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Risk and Redemption: The Shepherd and the Shadow

Ron Kelly
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Ron Kelly

Senior Pastor, Village SDA Church, Berrien Springs, Michigan



  • October 17, 2020
    10:00 AM
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Let's pray Lord we're here this morning and so thankful to be here and we're praising you for your provision in our lives we want to honor you we want to be blessed by your presence and so now Lord we're praying please send your spirit we've sought you before this moment we've worshiped you in song and given we've petition Deo One More Time Lord I'm asking as we open the word please bless us and may this be a journey of hope and encouragement and if there is challenge in redirection and it Lord and please may we be humble to let you do that to you we love you we come to you now in Jesus name Amen where in the 3rd of a series entitled risk and redemption our focus is on the life of Daniel our 1st message recognised in the days of Daniel's upbringing that Jerusalem had been inundated with the spirit of paganism worldliness idolatry Babylon had made it inside the city before Babel and surrounded the city last week we looked at Daniel chapter one and in the 2nd service especially I tried to set a framework for how to deal with issues of life style and whenever I talk about issues of life style there is a potential discomfort there grows into people what I find is that bringing the cross into my daily life is the greatest of all challenges the bit frightening the good news is is that however God is directing you it is between you and God So while the church has standards and the Bible has principles these standards derive from these principles and these precepts are to protect us according to those who understood the law best the law was about liberty and I don't know anybody that wants to be enslaved. But the greatest in slave and it comes through the occupation of the mentalities of the world that cooperate with the sinful human nature and we become enslaved to our own ways of thinking and doing the journey to liberty is a little bit frightening it's a little bit scary because we find a measure of mixed comfort even in our dysfunction so when we look last week at the lifestyle of Daniel and I talk about dress and diet and entertainment it always creates a measure of challenge and sometimes discomfort for people but I want to reiterate as we go now into Daniel Chapter 2 I want to reiterate that a lifestyle of Christ in their own within as challenges it may be to leave behind appetites of the world is a lifestyle of joy and freedom and liberty I was talking with somebody the other day explaining to them that both in marriage and in our relationship with Christ to have nothing between is the most thrilling joy there is when you have a beautiful vibrant vitalized walk with your spouse and there's nothing between and that love is flowing back and forth freely it is exhilarating there's lots of ordinary of course but there are definite dynamics of legitimate beauty of the highest order when there's nothing between the same with God I was talking with someone this week and we talked about something just a bit delicate in the person said to me the Holy Spirit's been speaking to me about that already well I was sir certain that was the case before I brought it up I went and brought it up the smaller And I want you to know when the Holy Spirit speaks to you the best course is to follow the devil makes it look like it's full of unpleasantness and pain and discomfort. But the lifestyles of the remnant protect the experience with God and I have to make sure we all understand this because almost every one of the 1st half of the chapters of The Book of Daniel have a situation where somebody's life is on the line and we're not going to go from our lives you know we're at the top of the consumer mountain where you know if there's a dog pile Americans are on the top and everybody else is underneath and it's not a great thing to be a part of but the truth of the matter is we've been treated there used to be a time even in my lifetime when you could not go in a store and just because you wanted to return it you returned it that's developed in my lifetime customers came the problem is we've all become customers and we create an environment where nobody can tell us we're wrong and it's exceptionally deadly to the experience of human relationships family life society and certainly with God And so when we come to church we're coming to an experience where the Holy Spirit is invited not just given permission but invited to talk to us and what I'm nicely tell you is the churches drifted into the hands in the arms of the world and breaking off that relationship is probably just about as hard as when somebody allows their hearts affections to wander to someone else and I'm fortunate I've had more than my fair share of dealing with those things but it's exceptionally pain it's almost impossible I don't want to paint a picture too dire but when somebody has wandered from the proper bounds and bonds of affection with their spouse and they've bonded with somebody else the idea of going back to their spouse which at one point time they were in love with deeply looks like the worst thing that could ever happen to them the church has wandered into the arms of the world. And the very fact that we're making this journey right now is of a divine providential time mean but getting out of the arms of the world isn't like the problem of getting out of the arms of the world isn't getting the arms of the world off you it's getting you off the world it's breaking the embrace so it's not legalism to love Jesus and let him direct in the laws of freedom life and liberty So I'm appealing to you this morning if you did not listen to last week sermon listen to the 2nd sermon It's longer but I stuck plenty of time at the front side of that sermon to enunciate How do I walk with Christ without being a leaderless how to live a beautifully different life without being legalistic and this is the call to Christianity it's the call of Evan to some how are we going to do this but the absence of doing it is the failure of our own spiritual journey it is the abdication of our beautiful opportunity to be God's attention getting device to the world now this week risk and redemption the shepherd and the shadow I want to start by telling you're going to walk in somebody's shadow. You're going to be walking in somebodies shadow the Bible says in the Psalms Yeah a Though I walk through the valley of the white shadow of death I Will Fear No Evil this is the story of one who came to trust Jesus His name was David he was a man after God's own heart when we look at the experience of God's people in the time of the end the book of Daniel is our template Daniel is walking in the Valley of the shadow of death others are walking in the Valley of the shadow of death he's living under a despot there is no liberty enshrined in law it is the word of never can answer everybody knows that that's why ash finance and the commander of the Unix Mels are says look if you want this different diet it doesn't work out it could be my head because there's a despotic ad acrostic at autocratic totalitarian leader who's in charge of the kingdom take your Bibles and let's go to the Book of Daniel Chapter 2 and we're going to look at this book this chapter through slightly different lens than you're used to looking at it Daniel Chapter 2 it's an amazing story of a dream for those that are watching online or they're here never heard the story before it's a man at the peak of power never can as are ruler of the then known world and he is in trouble because he believes in the spirit world he understands there is the metaphysical things beyond him and he lays down one night with the court musicians and all of his attendants he goes to sleep probably being fanned in the warmth of a Babylonian night and somewhere in the middle of the night something he happens to get his attention it's a message from God. Now I want to solve it understand God can talk to anybody wants whenever he wants before the Book of Daniel is dug this is a converted man he's getting chapters of the excellent sea of Christ he's getting encounters with the superiority of those whose spirit is filled and controlled by the spirit of Heaven of God of the Holy Spirit and now he can has or has this dream he knows something significant has happened but he doesn't know what it was and he doesn't know what it means and he's exemption lead trouble it turns out that there is a immediate reaction from him he's seen these Kal DNS these astrologers he's seen these men fed by the goodness of his oversight taking he suspects at times advantage of him and in this moment he knows for sure it turns out going to the end of the chapter we're going to go through the interpretation and then we're going to look at from Shepard to shadow verse $31.00 you a king were looking to behold there was a single great statue that statue which was large and of extraordinary Splendor was standing in front of you and its appearance was awesome the head of the statue was made of fine gold it's breast and its arms of silver its belly and its bronze its legs environ its feet partly of iron and partly of clay you continued looking until a stone was cut out without hands and it struck the statue on the feet of iron and clay and it crushed them then the iron the clay the bronze the silver and the gold were crushed all at the same time and became like chaff from the summer threshing floor and the wind carried them away so there was not a trace of them found but the stone that struck the statue became a great mountain and filled the whole or and I'm not going to take the time I'm preaching out of a New American Standard Bible printed by the Lockman foundation. It has nothing to do with 7th Day Adventists and as a matter of fact most protestant denominations will accept the simple Biblical interpretation that is found here and above each of the next segments in my Bible are Kingdom names verses 36 to 39 Babel in the 1st kingdom verse or 338 verse 39 meet in Persia and Greece and versus 40 to 43 the kingdom of Rome then there is a divided kingdom beginning with Verse $44.00 and what we find is that that stone that was cut out without hands represents God's Kingdom the subduing of all earthly kingdoms and the mountain which represents kings and kingdoms represents God setting up his eternal throne this is a simple Biblical not even interpreted derivation of meaning from the scriptures and all of Christianity should it so desire can take this as the cornerstone for interpret in the rest of the book this takes us from the day of now we can as are down to the coming of Christ and every one of the prophecies in this book that follow build on this simple narrative we move from the simple to the complex. And so if you've never heard this message before I want you to understand according to Daniel Chapter 12 verse 4 this book is for the time of the end it was sealed the message was not understood until the middle Well the end of the 17 hundreds and the early part of the 8 hundreds there was a great revival in God's church and a mazing understanding began to develop surrounding the prophecies of this book but the book is for the time of the end the lifestyle dynamics the experience of God's people which make up about half of the book Daniel and his friends those also are for the time of the and last week as I was preaching I'm reminded all of you or explain to you for the 1st time perhaps that Daniel's unique beautiful life style was something he was practicing already in Jerusalem and he comes with a deep spiritual commitment to God into the courts now I've told you the dream I've explained to you the story we go from the head of gold which represents Babylon to chest and arms of silver which represents the meads in the Persians to a belly and thigh of bronze or brass which represents Greece to legs of iron which represents Rome to a divided Roman Empire in the feet of iron and clay all of this is the progression the general progression of salvation history the nations that would effect the nation of God the people of God The story is told but what is the work up this is what matters to us now why does it matter to us I want you to stand in 7th Day Adventists I'm there tends to be a broad spectrum of how we relate to the time of the end there are lots of people who don't want to live during the time of the end they're afraid. And then there are some who are afraid that are going to live during the time of the Union are going to do it on their own provision so they're going to make this arrangement financially and that arrangement in a Colin area station and this domestic housing arrangement is cetera et cetera I want you to know the God's end time people are going to be the privileged generation of the entire human race not a very confident Amen. The last generation will be peculiar distinct and defined throughout all eternity they will walk as a people closer with Jesus than any other generation has ever walked they will not be sustained by the arm of flesh their experience will not have the the foibles and the mistakes of the generation that came out of Egypt. But they like those coming out of Egypt will survive on one promise alone and what is that promise why did God lead them out into the Sinai Peninsula we know there were 2 reasons the 1st one the Bible explains they weren't ready to face the armies that they would have to face in such a short time you can make it from Egypt to Canaan in 2 weeks or less but they weren't ready to take on the elements of military might that they were going to face but the real reason why God leads them out into the Sinai Peninsula is for you and me. God will make it abundantly evident that this journey could never never never never never happen unless he was in their midst you can't carry enough food for a journey through the desert you can't find enough water you can't be saved from the intense heat you can't handle the cold dry air at night this is a journey where God himself will be everything to his people in the midst of the absence of anything that looks like it could work and as we approach the end of time you need to understand you're going to walk in one shadow or another you're going to be abiding under the shadow of the Almighty as was read in our scripture so that when you're in the shadow of death you're not afraid they'll be plagues around us they'll be evil they'll be intense to do to destroy but God's people even though the devil is trying to cast a pall of fear over them are going to be able to say God is with me I am not afraid the issue is how do we transfer from our cosy consumer lifestyles where we make complete provision for ourselves sometimes at the expense of all die world our bank accounts are big our 2nd and 3rd home is this and that we've got enough cushion we follow Dave Ramsey to the t. the bottom line is is that none of that is going to work to get you through those pearly gates and God doesn't want anybody afraid because we're to be abiding under the shadow of the Almighty that's imagery and some 91 of the most holy place. We sang in our opening him this morning a mighty fortress is what our God Whatever we go and he goes with us there's a mighty fortress around us when God says to the angels I'm commanded you take care of them you don't have to be afraid but we're naturally afraid we're so afraid and the more we lean on ourselves and the less we know about God the more afraid we get and so the devil has tried to put Babyland in our heads put in embrace of Babilon with our arms our lifestyles and our habits and the one thing that we need as we walk forward into the close of time is this confidence how we get it that's what I want to talk with you about this morning go back to Daniel Chapter 2 The 1st part of the chapter and let's notice some very very important things Daniel Chapter 2 The 2nd year of the reign of never can as or Daniel's not even done with his training and while Daniel's training may not have lasted 3 full years it may be inclusively reckoned so part of one year a full year and part of another Daniel still not even done with his training but he's classed with the wisemen now we can answer had dreams in his spirit was troubled in his sleep left him then the king gave orders to call all the magicians the conjurers The Sorcerers and the Kal the ins in telling his dream so they came and they stood before the king and the king said to him I had a dream and my spirit is anxious to understand the dream and the cow the in spoke to the king in Aramaic o. King Live Forever tell the dream to your servants and will declare the interpretation the King replied to the Kal DNS the command for me is firm if you don't make known to me the dream and its interpretation you'll be torn limb from limb and your houses will be made a rubbish heap but if you can declare the dream and its interpretation you will receive from me gifts and rewards and great honor therefore declare to me the dream and its interpretation they said Ok some things off here we're going to try this again. So they answered a 2nd time said Let the king tell us the dream and will declare the interpretation of King said I know for certain he said this nagging doubt in the back of his mind that there charlatans and fakes I know for certain that your bargaining for time it is much if you seen that the command for me is firm I'm not change my mind that if you do not make the dream known to me there's only one decree for you for you've agreed together to speak line and corrupt words before me until the situation is change therefore tell me the dream that I may know that you can declare to me its interpretation and the cow the ants had a little bit of chutzpah a little bit of confidence they said there's not a man on earth can declare the matter for the king in his Much is no great king or ruler is ever asked anything like this of any magician conjure Kelby and moreover the king the thing which the king demands is difficult and there's no one else who can declare it to the king except gods whose dryly place is not with mortal men and because of this the king became a dignity and very furious and he gave orders to destroy all the wise men the babbling so the decree went forth that the wise men should be slain and they look for Daniel and his friends to kill them then Daniel replied with discretion and discern God's people are of the noblest caliber. They're not wearing their religious I'm better than you badge around they're not wearing a sense of superiority in spirit they are humble they can be humble because they're standing in the shadow of the Almighty and he makes up the difference there trusting with discretion and discernment to area the captain of the king's bar to guard to a god for to slay the wise men of Bam of Babel and he asked for the one thing the king doesn't want to give and he said the area of the king's commander for what reason is the decree from the king so urgent then area can form Daniel about the matter and Daniel went in and requested of the king now I don't want you to miss this somehow on a journey from Jerusalem to Babylon Daniel spirit of such an excellent orator the love of God in his heart allows him to love even his captors and show him the proper honor that when he's finally stationed in Jerusalem and he says he decided already his head he's not going to eat that food but the Bible says He asked for permission this is a man of the highest order of social intelligence because he is informed and transformed by the presence of the living Christ and the same way in chapter one he gets his petition granted and chapter 2 he goes to the king and he asked for the one thing the king says he won't give them time to come up with a better scheme. Our Christianity must take us to the highest order of respectability or we are a 0 cypher goose egg influence in a skeptical age you can't joke about the same things you can't be informed about the same worthless television shows you can't spend your time filling your head with the same world like statistics about pigskins and and leather and soccer balls etc You can't there's nothing wrong with knowing some of what I'm talking about but you cannot be of the world and make the kind of impress the Daniel makes at the same time you cannot be just a cultural administers Christian and make the same impress the Daniel makes but I don't want you to miss this Daniel has a death sentence written on him and yet somehow there is a lingering impression from an earlier encounter Daniel will go into the King himself which we don't know about what kind of permission he had but we do know he has a direct audience with the king and he asked for the one thing the king said the wise men before him could now have more time if we care to walk this close with Jesus we can find ourselves as influencers even when we're not in charge we must have the highest order of the Living Christ in our lives so that his nobility is our nobility so that his influence is our influence and when that happens God can move on the hearts of people which sometimes is part of the solution never can as there is not as bad as the wise men are and will find out that never can as Or while he's full of himself and to render slowly impatient now because noser is a man who is susceptible to the impress of heaven and how many people in our society at the current moment fit the same model. Of apparently full of themselves and into whatever they're doing and yet they're not beyond the reach of God but that's not my subject matter the somewhere in my subject matter is you and me it's credibility it's informational traction Why would anybody want to listen to me and it's not because I've got more information than the next guy conspiracy theories are all over the board inside tracks on what happened are all over the board there is something about a Christian that is mainly shaped by the love of Christ which allows one to be humble and confident of the same time to show honor where honor is due and yet to go and seek what nobody else could seek and it be granted is this the way we're living you know you have to let people talk to you you have to gather for worship you have to form the bonds that create the safety nets because we are shaped by the people we run with but if you're never with the people sitting in these pews today except for this brief time that we're here together you're missing now Daniel is not such a super christian that somewhere along the line that one of his friends said to him Hey Daniel you might need to think about changing this because it's wounding your Christian witness or Daniel to one of his 3 friends you know guys you need to think about this but we have such fragile connections with each other that part of the shaping the god actually works through the communion of the saints is missing and there are people taking the name of 7 the average Christian walking through life who actually misrepresenting God in person even though they have a message and this is damaging to the salvation of souls and the advancement of the 3 angels messages Daniel and his friends have come to such a high order of bonding Christ and bonding each other. Now I think something else you should know as we approach the end is the Daniel was caught up in other people's failures you could say he was being swept along towards destruction by a bunch of other people's failures and you know as you come to the end you're going to be swept up in other people's mistakes and failures at times too but there is no such thing as a victim when you walk with Jesus Christ he has the power to take the problem that's been created for you by somebody else and deliver you but if you walk afraid you're going to walk in the wrong shadow but if you walk in prayer and you walk in humility you don't have to worry about other people's failures God was not caught off guard by the circumstances surrounding Daniel so now he's a Wiseman and he's on the way to death but by God's grace is an intervention a mighty fortress is God The brakes are put on the destruction dynamics in the in the kingdom and he has an audience with the king and it's granted no circumstances can make you immune to persecution and suffering now I'm going to get a little bit outside of named Chapter 2 this morning in Daniel Chapter one there nobody else and then Chapter 2 there on the road to becoming somebody else in Daniel Chapter 3 they are somebody else and by the time we get down to the lines then he's the somebody of somebody else but I want to remember the words of Mordecai to Esther when he is talking to her and he says Remember don't think that because you're in the king's house you alone and all the Jews will escape for if you remain silent at this time relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place. But you in your father's house will perish I want you to say on that whether or not you're the key person for the medial Persian king you're not beyond the reach of the evil design of the devil to try to take you out. But it doesn't matter because we're not wrestling against flesh and blood and the good news is that the Prince Michael has stood up to protect his people and you can drop them in a den if you want and it can be full of ravenous alliance but when the Angels are sent to a camp around you you're Ok this morning friends you need to understand there are no circumstances that can make you immune to persecution and suffering and some of the suffering Jesus told us was going to come at the hands of our own friends and family a man's photo shall be they of his own household Matthew Chapter 10 verse $36.00 Another thing we need to take away from this chapter is that nothing they received in Babylon prepared them for this moment with one exception and that's chapter one. They walk into Babel and they don't get a christian experience on the way into the lion's den on the way into the experience with the furnace they don't get the Christian experience as the ship is being battered on the rocks of the shore their walk with God has been the priority of their life they were non-conformists in Jerusalem they stood out like a sore thumb there which is why they stood out beautifully wonderfully indifferent the inhabitants of Jerusalem had lost their relish for true godliness so you can be sure Daniel and his friends were marginalized at home but that same marginalisation was turned around for the excellent c. of influence for God when they got to Babylon nothing in Babylon prepared them for this moment with one exception it was standing for what they believe in chapter one which was a little deal and so here they go into the rest of the book it's not intelligence it's not strategy it's not pre-planning it's not networking it's none of that it's like God said through Zechariah What did he say not by my nor by power but by my what Spirit saith the Lord of Hosts this is an experience were God alone is going to have to be the one who breaks the bonds of potential future imminent destruction when we look at the elements of the Book of Daniel you will not find one place where Daniel and his friends strategize their way into safety security are not one as a matter of fact what you'll find is that they are conspicuously different. Now conspicuously is not an easy word for a congregation to say together but I'd like for you in your mind right now to put beautiful with conspicuous and different and get yourself a little trilogy of words string them together beautifully conspicuously different now if you're the kind of person that's not full of the Spirit and the love of Christ you can't be that oh you can be different all right you can pass out books about Sunday laws and everything else and the wrong shadow can fall on somebody a shadow of fear we all have a sense that it's unraveling secular people have a sense that it's unraveling one of you sent me an article from an Israeli website about a rabbi whose dialoguing with the Messiah it sounds to me like spiritualism of the most twisted sort I read the article. The article purports that rabbis are afraid to leave Druze to leave Israel right now for fear the Messiah would show up whether it's the pope's latest and cyclical or whether it's the ugliness inside the political arena of our current climate whether it's whether or not the pandemics getting worse are getting better all around us there are signs that are suggesting to intelligent people I didn't say Christian people although Christians are intelligent people but intelligent people are looking around and saying where is this thing headed and we're not far away as I mentioned last week whence spirits working miracles are going to break out on the scene of humanity and the modern Imperial scientific method isn't going to know what to do because it's going to be real it's going to fire everything they said it's going to be Satanic Bible audible visible and what I'm. Reminding you of on this journey is that while Babylon has been seeking to be in throne in the sanctuary of your heart and mind there is coming a day in which Babylon is going to break out with an iron fist and people will be afraid enough and demands will be made enough and the constitution will be reversed enough to where everything we thought was a given won't be a given anymore the kind of preparation that Daniel made for living in Babylon was a day to day preparation which was needed for the day and the beautiful thing is that if you make the preparation for every day you're on the journey to making the preparation for the day for the hour for the chapter for the duress of the Final Crisis but so many of us somehow think that whether it's retirement or education or portfolio or family that somehow the main preparation is going to be an extra music lesson for our kids or next your bank account for those days when I'm living on a limited income the truth of the matter is is that the one thing we all need is the be able to hear the voice of the Lord behind it saying this is the way walk in it he teaches us in the word if there's one thing we want to do is we want to develop a sense of the presence of God and walk in the shadow of the shepherd and then no matter what we face we're getting prepared do you really think the god is just going to let the boat float around on the ocean and smash into the rocks and then say crawl up the rocks to the The New Promised Land God is actually allowing our lives to endure a few storms he's actually calling us to run a few life stretching laps. On the race of life he's actually calling us out of our comfort zone to give a little more money give a little more time why because when he does that he's actually giving us a sense that he was right there bias that we heard him right there we're doing the right thing it's a chapter of faith written in the annals of our lives so that when we come against the bigger things it's like Ok I've got Chapter one now it's Chapter 2 and it doesn't matter who's drug me into this problem God's with me but the wisdom of this world is foolishness to god I'm afraid that we've come to be really believe what the world teaches and that is that science knows best and what you see is what you can believe sometimes we run our churches and we run our families like there was no God and if there's no money it's like we shouldn't do it fortunately this church is not operated this way and I want to affirm your decisions I want to affirm your support of your leaders processing and your own prayerful journey but the fact of the matter is God is in the business of giving us circumstances that to the human eye don't look like they're going to work but to the heart and today I have faith he's calling us follow me walk in my shadow and don't be afraid Jesus calls us to a very simple faith except you be converted become as little children you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven so I'm going to give you the exclusion of what I believe is the only preparation that were directed to make physically for the chapters in front of us the only real physical preparation where to make and that is and I'm open to having somebody show me more after the sermon I'm learning from you but the only real physical preparation I can see that we're to make for what's coming is to actually be prepared if not acting now to not be living in the big cities. Now there are some who probably need to be in the big cities right now so that's the group that needs to be prepared Italy but there will be a period of time in which not being in the big cities will allow us to be out from underneath the watchful eye of a citizen returned Gestapo Those are ugly words but a citizenry that has been trained to do what all totalitarian regimes have done in the past and that is weaponize neighbor against neighbor there is a brief period of time before probation closeness when our liberty to move about and sustain ourselves to give the message of Revelation 18 the 4th angels message that lightens the world that's the only period of time in which it appears that we really get to make any preparation for and when probation closes that's not going to do any good because the animus of evil is going to be so intensely focused on us that only one thing is going to take us through and that will be the shadow of the shepherd will be living in the wing under the wings of the most high God He will have brought us into by Journey day by day that's why friends it's important that when the Holy Spirit says you need to be at that meeting but you don't have a habit of being at that meeting do you really think that the church is just trying to sell perpetuate itself or does the church actually have a reason to exist and that reason to exist is to strengthen the spirituality of its own members to reach those that have not yet heard of a God you can actually love when God says I want you to give that money when God says I want you to dedicate a commitment to that responsibility this is all the preparation because we will be following Jesus who said David wrote on his behalf the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want what I learned today is the chapter that strengthens the spiritual incentive for the future all right I'm running out of time. What is the solution how does this thing get resolved this Daniel said and we shall direct me shakin a band then go ahead and I as a Ryan Michel is a reg I say let's take our best theological train from the University of Jerusalem let's figure this out it's preposterous. The solution to the problem is the divinely communicated dream dream number 2. God gets through and what does James say the effective fervent prayer of a righteous man avail is what much if there's one thing we want to learn to do is to pray we want to learn how real the God who listens to our prayers is but I had to tell somebody the other day one of my own family members if you want to know what God's will is you've got to have no will of your own Now that doesn't mean you don't have pleasures but don't worry about that God says that those who trust in him he gives in the desires of his heart but we don't even know what the desires of our heart as sometimes we just know we don't want to go there's little desire and what looks like the future is no desired all and yet I want to tell you the exhilaration of freedom and confidence in Christ is way better than the passing pleasures of this world I don't know if you notice and some 91 I don't have the time to do it but God says I will set you on high but notice what God had a right to his own people and Jeremiah 49. Actually I think he wrote this to the Babylonians but it applies as for the terror of you the arrogance of your heart is deceived you never can answer thought it was the top of the pile and he was for a little while but this is what Jeremiah 4916 says Oh you who live in the cliffs of the rock who occupy the heights of the hill though you make your nest is high as an eagle's I will bring you down from there declares the Lord there is no high spot we can create friends there is no human security that's going to make it work as a matter of fact the more you try to make your future secure the less insecure your now is. God is actually looking to write chapters of confidence into our life how does Joe tell us Joel the prophet writing probably a 100 years before this experience says in the last days your young men will see dreams and visions Daniel's experience is a direct answer to that prophecy Peter said it was answered that way on the day of Pentecost and you know what for the church to come to life the same thing's going to have to happen now but I will have to happen in my heart individually in your heart individually before it happens too is corporately now I'm holding a device I just got in the mail the other day and I want to make my final point with this it's from a major cell carrier and it does a lot of things I can plug a landline phone into the back of it and talk on a phone that isn't always trying to connect to a cell tower I can also take an Internet signal from it they designed it pretty well because there's a battery in it so if the power goes off as long as a cell tower still working I've got everything I need I just have one problem the signal to my house is not nearly as strong as the signal right here why because this signal is coming off the w a u.s. tower so it just turns out as I flip this thing around you can see all these little green lights I've got 4 bars here that's good so I am back that's the best they're going to be able to give me but where I live there's lots of trees and it's not right next to the tower and so when I got this thing the other night in the battery charged up if you want to see me walking around my house this is what I was doing I'm walking around looking at the little green lights and I get it over here and it goes down to one and I get it over here and it goes down to 2 or up to 2 I set it down on the counter where there's actually a place to put the phones and it's down at one and so I'm walking outside if I go outside on the deck and hold it on the back deck it goes up to 3. If I walk out the front porch no good because the cell towers on the other side of the house they tell me when the leaves fall off the trees the signal will be better. So at least half of the year I'll have good Internet I don't know how this box was made I know there's a circuit board in there and everything else I'm not an engineer but I do know this I want to good signal. These cell phones we're carrying around this social media constant access to everything you want when you want. There's a devil out there trying to scramble your ability to hear the voice of the reassuring voice of God but the same God that reassures you will wrestle with you when he needs to tell Hill tell you you're headed down the wrong road you can scramble the signal if you want but I'll tell you one things I'm going to buy in the next week or 2 I'm going to buy as signal booster. Every day you get a chance to buy without money and without price an encounter with God that's a signal booster. There's no future for human preparation for what's coming zebra but if you walk with God and you stand in the shadow of the Almighty day by day oh he's going to inconvenience your life because you think you've got to get this done you think that's got to happen and what gets squeezed out charging the battery and enhancing the signal if there's one thing we need for and as we move towards the end we need a God who's lowered. And savior this church will come back to life is going to be a group that goes through I want to see Jesus face to face he knows I'm a scaredy cat he does I'm just like you. You get me far enough out of my security zone and I start getting stressed but I watch progressive like God stretch my security zone and I want to be in the shadow day by day of the Almighty so that I have no fear of the terror in the stocks at night or mid day can you say man. I'm calling you friends to the prayer meeting that's how this was solved I'm calling you to the prayer meeting as I told you last week that's the one meeting that will go through all the way to the end I didn't say there won't be church but it won't be like this but I'm calling you to the prayer meeting the one you have with Jesus in the morning and if you do it like Daniel and David do 3 times a day I'm calling to the prayer meeting that's just you and God and I'm calling you to the prayer meeting that's with me too and if you're in a small group there's a prayer meeting if you pray don't be afraid with Jesus in the vessel you can what you can smile at the store friends. When Daniel's an old man and you know he knows that the meet a Persian Prince is having in the vice he does what he's always done he opens the window he kneels down a looks to Jerusalem and when you love you have heard that prayer oh lord. I don't know if this is the end or not I love you I trust you but I'm going in the den would you please go with me this inference how many kings and how many kingdoms were affected by this man we will not know until we get to heaven but standing by a purpose true heeding God's command. Honor them the faithful few All hail the Daniel band I'm giving a call this morning to reconstitute Daniel's band I'm calling you to a simple obedient trust in Jesus don't be afraid you'll always have what you need even if you suffer along the way even if all that uni is the ability to steer death in the eyes and say I'm not afraid death is lost it's fear over me let's make that journey doesn't matter what other people do be beautifully conspicuously different for Jesus and I once again going through our closing song which I don't like to do but advise you to stay on we're going to pray together and go into the rest of the Sabbath knowing that Jesus is watching out for his own lord there's a lot of parents and grandparents in this audience today and once they held that little baby in their arms it's all they could think about all the time it's not that they couldn't love you and love their spouse it's just that now you turn their heart to caring for give us Lord when somehow we think we're better parents than you forgive us when we arrange our own way do our own thing along the way wound our confidence in you and all the while thinking we're creating the security yes Lord we know the Scriptures say that the wise man sees trouble coming and hides himself so there is an element of preparation Lord but the hiding that you've called us to today is the same hiding that Cory 10 Bloom wrote about in the book the hiding place which is under the shadow of the Almighty Lord we believe help our unbelief drive away our fear may your perfect love cast it out thank you Lord for saving Daniel and showing us how you're going to save us too. And we put our lives in your hands again and we look forward to Jesus coming to not be afraid of what comes before he comes in Jesus name I pray. Please be seated. Now. This media was brought to you by audio person a website dedicated to spreading God's word through free sermon audio and much more if you would like to know more about audio verse or if you would like to listen to more sermon leave it to w.w.w. dot audio Verse dot org.


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