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  • April 17, 2010
    5:00 PM
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I want him there and that is what is in and in and he is really ugly is the realization of employment earlier I is still that is when those days and a really tall he is working all the world including in North America that are doing these creatures is the I believe the real cinematic legend of humans make them that it would administer those in the creationist circles suggestion is made that perhaps after the fall that is a war scene inspired humans practice some kind of new genetic experiments and created a awesome flight Tyrannosaurus rex sometimes it will allude to statements that Ellen White thinks about there was after the fall of the nomination in man and perhaps the amalgamation of these refers to reading animals crossbreeding animals grazing these monsters the fact is as far as I know it is true or not to me asking those scenes you might call it your speculation it is a device that is not a denial by statements he talks about that one of the more quite sure what she's talking about some people talk about humans and animals I don't think that's what you meant a flooded rivers and artisans I honestly don't know me as possibility but on the basis of what we have dropped to the Bible and science I couldn't say that for sure some eighty I don't know is in you that is I believe that God created is just like the only you know I live around me people initially in Isaiah is just in time when the lion and the landlady on the other and reliable problem land so I would suspect that the reliance before the long there practices not the last time something happen it will change the maneuver into a carnivorous animal maybe reptiles and organize them to the same thing it is required eugenics is so that I don't know I'm also working on important problem to gain his gaze ecosystem carnivores are absolutely essential a lot of people say that shows up before the ball there had been licensing of the world I know while not as tricky question however it doesn't belong out of what the pristine world look like I don't know what rule will be out leaves decomposing we have no dinner here and I was in so all I know his wife is going to a different nature things before that we have now is not the ideal net in the world it will be different again Paul makes his incredibly unscientific statement that I felt a little mystery is that this mortal flesh shall put on immortality now from a biological perspective I have no idea what that means is my biology friends do I don't know what I under a microscope and it is always been mortal flesh of never seeing mortal flesh I don't know what that means and how that will work exactly but I do believe in the resurrection power to the mortuary for a little while was written with college and I've never seen people pray for the dead was a come back to life again I was very grateful and I was working your neck and back to life I was here at least like to believe in a future resurrection and I I share the focus of a lot of those grieving families things I don't understand for not just the little things I don't understand you and is you and you the morning is tolerable in the best albeit inherently gingery a lot of creationists and related information usually when I didn't have premature appearance in some of its aspects or was it all in a pristine other words were out of the greatest babies in diapers already created as mature adults we get the impression that they were created were talking each other interacting in support of their greatest mature adult evening is created we call that parent page idea that they were created it has helped people with maturity we suspect that when the trees were created in the garden of Eden they were just saplings that they were many full-grown trees we know that when you cut a tree down today as mature trees can have dreams and they typically represents a certain amount of time for those rings the form to get an entry in the gardening when it rains I would think it would because those actions are necessary to treat to stand up and for the nutrients in the water runs over the blowup and down so I would feel comfortable thinking that a lot of aspects of the creation created in which reform even geochemical and assert that other aspects of our world creating an advanced reform God doesn't give us explicit answers opposite really I'm saying is an assumption but uncomfortable with it and that may solve part of our apparent page problem these may have been created in an advanced stage they even summed geochemical or physical systems look much older than they really were don't know if that's possible and will and will and will and will from a purely legal perspective I'm very comfortable he was this is an argument that she can go either way in Hebrew you can read certain good news on José know everything was great it is no integration work I think the majority of Hebrew scholars putting conservative evangelical types not be necessary merely evangelicals but liberals dollars as well will suggest that Genesis one one in the beginning God created heaven and that is a at an introductory statement that suggests that at the very beginning of all time God created the entire universe and not enough I was all near as in the expression happens in her is a literary mechanism he was with the juniors was reading to all who explain the whole and it's pretty clear that he was interested in the couple you know heaven and earth that the entire universe when the race translated as to illuminate that translate just when one actually use the Greek word cost of that cell is not the cause of universal that when you slip the chapter versus Web servers to chapter one it starts using a triad expression and see someone you read Yglesias reverences have an urgency just talking about this last happens in this planet the size of the bird flu emergency when it only uses the expression have heard that it is usually reversible universe to get impressionable university training is fine as is your solo would that it was here it was not suitable for life it was on some people say unformed but I like are as they say is the traditional lighting is generally on hold until the better translation so it's here are some things here and in the initial creation of the heavens and earth how far back it wasn't I don't know something like the salable year was thirty six thousand years I don't think that's what he says we don't know how hard that angels are created we don't know Windows is so that all my thoughts that were created in a long while I went on to the earth could've been sitting here in a model who stay informed on the prolonged one on one time in years I don't know oh but it was here then what God is he thinks that surely makes it happen that's the point Genesis chapter one verse two even forms and then makes a little more when he starts filling it with the birds fish and humans so I personally only a few thousand problem allowing for the matter here's been here for a long time life seems to be a recent phenomenon twenty two thousand that doesn't necessarily mean I have to say that he seems allowing in all will you are correct about saying young in the ultimate beginning of the whole University Avenue God created all the stars couldn't martinet initial creation of the universe so that our world was a universe as there are three levels as well as interesting integrated accounting and review of the sun and moon are brought into existence human narratives and he was Garden City were created to be a formula in the Hebrew usages zero two thousand people argument about who was right or wrong when it comes to the stars and says he made the stars also and that is a bit of an identity debate about that when he was on me as all the stars there and not he right to say what God thinks is rolled and then he reminds the reader that he also did the stars and planets are throwing there is one we need now story that God created everything including the starting of this artery there is telling me to do is not eating animal university always make that within four points of the stars to be very old also it seems a lot more about you as one of those things that can go either way and some people might argue the more recent and he will and will and I don't think so again if you see Genesis one one has there is a vivid sort of an Internet receiving I was not a very good that they leave everything happens at her as if it is needed here is what all is not all glass I think it's an early writings in our happiness understanding color white talks about of the plans of the meetings on the trees of knowledge that humans over the ball we did so probably all of you before the creation of our earth so they were all in the whole universe even you just talk to ourselves as a result looking at us were sort of the theater of the universe as around watching great controversy I don't think there's a problem having a plan of selling with other beings on this planet before the service is great how are back I know I and and and yeah that's not my area I now have a background in biology but I don't stuff like that one of the people or geoscience research is Tim Standish is actually working the area from my reading and I know better than the layperson here my reading is that silicon residual thing evolutionary analysis courses must be transitional forms like Archaeopteryx and so forth but some people look at those studies and issues in detail suggest that a true transitional announcements on our topic will be and I understand that what people better than me are you now and I are in the know that he and God has placed within all organisms including human beings I have the genetic DNA has a remarkable less will you claim terms and policies the embedded and DNA tremendous potential for variation and I think God even recognize that things on the planet change survey to change out the following to know what kind of changes in ball before God is certain that ability into organism so that as they would confront areas of environmental challenges and situations in temperature whatever that humans and other organisms are talking made minor adjustments to those situations of the better adapt I don't have a problem by using the keys of having audio a certain amount of revolution to allow the afternoon this is that ability we have tremendous Filipino DNA code that allows those wonderful ride is acting as a sufficiently grateful as they do not create you day the neo- Darwinists as Roethlisberger yes you can go from my your mouse to a giraffe to use a bad example I don't think is really themselves as actually to be able to look at the genetic video mechanisms that are suggested to allowing a change in an organism through time please ignore it doesn't really work that well you cannot do their jobs and so the argument for periodic mass jumps so that these evolutionary change is his capital one so I see was elegant literature a good mechanism to use your early something majorly finds I see that as an engineer brought I do see a lot of potential for a lot of very Asian organs in humans these I think we see that exhibited in the human races as well they don't divinely want to use the term racism more definite and four children historically is actually lead to racism and bigotry and so forth conservative Christians were all children of God that something about Romney dropped out of her cabin Republican society that they were all to God all we are doing is exhibiting remuneration God has through his graciousness of his own wisdom in his sense of duty on the variation but this suggests that there's anything less than that involve someone going into Christian you he and I absolutely know that that's my understanding measurements is even a greater drop building or in her he is will will you keep in mind that when I was discussing Genesis one and two I gain the context for that story we believe it was written by Moses to prepare the Israelites to leave the land of Egypt go to the land of Canaan so the point is when Moses was on the Israelites of no rain and thorns he's not he is talking about there were no doors visiting world is also suggesting there was no rain but he's not really addressing the issue of what is going to be seen undergoing and entering a dozen roses it is a when the rain comes from our windows arrange interviews but if you read your Genesis he explains that this chapter and chapter three words ring first appear flood so I'm not getting it all we don't have any evidence from the biblical perspective it raises the desire to let me know some of the blood and judgment okay but what most point is that you Hebrews when you leave Egypt you been getting on her river water denial when you get to the promised land immunity depending on rainfall so that's partly because of the taxes will live in a all that to him yet it is not in as one of the sources of the invention using to my calling is sitting in the audience down a few geology runs on the geologic column very complicated you know you have lots of layers around the world running the show their own unique galvanizing depositional context and history the short answer I have is public at large sections of the geologic column yes I think it's compatible what I known my understanding that these could of been laid down by a large water catastrophe there's nothing I would get a layer energy in the geologic on the rankings is no courtesy of Noah's flood is a problem archaeological strata to say no to destroy criticisms often the Israelites princes and activities an example season burn layers we have to kind of making inferences and sometimes right side of the losers we look at a lot of pacifism on very large scales geological needed to bring that over the new Google mole removal is more than are trying to my students as it technically is not necessarily the water what were my father 's one suggestion of an etymology ties into Akkadian and suggested actually is a catastrophe we really see it was like might be that it is enormous catastrophe at talks in the desert about a second and just feel comfortable not be wanted by fire is interesting at times indigenous illnesses I'm going to send me water another was the word Google myself business opening water the writer accident is defined by same as the pool water so the last couple maybe one of fire point being is that this was bigger than just rain coming down water heating the building and surrounding I think we have to look at processes that include no no thrift karate now with the new subduction maybe all Re: Robert Hayden geological process is partly recall no as well so I just want to believe in all the layers of English drama water survey that was the point of as a biosensor that I think we have to lower our understanding to go even beyond the unison of my colleagues in science I have more sophisticated understandings of this dreaded news alert don't ever recall you want in an and in low savings and immigration regime change or evolution of trying to put the question exactly how you will want to traditional engines of change and evolution is not dealing with genetically and as a major thing that organisms will know the genetic code will unit will create a new element of the organism no maybe the eyes will change in the Wenzel change of the digestive system will change somehow so while mutations in my ballot different organism or save most of them don't really lead to productive or beneficial change that most mutations in the detrimental so I don't believe that genetic mutation results in adequate engine change us all let only the liver looking for something else it happened in a mass scale as a evolution is really in trouble when understanding explaining the change I think probably my gracious in her hand enjoying there were problems with injuries and there are no bulletins you and I are in the hello Sunday Mozilla it is a really be limited in these my right to say these are out of my area I feel more words on an archaeologist I deal a lot with the rejection easier Eastern yellow nooses were some familiar with their flood stories of creation stories on him or what the biblical texts is enamored with later biblical history and to archaeology in a yummy little going on as you know a lot of people today including myself will come board will pontificate on stuff usually behind the neck and some represses were intimidating resulting evening we are coming from but in all my my own perspective these issues are very very complicated when you talk about operations you really want to get into this think about how many academic disciplines it talks about my point of saying this is maybe syllables humility for all of us in flawless because of your suggestion and idolizing all creation is all nonsense and wonderful how much hard rock theology view that adhesive that is attributable PhD just as you can do a whole doctorate and soft rock geology and hard drive geology new OPG in invertebrate paleontology really talking you won't be the last genetics you can do a whole Doctor Ellsworth and that is business and theoretical physics is busy new astronomy to all people different zones understands an automobile into the issue but it touches upon so many complicated issues I'm a little bit inaudible when scarcity got too much he probably doesn't talk just to get going on the topic for you really I'm serious because Israel complicated here in Oregon we have a problem were not real big one Silas in the Middle East is Alison Angel site is one slightly alter the entire release letter once I all I know and they're usually disagreements about it in his cycling is final my site this is crazy enough and this is the reason and this is what I'm not only does it matter what he envisions as this is the way instead of being revolutions to her as a meaning sizzled over all our hacks needs alone and humility in any science is no accurate integration is one of philosophy have a PhD in various areas of lots of the above is only darkness and archaeology to happen you're not talking about this and and linguistics you know how many of you really have to be redone and great gonzo for this only areas you have to master it is a little intimidating Zionism only revealed the fumbles there's my little speech and know that Rawlings got a real restaurant exams at the end of the day I have found great assurance and confidence and trust in God 's words and musings are so much bigger than that I find is eventually going by way I'm not an expert in physics or in geology I have achieved my own little was when a certain of us organization attainment in archaeology my monism is this morning am on the board of the American schools were in research published a lot of well-respected outages invited to run for vice president was always society on environmental and it looks with non- apostolic times I guess I need to get people think I'm a pretty exalted in that area and you and I know that there's so much I know the area around something like go to get outside all the way our taxes will fall back on the word of God interest easily and are exactly so in her answer yes it will it goes back whenever scholars propose this idea and the idea is basically this that when Moses wrote Genesis he didn't just get the information from the vision that he had it is an original dollar 's for a lot of reasons including looking at closing date in a meeting Moses actually had access to some agency documents hundreds of Ellen EPG Y England actually was decided back in World War II and he wonders this is respected and stated when Moses is wandering the wilderness he was a medium that may be as he came upon his father-in-law Jethro that maybe Jethro had access to some of the history of the early Hebrews there was a relationship between the drive you want to them in the language that is maybe have an account of Adam and accountants in the future maybe as looked at that there is way beyond various sections of Genesis or organize dollars refer to the possibly of little or cleaner go through the transition phrase in degrees between wanting to just another and some Hebrew phrases invoked in one chat another would like to call appliance as Moses was using resources when he writes his Gospel says he interviewed a lot of people to consult a lot of sources before he wrote his gospel so is not possible Moses himself even though he was inspired Sultan some of his old sources we don't know that for sure but there are some solid suggestion and idea are in an and what we do have in any rollovers on the outermost writing we do have the Levins is from sources but the evidence rewriting it are as a number of them when you look at the structure and literary structure Genesis one three Lebanon Genesis already in the chapter a number of scholars see my acid elements where the litter execs is written as a chiasm that word up and that is near each other you'll see some to get an introduction annual can say a certain sequence you and your wife in the second half of the memory revered literary unit is start slowing down reverse order entering the scene that's why there's a lot of repetition I see that even in English and so that these builders buildups literarily to a point in the descending down for the last point is once Jerusalem or Israel client and we can see instructions going through the entire original cast Genesis and in some cases only to the entire world suggesting that the entire book was written by one person in a very careful methodical way we also see when was Hansen or some historical elements as all suggest that one person was writing all these things this is a hot and traditional historical critics will be nice for me to say not how we got our sources GED he and others but I think there's more and more evidence suggesting that the traditional documentary hypothesis is wrong people many sources but it was not only not pious frauds concocted like the critics say it seems like they could've been an early writer who doodles early things together wrote grand unified literary work and I think that the momentum is shifting more more that way and you and in and in and there are traditional locations for the picture arts we have the south of Jerusalem there in heaven we have the grave of several major arts are located here they have gone you know Jacob Isaac and Abraham they had gone in some cases those ratifying today Jews worshiped there and Muslims worship there because they share this here is the understanding of it assumes some archaeologists on occasion when the Israelis of arthritis in these areas and OxyContin to some of them and they have found some evidence that the location in which the what is and by the way they are these restrictions you go in June of the listeners out there braving the phase seven Fiona Ma I know it around the inside when they are built on top of some caves that are underneath the worship places and some these days have taught unanimously that danger so there could be an old tradition of this was in the location that was remembered through the centuries all away through your Jewish Christian and Islamic we don't have a hypersensitive arthritis conditions in the Navy truth I can't say I is and he will and you use it as a consider these remote places when you go there you are the little key broadcast media information accurately typically both Muslims and Jews will access to these places and you'll see the brain oftentimes drag you could use Moses separate from each other so that there is not a war was so while tragically you'll hear like an example mountaineering which is sacred to Christians Jews Muslims of the class bloodshed in the same thing happens periodically to have Romulans as well as some not from either removal and you definitely don't want to worship their as that happens but they do have strong traditions and while some of these places are not authentic our life is directly along very well the there is an certainly on the ten Commandments are found in other cultures I don't think they are unaware of even has exactly like we have there are some interesting stories of the data mapping found for example or was I conquered New Mexico visiting Cisco Riverstone even has a copy of the ten Commandments people are wondering how they got how that got there you come over from some Jews from biblical times as you like and has actually visiting the site recently it seems like you can call that enrollment in reservoir to feel Hebrew has the most misused but I find in favor of the Stone Age were warily remapping Internet company when the letters looks like a school to try to copy some letters again will put it in terms of article is having exact copy I'm not aware of any that I have seen elements of the concepts of the ten Commandments are in and in and in and are being young and he really trying to investigate those claims his income the short answer is no we don't think those artisans found there has been run like this made a lot of claims available in all that we try to investigate a lot of his claims it sounds exciting sound those are the Ark of the covenant place dressing literature is crossed we got each of the sites I myself am a graduate student so my colleagues and we've investigated and I'm not even a wiki and a little but you want to have an open mind we've not been able to verify any of the claims to be honest I give a lecture in each one of those within the Red Sea 's latest venture will react to the manuscript is the guiding their double bit we couldn't verify the claims they were misidentifying abled world chariot wheels and some wheels of fellowship position some of the modern wheels electric drills they misidentified some of those nipples among Internet but none of those are true people require celibacy were apprehensive this is we work in the city reborn archaeology Museum and when we would verify the claim zero nasty letters to the little horn museum which I thought was rather clever but everything is we do believe in the biblical account mysteries movie thrilled by the arc of the cabinet what Israel has the thing is even theoretically found that we have not found in Israel for his Christians that when we present evidence to the world we use that evidence and if we use that as a legal single what about you why didn't you let what you need evidence of that actually I'm willing to send it out in terms of a lot of false archaeological claims we make those and pretty obvious train sizes is not valid it does make it hard to defend her food so so we believe in the ark Noah's Ark American government for an in very easily levitate volunteers you pay your expenses ago but that we have a blind resume some of his volume 3M 's projects there is oneness of mouth from my loss your and CC I think they dig a site cell Mary on my call hold words and is open southern Andes University Realty brought to manage University has been receiving one person died and working again as I hereby call Joomla! which is bigger and has then we needed maybe Google has thought we dishonestly will there last season and so what we think these may relate to the pools of data on the Kingsolver talks about so every summer we got at the seams over the Middle East digging all you do is send you e-mail that he lightheaded one of our archaeological digs one of our sister digs and you'll have a great experience is nothing like working in the land of the Bible and my e-mail address is very simple it is younger while you ER Doctor Andrews .edu into Google and University in archaeological find or archaeological as you can learn a lot about our research investigations there is him to be in my literacy is become aware of the problem and unfunny a lot of it using my professor colleagues the seminary weren't really aware of his hermeneutic and what I see happening is a lot of heart and his scholars are on for missing unknowingly barring hermeneutic is not really does not be ripening the installing basis don't read a book by sometimes and no scholar summaries a Christian is a less interesting ideas identities of those examples of these of these are not real days as a result Liberal McGill aside assuming dissolves our creation evolution volume is not literal readings of the lung is the problem is that that source of literature is not good stuff from installing second and so I think seeing aware of that look at where the guys coming from what is your present is our see if these of you guys evangelical reasoning from and that will help a lot about whether his citizens out of and scholarly work so that's Lisa starting on the net is simply astounded as her claim one was addressed he says how does a lot of what Ellen White actresses that his replace or even stalking Ellen White and some of these words clearly contradict the oil of my present feelings and recorded and remembered reading the literal we believe the real days so if we are going to be fatal to that claim than these other works reveal themselves contradict every release and on and in her that he is in is he is the race in how have you all know he and are you and I will do is a delicate question is is that working at a seminary film we always want to maintain a pastoral attitude and no new housing person working in scientific and archaeology and I worked with her colleagues I edited a book recently the book was among my colleagues and their evolutionism there were chapters dealing with video of Paleolithic sites yielded insights is over they go much older than what I has analysis of those miraculously Fortino when you're working inside his shirt should meet the challenges we has a church believes something in the church has the right to say what it believes and at the same time I want to help you identify a moment ago was that I see problem you would get something how do I fit that into my Google view and I don't always have an easy answer sometimes the answers and so sometimes it is as I can appreciate Zell might see scientists and theologians are together but at the same time all of the seven obligations injured reserve into the constituent 's reserve on that basis alone should I think prohibit us from saying things are out of harmony with what the church believes that it is an ethical issues in I am a father of four children there is children's natural growing up my daughter is thirty and misunderstandings and twenty eight ISO seventeen and she's getting ready to go to nap his college and she's thinking which college do I want to go to now some kind of split on this planet teacher but I'm also parents and here's probably certain colleges I would love to have her go Junior might be one or two I wouldn't want to know is and that's because they are reinforcing what I want my child is given in Avenue school the reason I feel as a parent I have a right to expect that the teachers at one of her colleges reinforce what I believe has a member of the restriction is apparent on the listings of delivery and seventy Windows such as lean as I can help I want my kids to get a good education yes I also want to be really well grounded in and is now here's my problem I'm not an expert in geology or physics perhaps I can study science flooded in I read what extensively I'm really Hebrew Bible extensive land originally was written on the schedule problems and so forth sometimes I hear these coming out of some of our happiness teachers and I just think that scholarship I have alluded in the day some of the reinterpretations coming out of Genesis I just cannot think of a song that basis alone a final bunch of teachers are not teaching that would want my students go to my kids have occurs as being my kids and I happen to be a university teacher and so I have more than just a layman 's opinion on some of these things I think some people are teaching that on a scholarly level in addition of that I heard with my own years something a little bit is this is allowing too specific but I heard a few people who are controversial by some of the Bible teaches some of them are science teachers I've known is what they say and how I know why they have the problem I think that the wrong uninstalling bases and are also wrong in representing Adventism I can't be snowed to say you were teaching the damages know you're not in some cases are not trying to be music is an all-natural kind is the first private conversations and I know the resulting insult my honest feeling is that I would want my kid to go to some schools were some people are teaching these things of that is reality I apologize for feeling that way but I really means of the lamented and I really feel that the art is ever right to get a good solid evidences effusion Avenue school 's auto oh I don't want him there is a hottie deal with them yada yada yada I think we need to be as fast as possible and tedious drug is a different position and I think teachers have to be held accountable readily than if there is a entity to prison these you have to be my church in this comedy as it was not visiting on hundreds of the church 's view I feel that we need to continue to grade work and study this is why was not confusing young people and you are challenging the church in an open way it's okay to struggle with her problems at the church is for so on at level I have a problem when you're in a position of authority and you're in front of people with your pastor teacher you have a sacred and ethical and moral obligation to be supportive of the organization working for no ten was using all the church as additionally spoken on his positions on the state of voting actions repeatedly even says the fundamentally number six in the case of creation there was a document argues that a three-year sequence or the church leadership brought together decisively voted a concluding statement when he reaffirmed more Nevada language I believe in a six-day creation and so forth and that was an hour according again by the administrative Council of the General conference since I think my paycheck from that organization I feel another moral obligation to do with the church 's teaching while the gap as I've mentioned earlier I look at what people believe around the world nine D for ninety seconds and according principles in this so it's not right for me to say I mean ignore everything I don't care what the church voted I don't care what everybody else think something is right I really felt that I would field for myself as I was resigning physicians and teacher and do something else I might thought you might want recently I is Ryan personally I soul I would try and encourage teachers become one of the churches pray with them I've tried the time with my want to know where that would be for hazardous Eastern constituent worried about my own kids on my head to see a brother and sister I can hadn't teach my kids on absolutely in a long time when men who live in and will and in and are in a you are in the information of all over the place some probably anyone to end-users of your interest in the science of one great resources right here on this campus is the geoscience research Institute they are a number of newsletters publications a habitable journal origins others a number of sellers of great books that they are considering how similar the literature is not eloquence at this they know of other people working on these probably know people who are against the position so that's a great resource to get information in terms of scientific material news some good people in this community see Doctor Doctor a road and a few other folks are here what readiness for years if you're interested in more middle you can e-mail me back at UC Berkeley on orbital test department and I'm happy to point you towards books and articles in different menus and deal with the villages is no lessons that I presented places some by me some my colleagues are working in the same area so I'm happy directly to those articles those loops in the publications that the seminary for I can put you in times when a seminary professor and was you who is working on it we got a lot of points on Iraq in February I need to say we got great young scholar heal some of the problem is generation you see that at all my tools are sometimes a few younger people do I know that we got some great young scholars on the seminary who are getting top-notch PACs my calling break the University of Berkeley he's one of the best dollars that it is a world world right now and we got a number of others were making major event sources and got people really understand what to contact us at Andrews we can put you in the step-by-step use activities would you hypothesize that I is an and I will and I is and is and is in and you and you and I and you will is not in certain related is a key component trying my my students was fun to have these arguments is the creation evolution or archaeology and so forth at the end of the day though I never converted anybody I know lots of archaeological details we can talk about the historicity of the original underwriting of Moses and the camels and no all sorts of cool stuff is found a lot of stuff that harmonizes very nice little story but never converted anybody on those facts the ultimate inversion comes refers relationship with Jesus Christ and the conviction comes the Holy Spirit not mine and what the argument nor does it come let us reason together we're grading and you got it means reminds or a component of that God is renounced the essence of our existence is thinking however the conventional only as a supernatural experience in County have with Jesus Christ through his Holy Spirit so they can invert somebody that's the angle you never argue anyone individual to have courage and through the relation him at a eye as I is will and will and are known as I will believe in me and he is a all in and in and in and in and in and he


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