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Be Careful Who You Vote For (5 Bible Warnings)

Mark Finley
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Christians should understand biblical principles before the decide to exercise their freedom to vote. The upcoming election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden has the potential to affect the world and Christianity in a large way. Let us study Bible truth so you can be spiritually informed to make the right decision as to whether you should vote and what principles to apply. Pastor Mark Finley will show you from the word of God insight for the Christian voter.


Mark Finley

Assistant to President for Evangelism at the General Conference



  • October 19, 2020
    6:25 PM
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The United States is in the midst of its election cycle we are in the throes of election right now the presidential campaign is in full force between the sitting president Donald j. Trump and the former Vice President Joe Biden and often people ask me this question Pastor Mark should I vote and what principles do we have from Scripture to guide us in this whole voting process now obviously Hi I'm not going to tell you who to vote for I'm not even to tell you whether you should vote or you shouldn't vote but I am going to give you 5 basic principles to consider when you are voting and then I'm going to try to share with you a larger picture given to us in Scripture about where this world is headed and where America is headed no matter who is elected in the upcoming presidential election so 1st let's look at 5 basic principles 1st. Carefully weigh out the issues before you vote don't vote flippantly and say well I'm part of this political party or I'm part of that political party so merely because I'm such a part of this party I'm a vote for this president not at all evaluate each candidate based on biblical principles principles such as integrity honesty righteousness justice principles such as the sanctity of life principle such as where will this political party lead us in the light of liberty of conscience and religious liberty James chapter one and verse 5 puts it this way in Scripture the Bible talks about that the decision making process and in James chapter one and verse 5 the Bible says if any of you lacks wisdom let him ask of God who gives to all men liberally that's freely That's abundantly and without reproaching will be given to him so be it if any man lacks wisdom before we vote on something so important so critical so vital as who leads a nation God says If any man or woman lacks wisdom let him ask of God So pray about your vote ask God who you should vote for and base your vote not simply on political considerations but based your vote on biblical values not long ago I read an interesting action that took place in a session of the General Conference a 7th Day Adventist in May 17th 1965 it was the 3rd general conference session. Now it was fascinating to me and it can apply to Christians of any denomination of course but that general conference session of Adventist delegates from throughout the United States at that time. Made a resolution regarding voting and I thought it was fascinating this is what they said resolved that in our judgment the act of voting when exercised in behalf of justice humanity and right is in itself blameless and may not be sometimes highly improbable but that the centers of any vote that shell strengthen such crimes as intemperance as in so wretched as slavery we regard as highly criminal in the light of heaven but we would depreciate any participation in the spirit of party strife now what is this resolution saying it's saying if you felt look for integrity and honesty and and candidates the uphold moral values and then it brings out the interesting point of not getting involved in party strife in a local congregation So here's principle number one carefully weigh out who you're going to vote for evaluate that based on biblical principles and make it a matter of prayer Now here's Principle Number 2. Every one of us has a God given responsibility don't allow yourself to be manipulated don't allow yourself to be coerced by somebody else's opinion on what you should do you should vote for you have the liberty to make the choice yourself and in fact every one of us are accountable to God for the choices we make room Schefter 14 verse 12 is a principle that should guide every single one of us Romans 14 verse 12 if your god is in voting in other decisions in life Romans $1412.00 says so that each of us shall give account of himself to God So every single one of us is accountable to God for the decisions we make when we allow ourselves to be manipulated by others when we allow ourselves to be coerced by others we lose the very essence of what it means to be human that is the freedom of choice created with free will by gone so every one of us should give account of himself to gawd if we allow ourselves to be manipulated There's another danger there's a day coming when the mark of the beast will be enforced according to The Book of Revelation where political powers will unite church and state where they're with the majority will put pressure and coerce to attempt to coerce us to violate our conscience if we fight later conscience now and are manipulated by others to vote in a certain way just because the majority is voting that way then that prepares us ultimately to receive the mark of the beast so here's a 2nd principle after you've prayed about it after you've weighed against situation and biblical values make the decision privately yourself here's the 3rd principle there are many people who are going to allow political differences to divide the church people say I'm of this political party or I'm of that political party there's a much higher much higher. Allegiance that we have than to a political party a much deeper Allegiance a much broader allegiance and that's the allegiance to the Body of Christ the church we are brothers and sisters in Christ that trumps over any political party now notice officials chapter 2 in chapter 3 You and I are members of the household of God when we make a decision to become a Christian and when Jesus Christ guides governs our life of fish and chapter 2 verse 19 now therefore you are no longer strangers in foreigners but fellow citizens with the Saints in members of the household of God having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets Jesus Christ himself being our Chief Cornerstone we are felicitous and with the Saints were members of the household of God You and I are brothers and sisters you may have one political party I may be at the other political party but we are together in Jesus Christ we are together in the family of God We are part of the household of God a fusion chapter 3 verse 14 for this reason I bow my knees to the Father of Our Lord Jesus Christ verse 15 from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named they would grant you according to the riches of His glory to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man we have come to Christ were strengthened by the Holy Spirit we have become Jew in gentile male and female educated not educated we've come from various denominations we've come from various ethnic groups but we now do not have a party spirit that defy its us we do have some political ideology that separates us we are part of the household thing and the family of God So there's 3 principles number one way carefully who you vote for based on biblical values pray about it number 2. Every one of us has a personal responsibility to God not to be manipulated or guided by another number 3 don't allow political differences to divide the church's brothers and sisters that would be Satan's goal and here's number 4 recognize that God is sovereign whoever is elected in this upcoming American election whoever is elected God is suffering God is the one that sets up kings and God is the one that takes down Kings look there are 2 clear texts on this now notice these 2 texts of very fascinating The 1st is found in. The book at Daniel Chapter 2 verse $21.00 this is in the days of Babylon was Babylon a godly power not at all Babylon was a god less power it war against the true God but notice what then you'll Chapter 2 sets and give and he God changes the times in the seasons he removes kings and raises up kings he gives wisdom to the wise the knowledge of those who are understanding God removes kings and raises up kings You mean the destiny if Nations is in the hands of God even unjust rule chorus can ultimately fulfill the plans of God because Ra God raises up a king and takes down a king or raises up a political leader and takes down a political It doesn't mean that political leader is a servant of God It doesn't mean that they are faithful in their allegiance to God It simply means that whoever is ruling a nation God is in ultimate control and will use that person to carry out his destiny or his purposes now we find that in Daniel Chapter 2 we find it also in the book of Romans now you'll recall in Romans Chapter 13 Hall is writing to the Church at Rome and it's very strange when you actually think about it what Paul actually says. In the divine drama of destiny God is still in control of raising up in taking down Kings even when those kings are godless Romans 13 verse one in to let every soul be subject to the governing authorities for there is no authority except from God in the authorities that exist are appointed by God How in the world could Paul say the authorities that exist are appointed by God How in the world could pull over say that these Roman rulers that were despotic that were persecuting Christians were appointed by God Therefore whoever resists the authority that's the authority of that state power resists the ordinance of God and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves so obviously there is a time to resist when government leaders make laws that are contrary to the was of God That's the time to resist when government leaders cause men and women to violate the principles of the 10 Commandments that's the time to resist we don't go along but look when Rome was ruling Paul says that the Roman authorities were placed there by God What is Paul mean he meant that God was sovereign over all so don't get so distressed so caught up in a political movement that you fail to recognize the sovereignty of the largeness the big business the greatness of God that he is in control now there is a 5th thing about this too that I want to mention and that is discovered. God's overriding purpose for your own life another words there's a bigger election than the election that's going to take place right now there's a much bigger election and there's a much larger purpose what is that bigger election Peter speaks about if there's a bigger election than electing Donald j. Trump or electing Joe's by the much bigger election you say it's have pick your election than that now there's a greater election 2nd Peter chapter one verse 10 here is the bigger a election therefore brethren or sisters be even more diligent to make your calling election sure notice this is an election the make your election and your calling sure for if you do these things you won't stumble for so an entrance will be supplied to you abundantly into the everlasting kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ what does it mean to make your Alexion sure before you were going born God predestined you for eternity. Before you were born God had an ultimate plan for your life before you were born you are elected by God when you were still in your mother's womb you were elected by God for salvation Jesus died for you you were justified by his death on the cross Christ's life on Earth in meeting the temptations of Satan in overcoming them was for you Christ's death was for you Christ's resurrection was for you Christ ascension it was for you Christ highly priestly ministry is for you you are lacked it for salvation but we must elect to receive the grace of Christ we must elect to receive his power in our lives we must to elect to receive the salvation that is ours in Christ the greater election is not the election of Donald Trump it's not the election of Joe Biden it is that you and I are you elected for salvation and when we accept the gift of salvation so freely offered Jesus invites us to go out on a redemptive mission to share the good news to share the grace of God I am amazed that thousands of people tens of thousands will go door to door to give out pamphlets for a political leader but you can't get them to go door to door for Jesus I'm amazed that people will go speak to their neighbors about a political candidate that they want to be in office. But you can't get them to speak to their neighbors about Jesus Christ I am appealing to you my brother and sister that there's a greater purpose that's a larger purpose in life than a current political election because the Bible tells us we are on the knife edge of eternity the Bible tells us that Jesus Christ is soon to come the Bible tells us the who that whoever is elected that they are going to be natural disasters there are going to be conflict and strife in the streets there is going to be a trauma in our society there is going to be a time when religious liberty is curtailed and taken away from us there's going to be a time when the mark of the beast is in forest but God invites us to go with the good news of the gospel to go with the good news of his grace in the Bible says in Matthew $24.00 verse 14 in this gospel the kingdom shall be preached in all the world and all nations then the end shall come will you sense that larger purpose you know whoever you vote for that is your personal choice in fact there is a marvelous statement by Illinois in 2nd selected messages book to page 337 she says if you vote keep your voting to yourself do not feel it your duty to urge everyone to do as you do another words if you vote that your personal matter but keep it to yourself but there's something you don't want to keep to yourself that is that you've been saved by grace that is you've been transformed by God's love that is in change you're a new man your new woman go my brotha cold my sister tell the story of Christ there's a larger purpose there's a greater Bishan that God has for you and me and that is to participate with him. To prepare a world for his soon coming because we have been elected by God as ambassadors for Christ to warn the world that he will come soon let's pray Father in heaven thank you the check coming soon thank you that Jesus is on the way thank you that we have been elected to share your love your grace your goodness with others in we want to accept that challenge Oh father we do pray that you'd guide in the upcoming all action here in the United States of America we pray that you would move powerfully to put the person you so desire in oh lord keep the doors of religious liberty open but father whatever political persuasion we are of help us to know that we're brothers and sisters in Christ that we have a larger vision that we're to go out and preach the gospel to tell the story of your grace we pray in Jesus name on. 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