wife and one husband and a man and a woman is what define marriage and those are the ones that God saved in the ark the and to the living world would not leave off their sense but continued in their polygamy they did not want to get in the ark there was no housing for them it was one man and one woman was it one man and 3 women it was a man and a wife the animals went in and showed how that worked or 3 he lived out his faith by speaking out his faith he preached for 120 years every person said no out of preach we preach to each other how many have a roommate that preaches to you all right and he said truth this morning. Did and we tells with each other that's a form of preaching to the chorus is the more formal setting of preaching number 4 he lived out his faith by building and getting into an ark he knew the difference between clean and unclean he understood it embrace the Gospel that's what the scriptures say it says he found grace he understood the Gospel and His know is name actually means rest he found rest his life provides a pattern for the faithful to follow as it was in the days of Noah so syllabi coming in the Son of Man what happened was day a hyper fixation on marriage everybody talking about does that boy like me does a girl like me losing sight of larger realities does that happen today as it was in the days of Noah also syllabi in the days of the Son of Man. And then they still see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory Son of Man was at 1st used in the Bible that phrase where was the 1st use of the Bible that phrase is actually in the Book of Daniel I saw on the night business of the old one like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven and came to the Ancient of Days and they brought him near before him Son of God Son of Man when that son of man would show up and there be a showdown between the Son of Man and The Man of Sin who would think to change times and laws and that's where we have the story of Daniel and Daniel had to fall again and stand up against the false science of Babylon or the Babylonians of the king or the and he had to stand for the true science of Judah so there was a showdown over science by the way the ancient Babylonians were the 1st to use geometry they were they developed trigonometry superior to the modern versions 3700 years ago these were scientists and they were brilliant and they found their writings so these people who would graduated from Jew were real Roldan Bu so they were in Jerusalem university and they went to Babylonian university and they had to stand the test of fake science and this was a so down Daniel one for children in whom there was no blemish but well favored a skillful wisdom in coming in knowledge and understanding what. Science and such as had ability in them to stand of the king's palace whom they might teach the learning on the tongue of their how DNS are there in the very center of scientific education with the top scientist of blue babbling university and they had to be able to stand up to that how they do a by the way. They already had found their identity by standing up against apostasy under the reign of Josiah when read about that 2nd kings went to a $23.00 and they'd already purposed in their heart that they would not the file themselves before they ever got to Babylon and their study of the word allowed them to be ready for the Study of the sciences now some of you may have heard of somebody whose name was w d frizzy w d frizzy the founder of Wildwood but he never went to school until he went to Loma Linda he was homeschooled and in his home school his mother said we're going to memorize the book of James so they memorize James we're going to memorize a book of Revelation we're going to rise steps to Christ we're going to memorize the desire of ages and he could quote literally chapters from God's word and from the Bible I mean from the Bible in the spirit prophecy when he went to school he had absolutely no problem with anything Loma Linda put before him he could memorize the book and there was a young or an older gentleman who was about 45 years old that was in his class that needed help because he was going back to class he was an attorney who had been converted by being in the home of an Adventist. After he had broken his leg where he was going down searching for gold in Mexico but he broke his leg had to stay this guy's home he was an Adventist Finally he asked him here so different What's different about you he gave the book desire of ages and he fell in love with Jesus he became a Christian the Sun Devils cristen he fell convicted he need to be a medical missionary So he goes to Loma Linda but he's having a hard time in the classes His name is John 10 Don't you see that new building over there we're building that's what it's going to be called Tendo Hall Right it's on Tendo and said I need help and that young will of war frizzy w.t. frizzy So let me help you and help him pass his classes and then they started the medical mystery together he says Come with me and help me on the road and they piloted medical missionary work where they went from city to city and did New Star programs and they'd had 2300 people join the 7th Day Adventist Church after they'd been healed physically emotionally mentally and spiritually So Daniel was like this understanding by the way how many letters did they have of the Hebrew alphabet a b c. C 22 in Hebrew of a how many in the Babylonian Alpha bit 500 I met a serial just as name was w. a his name was William Shea and he was a brilliant physicist in the then went to Harvard to get his degree in the cereal is he really learning all those languages and he told me he could only keep that language in his mind for about 5 years it was too complicated you know you hear that you talk to these programmers who are brilliant they can keep a lot of stuff in their mind. But he only could do that for about 5 years and they learned the language and literature of the cal DNS they wowed the scientific community the county and magicians were placed where they had to acknowledge the inefficiency of their scientific power. So the guy could show the superior wisdom possessed by those who worship him he said to lead princes and people from broken sister ins to the living fountain by revealing the divine Science of eternity and who was it the revealed the science to them Daniel had an Amish i-l. as a ra a right stood for all God's Commandments would not break God's law moral or health wise took a stand against the culture in regards to diet and drink he knew the difference between clean and on claim he uplift a monogamous marriage model he actually himself was a eunuch he lived out his faith probably not by choice and spoke of his faith in prayer and direct dialogue with God He listened carefully to the voice of prophecy he listened to Jeremiah's testimony he understood in a brace and preached the gospel and he understood the gospel to you oh God belongs right says this put us belong same in face to us then but to you belongs mercy in fact the Book of Daniel lays the foundation for delay sions and if Eason's and all the Apostles his life and prophecy provide a pattern for us to follow and Jesus even says read and heed his writings by the way did you know that scientific study and then Chapter One was the 1st scientific study going to the New England Journal of Medicine known to mankind to lay the foundation for scientific thought I did you also know the scientific that did not develop in any culture any culture except judeo christian culture that's where initially science came from. The did not occur in Egypt it did not occur in the any other culture and this is from people that study the history of science how many thankful for the Bible without it you would not have science and without it you can't tell without the body you can't tell the difference between true and fake science and that brings us to our text Timothy he stood for all God's Commandments they're all summarized in chapter one he took a stand against the culture in regards to blasphemy diet drafts and marriage the big issue in Timothy's day in his culture was homosexuality it also is a big issue in Corinth it also was a big issue in Rome and it is the big issue today the New Testament is a document that's written for today and the people in the New Testament were persecuted for their stance that they took just like we're going to be persecuted you say no persecution did you know that in most of the parts of the world today there is rampant persecution of Christians and as a result of covert 19 we can see there can rapidly happen here you have no inalienable rights in this nation they were all taken away for the last 8 months they were taken away and they were taken away by legislation where they they were taken away by special powers that were granted to governors and they told you not to go to church but you could go to the casino they told you not to go to church but you could protest so that I'll talk more about that in about an hour or so he stood up against all these issues homosexuality he stood up also against false ordination practices. He stood up in terms of diet he stood up against actually spiritual ism in the church he rooted his practices and on the directives of the God of creation he said Adam was formed 1st and then leave so he went back to the original documents he lived his faith though a young man in a corrupt culture living in Athis is interested in and braced and preached the gospel and his letter was to write a pattern for all the churches to follow in 1st Corinthians 4 and said that Timothy was not some document that was just called truly conditioned like we here even and some of our own circles know it was a seminal document that was to be read according to 1st Corinthians 4 in every single city as a pattern of how to set up the church how do you find this a little fascinating to me the keep that which is committed I trust the voting profane and vain babblings profane against the sanctuary message of vain false Commandments oppositions of science falsely so-called So Noah Daniel Timothy but what about the time of the end what about now I want to tell you that every consider you see the whole thing is going his coming in that the devil can bring in all his science in the name of science and hypnotism and various thing the end of time there is going to be according to the servant of war a focus on science it will be the subject of primary discuss how many think that it is proved true over the last 8 months or going to follow the science everybody has their own little scientists Here's my scientist there's your scientist he will make people sick who will do this. Satan he had to stand science you think you understand viruses I think he understands viruses maybe a little bit more than you do he will make people sick and then he will bring them out of the sickness and they will say this miracles worked by the power of God Now it is the power of the devil that will work mightily if it is possible he would deceive the very elect what is soon coming upon us seducing spirits are coming in God as ever spoken by me you will hear before long of a wonderful science has science of the devil its aim will be to make of no account God and Jesus Christ who he has sent they'll say hey it's value free has no dogma in it it's nothing to do with the Bible saw from a Bible college. Like I said be very leery of saying you don't want to Bible college because this is what you get some will exalt this false science and through them Satan will seek to make void the law of God you know the big concern today in the scientific community and in the culture over debates over who's on the Supreme Court is they think they might reverse some of the positions that were taken by the Supreme Court that are directly against the law of God directly against the law God is killing babies against the law I've got is same sex marriage against the law I've got and I could go on and this is it well they're not following the science. Some will exalt false science and through them Satan will seek to make void the law of God That's what's happening in America today and in the state of California it's especially kicked up it's almost as if the government is actually attempting to go through the commandments in it and. Publicly say we're going to break those have you noticed that in California you that noticed this for the last 6 weeks every week there's been a direct attack on the law of God If you notice that it has gone back further than their brother you're a little younger than I am. And some people say why are there fires that you know that God's word says fires come when you ignore God's commandments you know that it actually says that it's not politically correct to say that I didn't say it God said it I just pointed out to you thankfully he makes has the rainfall in the just in the end just how we are going to pray for rain. So some will exalt this false science and through them Satan will seek to make void the law of God great miracles will be performed in the sight of men in behalf of this wonderful science so if you hear anything on the news if you hear anything in the paper you see anything on the Internet a debate about science what can you know living at the time of the Jesus is coming soon how many of you are ready God designed that men's intellectual powers should be held as a gift from his Maker and should be employed in the service of truth and righteousness. But when pride in ambition are cherished and men exalt their own theories about the Word of God then intelligence can accomplish greater harm than even ignorance this is why you never teach science without the Bible because what you're creating is monsters intellectual individuals who are attacking God's law and God's people and everything right just notice others ties with the papacy at the end thus the false science of the present day which undermines faith in the Bible will prove as successful in preparing the way for the acceptance of the papacy with its pleasing forms as did the withholding of knowledge in the opening of the way for its aggrandizement and the Dark Ages there was a cyclical that came out one day after I preached about what was in it I didn't realize that would happen this last week and it went all over media platforms but what I was shocked by was that there was basically no response or pushback against it in this Protestant country I looked at pages of searches on various search engines no Protestant response there were sponsors from Catholics we think you went too far Catholics saying that an American said We don't like the fact that the title said brother could not sister look at everything through their gender lens but I was saying how incipit is this no response but should it should it actually. Sok you false science of the present day undermines faith in the Bible will prove a successful in preparing the way for the acceptance of the papacy I'm going to talk about that document. At the 11 o'clock hour and I want to tell you it is not something that we should be accepting it is something we should be speaking against and how we can see how important this issue of education is especially education in the sciences I was talking with Burke when Dr feast this last week and we were talking about this and then he showed me how in his class at least one class was a. Genetics he has a bible study that goes with every single lecture can you say men and he shows that and he also told me that as he's given a Bible study with genetics his students are actually saying I found this quote I found that quote Dr Harris has a similar thing in her classes can you say a man doctor can Joe has a similar thing in his classes and they're adding more and more each year making it more more robust they're actually coming out with new textbooks right guys that's a prophetic statement. You know what a prophetic statement is the your alarm about it's an anxiety attack. Looking into the future. But how do you think they should write textbooks How do you think that if we're not using textbooks that are decidedly different then why have a school back there was talking to our new business professor who sometimes it's on the front row it serves and he says yeah there needs to be books on economics from a great kind of person perspective how many think it would be great if every single department here. Had a new textbook within the next 5 years and we think that would be good I think we might need that you see the real issue to keep us pure in the sciences is to always remember that the greatest science is the science of soul winning the goal of every class is the soul it's not to get into medical school it's not to get into that all school it's to get into medical school to save souls it's to get into Devil school to save souls. Right here never separate those 2 we are talking about it even. That's to be our focus so each of these folks had received Christ they Simon is the only salvation for sin they followed him as Lord they walked in him within his love and His law they were rooted and grounded in him they are bounded in Thanksgiving through these 3 men didn't know what Daniel and though these 3 men Noah Dale and job are in it they were deliberately their own souls in other words we each need to have our own experience with the war we. Need to be so tied with the Lord that we're able to keep that which is committed to our trust able to avoid profane and pain babblings and oppositions of science falsely so called Let's pray together by than heaven thank you that you are the author of True Science what's came as a result of the revelation in nature and the revelation in Scripture may be connected closely to you in this. Time when science is in the center of discussions may we be so connected that we are not carried away. By science falsely so-called. Christ day we pray. 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