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01 Unity? My Personal Testimony

Fernando Canale
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  • June 20, 2020
    1:00 PM
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Good afternoon to all of you those that are here in the sanctuary Welcome thank you for coming and also those that are in the air in your homes on every place that you have chosen to see this presentation and all the other presentations wonderful presentations that we have been having here at this virtual 1st time I suppose of the ritual committee. The issue that we will be dealing with in this seminar is the unity of the church actually the story Kelly asked me to. Give a seminar on the relationship of Adventists and. The evangelical community I have written some things about it. So I thought on how to integrate or this A.D.'s together and to be the benefit for the church I thought that perhaps we should concentrate some time thinking on the unity of the church and that is the title of our seminar the seminar includes. The seminar we explore the unity of the 7 the other his church from the perspective of our the nomination of history as well as from the broader context of Christian theological systems. The outline of the seminar include $45.00 presentations 1st a question unity are we united we really united or not and since this is an issue that is more than theological I think that all of us have experience one way or the other the unity of the church and all of us have a understanding that is not be able to can be derived but it is derived from our experience in the community and I have a long experience with the community as you will soon discover and I thought that perhaps to say share my personal. Kind of stumbling on issues and situations you could in a sense identify with some of then. Elise know where I am coming from. Through the wonderful help of the Holy Spirit you could get some pointers to. Be more proactive in. Helping the church to come to unity so that's the 1st presentation the 2nd presentation will be to bring you through the history of Adventists at some silent points study and points were. Things began to change and the Belo up. That will be very important for us to understand our common experience our common history as the people since we began or came into existence then I will go and explain some of what some of what I consider to be the Casas behind either the unity of the church or of the disunity of the church you know the we cannot speak about one without the other because this is a. Reality in living development and then on Thursday I will share some views of the history of our bread or and Christians that are not Adventists in an attempt to let you see that many of the things that we are experiencing in the church that are dividing us are coming from outside the church not from inside the church and finally on Friday I will give you my take on what we can do to actually. Promote the unity. A kind of food there a said they are a terror on the mission of the church because that's what it's all about and that's exactly the for a point that 1st point that I will like to share with you before I go into some questions I will. Ask you to pray with me to the Lord for His presence once more Heavenly Father thank You for the support unity thank you for the freedom that you give us thank you for the technology that allows us to be in communication even in these times and I pray in a special way that you will help us through your spirit in the presentation and in the meditation that will be guided by your word by our experiences and also by your Holy Spirit we thank you and praise you in Jesus' name amen some questions who have in mind firs is Adventists in my church or the nomination we just talk about us both is there a difference you will kind of make your mind about it as we go along in our presentations then the other main questions why are there so many churches I mean there should be only one church but there are so many churches Why is that so and then is the 7 the other in church the only true church or not are there other churches visible Church think about now. I want to start with a quotation from Christ and then another quotation from Ellen g. white I think that we should be clear that Jesus Christ and God wants His Church to be one this is a. Quotation where you have on the screens from John 1720 to 23 this is a portion of. Prayer priestly prayer of Jesus to his father before he will go to the cross so I think that this is a very important thing that Jesus has in mind the specific and he's asking his father and he ask and I am quoting only those those verses for the sake of brevity I ask not only on behalf of this the disciples but also on behalf of those who will believe in Me through their word and I think that that includes every Christian including us today now so this is what Jesus prayed for all Christians that they may all be one as you Father are into that the glory that you have given me I have given them so that they may be the one as we are once again repeating the same concept of unity and giving as the model Arnesen because they say this is what occurred once so we have to be one and he has a project to make the Christian church one so we what are we going to do about it. The project is there. Keep that in mind but then. I want to underline that he says that we should be once so that they were mainly believe that you have sent me so this is this element of mission there so we are one and the one this is the condition of mission let me move you to a position from Ellen you why this is a quotation I am just showing that to you so that you see that it is. A paragraph that I have chosen to divide in 4 points because I think that Eleanor quite is making for a very important point one is the mission of the church 2nd is that it's got a logical mission. This is a quotation. So the 1st part is the mission of the church the 2nd is the eschatological mission and then it will be coming the issue of unity and then the issue of the receiving of the Holy Spirit see how she sees the connection between these points she says God has a church on earth who are lifting of the downtrodden row I am presenting to the world the Lamb of God the take of the away the sins of the world this is the mission of the church what church the church that up lift the downtrodden low what church is that. 7 they haven't is there is no other church the other churches are a belief thing that I am of God that taketh away the sin of the work we do both the law and the Gospel this is the mission of the church and yet she goes forward and she says the church is the depository of the wealth of the riches of the grace of Christ and through the church ever and surely through the church Evan surely will be made money 1st the final and food these Play of the love of God to the world that is to be lightened by with his glory I see there revelation $8.00 in one this is the angel the angel that we are asked to pose to be as the instruments to share the light of His glory to the entire world and then she moves to say they prayer of Christ the prayer that we were just reading from the prayer of Christ that his church May the 1 as he was one with his father will finally be answered not every Angele we have knowledge they were not completely united back then in times of elegy way but she see into the future see tells us that every enjoyably will be answer and then she adds their rich dowery of the Holy Spirit will be given when the dowry of the Holy Spirit the latter rain will be given when we finally answer the prayer to unity so the Holy Spirit will be given and through is concerned super light to the people of God they will become witnesses in the world of the power of God and the salvation. So forward to the finish requires the unity of the church because the unity of the church is the cause of the power of the Holy Spirit for the final mission to an ally in the world with the glory of the gospel of Christ you see as a church we pray for the Holy Spirit but do nothing about the unity and it is because of that this is a situation that I perceive is that we are going to be exploring the issue of unity what can we do about the unity so that the Holy Spirit could come so that the message could be share and so that will be really there in the finish line Ok. So my personal testimony now we come to the beginning of the 1st presentation I was born in Cordova Argentina 13 days after the end of World War 2 as a child I thought or worse at handed after all you know the worst in that and people had to know that this was not the way that's what I thought of course I was completely wrong as a c.t. where I was leaving I want you to notice that the worst 99 percent catalytic I think that the only non Catholic that exist is there where they hand are people that belong to the Adventist church where I was attended the great number of Roman Catholic churches actually I didn't see any other churches or Roman Catholic churches all through my 1st years of life the life I was 15 years all other than the 7 they went this church those 2 guys you know them I am not going to talk about them but they were kind of leaders back then when I was born my father was earlier Kanellis of an Italian ancestry my mother nearly blog of a German ancestry area was a medical doctor a child prodigy in. Piano playing he was a concert pianist but he was a secular Rice Catholic he was not an Adventist my mother was a 3rd generation Adventists his father was a pastor grandpa The grandfather was a passer but she was not very faithful was she she shouldn't have married my father but then I wouldn't have been here so I know those are those things that happen by father was a very good father very well father my mother was a very good mother when I hear other stocking about their homes I just can't say I was the person with the best best possible home of course he would have been much better in my father was 70 I suppose so but that was the reality but my father good as he is was allowed my mother to teach me into the Adventist religion he did not press Catholicism on me yet. Well this is a church where I was born I mean I was not born in the church but actually kind of I was going to this church since I was a baby 15 years old would you believe it this looks exactly the same that 70 years ago 74 years ago when I began going to this church I attended for 15 years all Sabbath and Wednesday night prayer meetings I was baptized at 12 years old as I reflect on those things I am sorry about that I think. On the other there is the church. I press the Rome. That is the church and my mother the church taught me everything about the Bible and Ellen you why and what we believed and they say what they believed but. I was a place as a cultural as and 12 years old they say well the time is you should you know everything and so I was but it's. My experience where secular I don't go to other than to school secular schools secular culture don't call culture secular Catholic family culture I was very close to the Canaries. I you know they were 2 of my uncles live a walking distance so I was playing all the time during the week with by none other than discussing my not Advent these friends so I was very familiar with not advantageous I was not born in an Adventists get a girl into my father I was going to be a pianist. As he was he thought an American doctor as he was I was very happy with the medical doctor Elise I didn't have anything against that but not so much with the pianist side I didn't inherited what he had now my understanding of the church unit in those 5 fors sorry 15 1st years of my life clearly there were 2 churches one on the side of my father the Roman Catholic Church most of the people all the people that I know other than a 100 people were Catholics then there was the 7th Day Adventist Church I knew that we were a cult this is what they called us we are called when I hear you Americans were only Oracle I don't care we are a cult is no problem why because we are called because we follow the Vibro and I clearly understood back then why we were Adventists we are a follower when devival all in the Bible the Catholics they follow tradition and not the Bible tradition contradicted the Bible all the years only you don't need to be you see a rocket scientists to learn that if you want to follow cries you cannot be a cancer there because they follow the tradition Protestant season didn't exist for me 15 years all Protestantism eventually girlies them for you existed right not for me I didn't know anything about them Ok so I became a teen a. Teenager and I won my 1st 2 years of the academy I went to know the Adventists institutions in my home city Montserrat it was a. College run by priests and then the other one current or colleges was a secular. Catholic League by the lake at a League institution and in $160.00 I moved to a boarding school at River play college mostly for social reasons I didn't have many friends that were adamant is done going to a boarding school allow me to have a lot of friends all the time I wanted to go there and so I asked my father and my father says you can go but you will come back after you finish the academy to your home town to study medical school my my formation steel was being shaped by my mother and by nature church and then by my teachers one thing that I had in my experience is everybody that was an Adventist said the same thing the same thing whether you it the same thing whether you were the same thing whether you believe the same thing every bad I believe this same thing I can see there that to be very important for the unity of the church Surrey. So there is only one true church in this 7 day other than his church Protestantism was not existent but at the end of my academy some things began to happen. At 17 years all the way was saved anointed for the few years of the academy my my father decided to go with another woman and marry another woman and separate from my mother and that was a very traumatic thing the 1st traumatic thing that they had in my life of course to me that was easily explained because my father was not another man's is so he is supposed to do bad things you see because he's not an Adventist so they do bad things that it was not unexpected it was not expected either but I wanted to see kind of in my life that was not a very good thing so I wanted to. That out of it something good would come basically and in church I have her Romans $828.00 we know that all things were together for the good of those that love God so I thought what in the world is going to come good for my life in this situation and my. Now I can do what my father said that I could not do and that was to stay in the college to study after Academy but at that what could I study in that college only for Pastor or administrator in the church those were the only 2 things that I could continue to study there so ministration I didn't like it was very boring and I didn't have any calling for the for being a minister but I thought Ok I will do that I I asked for advice to my professors and my professor said Ok you can do it because we will come and so I believe them and I started studying theology and so the theological studies came and for the 1st time I started studying is the a theology I for the 1st time study reading the Bible because he was assigned to me to read for the classes I was and I haven't is that I didn't read the Bible I believe everything because I was told I was a cultural Adventists remember that 1st time studying Daniel and Revelation and then 2 things came to shade my idea of the church or to develop it in a different direction 1st it was a paper that I had to do on the origin of evil in l a new white and that struck me as a complete revelation because for the 1st time somebody ways was explaining to me out things were connected in the Bible Satan does that Jesus does they all there because of that and you know if you have read Ellen you quiet on that it was kind of held me to start connecting everything because after that point. I knew things that were told to me but they were all disconnected in my mind I can see them all coming from God and they were all good but they didn't make a whole picture now I was able to begin to see an entire picture and then I took a class on systematic theology the course was given by a professor that still is living here retire of course grade a Master of Divinity imagine somebody the master the divinity of God I mean he did it was more for me back then that a doctor in theology would I didn't know that there were any doctors in theology but that's another story. This professor taught me systematic theology and he did something that I hadn't experienced 1st and this is they he gave as a book on systematic theology to read and these will has been written by an evangelical What are the Evangelicals the a bunch Erica sir people like that Adventists that they believe in the Bible are not in traditional They said they are on outside we are on their side because remember my her family and all my culture were Catholics Basin traditions and these are guys who are further viable and not for traditional Wow I like that but then the professor said but you have to be careful about the interpretation of prophecy this the mythology of the soul all these things they are not like we are and so I began to develop my understanding of. The church the l. and this church at the same time my father that was not only disappointed at me studying theology remember he was not an Adventist and he is sand was not not only not studying for a medical doctor but he was studying to be kept a minister in a sect that nobody knew literally so he cannot brag about his son and so one day he tells me almost literally you want to be an Adventist pastor because you have a spiritual nature and your mother taught you Adventists and scenes you were a child Eve you would have been born in China you would have become a Buddhist monk I think that he said that only once but I thought to myself My father is right I am there remember I am study theology. To become a minister so what my father did the Holy Spirit through my father was to wake me apt to the responsibility that I had to make a decision for myself this is about my life I cannot allow my father nor my culture not my They're not the church where I went to rule what I am going to be so I started making use of what I was being taught by the teachers in the School of Theology to answer for myself some questions should I be a believe or in God or an atheist. I had to start from from the bottom I mean if I had been indoctrinated into Adventists and perhaps I was also so indoctrinated in their Christianity and even in believing in God so well I wrestled with that and I write in the conclusion that the evidence is more for the existence of God for the nonexistence of God But then what religion should I be a monk as my father suggested muscle them on Alas I was attending to a class of comparative religions this is a very good professor gave a lot of leverage is about all the big religions in the world so I was able to compare take this issue in the end I say if there is going to be a god the god must be like the one in the Bible I mean it is much of a God I mean the others cannot do anything I mean they cannot even move all. So but this God is doing things he did the universe is coming again knows me can help me a this is a bit bigger than any other god of any other religion so I decided that and then why not to be an evangelical I mean not to be a Catholic clearly because of the writer but why not to be an evangelical and one of the issues where some doctrines you see the difference that I thought that they existed between eventually because and I haven't these are just a few more doctrines they have all the oil but not the salad we have this hour so one of the things that I had to deal with were all these arguments for the evangelicals and I talk all these arguments of the evangelicals against the Sabbath from can write I don't know whether you know about can write but that that was one of the 1st advantages that was a very faithful that meant these then he recanted and then he began to argue against us and he published a little bit of that Westerns late into Spanish and I was wrestling with can write to learn whether he was right or not so that I will go the way of can write to the evangelicals or I will remain remain in Adventists and I remain in other countries and you can see I am not going to give you all the details so there is One True Church the 7th Day Adventist Church but we share most of our theology with Evan Jericho's and we are the 2 church only because we have a few doctors more than they have you understand what I am saying so there are few differences but most of Christianity are in there eventually girls but we are claiming to be the only true church only because we have a few doctrines Also I believe you have to continue attending my seminary to see how this ends up so. And then came. A completely unexpected experience and that is philosophy in my life of all things if you loss of so I graduated from theology and got married in November 966 I felt too young to be a pastor not feeling the call yet how in the world I am going to be the leader of guys that were the Double that 3 people of my age going there and helping them in their marriage problems and when they died I didn't see myself going in there and so I was not feeling the call yet and I went for advice to Dr Phil Meister to eventually became the dean of the seminary I think that he retire as dean of the seminary and recently passed away and he steered me into the teaching of theology evoke a vision Well I can go into details there probably then surely these very same institution river play college and launch a new study program on education psychology and philosophy which basically meant another 4 years of study so I have finished Academy gone to theology school we don't have college the way we have college here was that you finish the academy you go to medical school you finish the academy you go to law school so when you finish academy you go to the seminary basically 4 years of study jazz theology nothing else and they started another problem of 4 years on education psychology and philosophy and I thought I am going to go there because of education I said call and psychology could help me a lot as I will eventually become a pastor or a teacher I didn't expect that I mean out of the 4 years 2 years 2 surely the years were only on philosophy. Most of the people hated that they were there for psychology on one only one year in psychology already Kasia only one year a medication and nobody wanted philosophy I didn't equate philosophy I wanted because of to take that program because of psychology and education but I was attracted to feed us of what did they learn what I did layer in philosophy was this secret formula of Babylon why I didn't know that bag then kind of enter into the Platonic system the original theory and seized in the Kantian sees then they had Galilean system all these things that are go here and were of great attraction to me and to be able to understand what these guys were saying but all these ideas I laid there are known are used by the Roman Catholic Church and the Evan jelly cults to interpret the Bible and to construct the doctrines of theology. Sorry they think that they went yeah then I began to work when I finished the 4 years of the loss of I thought that I was going to stay there teaching philosophy but God closed all the doors and send me a Bible intern to Montevideo a white 1. 1 year. There then I went to whatever they see or this 3 get there in your way as a district pastor 7273 that's where senior that is here was born Yeah in that time and 74 we came back to we came back to the river pre-college and I became a professor of philosophy for 5 years 25 hours a week teaching on the philosophy philosophy laws of the field loss of her students that's what I did I think the No other person in the 7 the only church is going through that experience probably or very few. At the time I was arriving to my thirty's and I thought that I needed to become a doctor. A doctor in theology was supposed to come here and I needed money I had my family I didn't have money I needed a scholarship this girl and she were given only to people that are trusts for Were they in theology and I was studying philosophy by definition I was a specialist in the work of the devil and I was not trustworthy to actually teach philosophy and so I went to develop I mean to study at that time in a Catholic institution to become a. Doctor in philosophy when I was studying that 2 things happen. In October 19th $78.00 I was preparing myself to give final examinations on a philosophical course and I received unexpectedly a scholarship for the set from the South American division to come here to Andrews all expenses paid all division paid everything pay coming here I had to be here in January next year so I have like 2 months and I have to do everything even finishing my my courses in philosophy there when I was studying that course right before camming here I was I came to a really really say Asian I was studying the interpretation of the. First philosophers in Greece from the viewpoint of one of the last few laws of his in the 20th century and this feel loss of her said something like following Greeks have understood reality as timeless which means static that it does not move but they were wrong because reality is historical and moved and I was there studying I still remember this and there is something in me that click and I said I now know I know the reason why we are different from the Catholics because I knew back then after studying late 10 years of the loss of it that they understood all reality as static but I knew that the Bible and l.n.g. quide understand everything as history to a different way of arranging the path of Christian of Christian teachings and the Bible so that was just before I came here to start over. When I came here still I had this conviction that we are the true church because we are grounded in the Bible on the evangelicals are not the true church because they don't have a few doctrine besides that reality is not timeless but historical I was studying here from 79 to 83 that was me in. The moment of Broadway version but as a student of Surrey. I'm there in the moment of graduation and I discover when I was a student in Maine the differ and. Cracks in the unity of the church. Camming a 7 afternoon meeting that was reporting on the aftermath aftermath of glacier views sanctuary meetings that condemned the interpretation of a doctor or for this man for I overheard some perp Lex students saying if this is true meaning 4 was wrong what do we believe they came obviously because of the accent from Australia and I thought to myself What we always believed because for was wrong this is what they are saying but then I realized these guys come from Australia they were taught by 4 and they think I haven't the same is actually what Ford taught them as my mother taught me something right and I believe my mother and my pastors they believe they are pastors and for and so I began to say Ok There may be another interest but they haven't these new people that think very different as a student Besides that I had already called teachers here in the seminary one was teaching us proving from the Bible that Christ was not God and no other assume that the 1st creeds of the councils of the church the Catholic Church were orthodox in what they take in what they teach and we should accept them all others say that they are legit why was not inspired there was a plagiarist all others were saying that we cannot claim the Roman to be the remenant etc etc So things were not so perfect but I thought that these were all weirdos they didn't know better and eventually they will come to know better that's actually what I thought so I was not concerned about that until I came in 1805 after 2 years of being back in my country they called me to teach at the seminary and I began to see a lot of things that I didn't see before. When I came here I thought honestly that all day leadership of the 7 they haven't this church were on the same page all of them believe in the soul is good too or all of them believe in it and you quote This is what I assume to be say we must keep the law I mean we have to be obedient and we know Ok so we are not saying because of that but we have to keep the law otherwise we are not going to go to heaven the Bible says as an as much we are the Roman church we are the only true visible Christian Church on earth as you Mary Mary agree with that we agree on the norms of the church and guidance to practical daily live diet clothing adornment music and retain an accent or as an expression of the life of pollinators of Christians in the world which is obvious when you are. Actually reading the Bible so all these things I assume that were. There in the leadership of the church it was in so many persons in believing in many of these things or any of these things and they were Adventists they will either they were just living their lives assuming that those things were not true my understanding continued to be the same we are one true church but they eventually go on the true church because of a few doctrines God and theology story then when I began to teach I found some interesting things some students were hostile when I was saying hostile I am not saying that they were discussing things with me but when we were you know kind of of class and I just passed by them I want to say a good vibe they just will turn away and they will not return my. My Adventures of greeting them this is very very strange you know gringos are private but this is more than private right. You don't expect that everybody is very courteous so hostile students why they are hostile to me I haven't given them bad grades later on I understood what happened I was giving them a vision of adamancy and that was the mission that I had but not the mission that they have and I was standing there absenteeism is like that and they said no it's not like that it's like this. I didn't know that it took me like 15 years to came to the really sation and then I changed completely my courses so when the students came I was a lease and we are divided and some things like this and other things like this other thing and other of the things and they think and all those things are in the church and you will have to believe there is in a church the things differently and he's not united in what it thinks and you will have to make a decision I will explain to you why this is so which is what I basically am going to do here at this seminar in a much you know general way and then they began to greet me and I didn't have any more hostile the students I just recognize that they came from a different place they accepted that they wouldn't believe like they believe but. You know things were different and then the assurance of salvation you know the assurance of salvation was another issue that was different then worship renewal music music that is popular music being used as worship that was really something that I could not understand there is another thing evolution in other than to. We have they worship you you're sorry about the evolution in 7 they Adventists. Came to learn that there are institutions and professors that actually believe that we Adventists should accept evolution as what really happened and deny Genesis that was really something that blew my mind how that could happen what is that is behind this this is not in the Bible and the interesting thing is those things are taken them by the church but people pay no attention to whatever the church condemn they continue to think they way they think and finally ecumenism ecumenism is also embraced by many of us we have to be one yes we have to be one but to be one means that every one has. The one Christian Church and we have to join a humanist there are no many persons or things like that among us about there are many many and young generations are by default I am going to explain that to you believing on that and so questions to explore why and how were these things happening in the church I am going to describe them in more detail to more can we other can present divisions are they are those divisions on what basis can we claim to be the only true church was my assumption that we are just the true church because few doctrines the correct way of understanding why we are the only true church. Is the unity of the church necessary certainly I already proved that even even the pa believes that it has to be the difference between the pope and me is that the pope has a philosophical pattern to unite the Christians even the. Protestants have a philosophical pattern for a humanism while we haven't seized a Biblical pattern today we'll explain in my final presentation should we engage in ecumenism what is their relationship between the unity and the mission of the church I hope that you will be blessed and you will be reinforced in the search for the unity the unity of the church the unity of the church the 7th Day Adventists global church I am not talking the Michigan conference alone our young talking our entire movement to enlighten enlighten the entire world and we shewed be not only as the leaders but only also as members of the church instruments in the hands of God to work out that unity for the glory of God and the advancement of its mission let's finish with the word of prayer Heavenly Father thank you for your presence thank you for your guidance in our history the history of the church and the history of our lives thank you for of being a merciful God a patient that teaches us throughout our entire lives to come closer to you and to be every day more faithful. Transform our hearts change our minds may go as the sigh fool of the good things a new law to hasten your kingdom injustices and when that day King cam please leave us a parting you. For your mothers. You are married to. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermons revisit w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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