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Bewitched: Halloween and the Rise of Spiritualism

Eric Walsh
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Eric Walsh

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  • October 16, 2020
    6:00 PM
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Good evening we are pleased to be back. Presenting and I want to thank a group in India that we're going to be sharing this message with for another invite So we're going to get right in has a lot to cover tonight. And I want to start with our scripture reading Leviticus Chapter 20 and verse 6 which says in the soul that turn it after such as have familiar spirits and after Wizards to the all whoring after them I will even set my face against that soul and will cut him off from among his people a message this week is entitled be which hollowing and the rise of spiritualism Halloween and the rise of spiritualism let's pray Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word Lord this is a special message and so I am asking for Holy Ghost power now remove me from the equation Lord make me that nail on the wall and Lord I ask that you speak now in fact Father God ask that you bind the enemy pray that you seal this message and protect it but a power of your Holy Ghost and not a host of heavenly jewels and Lord I pray that you would speak now as you have never done before is our prayer in Jesus' name amen I'm going to start our message in the book of 1st Samuel Chapter 28 and I will read. Through the verses quickly but will do so so we can get through all of this in one section 1st Samuel Chapter 28 verse 3 says not Samuel was dead and all Israel had lamented him and buried him in Iran even in his own city and Sol had put away those that had familiar spirits and the Wizards out of the land. The story starts with kind of apparent that a police statement on 2 subjects that will be important to understand the story ahead The 1st is that Samuel the prophet of God judge of Israel who its mother gave him to the Lord at a very early age had died Israel had lost a great leader and they lamented him for fear of the uncertainty that was ahead on the one hand of the prophet of God who had died on the other hand the other parent that it was statement is that saw King Saul the 1st king of Israel and put away those that had familial spiritual define that in a minute and the Wizards out of the land so in order to understand the story you need to know that Samuel has died there's so the prophetic voice of the nation has been silenced by death the sleep of death and in and of those that would imitate such a voice or try to use. Non-God Lee forces to do so had been put out of the land as I would start and so the Bible gives us some information on the familiar spirits. And on the Wizards it says in Deuteronomy 18 in verse 9 when you are come into the land which the Lord thy God gives you that I shall not learn to do after the abominations of those nations there should not be found among you anyone that makes his son or daughter to pass through the fire or that use of divination or an observer of times or an enchanter or a witch or a charmer or a consultant with familiar spirits or a wizard or a necromancer. For all that do these things are an abomination unto the Lord and because of these abominations the Lord thy God does drive them out before the thou shalt be perfect. With the Lord thy God for those nations nations which thou shalt possess hearkened unto observers of times until unto diviners But as for the the Lord thy God have not suffered the soul to do the right to me in the law that Samuel would have understood it lays it out to listen you cannot use necromancy which is the attempt to communicate with the dead or diviners who try to seek the future through through conversation and communication with evil spirits or with or with what they thought might be the spirit of the dead you are not supposed to do this in fact God says that the reason the time ran out on these nations was that they had gotten so into these sins there was a time that God allowed them in fact the Bible says that the time of their iniquity was not full It wasn't time for Israel to go and possess but their iniquity filled up and one of the key things is spiritualism for example 28 back to the story of the Phillis times gathered themselves together and came and pitched in shoot him and saw gathered all Israel together and they pitched in Billboard So also other the host of the Philip time saw the host of the fellas times he was afraid and his heart greatly tremble so when Sol sees that the Philistines of pitched tents and air have gathered themselves solve felt like he was in trouble at this point the My Bible tells me that song is afraid to let me say something as a Christian something's wrong when the enemy gathers against you and you are overcome with fear Saul is overcome with fear and I want to submit to you that this is a sign that song is about to make some bad spiritual decisions when fear is in control of your life rather than faith you will turn to whoever for an answer or for protection. For example 20 in verse 6 and one song inquired of the Lord the Lord answered him not neither by dreams nor by your image nor by prophets My Bible tells me that when Saul went to ask God for direction how do I deal with the Philistines he heard silence in fact no dream no prophets could spin to help him and nor by Europe Europe is your room and through him and these when you look at a Jewish Encyclopedia the biblical encyclopedias they describe these as stones that would have been on the breastplate of the pipe priests robe and some say the tradition has said that they would a light up to give answers when David at the same time as this story is in sick lad dealing with things he takes that depreciates and prays and gets his answer but when at the same time when Saul is praying he hears nothing the stones don't light of light up if they lit up some say that they used to like lots and they would like casting lots and they would throw stones but how ever you look at it Saul had been cut off from God And that's important God was not speaking to Saul anymore for example 15 Why was God not speaking to solve any more because he did not drive out the amulet kites and when he was confronted with it when when when when when when Samuel found him and heard the animals and saw a king the king a God of the Amla kites he saw said listen I've done everything you said he said and Samuel says then what is this bleating of sheep that I hear in my ears Samuel allies and basically says the people that infer Sam of 15202122 Samuel said have to Lord as great delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of the Lord. Behold to obey is better than sacrifice and to Harkin than the fact of ren's it is better to obey God than the sacrifice of a whole bunch of stuff to him in other words if you're not obeying God and you're sacrificing that you show up to church on Sabbath like you do in God a favor if you better your Begum if you think you will come to church and do praise and worship and and sing and jump around and that's going to make you have a relationship with God and why you're disobeying God My Bible tells me to obey is better than to sacrifice was $23.00 for rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft it stubbornness is as iniquity and I Dollar Tree because that is rejected the word of the Lord yet also rejected the from being king what So so we no soul has an issue he rebelled against God and when Samuel rebukes him he says your rebellion against God is a lot like the scene of witchcraft we're going to talk about the rise of spiritualism and witchcraft in America today and in the world and I want to tell you that one of the reasons this happened is because we are a society in constant rebellion against the things of God because you have rejected the word of the Lord of Samuel told him God has rejected you from being king once when Saul realizes that God is not listening to him because of the same he committed we jump back to for example 28 in verse 7 that was the back story because he did not deal with the Amulet type the way God had told me I am a kite and snuck up behind Israel as they were marching and took out the weakest ones God was so mad and he said one day we are going to deal with them for what they did Saul failed it was a slap in the face of God So God was a listen to his own of course not sauces listen verse 21st and 28 verse 7 then said Saul and to his servants seek me a woman that has a familiar spirit. That I may go to her and inquire of her and his servant said to him Behold there is a woman that has a familiar spirit and or here it is 1st of all we know saw rebellion Samuel told it was like a sin of witchcraft so that means that this this spirit of witchcraft in a sense remained it lingered the proof of that is he was supposed to put out all the people all of those are familiar spirits and all of the Wizards but when he asks for one and here's the thing as the king he would never have asked for a woman with a familiar spirit if he wasn't aware that one was around he had to know that he still existed which means the 2nd thing that saw that it was that he did not really follow through in following the edicts of Deuteronomy and putting these people out and worse than that the men with him don't even they don't even they didn't hesitate they knew exactly where Want to his She's an end or. What is the meaning of a familiar spirit as a sorcerer necromancer who profess to call up the dead to answer questions were said to have a familiar spirit such a person was called by the Hebrews and which properly means a leather bottle that watch this for sorcerers were regarded as vessels containing the inspiring demon did you get that they were called Open in my culture in Jamaica it is a thing called. Curious if it's connected but I called it and what it means is that it's like the person becomes like like a leather bottle and it holds the spirit of the demon the Hebrew word was equivalent to the Python of the Greeks and was used to denote both the person and the spirit which possessed them they became like a tandem with one name the word familiar is from the Latin familiaris meaning a household servant watch this and was intended to express the idea that Sorcerer the idea that Sorcerer had a spread spirit as their servants ready to obey their commands when they said if they had a familiar spirit it means they had a spirit that serve them when in fact the spirit had them serving the spirit 1st Samuel 16 says it like this in verse 14 but the spirit of the Lord is going all the way back to when David and Saul were on better terms as now the spirit of the Lord departed from Saw and an evil spirit from the Lord tormented him and saw the servants and to him See now an evil spirit from God is tormenting you God when he withdrew to draw from Saul an evil spirit would come in some argued a saw may have had some mental illness some argue that maybe. He had something else going on that we would diagnosed in the in the psychological or psychiatric books of the day but the Bible says it was a spirit. And the spirit. Would torment him and how did they get the spirit out of in the Bible says they would cause that David was called the son of Jesse and he would come and he would play is layer his harp and he would play music and my Bible tells me that the when he played his music the music would cause the evil spirit to come out of solve missing this thing because as my good friend secret Lewis says if you can if you can pray to a demon out of someone I said See if you can play with music a demon out of someone the question is can you play a demon into them if music can be used to move a demon out good music be used to move a demon in well this book by Peter Bergen al the book Season Of The Witch how the occult saved rock and roll he makes the point that rock and roll music would never have done very well without the influence of the occult and of course there are stories of of which is casting spells on records so that people would buy them and sort of people would do what the message does. There's some incredible stories that have been told I remember if you go back and watch the truth behind hip hop series by g. Craig Lewis he talks about how one of the one of the one of the one of the guys from one of the boys band that's saying the song I want to sex you up he said that when I made that song they had which is coming to the studio and pray over it now you can is this this is what he says on his D.V.D.'s Louis and he says and went which would prove it and the prayer was that one day when 14 year old girls would hear the song they want to give up their virginity want to guys that was in the group eventually leave the group to become a pastor he didn't like what was going on and he wanted to serve the Lord he left me a pastor and told the story to g. correct later on that he didn't really even believe the witches could do what they said they could do until. When the number went number one all over the world from Australia to America Canada Great Britain all over the world know about number one he says one and when a record what number one they began to get bags of fan mail from 1314 year old girl saying thank you for making this song it gave me the courage to give up my virginity there isn't even fluence on the mind because music bypasses the frontal lobe of the brain comes into more sensory emotional parts of the brain like the like like the dopaminergic reward system and and even some of the memory centers it comes in a different way like to the temporal lobe and so it doesn't get you know you don't process what music is telling you the same way you feel music more and the lyrics can slide in so the devil is using music to demonically influence people all over the world and that's why if you study with Christians who have come into the church from certain parts of the world I've talked to Christians in Africa who've told me that the drums were used for a certain thing when I was in Haiti same thing the drums that music was a powerful way that they would try to conjure up spirits in the end their old lives or in their old traditions before he found Christ but it's interesting that now some of those very musical forms are are being performed inside the house of God the music there was that as if I remember to say the wire director in heaven is equal said he was built with pipes and tablets he is a living breathing musical instrument what you listen to matters in these last days musically because you never know what influence the music might have which is not just music. The Atlantic one of the most popular journals in the United States as this in our culture section why witchcraft is on the rise Americans interest in spellcasting tends to wax as instability rises and trust in a stablish Mint ideas plummets his remarks of 2020 this year probably written after the coronavirus outbreak happened they said listen witchcraft is on the rise it's going up and they say it happens it waxes meaning that the increase that's what we say waxes and wanes some waxes and wanes the wax out is when it goes up it waxes when it is instability like it's like the world seems unstable right now and when people stop trusting us stops when ideas what establishment ideas let me just you know what I don't trust anymore the God of. The article doesn't even maybe fully understand what is in or maybe it does how do you get people into these things things like Harry Potter j.k. Rowling says that the characters the book almost like the appeared the woman who wrote Twilight series what to do with the werewolf and the vampire says that the characters would appear in her dreams some of these things just come to them where do they come from then and when you look at the the incredible popularity of somebodies things the books and the movies you can almost have to ask how did these things get so popular so fast could it be there's a spiritual spell almost put on some of these things and when you pick it up and start reading it you can't put it down well that shows like charm and you can see the same tonic symbol there over the over the a an r. and I am of that of that symbol there is always 3 which is because 3 is a number to say it likes to imitate or get into that but you can see that witchcraft is on the rise in fact I've read years ago an article said that the fastest growing religions in America today are Wicca and witchcraft. Even among African-Americans who are the bedrock of love you don't notice we are the bedrock of Christianity in America the most Christian people in America are not white Republican conservatives they are black liberal quote unquote Democrat voting women and there are more and more articles coming out you can see one Dave change the charm from the original 3 actresses now one of them is black and maybe one of them looks like he might be a Latina you can see they diversified was in charm because now the pool is to pull out the church and there's more and more coming out about black women who are leaving Christianity to go to ancestor worship and some of the some of the more cultists and ritualistic religions of the world that are part of their quote unquote African heritage but it's deeper and go deeper in fact this book is called revolutionary witchcraft a guide to magical activism did you hear that by Sara Lyons and you can see somebody occult symbolism on the cover of the book and fiery includes this is what it is what Amazon describes the book as the I don't read the book I won't read a book this is what Amazon says a fiery inclusive guide for activists and which is a like revolutionary witchcraft is an empowered introduction to the history and practice of politically motivated magic let me tell you something tourch when political institutes like Paul assaults Ari King Saul saw political instability in his future he turned to the Witch of Endor or as people see political instability today if they do not have a relationship with God If they're not hearing from God or a prophet prophets they are going to turn to spiritualism to try and fix this world to try and fix their situation. It's deeper in fact it's one of the big things on the rise now is astrology talking to a Christian the other day when I found out what month I was born and they started talking about zodiac signs and you can't be a part of 7th Day Adventists Christian I don't believe in zodiac signs as come out of Babylon Are you serious you sound like a seventy's disco show astrology remember the song This is the this is the dawn of the Age of Aquarius and what we were arguing is that now it is going be a time of in a like me at the turn of the 20th of 21st century and we're going to move from Pisces to Aquarius and sort of Pisces was the symbol of the fish points back to Christianity and we're going to move to a more enlightened age and and this is what was sung by one of the old populous groups back in the seventy's the dawning of the Age of Aquarius and folks are thinking age has ended and we're in a new magical mystical age and in this article they talk about how America's birthday was was July 4th on 776 and they started reading America's horoscope for the whole nation and they say basically because of this we've got to do social justice because America has a duality it's deep they diagnose America with the same duality are a similar duality I should say as Revelation 31 I read this article trying to say that America is dichotomous that's why it has 2 horns like a lamb and speaks like a dragon the prophecy says but their solution is not to turn to God Their solution is that the astrological work of social justice will fix the world a move to a more occult way to try and solve problems that gets even deeper. And I know in a time when we need to fight for racial equality and and and and justice especially for those who are victims of of state some argue state sponsored brutality. Which sometimes isn't the state sponsored sometimes it's individuals who are either in apt or or intentionally. Doing things that should not be done especially when it comes to lives of African-Americans so I'm not saying that of the fight for justice that is going on is wrong I am just going to point out that in if you're not careful this movement could be hijacked in a direction that would literally cause you to slip into spiritualism remember what our opening Scripture says we are not even to associate with these things this is from. One of the news. Channels I think this is from a Los Angeles based news channels it's black lives matter is a spiritual movement so is co-founder Patrice colors lifting up the names of victims is literally almost resurrecting a spirit so they can work through us she said Now I want I want you to see here that these are pastors outside of May said his office in l.a. back in June of this year with their fists up in the air. As they begin. An interfaith memorial service for George forward so you can see here today they have their fists up and he's a pastor's in support of all of this and what they don't realize is the same article this is what it says is the one who's asking the questions as one of the reporters as a building colors colors is one of the co-founders of b.l.m. she says touched on the practice of calling out the names of the victims that they advocate for in protests and demonstrations it's a kind of way to invoke their spirits of doulas said uplifting the names of victims goes beyond creating hashtags colors said it is literally almost resurrecting spirit a spirit so they can work through us to get the work week that we need to get done she said by highlighting their names color says she feels personally connected and responsible and accountable to them both from a deeply political place but also from a deeply spiritual place she says I wasn't raised with honoring ancestors of the article as she was raised Joe's witness as I got older and started to feel like I was missing something ancestral worship became really important the woman also touched on their tradition of praying and pouring libations during demonstrations and a June 9th article the fight for black lives a spiritual movement by have assistant director of research of the u.s. the Center for Religion and civic culture she examined how to lead a group of demonstrators in a ritual at a recent protest outside of Los Angeles mayor guy said he's home as part of the ritual people reciting the names of those taken by state violence before their time ancestors now being called back to animate their own justice and yet in some of the protests they are calling for the ancestors of those who have been wronged to come back and animate animate who remember the over somebody has got to be the bad to hold the spirit should a Christian be in a setting when this is happening. After each name of the poor libations on the ground as the group in return chanted a save the ruble term is often used by practitioners of a faith and divination system that originated in West Africa for Rob wrote Abdulla on Saturday said it took her almost a year before she realized black lives matter was much more than a racial and social justice movement at its core it is a spiritual movement she said called I said it became clear to her they needed spiritual protection as black lives matter was targeted by the right by police and neo nazis to color she wouldn't be able to do this work without spiritual practice it would be antithetical she said again I do I agree the protests were just like the civil rights movement is a right and a need to protest injustice but I ask the Christians especially 7th Day Adventist Christians should we be mixing way our spirits are being called to do the work and that spirit is not the Holy Spirit because it goes even deeper and I don't equate it to organizations but I want to show you that there's something happening around activism this is the rise of the state tannic temple if you've not heard of them to say tannic temple is a. Is a new group and it is a statue of bafflement you see a black child on the right looks like a little girl on left and they're looking up at Bath and that one with his hand on his heart is a symbol of probably devotion and all kinds of demonic symbols here and this group goes around and if if somebody puts up a Christmas tree or a nativity scene somewhere on government property they in stave sue to make sure that the statue of bafflement can be placed there as well therefore I mean some of the stuff that they're doing is pretty ingenious and sense to fight for the right for people to have no god in government but on the flip side of it to push Satan worship as a positive way to change this world let me say something this is the very spirit of Paradis. When they chose a parabola they chose against Christ it and look here let's be clear the Roman power was evil it was wicked it was brutalizing. They were oppressing the scripture describes them and Daniel chapter 2 as legs of iron legs are the strongest muscle iron the strongest metal the Roman Empire crushed but Jesus never turned to revolution and he was rejected because he chose to build a kingdom in the future rather than to try and overthrow the Roman power of Jesus clearly serve those who were treated wrong he clearly went and worked on behalf of those who are forgotten mistaken those who have been rejected as he teaches in the parable of the Good Samaritan I'm not saying we don't do good and work to reverse the effects of racism and all these different things and all of the injustice in the world what I am saying is if you're not careful you can say you know what I'm tired how Jesus does it I want barabus and light a crowd eventually you me and cry crucify Him crucified. There's what otherwise is it is family support his family supposed that he even superstitions have disappeared before the civilization of the 20th century but the Word of God in the stern testimony of facts The clear that sorcery is practiced in this age as verily as in the days of the all time magicians the ancient system of magic is in reality the same as what it is now known as matter what is now known as modern spiritualism Satan is finding access to thousands of minds by presenting himself under the guise of departed friends that year that those spirits that you want to call back to enemy and help this is how Satan works the scripture The clear that the did know not anything Ecclesiastes $95.00 which which in Ecclesiastes is not also their thoughts their love their hatred have perished other whites paraphrasing the text the dead do not hold communion with the living but true to his early cunning Satan employs this device in order to gain control of things from Acts the Apostles preached to 89 in other words when you start messing with the idea that spirits can show up in any venue for any reason no matter how good the outcome seems like it would be I want to submit to you that this is literally how he fooled Eve in Eden and how he will cause many to go astray in the last days. She goes on to says Through Spiritual ism many of the sick the bereaved the curious are communicating with evil spirits all who venture to do this are on dangerous ground the magicians of heathen times have their counterpart in the spiritualistic mediums the clear voice and the fortune tellers of today the mystic voices that spoke at end door and Fs is a still by their line words misleading the children of men there are too many in the house of God Too many that are supposed to be of the remnant of last day a movement of God to many that are still playing around in indoor still check in his own yet still dabbling in the dark arts the customs of tradition it's my culture to do this still fooling around with movements outside of the church not trying to always keep blinders on to the spirit of spiritual as a minute and there are many movement is I'm the only place on earth that will one day be safe from the influence of spiritual ism it doesn't matter if you're politically right politically left I don't care what kind of organization it is the only place that will eventually be safe are those that are a part of the Body of Christ and why goes on she says could the veiled because the veil be lifted from before our eyes we should see evil angels employing all their arts to deceive and to destroy wherever an influence is exerted to cause men to forget God there Satan is exercising his be witching power when men yield to his influence ere they are aware the mind is be willed and the soul polluted the Apostles admonition to the iffy Jand church should be heeded by the people of God today have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reproved them if Eason's 5 in verse 11 that some acts the Apostles preached to 90 as well. We are not to play with this stuff not to get close to this stuff this is how Israel was sucked even in old times back to 1st I am a temple 28 by was a saw the skies themself for example 28 and put on other Raman and he went and 2 men with him and they came to the woman by night and he said I pray the Divine on to me by the familiar spirit and bring him up when I shall name whom I shall name and to the and woman said Behold you know what Saul is done how he cut off those that are familiar spirits or and wizards out of the land wherefore then lightly as that was a snare for my life to cause me to die she wasn't stupid she said listen Saul's and you can do that if I answer what your saying I want to be put to death you're setting a trap Saul's answer is look how he swears and Saul swear to her by the Lord saying as the Lord live it there shall no punishment happen to the for this thing then said the woman whom shall I bring up on to the and he said Bring me up Samuel he swears by the Lord who is not listening to him at this point or speaking to him I should say now as of not speaking to him at this point. He swears no plans to come and she says Who do you want to see now if there was one night of the year that modern modern witch of Endor would want to use it would be a night that's coming up in America what is celebrated as Halloween and in much of the world October 31st where we are told when you study it that some man was the original Celtic. Holiday a holy day and a Druid priests and he would call spirits back because they believed the veil between the living in the dead was thin on that night for really a became a part of it when the Romans took over the British Isles and the Romans it was similar holiday which is actually in February summer affair between 1st got laid on top of October 31st when later on the church took over the Catholic Church took over it went from all of that to something called All Hallows Eve because the 1st became All Saints Day which is All Hallows day and I believe that again the veil was thin Don't miss this the veil was then so you could speak to the dead saints same real thing and all of them work for the communication with the dead because let me say something I don't care if you have saint in front of the name or not they can't talk to you and you can't speak to them nor is in a hollow hollow and I got as just a quick definition here some I am in a Christian holiday I'll have those either All Saints Day both deem the night of October 31st. The best time to honor the deceased during some man it was believe that the veil between the living and dead thinned allowing spirits to cross over our realm practitioners left food offerings outside for wandering spirits and paired up paired plates at their dinner table for deceased loved ones participants in All Hallows Eve sang hymns and let candles for family members that passed on icons of the dead girls and skeletons represent these traditions and beliefs today and here's a picture of it if you look on the left that's that's All Hallows Eve That's the cemetery lit up and the light the candle light is to show the spirit where to come back to on the right is going all the way back to the Celtic traditions and the druid priests and you can see today would write bonfires and draw things in and conjure up spirits as well what happened is that it was almost as if this holiday they tried to Christianize it by making it out Hello z. before you would try and bring back the dead ancestors and dead relatives now it was you kind of venerate worship prayed to and commune with dead saints in fact the day became huge one of them is El Dia de los Muertos which is. To the left there that is Mexico City on the right that is in Madrid Spain in a competition back in 2018 and this is Katrina is who that skeleton faced woman is supposed to be dressing up and she is like the goddess of that day and there's so much mixed up with this but it is a huge now and all over the place you see people celebrating and having the skeleton faces there in fact Disney and Pixar decided to really take this up a notch and made a movie called Coco and when our children watch this and the title of this slide is the medium of the media so you notice that they have the same Latin root medium and media literally the devil is using the mass media as a medium. To get you to believe these things Koko the wonderfully told story and I'm credible animation children to watch it and because I want you to get this children do not have the ability to differentiate reality from fantasy the way adults do so when children watch it children can't tell what's real and what's not I remember one of my cousins put on a cape and jump from a high place thought he could fly you know I've seen stories of kids doing all kinds of stuff when they see something on a card to make try and imitate it children cannot separate reality from fantasy like adults can so when your child is watching this and you're telling them inside of a school that the living motivation died with the dead know not anything but on Saturday night they watch the dead walking and talking that mixed signal can spiritually confuse your child it's not just children and the most popular movies about spirits of the movie goes with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze phenomena movie Whoopi Goldberg plays a Catholic clairvoyant. Which is a Says a lot all by itself and you can end goals and pageantry died and come back and adventures it and and could touch his wife through the clear voyage in this crazy story what I thought interesting is everybody knows that this is the devil trying to overrun ecclesiastics 9 where it says that the living have no part in what happens under the sun they don't know anything their memory is gone But here listen to what it how it is in Spanish it is literally the last song brought del a more meaning the shadow of love in other words in English is Ghost in Spanish it seems to be telling you a little bit what they're trying to do they're trying to make you think that the love continues is the shadow of love a dark space where you can enter where those who you love and of departed you can meet with again of course shows like molestus and notice the horns. When the bafflement picture horns horns a recurring theme in the occult you'll see more and more of this. As as these as these shows and movies become more and more popular and this is of course what is going to happen a lot more to the villain like in the Despicable Me or him a lesson or in the play wicked the villain the one that we always were raised to believe in the back I now can be converted to the good guy because they're going to be this is Satan preparing the mind for when he comes back as an angel of light as it says in 1st Corinthians and no marvel for Aim for Satan is transformed into an angel of light other translations say a Satan is masquerading as an angel of light hollowing is God so popular that when you look at it this is Asia on the left you can see them all dressed up as demons and and vampires and all kinds of crazy looking things and on the right even in Africa this one is from a picture. I believe from Ghana and an article I got a picture from they said something profound He said listen if that if African neighbors any other countries around us like in Nigeria came to Donna and said listen you need to go door to door you need a progressive like a witch or a ghost and you ask people for something knocking door to door it said the article as we call it juju which must be a way of saying like voodoo I mean nobody would do it but when it's American Don't miss it because the Americans say to do it people dress up in doing what the Bible says and this beast the 1st beast would cause others to pay homage to of the 2nd beast would cause others to pay homage to the 1st beast this lamb like Beast would literally use its influence to make the world look towards the 1st beast and here it is South Africa he said I don't really go out at night to do this but they have night clubs in the parts of the world that are overwhelmingly Christian. And yet Halloween has its influence how powerful is this well this is and Tom Levey He is the founder of the Church of Satan and this is what he says on this he says I'm glad that Christian parents let their children worse of the devil at least one night out of the year powerful and he's speaking of hollowing and yet even some of our Are our Bible believing Adventist brothers and sisters would literally have the children participate in this because they don't want to feel left out they don't want to be men feel like they're missing something if you follow that all the way through your child is basing on to everything the world does and of course it's big and one of the things that's interesting is that it is to cover up Reformation day to what 31st night 1517 when Martin Luther put the 95 pieces 95 pieces on the wall of the Cathedral here in Germany and started what or really continued but Excel aerated what would become the Protestant Reformation no one even the most Christians have no idea when they go to take their child trick or treat and that in fact what happened more significantly that day is that all of the Protestant denominations got their birth to some degree back to sell for example 28 and verse 12 and when a woman saw Saul this woman saw Samuel sorry she cried of the loud voice of the woman spake to Saul saying why has now deceived me for you Are saw the king said unto her Be not afraid for what sayest thou what's sauce the hour in a woman said on to song I saw God's ascending out of the earth of course the gods are small g.e. which means she saw spirits which means she saw demons now she saw them ascending out of the earth it was Samuel that was coming back and he's supposed to be in heaven why is he coming up out of the earth. Verse 14 and he said unto her what form is he of what's being sought couldn't see him which is important and she said an old man cometh up and he is covered with a mantle and again if he had been died and gone to heaven wouldn't he look young and vibrant and saw all perceive that it was Samuel I notice here the Bible says he perceived he didn't know it was Samuel he perceived this is not Samuel Bible technically does not teach that because Saul just perceives and it's written as if it's Samuel and he stooped with his face to the ground bottoms of the bottles before the Spirit thinking it Samuel and it is interesting because the sand was alive he didn't show Samuel very much respect a lot of the time Sam said the song Why has now disquieted me to bring me up and solace that I am sort of stress for the Philistines make war against me and God is departed from me an answer to me no more neither my prophets nor my dreams therefore I have called the The Dalmas make known unto me what shall I do so he so he gets in a jam he calls the spirit up and doesn't God isn't listening to me so I need you to tell me what to do again if God isn't really listening to him or speaking to him why would he bring Samuel up from the dead to talk to him when he wouldn't talk to him through living prophets This is Samuel This is the devil getting a chance to rub in the face of saw and God that God's choice as King has failed and what as you can see is what he does the devil does is he catapults he pushes saw towards his end he does not ask him to repent does not say he should say he's sorry he does not ask for him to go back to God as you would think would happen if it was God speaking instead he pushes him to his destruction 1st Emma 2016 then said Samuel wherefore then just now ask of me seeing the Lord is the parted from the and has become one enemy. And the Lord of have done to him as he spake by me for the Lord have wrecked the kingdom out of the one hand and given it to the neighbor even to David because you obeyed not the voice of the Lord nor executed his fears wrath upon Amalie therefore have the Lord done this thing on to the this day the devil is gloating ha you're in this mess because of what you did and you should have done it but I'm glad you're here because it goes on he says moreover the Lord will also deliver Israel with the end to the hand of the Philistines and to Miles out Dol and I sons be with me and the Lord also shall deliver the the host of Israel into the hand of the Phyllis times then Sol fell straight way all along on the earth and was sore afraid because of the words of Samuel and there was no strength in him for he had not eaten bread all the day nor all the night I want you to get that the message that Samuel supposedly is giving really coming from a demon gives is one to rush him into destruction if Samuel was alive I don't know how he would have given him his message but the point is God wasn't speaking to him so this could be Samuel because in order for Samuel to speak to him God would have to pull me the down from heaven or up from hell in order to talk to him why would God do that he had already stopped talking to him and then you would have to make the argument that the devil has the power to pull him down from heaven to talk to saw the devil doesn't have that power so it can't be Samuel the scripture says the 1st time of 28 in verse 21. The woman came up to Saul and saw that he was sore trouble and said to hold on hand may have obeyed I voice I put my life in your hand and hearken to your words which now speak to me she says Now let me go and prepare you some food as I want to make a morsel of bread to eat to give you strength so you can go on your way he said no he would meet with his servants encourage the verse 23 and encourage them and when the woman and compelled him and he agreed any rose up from here they sat on a bed and a woman have had a fat cats in the house and she halts tasted and killed it and took flour and needed it and did bake unleavened bread thereof and she brought it before saw them before servants and they did eat and they rose up and went away that night saw like Judas the last South to his last supper goes into the darkness of night not just physically but spiritually and this is the last supper for saw the hand of the Witch of Endor this is what will be used prophetically against us as well spiritualism and prophecy I just want to show you that this does not have a political party look on the left that's Time magazine astrology in the White House. And it talks about how. Mansi Reagan used had an astrologer famous astrologer from California that was working with her and so again that is this influence of the spirits Hillary Clinton was mocked in this political cartoon She's a Democrat 1st lady was at the time 1st lady of a Democratic president Bill Clinton where she says that she was able to commune with Eleanor Roosevelt and in this cartoon I say also have a major endorsement from the ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt I would not of put this here but if you go online and you look up there's a speech that Bill Clinton gives where he literally says that I watch the video he says his wife and if you go to snopes where they will be greedy bunk urban myths they speech they show you the clip of him actually saying this and she commune and spoke with the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt. So what is happening well more people are doing as the New York Times as an archivist article says psychic mediums are the new wellness coaches a wood profession is getting a boost from the wellness industry industrial complex seems intuitive. This other one from Modern Life magazine says a strong astrology in the age of uncertainty millennial some who see no contradiction between. Using astrology and believing in science are of fueling a resurgence of the practice so here it was interesting that don't believe in God In fact everyone believes in evolution so they believe there's no God but isn't it interesting that as time goes on even the atheist is becoming more a believer in spiritualism there's no God in heaven but some other spirits running around on Earth or the stars have intelligence that tell you what to do they've been b. which. The scriptural account of Saul's visit to the woman of Endor has been a perplexity to many students of the Bible some take the position that Samuel was actually present but the Bible furnishes grounds for a contrary clue for a contrary conclusion book eternity passed for 95 if Samuel was in heaven he must have been summoned from thence either by God or by Satan none can believe for a moment a scene had power to call the prophet from heaven to out of the incantation than abandon woman nor could we could do that God somebody him to the witches cave for the Lord already refused to communicate with Saul by dreams by your I'm a by prophets the message itself is evidence of its or in origin its object was not to lead Saul to repentance but to urge him on to rule and this is not the work of God but of Satan Furthermore the act of Saul in consulting is sorceress is cited in Scripture as one reason why he was rejected by God saw the died for his transgression which he committed against the Lord even against the Word of the Lord which he kept not and also for asking counsel of one that had a familiar spirit to enquire of it and inquired not of the Lord therefore he slew him and turned the Kingdom on to David the son of Jesse 1st Chronicles 101-3141 the whiteboards here the passage makes it clear he he did he went to her and according to the Bible he didn't really go to God. Saw the not communicate with Samuel the prophet of God but with satan satan could not present the real Samuel but a counterfeit that serve his purpose of the separation ancient sorcery and witchcraft were founded upon a belief in communion with the dead those who practice necromancy claim to obtain through departed spirits a knowledge of future events when they shall say unto you I say $81000.00 Porton verse what is this or meant when they shall say unto you seek unto them that have familiar spirits and into wizards that people and that much or should not the people seek on to their god for the living to the dead you need not nets I say 81000 again from the book attorneys passed page 45 you need not conjure up your ancestors if you need protection you need not call up spirits if you need to know where you're going why would you call out to the day when your God is alive God has given us the warning by his prophet when they shall say unto you seek under them that half a 1000000 spirits and to wizards that people in that matter should not of people seek on to their god for the living to the dead to the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word it is because there is no right in them their 819 and 20 if they are trying to mix the things of the world as a cult of the world with the things of God It is because there is no light in them Sola Scriptura is one of the things that Martin Luther during the Reformation pushed the Bible and the Bible alone. 3 ones as a like this so foolish galley sions who have the which you that you should not obey the truth before whose eyes Jesus Christ has been evidently set forth crucified among over food dish Christians. As be which. That you would not obey the truth and begin to follow the law is of the world when you have the evidence in his word of the death of Jesus Christ and the fact that he was risen and has gone to sit at the right hand of God is ministering for us in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary Why do you need to turn to astrological signs or ancestors or or spells or concoctions libations or chance I will trust in God prophetically it matters revelation 161213 says and the 6 Angel poured out his vile upon the great river Euphrates and the water there was dried up that the way of the kings of the East might be prepared and I saw 3 unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet I want you all to get this this is before the 6 vial of poured out which which symbolizes a flashback to when Belshazzar king of Babylon lost the kingdom to the Medes and Persians the Euphrates was dried up Babylon is about to fall is what this is telling you spiritually but big but as this happens spiritualism is going to rise up like uncut like unclean spirits out of frogs 3 of them out of the mouth of the dragon the mother of beast and on the mountain a false prophet spiritualism prostate Protestantism and a couple This is a spiritual ism is going to come out of all 3 quarters and one of the primary reasons why is the belief that you can communicate with the dead look at what the warning is that Jesus gives the room John in the Book of Revelation 16 verse 14 for they are the spirits of devils. Working miracles which go forth on to the kings of the earth and the whole of the whole world to gather them to the battle of the that great day of God Almighty it is with to spiritualism the lying wonders of these dark spirits that are going to cause the whole world to be unified for the great day of the battle of God Almighty and what it does that mean spiritualism will be like the brew that brings all the world against the Christian when Jesus gives this truth through John here in Revelation 16 verse 15 almost seems out of place but it is not refreezes dried up which means Babylon is about to fall spiritualism is going to rise up and deceive many That's when Jesus says in Revelation 1615 behold I come as a thief Blessed is He that watch it and keep his garments Lets he walk naked and they see his shame she's a listen you better be watch in heaven and not men don't do like Israel of old and try and pick barabus because you don't like your conditions here on earth he says I'm coming like a thief you're not going to expect it when I get here he says you instead you want to be watching and keeping your garments why because if you don't you'll be naked Well what does it mean to be naked means that you will be uncovered your sins will be exposed on you will be unforgiven and you will not be covered in a robe of Christ's righteousness spiritual as a is anti-thetical to the doctrine that Martin Luther was trying to give to enlighten the world with the doctrine of righteousness by faith you cannot save yourself spiritualism says the power is within me my Bible tells me my the power is in Almighty God You can't save yourself you can't fix this world that you want what is needed is the blood of Jesus Christ applied to your life. There's more power in the blood and I mean there's some even the all the forces of the demonic world powerless when the blood of Jesus is claimed on one of his children this season festivity and darkness that is coming in October and if they're saying it is going to be a blue moon Colleen of them a blue moon the 2nd full moon in the same month and people are celebrating that I mean to something Jesus is about to return that's what we ought to celebrate that's what we ought to be getting ready for do not get caught up in the in the Sophos tree of Satan and how he runs this world through spiritualism and magic all of which is so alluring to so many make sure your calling and election is sure trust him and have faith that the blood of Jesus has done its job in your life make sure it's applied to your life then trust that you don't have any need for those powers don't be be waged Father God we thank you for this opportunity to study your word very challenging topic 5 I got to pray that you would just prepare the minds of those who have heard this to understand they are in spiritual warfare we must be prepared with the Word of God breastplate of righteousness the shield of faith the helmet of salvation sort of the word we must be ready for battle. Teach us to not be like Saul in fear. Is to be like the trust. This is our prayer in Jesus precious only. This media was brought to you by audio verse a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse if you would like to listen to more sermon or leave a visit w w w audio verse or.


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