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01 Why Digital Evangelism

Michael Kusarawana
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Pr. Michael shares the importance of this method of sharing the Gospel. 


Michael Kusarawana

Assistant Pastor, Village SDA Church




  • June 15, 2020
    3:00 PM
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Today we're going to be talking about digital evangelism it feels very different to be this side of the production because during the week Our be behind the scenes as a skimming started hours behind the scenes as well as responsible for getting people online and actually seeing my team telling me hey go on stage this is now your time it can see is different but praise the Lord for the technology and you want to praise the Lord as well that we could did this online something that we usually do in person so let us pray before we begin our presentation The Heavenly Father want to come before your throne again and O'Brien has prayed but I just feel like we need your presence or the time we pray that he may be with us as we learn about digital evangelism may you lead to some guidance Lord into all truth and help us to understand that you gave us this to do to be able to reach the world in Jesus' name we pray Amen one of my favorite verses in the Bible is Matthew chapter 24 verse 14 we say this in this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached into all the world then the end will come then the end shall come so if you take a look at that verse it tells you something about God God love the whole world that's the reason why he wants the whole world to hear of the Good News of the Gospel that's why he wants us to preach it to every tongue kindred in people as our message says in Revelation Chapter 14 versus eeks and verse 7 if we go to the book of Hebrews chapter 11 verse 13 Let us go to the book of Hebrews chapter 11 verse 13 it's safe here. These these all died in faith not having received the promises but having seen them. And were persuaded of them and embrace them and confessed that they were strangers and few greens on the earth so if you're like me you're tired of hearing of disasters you're tired of hearing all the calamities that are happening in this world we are in the midst of a pandemic you're tired of all the pain and the sore and the suffering that we hear each and every moment in our lives if you're like me you're longing for heaven where there will be no more pain will then be no more sorrow but as a verse that we have read or I have resided at the beginning we are not going to see him coming into the clouds if we haven't done our part of spreading the gospel the same chapter he was up to 11 versus at the end of the chapter verse 40 over 39 and verse 40 is safe here and these all having of having obtained a good report through faith received no the promise God having provided some better things for us that they without us should not be made perfect so poor as he concludes the chapter of faith the heroes of the generals are fading he say these died having obtained a good report but he goes on to say they are resting and for them to be able to receive the promise they're waiting on us why are they waiting on us. They're sleeping in their graves they did their part they're waiting for us to be able to finish the gas for so you and I are the ones that are holding Christ's to come for the 2nd coming we are the ones who are keeping all the fathers of faith and all the people that slipped before us from obtaining the promises of the Kingdom of God So if we live as we look at the world today as we look at the billions that populates the world today it might seem overwhelming to think of finishing the gospel in a day and age finishing the work it might seem impossible you might be saying Pastor Michael how is it possible that when we look at the Adventism or Adventists today where you know millions how we will be able to reach the world in this day and age is it going to be done but I have good news for you God has given us to lose today to be able to finish the work that he gave us as I was looking into the book that was written by the servant of God I was looking at this quotation and I was very encouraged and it's something interesting in it she says here at a meeting held in Dorchester matches with my Massachusetts November 1848 I had been given a view of the proclamation of the sealing message and of the duty of the brethren to publish the light that was shining upon our pathway so at this moment in time is. 4 years after the disappointment the 7 of God was given a vision of the publishing work and he say's here she was given the vision of the proclamation of the sealing message if you remember the sinning message you go to Revelation Chapter 7 and you also go to our messages that were given Revelation Chapter 14 that we have read that's the same message that he sees in the vision as it was being proclaimed and of the duty of the brethren to do what to publish the light that was shining upon the pathway before we go to the next paragraph I just want to highlight that word publish so our message was given for us to publish it to the world you know Israel of ode was given a task by the Lord to be able to share the message of the 1st advent or maybe even the 2nd advent of Christ but they failed why they didn't go with the message to the entire world now we is Adventists we know that we present day Israel and were given the task by the Lord to be able to spread the gospel to every turn a kindred and nation to publish the truth the light that is shining upon our part we're going to talk about this more when we look at the statistics of people who are looking and searching for the Gospel but the Gospel was meant to be published the Gospel was given for us to be published to the whole world she goes on to say after coming out of vision I say to my husband I have a message for you you must begin to print a little paper and send it out to the people let it be small at 1st. But as the people read they will send you means with which to print and it will be a success from the 1st from this small beginning it was shown to me to be like streams of light that went clear around the world the context is the publishing work the printed page but I would like to apply this same principle this same quotation to what we're going to be talking about this evening we're talking about digital evangelism So here she says after coming out of the vision she told her husband some principles that we want to take to digital evangelism What does she say she said you must begin to print a little paper and send into send it out to the people let it be what let it be small at 1st as I was looking online I was comparing some of our some of our other news that we're using online to reach to the world and I was looking at some of the popular pages in the edge on You Tube on Facebook I was seeing that the people of the world people in the world they have huge numbers of followers but if you go to to our channel to our pages we see that the numbers are not as big and some may think that in order for me to be able to start to make an In a difference in the world to be put in influence for the gospel I must start big maybe having 10000 followers maybe having 20000 or 100000 followers or maybe a 1000000 followers like the popular pages online but here we get a principle from the 7 of God saying let it be what sumo At 1st this is the principle that we must take from this corporation small it 1st and let it grow as it goes. But if the people read they will send you means with which to print and the last statement there she say is from this small beginning it was shown to me to be like streams of light that went clear around the world Interestingly enough if you look at some of the images that you get online if you just typed in Gugu and you type in Internet logo or picture or images you find images like these streams of light going around the world I'm not implying that the 7 of God was talking about the Internet she was talking about the printed page she was talking about the printing press the printing press but as we see the gas for the today in our day and age we know and we understand that God has given us a tool to be able to reach the world and if you see how fast is light you can hear the levy see how we can be able to take that same principle that she said she saw streams of light going around the world how fast internet is in in its capabilities to be able to help us to spread the gospel as fast as possible let us now look at some of the ways our pioneers used to spread the gospel the printing press was invented in their 15th century the printing press was the technology of the day when she was talking about the themes of light she was of course talking about the printing press it was in 1440 that your honest good hamburger. I believe that he was inspired by the Lord sitting right there inspired by the Lord inventing experimenting and he came up with the printing press it was in 1450 that the printing press was the came popular around the then known world let's see how our pioneers a utilize the printing press for the Gospel we read in the book gusto Eccles she says this in these last days in these days of travel the opportunities for coming in contact with men and women of all classes and of many nationalities are much greater than in the days of Israel was this was in the 18th hundreds and if we take a look at today if she was alive if she was to rewrite this statement she was going to write it in a different way I think she was going to put more emphasis to say they're even greater and greater these days because of the technology that we are using these days the world has become smaller because of the take connectivity that technology has given us the title for this presentation is why digital evangelism and she goes on to say the 3rd phase of travel have multiplied a thousandfold God has wonderfully prepared the way God has prepared a way for us to be able to reach the world if God had prepared the way with the printing press how much more has God prepared the way for us to spread the gospel on line the same paragraph he goes on to say the engine c. of the printing press with its money for facilities. Is at our command Bibles end up in publications in many languages setting forth the truth for this time at our hands and can be swiftly carried to every part of the world I want to remind you that this was the Swifts away she was she was referring to that the Gospel was to be carried to the world the books were printed using the printing press they were loaded on the ships and when they were loaded on the ships they would go to distant countries and when they get there they would be taken from from the harbors by these kind of transportation horses and carts and she said in those days this method would sweetly carried the gospel to every part of the world it took months when it got there it too days for people to travel across the land but the pioneers of our movement utilize every single opportunity and in every scene who have been you of spreading the gospel we know in our day and age at this moment in time we have airplanes we can travel fast we know for sure that God has blessed us with a much more faster way of transporting the gospel now though it though the planes were faster but now it is more fast or faster to be able to spread the gospel in this day and age within seconds we can be able to send information around the world I was in Houston Texas. In 2018 in December I had the privilege of visiting the NASA Space Station one of our guides was showing us around he mentioned that this was the premise is that Armstrong went from our sort field and fascinated to be at that at that that space station but there's something very interesting that he mentioned he said the satellite Sec of the globe very fast that it goes around the globe more than twice before we can see day in night this is how fast this satellite can go there has never been at science for a transportation in the world in the past that help has gotten this fast is the Internet has begun has gotten we can be in places we can never be we have never been or we will never have a chance to be in maybe you know last time I was watching the feed last night in people were saying we're watching from India we're watching from Indonesia and we're watching from different parts of the world there are tuning in now you can be preaching right now and people can be listening to you across the globe even in places where it's so difficult to send missionaries you can look at the image that is on the screen this is the world that we live in people are on their devices this is how all the world looks like people spend more time on their devices than ever before Jesus taught us a method of reaching people where they are people of searching for peace rests answers to world events they're searching for meaning. We will be able to capitalize on this too in this avenue that God has given us if you go to Matthew Chapter 9 verse 36 The Bible says but when he Jesus saw the multitudes he says he was moved with compassion on them because they fainted and were scattered abroad is he having no shepherd as Earth looking at the statistics of how many people are using the Internet as you can see on the chart that is on the screen they are 4500000000 active users on the internet 4500000000 These are the people that we have the potential to connect with 4.2 of both 4500000000 users are unique mobile Internet users and 3800000000 of those 4500000000 users ective social media users and 3.7 they use the social media on their on their phones is there any other medium in the past in our history that has gained this access to so many people like the Internet has why digital evangelism why online evangelism because we can be able to connect with so many people in a very easy and affordable way if we could connect all these 4000000000 people with the Gospel don't you think that it would be faster for the gaffer to go around the world then he's a soul come don't you think that we will be able to Heston the coming of Christ if we're able to connect with all these people this 2nd there's a 2nd slide of statistics. It shocked me this is a minute on Internet in 21000 is safe here 3800000 people fetch Gugu in a minute and a 1000000 log in Facebook in a minute and if you see the amount of money that is spent online in a minute 996000 is spent online I'm not sure if that is us dollars or not and between what's up and Facebook Messenger there's 41600000 messages that are sent within a minute this is how information is being passed around the world people are engaging online these different applications they're downloading new applications on the App Store Gu Google apps to or Android apps to end up for application store it says here there is 390000 apps that are downloaded every 60 seconds so if you start counting now when you get to 60 this is the amount of information that is passing through the Internet mobile users smartphones you can see by countries that a lot of people there owning their smartphones as compared to no phones and maybe just a flip phone so they can actually do a lot more on their smartphones you remember this verse and this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all the world and the end shall come this reminds me of x. the book of Acts Chapter 8 you know I'm one of one of the one of my friends Philistia datas. She is really really into social media or just digital evangelism in general she saved we as Adventists we had to wait for coveted 19 to be able to teach us how to take the Gospel online she was referencing to this to this chapter except 8 it was then that God brought paisa Kishen upon the church that the church was scattered abroad he says he accepted 8 verse one and so was consenting until his death and at that time there was a great persecution against the church which was a Jerusalem and they were all scattered abroad throughout the regions of Judea and Samaria Samarium except the Apostles So if we look at what happened to the early church God used to persecution to be able to help them to be scattered abroad I don't think this was God's intention but when we don't listen and when we don't take advantage of the tools that God has given us when we don't take advantage of the opportunities that God has given us God sends a crisis for us to be able to understand and realize what we can do with the gospel I was seeing churches getting online are seeing individuals taking their phones and just talking online because of the pandemic that we are experiencing but did we really need to wait for the pandemic to see how we can be able to utilize the online space I'm so thankful for the for the technology now we can have a virtual committing. But how much more could we have done in the past to be able to leverage this platform God forgive us in he still gives us opportunities to be able to still utilize the online space now we can be able to reach close countries I think we have covered this before I want to go back a little bit to the verse that is here in look Chapter 16 verse 8 it says here for the children of this world in their generation wiser than the children of light you know as I was looking at this I was looking at one of the. Of the industries that have made a huge impact around the world which is Hollywood that verse that Criseyde the children of this world are wiser than the children of light is very true because if you take a look at how Hollywood has impacted the world it is very fascinating I knew about the American culture when I was in my country Zimbabwe before I even come to the United States why because I used to watch movies how did I get to watch movies we downloaded movies online my friends did and they burnt them on C.D.'s and D.V.D.'s and we passed them around that was not good that was piracy but I want to make a point here that that is not my point but my point that I'm making here is that Hollywood money is to evangelize the world with force who would because they know how to take advantage of the online space how to take advantage of the different avenues of spreading the gospel. In a research that was that was that was done by one of this one of the students His name is is I don't know if I can pronounce it well. In blue alley Abbie he published this in the cinema Journal he said they meaning Hollywood are good at making movies and more importantly they are really good at selling them I highly I highlighted selling them Hollywood success didn't happen because they were making movies for everyone it happened because they could convince you that the movie was made for you or for you you know this reminded me of a statement that the 7 of course say oh she referenced she said an important element in education in educational work is enthusiasm of course this was the counsel on this point they is a useful suggestion in a remark once made by a celebrated actor they Archbishop of Canterbury had put to him the question why actors in a play affect their audiences so powerfully by seeking by speaking of things imaginary Wow ministers of the Gospel often af at their as so lead to by speaking of things real and then she goes on to say he goes on to say with do submission to your Grace replied the actor. Permit me to say that the reason is plain it lies in the power of enthusiasm we on the stage speak of things imaginary If they were real and you in the pulpit speak of things real as if they were imaginary Of course the context here it was talking about the presentation of the gospel and how you deliver the message when you're preaching or in your teaching but at the same time I would like to take this con this con this this principle out of context a little bit and put it in the context of digital evangelism of which I believe with all my heart that it applies to the sons of darkness or the sons of this world they take what they do so seriously and they take things imaginary like movies and they send them around the world with all our strength utilising all the platforms and utilizing technology is if these things that I imagine Arry is if they were real but we have the gospel the good news is that when people hear the good news they are going to be transformed in there we have the hope of of inheriting the kingdom of God which is no pain no thorough no crime but we take the Gospel in the resources for granted is if we have things imaginary This is the way we are doing all work the sons of this world have become wiser than the sons of light this is how it's like in different parts of the world they now have access to technology they now have access to online to online materials so we need to capitalize on that. The subject this evening why did you tell evangelism as I was looking up online and I was very curious what are people searching about religious subject religious subjects they're searching online and I found this website called the yellow costs I don't know if Dennis has mentioned some of the statistics that are from this website but I'll tell you this there is a lot of people that are looking for the truth you cannot believe this number one it's what is love it has over 3000000 people that are searching these are searches just in a month over 3000000 people the same thing for simple truth what is Love You remember that quotation that we we read that's that small some of you might be thinking that I need to be at the Elegy and to be able to reach the world I need to be able to understand all questions to be able to reach the road someone is searching what he's love just imagine if we had 100 or maybe a 1000 You Tube channels and just put a presentation that is so simple how you understand the love of God so that when someone is searching online what is love all the information for the truth comes up online what is love the presentations that we have made maybe as simple as having our phone just talking in the phone what do you believe love the love of God is in what God has done for you what peak of a difference will it be. Some of the topics they're staging what is the Bible 1000000.8 Who is Jesus 1000000.5 We don't have time to go through the whole list but you'd be shocked on how simple the truth is that people are looking and searching online in the platforms that I'm going to be talking about tomorrow they're free platforms everyone maybe not everyone but in number of us we own a smartphone that has a camera that has a recording button that also has space you are connected to the Internet you can post something that will make a difference in someone else's life the Bible says How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed and how shall they believe in whom they have not heard and how shall they hear without a preacher goes on to say in verse 15 Romans Chapter 10 verse it in says and how shall they preach except they be sent as it is written How beautiful the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things so they the promise that if we preach the glad tidings and shade with the with the world God will be able to on us and give us the blessings and hasten the soon coming of Christ and when we have more disciples this verse I'm going to read it again we read it before when Jesus when he saw the multitude he was moved with compassion on them because they fainted and with cut of the broad is hip having no ship and do you feel the same way when you see the masses when you see the multitudes when you see all these millions of people searching for simple truths that you believe. They've becoming simple truths to us but to the world they are fresh they knew they had never heard of in anything that we preach when you feel the same way as Jesus did and spread the gospel online he goes on to say in verse $37.00 then say he and his disciples the harvest surely is plenteous but the labor is a few met in one verse 30 in verse $37.00 pray therefore the Lord of the harvest that he will send forth laborers into his harvest so when I was looking at this topic our thinking we definitely need laborers but before I conclude this message this evening I'd like to share with you my story how Christian is the media impacted my life you know I grew up in the church I was raised a 7th Day Adventist 3rd generation but I did not take Christ as my personal savior until I was 1920 I made my friend who is the 2nd from from the right if you are looking into the screen his name is I'm doing is one way or he introduced me to a lot of gospel truth online that were being produced in this side of the world in here in the United States of America he introduced me to all your verse but I didn't have money to go online because during those days we had to go to an internet place which you call Internet cafes and yet to pay a certain amount of money in years dollars. To be able to have a few minutes or maybe if you have more money you can get an hour or 2 hours so I didn't have that money but my friend to do he was raised in a more well off family so he would go online and download Simmons from Audi of earth and he would come to me and give me a flash drives with Simmons out feel all the Simmons on my computer that when I started learning about a.s.i. I started learning about Advent hope as that in learning about many many many ministries that are in the church today settling about campus ministries those messages were so sweet we became we we became so filled with enthusiasm and zeal to spread the gospel because of those presentations we would watch the videos we started our own ministries we started going to Banff stations in preaching in every single bus that was waiting to depart because we were so on fire we were not ashamed of anything we would go to you know during that time there was there was there was a crisis in my country and economic crisis and people a lot of people were looking for to get out of the country and they needed passports but they took a long time so they would wait at the passport offices outside the gate maybe in the hundreds who would just show up and start preaching to those people and they would make decisions why because someone had made an effort maybe to start already a verse or Advent hope and uploaded a sentiment that went through the Web downloaded by a young person in the Bob and that young person became on fire. For the Lord instead of preaching the gospel I'm sure this this ministry is they've never heard my testimony but this is a story of many many young people in the country of them Bob this is our big of an impact you can make with the Gospel using the own line tools there are many people out there who are just waiting for you to be able to upload something maybe to share a quotation on your timeline as simple as that putting a big round of blue playing the ground saying God loves you maybe this someone who is who has given up on life this someone who doesn't have any reason to exist anymore what the were thinking that there is no love in this world why is this so much pain and suffering if you posts in encouragement that person might be seen my friend Felicia she has a testimony of someone who posted online he said I'm paraphrasing something like I'm done with life or she she she communicated that she was going to commit suicide so people take it to care for granted and people didn't even they didn't attend to the need that was there and then the next day or maybe a few days she was founded and the presence mother was saying if someone had just maybe sent a message to my child my child could have survived you never know who is about to give up on life but he have access to that person it might be in India it might be in Bobby it might be in South America my appeal at this moment is that. We don't need to cope with 9000 to teach us to do this to of evangelism we need the Spirit of God to help us to understand that this is the area we can put resources not to say other avenues 11 in many other avenues or thread in the Gospel and not effective they are but we have a more faster way that can be able to help us to reach people with the gospel so at this moment I would like to challenge you God is saying the harvest is plenty is but the laborers are few if you sense the Holy Spirit if you sense that God is saying you need to do something online don't wait for for anyone to tweet God has given you God has given you a free platform that. God gave you. That small. This media was brought to you by audio a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know about. Your life or service. W.w.w. audio 1st stop or.


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